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D&D: Icewind Dale

The OOC thread is located here: Click me!

“What’s happened to adventurers? It’s all namby-pamby now – none of the legendary stuff like back in the good old days. Them youngsters could learn a thing or two from the legends of old, don’t you think…? Say… you don’t think there’s any way to magic up that kind of experience, do you?”

“Oh, gods, I knew I’d regret owing you a favour someday…”

“Welcome, adventurers in training! So, you wish to become stronger? Wish to see how a magical simulation like this works? Perhaps you just feel like an interactive history lesson? Whatever the case – I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic experience in the coming weeks! Myself, Demevir ‘The Interesting’ Redbeard, and my friend-”


“-Uh, yes, associate, here, Tel Ravane, will be guiding you on a wondrous journey that puts you in the shoes of heroes from the past! To hone your skills, or just to experience life as they did – I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic experience in the coming weeks!”

“Didn’t you just say that?”

“I, ah… aghem, well, uh- let’s get some background, shall we? Allow me to tell you a tale… Just over 200 years ago, the devil Belhifet was defeated by a party of brave adventurers in Icewind Dale; banished to Baator for a century. It was a tale of grand adventure, slaying goblins, trolls, giants and even demons from the abyss itself! Travelling through the Ten-Towns of the Dale, through the harsh, snowy wasteland of the Vale of Shadows, through the dark, damp caves of Dragon’s Eye, up the crumbling tower of the Severed Hand – a journey of justice and greatness, striking out against evil for everything good and true!”

“Uh… just saying… if it was 200 years ago, and Belhifet was only banished for 100 years… shouldn’t he be back already?”

“Oh, uh… hmm, he- ah, um- nonsense! No, young adventurers, there’s no need to be worried about that at all, because…! Uh… come on, help me out here, Tel.”

“You’re on your own, old man.”

“Ah, um- well, aghem; never the less! Tel will set up the basis for the magical simulation, and I shall watch over and retain it from the outside. I will be responsible for keeping it running smoothly and adding in further participants for the program. With you in the simulation, my close friend-”


“Ah, yes, most certainly – my close, personal associate will be- ow! Did you just hit me?”



“Because you’re a degenerate moron.”

“I- well, there’s no need to be such a grumpy boots... Ah, anywho, Tel Ravane here will be the administrative presence within the simulation, to guide you through the main content of the adventure and to resolve any disputes that may occur therein. Yes; you are vulnerable to attacks from both the illusory monsters and your fellow participants – although do try to get along, will you? I can assure you that unjust attacks upon innocent participants or the principals of the simulation itself will be dealt with appropriately by Tel himself. He is a very capable warrior, you know.”

“I could kill everyone in this room in under a minute.”

“Hahaha, yes, I’m, ah… sure you could… still, I’m sure that nothing will go awry and that all of us will have a right blast! And we’re entirely sure that death in the simulation definitely doesn’t carry over into the real world! Uh, yes, definitely. Ah, uh- simulation deaths, as they are likely to occur at some point, will not mean the end for your simulation experience, although we would like to retain some level of realism. Temples are available at various locations, ready with resurrection spells. Also, of course, resurrection spells you yourselves have available to you will work as normal within the simulation. I believe, Tel, you also have a Rod of Resurrection with you?”

“Yeah. It’s got ten charges, which should be more than enough. I’ll try to leave raising the dead to you guys, for the most part, but the rod is there in case of exceptional circumstances.”

“Ah, perfect. Now, let’s get this show on the road, shall we?”

Adventurers in Training – D&D: Icewind Dale is a role-playing adventure based on the Black Isle Studios game: Icewind Dale, and may also go on to include the events of the Heart of Winter expansion. It takes inspiration from the rules of Dungeons and Dragons, but these rules will not be implemented within the roleplay to allow greater freedom and fewer complications.

(Disclaimer: I don’t own anything to do with Icewind Dale or the D&D lore, nor do I own the ideas behind the statistics, spells, etc. It’s pretty much just Tel and Demevir, who are OCs of mine. Don’t know if I even need a disclaimer, but hey. You know the drill. I don’t own things.)

In early 1483 DR, it came to the realisation of Demevir ‘The Interesting’ Redbeard that adventurers seemed to be a lot more boring, and could learn a lot from the adventures of years past. Of course, this was mostly due to nostalgia on his part – adventuring is still at large and is as interesting as ever. This was outlined in the fact that he has called on Tel Ravane – a very accomplished adventuring Fighter/Mage – to help in satisfying his need for improving the adventuring experience for today’s would-be warriors.

Tel himself insists that he is only helping because he owes Demevir ‘a favour’, the nature of which he doesn’t care to reveal. In general he appears to show nothing but distaste towards the bumbling old wizard. Nevertheless, the spellsword lent his services to Redbeard in the creation of the magical simulation, though the simulation will be maintained mostly by Demevir and not by Tel, who is instead administrating the program from the inside – though in a ‘hands-off’ fashion, for the most part, in that he will try not to kill the monsters the participants of the simulation are faced with.

The simulation created puts the gathered group of adventurers in the shoes of the Heroes of Icewind Dale. Not to give too much away, the events of the original adventure involve a group of adventurers sitting in the Winter’s Cradle Tavern in Easthaven, who are hired to investigate sinister happenings in the Dale. The situation escalates to the point where they must face the likes of devils from the Nine Hells themselves in order to stop a plot that threatens the fate of not just Icewind Dale, but the whole of Faerûn. If you wish to know more of the story, and/or likewise wish your character to have such knowledge, I suggest reading up on the game’s story (it isn’t too long) or playing the game itself (it’s pretty fun) if you haven’t already. Besides, it’s optional, as you don’t need to know about the story of the game beforehand to take part in this RP.

Remember whilst RPing that this post will be updated in the IMPORTANT CHARACTERS and IMPORTANT LOCATIONS sections – most notably in the locations section. There you will find useful information and descriptions of – you guessed it – important characters and locations. I’d say as a general rule, try not to actually go to any locations that haven’t been added to the section on this post yet – unless, of course, I say otherwise.

Anyhow, at the beginning of the RP, Demevir Redbeard has gathered this group of adventurers, here in the ‘real world’ – that is to say, present day Faerûn – to Easthaven’s Winter’s Cradle Tavern. Here they wait for the simulation to begin. As insistent as Demevir is that the simulation is fine and completely safe, it is clear to most that not all is quite as it appears…

Lawful Good – Good intentions and upholds the law.
Neutral Good – Good intentions, but may break the law if necessary.
Chaotic Good – Good intentions, but cares nothing for the law.
Lawful Neutral – Neutral intentions, upholds the law.
True Neutral – Truly neutral in both intentions and view of the law.
Chaotic Neutral – Neutral intentions, cares nothing for law.
Lawful Evil – Evil intentions, but follows law.
Neutral Evil – Evil intentions, may break the law to achieve goals.
Chaotic Evil – Evil intentions and cares nothing for laws.

Do I need to tell you what a human is? Humans are generally the most common and widespread race in Faerûn. They can advance as any class. Humans are the only race that can dual-class but for this reason they cannot multi-class. (for information on dual-class and multi-class, see the classes section below.)

Elves tend to be shorter and slimmer than humans, with finer features. There are six racial divisions of elves: gold elves, moon elves, wild elves, sea elves, dark elves (drow) and winged elves (avariel) – however, you don’t have to specify if you don’t want to. They are typically skilled with bows and longswords.They can see in the dark with infravision and have a high resistance to charm and sleep magics. Elves have 19 maximum dexterity but only 17 maximum constitution. They generally cannot be paladins, druids, bards or monks. They cannot be any multi-class involving cleric or druid classes.

Half-Elves are half Human and half Elf. They can see in the dark with infravision and have a slight resistance to charm and sleep magics. They generally cannot be paladins, monks, or cleric/thieves.

Gnomes are shorter than humans and less rotund than dwarves. There are two racial divisions of gnomes: rock gnomes and deep gnomes (svirfneblin), but you don’t have to specify which. They can see in the dark with infravision and have a slight resistance to spells and wand spells. Gnomes have 19 maximum intelligence but only 17 maximum wisdom. Gnomes can generally only be fighters, clerics, mages, thieves, barbarians, fighter/thieves, fighter/clerics, fighter/mages, mage/thieves, mage/clerics or cleric/thieves.

Halflings are generally quite short, plump people, similar to small humans. They typically have curly hair and have coarse hair on their feet (yeah, a bit like hobbits, they are also called halflings at some points). There are three racial divisions of halfling: hairfoot, tallfellow and stout, but you don’t have to specify if you don’t want to. They are typically skilled with slings. They have a slight resistance to spells and wand spells, as well as paralysis, poison and the like. They have 19 maximum dexterity, but only 17 maximum strength and wisdom. Halflings can generally only be fighters, clerics, thieves, barbarians or fighter/thieves.

Dwarves are short and stocky, easily identifiable by their size and shape. There are four racial divisions of dwarves: shield dwarves, gold dwarves, wild dwarves and duergar – however, you don’t have to specify which if you don’t want to. They can see in the dark with infravision and have slight resistance to spells and wand spells, as well as paralysis, poison and the like. They have a maximum of 19 constitution but maximums of 17 dexterity and 16 charisma. Dwarves can only be fighters, clerics, thieves, barbarians, fighter/thieves or fighter/clerics.

(I’ve included this, but it’s going to be edgy considering that half-orcs aren’t so tolerated in the North) Half-Orcs are half orc and half human. They are generally as tall as humans, but are a little heavier and have a slight green pigment in their skin. They have maximums of 19 strength and 19 constitution, but a maximum of only 16 intelligence. They can generally only be fighters, clerics, thieves, barbarians, fighter/thieves, fighter/clerics or cleric/thieves.

Single class – Just what it says on the tin. You have one class, details below.
Fighters are your average warrior. They fight, they live – a good fighter needs to be strong and healthy to survive. They can become very skilled in their weapons of choice, and can also wear any armour and use any weapon (unless the weapon is special and states otherwise).

Rangers are warriors and woodsmen. They need to be strong and wise in the ways of nature to live a full life. They are skilled with dual-wielding and can charm animals. They may use any weapon and any armour (unless otherwise specified) but can utilise stealth while wearing light armour. After a certain amount of experience, rangers can also learn to cast druidic spells, much like a paladin learns cleric spells.

Paladins are the embodiment of everything good and true, righteous and pure. They are warriors like fighters, but are usually far more focused on the justice side of things, usually having religious ties. They can wear any armour and wield any weapon (unless otherwise specified). Paladins can detect and protect against evil, ward away undead and have minor healing abilities. They can also cast cleric spells after a certain amount of experience, much like the ranger can learn druid spells. Generally, they follow a lawful good alignment.

Clerics are generic priests, protectors and healers. They can wear any armour but are less skilled in weaponry than most warrior-like classes. They can generally only use warhammers, clubs, flails, maces, slings and quarterstaves. They can ward away undead and cast priest spells.

Druids follow the cause of nature and neutrality. They are generally less skilled in weaponry than most warrior-like classes. They can generally only use scimitars, daggers, clubs, spears, quarterstaves, darts or slings. They also cannot wear armour heavier than studded leather, or any shields heavier than bucklers. They can cast druid spells, and after a certain amount of experience they gain elemental and poison resistances as well as the ability to shapeshift into various woodland animals.

Mages are wizards, dedicated to the arcane arts of spellcasting. Pure mages are rarely seen without retinues due to their tendency to be frail. They may not wear any armour (besides robes) and may only use daggers, quarterstaves, darts or slings. They can cast mage spells, but are generally less skilled in weaponry compared to most warrior-like classes.

Thieves are skilled in the ways of locks, traps and stealth. They are generally not as skilled in weaponry as most warrior-like classes, and they cannot wear armour heavier than studded leather or shields heavier than bucklers. They can only use long swords, short swords, katanas, scimitars, daggers, clubs, quarterstaves, crossbows, shortbows, darts or slings. They can pick locks, pick pockets, find traps, move stealthily, hide in shadows, detect illusions and set traps of their own.

Bards are rogues, but different from thieves. Instead of dexterity, they focus more on charm and personality. A Bard is a musician, a gossiper and a jack-of-all trades. They are generally not as skilled in weaponry as most warrior-like classes, and may not wear armour heavier than chainmail or shields heavier than bucklers. They can pick pockets and cast mage spells after a certain amount of experience – though only while not wearing armour. They are the only class that can play certain magical instruments, and they can perform songs that negate fear and restore morale.

Sorcerers are essentially the same as mages, the difference being in the manner they cast spells – intuitive rather than logical. They know fewer spells than mages can learn, and they acquire them more slowly, but they have more control over which spells they cast. They do not scribe spells into spellbooks, instead learning a small number of spells each level which they can cast daily without memorisation.

Monks are warriors especially attuned to fighting unarmed and unarmoured. They cannot cast spells, but have a unique magic of their own. They generally cannot wear armour, but they can use the same weapons a thief can – although they are generally not as skilled in weaponry as most warrior-like classes. They tend to move (run) faster than most other classes, and with experience they gain powerful abilities including: Poison, disease and charm immunity, minor healing capabilities, missile (arrows, bolts, sling bullets) resistance and magic resistance.

Barbarians are excellent warriors, though not as skilled or disciplined as fighters. They choose instead a cruder manner of fighting that still proves effective. They can wield any weapon (unless otherwise specified) but generally cannot wear armour heavier than splint mail. They generally move faster than other classes, and after a certain amount of experience they gain resistances to weapon damage. They can put themselves into a state of rage that improves their combat abilities and makes them immune to charm, hold, fear, maze, stun, sleep, confusion and level drain spells.

Multi-class – Multi-classing involves choosing either two or three different classes and progressing in them simultaneously. The character can generally use the abilities of both classes, although with certain restrictions. Also, progression in each individual class is slower, as the character is focusing on two or three lines of progression rather than just one.

Characters can use the abilities of a fighter and a thief, but thieving abilities cannot be used when wearing armour heavier than studded leather.

Characters can use the abilities of a fighter and a cleric, but are restricted to cleric weapons.

Characters can use the abilities of a fighter and a mage, but cannot cast spells in armour (excluding robes and elven chainmail).

Characters can use the abilities of a fighter and a druid, but are restricted to druid weapons.

Characters can use the abilities of a mage and a thief, but cannot cast spells in armour (excluding robes).

Characters can use the abilities of a cleric and a mage, but are restricted to cleric weapons and cannot cast spells in armour (excluding robes and elven chainmail).

Characters can use the abilities of a cleric and a thief, but are restricted to cleric weapons and cannot use thieving abilities in armour heavier than studded leather.

Characters can use the abilities of a cleric and a ranger, but are restricted to cleric weapons.

Characters can use the abilities of a fighter, a mage and a cleric, but are restricted to cleric weapons and cannot cast mage spells in armour (excluding robes and elven chainmail.)

Characters can use the abilities of a fighter, a mage and a thief, but cannot use thieving abilities in armour heavier than studded leather and cannot cast spells in armour (excluding robes and elven chainmail).

Dual-class – Dual-classing involves stopping progression in one class to advance as another. Characters retain the skills and benefits of their original class, but no longer advance in it – however, characters will only be able to utilise these skills once they have advanced further in their dual-classed class than in their original class. A dual-class option must be a viable multi-class option – see the multi-class section for information on those.

The spread of a character’s statistics can tell you a lot about what they’re like. Stats take the form of Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma. Each stat has a minimum value of 3, and defaults at a maximum value of 18 (this may be slightly higher or lower depending on your race). I’ll give you 90 points to play with (because I’m generous) to spread across the six stats. Try to spend points in the areas that best match your class, and most of all, your character. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to use all points provided. Also keep in mind that stats have wider benefits than just their surface appearance. Charisma, for instance, is not just leadership ability – it also helps to resist influence-based magics like charm spells.

If you happen to already have a character that you’ve used in Icewind Dale, and wish to use them, try and keep the same stats. In terms of balancing, though, I suppose I will allow some addition for those who have stats lower than the 90 points I’ve allowed. Also, I’ll try to be a bit more lenient than the games on the class restrictions regarding stats. If you don’t fancy maths, here’s a trick – 90 puts 15 in every stat, so add and subtract from there

Strength: Strength measures a character’s muscle, endurance and stamina. This stat is important for warrior classes, as it handles offensive capabilities.

Dexterity: Dexterity measures a character’s hand-eye co-ordination, agility, reflexes and balance. This stat is important for thieves, but also any class as it governs dodging.

Constitution: Constitution measures a character’s fitness, health and physical resistance to hardship, injury and disease. This stat is more important for warrior classes, who need more health to survive battles.

Intelligence: Intelligence measures a character’s memory, reasoning and learning ability. Please note that a character of 8 intelligence or less is illiterate, which is not good. This stat is important for mages.

Wisdom: Wisdom measures a character’s enlightenment, judgement and common sense. This stat is important for priests; clerics, druids and the like.

Charisma: Charisma measures a character’s persuasiveness, personal magnetism and ability to lead. This stat is important to bards, druids and paladins.

In this universe, spellcasting in general works through daily memorisation of spells. Spellcasters pick a limited number of spells that you think you’ll be casting during the day, and throughout that day you can use those individual spells. For example, a mage may decide that for the day he/she will memorise a Magic Missile, an Identify, a Chromatic Orb and two Melf’s Acid Arrows. Throughout that following day, those are the spells he/she will have available to him/her until he/she uses up his/her magic ability, at which point the mage will have to rest before casting again. This is not exactly the same case for the sorcerer. A sorcerer has a smaller number of available spells, and has a maximum number of spells they can cast before resting, but they can pick and choose from their available spells which they want to cast.

Admittedly, this is mostly just background information, as I won’t be keeping track of your character’s levels. You don’t need to specify in your posts which spells your character has memorised. However, keep in mind, this means that you won’t be able to cast spells out of your arse. Just saying.

For a list of spells for Priests (Clerics, Druids, etc.), click here:

For a list of spells for Wizards (Mages, Sorcerers, etc.), click here:

• PC rules apply.
• No godmodding.
• No bunnying, unless you are given permission by the character’s owner.
• Try to post at least once a week.
• Note that if you haven’t posted for two weeks you will be sent a warning. If you have not posted for a month, you will have to be removed from the RP. If you give reasoning for your absence beforehand, it is less likely you will be removed.
• Romance is allowed, but you know how it is. Don’t go too far.
• This RP is rated (T), so stick to that. Don’t go overboard on the gore.
• The code to check that you have read the rules is “Oh, and I should probably mention, I haven’t read the rules, but I’ll give you a fish to make up for it.” Yeah, it’s long, that’s what copy and paste are for
• Respect yourself, the GM and your fellow RPers.
• It is fine to disagree with decisions and suggest new ideas. Just no raging, alright? We’re all friends here.

Demevir ‘The Interesting’ Redbeard
– Demevir, at first glance, is a weird old wizard who doesn’t appear to have ever cleaned his beard in his life. Unfortunately for you adventurers, the first glance is depressingly accurate. He wears a red robe gilded with gold (that also appears to be stained several different colours), with a pointy wizard hat in similar design. In spite of his name, Redbeard’s beard is black – supposedly it is still relevant, as most of the time the beard is on fire. ‘The Interesting’ also seems like a strange title – in truth, it was the only comment about him that Demevir could find that could by some degree seem like a compliment. For the record, it wasn’t. Redbeard is responsible for spearheading the ‘Adventurers in Training’ program, and is the one who should be orchestrating the entire thing. That doesn’t really inspire much hope for the program’s success.

Tel Karius Ravane - True Epicness
Emela Parmalomé - Godzil
Cassandra Alexandera - Raikiri (On hiatus)
Vash - <Challenger>
Xaltin - siiadams

Easthaven (Present Day)


Easthaven in the present day is a bustling port town of commerce – ships going back and forth across Lac Dinneshere, buildings surrounding the market square. As is the default weather for Icewind Dale, there is a permanent layer of snow covering the ground. Although it isn’t snowing at the moment, and the Sun is out for now, there is a constant feeling that snow could start falling at any moment. The most notable establishment for the RPers is the Winter’s Cradle Tavern, a small-ish but busy tavern made from wooden planks. Aside from that, the building of most interest is the Temple of Tempus, which even now towers above other buildings in town.

Turnips shall rise.

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Emela bustles about the shop, hurrying to finish all her last-minute tasks. The owner was used to her going on extended trips, and always wanted her to work her tail off before leaving. With a fearful glance outside to see what time it was, she waves goodbye to the owner, who stands behind the counter, nonplussed.

"Okay, all my tasks are done and I'm headed out now! See you later BYE!" She rushes out the door, slinging her backpack over her shoulders. She hurries toward the Winter's Cradle, barely stopping to talk to anyone. Except for that friendly dog, but she always talks to him.

"The Adventurers in Training Program is today! I really wanted to be there earlier, but things kept coming up! I'm really excited, but also a little nervous. There needs to be a word for that feeling. I'd love to chat more, but I'm late!" With that, she hurries off toward the Tavern, practically throwing the door open.

To her surprise, the place is relatively empty for this time of day. She'd thought she was late, but perhaps she's the first one here. "Oh good! At least they're not waiting on me. Ooh, I'm so nervicited!"
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Vash sat in a lonely clearing in the forest polishing his massive claymore. Hehe... Every single arrow in his quiver shined and glistened, and the tips were sharp enough to cut troll hide. Vash truly appreciated moments like this...Peace...Quiet...And weapons. "...Not quite yet." The ranger gritted his teeth and rubbed the oilcloth along the six-foot blade a few more times before he finally decided that it was clean enough. "...Time to go to head off to that meeting..."


The tall, dashing warrior stood on the outskirts of the village with a smirk on his face. Time to rock this town. Screw peace and quiet. Time for weapons, violence, and adventure! The smirk slowly transformed into a grin when he noticed an attractive young elf walk into the bar he was destined to meet at soon. Not yet...Gotta buy some stuff first. The ranger walked over to a nearby stall and purchased some snacks and a wineskin or two, only to stuff them into his sack.

A trip to the tavern next door and three tankards of ale later, the slightly-buzzed Vash walked out of the Blood Oak Tavern and grinned, his breath smelling only faintly of alcohol. Time to bust into that meeting with style. He walked over to the Winter's Cradle and kicked the door open. "The party has arrived!" Vash grinned and took a seat across from a bearded old man and a partially-masked figure. "Vash. You can call me Vash. I'm here for the program."
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Tel Ravane & Demevir Redbeard
Easthaven (present) – Winters’ Cradle

“You’re sure enough people got the message?”

Tel Ravane was growing impatient. He glanced down at his associate, a wild-eyed mage by the name of Demevir Redbeard. Demevir had chosen to sit down and order a drink – Tel, on the other hand, had nothing to occupy him. He hadn’t even sat down, opting instead to simply stand, leaning on the back of his chair’s headrest.

“Of course I’m sure. I can sense them,” Redbeard replied, taking a sip of his wine. The wise tone of his voice was slightly offset in the fact that, despite moving slowly and carefully, the mage still managed to send half of the liquid trickling down his beard. Tel grimaced at the sight, turning away. There were surprisingly few patrons in the tavern at this time – perhaps he and Redbeard had scared them off – but the few who were there were enough to provide a light ambient chatter. The wooden floor, walls and ceiling were refurbished, but in truth they didn’t look much better than they had a couple of centuries ago. Not only that but the barkeep, an enormous middle-aged woman, looked almost identical to the barkeep in the simulation. Perhaps that was just a misjudgement on Demevir’s part, but to Tel it seemed almost as if the bar was trapped in time, which was somewhat fitting.

“My patience is slipping, Demevir.”

“Then pull it back up, Tel. You wouldn’t like to embarrass yourself, I’m sure.”

Tel chuckled, “If I were truly worried about embarrassing myself, I’d have killed you long ago.”

“And if I were truly worried about you killing me, I’d have baked a pie. Delicious pie.”

“I… no comment.”

As though the Adventurers in Training were driven by some kind of ravenous pie-sense, the first of the program’s volunteers entered the tavern. The door was pushed open fairly forcefully, and the energetic elf stepped into the Winter’s Cradle. She spoke as she came towards the two mages, seemingly creative in her vocabulary.

"Oh good! At least they're not waiting on me. Ooh, I'm so nervicited!"

“Hello there, young lady!” Demevir greeted, “I trust you are here for the Adventurers in Training program?”

Tel Ravane said nothing, attempting to size up the girl. She certainly gave the impression of naïve innocence – but then, looks can be deceiving, especially amongst elves. He nodded once to the elf in recognition, but he’d probably leave the talking to Redbeard. Or he would have done, were it not for a rather loud interruption. There was a bang and a crash followed by the words:

"The party has arrived!" The source of the noise made his way into the inn, kitted out in leather and grinning like a maniac. The tall human soon sat down opposite Redbeard and Tel, announcing that they could call him Vash and that he was here for the program.

“Can no-one open a door properly?” The spellsword murmured to himself.

“Another! Good!” Demevir was ever-enthusiastic. “Vash. Vash is nice. It has a rather… Vash kind of quality- anywho! Welcome, you two. As you probably know, I am Demevir Redbeard, Purveyor of the Adventurers in Training program, at your service. This is-”

“-Tel Ravane,” The fighter/mage introduced himself. “Master swordsman and paragon of the arcane arts.”

“Aghem, erm, yes. He is. Well then: do you have any questions before the simulation begins?”
Turnips shall rise.

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Emela nods excitedly when asked if she was part of the program. She would have started talking, but the door is slammed open rather loudly, drawing her attention. The large man saunters on over to the table, acting like he owns the place. With a thought, Emela channels her magic, casting a simple cantrip to shut the door.

She straightens up, giving both mages a polite bow. "Greetings, Demevir, Tel. I am Emela Parmalomé." She claps happily, giggling in excitement. "But just call me Emela! Or Emmy, if brevity's more your thing. I'm ready for adventure! And training, 'cuz I'm not very skilled at adventure yet. I mean, there's only so much adventure to be had around town, and while I go outside town a lot, there's not a lot of variety outside, either. And with two really powerful and famous mages leading us, how can this not be great?" After getting all that energy out, practically dancing in place and waving her arms around to accentuate her words, she sits down at the table, beaming at the group.
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Xaltin strode into the town, purpose and determination driving him with each step. He took a few minutes to survey his new surroundings, noting where some of the more important buildings were: weapons shop, magic shop, stable, inn, bar. It was a tendency that he could never shake, a tendency that was fueled by his father who insisted on it everytime they entered a town or village. He let his gaze dance back and forth at the people that he passed by on the road. It didn't take long before he found the place - the Winter's Cradle - and quickly decided to check his bag one last time to make sure nothing was missing. Rifling through his bag and finding everything easily, he slung the bag back on his shoulder and entered the tavern.

Inside was a little dimmer than he was used to but he would put up with it. He slowly pushed the door closed and scanned the room, noticing that there weren't many patrons inside. His gaze soon rested on a pair of mages addressing another duo, a male and female. The male seemed to be a ranger from the weapons he had, while the female seemed to not have much on her. "Must be a mage," he thought as he looked to the others. One introduced himself as Tel, which kinda sent chills down Xaltin's spine. He heard rumors of a powerful battlemage that fit his description. "Then the other must be Demevir," he thought, hiding his enthusiasm and excitement. He had heard tales of those two in his travels (as well as his father's traveling party) and now he'd be along with them?

He couldn't help but smile as he approached where they all were gathered. He approached the table where the guy and girl were and nodded to the group, "I'm here for the Adventurers in Training simulation. I hope I didn't miss much. My name is Xaltin." With that out, he made a slight bow and sat down with the others, his attention focused on Demevir and Tel.
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