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Old April 10th, 2011 (5:39 PM). Edited April 10th, 2011 by Ryukouki.
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This is gonna be my last RMT, I promise. It's a bunch of mixed Pokemon that I designed for taking out some of the top threats, like Swords Dancing Scizor and Calm Mind Suicune. It's scored a good-ish 78% win ratio, and many that I have faced have found much pain in trying to defeat Eelektross. I designed it with a way to be able to safely predict the moves that the foe will use and then switch into something that neutralizes it and on top of that, makes that Pokemon squirm a bit.

Machamp @ Lum Berry
No Guard
EVs: (240HP/248Atk/16SpD/4Spe)
-Dynamic Punch
-Bullet Punch
-Ice Punch

Description: Machamp became my heavy hitter this generation. He was blessed with No Guard, giving his DP 100% accuracy, which can effectively stomp out Blissey and Chansey within one to two hits. Payback can smash speedy Gengars and other Ghost threats out there. Ice Punch makes it very hard for a Flying Type (Togekiss) to switch in and land a Super Effective
attack. It also can neutralize Ferrothorns and other bulky Rock types with Bullet Punch. Makes Tyranitar a laugh. However, his lackluster speed is what really gets him. He gets outsped by the bulky Suicunes, and poor defensive stats make him an easy target for OHKO or 2HKO attacks with neutral effect.

Vaporeon @ Leftovers
Water Absorb
EVs: (248HP/252Def/8SpD)

Description: I love Vaporeon. Not only is it a cute creature, its bulky HP gives it a superior advantage. Bring out Heatran, and when that stupid bulky Suicune tries to run a six staged CM Surf attack, I can bring this kitten out quickly to neutralize with Water Absorb. Wish essentially heals my allies for >50% retrieval, and its HP EV stats increase the recovery further. I use Scald for STAB and to potentially cripple Attack reliant opponents, and can devastate Aerodactyls efficiently. Roar is to usher out the bulky Suicune and
eliminate stat changes.

Eelektross @ Life Orb (considering a new item)
EVs: (/252Atk/212SpA/44Spe)
-Wild Charge
-Hidden Power (Ice)
-Grass Knot

Description: Eelektross provides unique coverage for a variety of situations. Should Swords Dance Scizor try to have the gall to keep buffing itself, it will face a prompt Flamethrower, and usually gets OHKO'd by the high SATK on Eelektross. Wild Charge deals damage to bulky Vaporeon and smacks Gyrados for massive damage, and not only that it gives me STAB bonus. Hidden Power Ice pisses off Ttars and other rock type threats, along with Salamence and Swords Garchomp, effectively OHKO'ing all of them. Grass Knot provides unique coverage on Hippowdons trying to set up weather and Rotom-W trying to get an easy OHKO. However, he is not invincible here. His lousy speed stat makes him an easy target to get hit hard by special attacks. He can also be used to switch in on a failed Earthquake for Heatran, due to levitate. Metagross running agility build gets flamethrowered, and killed quickly.Users who attempt to run a swampert get OHKO'd by Grass Knot. Ferrothorns setting up field problems become quick jokes from Flamethrower. Skarmory is OHKO'd quickly. Essentially, Eelektross covers a wide variety of types and serves as coverage for Heatran.

Cohagrigus @ Leftovers (considering a change in item)
EVs: (252HP/136Def/120SpD)
-Shadow Ball

Description: Cohagrigus is the supporting wall. Given its good typing and impressive bulk, I decided to buff its defensive stats to give it a means to not get completely wrecked by Physical attacks. Rest provides a means to heal, although it becomes a sitting duck for two turns. Haze is to wipe out any status changes and buffs, so Scizor and Suicune are immediately checked. With a more than passable Special Attack, it can hit hard on Ghost types and Dark Types. Will-O-Wisp counters by crippling those who rely on attack stats. Can also easily be switched in on a Liechi Hitmonlee running low life and Reversal, to be switched in from Heatran. or Easily wrecked by Gengar's high speed Shadow Ball. Useful switch in on Machamps running DP No Guard builds. By no means is this wall invincible though... his VERY poor speed makes him a laughable target to Shadow Ball and other powerful physical moves.

Heatran @ Air Balloon
Flash Fire
EVs: (252SpA/4SpD/252Spe)
-Earth Power
-Hidden Power Ice
-Flame Charge

Description: This Heatran runs an all out attack build. Flamethrower provides coverage on Ferrothorns and Skarmories trying to set up the field, and can decently hold up against a Swords Scizor. Earth Power checks Hippowdons and Ttars trying to run Sand builds, and causes a nightmare on Excadrill trying to abuse Sand rush. Smacks Gliscor hard. Useful switch in against a Volcarona trying to pull a quick Fiery Dance, for a better fire attack with Flash Fire. Not the most amazing Heatran, but he's VERY effective bait for many on my team, as many on my team can switch out with Heatran, ruining many attacks. Causes many irritating predictions to Volcarona. Sometimes gets a pounding from Rotom-W or a bulky Vaporeon.

Garchomp @ Life Orb
Sand Veil
EVs: (40HP/252Atk/252Spe)
-Dragon Claw
-Aqua Tail

Description: Oddly enough, I find Garchomp to be my weakest link and I need a viable Dragon Type replacement. He could care less about weather, too. If they throw in a Sand storm, that's great, he gets extra evasion and can wreck those Excadrills no problem with an Aqua Tail or Earthquake. The use of Outrage is to wreck Garchomps and Salamences trying to run a Moxie build. His speed gives the upper hand in the battle and he can outspeed all of his major threats, those being Dragon types. Droughting Ninetales and Sunny Day teams become jokes with Garchomp around, however, so I might have to keep him. He's an efficient counter to Solar Power Charizard and the like. His wide coverage makes him a real threat on any team, but this team he works just fine.


Aerodactyl - Gets rocked with Hidden Power Ice, Ice Punching Machamp lead
Azelf - Hit by Payback Machamp, Cohagrigus Shadow Ball
Bisharp - Dynamic Punch Machamp lead, hit hard by Heatran and Eelektross
Breloom - Flamethrower Eel counters quick speed, OHKO. Heatran provides STAB bonused Flamethrower to OHKO as well.
Chandelure - Aqua Tail Garchomp, and Shadow Ball Cohagrigus, Payback Machamp lead attack.
Cobalion -
Conkeldurr - We have a problem here...
Darmanitan - Aqua Tail counters, and if it enters Zen Mode, I can simply spam Payback or Shadow Ball. Resolved.
Deoxys-S - Might outspeed me, may be an issue here.
Dragonite - Ice Punch, Hidden Power Ice.
Druddigon -
Eelektross - Haven't fought against one here...
Electivire - Earth Power Heatran, Earhquake by speedy Garchomp.
Emboar - He's a threat??
Empoleon - Grass Knot deals heavy damage.
Espeon - Haven't fought one yet, but counterable with Payback and Shadow Ball
Escavalier - Don't even know who he is!
Excadrill - Gets attacked by Earthquake, and hit even harder by Garchomp on Aqua Tail
Garchomp - Ice Punch Machamp prevents set up, hit also by Hidden power ice on Eelektross.
Genesect - I thought he's uber...
Gengar - With luck I might attack first, but he's still an issue... I can kill it though with Payback!
Golurk - Same as Gengar...
Gyarados - Wild Charge Eel wrecks this thing hard. Grass knot provides a means of heavy damage, Hidden Power Ice.
Haxorus - Same as Garchomp
Heracross - Not tested, though I'm assuming Heatran or Eelektross can beat it down.
Hydreigon - Not tested... Garchomp outrage?
Infernape - Not an issue for me.
Jirachi - This thing annoys me. Dunno how to counter except with Flamethrower...
Jolteon - Beaten by Garchomp EQ.
Keldeo - Not tested
Kingdra - Not tested.
Krookodile - Grass knot?
Kyurem - Not tested
Landorus - Not tested
Latios - Dragon Claw, Outrage, Hidden Power Ice, Machamp Lead ice punch counters Latios's speed.
Lilligant - who's this?!
Lucario - Not tested
Machamp - Possible threat
Magnezone - Pitiful to play against, OHKo'd with ease
Metagross -
Reuniclus - Kinda bulky, don't know how to counter...
Roserade - laughable
Salamence - Use Garchomp?
Sawsbuck - What?
Scizor - Flamethrower on Eelektross when it tries to Swords Dance.
Scrafty- ??
Seismitoad - ?!
Serperior - You serious? this thing sucks!
Shaymin - Not tested
Sigilyph - Not tested
Smeargle - Not tested
Starmie - Not tested
Terakion - EQ from Garchomp, Hidden Power, Grass Knot, Ice Punch
Thundurus - No test
Togekiss - Ice Punch, Hidden Power Ice, Wild Charge
Tornadus - No test
Tyranitar - EQ and Grass Knot
Venusaur - No test, maybe a Flamethrower or Ice Punch/HP Ice?
Victini - No test
Virizion -
Volcarona - A nuisance, I need a pointer here.
Weavile -
Zoroark -

My Thoughts and Conclusions

I made this team with a large typing variety. Currently, I cover about 8 of the 17 types in resistance, and most of my moves, in a hypothetical scenario, can counter and check most of the dangerous threats of the BW OU metagame. Also, it's my first threat list, so if I botch it, I apologize. I don't really get the format a TL should be in, so I did my best and plowed on anyways. If you like this team, be sure to gimme a hell yeah! I spent a long time figuring out kinks and arranging this team the way I did! I hope it wasn't for naught!

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Old April 10th, 2011 (6:07 PM).
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Your EV format is a bit hard to read. Just put in the EVs you invested in (for example, Garchomp: 4 HP/252 Atk/252 Spe).

Anyway, what's Heatran's Hidden Power type? I'd recommend Ice for dealing with Gliscor more easily. You can take Fire Blast into consideration for its power. Heatran's Fire STAB does a number on Hippowdon and Excadrill already.

I'd keep Cohagrigus' item because it has no recovery outside of that and Rest.

Old April 10th, 2011 (6:12 PM).
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Ahhh, I'll fix that in a bit. And yeah, Heatran's HP is ice!
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