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Old April 19th, 2009 (6:09 AM).
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hello. it is tradgic that pokecharms tcard maker was shut down='(
no need to get upset!!!!!! as a new tc creater lurks into the world......meee@!!

anyway i am pretty good at makeing tcs. take a look at mine i made:

kewl right?although i wont be doing custom char sprites and colors.
just doing that for vips and myself.
okay as u know there are always a form for makeing trainer cards.
i will give it to ya

card type/no(what this means is i have 2 types and certan numbers of each type):
pokemon(left to right up to down):
Trainer sprite:
badges(if you need any removed tell me and other deatials):
FC(not avaiable yet)
Other details:

also if you have your own template that work like mine it diesnt matter how manybadge spaces it has. but if u have one that u wana use post the link and ill use it for u.

also the bottom were the badges go will be green. im sorry about that but its te only way i can do it. it can be blueor whatever color the trainer cad has if i use duler badges. i just got these shiny and different types s u may use the normal system.

one more thing copy and pasteing the formats and all that will help alot.
if you happen to have your own trainer sprite just post it for me.
okay here are some templates
for some good ones go to:

if u wana use those copy and paste.

type 1(for type and no)



No.4(this isint as dull as the others)



type 2




we all know sinnoh.
silver battle frontier
gold battle frontier
half of orange islands.
if you want to see the otbher half look at my t card
look for the first four of those badges and look at the other half...

also you have the option to make your trainer other things besides a pokemon trainer.
if you want to do that, post it.
you also have the option to put a pokemon behind you.
post that too.

thats about all i can say so it time for my trainer card work to begin!!!!


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Old April 19th, 2009 (7:34 AM).
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Wait, so these generic templates aren't even yours? hahaha.

If people want trainer cards that are this simple, they can do it themselves. Next time, read the rules and show a bit more creativity.

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