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Battling & Team Building The forum designed for all of your Pokémon battling needs! Here you can battle, discuss, participate in events, receive help on your team, and much more!

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Old 1 Day Ago (08:02 PM).
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I'm guessing that he meant in the doubles metagame, or was being sarcastic.
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Hahah. I'm prrrrretty sure he's joking guys. I honestly haven't even seen Mega Audino in doubles online... frankly while the ability is useless in singles, it's still spotty in doubles. Not worthless, but I don't think anyone's taking a mega audino over like... a simple aromatisse or something

Wait a second. I really haven't seen a single one online. I must now make a Mega Audino.
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Yep, totally joking. But my delivery was pretty deadpan, so I can see why you didn't read it as a joke.
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Audino gets Klutz and entrainment, so there is that.

OR in doubles you could simple beam a mega T-tar
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