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Originally Posted by goldengyarados View Post
Ah 'tis a shame, but this sort of thing does sometimes happen with creative endeavours.

Best of luck with your future writings.
Thank you very much, to you and to everyone else. You're all very kind, and I really appreciate the support you've given this story, whether by posting or just by reading.

Unfortunately, as I've been uncomfortably aware for a long time now, Crack'd is moving towards an ending that supports a series of propositions about the world that I fundamentally disagree with, and I've sort of come to hate working towards those ends. If there was a way for me to to change that ending so that I'd feel comfortable writing it, then I would, but - as I have been forced to admit to myself over the past few weeks - there isn't: at this point in the story, the ending is set in stone and its philosophy is immutable.

So yeah. That's the main reason why I'm having to cut it short. I do have another project in mind - something quite different from the series of fics that I've posted so far - but that may not materialise for some time. I hate to be unreliable, since it feels like I'm short-changing readers if I cease to be a reliable producer of diversions and entertainments, but I'm afraid I can't avoid it. My apologies for that.

Anyway. That's it from me for now. See you later.

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