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Lucina summed up a few more things in her head. As far as she knew the bleeding status was a glitch status and a fatal one. She actually knew a player that died from this status. "Seems like I'll be following you the other side... right, Shiren...?" Lucina whispered quietly to herself as a sad look on her face appeared. Everytime she thought about just giving up and saving everyone the trouble she either thought about her little sister, Jade or Godot. Jade would be left all by herself and Godot would bring her back to life to give her an endless lecture.

A small smile appeared across Lucina's cheeks but faded off as soon as Robin got back on her mind. She felt bad about yelling at him like that. It was not like it was his fault that Lucina had been having this bright imagination. It was what she hated about herself the most. Though... she couldn't bring herself to apologize to Robin. "If he cared about what happened then he would've come after me... maybe he didn't see me as a friend after all. This was for the better. Now I can concentrate on more important things." Lucina stubbornly told herself and even made a stubborn face while crossing her arms.

Suddenly she heard footsteps coming closer. "Hey. You wanna die...?" a familiar voice said behind her as that person put a finger on her head. Lucina only sighed and just hoped he hadn't heard what she just told herself. If it's someone who would stick his nose in someone elses business it would be this guy. She could tell that much after seeing him just once. A few seconds after that Mamoru rolled on the floor while laughing. "Ha ha ha! That was so good! I can't stop laughing!" after saying that he got up and brushed off the dust from his clothes. "They lied. I can stop myself laughing." Lucina sighed even more. This guy was so noisy... how did he end up becoming Robin's best friend? They're completely the opposite.

"So what's new? ...year?" Mamoru asked her as he put his hands in his hips and stood in front of her. That was... so lame... "Go away, Mamoru..." Lucina told him. "I don't think your friend would like to hear that you've been bothering me." Lucina wasn't one to snarl at people but just when she was trying to forget about Robin, this guy turned up. "I'm sorry... I didn't mean that... but it's better if you'd leave me alone."

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Lacy woke up and yawned as she stretched. She slept pretty badly last night. It was probably due that she fell asleep around 2 am since she had a lot on her mind. There was something about this guy, Vanish, that bothered her but everytime she thought about it she pushed the thought away like some memory she didn't want to think about. Lacy got up slowly and opened her inventory to equip her self-made cloak, something she was really proud of. This game had endless possibilities, too bad that it was made by bad people who had bad intentions while they made it...

Lacy got downstairs and rubbed in her eyes as she almost tripped at the last step. She hoped nobody saw it and brushed it off with a sheepish smile. She looked around the inn and as she did, she found Vanish sitting at a table. When you're speaking about the devil...

Lacy smiled and got closer. "Good morning, Vanish." She said softly. "Do you mind if I sit here...?" She asked politely.


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Of course, Lucina wasn't in the mood to talk... Depression is the worst. Too contagious. "Robin wouldn't mind me flirting with you," I shrug, also shrugging my shoulders. I snicker, finding this funny & interesting. Guess she's still not in the mood. I sigh & begin to walk away.

"Fine, I'll leave you alone to mope about boys." With that, I disappear...

...OK, I didn't really say that. You all just saw what I was imagining. Learn to tell fake from reality, kids~ ...OK, I did say what I said, but the part where I disappear, I didn't. Sure, I was walking away, but I immediately came back & replied, "You can't get rid of me that easily!"

Anyway~ I sat down next to Lucina & yawned a long mouthful. "So...thinking about stuff? Most people who sit by trees think of course." It's true, right? Why else would someone sit next to a tree? "So, maybe you're thinking about boys, thinking about Robin, thinking about a Paladin who loves slaying undead. PS, undead is like he's having a birthday party." What? I have to talk about stuff outside the game? Plus, I'm making conversation here. ...Ha ha, everyone needs to learn to laugh once in a while! Where was I? Oh yeah! ...Lost it.

I scratch my knuckles on my fabric armor & breathe on them, "If you have a crush on Robin, tell me about it. I know all~ alalalallaaalllallllllllaaaaaaaaaallllllll about Robin." I give a thumbs up to her, showing that I can be a cool guy. I'm cool, right? ......That silence says it all.

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