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Challenges Play your Pokémon games in fresh new ways! Anything from The Monotype Challenge, to the popular Nuzlocke, and even all kinds of themes based on your favorite franchises!
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Old 9 Hours Ago (9:07 PM).
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Polizard Polizard is offline
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Age: 25
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Update 2
-Defeated Bugsy
-Obtained the HM for Cut caught and taught it to a Paras
-Made my way through Azalea Forest
-Both of my Poliwags evolved traveling to Goldenrod
-Deposited Wooper cause it just want not working for me
-Nicknamed my Poliwags Golly and Wog and my Croconaw ShrapTooth
-Defeated Whitney quite easily with Golly and Wog got the Waterbottle
-Went to Ecruteak did the Beat my rival at the tower and woke up the dogs
-Defeated Morty got strength from the Hiker and Surf
-Then went to Olivine City Caught a Krabby Named it KrabSalad
-Climbed the Tower KrabSalad evolved
- Taught Surf to Golly
-Surfed To Cinanwood City and Caught a Tentacruel and named it Squishy
Realized it was Sunday and Strated to Travel to Goldenrod To the Pokemon Dome to get a Kings Rock

SharpTooth Lv 27

Water Gun
Ice Fang

Squishy Lv 25

Toxic Spikes

KrabSalad Lv 28

Metal Claw
Bubble Beam
Mud Shot

Golly Lv 31

Body Slam

Wog Lv 29

Body Slam
Water Gun

Credit for this signature and my profile pic goes to Ash

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Old 39 Minutes Ago (6:17 AM).
Xander729 Xander729 is offline
Join Date: Dec 2015
Gender: Male
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Xander's Pokemon Challenges

Pokemon X Fire Monotype

My Badges: 4

My Team:

Talonflame Lv. 38
Delphox Lv. 38
Charmeleon Lv. 35
Simisear Lv. 35
Pyroar Lv. 35
Houndoom Lv. 34

Completed Challenges:

None Yet
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