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Old April 12th, 2014, 06:58 AM
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Part Thirty-Five: Let's do that again!
Or why the mountain really sucks.


Let's talk to Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

This is the map of the level we've come through, by the way.

...You'll notice that it says Bebli foot. As in, foot of the mountain.

Staring at this map. Am I there yet? Please tell me I'm there yet.

Oh. Well, apparently you haven't been doing a good job of that.

...Good question, actually.

Oh. But I thought an owl did it...

~Be a man!~

Okay. Just one fighting me at a time, but I'm only allowed two monsters.

Let's go with the tank that has the type advantage.

GEIWURUS are fast. Luckily, he chose the e-magic option.

Good start!

...Not as good.

Notice how quickly his attack has charged up. =/

At least we got him in the end. And yes, the battle only lasts that long.

It had a name?

I'm not called Stupid. >:[

Take two!

...It starts the same way? That's unusual.

Well, okay then.

Yay, you hit this time.

And it basically ends the same way as the first battle.

Well, besides that detail.

And this detail.

Behold, the reason why I like using the scorpion here. It naturally evolves here! That means I can enjoy a buffed Pokémon now along with Not-Sandslash.

Said Bek.

Kinda amusing. After a curb-stomp, they decide maybe Bek isn't so bad after all.

I think Bek is saying that, as he jumped first. But nothing's really happening here. Just standard mis-translation - I think he's meant to say that he is going to go seal him.

That's... good to know.

I'm not sure if I really care myself, but okay.

And they disappear.


Do question sound stupid? [Yes No].

Bek is a man. Did you not pay attention to the Disney song reference?


Grumble grumble, stupid LILIAOB calling Bek a child.

We'll show that stupid water thing who can seal demons.

Uh, once we figure out which way to go.

Hang on...

Why are there three accessible paths!?

Go away, you're not helping anyone.

Hey, KINGPIN, you live here, do you know the way?

He has great defense (fend) and now a more respectable attack stat too.

Anyways, everyone is unhelpful, so here's a preview of the first couple rooms for each option.

One has a choice required to make straightaway - neither option leads directly to a dead end with treasure. Darn.

This doesn't, but it's also not an obvious dead end option.

Notice too that there's no trainers, just monsters here. I guess those two guys did actually stop people from getting past. Somehow.

And the third option is like the second.

And these three entrances don't even count as being on the same map. =/

This is also why the mountain sucks. After all that, the horrible realisation sinks in - there's so much more to see.

And at the risk of sounding like a used car salesman - and that's not all! For instance, there's still this going on:

As a reminder, this is the fourth update since we've entered the mountain.

Luckily, I am here to show you all available options and what they lead to. We start with the rightmost side.

Clearly, we aren't welcome here.

These battles are really boring in general as it's effectively just more 2-1 or 3-1 wild battles, and they happen all the time anyway. So I shall not focus on many.

Also, let's skip all the alleyways leading to rooms of note like this one. Hint: there's a lot of them.

Buttons are fun and spawn moving floor panels over black voids from nowhere!

I guess they're not that fun for Bek though. At least you just go back to the previous room you came from when you fall. This is an important note; it's not like the Tree in the previous village where if you fell you went down a level. And could have kept falling.

Basically, this puzzle is a butt. Easy, just tedious as it takes the long way.

What is even the point of these statues?

Get out of the way, mutant mouse thing.

Supernal electric monster? Why does that sound familiar...?

Can he kindly stop coming back to life? It's scaring the owls.

Fine, we'll do it your way.

Really, in terms of battles the first part of the mountain is by far and away the hardest.

Drillbird wants to say something, hmm.

How are you calling us? Your limbs are either drills or saws!

Hmm, a panel. There's been a few of them here and there.

I don't get the point of it here.

Oh well. Oh, and note the jerk move dead end to the right to that statue.

Oh hey, you're different.

Different is... something. Whatever you are. Some sort of worm?

A magic work, I see.

You don't know many good tricks, do you. =(

I suppose that's useful.

That... looks awkward. But okay, whatever suits you. I'll just stick to RAIGAR AND KINGPIN mostly anyway.

Finally, stairs!

More paths!

A person? Huh. How did you get here?

Aw, poor guy. I bet he was making conversation with the statue until we got here.

Here comes the ugly crew!

Bye, ugliest of them all.

See, KINGPIN hits decently now!

But that was fun. For myself, anyway.

The wonders of a well-leveled team...

Grinding while navigating these annoying twist and turns helps, I suppose.

Another fancy door panel, and a person.

If only I had a car...

So basically you're just stealing stuff?

Two Land types and a Hill. Gee, who do I have that has an advantage over the Land types?

Well, when they're not hiding anyway. =/

Kill them!

Really, this battle was also uneventful.



Wait. Why....

This is an earlier part of the mountain. =|

It's this stupid room with the switch that opened the right door first, then the left one. Yes, the game does have a path that just winds back here.

If you look really closely, you'll see black outlines on the section of wall just south of the right statue. That's where that golden panel from the previous room leads to. And you can't go back from the way you came, somehow.

So you have to walk all the way back from that point. OH WELL. But there you go - the mountain continues to suck. But I'm sure you've come to expect that.

Let's try this way then. What is the gift?

Aw, he gave us experience points! How sweet.

Love you too.


Hey we just met,
And this sounds crazy
But ow you are hurting me,
****! Remember it!

Huh. Another one of these?

Also a tedious one. Note that it can be confusing due to the similarities if you came this way or not! Thank goodness the presence of e-monsters running about indicates you haven't yet fought them...

At least you had the decency to call after we crossed that abyss...


Why is there a panel on this side of the room and not on the other? And all these statues too, bleh.

Not with that attitude!

...I guess that's an improvement?



I can do what I want! You're not my dad (thank goodness), you aren't the boss of me!

Maybe this is just how people usually say goodbye here? Imagine if that was the case in real life. "Nice meeting you!" "Yeah, shit! Remember it!"

Two wheels to go until the dream of an automobile is realised.

Oh hey, you're new too! Sadly this guy didn't join, but he's type Sand.

These twists and turns are annoying. Above is the stairway from the previous path, by the way.

Hmm. Here is a minor detour along the path.

Who hides a pencil in a treasure chest in the middle of a mountain?


Yay, Not-Sandslash is catching up!

Yes, goodbye.

Another staircase!

I kind of already have, actually. It's not very memorable ever since that room with moving panels.

I do, I do...

Outside at last. Where does this lead then?

This looks good!

Why did that whole lead us to a tree.

Oh. Well, going back into the tree leads us back here, so it's clearly meant to do that...

I'm confused. Why are we in a tree now. That's not how mountains are supposed to work.

Well, there we are on the map. Previously we were at the very top-middle of the map. Now we are to the west of the mountains-wait.

Look at the cursor showing where we - and the tree - currently are. We've been south of this tree too.


Just look four updates back. We've been at this very point before we actually went inside the mountain.

Well great. I guess we made a shortcut from the beginning? Let's just...go back all the way through that tedious path we just came from then.



To recap for you fine readers - one of the paths you take from about halfway through the darn mountain sends you back to an Antenna tree, from a cave entrance, no less. This is a Antenna tree you can get to the outside of from the very beginning of this section of the game, but cannot actually access because the door is locked.

And despite coming from the other side, you still cannot access it from the door.

Yes, really.

And now think back to a short moment ago:

That's right. This guy knew. He asks you flat out 'seen that way you just took?'. Because he knew you've just spent the whole time going through that path, only to go back. Hey, I hope if you were playing this as a kid you remembered how to get back to that part in the first place!

Ah, but some people who save often may say 'ah, if I saved before going out the door from the Antenna tree, I can just walk back along that path, saving myself from backtracking from the very beginning'. Yes, that's all very well if you save just beforehand.

Except it isn't.

Remember this little panel, in the room right after the abyss?

Yeah, let's just try falling down.


But why is that? Well, I did say this was important:
At least you just go back to the previous room you came from when you fall. This is an important note; it's not like the Tree in the previous village where if you fell you went down a level.
Ergo - you actually can't backtrack along that path. In fact, if you tried to, you get to go all the way back again to the very beginning of the mountain.

It's no wonder that I'll choose here to end the update. I'm sure that for many players before and after I played this part of the game had an inclination to just take a break and lie down for a while.

Being T Mildew is suffering.

Last edited by bobandbill; April 12th, 2014 at 07:57 AM.
Old April 12th, 2014, 11:04 AM
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Also, that's some great level design, top notch, ten outta ten.

Suit Up!

"pps new screenie" - No, really shut up yuoaman.

Haaave you read my LP?
Pokémon Quartz - The only one really worth reading.

What about my [Un]Abridged series?
Aquaman the Unabridged Parody Series - Language warning.

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Old April 19th, 2014, 09:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Yuoaman View Post

Also, that's some great level design, top notch, ten outta ten.
It is the king of pins.

Well, the level design does achieve its purpose. To annoy the heck out of you. :V

Old May 24th, 2014, 05:35 AM
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Part Thirty-Six: Remembering
Or back the way we came.


Last time, you got to witness the magnificent pain one can experience in this mountain.

Oh, we're not done yet either. But first, back to where we were. The few things of interest on the way back:

Free? I''m not free. I'll never be free of this mountain. I'll be stuck climbing forever as this music plays over and over.

I...guess you can?

(You can.)

I don't have any idea either.

Go away.

That's the first floor!

Got this guy too. Not sure how he extends those claws, but okay.

Just as exciting the second time around!

And we're back. Now for this entrance!

Too bad, I already arrived.

As I mentioned way back when, this entrance begins with a choice on where to go already - up or right. We'll go with the first choice.

Still just as windy as ever.

He says that, and then attacks me. I suppose this might have been sarcasm?



That's no good.

Is that how he made it horri-nevermind.

Huh, whole bunch of statues, and more stairs. Where does this lead?


I'm not even mad. I'm just disappointed.

That only leaves one route!

How about a dance-off?

Fine, be that way.

Darn good reception in this mountain, despite all the problems in the town nearby...

Injection? What injection...? Whatever.




...My thoughts exactly.

I need to start recording these phone calls and report them to the authorities. Maybe those wood police guys.

I choose to go home.

Dang, it didn't work.

I dislike choice.

I prefer treasure however!

Too bad, we've been here long enough to be able to call ourselves masters.

Sums up the translation work!

We already got these earlier! =/

No, I don't care anymore.

That's better.

Go away.

Yay! \o/

...wait, that's no good.

Seriously, why are these guys supporting the master or devil or whatever he is called? He sounds like a right douche.

Doesn't even share his cameras and hammers with anyone.

Choices are the worst. Luckily these ones don't last too long for you to realise it's a dead end or somesuch.

Like this one.

What is a Moving?

But he's going to wake up anyway?


Does he also want to talk about horrible things?

Well, to be fair, you look hella weird.

You deserve it.

Dang, that wasn't what I wanted.

More statues or coffins or whatever these are!

Not an immediate dead end!




Bah humbug.

I go where I want.

If only you could fly in this game...

This makes no sense.

It'll be harder to forget at this point.

Huh, we reached the stairs quicker than before.

Okay, so this leads to here...

Where does that go exactly?


This place

is the worst.

A short bit of backtracking later...well, what about this place?

Looks exciting.


the top!?

Dare I hope!?!

...Except this isn't even the highest place...

More coffin/statue things with owls!




Not an owl.

...Probably for the best.

No and I don't want to hear it.

I'll pretend I remember that, despite having just said I never heard of it.

For a sloth he caught on pretty quick I wanted him to stop talking.



Guys, I think we made it.

Old June 14th, 2014, 04:46 AM
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Part Thirty-Seven: Conversing with devils
Or how to be a hero.


Well, we made it. Let's take a step forward!

Oh look, it's the devil.

Looks kinda small.

Idk, you're also kinda small, Bek.

Hey, that's not right. You're all the strange ones!

How polite. 'Please go back to bed for a few hundred years or something. There's absolutely nothing you're missing out upon. I heard it's even going to rain today.'

Something like that.

Life tree?

Good question, Bek.

It isn't?

Oh, okay.

Yes, we are fighting a koala. Maybe he's a relative of drop bears?

Let's do this.

He's type Land, so this isn't a bad combo for us at all. We have no weaknesses, and one advantage who takes hits like a... kingpin.

And it's three against one. That'll help the fact he outlevels us by 11.

...Huh, good start.

Really? Lowing his attack?

And it didn't even work!

Well, I guess that evens that out...

Huh, even with his not-great-attack, that's not half bad either.


After that whole mountain... after all that climbing, getting lost, getting sent back to the start... took us maybe half a minute to win!?

Most certainly a case of the dungeon being FAR harder than the boss.


Boo hoo.

Straight to business, Bek.

Powerful tree? Huh.

How... does that even work?

And if you'd care to recall something familiar from ages back:


Yes, this game has had more than one bit of foreshadowing in it, if you can call it that.

Yeah, yeah, stop whinging.

Stupid koala.



You're kidding me.

After seven updates in this mountain alone, we finally make it here, curbstomp this boss, and then he just runs off?

Well put, Bek, well put.

The sound of pain.

I think there's a lot of use in regretting. All that pain...

Thankfully, the game realises it would be a tad too mean to expect you to go all the way back down yourself.

Where could he have gone?

Oh. Hi there.

The what what? We've heard this term before too. Life trees, supernal e-monsters...

Trees and supernal monsters, of course. What do YOU think about, Bek?

Being the worst hero ever.

Also appearing to levitate when I capture him in mid-jump.


Why aren't you asking questions then?


How rude.

Yeah, and we'd have to remember it and all.

Actually, I'm pretty sure that given your people were inside, and that you were by the mountain laughing manically about supernal electric monsters the moment the so-called devil e-monster escaped from here, it might very well be your business. Just a guess.

What a jerk.

Of course, you can't do anything but stand there and watch. Like a heroic hero.

And then you get a phone call.

Always with problems, Sungki.

I guess...

Kill us all, it seems.

Of course, that's how it is.

Naturally Bek agrees.

Whelp, let's get going, I suppose.

Back here first though, let's see what everyone says.

Whenever SANARBA people leave, stuff works again. Odd.

Must have? Uh...

I don't like that people seem to be tense still...

Oh boy!

...You don't even have arms!

I think that just makes sense.

Outcurve ball? That's not basketball. How could that option be wrong?

And why is one of the options missing the A?

How do you even throw a ball to us over the phone? @_@

Ow my head. Again.

Oh cool, that's neat, the construction work finished during our adventures in the mountains.

Screw you.

Let's begin the great backtracking then. All the way back to Liz Island!


And there! Let's see what all the fuss is about next update.

Old June 15th, 2014, 04:34 AM
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Whooooa idk man, that Bek is a TRUE MAN! And haha I liked how that Rigode liked basketball?? It'd be a staaar player. :3

Good work as usual! Lookin' forward to more. <33

テイルズオブイノセンス • Video Games • Welcome Lounge • pair • twin
Old June 23rd, 2014, 04:18 AM
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The truest of all man! Believe it!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed that. As for more, I've recently taken a whole bunch of screenshots for the next area. Just need to remove bad ones, upload, etc.

Old 3 Weeks Ago, 06:24 AM
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Part Thirty-Eight: The island, again
Or visiting the one square we haven't been before which contains a whole giant maze, of course.


I have felt strange since this game started.

More e-waves here again? =/

I didn't say anything. I also don't recall seeing a temple...

Well, I guess that's our cue.

No, not you.

I know the song 'Stop calling me'!

I wish you fell down a well.

So it's not a field, but you still gained points? Go back to your formerly deformed tree.

There's always a whinger, isn't there?

Well, let's make the dash to our destination.

Hey, come to think of it, wasn't there a guy standing here before, blocking our path?

What a lousy looking temple.

Interior decoration 101.

Oh hey, more bald guy people!

I don't see any books.

Oh hey, it's a dodo. With spikes.

Standard sort of team here. Let's try and get that dodo by knocking it out last.

Oh yeah.

This might be a problem. Maybe we'll worry about that when we have someone else in the 50s to fight the level 50 monsters.

I love WARATA's non-sequitur there.

Given it survived a super-effective - I mean, injure increase attack from Not-Sandslash, it's not bad! Just not great either.

Likewise, it took off over half of old-man BANGUP's health here. (In hindsight, that phrase is terrible). But it is at a higher level...

Good work, you did something of use.

Well, at least I don't have to worry too much about him.


One more and the fight is in the bag for me.

Seeing he's going to do similar sort of damage as BANGUP, might as well use a status attack!

...This is terrible in hindsight.

Now we have a sitting, sleeping... thing to aim at!

Oh no you don't!


Grumble grumble. Sometimes the AI just likes to be a douche.

That's more like it.


That's not going to help much. Nor be particularly painful.

Well, except for you.


Very good.

Very rude.

Right. So, we have a standard lab maze here. Luckily there's no teleporting panels, or really any tricks to this place. It's just a messy maze full of dead ends and battles, and the downside is that isn't terribly interesting in of itself.

But look at this lil' guy!

Big on defense.

A lost strategy there.

Just to show how little firepower the other guys have, particularly poor WARATA. At least you tried.

That was all there was to see from that stairway. Well, at least it's one stairway down!

I think it heard about our Propelle.

O...ouch. Yeah, WARATA is out when we get a third e-monster.

So close!

Minimal healing moves! They really are kind of pointless in this game in the vast majority of cases.

Alas, he did not want to be our friend.

Now, for the route just to the north of the first one we took!


Oh yeah, and the remaining choice leads to 23290 dead ends. Cooool.

And plenty of battles too. Why is there a giant hole in the middle of this room in a building though...?

It's me!

Okay, now let's maybe try and get a dodo-


Well okay then.

Yep, last we'll see this guy battling for us.

That little hat though!

How boring.

That level up provided all the difference.


Huh, how useful of you! WAMITE is trying to stick in the team.

What is with everyone and using DEFEND?

Oh, okay.

Now we can focus on the killer pony.

No, don't miss.

Are you deaf?

Much more like it.

So much to remember.

Now to battle the other dude-oh look, a giant pit.

Bek accidentally the giant pit.

Could you at least give Bek a bandage?

Okay, now we'll get the dodo.

Too bad, we already have a pony.

One-sided atm!

So close...

Well done!

Sorry, but I'm still going to ditch you.

BORUTAMA-err, the dodo's choice of using the charge up special move on the monster it can hardly damage in the first place confused killer pony too much.

It's okay.

There was another one of them anyway.


And here we can note that Killer Pony is actually not so killer any more! Other stuff has started evolving and/or leveling up decently by now. On the flip side, the dodo is semi-bulky, I suppose.

Even more so now.

Getting there.

Dang again.


He just went again... and did a whole seven damage. Uh.

Good enough!

That was fun.

What is a moving?

Now, we fell down, so we are... here. Wherever that may be.

Hmm, a singular pot.

Go away, there's a pot.

Well, not anymore I guess.

Hmm, this way...?

...or that way? Sigh. Let's pick next time.

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