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Old March 5th, 2015 (03:31 PM).
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I have an idea I'd like to share. I wouldn't mind some feedback if anyone cares to comment on it.

Pokemon Alternate World (name can be changed if it's already taken)

The story so far:

You are the son/daughter of a real-world scientist who has mathematically proven the existence of alternate universes. Obsessed with the possibility of traveling to one of these universes, your father has been working on a machine that will open a portal to another dimension.
(I've considered making the protagonists in their early 20's rather than teenagers and having the protagonist as the one creating the device instead of the father but I haven't decided if I want to do that or not. So for now, the protagonists stay the way they are.)

One day, you come home from school and notice rumbling coming from the basement. After going down to check it out, you find that your father is nowhere to be found and his machine is going haywire. You try to turn it off but fail. Suddenly, a portal opens up and you are sucked inside...

Meanwhile, in the Pokemon World...

After hearing reports of Celebi sightings in a developing region called Morba, Giovanni sent two teams to the region to investigate those claims. One of the scientists accompanying the teams has been developing a device that will forcefully open Celebi's time portal forcing the Pokemon out so that it may be captured. After completing the device, the scientist calls for the other team members to meet him in a secluded area in order to test it. After the device is turned on, a portal is opened. The scientist realizes that he made a miscalculation as the portal gives off a different kind of energy than what is expected. The portal you are traveling through connects to the opening and you emerge in the Pokemon World.

Team Rocket assume you are some sort of spy sent by their rival gang, Team Torpedo, to foil their plans. They immediately attack you. You eventually escape and make your way to a small town where you tell the police about the attack. After taking your statement, the policeman refers you to the Pokemon Detective Academy where you will be able to receive a Pokemon as part of their witness protection program. Since you have no way of going back home and you see no other way out of this mess, you reluctantly agree. So, the officer sends a Pokemon request form to the academy.

While filling out the request form, he accidentally checks the wrong box and puts you down as a new recruit instead of a witness. You decide to take advantage of it as you'd prefer the chance to take out the people who attacked you rather than to be treated as a victim. After filling out the necessary paperwork and choosing your first Pokemon, you become a Pokemon detective in training.

While training to be a Pokemon Detective, you will take on various cases involving Pokemon. You will fight against gangs, thieves and even violent protesters. All of this while trying to figure out a way to go back home.

About Morba:
Morba is a developing region plagued with crime and violent political disputes. I have yet to decide where exactly it is located or what the region will look like.

The town names are all based on weapons and forms of execution. Examples: Razor City, Stoning Town, Gallersville (hillbilly pronunciation), etc. I chose this naming theme since the region is a bit more violent than other regions but I may decide to scrap the naming theme and go with something else. Morba is also based on a similar concept. It is based on the word "morbid." I may also change the name of the region but for now I'm just leaving it like it is.

About the Pokemon Detective Academy:
In order to combat the high crime rate and low police presence, the authorities created the Pokemon Detective Academy. The original goal was to make crime fighting look more appealing to young trainers in hopes that they will join the police force when they're older. 10 years ago, the demand for more police presence in certain areas led to the Academy sending the students out on actual missions. This led to detectives as young as 16 solving crimes, a practice considered barbaric in most regions.

These days, it is almost unheard of for trainees not to be sent out on cases. In fact, many cases are forwarded to the academy for training purposes and a system has been put in place to protect the would-be detectives. Thanks to this, the academy has now become one of the best places for trainers to get their start in Morba.

The Academy has a rank system similar to Police. The rankings are as follows: Rookie, Constable, Inspector and Chief. Rookies must have a chaperone of higher rank accompany them on cases.

About Team Torpedo:
Team Torpedo were originally from Kanto. Competition with Team Rocket made it tough to recruit members and make a profit, so their boss made the decision to move their operation to Morba. (This happened 15 years ago) Despite being in separate regions, the two teams still keep tabs on each other. Team Torpedo's goals are similar to Team Rocket though their tactics are somewhat different. They consider Team Rocket their mortal enemies and tend to refer to them as "the Rocket scum."

4th gen graphics
200+ Pokemon from various regions
Player dialogue
Burglars use guns during battle
New moves, abilities and forms for some Pokemon
Malicious Pick-Up Items*
Alternate colored Pokemon (Different from shinies)**
Real world music for MP3 player**
Customized Mini Duel**
And possibly more...

* An item placed near a land mine to lure trainers to the trap. Once the mine explodes, the player is injured and will not be able to run again until healed at a Pokemon Center. These booby traps are set by violent protesters who want the practice of Pokemon training to be abolished.

** Possible features and may not be implemented
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Old March 8th, 2015 (08:27 PM).
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The Alternate World idea sounds really cool.
The real-world aspect of it is interesting, and could be used many different ways. It already makes for a unique hook to the story, and could provide a different perspective on the Pokemon world, since it's from an 'outsider'.
And the Pokemon Detective part, solving cases, seems like it could be really fun, because you'd be getting involved in people's lives and problems and have a very good reason for it.

The malicious pick-up item sounds interesting. It reminds me of when you'd find items in the old Pokemon games and they would be Voltorb or Electrode, and it was very surprising.
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Old March 9th, 2015 (02:47 AM).
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I'm not going to say too many on something already existing buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut there is. So anyway me and a couple of friends have started making a game and we wanted some community input. SO here is we begin

The first hero you see is Tarottorida and she is a nice young teenager around 18 she had left her foster parents house to the big city to earn some money. Unfortunately when her business doesn't go to well and the landlord asks her to pay up she runs. Anyway her weapon is Tarot cards hence her name.

Our second hero you meet is Jensen and the only male hero funny enough he is a touring pianist and he is walking in the street when Tarotto bumps in to him and they both go sprawling and his weapons are a keyboard and an axe

The next hero is Mayu and you wouldn't call her much of a peoples person. Yeah after her legs got cut she was made robotic legs by some scientists and then getting put into suspended animation will do that ya so yeah. You meet Mayu in an abandoned lab and free her from suspended animation. In all sense her main weapon is her new robotic legs

Ah the biggest cheese of all and I mean that job wise she is a bloody GOD!!!.... That had fallen from grace due to the trickery and arrogance of Loki and Thor respectively, anyway you meet Lotti in a pomegranate grove unconscious. Her main weapon is a massive that can control the four basic elements

And finally the biggest ham and I mean if we let her she would probably the entire background hmmmm tasty. Anyway I can't really give much info on HER (yes really that's her name) except her weapons which is stuff like falling pianos, ten ton weights, rainbow lasers, surprise howitzer. (sorry)

Well the story is a bit basic on the surface Loki like in The Avengers minus the aliens plus mythical beasts wants to destroy the collecting a eight pieces of a crystal to imprison him blah de blah de blah. Along the way you will be helping people with their problems
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And so I strike like an unseen dodge ball in an echoing gymnasium
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Old March 11th, 2015 (02:26 AM). Edited March 11th, 2015 by MorallyIncorrect.
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So, I'm a big fan of board games, and I always like it when games take influences from them. Recently it got me thinking about a board game-ish pokemon game. It would be a full pokemon game that would take anywhere between 4 to 8 hours to complete. In my mind it would be playable by multiple people at the same time, in a turn based way. Towns would be a one square space, and you would get different options as to what you want to do there, like shopping or talking to NPC's. Routes would be multiple spaces, and if walked over you will get an encounter a turn, or a trainer battle if you end up on such a space. Once you have had that, you can do some activities on a square, as talk to NPC's for maybe the start of a quest or get some info. These would be semi-randomised. The goal would just to be the first to beat the elite four and the champion, and these quests would make small random storylines to liven the game up. Because the area's are all smaller and encounters are done by events, the game could scale to your level, and gyms could be done in any other. Of course they would still have a certain level, so that you need to be a certain strength to win a badge.

I think this idea could be very fun, and I'm all for working on it, if other people are interested. I'll write and draw some better concepts to show off.

EDIT: So I made some simple pictures to show off the concept. There should be a text overlay, but I'm too lazy to put that in, so the text is included under the picture.

No text, just a showcase.

It's Player 1's turn! Let's roll the dice.

Player 1 rolled 2.
A wild pokemon appeared. (Here follows the normal pokemon encounter system. No pic made.)
Choose an action - Search around
- Open Bag
- Check Pokemon
- End turn

Youngster Joey challenged Player 1!

Where should Youngster Joey be put down? (Because PvP is basically undoable on a single pc, the players can move trainers they beat to annoy and block other trainers.)

Youngster Joey Challenged Player 2

Red spots are town, and give the player the ability to challenge Gym leaders. If you lose, then you can't challenge him again that turn.
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Old 1 Week Ago (01:20 PM).
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Alright, time for me to see how people take to....................
Pokémon Redemption
Lore: There was a time when Pokémon and Humans lived in peace, without fear or hatred. Arceus created these two species as separate halves, the Humans having their complex minds, and the Pokémon having their amazing powers. Neither species would truly be complete without the other. However, this all changed when a single Human, driven by unknown motives, waged war on the world. Using near infinite resources, and an army rumored to have spawned from the Distortion World, this lone Human struck hopelessness into all who opposed him, with the exception of only one. The single rebel, known by history as the Ancient Hero, faced the Human in a battle to the death.............and lost. Arceus soon decided that he had seen enough, that the only way he could save the world he created was to destroy it. The Human was forced to watch as his entire species died before his eyes before being killed himself as punishment for his actions, thus forever being remembered as the Last Human. Before long, Arceus had created a new world, filled with a solitary species bearing traits from both Humans and Pokémon. With luck, the old catastrophes will never happen again............

Story: Celebrating the 1,000th year of the world's rebirth, the denizens of the world are living harmoniously amongst themselves. However, a young male named Shade is having dreams of a strange creature with black fur and yellow rings. The village elder keeps telling him that the dreams have little meaning, but after meeting an odd woman that looks suspiciously like the ancient Pokémon Gardevoir, the dreams have worsened. Is Shade losing his mind, or is he destined for something beyond what he's always known?

Voice Acting (Might not be implemented, but still highly possible)
Day-Night System
Sound Test
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