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Advance Generation The hallmark of sprite-based Pokémon gaming, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald set you off on an adventure in the watery Hoenn region with tons of diverse Pokémon to discover. Fans of Kanto can reexplore their favorite region in FireRed and LeafGreen. Here you'll find other fans who enjoy talking about the Pokémon, strategy, and techniques to master this generation.

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Old March 30th, 2015 (05:50 AM).
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The weather trio is a fan term for the Legendary trio made up of Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza. A less commonly used fan term is elemental trio. Kyogre is a Water giant, having control over oceans, Groudon is a Ground beast controlling land, and Rayquaza is a Flying Dragon, controlling the atmosphere.

Which one was your favorite? Did you like the special battling cutscene?

My favorite is Rayquaza, also being my favorite Pokemon. It just looks like it could destroy everything with barely any effort.


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Old March 30th, 2015 (03:32 PM).
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To this day, Groudon is still my favorite, as I have mentioned quite a few times. A land titan with a design that looks sort of mechanical is really neat, and its Attack stat is quite strong. Although it doesn't make as much use of its trait as Kyogre does its, Groudon has always stood out to me.
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Old April 2nd, 2015 (09:22 PM).
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Kyogre is definitely my fave of the three, because I love blue Pokemon (it's my fave color yo) and Water is my fave type. It was weird that I never played Sapphire much during the era of the original Hoenn games, so that was a bit of an incentive for me to play Alpha Sapphire when the remakes finally came around.
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Old April 23rd, 2015 (01:47 PM).
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Maybe I'm biased towards it because all I really played was Sapphire, but Kyogre's definitely my favorite out of the three. Just design-wise I love it the most. Maybe color-wise as well? I mean, Groudon's okay, but I still prefer Kyogre over it. And then I've just never been a big fan of Rayquaza for some reason.
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Old April 23rd, 2015 (03:28 PM).
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I played Ruby originally and was always jealous of my brother who had Sapphire because I adored Kyogre so much <3 Once I bought Emerald and finally got to use it I was so happy haha. Kyogre is not only my favorite of the trio but my favorite box legendary of all time n_n
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Old April 27th, 2015 (08:04 AM).
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I did enjoy the cut scene because rayquaza just looks like a beast pokemon and being able to see a legendary in action (even if it's for a few seconds) is pretty amazing and was a perfect part of the game. Rayquaza being my favorite of course and also it has an amazing shiny form.
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Old May 1st, 2015 (10:11 AM).
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Kyogre has always been my favorite. I love killer whales, so naturally I'd love Kyogre. <3 I always loved the Emerald cutscene, as it is the only time seeing all of them together. It makes me sometimes wish that Gamefreak would've remade Emerald, instead...

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Old May 27th, 2015 (01:57 PM).
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Groudon here. It's red, which is my favorite color, and its design looks pretty cool. I also thought for the longest time that it was Fire typed, and that made me like it too. Finding out it wasn't didn't deter me though.
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Old May 28th, 2015 (09:47 AM).
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Rayquaza is my fave.
I love it's design, and it's shiny pallete is also cool. Well, the colors are just darker, but that's what I like about it! :D
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Old 3 Weeks Ago (08:19 PM).
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Kyogre has to be my favorite out of the three. I love killer whales and it just looks so cool. Water is a neat typing too.
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Old 2 Weeks Ago (07:59 AM).
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I loved the battling cutscene; I was so amazed the first time I saw it! My personal favorite is Rayquaza, it's been a longtime favorite and its design and role as a sort of mediator between Groudon and Kyogre at the same time being an air guardian gave more of an impact to me than the other two.

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Old 1 Day Ago (05:39 AM).
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My favorite among the trio is Kyogre! I love Water-types and Kyogre caught my eyes the moment I saw the Japanese Sapphire cover box.

I want this Pokémon I told myself, after a decade here I am and I still love Kyogre!

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