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Roleplay Lounge Lounge about in Out-Of-Character discussions linked to individual roleplays. This is the best place to find existing roleplays to join, or create the sign-up thread for a roleplay of your own!

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Old November 18th, 2013, 10:55 AM
Ray Maverick
The Crimson Dawn is upon us
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The Compass of Anemos

In a forgotten age where the gift of the Gods, sorcery, was free to roam the world, a terrible war between the nations raged for centuries. Millions were lost, the earth was painted with more of their blood every day, all due to the immense power unlocked to simple, mortal men by sorcery. In sight of the tragedies that befell the human kind daily, a brave and bold man named Anemos decided to find the source of magic and destroy it once and for all, so that no one could abuse it further; watching his enchanted compass, he traveled through sea and mountain and sky, determined to do the impossible. Indeed, as he begun to realize, it was impossible to destroy magic, for it was not man-made. He would have it moved instead, removing it from the facilities of humanity. His efforts caused his world to rip in two... two worlds, each of which continued to grow naturally, unscathed, separated from each other - but one with, and one without magic. In halving a singular world into two, not only did he lose his compass, but he committed the ultimate hybris. A felony against the Gods, who had gifted mankind with sorcery so that it may prosper further. Angered, they laid a heavy curse on Anemos and banished him in the second world, to dwell on the realm of magic that he hated so. Ever since then, the two worlds grew separately... but Anemos's work was not left as complete as he would like to think. Millennia further on in time, up until the present, it was said that a connection between the two worlds existed - thus making traversing through the two worlds possible. Men begun speaking of the Breach, a typhoon of unearthly, unholy winds that carried any who wandered within it to the realm of magic... where the cursed winged spirit of Anemos soars the skies, in search for his lost compass.

Present Timeline

Pirate Nation Draeda
Draeda is the only unconquered free nation of Cometia. Its residents are either pirates or merchants associated with them; its capital is the Floating Island that is essentially made of wood and sails. As it is made similarly to a ship, it constantly travels where the wind and the currents take it. Finding it is an easy matter, thanks to the ever-lit lighthouse that serves as a powerful beacon that shines several hundreds of miles away. The authorities of the Cometian Empire have managed to locate the island, but challenging Draeda is a perilous endeavor, for it is armed pirate ships especially made for war; they were easily fended off each time. Toughened by the constant battle with the enemy and seas, the pirates of Draeda are vicious, self centered and ruthless - and the most fearsome of the pirate captains are named Dread Pirates by the Overlord.

Cometian Empire
The capital of Cometia, Nautactus, prizes itself for being the home of the strong, honorable and just; it is built on the southern shores of the massive, singular continent of the world, Cometia. As the capital city of the entire known world, it is the home of the High Emperor Varian of the Feralas dynasty. A well-established Empire, Cometia has never faltered in the last thousand years, ever since its founder, Cometus, built the capital Nautactus. With the unison of all nations of the known world, wars have ceased, except the one fought with the outlaws of Draeda, who refuse to bend to the High Emperor's rule and instead choose to roam the South Seas as they please. The two nations maintain a bitter rivalry even at times of temporary truces; Cometia always seeks to outsource Draeda through technological means, though at present, they possess equipment respective to that of our 17th to 18th century.

The existence of the Breach has been confirmed by sailors who come and go through the South Seas, and the phenomenon of ships disappearing without a trace over the last few months serves only as proof of it. The High Emperor of Cometia, upon learning of the Breach and heeding the legend of Anemos' heroic efforts, decided that he would extend his rule further, to the other side - through the Breach, to the realm of magic. He summoned the man who was claiming to have traveled through the Breach and return back to the present world - Loke Connington, a pirate who looked not too promising to be telling the truth. Aside the matter of his trustworthiness, Loke is the only hope of the High Emperor, who will commission him to find the Breach and cross it to the realm of magic in a reconnaissance expedition. He thinks of promising the privateers unimaginable riches and glory upon their return. But the High Emperor of Cometia isn't the only one who is interested in what lies beyond The Breach. The Overlord of the pirate base located on the Floating Island Draeda, Francis Morrigan, will command one of the Dread Pirate Captains to find The Breach and sail through it, in search of the Compass of Anemos. The Compass is said to be able to change the wind's direction to the wielder's liking; the pirates understand that if they ever gained such an advantage against the war galleys of Cometia, they would prevail in the constant war for the South Seas. Francis Morrigan also thinks of awarding riches and glory to those who bring him the Compass of Anemos.

Which one will you be?

Pirate or Privateer?

Forge your own destiny.

If you choose to sail under the black flag of Draeda, you need to obey the single law of the nation: "Every pirate for himself, every pirate for another"... or do you? As the story progresses, you may find yourself very, very far away from Draeda, and the significance of any laws will gradually fade. The Pirate Overlord may have commanded you to find the Compass of Anemos and bring it to him, but doing so may not agree with your own ambitions. Whether you are the captain of a pirate vessel or not, it is up to you to decide what you will do with the Compass of Anemos, should you ever find it. And who's to say, your goals will not change entirely?

The Kraken has been fashioned on the flag of the privateers to symbolize the numbers and the power of their community - the promise of gold has drawn many captains of Cometia towards their cause. The power of the privateers, being Cometia's only mobilized floating vessels, leaves the High Emperor with no choice but to hire
them for the reconnaissance expedition beyond the Breach. Let us not forget, though, that the Kraken's head on the flag is a skull - a nod towards the nature of the privateers. They are no royal servants, nor leal subjects to the High Emperor - they are pirates who loot other pirates. And pirates tend to do as they please. Once you find yourself in a foreign, unknown land, the face of an Emperor will start to fade and his commands and promises of rewards will seem scarce. Again, your goals may change dramatically, discovery after discovery...

Plunge into the Breach

Crew Member's SU Format

Age: (16+)
Duty: (What's your duty on board of the ship?)
Personality: (2-3 paragraphs)
Background: (2-3 paragraphs)
Weapon(s) of Choice: (steampunk is available, but don't go overboard)
Lucky Trinket: (It's customary to have one of these while sailing. The seas are dangerous, mate! Luck is always needed)
Crew: (To which crew do you belong to?)

Captain's SU Format

Years of Service/Experience: (What have you accomplished as a captain so far?)
Personality: (2-3 paragraphs)
Background: (2-3 paragraphs
Weapon(s) of Choice: (steampunk is available, but don't go overboard)
Lucky Trinket: (It's customary to have one of these while sailing. The seas are dangerous, mate! Luck is always needed)
Ship & Crew: (what kind of ship do you sail? What kind of crew sails with you?)
Flag: (Any drawings of your crew's flag?)

Slots (Multiple characters allowed, up to 2)

Captains & their crews -

1. Ray Maverick,
as John "Loke" Connington, captain of the Seawolves, a crew of privateers
2. [Captain of a crew of Pirates]

Crew members -


1. All PC rules apply.
2. The standard no godmodding or bunnying, unless given permission.
3. This is rated T, for fantasy violence, blood, language, romance, etc.
4. Be active. If I deem you're not active enough, you'll be removed from the RP.
5. Good grammar is required. It's a step towards a quality post.
6. You may have your characters do what they wish to do; however, there are consequences to bear each time. If you don't agree with that, your character will be deemed overpowered and you may be removed from the RP.
7. You're free to make up NPCs as you like and control second or third minor characters within your crew.
8. Listen to me at all times, if we're to keep this running smoothly, and I'll answer any questions you may have regarding anything, but my patience isn't a rubber band that you can stretch for as long as you like.
9. If you have any reason to cause drama, kindly refrain from speaking until the urge is gone. This is a game, and there's no need to ruin everyone's mood with your problems.


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Old November 23rd, 2013, 11:35 AM
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Moshi Moshi?
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Sounds pretty cool. I'll be interested in joining as a crew member of one of the ships probably, but I have to see the two captain SUs first to make my decision.

Paired with the Epic Raikiri
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Old November 23rd, 2013, 07:35 PM
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Pirate roleplay! I'm in! Could I have a reserve for pirates?

"Welcome to Boobies, we hope you like what you see, boys!"
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Old November 24th, 2013, 09:37 AM
Ray Maverick
The Crimson Dawn is upon us
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Age: 18
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Y'all are reserved. Here's my SU:

"Two kinds of people... those who tell the truth, and those who dare. Guess which one I am..."

Name: John "Loke" Connington, the "Daredevil"
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Appearance: Now that he has become a privateer, he dresses in their standard attire, which almost makes him look gentleman-ish. Loke is young-looking, by all means. For a former pirate captain, he looks nowhere as brawny or scary as some believe him to be. He is imposing, though, and projects his authority solidly, despite looking so young. When walking, he holds his entire posture straightened in a swagger that makes him look taller (5'8") than he is, with one hand behind his back and the other on the hilt of his rapier. He is of thin but muscular build, a result of daily exercise; he has golden hair and deep, piercing green eyes; he often makes terrible grimaces to his prey, just before he kills them.

Personality: Loke is a soft-spoken, elegant and eccentric lad who is infatuated by the idea of glory, fame and riches. But his delicate exterior is part of the fraud he puts up to fool the unwary ones. In truth, he is a trickster who uses his wits and deceit to achieve his goals and prefers to end disputes verbally instead of using brute force. He is shrewd and calculating, always treading lightly through danger, in order to slip out of it victorious or still alive.

Since he became a privateer, he lost the respect of his old fellow pirates, but that doesn't appear to bother him. He saw profit in becoming a privateer - instead of attacking Cometian ships, he would attack Draedian ships, it made no difference to him. It's also being said he had a personal quarrel with the Pirate Overlord Francis. Although Loke will readily kill anyone in a fight, he shows reluctance in killing people who don't actually wish him harm; there is a compassionate and kind side to him, which he only shows to the members of his crew, whom he considers some kind of family, although he makes sure to keep his distance from them.

In combat, Loke is a master swordsman, but he prefers using his intelligence to exploit the environment to gain the upper hand, rather than rely purely on his skill with a sword. Loke would rather negotiate than fight, though, often tempting his enemies away from their murderous intentions by invoking a parley. He carefully arranges terms to his crew's favor while making deals that are treacherously worded. That being said, Loke is an accomplished liar who has managed to cloud himself in a mist of obscurity; you can't know for sure when he's telling the truth and when he is fooling you.

Background: (coming soon)

Weapon(s) of Choice:
Rapier, Naval flintlock dagger-pistol
Lucky Trinket: Anchor pendant
Crew: The Seawolves.

The Seawolves were founded by Loke's father, Wade "Barshark" Connington; Loke joined only when he was 18 and was not ever favored or recognized by Wade as his son. Two years later, when Wade died in an ambush of Cometian privateers, Loke ruthlessly killed the two possible matches for the Captain's title during the battle. He quickly seized the Darevil with a few of his trusted friends and sailed to safety. Afterwards, he became the Captain of the Seawolves, but earning the respect of the veteran members who were used to Barshark Wade's command was harder than he believed. That often causing trouble and disputes amongst the crew, but after years in the lead, the new Captain finally started growing on them.

The Seawolves are former pirates, fierce in nature, the 'most seasoned and fearless seamen', according to Loke himself. He's spent a significant amount of time looking for members to replace their fallen ones, following their reputation through tales the experienced sailors share in the taverns of Draeda. Their already deadly reputation had come to a halt under Loke's command, due to his inexperience; however, things picked up when he accommodated himself and learned how to command. The Seawolves continued to raid Cometian towns and plundered merchant ships with swiftness and deadly efficiency.

Two years prior to the events of the RP, they became Privateers, thus losing the respect of all other pirate crews in Draeda, but Captain Loke encouraged everyone to mind their pockets instead of the opinions of "sheep". But money doesn't seem to be the only reason he slipped in the service of the High Emperor. He has shown a contempt for the Pirate Overlord of Draeda, Francis; some of his crew members share it as well. Some believe there was a private dispute between Loke and Francis that led to a bloody fight, which is unusual for Loke - who is known to solve all disputes verbally and without force. Now away from the rule of Draeda, the Seawolves serve the High Emperor as privateers and attack their former allies, killing them without mercy; the reputation for their effectiveness has remained the same.

As for their supposed journey through the Breach, that never happened. It was a fabrication Captain Loke made up to catch the High Emperor's attention and get his crew hired for the expedition. The Seawolves have taken to telling tales of their amazing adventures on the other side, which are no more than less-than-carefully constructed lies meant to entertain and underline their importance.

Ship & Flag: The Seawolf (coming soon)
He has a small, barely visible scar just on the right side of his mouth. He always appears to be smoking a pipe.



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