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Quote originally posted by Profen:
This makes me want to buy another kalos starter box. Yours had landorus ex and mine had FA Skyla. Great pulls be coming from these.
It's insane what luck those Kalos starter boxes have had for me.

Quote originally posted by DarkRaichu80:
Bought a Froakie Box and pulled:

Dragons Exalted:

Rare: Roserade
Reverse Holo: Ninjask (uncommon)

Boundaries Crossed:

Rare: FA Keldeo-EX
Reverse Holo: Taillow (common)

Plasma Blast:

Rare: Drifblim
Reverse Holo: Escavalier (rare)
yet more proof that the things are loaded

Quote originally posted by @mpharock:
I bet come the 6th of November there will be several of us bragging about our super rare and super cool pulls from the new booster pack set me included hehe
Some people who've been to prereleases already have been! ;P

Though I'm not one of those lucky ones.
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