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Roleplay Casting Lounge about in Out-Of-Character discussions linked to individual roleplays. This is the best place to find existing roleplays to join, or create the sign-up thread for a roleplay of your own!
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Old 6 Days Ago (05:44 PM).
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@VillageOfDragons: Looking good! I have just one question before you get started though. If your character has a disability that causes him to hesitate for very long moments before speaking...

How does he order his pokemon in a battle? o_O
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Old 5 Days Ago (10:23 PM).
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Quote originally posted by PkMnTrainer Yellow:
@VillageOfDragons: Looking good! I have just one question before you get started though. If your character has a disability that causes him to hesitate for very long moments before speaking...

How does he order his pokemon in a battle?
Well I was kind of playing along with it to see how that would work and I figured he is bonded so well with his first 3 Pokemon that the reason his nickname is "The Mind Quad" is because his Pokemon and him can read each other minds so they know which moves to use automatically. However, if this needs to be changed where he actually actively gives commands to his Pokemon, then I can edit it for you.
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I'mma be straight forward. Anyone want to interact?
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I'd like to interact. :3

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Old 4 Days Ago (12:38 PM).
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Can I join? Or are we too late in the RP?

Name (First, Middle-optional and Last): Jojo Liza Oliver

Nickname (Optional):

Age (10-15): 12

Sex (Male or Female): Female

Dorm (Raikou Dorm, Entei Dorm or Suicune Dorm): Suicune

Appearance (A picture can be provided instead of a description if you so wish): She nas long, caramel hair that is straight most of the way before curling inward at the bottom. She has brown eyes, and wears a purple tee, jeans, and red tennis shoes.

Personality (How does your character act and react to others? Their mental state? Flaws and/or personal weaknesses?): She is a kind-hearted girl who is almost annoyingly optimistic. It takes a LOT to get her mad, but if she is, you're gonna want to evacuate the area. She is outgoing, and will talk to anyone she meets. If she wants to be alone, something is UP. She is quite naive due to her trusting nature, however.

History (Where did your character grow up? Who did they grow up with? What have the been doing before this? Any noteworthy events? What brought them to the academy?): I'm sorry, but these are NOT my strong point. Is it okay if I skip this?

Pokémon (Maximum of 3. No legendaries, 'shiny' or stage 3 pokémon. Oddly colored but not specifically 'shiny' pokemon are allowed, however.):
Species: Porygon
Personality (Can be as short or long as you want, but cannot be excessively vague): Do Porygons even HAVE personalities? They ARE artificial, after all.
Lvl(Max 30): 15
Moves(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed): Tri-Attack, Thunderbolt, Conversion, Thunder Wave
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