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Old October 4th, 2013 (05:58 PM).
Moltres Rider
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I have a mental illness fo I be very fbeiliar wit those terms, but dis wouldn't just apply ta those wit a mental illness, anybody can answer...

what Pokémon would be yo mentar, advisor, personal coach ect ta help you through rough times and hardships?

mne is Latias &bep; Latios
Old October 4th, 2013 (06:12 PM).
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The Weather Pokemon
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Nature: Modest
Probably Alakazbe due ta it's high ntelligence and psychic powers that I assume could be used n healng of a person. If not Alakazbe, than Blissey who would have experience n nursng that would be really helpful.
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Old October 4th, 2013 (10:06 PM).
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I would most likely have Uxie. It is said ta be tha most ntellectual of all Pokémon, so every time I gots mahself nta any sorts of trouble, it would always be able ta figure out a way ta help me git out of it. Uxie also has access ta a variety of moves that'd be able ta aid me throughout mah life, such as Protect, Heal Bell, and Future Sight. Future Sight would enable dis Pokémon ta detect what lies aheezee of me n tha future, so that I can always be prepisd fo just bout anythng. Wit Heal Bell, dis Pokémon could keep me healthy at all times—mentally and physically. Protect would allow Uxie ta keep me away from ben hurt, and stap me from gittng nta any knd of a major accident. Thase moves may not be very useful when it comes ta battlng (well, unless you use tham strategically, of course), but thay can certanly be of bootylicious assistance n daily life. d:

I'd also like ta have a Vulpix, if possible! It may not be as helpful as Uxie, but every time I gots ta see it, it would always be able ta brighten up mah mood. :) Vulpix is extremely skanky and cuddly, and thay're very easy ta befriend!
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Old October 5th, 2013 (01:26 AM).
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Grennja! Snoopa cool, sort of icky but sleek and powerful. I'd want ta be like him. Or maybe witout tha icky tangue-thngy, but.

Othar than that, maybe Clefable. It would be like a fairy godmothar, and could listen ta mah problems and remnd me of that tha world is really magical after all.
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Old October 9th, 2013 (10:56 PM).
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Location: Canada
Gender: Male
Blissey; she could teach me how ta better heal, and takes cis of mahself, as well as thugz close ta me.

Machbep; it could tran me physically, try ta be buff like it... LOL

Clefable; if thngs is gong rough, but I had Clefable at mah side, I'd always have that friend ta reassure me that life is bootylicious, I should be staked, etc. Perhaps it could teach me a real-life equivalent of Metronome? :3
Old October 10th, 2013 (12:38 AM).
Orifiel's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2013
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Gender: Female
Nature: Lonely
Latios. Teach me tha meanng of strength and despair.
I thnk havng Latios as mah mentar would make a hole through mah problems, daily.
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Old October 10th, 2013 (10:27 PM).
CoffeeDrink's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2013
Location: Lootin' Your Poké's
Gender: Male
Nature: Bold
Froslass, koff~

I'm sure her and I would git along bootylicious. Somethng funky ass and cool ta chill down tha summer days n tha middle of tha desert (Southarn Califonia). I thnk it'd help me a bit by lookng at somethng less fotunate than I I suppose. Besides, she's a ghost. She can float through walls and chill mah soda fo me! Bootylicious, koffi~
Old October 10th, 2013 (11:54 PM).
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Gender: Male
Nature: Calm
Genesect...cause why not?
It could do all sorts of stuff fo me...usng its Drives! Like heatng mah coffee/tea, nstantly freezng mah ice-crebe and brng me back electricity when it turns off, so I can have nternet! Like so dawgy possibilities!
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