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Old 4 Days Ago (9:51 AM).
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Aye I am still here as well, but I am changing stuff with my character probably, I may retire my 2nd character for a bit. So that I am not getting into stuff too much with two character. She might return though. I will have a IC post in the next IC day for her leaving, although it will be a later post in the IC day.
Pokemon Trainer Academy RP: Characters and Pokemon.
Dalex Yukashi: Treecko, Red Fletchling, Froakie, Rufflet,
Ariane Dracon: Noibat and Togepi

Redux: The Sinnoh Stories
Iruko Takashi: Litleo
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Thanks, Synthet! I would've posted earlier, but I wanted to have a response ready for the SUs we've been sent before I wrote. vwv

The etherpad we were using to store our teams was upgraded by Mozilla, rendering the old pad uneditable. I've fixed this by getting us a new pad. No information was lost. https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/...haracter_Party

The day will be ending soon. We're going to be moving on without Amber I'm sorry to say, which means Mark will be having a battle with Gary Oak himself! ...How exciting~ We'll be joint posting that soon, after which the day will be ending in short order.

Because this previous day was a normal day, the upcoming day is going to be... Holiday Hijynx! Stay tuned for TROUBLE AND MAKE IT DOU--... Santa's journey around the world~


Angelo Xenofen by Hexoc
Originally Posted by Hexoc View Post
Although he keeps it covered most of the time, Angelo's left arm is covered in burns that haven't healed from early childhood.
The descriptions of these burns raise a couple of concerns. Did you mean he has scars leftover from burns that did heal, or were you perhaps referencing Houndoom's pokedex entry?

"The flames it breathes when angry contain toxins. If they cause a burn, it will hurt forever."

I interpreted this as a lingering, almost-phantom-esque-pain, rather than the burn never healing. This is because a burn that never heals is a burn that results in the victim's death. Would you mind terribly rephrasing the wording to reflect this?

Manny Sanchez by Biogoji
Originally Posted by Biogoji View Post
who in the words of his former Principal "Would have sex with anything anything that moves"
Hmm... Careful there! There's nothing wrong with his personality in need of fixing, but ask yourself if Pokemon itself could get away with saying this about Brock--let alone a 14 year old... Your choice of words was pretty intense there, and I'd hate to see you get in trouble with anyone is all. vwv

Originally Posted by Biogoji View Post
History (Where did your character grow up? Who did they grow up with? What have the been doing before this? Any noteworthy events? What brought them to the academy?): Manny was born in a town close to Fortree City, his father met his mother shortly after moving to Hoeen from Kanto. Manny went to Fortree Primary School where he was expelled from shortly after his fourteenth birthday, he had been a trouble marker since day one and the main reasons that brought the idea of him expelled from the school were "Hitting on teachers to get higher marks, starting a rumor that a teacher he didn't like was selling Cocaine at the Mall, beating up a kid that was hitting on his best friend's girlfriend, making his Ivysaur use sleep powder on an annoying girl that had a crush on him and finally but not least the incident that got him expelled beating up three transfer students from Johto that called him "Dirty Sanchez". Following being expelled his family moved back to Kanto when his father got an job offer from Professor Oak, his parents then made him apply to get into the Academy with Oak pulling some strings to get Gary to ignore Manny being expalled from his old school, Manny aced the battling part of his exams but had some trouble on the written examination, he ended up being placed in the Entei Dorm
I apologize, but your character's history is much shorter than it needs to be to meet the minimum requirements of the application. vwv It's about 200 words and the minimum is 350 words. What I would like you to do is tell me more about his parents. I want to know what they're all about, how they feel about their son. I also want to know if he had friends and how other people treated him. How did girls tend to react to all this flirting he's apparently doing? Did he have friends? Did he actually get dates?

...Do his pokemon ever get frustrated with his antics and level him mid-sentence? You know, things like that.

Alivia Sloan by Vendily
Originally Posted by Vendily View Post
History: Ali lived in the Sinnoh region all her life until now, in Hearthome City. Her adventurous spirit got her in trouble many times because she would sneak into Amity Square to watch people playing with their Pokémon, backstage of the Super Contest Hall to watch the coordinators, or inside the Pokémon Gym to watch trainers battle. She wanted a Pokémon of her own so very badly but her mother, who worked the night shift at the Pokécenter, had little experience in catching Pokémon, only taking care of them. When she was 12, during one of her 'visits' to Amity Square, Ali found a Pokémon egg, cold from being out from the nest so long. Taking it home, after getting scolded by her mother, she took care of the egg, her mother only letting Ali keep it so she can stay out of trouble. About a month later, the egg finally hatched a Starly, whom Ali named Feather.

His stubborn nature sometimes dragged her into battles they couldn't win but Ali still tried to hone their skills to get better as a team, practicing in Amity Square at night while her mother was at work. Their nightly practice strengthened their bond and battle theory but theory is nothing in the face of experience and they continued to lose battles. This caused Feather to become ever more motivated to getting better, even more than Ali did.

A year later, Ali found a poster on the bulletin board in her apartment building for the Pokémon Trainer Academy, the perfect thing to take her and Feather's training to the next level. Sending an application letter in the mail, she eventually got a reply. Both of her exams went poorly though, Ali and her Starly communicating well in the practical exam but otherwise doing terrible, and she barely passed the written exam, her knowledge of Pokémon eggs and youth being the main thing that she excelled in. Feather's enthusiasm and Ali's bond with him were one of the reasons she even was accepted. Packing her bags and saying good-bye to her mother, Ali and Feather set off to the Pokémon Trainer Academy.
I like what I see so far! The one thing I'd like to know more about is her parents, and her relationship with other people. There's a lot of information on her relationship with pokemon, but not so much with the humans around those pokemon. c:
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Old 3 Days Ago (12:23 PM).
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Name: Emma Sky

Age: 13

Sex: Female

Dorm: Entei Dorm

Appearance: This teenager's thin brown hair hangs lazily down at about shoulder length, the only thing preventing it from hanging in her face is a red band strategically tied to hold her hair back. She is about 4'9", seems to be of average weight. Her eyes are dark blue in color and her skin is very light and mostly untanned. While her clothes change on a daily basis she typically dresses rather plainly, usually favoring some sort of blouse and blue jeans. In colder weather she typically keeps a green zip up jacket on her.

If she can help it, she always has a brown cloth satchel draped over her shoulder and it appears to be rather full. She also usually has a set of earbuds hanging own from the back of her neck.

Personality: Emma is a loud, energetic person who often times has difficulty being quiet, especially when excited. In a battle she's louder than ever, often listening to music with one of the earbuds over her shoulder she'll yell and cheer as if she's trying to hear herself over the music. While she's rather impatient when it comes to waiting, she's rather patient when it comes to people. It's hard for her to hold a grudge even when she wants to (However a rivalry she's perfectly capable of).

She's rather open and will try to make friends with anyone if you let her and is not shy of meeting someone new. She can be sympathetic but she’s kind of clueless when it comes to touchy subjects, sometimes not noticing she asked a sensitive question until she's far past the point of no return if ever.

She's very close to her parents and might end up developing a case of homesickness after a while. However her determination to make a name of herself is too strong for her to give up and go home. With her study skills though, this could prove rather difficult, she was never much of a written test kind of person.

History: Emma grew up in Gateon Port of the Orre Region as the daughter of the Pokemart owners of the city. She would spend may days as a kid playing with the other children at the harbor, which oftentimes included bugging the sailors coming into port, begging for stories and what it's like to travel on a boat and watching the occasional Pokémon battle unfold between them.

This however ended with an event which would eventually be known as the first shadow Pokémon crisis. She was no longer allowed outside on her own and could only watch out her window as the usual Pokémon battles on the dock became far more brutal, sometime the Pokémon even attacking people during these battles, even just spectators. These battle becoming too hard for her to watch eventually turned her away, Opting to help her parents in the store instead.

Several months later news of Team Snagem’s defeat and their disbandment was reported on almost every television in the area. Things very slowly started to return to normal as the fear of these “Shadow Pokémon” died down. Emma’s father, Still worried about what happened in that few months decided it was too dangerous for her to go out without a Pokémon and managed to acquire a Flaffy for his daughter from a sailor. The moment she obtained her first Pokémon is still the most proud she’s ever felt in her life, Excited to show her friends she rushed back out to the dock as fast as she could, eventually deciding to name him Tesla.

Several years later, A strange man approached Emma and several of her friends on the docks and asked them for a Pokémon battle, claiming he wanted to give a new Pokémon of his some experience in battle. Almost immediately Emma accepted the challenged, claiming to be the best trainer in the group. Several of her friends Scoffed at this claim but the battle commenced anyway. Emma sent out Tesla as the stranger sent out a Poliwrath. What she thought would be an easy battle quickly Turned into a Brutal one sided battle like the one’s she witnessed years ago. In a final attack Tesla was sent tumbling right into Emma, knocking her back and causing her to hit her head, falling unconscious in result.

Sometime later she awoke back at home, several police officers and her friends that were there with her crowded the room waiting to get her version of the story. After describing the man and the Pokémon her used in as much detail she could manage they informed her that her Flaffy, Tesla was not there with her when she was found by the police. After doing a quick, panicked search she concluded that Tesla was not in his pokeball either. Devastated by the loss, She found herself not willing to do much of anything for the next few weeks aside from silently stocking shelves for her parents. Worried for her, they eventually decided on sending her to an academy they heard about from some customers. Figuring an academy filled with Elite Pokémon trainers would likely be safer than at home currently they called her in and talked about her living there. After giving it some thought she became excited about the idea of coming back home as a skilled trainer, potentially becoming a hero herself next time something happens rather than the victim. Eagerly she accepted and with her parent’s blessing took the first boat to the island.


Species: Emolga
Nickname: Scout

Personality: Obtained as a prize from the repurposed Realgam Tower Scout is a very cute Pokémon and he knows it, Often getting out of trouble he gets himself into by flashing a cute look. While she may not admit it, The main reason she spent her coupons on him was because of how cute he was.
Lvl: 21
Moves: Charm, Nuzzle, Ion Deluge, Air slash, Thunderbolt

Species: Lapras
Nickname: Nina

Personality: Obtained as a parting gift from her parents, Nina is still a rather new Pokémon to Emma’s team. She’s a very intelligent, yet quiet Pokémon, still unused to her new trainer.
Lvl: 15
Moves: Freeze Dry, Dragon Pulse, Shock Wave, Water Gun, Body slam.
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Name: Carlos Heath

Age: 14

Sex: Male

Dorm: Suicune Dorm

Carlos Heath.png

Many thanks to joy-ling's trainer creator.

The only thing you can't see is Carlos's height, which would be about 5 feet 7 inches.

Personality: Carlos is a relaxed, but responsible boy. When he's with a group of people, he feels responsible for them. He's also quite open and amiable, and makes friends quickly, both people and Pokémon alike. He cares deeply for his Pokémon, and they love him in return. He mainly focuses on training Dark-type Pokémon, but wouldn't mind catching a Pokémon of another type, as long as they aren't a Ghost Pokémon.

Carlos has studied Pokémon basics at home already, and thus knows the type advantages and disadvantages among a bunch of other things at heart already. Thanks to his studying, he managed to ace the written examination. In battle, Carlos fights with strategy in mind. He thinks about nearly every move he moves. However, this sometimes ends up being a double-edged sword, as his constant thinking can lead to indecisiveness. This didn't stop him from acing the battling test, though.

Carlos's attitude completely changes when he's facing Ghost-type Pokémon, especially Gastly and its evolved forms. Due to a traumatic experience in his past (see History) he used to be extremely afraid of them. It got better as he got older, but his phobia for the Gastly line has always remained. This is also the reason why Carlos decided to become a Dark-type trainer; because Dark-type Pokémon are strong against Ghost-types.

History: Carlos grew up in Eterna City in the Sinnoh region. Even when he was still very young, his parents noticed he was able to bond with Pokémon pretty well, as he was able to easily befriend both his parents' and the neighbors' pet Pokémon. In his neighborhood, he made friends quickly. Their gender or age didn't matter to him.

When the boy grew up, he became more and more of a troublemaker, often heading into Eterna Forest with his friends. It always was his idea, and he persuaded his friends to follow him. Parents told their children to stay away from Carlos. They were afraid of their children getting hurt by the wild Pokémon in Eterna Forest. His parents told him over and over to not head into the forest, but he disregarded their pleas.

When he was nine years old, he made a bet with his three remaining friends. He betted that they didn't have the courage to enter the supposedly haunted Old Chateau. One of his friends ran away in fear, but Carlos entered with the two others. At first, there didn't seem to be any problem, but then the ghosts started appearing.

Gastly and Haunter surrounded the three young children, almost scaring them to death. Carlos's friends ran somewhere, crying, but Carlos could only watch in terror how the Ghost-types closed in on him. He was saved by a double Dark Pulse that seemingly appeared out of nowhere. The Gastly and Haunter fled, and he turned around to see his father with his two Houndour, Romulus and Remus, standing behind him.

Something changed inside Carlos that day. He became less reckless, and left his troublemaking history behind for good. Instead, he now warned the other kids of going into Eterna Forest, trying to keep them from doing so. This complete change of attitude shocked his parents so deeply that they decided to give him a Pokémon on his tenth birthday. It was a female Psyduck that he named Eluana.

At the age of thirteen, he once explored the area around the abandoned Galactic Eterna Building. It was supposed to be a casual walk, but that changed when he stumbled over something stuck in the dirt. Crawling back up, he started digging by hand. He was surprised to see that the object he stumbled over was actually a Poké Ball. Picking it up, he accidentally released the Pokémon inside, a Murkrow. The Dark/Flying-type attacked Carlos, but he managed to recall him just in time. Despite the Pokémon being hostile, he decided to take Murkrow with him, and named him Astrum. He told his parents he managed to capture Astrum himself.

Soon, Carlos heard about a place called the 'Pokémon Academy'. He asked his parents for permission to apply, and they gave him their approval. Not very long after, he got accepted into the Academy. Remus, now a Houndoom, was sad to see his long-time friend go, and this prompted his father into leaving Remus in Carlos's care. With a promise to take good care of his Pokémon and himself, Carlos set off.


Species: Psyduck

Gender: Female

Nickname: Eluana

Personality: Quite goofy and easygoing. Whenever she's lost in thought, Carlos can try as hard as he wants to get through to her, he won't succeed. Unlike Carlos's other Pokémon, Eluana doesn't like to fight. She prefers to stay outside of her Poké Ball, which is usually okay with Carlos. However, due to her occasional headaches, she sometimes just stops walking, forcing Carlos to either pick her up or recall her.

Lvl: 14

Moves: Water Gun, Confusion, Water Sport, Light Screen

Species: Houndoom

Nickname: Remus

Gender: Male

Personality: Remus is the most mature of Carlos's Pokémon, and also his most powerful one. He's calm and collected, and hardly ever loses his cool, even when at a disadvantage in battles. Remus likes to battle, but isn't a supporter of mindlessly hurting the opponent. When he believes the opponent has been hurt badly enough, he refuses to further attack them.

Lvl: 27

Moves: Dark Pulse, Flamethrower, Flame Charge, Thunder Fang, Smog, Taunt

Species: Murkrow

Gender: Male

Nickname: Astrum

Personality: Astrum is a peculiar Pokémon. He's one of the only Pokémon Carlos has not managed to bond with, mainly due to being abandoned by his previous trainer and left in the dirt for months. He doesn't just love to battle, he lives to battle. He's cruel and sadistic, and won't stop attacking an opponent, even though they have already been defeated. Because of this, Carlos mostly refrains from using Astrum in battle. Astrum despises Remus, but Carlos thinks that it's because of jealousy.

Lvl: 19

Moves: Wing Attack, Pursuit, Payback, Feather Dance, Frustration

Opening Post:

Carlos smiled as he approached the Academy. He couldn't explain why, but he immediately felt at home there. Maybe it was because of the environment. He wasn't sure, but he didn't really care. All that mattered was that he felt good.

"Hound Houndoom!" Remus barked at Carlos. He had been carrying Eluana on his back, because she suddenly refused to walk again.

Carlos took a few steps back and patted the head of his trusty Dark/Fire-type. "We're almost here, Remus," he told him, "But I think I'll have to put you in your Poké Ball when entering the building. I don't know about you, but I don't think Professor Oak will appreciate an Houndoom running around in the school corridors."

"Hound!" the Houndoom nodded understandingly, earning himself a chuckle from Carlos.

"Don't worry, we're not there yet." He scratched Remus's cheek. "Besides, I still need you to carry Eluana, at least until she can walk again. Now that I think about it..." He went with a hand inside one of his pockets, taking out the letter from Professor Oak. "I have no idea where I have to go, to be honest," he admitted.

"Doom!" Remus rolled his eyes.

"Don't give me that look, Remus," Carlos pouted as if he was actually upset about Remus's gesture, "I haven't been here before, so how am I supposed to know my way already?" While talking to Remus, he hadn't noticed that he had already reached the entrance of the Academy. "I guess it's time for you to go in your Poké Ball now, Remus."

"Houndoom!" Remus barked, giving his young trainer a nod.

"By the way, Eluana, can you already walk now?" Carlos asked. When he didn't get a response from his Pokémon, he set out a sigh, and recalled both his Houndoom and Psyduck. Sometimes Eluana's behavior just gave him a headache, even though he knew she couldn't help it.

He inspected the letter a second time, before looking at a clock on the wall. "6:52 am already?" Carlos cried out. He hurried inside the school building, and ran up the stairs. He hoped he would still be in time for his appointment at 7:00 am.
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