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Old March 23rd, 2011 (2:31 PM). Edited March 27th, 2011 by xXBlackenedWingXx.
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xXBlackenedWingXx's Pokemon Black/White Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough to help and guide you through the Pokemon Black/White game, as well as inform you of locations of items, battles, pokemon, towns, gyms, ect. It is in no way telling you how to play the game, merely a guideline to follow if you happen to be unsure. If you find any errors or see something I need to add, then please feel free to tell me. =D


When you start the game, don't start spamming the "A" button right away to hurry up to the menu. Rather just sit and watch a rather mysterious scene involving strange men (and two girls XD) bowing to someone, and an even stranger man wearing some weird cape. Mysterious......very mysterious indeed. And well animated as well.

Depending on what version you got, you'll then be greeted with either Zekrom or Reshiram as the camera pans around the epic pokemon! (In white you'll have Zekrom, and in Black you'll have Reshiram.) Now you can press "A" and hit new game on the main menu, watching your legendary pokemon roar as you do so. Rather epic in my opinion.

Next you'll see the new regions professor (Professor Juniper) as she tells you who she is and send out a Minccino, a rather cute little pokemon, and the first you'll see of the new generation. It's even got an animation! 8D

She'll talk to you about pokemon, then ask who you are. (Name and gender as in every pokemon game.) Answer her questions (I'm playing as a boy. I named myself Ryouta because I happen to be very fond of that name.) and she will then introduce you to your two best friends, Cheren and Bianca, who will serve as your rivals throughout the game. She then tells you that she'll be giving you a very important pokemon! Exciting! =D Then you'll enter into the Unova Region!
Nuvema Town

As soon as you enter Nuvema Town, you'll see the Professor going into your home, and then leaving. I wonder what she left? (*cough* Pokemon *cough*) As with all the games you will start inside your house, this time with Cheren. He'll complain about Bianca being late ( how dare she! ) while tapping his little sprite foot. Then suddenly Bianca will appear and you'll get the chance to pick your pokemon! Hooray!

***Note: If you're looking for a starter with a particular nature or gender, you have the chance to save before you open the box so you don't have to go through all that intro stuff again if you end up needing to reset. (Press "X" to open the menu and save)

New Pokemon~Starters~Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott!

~As with all pokemon games, you will have the choice of three pokemon to travel with you during your journey. In Black/White you get to choose from either Snivy, the grass snake pokemon, Tepig, the fire pig pokemon, or Oshawott, the water otter pokemon. All three pokemon have their own strengths and weaknesses, but all are workable in-game and even competitively as well. I have personally used all three during my many playthroughs of the game, and have been able to beat the game without much difficulty, even if I did get a bit frustrated at some times. Do remember that all three pokemon are strong and there isn't a "wrong" choice before you choose.

Snivy ---->Lv-17-> Lv-36->

~Snivy is most certainly the most defensive of the three starters and is purely grass type all throughout evolution. It focuses on speed and both special and regular defense. However, this means it significantly lacks in the offense department.
It will start with Tackle and Leer, picking up Vine Whip and Leaf Storm at levels 7 and 16 respectively. You'll gain many stat/healing moves along the way, so these two attacks will be your main source of damage for a while (particularly Leaf Storm). When you reach level 32 however, you will gain the Snivy line's greatest attack, Leaf Blade. It's the best attack your Snivy (will be Servine by now) will learn, but sadly even Leaf Blade won't give you the damage your hoping to inflict at this point, even after Servine evolves into Serperior. Since Snivy and it's kin focus on defense, you can use this to your advantage as they pick up Mega Drain and Giga Drain along the way. This way you can inflict damage and heal yourself up. That's always useful, especially for the Snivy line, considering they can't do much else and will be taking a lot of hits. Reflect and Light Screen (taught by TM) will also be good options if you decide to turn your Serperior into a wall. Coil is also a good option, raising attack, defense, and accuracy (learned as Serperior at level 38). If you happen to want Serperior to do more damage, it can learn Swords Dance by TM, although you get this after the elite four so it's not even worth it. Solarbeam, Energy Ball, and even Aerial Ace/Dragon Tail for diversity are also options, but don't expect them to be doing much either. In my opinion, Snivy is the weakest out of all the starters, and suffers from many problems such as a lack of any offense, and a big pool of weaknesses being purely grass type. It's the hardest to raise and the least effective, but if a quick defensive pokemon is what you're looking for, and you're willing to wait until level 32 to get any moderate damage in, then Snivy and it's kin will suit you well.

Tepig----> Lv-17-> Lv-36->

~Tepig is the most offensive starter, capable of hitting hard very fas.......slow. Tepig and it's line have great attack, and decent hp/special attack. It's as slow as dirt though, possessing pretty weak defenses, efectivly making it the opposite of Snivy. It's the only starter that gains another type during evolution, ending up as a Fire/(you guessed it) Fighting pokemon. (What is this? The third Fire/Fight?!) Tepig stats off with Tackle and Tail Whip, gaining Ember soon after at level 7. However, this won't be doing as much damage as you'd like seeing that Tepig focuses on attack more than special attack. It isn't until level 15 that you gain Tepig's best attack for a while, Flame Charge. It has a solid 50 power which doesn't sound like much, but matched with Tepig's high attack stat, will do decent damage, and will raise Tepig's speed by one. It gets Arm Thrust when it evolves into Pignite at level 17, which is great in the beginning (especially the 2nd gym) but you'll definitely want to replace it with Brick Break later. At level 31 it will get Heat Crash which uses the users weight to calculate damage. It's not very reliable, so your better off sticking with Flame Charge in the long run. When it evolves into Emboar, it will gain Head Smash, and Flare Blitz at later levels (will most likely be after the elite four) if you feel like Emboar can take the recoil damage. Where Tepig and it's kin really shine, is their ability to learn TM's. Emboar has access to some great TM's including Earthquake, Poison Jab, Wild Charge, Focus Blast, and even the water type Scald! It can learn a lot, and since TM's are now unlimited use, you don't have to hesitate in teaching your Emboar any of these moves to add to it's type coverage. Emboar is the best offensively of the starters, and if you can deal with it's low defenses (it's not by any means frail, but it can't take many hit's from powerful pokemon) and speed, and are willing to invest in TM's for it, then Tepig is a good choice.

----> Lv-17-> Lv-36->

~Oshawott is the most rounded of the starters with a slight preference for Special attack, with attack not far behind. They have the least weaknesses of the three being purely of the water type, weak only to Electric and grass type attacks. It starts with Tackle and Tail Whip like Tepig, gaining Water Gun at level 7. However, Oshawott has the appropriate Special attack to make use of Water Gun, and you'll find it will be doing a good amount of damage. But, this comes with a cost. It doesn't learn anything else vaguely useful until level 17, where it gets Razor Shell. Razor Shell will hit hard, with an added 50% chance of lowering the opponents defense. Great! Until you get access to Scald and Surf, Razor Shell will be your best attack. It learns a couple useful moves along the way (as Dewott), getting Water Pulse, and Revenge for type coverage. As a Samurott, you can even teach it Megahorn (with a heart scale) which is particularly useful for the elite four. It will get Slash and Aqua Tail later on (as Samurott) which can be useful, though scald or surf will be better. Unfourtenetly, Samurott can't learn nearley as many TM moves as Emboar can, but you can teach it Ice Beam, Aerial Ace, X-Scissor, and even Dragon Tail for coverage. Return is also a great choice, and it will do a lot of damage by the time you add it to your TM arsenal. Overall, Oshawott is the best starter for beginners, but even experienced pokemon players can find various ways to use it. Although, Tepig comes in pretty close to it, as it has that awesome diversity and "oomph" that Oshawott's line does not. But, if you're in doubt, most definitely choose this friendly little otter and you will not be disappointed in the valiant, samurai pokemon you have on your team.

~All three pokemon are good choices, however in my personal opinion, they are the worst out of any game, and I will not be using my starter for this walkthrough. I chose Oshawott though (you have to pick one), so my rivals will have teams based on my choice. You don't have to not pick a starter though, and if you're a beginner I highly recommend that you do as, once again, they are all perfectly workable in-game.

Once you pick your stater, Bianca will challenge you to a pokemon battle! It's time to put your new pokemon to the test!

Rival Fight!~Bianca!

If you chose Snivy......

  • Oshawott----Lv 5------Ability-Torrent----------Hold Item-None------
-Tail Whip


If you chose Tepig.....
  • Snivy-----Lv 5--------Ability-Overgrow--------------Hold Item-None--------


If you chose Oshawott.....
  • Tepig------Lv 5-------Ability-Blaze------------Hold Item-None-------
-Tail Whip

If you haven't already noticed, Bianca chose the starter that you are strong against, making future battles easier.The battle shouldn't be hard, regardless of which pokemon you chose. Just use tackle, or if you want to, leer/tail whip. You'll get a hefty bit of experience for beating Bianca, which will take you, almost, to level 6.

After you finish with Bianca you'll notice something different about your room. It's messed up. And I mean really messed up! When Bianca finally notices, she doesn't even apologize first! >=0 She'll ask Cheren to battle you, telling him that he will be able to battle without messing up your room any more than it already is. Just dandy. So you'll be thrown into a battle with Cheren next. (Your pokemon will be healed.)

Rival Fight!~Cheren!

If you chose Snivy.........
  • Tepig------Lv 5--------Ability-Blaze----------Hold Item-none-------
-Tail Whip

If you chose Tepig.......
  • Oshawott-------Lv 5--------Ability-Torrent--------Hold item-None------
-Tail Whip

If you chose Oshawott.....
  • Snivy------Lv 5------Ability-Overgrow--------Hold Item-None--------

[This is all I have time to write right now. Please forgive me. I will update very soon though. =D ]

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Old April 4th, 2011 (5:05 PM).
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This is a really good comprehensive guide!
I can see that you put a huge amount of effort into this, and I'm looking forward to your next update!
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