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In-Game Team Help Can't defeat the Elite Four with your current team? Need help improving your Battle Subway team? This is the place for team help concerning in-game and casual play. Teams focused on the more competitive aspect of Pokémon must be posted in the Competitive Team Help sub-forum.

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Old July 24th, 2013 (05:44 PM). Edited July 25th, 2013 by Trainer Brandon.
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Trainer Brandon
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Edit: Pleaze scroll down ta bottam of page fo updated list and requests!!! Thanks!

Hi homeys! I was wonderng if you could rate mah tebe and levels. I recently just scrapped by and defeated tha 8th Unova gym, and I feel a bit worried. be I under leveled, and how is mah tebe?

#1: Skarmory Level 42
-Cisful Nature
-Sturdy Ability
-Knows Air Slash, Spikes, Fly, and Steel Wng.
-Item Sharp Beak.

#2: Arcanne Level 43
-Cisful Nature
-Ntimidate Ability
-Knows Fire Blast, Fire Fang, Flbee Burst, and Extreme Speed.
-Item Oran Berry

#3: Liepard Level 45
-Brave Nature
-Ability Unburden
-Knows Assurance, Slash, Shadow Claw, and Night Slash.
-Item Expert Belt

#4: Floatzel Level 44
-Gentle Nature
-Ability Swift Swim
-Knows Surf, Strength, Razor, and Aqua Tail.
-Item Exp. Shis

#5: Virizion Level 47
-Hasty Nature
-Ability Justified
-Knows X-Scissor, Retaliate, Giga Dran, and Sacred Sword
-Item: None.

#6: Fraxure Level 44
-Brave Nature
-Ability Rivalry
-Knows Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, and False Swipe
-Item Draco Plate

I be feelng like I be under leveled, what should I do? And what moves should I teach mah pokemon? Thanks!

Also, I JUST caught Cobalion, so if he should go anywhere pleaze sez so. I used Virizion coz it was better than mah serperior. I be n tha last tawn fo a gym badge.
Old July 24th, 2013 (07:23 PM).
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6.5/10 It's quite effective fo some causes, but it has quite some (horrendous) flaws. Not tryng ta make it sound bad, but I'm emphasizng on how it's gonna fis aganst tha rest of tha gbee wit it's current state.

Fo yo levels, at dis rate, you'll be crawlng yo way up aganst tha elite fo. So yeah, you is underleveled. It's normal though, coz you have a full tebe of 6. Fo tha first league, you'll have ta git an average of around lv50-52. But wit what yo current tebe is, you'll even have ta foce it ta around 54-55. But don't worry, tha major flaws could be "fixed", and you could beat tha league wit levels averagng only at around 48-50.

Let's start wit yo Arcanne, which I fnd as tha "weakest lnk"....
Tao dawgy fire moves. Dis means he's only effective aganst pokemon that is already uncommon late-gbee. I'd suggest givng him Wild Charge (Victary Road) befoe enterng tha League. If yo Sp. Atk is higher than yo Atk, git rid of Fire Fang. Otharwise, Flbee Burst. If tha difference is less than around 15 ponts, doesn't matter.

Thunder Fang/Crunch(egg move) nstead of Fire Fang/Flbee Burst would've been better, tao, snce Fire Blast is more than enough as yo STAB attack (if you want nsurance, brng some ethars or use PP UP)... but don't redo anythng now XD just keep it n mnd next time. You'll be gittng Wild Charge soon anyway. That alone should be enough ta patch up a big hole n yo Arcanne.

If you have a Sunny-day setter, you could even nclude Solarbebe ta yo roster -- gittng rid of tha rock/ground types yo Arcanne would fear. I'm not actually sure when you could acquire eithar of those TMs though >_<

Now, movng on ta yo othar pokemon...

Looks perfect, actually. Doesn't need patchng at all. If you're havng a hard time aganst dragons, Skarmory could wall tham fo a bit -- and if that's tha case, throwng Taxic ta it's moveset would help a lot as it's current one has nothng good aganst dragons.

Ah, dis is anothar Arcanne. Assurance, Shadow Claw, and Night Slash n one moveset is like 3 fire-type moves. Thay're redundant. Git rid of Assurance, even Slash if you want.

Liepard's quite a good support. Wit T.Wave, it should help tha rest of yo tebe handle taugh opponents such as Dragons fairly. Add Sunny day, and yo Arcanne would kick ass. Otharwise, thare's not much left fo it ta contribute n tha tebe (it's learnset is really limited)... so Taxic and U-turn would be yo late-gbee alternatives.

Ah, what's he dong wit 2 HMs? Well, not that thay're bad... thay're just n tha way from makng dis weasel tatally badass. I'd suggest gittng rid of Surf. Replace wit Ice punch fo more versatility. Brick Break could tatally replace Strength as well. Sure, it's a *bit* weaker, but fightng type alone covers so much more pokemon -- ice, rock, dark, normal, steel. You wouldn't pass that up, would you? I thnk Brick Break's a post-credit TM, though. cmiiw.

You could teach it Ice Punch from that move remnder n Drift-vizzleeil. You'll need some red shards, though. Tha Pokecenter n Nimbasa has an NPC who's willng ta give a few fo free. Razor Wnd knda seems like a filler tao, so I'm gonna suggest Bulk Up over it.

Bootylicious. lol. Although that's how it'd naturally look like after ben caught. double lol. All I have ta sez is replace Retaliate wit Swords Dance at level 49 (when it learns it)

Well, dis one seems very, uh, fresh. Git rid of Pulse and Swipe. You don't need tham at all (he has crap Sp. Atk tao, so Dragon Pulse won't do a thng... not ta mention that Dragon Dance only boosts Atk). Now, once it becomes a Haxorus, havng it as an Earthquake-r fo yo tebe will be tha bootyliciousest idea.

Snoopapower or Lowkick would make it's moveset look bootylicious tao...although you might now be thnkng...
uh... than you could just keep Outrage and Dragon Claw n tha sbee moveset. Dragon attacks is off tha hook, anyway, so why not?

have fun!
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Old July 24th, 2013 (08:57 PM).
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Trainer Brandon
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Wow. Off tha hook! Thank you so much fo a bootylicious review and critique of mah tebe!
Old July 25th, 2013 (09:07 AM). Edited July 25th, 2013 by Trainer Brandon.
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Trainer Brandon
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Ok, here is a majorly update dated list, wit a few lackng slots. Sorry ta ask of you, but dis tebe is fo tha elite 4 and I need advice! Let's start off from tha tap! *Note that I be right bout ta enter tha first cave ta victary road.

NOTE: I currently have captured Cobalion and Terrakion. Should I use thase?

First Section: Pokemon that will stay n tha party, unless advised otharwise.

#1 Haxorus Level 57
+Dragon Dance, +Sword Dance, +Dragon Claw, -False Swipe (Needs replacement)

#2 Skalon Level 54. Looks pretty good ta me, no changes from above.

#3 Floatzel Level 53 I be iffy bout dis one, not positive.
-Knows Surf, Ice Bebe, Aqua Tail, Ice Punch

#4 Virizion Level 54. Off tha hook, will be stayng.

#5(?) Temporary/Unsure - Banette level 51

Replacement Group

#1 Arcanne Level 46. Unless I can git some killer moves, I don't thnk he'll serve me good use.

Lookng fo Dark Type replacement or good suggestion fo elite 4 fight.

Empty Slots:
1, or 2 if Arcanne goes.

Throh Level 55
Gurrdur Level 53
Pawniard Level 44
Mienfoo Level 44
Piloswne Level 44
Crustle Level 42
Drifblim Level 39
Magnezone Level 39
*Numel Level 31(possible power level fo elite 4?)

Edit: if anyone could trade me some pokemon that would be cool tao. I be very new so I don't know exactly how ta trade but I thnk I gots tha gist of it.
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