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Copycat: When entering the field, the Pokemon copies all of the Opponents Stat Changes, both positive and negative.

Nervous: The Pokemons attacks do 20% less damage, but its Speed is doubled.

Lava Touch: If an attack makes direct contact with the opposing pokemon, there is a 20% chance of burning it.

Gravity Pull: The effects of levitate and the immunities of flying types are ignored.

Last Wish: When this Pokemon faints, all Pokemon on the users Team have their status condition removed.

Stubborn: The Pokemons attacks do 1,3x damage, but the Pokemon cannot be switched out.

Flying Punches: The Pokemons Fighting type attacks have priority +1

Mutation: Every turn, the Pokemons type changes randomly.

Brute Force: All Special Attacks the Pokemon uses are treated as Physical attacks.

Supreme Mind: All Physical Attacks the Pokemon uses are treated as Special Attacks.

Sneaky Intruder: The Pokemon is not affected by entry hazards.

One Dimension: Moves that have Priority +1 are treated as Priority 0.


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