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Fourth Generation Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum kicked off the fourth generation of Pokémon. Two years later, fans of the Johto region were treated to a remastered adventure in HeartGold & SoulSilver. Discuss the games, explore the features, share your experiences, and help other players out!

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Diamond, Pearl and Platinum FAQ/Quick Guide

This guide has contributions by The Hunk and other contributors. To make it readable and actually presentable, Hiroshi Sotomura and Matthew put their muddy paws on it. The older FAQ can be found here.
Please note that posts after this one most likely won't be updated.

Frequently asked questions

What's to 'soft reset' and how do I do it?
To soft reset is to reset your game without turning your DS off and on again. Just press L+R+Start+Select at anytime and your game will reset.

How do I get SHINY Pokémon?
Shinies appear randomly, either in the wild or via eggs. Any Pokémon without set characteristics can be shiny, including starters. The chance to get one is about 1/8192. The chances do not increase if you breed two or more shinies with each other.

What are the orange dots trailing me on the Sinnoh Town Map?
The orange dots indicate your recent movements between areas. There are five dots that mark the places you've moved between.

Where is the 3rd gym leader? She won’t go back to her gym!
Fantina isn’t the 3rd gym leader. You must proceed from Hearthome and arrive at Veilstone City – the third leader is there. Fantina is the 5th leader – she does not arrive until you learn about Sinnoh’s history in the Celestic Town Shrine.
In Pokémon Platinum, you can battle her as soon as you arrive in Hearthome.

Why do I need the National Dex? How do I get it? How do I get to the remaining parts of Battle Zone?
The National Dex is required to capture the remaining legendaries, and see Pokémon that can be collected when Game Boy Advance games are inserted in Slot . It is required to get into further areas of Battle Zone as well. You can get the National Dex after seeing 150 Sinnoh Pokémon (Manaphy, Sinnoh Dex’s 151st Pokémon, is not included) by visiting Professor Rowan's lab.
In Pokémon Platinum, you need to see all 210 Pokémon in the new Sinnoh dex, Manaphy's data can be obtained, after beating the Elite Four, from the book on Mr. Backlot's desk. (on Route 212)

How do I get the Poké Radar?
You must have already obtained the National Dex (see above). By visiting Professor Rowan's lab, Professor Oak will visit and give you the Poké Radar.

I can’t catch Dialga or Palkia in my game to complete my Sinnoh Dex! Where do I find it?
After you see all 150 Sinnoh Dex Pokémon, the old lady living in a house right atop the Celestic Town Shrine will show you a picture of the Pokémon you need. Either Dialga or Palkia will then be registered into your Sinnoh Dex.
In Pokémon Platinum you can catch both Dialga and Palkia after beating the Elite Four.

How do I get my Pokémon from Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen or Emerald onto Diamond or Pearl? How do I get to Pal Park?
Read the instruction manual yet? You should have the National Dex first. Then, go to Pal Park at Route 221 and learn about it there. To upload a Pokémon from a GBA game into your DS card, connect a GBA cartridge into Slot 2 of your Nintendo DS. On the main menu, you are given the option to download Pokémon from your game. This only works with Pokémon GBA games that have the same language as your DS game. The Pokémon you download into Pal Park will be taken off the Game Boy Advance game and will not be transferable back into your old game.

Remember you can't transfer Pokémon from Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver or Crystal in any way to Diamond, Pearl or Platinum.

Where do I get Eevee?
Bebe, the PC System owner, is sent an Eevee from a friend from Johto after you get the National Dex. Her house is next to Hearthome’s Pokémon Center. Eevee can also be found in the mansion backyard at Route 212.
In Pokémon Platinum, you can get Eevee as soon as you arrive in Hearthome.

How do I get Eevee's new evolutions?
To evolve Eevee into Leafeon (grass-type), go to Eterna Forest. You'll see a strange rock near the exit to Eterna City, the Moss Rock. Level up Eevee near the rock and it should evolve into Leafeon immediately. In the case of Glaceon (Ice-type), go to Route 216, and you'll see another similar rock at the north. Again, level up Eevee there, too, to evolve it into Glaceon.

I need to track Mesprit and Cresselia!
The Pokétch's "Marking Map" app is used to track them down. Talk to the Pokétch Company's president to obtain the app.

Where do I get my Friend Code?
Once you have beaten the first Gym Leader in Oreburgh, go down to the basement of the Pokémon Center. Teala, the attendant at the basement, will explain the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection system and give you a Pal Pad. After connecting to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for the first time, your Friend Code will be assigned to you, which you can see if you open the Pal Pad and choose the respective option.

Where do I find the Move Deleter?
The Move Deleter is located in Canalave City (the city with the harbour), in the house below the Pokémon Center.

Where do I find the Move Tutor?
The Move Tutor is located in Pastoria City (where the Great Marsh is), in the house next to the little lake. A Heart Scale is required for the exchange of teaching your Pokémon a move. Some Pokémon can additionally learn attacks such as ThunderPunch and Fire Fang.

Where do I find the Name Rater?
The Name Rater is located in the tall building, next to the Pokémon Mart in Eterna City.

HELP! My Pokémon has a smilie in its stat screen!
That smilie indicated that your Pokémon has been infected with and cured from the Pokérus, a virus that helps your Pokémon grow faster.

Are there any special or hudden box wallpapers?
This link contains detailed information, but it varies with each player's IDNo.

HM locations

  • HM01, Cut is given by Cynthia in Eterna City.
  • HM02, Fly is found in the Team Galactic warehouse.
  • HM03, Surf is given at the Shrine in Celestic Town.
  • HM04, Strength is found on the top floor of the Lost Tower just outside of Solaceon. (In Platinum it's on Iron Island)
  • HM05, Defog is found in Pastoria Great Marsh.
  • HM06, Rock Smash is given to you by a Hiker in Oreburgh Gate.
  • HM07, Waterfall is given to you by Jasmine in Sunyshore City.
  • HM08, Rock Climb is behind the house on Route 217. The guy inside the house mentions dropping an HM.

Legendary Pokémon

Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum

Dialga or Palkia

You should bring Poké Balls before you arrive at Spear Pillar. You will encounter Dialga or Palkia depending on what version of Pokémon you have once Team Galactic’s Boss awakens it. Your rival will arrive to heal your Pokémon, but you should have items prior to climbing the mountain. Dialga or Palkia are found at Level 47.

Mesprit, Azelf, Uxie

After battling against Dialga or Palkia, these Pokémon are located at Sinnoh’s three lakes. All three are found at Level 50 in the caves of the lake. Mesprit runs away and must be tracked with by the Marking Map app (see the Pokétch Company’s president for the app).
The Pokémon below require the possession of the National Dex.


Once obtaining the National PokéDex, you will be able to access the entire island of “Battle Area”, which can be accessed by taking a boat from Snowpoint City. Between Survival Area and Resort Area is Stark Mountain, where Heatran may be found.

As you browse Stark Mountain, you team up with Buck, a trainer owning Claydol. Help him through the mountain’s largest crater until you reach the northern exit. There, he’ll pick up an item and leave.

Buck will be staying at a house in Survival Area. Speak to him for a moment before he runs off again. Heatran will appear at the northern end of Hard Mountain, waiting for a battle.


There is a temple in Snowpoint City made inaccessible if you don’t have a National Dex. Once you do, you can enter it. Bring Regirock, Regice and Registeel with you. Browse down the temples of the floor until you find him. He will only battle if you have the legendary trio with you.

To battle Regigigas, you need Regirock, Regice, & Registeel in your party (which means that you have to transfer them over via Pal Park first). Once you do that, you can enter the Snowpoint Temple and go through a few ice puzzles to reach Regigigas. The first puzzles are easy, and get increasingly harder as you reach Regigigas. It will be at Level 70, but has the trait Slow Start, cutting its Attack & Speed in half for a few turns, so use that to your advantage. If you don't have the other Regis then Regigigas will still be there, but it will be asleep and unfightable.


When browsing Route 214 (south of Veilstone City), a bunch of trees in the east direction at the southern end of the route should clear out. You should then be able to access Turnback Cave. After using Rock Climb to get up this mounted lake, get into the cave and browse the numerous exits to get to the room where Giratina lies.


In a house near the port of Canalave City, a sick child needs a Crescent Feather to allow him to get well again. After speaking with the residents in the house, a sailor will volunteer to sail you to Full Moon Island. Cresselia is found there, but it flees upon sight of you, leaving the feather. Deliver that to the sick child. Cresselia flies around the region and can be tracked using the Pokétch’s “Marking Map” app.

Pokémon Platinum specific

Dialga and Palkia

You can meet both Dialga and Palkia at Spear Pillar once beating the Elite Four and obtaining the National Dex.

Giratina (Origin forme)

In Diamond/Pearl where you met Dialga/Palkia at Spear Pillar, in Platinum, you instead go into the Distortion World, where after exploring it for a while, you'll run into Giratina (in it's Origin forme), if you don't catch it now it'll be available at it's Diamond/Pearl location inside Turnback Cave. (in it's default forme)

Regice, Registeel, Regirock

If you trade over a movie/Toys R Us Regigigas, three caves open up in Sinnoh.
  • Regirock is in a cave located in the middle of Route 228.
  • Registeel is in a cave located inside Iron Island.
  • Regice is in a cave located in Mt. Coronet, just before the entrance to route 216.

Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres

After getting the National Dex, talk to Professor Oak in Eterna City, he'll tell you that the birds have been spotted in Sinnoh, after which they'll be roaming around and you'll be able to track them on the tracking app.

via Mystery Gift

(only reflecting Pokémon which are currently/have been obtainable in the US/EUR/AUS.)


From August 3rd and September 13th, 2009 the Member's Card is available for download (over Wi-fi) via Mystery Gift. Afterwards go into the previously-locked inn at Canalave City, once inside you'll be transported to Fullmoon Island and be able to catch Darkrai. (You have to have gotten the Lunar Wing from the Cresselia sidequest first)

Relevant Advertising!

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What is the Global Trade Station?
The Global Trade Station (GTS for Short) is the building in Jubilife City that becomes available for entrance after you beat the first gym in Oreburgh City.

How Does the GTS Work?
It allows you to connect online to search for pokemon other people have put inside the GTS in search of other pokemon, and allows you to place ONE (1) pokemon in the GTS at a time in search of another pokemon you have seen in the game. If you see a trade you like, simply click on it and after confirming you want to take the trade, it will how you your PC boxes, and will allow you to search through them as well as your party pokemon in search of the pokemon that the person is searching for. This will appear with a group of people popping up on teleporter pads after a search has been conducted. You may click on one of the trainer icons to see what the person is seeking in exchange for the pokemon you searched for, or you may see where they are located around the world.
Person A Puts a Chimchar inside of the GTS in search of a Piplup. Person B comes along and has a Piplup, while he is looking for a Chimchar, by inputing the species, gender, and level of the Chimchar they are searching for, they come across Person A's Chimchar. Person B will click the trade, and be prompted to their boxes and party. After selecting the Piplup, if it matches the criteria that Person A was looking for in the Piplup (Level, Gender, Species), then it will be highlighted. After selecting Piplup, It will be sent into a pokeball, and go into the light at the end of the tunnel, and a shiny new pokeball will pop out for Player B. Out will pop Player A's Chimchar, which then becomes Player B's pokemon. When Player A next logs into the GTS, they will be greeted with a new pokeball flying down out of the light and onto their screen, and be greeted with the Piplup you sent them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any requirements to the GTS?
First off, to access the GTS, you must first have the gym badge from Oreburgh City, otherwise a guy will stop you from entering. Secondly, in order to search or request a pokemon in the GTS, you must have at least SEEN the pokemon, and it is registered in your pokedex.

Why is someone offering a Level 100 ____ for a simple pokemon like Bidoof?
There are many reasons it may be.
A.) This person may be from say Japan, and just wants an English/German/etc. named pokemon.
B.) The pokemon may be hacked, and they just want to add more trainer numbers to their game, or want to get rid of it.

Why is someone requesting a Level 100 _____ for a simple pokemon like Bidoof?
Again, The same applies in this scenario, many reasons.
A.) Language again can make an impact, some Japanese/English players are very desperate to get another languaged pokemon.
B.) The person may have seen the pokemon in a temporary trade with a friend, or traded away the pokemon to another person for a different pokemon, or can simply just want another one of them.
C.) Check what the pokemon is holding, it may be a Bidoof that is holding something like a Master Ball, which most people would trade a level 100 for.

Why can't I search for ____?
In order to search for ANY pokemon in the GTS, you must have seen them before and they must be registered as seen in your Pokedex.

Does Wi-Fi Trading/Battling Allow You to Search for Them?
Yes and No. Battling Online will NOT add pokemon to your pokedex as seen. Trading however, can. If someone temporarily trades you a pokemon, for instance, you help someone evolve their Electabuzz into an Electivite, you would obtain the pokedex data for both Electabuzz and Electivire and gain the ability to search for either.

What is Pal Park?
Pal Park is an area located on Route 221, which is south of Sandgem Town. It becomes available after you obtain the national dex from Professor Oak. In order to obtain the National Dex, you must have SEEN all 150 pokemon that are in the Sinnoh Dex. (151 if you have seen Manaphy). This is actually quite possible to do as long as you battle every trainer in the game. The 2 most missed pokemon in the sinnoh pokedex are Wormadam and Drifloon. A Wormadam is held by a Beauty on Route 214. Drifloon, is however harder to find, unless you like to fight. In the 5th gym, with ghosts, you will have the option to skip the starting trainers, however, one of them holds the ONLY Drifloon you will see in the game, except the ONE wild one that appears during friday mornings and days at the WindWorks. Keep in mind, about 20 or more pokemon will not appear in the game until you reach Victory Road, and about 5 will not appear until you defeat the Elite 4 and the Champion. When you have seen 150/151 pokemon in the Sinnoh Dex, head back to Professor Rowan's lab in Sandgem Town. You will be greeted by Professor Oak, who, after a little time, will upgrade your pokemon to national mode, and you will be given the Pokemon Radar, which allows you to encounter National Pokemon in most grassy areas. He will also invite you to the Pal Park.

I have the National Dex, What Now?
Ok, now that you have the National Dex, you may access Pal Park. It is accessed through the same town you are in, Sandgem Town. First off, head south to that beach that you probably saw when you first started, but never knew where it went. Follow that route on top of a pokemon that knows Surf, and you will reach land shortly after. After walking on the land (and battling trainers, like when you had to Surf), you will arrive at a building. Enter, and Professor Oak will welcome you to Pal Park before promptly leaving to go to Eterna City. Welcome to Pal Park! As you can tell by talking to the people inside, everyone is a big fan of you and can't wait to see a "Catching Show" from you.

I'm in Pal Park, What Now?
After arriving in Pal Park and talking to Professor Oak, walk up to the counter and talk to the employee there. He immediately recognizes you as the League Champion, and asks you to participate in a "Catching Show" in which you transfer pokemon from FireRed/LeafGreen/Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald by inserting them in the GBA slot and selecting Migrate from ____ at the D/P opening menu. (This can only be done if you save AFTER you talk to the employee.) There is also a girl in Pal Park in the Southeast part of the building that will give you the final two Poketch applications, the Kitchen Timer and Color Changer, if you show her a Snorlax and Kecleon, respectively, and in order.

I've Selected the 6 Pokemon to Migrate, but how do I?
Ok, first off, after saving, restart the game, there will be a new option on your opening menu, which states Migrate from ____ (Whatever GBA game is inserted in your DS). Click it, press yes if you wish to migrate, it will explain that you can NEVER bring the pokemon back to your GBA game, press Yes again if you are ok with it. After that, you will be brought to your GBA boxes, simply select the 6 pokemon you wish to migrate and it will bring up a confirmation screen. Press yes and yes again to save both the GBA and the DS games.

I've Migrated, Now What?
When you log back into Diamond or Pearl, talk to the employee, he will ask you if you want to do a Catching Show, say yes and he will present you with 6 Park Balls. These Park Balls have a 100% catch rate of pokemon inside of Pal Park, so there is absolutely no chance of you losing pokemon you transfer over. When you get inside, Pal Park is split into 5 areas. The Area In The South, The plains, is where pokemon that wouldn't fit into the other areas would come here, such as Rayquaza. The Northwestern corner of the area is the forest area, the most
common pokemon you will find here after transferring are things from the forest in the GBA games, such as Caterpie, Pikachu, Shroomish. In the Northeastern part of the park is the lake, in which requires a pokemon that knows surf in order to encounter wild pokemon on. Pokemon such as Marills that wouldn't be in the sea, but would be in water will be located at. The Middle Part, Otherwise known as the mountain region, is there pokemon like Geodude, Aaron, and Groudon would call their home. The final area of Pal Park is in the Southeastern part of the park. This is the sea, and it too requires you to have a pokemon with surf in your party. Pokemon such as Kyogre would be located here. After catching all 6 pokemon, you will leave the park and you will get a berry as a reward if you catch them all within a certain amount of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can't I Transfer My _____?
Check their movesets. Pokemon that contain an HM from EITHER Game, (Flash is an HM in the GBA games, but not in D/P) will be unable to migrate, the normal problems people have are with Fly and Surf.

What if I Don't Catch All 6 Pokemon?
If you do not catch all 6 pokemon for some reason, such as you do not have enough time or power on your DS, and it gets turned off, simply return to Pal Park and retry to catch them. Any pokemon you catch, even if you retire are returned to Pal Park until you manage to catch all 6 in one run.

Are There Any Restraints on How Many You Can Migrate?
Yes. You can ONLY Migrate 6 Pokemon every 24 hours. Not day, in other words, if you transfer at 10 P.M., you will not be able to transfer again in 2 hours, when the day changes. The game will require you to wait until 10 P.M. the next day.

What if we Change the DS Clock?
DO NOT DO THIS!!! Changing the DS' Internal Clock will Automatically force you to wait ANOTHER 24 hours, as D/P was somehow implemented to fight against Time Skips.

What Will Transfer with my Pokemon?
Any Item that is attached to your pokemon will be still held by your pokemon when you find them in your PC box. All IV and EV values are the same, as well as movesets. The OT Will stay as the GBA trainer, and you WILL get boosted experience for them, however, you will be unable to nickname these new pokemon

Will I Lose My Pokemon If I Don't Catch Them All?
No. You will just have to restart as if you never caught one in Pal Park. However, they are quite easy to find and catch in Pal Park, though some pokemon (like Legendaries) are rarer to find then others.

I made this guide in an attempt to lower the questions asked about these two places. All of these answers were taken from personal experience, and all of these questions are questions I have seen around this site and serebii. Any other questions that you see asked a lot and I will answer and add to guide if you don't answer it =D Hopefully mods don't close this, as there were no guides that covered it yet ;

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People who have contributed to the second part are Eureka1, Arkarian, C&C, Samson, Lemonade, mithos kid, Phanima, Haowakeorden, tragik, batteryman_AA, Dragonzilla25, Smarties-chan, sims796 and me.

Wild Pokémon

Route 212 (Pastoria Side). While surfing, you can find many Wooper (1 HP) and some Quagsire (2 HP).
In the ground, Wooper (1 HP) and Bibarel (2 Attack) are very common there. Although there are Kricketune (2 Attack) and Roselia (2 Sp. Atk) too.
Fuego Ironworks. Gastrodon (2 HP) and Shellos (1HP) can be found here while Wingull (1 Speed), Shinx (1 Attack), Luxio (2 Attack) and Pachirisu (1 Speed) should be ignored.
Route 221. In Pearl, Gastrodon (2 HP) will be pretty common and there will be Sudowoodo (2 Defense). In Diamond, some Gastrodon (2 HP) are replaced by Stunky (1 Speed) and Skuntank (2 HP) The rest are Roselia (2 Sp. Attack), Shellos (1 HP), Floatzel (2 Speed) and Wingull (1 Speed).

Route 229. Gyarados (2 Attack) are the only Pokémon to be found while fishing.
Twinleaf Town. While fishing with super rod, Gyarados (2 Attack) and Seaking (2 Attack) are the only Pokémon to be found.
Route 210 (Celestic Side). You will find Bibarel (2 Attack), Machop (1 Attack) and Machoke (2 Attack) at the same rate as Psyduck (1 Sp. Attack), Meditite (Speed), Hoothoot (1 HP) and Noctowl (2 HP). Note that during the morning and day, Hoothoot and Noctowl will be replaced by Meditite, making it the most common.

Ruin Maniac Cave. Geodude (1 Defense) are the most common, and the only other Pokémon here is Hippopotas (1 Defense).
Iron Island B2F (Riley's Room)/B3F. The common Pokémon here are Graveler (2 Defense) and Onix (1 Defense), with the other being Golbat (2 Speed), Steelix (2 Defense) and Geodude (1 Defense), who almost never appears.
Oreburgh Mine. Geodude (1 Defense) are common here. You can also find Onix (1 Defense) and Zubat (1 Speed) a bit less often.

Sp. Attack
Old Chateau. Gastly (1 Sp. Attack) are the only Pokémon found here while any GBA game in Slot 2 allows you to rarely find Haunter (2 Sp. Attack) and Gengar (3 Sp. Attack). The latter is only at the room with the eyes on the wall.
Resort Area. When surfing, Golduck (2 Sp. Attack) can be found.
Route 204. When surfing, Psyduck (1 Sp. Attack) appears often with Golduck (2 Sp. Attack) ocassionally.

Sp. Defense
Route 223. Tentacruel (2 Sp. Defense) and Pelipper (2 Defense) are common, while there are few Mantyke (1 Sp. Defense). Tentacruel seem to be more common, though.
Any other surfing area. The most common Pokémon is Tentacool (1 Sp. Defense).

Route 226. There's plenty of Fearow and Raticate (2 points each) and sometimes Spearow and Rattata (1 point each). You may rarely find Machoke (2 Attack) or Golduck (2 Attack). It's better at day, because Banette (2 Attack) appear frequently at night.
Victory Road B1F. When surfing, Golbat (2 Speed) are the only Pokémon to be found.
Trophy Garden. Though Roselia (2 Sp. Attack) are more common that others, there are Pichu (1 Speed), Pikachu (2 Speed), Staravia (2 Speed) and Kricketune (2 Attack). Note that, during the morning, Pichu are more common; in the day, Staravia; and during the night, Kricketune; though neither of these affect the number of Roselia.
Route 221. In Pearl, Gastrodon (2 HP) will be pretty common and there will be Sudowoodo (2 Defense). In Diamond, some Gastrodon (2 HP) are replaced by Stunky (1 Speed) and Skuntank (2 HP) The rest are Roselia (2 Sp. Attack), Shellos (1 HP), Floatzel (2 Speed) and Wingull (1 Speed).

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What this guide is for: I figure I may as well, this will help out anyone who is willing to battle many Pokemon in hopes of finding a shiny. This is also helpful if you're EV training something.

WARNING: The following will usually require a lot of patience and time, you will not just expect a shiny patch to come up just because you want it to. If you are impatient I'd hold off trying to do this. Remember this will just give people new to chaining a general idea on how to go about doing so.


What is Chaining?
Chaining is using the Pokeradar to encounter the same Pokemon many times, this is usually done because it increases the chance of finding an Alternate Color (or shiny) Pokemon.

What is an Alternate Color Pokemon? I thought they were called Shiny Pokemon?
They are both, Game Freak calls them Alternate Color Pokemon, as you can see when you're looking through the words you can choose when people want to interview you, I first noticed this in Ruby. So either term is correct. (Personally I prefer Shiny.)

How long does it take to find a Shiny Pokemon?
It depends, some times it can take 20 minutes, half an hour, an hour, or even longer depending on the Pokemon. Without the Pokeradar, it could take months, years, or otherwise. The normal rate of finding a shiny is about 1/8192... (thanks Shurikenway)
this just in I was chaining Chansey, and it appears the normal rate to find a Shiny will still be in effect, I walked into a patch and a Shiny Chansey just came up out of no where O_O. I must say either further analysis is needed or something. in that case, this is the first Pokemon game where I have encountered more than one shiny in the normal wild chances.

What are some good Pokemon to practice this on?
Swarming Pokemon, They have a good appearance rate and are easy to find and don't break while chaining as often.
Common Pokemon, Such as Bidoof, Starly, ect.

Where can I chain?
Anywhere in the grass, chaining doesn't work in caves, water, surfing, fishing, or any other method, finding shinies in other places than the grass with the Pokeradar is just luck.

Are Shiny Pokemon special in any way?
No, they are just really rare and many will do ANYTHING to get a shiny. I've heard in the past (Gold Silver and Crystal) they were more powerful, I can't exactly prove or disprove that, because I heard only the Gyarados that was predetermined to be shiny was more powerful because it had preset values.

Should I even bother doing this?
That's up to you.
Required: Pokeradar (make sure you register this to the Y button), Lots of Repels, (I prefer Super Repels, they cost 500 and I don't see the point in wasting a few dollars more for 50 more steps.) A Pokemon that is on a high level and can KO about 40 Pokemon. (make sure the level is around/above what you're trying to KO) Lots of your favorite type of ball, I myself prefer Quick/Master balls (I used a Master Ball once, it was on a shiny Beldum, it's recommended you use Master Balls on Pokemon that can flee or can kill themselves.)

Useful: a Synchronizer, this will increase the chance of fighting a Pokemon with that same nature, good if you want a good natured Shiny. A Pokemon that can induce status conditions, this can be helpful to catch your Pokemon. 1 or 2 empty slots in your Party, so you can check it's nature and such. Pokemon with abilities such as "Cute Charm, Magnet Pull, Static." are more likely to effect the patches you're going into, Magnet pull is good for Steel types, Static for electric types, and Cute Charm for certain genders. If your opposing Pokemon has Roar, try using Sound Proof Pokemon to fight them so they can't get away. Poketch Application 20, so you know how many Pokemon you've chained.

Starting Out The best Method in my opinion would be to A.)Save in the patch of grass you desire to hunt in. B.)Throw on a Repel then save in the grass.

Now, make sure your Pokeradar is registered to the Y button for easy access, you'll be using it a lot. Press Y, enter a Patch. Find the Pokemon you want, if not soft reset then press Y again. (that's how I do it.)

Make sure you find a patch, and the next patch should be at least 3 grass bushes away from the next patch that is shaking just like the one you stepped in the first time...

Things to take note of while chaining
Remember where the patches shook, you want to be able to go as many steps as needed to reset the radar without messing up your chain. Find a safe row and walk around till the radar says you have (1-10) steps before it's fully charged, then walk around in a few patches and head usually toward the middle, and reset. You'll be doing this often, and if you miss which patches shook where... take caution because your chain will likely break.

Keep throwing on repels when they wear off, if not you will likley encounter a wild Pokemon like normal and your chain, once again, will be gone.

Lets say I'm on route 201... (I play as the girl because I don't like the looks of the male in this game...)

Ok, lets say I am chaining Starly, now where I am standing I have just defeated Starly and the pokeradar goes off and the patches shake once more.

Lets say those 4 Patches shake, (I know it's impractical, but this is just to give you a general Idea.) The patches that shake most like the one you first stepped in are your best bet, and they should be at least 3 bushes away as you can see in the image, they are, and those would all be what I consider safe spots... if you think those shook like the first patch you entered, go for it and you should see the same Pokemon.

NEVER STEP ON THE PATCHES THAT ARE MARKED IN AN X, these will usually break the chain and will make your hard work go away...
Red Circles/Black Circles are generally safe to step in.
This picture shows in grey the patches I feel you should be cautious of, if these shake I usually like to avoid them since they tend to break the chain, just keep a good heads up and you'll be fine. The only reason I say to be cautious is because I've had chains quite often break, most of the time stepping on those patches will be OK.

So you've chained 40, what do you do now?
You have 3 options.
A. Walk around and reset the radar, wait till you find a shiny patch, go into patch, encounter Pokemon, catch, save, continue on with you life.
B. Walk around reset the radar, wait till you find a shiny patch, go into the patch, encounter the Pokemon, catch, go to find more patches and wait for another shiny to show up, save, continue with your life.
C. Keep encountering Pokemon until a Shiny Patch comes up.

Different Types of Patches, which patches are which? and what to look out for.

Normal Patch: These rustle, don't turn yellow at all, and usually contain common Pokemon, the further the patch is, the more likely it could be a rare Pokemon.

Quickly Shaking Patch:These appear yellow in color and are patches rustling wildly, these usually contain Pokeradar only Pokemon, and are usually harder to keep track of when chaining, be cautious.

Shiny Patches: I've seen different patches many times, some say they glow blue or change color, I personally have only seen patches that sparkle twice, they are much different from other patches and are usually an easy to notice event. These are the patches you want to be looking for.

What causes Chains to break?
It's kind of complex sometimes, like I'll go into a shiny patch, catch the Pokemon and the chain ends... I don't always know what causes it, but usually chains break if you go into a bad patch or if you go out of range...

Other General Notes
It's easier to chain when there isn't a weather condition going on, such as rain, snow, sandstorm, ect.

When using a Synchronizer (if it's lower than the level you're in.) make sure you turn towards the patch that is shiny before entering, I lost a shiny patch when I turned next to one and a Buizel showed up.

Real time will not effect the patches that shook, if you want to take a break, make sure you do it in battle, or make a diagram so you know which patches shook where before you left, it's good to plug in your DS and leave it in sleep mode just in case.

If you're chaining and you wish to continue further with the same Pokemon, try to bring PP restoring items, Leppa berries are a blessing when it comes to this.

In case you didn't know already you can keep track of how many Pokemon you've chained by looking at Poketch application 20.

Look at the radar before you step into a patch, as you're stepping into it, you can know before hand if your chain is going to break or not, if the screen fades black, that means it will keep going, if the Pokemon you're chaining (the icon) disappears from the top of the watch screen, then your chain has broke.

When you're out chaining certain types, certain abilities can help, use Static for Electric Pokemon, Magnet Pull for steel types... and check other things on Ability guides, those are the only 2 I know of.


NEVER Bring a Pokemon that knows Teleport as a Synchronizer... unlike in Red and Blue when you could answer Yes or No to the "Do you want to warp to the last Pokemon center..." you just go... >.< I lost a shiny because of this and no one should have to have that happen to them...

NEVER Bring a Pokemon with Sweet Scent

NEVER Bring a Pokemon that is too low in level, because you could accidentally turn in a patch and encounter a Pokemon you don't want to encounter... be careful about your Party line up...

NEVER Bring a Pokemon that could use a move like Roar or Whirlwind... obvious as to why... you could slip up like that it's not hard to...

Even though I find it highly unlikely... avoid use of Destiny Bond.

NEVER Use a rare candy on a Pokemon, this will cause the radar to reset for some reason, I don't know... but when you use the rare candy, you wont see where the patches shake because it goes straight back to the bag when you are done using it.

Good General Tips to ensure good long chains
Good Moves to have at your disposal
False Swipe (good for catching your Shiny Pokemon.)

Spore (makes it really easier to catch the Shiny Pokemon.)

moves with High PP

Take advantage of types when chaining when possible, if you're chaining steel Pokemon bring a fire type with fire attacks... well you know weakness and such, so I shouldn't have to go too in depth...

Bring a high level Pokemon, this will help ensure the chain doesn't break.

If you're chaining Pokemon with moves like Roar, you can bring a Pokemon with Sound Proof (I find Mime Jr. good for this, since he has Encore and Sound Proof.)

If you're chaining Pokemon with Explosion, bring a Pokemon with the Damp ability, that makes it impossible to use Explosion.

Careful while having Eggs in your party, when they hatch the radar could reset on you once you've found your shiny patch, that's the only thing I can think of as why not to carry them around while chaining. Hatching eggs resets the radar, so... carry them if you must, but it's risky.

If I missed anything feel free to tell me, and if you have any questions, you may ask. I will try to answer them the best I can.
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Riley Vace's Item Guide for Diamond and Pearl!!

Okay. So I saw the Q&A thread that's stickied and thought how much easier it would be to be able to
see where an item is in a big list, rather than asking a question and having answered. I mean, I had
to trawl through 7 odd pages reading each post carefully, just to find where one item was. I know it
just requires effort on your part, but this is for convenience, so I'm listing how and where you get
every item in Diamond and Pearl.

So, I have tried to make this as quick and efficient as posible. By keeping the lists as concise and
to as much as a minimum as possible, it allows you to search and find the item you're looking for easier!!
Please note, this thread assumes you know what the item you're searching for does, I have only listed
where and how to obtain them.
Thanks, and hopefully you'll find this useful.

How To Use
Know what item you are looking for.
Type in the name of your item (Make sure it's spelled properly!).
Press enter, and you should be at your item!! Yay!
If not, then keep pressing enter until you are at your item's name in BOLD.
When searching for Berries, don't type the word "Berry" after it's name,
the search won't work otehrwise, as only the Berry's name is listed..

Arceus plates

Draco Plate - Eterna City, behind statue.
Dread Plate - Old Chateau, upstairs, first room on left.
Earth Plate - Oreburgh Gate, need Surf and Strength.
Flame Plate - Stark Mountain, on the far left wall, use dowsing machine.
Fist Plate - Route 215, use Cut at the beginning of the route.
Icicle Plate - Route 217, after picking up HM08, return to the man in the house next to it, and he'll give you it.
Insect Plate - Outside the Old Chateau, use the Dowsing Machine Poketch.
Iron Plate - Iron Cave, use Dowsing Machine Poketch on a lowered floor part (not sure which one).
Meadow Plate - Route 210, Surf down stream, and up first Waterfall. Hidden along a wall on empty land.
Mind Plate - Solaceon Ruins.
Sky Plate - Victory Road, the exit.
Splash Plate - Route 220, south of two female trainers, on the South-Left route.
Spooky Plate - Amity Square, outside the building on the right.
Stone Plate - Mt. Coronet Peak.
Toxic Plate - Great Marsh, Area 1. Furthest northeast corner, use Dowsing Machine Poketch.
Zap Plate - Sunyshore City lighthouse, use Dowsing Machine directly outside.

Full Incense - Veilstone City, use Rock Climb.
Lax Incense - Route 225, west side of the house here, need Cut.
Luck Incense - Route 204 cave.
Odd Incense - Solaceon Ruins, follow instructions on wall.
Pure Incense - Route 221, west of the house here.
Rock Incense - Fuego Ironworks.
Rose Incense - West of Pokemon Mansion, Surf across the pool, and it's hidden in some hedges.
Sea Incense - Route 204, use Surf on the lake's southeast edge.
Wave Incense - Route 210, use Waterfall on second Waterfall down the stream.

Status Boosts
Adamant Orb - Diamond only, after the battle with Dialga, run back up and past where he was, and take it.
Black Belt - Route 221, House just left of PalPark. Bring a Pokemon of the level the guy requests, you can receive this, an Expert Belt or Focus Sash.
Black Sludge - Held by wild Croagunk/Toxicroak.
Blackglasses - Celestic Town, talk to the guy in the northwest corner between 10am-8pm.
Blue Scarf - Show a Pokemon with max Beauty to the woman in the east of Pastoria.
Bright Powder - Battle Tower prize 48BP
Charcoal - Route 227 - Need Rock Climb, it's near 2 ponds.
Choice Band - Battle Tower Prize 48BP
Choice Scarf - Battle Tower Prize 48BP
Choice Specs - Celestic Town, talk to the guy in the northwest corner between 4am-10am.
Concentration Band - Battle Tower Prize 48BP
Destiny Knot - Fight Area, talk to old couple.
Dragon Fang - Held by wild Bagon, Shelgon and Salamence.
Expert Belt - Route 221, House just left of PalPark. Bring a Pokemon of the level the guy requests, you can receive this, a Black Belt or Focus Sash.
Focus Lens - Held by wild Yanma and Yanmega, or Game Corner prize 1000coins.
Green Scarf - Show a Pokemon with max Smart to the woman in the east of Pastoria.
Hard Stone - Held by wild Corsola, Aron, Lairon, Aggron, Nosepass and Probopass.
Leftovers - Held by wild Munchlax and Snorlax. Victory Road, enroute to Route 224, Surf east in the foggy area.
Life Orb - Stark Mountain, below cave entrance.
Light Ball - Held by wild Pikachu
Lucky Punch - Held by wild Happiny
Lustrous Orb - Pearl only, after the battle with Palkia, run back up and past where he was, and take it.
Macho Brace - Pastoria City - show bug maniac 3 forms of Burmy in house above Pokemart.
Magnet - Iron Island, when you team up with Riley (lol) it's near a Black Belt and Battle Girl.
Magnifying Glass - Game Corner Prize 1000 coins.
Metronome - Game Corner prize 1000 coins. Held by wild Chatot, Kricketot and Kricketune.
Miracle Seed - Floaroma Town north entrance (Surf south of Fuego Ironworks). In the far west of the flower garden.
Mystic Water - Held by wild Castform. South of Pastoria, Surf East on the lake.
Nevermeltice - Snowpoint Ice Cavern.
Pink Scarf - Show a Pokemon with max Cute to the woman in the east of Pastoria.
Poison Barb - Route 206. Held by wild Budew, Roselia, Roserade, Skorupi, Drapion, Beedrill, Tentacool, Tentacruel and Qwilfish.
Power Anklet - Battle Tower prize 16BP
Power Band - Battle Tower prize 16BP
Power Belt - Battle Tower prize 16BP
Power Bracer - Battle Tower prize 16BP
Power Lens - Battle Tower prize 16BP
Power Weight - Battle Tower prize 16BP
Quick Claw - Jubilife City, hosue above Pokemart. Held by wild Sandshrew, Sandslash, Sneasel, Weavile, Meowth, Persian and Zangoose.
Red Scarf - Show a Pokemon with max Cool to the woman in the east of Pastoria.
Scope Lens - Fight Area, lady in Pokemart.
Sharp Beak - Held by wild Doduo, Dodrio and Fearow.
Shell Bell - Hearthome City, girl on 2F of a building gives you this.
Silk Scarf - Game Corner prize 1000 coins
Silverpowder - Route 205, near Eterna Forest entrance, use Cut.
Soft Sand - Mt. Coronet North. Held by wild Diglet, Dugtrio and and Trapinch.
Soul Dew - Held by wild Latios and Latias.
Speed Powder - Held by wild Ditto.
Spell Tag - Route 217, talk to lady in eastern house. Held by wild Shuppet and Banette.
Stick - Held by wild Farfetch'd
Thick Club - Held by wild Cubone and Marowak.
Twistedspoon - Held by wild Abra, Kadabra and Alakazam.
Wisdom Glasses - Celestic Town, talk to the guy in the northwest corner between 8pm-4am.
Yellow Scarf - Show a Pokemon with max Tough to the woman in the east of Pastoria.

Evolution Items
Dawn Stone - Pickup ability (Level 51-100), Mt. Coronet North.
Deepseascale - Held by wild Gorebyss, relicanth, Chinchou and Lanturn.
Deepseatooth - Held by wild Carvanha, Sharpedo and Huntail.
Dragon Scale - Horsea, Seadra, Dratini and Dragonair
Dubious Disc - Route 225, northj of electrician's house, Surf to obtain.
Dusk Stone - Pickup ability (level 31-100), Veilstone City, Galactic Warehouse.
Electrizer - Held by wild Elekid and Electabuizz.
Fire Stone - Fuego Ironworks (2), Underground.
King's Rock - Pickup ability (11-30), Held by wild Poliwhirl.
Leaf Stone - Underground, Floaroma North (Surf south from Fuego Ironworks).
Magmarizer - Held by wild Magby and Magmar.
Metal Coat - Held by wild Magnemite, Magneton, Beldum, Bronzor, and Bronzong.
Moon Stone - Held by wild Cleffa and Clefairy. Underground.
Protector - Route 228, north side.
Oval Stone - Held by wild Happiny. Solaceon Ruins.
Razor Claw - Battle Tower prize - 48BP. Victory Road, near Veteran Trainer at the the end, head west.
Razor Fang - Outside Battle Tower, to the left. Battle Tower prize 48BP
Reaper Cloth - Route 229, the square just above the resort on teh right side.
Shiny Stone - Iron Island, near cave exit.
Sun Stone - Underground. Held by wild Solrock.
Thunder Stone - Underground. Sunyshore city, near Munchlax shaped rock.
Up-Grade - Eterna City, after National Dex talk to Prof. Oak (Hous in bottom of town).
Water Stone - Underground. Router 213, not sure where.

Armor Fossil - Underground. (Pearl only)
Claw Fossil - Underground, after National Dex.
Dome Fossil - Underground, after National Dex.
Helix Fossil - Underground, after National Dex.
Old Amber - Underground, after National Dex.
Root Fossil - Underground, after National Dex.
Skull Fossil - Underground, (Diamond only)

Amulet Coin - Amity Square, inside a house.
Big Mushroom - Held by wild Paras and Parasect.
Big Pearl - Held by wild Shellder, Gulpin and Clamperl.
Big Root - Found on the southern part of Route 214.
Blue Shard - Underground
Cleanse Tag - Solaceon Ruins.
Damp Mulch - Route 208, Berry Master's wife sells them.
Damp Rock - Underground
Escape Rope - Sold at Pokemarts all over Sinnoh.
Everstone - Underground. Trade the girl in Snowpoint City a Medicham and the Haunter you receive is holding one.
Exp. Share - Eterna City Gate, need 40 Pokedex, talk to Prof. Rowan's Aide.
Flame Orb - Battle Tower prize 16BP
Focus Band - Battle Tower prise 48BP
Focus Sash - Route 221, House just left of PalPark. Bring a Pokemon of the level the guy requests, you can receive this, an Expert Belt or Black Belt.
Gooey Mulch - Route 208, Berry Master's wife sells them.
Green Shard - Underground.
Grip Claw - Solaceon Ruins secret area, hiddne under Cycling Road.
Growth Mulch - Route 208, Berry Master's wife sells them.
Heart Scale - Underground. Held by wild Luvdisc.
Honey - buy them, from man in Floaroma Town, in the forest area 100 pokedollars.
Hooked Spike - Held by wild Cacnea and Cacturne.
Hot Rock - Underground.
Icy Rock - Underground.
Iron Ball - Underground. Iron Island (Not sure where, help me!!)
Lagging Tail - Held by wild Slowpoke and Lickitung
Light Clay - Underground.
Lucky Egg - Held by wild Chansey.
Max Repel - Sald at Pokemarts all over Sinnoh.
Mental Herb - Route 216, use Rock Climb.
Nugget - Held by wild Grimer and Muk.
Pearl - Held by wild Shellder.
Powerful Herb - Battle Tower prize 32BP
Rare Bone - Underground. Area you fight Giratina, leave and re-enter.
Red Shard - Underground.
Repel - Sold at Pokemarts all over Sinnoh
Shed Shell - Held by wild Venomoth, Beautifly and Dustox.
Smoke Ball - Held by wild Koffing.
Smooth Rock - Underground.
Soothe Bell - Pokemon Mansion, talk to a maid.
Stable Mulch - Route 208, Berry Master's wife sells them.
Stardust - Held by wild Staryu and Stramie.
Star Piece - Held by wild Staryu and Starmie.
Super Repel - Sold at Pokemarts all over Sinnoh.
Tiny Mushroom - Held by wild Paras and Parasect.
Toxic Orb - Battle Tower prize 16BP
White Herb - Battle Tower prize 32BP
Yellow Shard - Underground


Healing Items
All Potions etc are available from Pokemarts.
Ethers, Max Ethers, Elixirs, Max Elixirs are found in various places using Dowsing Machine and in Pokeballs.
I have no idea where each individual ones are. Use Leppa Berries for PP restoring.
Why we cant buy PP restores in Pokemon games is beyond me. (¬_¬)

Status Increases
Calcium, Iron, Protein, Zinc, HP UP etc can all be bought in Veilstone Department Store.
They can also be found in caves and such, but I'm not listing them ...

PP MAX - Stark Mountain, south eastern side. Only one in the game.
PP Up - Eterna City, Surf. Outside Team Galaxy buliding in Veilstone. MT. Coronet Peak.
Rare Candy - Solaceon Ruins, Victory Road, Rt. 214, Mt. Coronet North, Battle Tower prize 48BP.


Dive Ball - Transfer Via PalPArk from GBA game.
Dusk Ball - Pokemon League
Great Ball - Any Pokemart
Heal Ball - Pokemon League
Luxury Ball - Pokemon League
Masterball - Defeat Cyrus at Galaxy HQ in Veilstone. Lottery Grand Prize in Jubilife City's TV Center.
Nest Ball - Pokemon League
Net Ball - Pokemon League
Park Ball - PalPark
Poke Ball - Any Pokemart
Precious Ball - Promotional Event only.
Premium Ball - Purchase 10 Pokeballs at any Pokemart, and you get 1 Premium Ball.
Quick Ball - Pokemon League
Repeat Ball - Pokemon League
Safari Ball - Can't obtain, for use in Great Marsh only.
Timer Ball - Pokemon League
Ultra Ball - Any Pokemart

Hidden Machines
HM01 Cut - Shirona in Eterna Forest
HM02 Fly - Team Galactic Warehouse
HM03 Surf - Celestic Town Cave
HM04 Strength - Top Floor of the Lost Tower
HM05 Defog - Girl in Safari Zone, near entrance.
HM06 Rock Smash - Hiker at Mt. Coronet entrance,
HM07 Waterfall - Sunyshore City, talk to Jasmine in teh north of town, after defeating Volkner.
HM08 Rock Climb - Route 217, really snowy area. (Behind a house)

Techincal Machines
TM01 Focus Punch - Oreburgh Gate
TM02 Dragon Claw - Mt. Coronet
TM03 Water Pulse - Deserted Escape Path
TM04 Calm Mind - Exchange at Fight Area with 48BP
TM05 Roar - Route 213
TM06 Toxic - Exchange at Fight Area with 32BP
TM07 Hail - Route 217
TM08 Bulk Up - Exchange at Fight Area with 48BP
TM09 Bullet Seed - Route 204
TM10 Hidden Power - Jubilife City, Game Corner prize 6000 coins.
TM11 Sunny Day - Route 212
TM12 Taunt - Route 211
TM13 Ice Beam - Route 216, Game Corner prize 10000
TM14 Blizzard - Buy at Veilstone Department Store
TM15 Hyper Beam - Buy at Veilstone Department Store
TM16 Light Screen - Buy at Veilstone Department Store
TM17 Protect - Buy at Veilstone Department Store
TM18 Rain Dance - Route 213
TM19 Giga Drain - Route 209
TM20 Safeguard - Buy at Veilstone Department Store
TM21 Frustration - Team Galaxy Warehouse
TM22 Solarbeam - Buy at Veilstone Department Store
TM23 Iron Tail - Iron Island
TM24 Thunderbolt - Above the Power Plant (use surf to get it)
TM25 Thunder - Buy at Veilstone Department Store
TM26 Earthquake - Wayward Cave (Secret Entrance), or exchange at Fight Area with 80BP
TM27 Return - Lost Tower, or Game Corner prize 3000 coins.
TM28 Dig - Route 214
TM29 Psychic - Round 211, or Game Corner prize 10000 cons
TM30 Shadow Ball - Route 210, or exchange at Fight Area with 64BP
TM31 Brick Break - Exchange at Fight Area with 40BP
TM32 Double Team - Exchange at Game Corner 4000 couns.
TM33 Reflect - Buy at Veilstone Department Store
TM34 Shock Wave - Route 215
TM35 Flamethrower - Exchange at Game Corner 10000 coins.
TM36 Sludge Bomb - Team Galactic Warehouse, or exchange at Fight Area with 80BP
TM37 Sandstorm - Route 228
TM38 Fire Blast - Lake Verity, or buy at Veilstone Department Store
TM39 Rock Tomb - Deserted Escape Path
TM40 Aerial Ace - Route 213, or exchange at Fight Area with 40BP
TM41 Torment - Victory Road
TM42 Facade - Solaceon Gym
TM43 Secret Power - Contact Square
TM44 Rest - Exchange at Game Corner with 6000 coins
TM45 Attract - Exchange at Fight Area with 32BP
TM46 Thief - Eterna City
TM47 Steel Wing - Route 209
TM48 Skill Swap - Canalave City (from a resident in the city)
TM49 Snatch - Team Galactic Warehouse
TM50 Overheat - Stark Mountain
TM51 Roost - Route 210
TM52 Focus Blast - Buy at Veilstone Department Store
TM53 Energy Ball - Exchange at Fight Area with 64BP
TM54 False Swipe - Buy at Veilstone Department Store
TM55 Brine - Pastoria Gym
TM56 Fling - Route 222
TM57 Charge Beam - Sunyshore Gym
TM58 Endure - Exchange at Game Corner with 2000 coins
TM59 Dragon Pulse - Victory Road, or exchange at Fight Area with 80BP
TM60 Drain Punch - Veilstone Gym
TM61 Will-O-Wisp - Exchange at Fight Area with 32BP
TM62 Silver Wind - Route 212
TM63 Embargo - Veilstone City
TM64 Explosion - Slot Game in Veilstone City
TM65 Shadow Claw - Hearthome Gym
TM66 Payback - Route 215
TM67 Recycle - Eterna Moutain
TM68 Giga Impact - Exchange at Game Corner 20000 coins
TM69 Rock Polish - Mt. Coronet
TM70 Flash - Buy at Veilstone Department Store
TM71 Stone Edge - Exchange at Fight Area with 80BP
TM72 Avalanche - Snowpoint Gym
TM73 Thunder Wave - Exchange at Fight Area with 32BP
TM74 Gyro Ball - Exchange at Game Corner 15000 coins
TM75 Swords Dance - Exchange at Game Corner 4000 coins
TM76 Stealth Rock - Oreburgh Gym
TM77 Psych Up - Route 211
TM78 Captivate - Victory Road
TM79 Dark Pulse - Victory Road
TM80 Rock Slide - Mt. Coronet
TM81 X-Scissor - Exchange at Fight Area with 64BP
TM82 Sleep Talk - Eterna Forest
TM83 Nature Gift - Buy at Veilstone Department Store
TM84 Poison Jab - Route 212
TM85 Dream Eater - Lake Valor
TM86 Grass Knot - Eterna Gym
TM87 Swagger - Pokemon Mansion
TM88 Pluck - Floaroma Town
TM89 U-Turn - Exchange at Game Corner 6000 coins
TM90 Substitute - Forest Manor, or exchange at Game Corner 2000 coins
TM91 Flash Cannon - Canalave Gym
TM92 Trick Room - Route 213


I'll list wild Pokemon's names that hold these, then other places like the Berry Master# and Floaroma's Flower Shop.

01. Cheri - Glameow, Purugly. Berry Master, Floaroma Flower Shop.
02. Chesto - Spinda, Whismur, Loudred. Berry Master, Floaroma Flower Shop.
03. Pecha - Stunky, Skuntank, Poochyena, Mightyena. Berry Master, Floaroma Flower Shop.
04. Rawst - Vulpix, Numel. Berry Master, Floaroma Flower Shop.
05. Aspear - Smoochum, Jynx. Berry Master, Floaroma Flower Shop.
06. Leppa - Mime Jr, Cleffa, Clefairy. Berry Master.
07. Oran - Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu, Sentret, Furret, Zigzagoon, Linoone, Bibarel. Berry Master.
08. Persim - Kecleon, Girafarig. Berry Master.
09. Lum - Shaymin, Mew. Berry Master.
10. Sitrus - Bibarel, Furrent, Linoone. Berry Master.
11. Figy - Berry Master.
12. Wiki - Berry Master.
13. Mago - Berry Master.
14. Aguav - Berry Master.
15. Iapapa - Berry Master.
16. Razz - Berry Master.
17. Bluk - Berry Master.
18. Nanab - Berry Master.
19. Wepear - Berry Master.
20. Pinap - Berry Master.
21. Pomeg - Berry Master.
22. Kelpsy - Berry Master.
23. Qualot - Berry Master.
24. Hondew - Berry Master.
25. Grepa - Berry Master.
26. Tamato - Berry Master.
27. Cornn - Amity Square**
28. Magost - Amity Square**
29. Rabuta - Amity Square**
30. Nomel - Amity Square**
31. Spelon - Amity Square**
32. Pamtre - Amity Square**
33. Watmel - Amity Square**
34. Durin - Amity Square**
35. Belue - Amity Square**
36. Occa - Mawile, Pastoria*
37. Passho - Phanpy, Donphan, Pastoria*
38. Wacan - Buisel, Floatzel, Pastoria*
39. Rindo - Finneon, Lumineon, Pastoria*
40. Yache - Starly, Staravia, Staraptor, Pastoria*
41. Chople - Buneary, Lopunny, Pastoria*
42. Kebia - Shroomish, Breloom, Pastoria*
43. Shuca - Ponyta, Rapidash, Pastoria*
44. Coba - Sunkern, Pastoria*
45. Payapa - Mankey, Primeape, Pastoria*
46. Tanga - Spoink, Grumpig, Pastoria*
47. Charti - Taillow, Swellow, Pastoria*
48. Kasib - Pastoria*
49. Hasan - Gible, Gabite, Garchomp, Pastoria*
50. Colbur - Chingling, Chimecho, Pastoria*
51. Babiri - Snorunt, Glalie, Frolass, Pastoria*
52. Chilan - Ratata, Raticate, Pastoria*
53. Leichi - Transfer via Pal Park
54. Ganlon - Transfer via Pal Park
55. Salac - Transfer via Pal Park
56. Petaya - Transfer via Pal Park
57. Apicot - Transfer via Pal Park
58. Lansat - Transfer via Pal Park
59. Starf - Transfer via Pal Park
60. Enigma - Transfer via Pal Park
61. Micle - Unknown
62. Custap - Unknown
63. Jaboca - Unknown
64. Rowap - Unknown

* - Pastoria City, in the south west of this city there is a woman in the house that
gives you a Berry each day, and it will be one of these Berries.
** - Amity Square, take a 'cute' pokemon like Buneary or Pachirisu in with you. Walk
200 steps, turn and talk to your Pokemon, and it may be holding one of these Berries.

Okay, as far as I am aware, Mail can only be bought from Pokemarts. I haven't seen any scenarios of
finding any laying around Routes or in Towns.

Air Mail - Jubilife City, Canalave City, Eterna City, Solaceon Town, and Pastoria City Pokemarts
Tunnel Mail - Oreburgh City Pokemart
Bloom Mail - Floaroma Town Pokemart
Snow Mail - Snowpoint City Pokémart
Heart Mail - Hearthome City Pokémart
Grass Mail - Veilstone City Department Store
Flame Mail - Veilstone City Department Store
Bubble Mail - Veilstone City Department Store
Space Mail - Veilstone City Department Store
Steel Mail - Sunyshore City Pokémart

All these items can be bought at Veilstone Department Store:
Dire Hit
Guard Spec
X Accuracy
X Attack
X Defend
X Sp. Defend
X Special
X Speed


Azure Flute - Arceus event item only. A man in a green suit will appear and give you this when you have completed the event.
Bike - Eterna City Bike Shop, after saving owner from Team Galactic.
Coin Case - Veilstone, Clown in one of the houses.
Coupon 1 - Jubilife City, Clown next to Pokecenter.
Coupon 2 - Jubilife City, Clown next to Poketch company.
Coupon 3 - Jubilife City, Clown next to TV Station
Explorer's Kit - Eterna City, inside house directly next to Pokecenter, talk to old man.
Fashion Case - Jubilife City, after a double battle with Dawn/Lukas, you get given this.
Galactic Key - In Basement of Galactic HQ.
Good Rod - Route 209, talk to fisherman on jetty.
Journal - Twinleaf, get given by your mom.
Lunar Wing - After battling Cresselia, it is obtained.
Member Card - Darkrai event item only. A man in a green suit will appear and give you this when you have completed the event.
Pal Pad - Go downstairs in any Pokecenter.
Parcel - Twinleaf, obtained from Rival's mom.
Poffin Case - Hearthome City - talk to the President of Pokemon Fan Club.
Point Card - Enter the Battle Tower for the first time.
Pokeradar - Complete Sinnoh dex, and visit Prof Rowan. Prof Oak will appear and give you it.
Oak's Letter - Shaymin event item only. A man in a green suit will appear and give you this when you have completed the event.
Old Charm - Obtained by Cynthia after giving the Psyduck's the medicine.
Rule Book - Unobtainable, but is in game's coding.
Seal Case - Solaceon Town, far right house, via jumping down ledges.
SecretPotion - Lake Valor Front, after defeating Team G grunt, Cynthia will give you it.
Sprayduck - Floaroma Flower Shop, talk to a girl inside.
Storage Key - Outside Team Galactic's HQ after visiting the 3 lakes. Grunt will drop it.
Suite Key - Route 213.
Super Rod - Fight Area, outside north western gate, talk to fisherman.
Town Map - Jubilife School building, talk to Rival with the Parcel.
Vs. Seeker - Route 207, Dawn/Lukas will give you it.
Works Key - Floaroma, given to you by the old man in the forest in the north of town, after defeating the Team G Grunts.

Pkmn Trainer Alex: for telling me where Big Root was located, and for downsizing botlov's TM/HM post.
brotlov: for helping with the HM/TM List
bishopk: for telling me about Dive Balls in Solaceon
Shuko of Gamefaqs for the TM/HM list.

Favourite Poke's


Current playtime: 250+ Hours (mainly from breeding for natures)
I train Dragons. Any Pokemon that can learn Dragon moves
is fine by me!! Skorupi/Drapion should have a Dragon move!!
Currently training:
Sceptile (EV'd) - Lvl 89
Charizard (EV'd) - Lvl 96
Kingdra (EV'd) - Lvl 72
Garchomp (Ev'd) - Lvl 70
Lucario (EV'd) - Lvl 88
OFFICIAL PokeCommunity Item Guide
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Hello everyone, welcome to my Underground guide. This guide will explain the basics of the underground, the possible items that can be found underground, the sections of the underground, the Spiritomb guide and more.


-TRAPS: This is where your traps and Digger Drill are stored. The Digger Drill is needed to create a Secret Base (it can only be used once, but you can get more) and must be used while facing a wall. Traps must be set while facing an empty spot of ground.
-SPHERES: These serve as currency in the Underground. From this menu, you can bury spheres in the ground. A buried sphere grows larger over time, and you can bury multiple spheres of the same color in the same spot to immediately form a single, large sphere.
-GOODS: These are decorations for your Secret Base. The items here are what you are carrying in your bag, and some can be given to other players as gifts. In order to use them as decorations, they must first be sent to your Underground PC.
-TREASURES: Treasure found while digging will be stored here. You can send these items to your bag, so they can be used when you return to the surface.
-[YOUR NAME]: View your records for the Underground.
-GO UP: Return to the surface and end your session in the Underground.
-CLOSE: Close the menu.

The Underground has 6 seperate regions. Where you use the Explorer Kit determines whereabouts you will end up:
Eterna City
Hearthome City
Iron Island
Pastoria City
Pokemon League (North or South side)
Snowpoint City
Solaceon Town
Veilstone City

Oreburgh City
Twinleaf Town
Pal Park
Valley Windworks

Sunnyshore City

Celestic Town

Fullmoon Island

Fight Area
Survival Area
Resort Area

Some of these regions are not available until you have beaten the Elite Four and the champion (The Nortwest region and the Northeast Region). If you are looking for a particular item, but have no success in one region, try another region to look for that item as the likelyhood of that item appearing may be higher in another region.

While you are underground, you may find Hikers around. These are there to trade items with you, they are looking for your spheres! There are three types of underground hikers, Goods Traders, Trap Traders and Treasure Buyers.

Goods Traders:
Goods Traders will trade Goods to decorate your Secret Base in exchange for
your spheres. Also, you can trade your extra Goods for spheres.

#1. Dig at Veilstone City. Head up 2, left 2, then up all the way.
#2. Dig at Pastoria City. Head up all the way.
#3. Dig at Snowpoint City. Head down all the way.
#4. Dig at Eterna City. Head right 1, then down all the way.
#5. Dig at Resort Area. Head right all the way, up all the way, then left 2.
#6. Dig at Twinleaf Town. Head down 1, then right 1.
#7. Dig at Sunnyshore City. Head down all the way, right all the way, down 2, then left 2.
#8. Dig at Fullmoon Island. Head up all the way, right all the way, then up 1.

Trap Traders:
Trap Traders will trade Digger Drills and Traps in exchange for your spheres.
Also, you can trade your extra traps for spheres.

#1. Dig at Sunnyshore City. Head down all the way, right all the way, down all
the way, then left 9.
#2. Dig at Fullmoon Island. Head up all the way, right all the way, up 2, then
right 8.
#3. Dig at Celestic Town. Head right all the way, up 1, then right all the way.
#4. Dig at Celestic Town. Head left all the way, then down 1.
#5. Dig at Oreburgh City. Head right 1, then down 1.
#6. Dig at Survival Area. Head left 1, then up 1.
#7. Dig at Solaceon Town. Head left 1.
#8. Dig at Eterna City. Head right 2, up 3, then right 2.

Treasure Buyers:
Treasure Buyers will give you relatively large spheres in exchange for
Treasures you have dug up while Underground. Their prices vary, so you may want
to check out each of the four hikers to see which is offering the best price.
You CANNOT buy treasures from them, unfortunately.

The Treasure Buyers are conveniently located in each of the four corners of
the map. So here are some possible places to dig:

#1. Dig at Fullmoon Island.
#2. Dig at the Resort Area.
#3. Dig at Twinleaf Town.
#4. Dig at Sunnyshore City.

As you may know, a rare pokemon exists called Spiritomb. The only way to catch a Spiritomb is to use the underground with a friend via DS wireless activity. here is a step by step guide as to how to catch Spiritomb.

You will need:
#A patient friend with a copy of Diamond or Pearl
#An Odd Keystone
#Access to the Hallowed Tower

Odd Keystones can be found whilst digging underground. There is a Black Belt at route 208 who will give you an Odd Keystone. Route 208 conviently leads without choice to route 209 where you will see the Hallowed Tower sitting, waiting for you to place your Odd Keystone inside it.

Now you have the Odd Keystone. Place it inside the hallowed tower, and you are ready to go. Go underground and wait for your friend to appear. Speak to him, now go back up and repeat this proceedure 32 times. You can keep track of this by checking your frinds status and looking at the bit that says "number of people met". When it has reached 32, return to the surface and press the A button on the Hallowed Tower. Oh my, a wild Spiritomb appeared! Be sure to have a few Ultra/Quick balls handy, as it can be hard to catch. You may even want to save in front of the tower before you encounter it. It apppears at level 25, so have a level 20-30 pokemon handy. May I congratulate on catching Spiritomb!

The Items

Treasures are items that you find while digging that can be used when you
return to the surface. Keep in mind they must be moved from your Underground
Bag to your regular bag first! Simply go to the list of treasures in your menu,
select an item, and it should give you an option to send it to your regular

There are many items you can find Underground. First, there are fossils. You
can bring a Pokemon Fossil to the Oreburgh Museum to resurrect that Pokemon,
creating a live new member of your team. Unlike previous Pokemon games, you can
obtain an unlimited number of any particular fossil.

Fossil Pokemon Notes

Skull Fossil Cranidos Only found in Pokemon Diamond
Armor Fossil Shieldon Only found in Pokemon Pearl
Claw Fossil Anorith Only found after obtaining the National Dex
Root Fossil Lileep Only found after obtaining the National Dex
Dome Fossil Kabuto Only found after obtaining the National Dex
Helix Fossil Omanyte Only found after obtaining the National Dex
Old Amber Aerodactyl Only found after obtaining the National Dex

Here are other various items you may find Underground:

Item Use

Blue Shard 10 can be traded for TM18 Rain Dance on route 212
Green Shard 10 can be traded for TM07 Hail on route 212
Red Shard 10 can be traded for TM11 Sunny Day on route 212
Yellow Shard 10 can be traded for TM37 Sandstorm on route 212

Damp Rock Hold item: Extends duration of Rain Dance
Everstone Hold item: Prevents evolution; influences breeding
Hard Stone Hold item: Boosts the power of Rock type moves
Heat Rock Hold item: Extends duration of Sunny Day
Icy Rock Hold item: Extends duration of Hail
Iron Ball Hold item: Reduces speed; holder is vulnerable to Ground moves
Light Clay Hold item: Extends duration of Reflect and Light Screen
Smooth Rock Hold item: Extends duration of Sandstorm

Draco Plate Hold item: Boosts the power of Dragon type moves
Dread Plate Hold item: Boosts the power of Dark type moves
Earth Plate Hold item: Boosts the power of Ground type moves
Fist Plate Hold item: Boosts the power of Fighting type moves
Flame Plate Hold item: Boosts the power of Fire type moves
Icicle Plate Hold item: Boosts the power of Ice type moves
Insect Plate Hold item: Boosts the power of Bug type moves
Iron Plate Hold item: Boosts the power of Steel type moves
Meadow Plate Hold item: Boosts the power of Grass type moves
Mind Plate Hold item: Boosts the power of Psychic type moves
Sky Plate Hold item: Boosts the power of Flying type moves
Splash Plate Hold item: Boosts the power of Water type moves
Spooky Plate Hold item: Boosts the power of Ghost type moves
Stone Plate Hold item: Boosts the power of Rock type moves
Toxic Plate Hold item: Boosts the power of Poison type moves
Zap Plate Hold item: Boosts the power of Electric type moves

Fire Stone Evolves certain Pokemon
Leaf Stone Evolves certain Pokemon
Moon Stone Evolves certain Pokemon
Sun Stone Evolves certain Pokemon
Thunderstone Evolves certain Pokemon
Water Stone Evovles certain Pokemon

Heart Scale Can be traded to the Move Tutor
Rare Bone Can be sold at high price
Star Piece Can be sold at high price
Revive Revives a fainted Pokemon with half HP
Max Revive Revives a fainted Pokemon with full HP

Decorations are used to change the look of your Secret Base. There are Pokemon
dolls and furniture, but there are also some items that will display messages
to visitors and even traps you can set for people attempting to steal your

Item From Message

Globe Mr. Goods Number of people met underground so far
Cardboard box Goods vendor Number of times Secret Base was moved
Wooden crate Goods vendor Number of times Secret Base was moved
Gym statue Mr. Goods Number of Secret Base Flags obtained
Small bookshelf Goods vendor Number of Fossils dug so far
Shop Shelf Goods vendor Number of goods given as gifts
Cupboard Goods vendor Number of times others were helped
TV Goods vendor The total score so far
Diamond: 0086 9650 6174
Pearl: 4856 6930 5879
HeartGold: 0518 7968 1563
Platinum: 1290 5591 8589
White: 1119 9903 5644
White 2: 0477 0343 3480

3DS: 0104 0289 0550

X/Y Safari: Braixen, Larvesta & Magmar
Vivillon: Garden
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01. Digital Clock - From the beginning
02. Calculator - From the beginning
03. Memo Pad - Pokétch Company (After gaining 1 badge)
04. Step Counter - From the beginning
05. Your Party - From the beginning
06. Happiness Checker - From Woman in Eterna City Pokémon Center
07. Itemfinder - From Dawn/Lukas in Route 207
08. Berry Checker - From Berry Master in Route 208
09. Daycare Checker - Daycare Centre in Solaceon Town
10. Pokémon History - From resident in Solaceon Town
11. Counter - From the Veilstone Dept. Store
12. Analogue Clock - From resident in Celestic Town
13. Marking Map - Pokétch Company (After gaining 3 badges)
14. Wireless Searcher - Pokétch Company (After gaining 5 badges)
15. Coin Toss - Grand Lake Hotel
16. Type Chart - Pokétch Company (After gaining 7 badges)
17. Calendar - Sunyshore City (Show Pokémon with Serious Nature)
18. Drawing Board - Sunyshore City (Show Pokémon with Naive Nature)
19. Roulette - Sunyshore City (Show Pokémon with Quirky Nature)
20. PokéRadar Checker - From Prof. Oak in Pal Park
21. Kitchen Timer - From girl in Pal Park (Show Snorlax)
22. Color Changer - From girl in Pal Park (Show Kecleon)
23. Matchup Checker - Unobtainable as of now
24. Stopwatch - Unobtainable as of now
25. Alarm Clock - Unobtainable as of now

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♪_ The Guide to Cloning.

What you will need.
• Access to the Global Trade Center [1< badge]
• A wireless router

Please Note: I wrote this guide for the cloning using a router, and wouldn't know about using a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector.
• A DS and Pokémon Diamond/Pearl game pack with at least 2 pokémon.

Step #1
If you don't have access to the Global Trade Center [GTS], you are going to need your 1st badge to enter. Once inside, go to the PC and access BEBE's PC.
TIP: I use the "Move Pokémon" option, as you do not have to exit the BOX, you can simply shift pokémon in your hand.
Withdraw at least 2 pokémon, no more is needed. Then you need to head to the women over the desk and enter the GTS.

Step #2
Go to Summary, and select the Pokémon of which you wish to clone. For conditions, I suggest using Azelf; Lv. 9 and under; Either gender. Pause before you continue and position yourself infront of your router. On your router you should have a light that flashes when you connect to it.
TIP: I suggest you do not operate any other wireless devices ie. a laptop. This may confuse you resulting in you not being able to access the glitch.
On my router, it is labled "WLAN", but I am aware it is named things such as "Connection" or "Connected".

TIP: To test what light you need to watch, simply connect to your router with a device, or if you was watching it previously, you should have seen it flash as you logged onto the GTS.

Step #3
This is the most important stage of the cloning process. Once you are sure of the light you need to watch, press "yes" to confirming. Now, instead of counting, watch the light carefully. It may flicker once or twice during this process, but you should ignore it. After around 11 seconds, [the counting method is innacurate but it's a good reference] you should notice the light to blink rapidly. On my router [belkin54g] I have to wait for it to flicker 4 times then IMMEDIATLEY turn it off. If you are using the same router as me, you should turn it off after the 4 flickers.
TIP: If you find it hard to turn it off so rapidly, try after 3 blinks.

Step #4
Turn your DS back on. Once you pass the "PRESS START" screen, you MUST have a blue screen come up stating that the save file is corrupted. If this screen does not appear, then I'm afraid you have not succeeded in cloning.TIP: If this is your first time cloning and you fail missurably, my advice is to try, and try again
Once you pass the screen you should be back where you last saved [at the GTS desk, or walking out of the GTS]. From there, you re-enter and click on summary.
Please Note: If you happen to have had someone trade you a Pokémon, yet the "Currupt File" screen still appeared, you may have entered another glitch. You will not get a cloned pokémon back, but you will get the offered pokémon back AND the pokémon you "wanted" back. Amazing, I know [And it REALLY does work, I'm living proof and so it my Lv 100 Bidoof, which is why I recomend an improbable [Actually impossible except with hacking] Lv 9> Azelf]
You should come up with the offering screen, which you press A on, then "Take back". Once the pokémon returns, you should check the "Summary" option, so you can check if it has cloned without going back to a PC.

Regards, Zungie
♪_ Prof. Zee's Giveaway!

The OFFICIAL Cloning Guide!

5 -LeeJ124(5-0)
6 -Can't remember >.<
♫_Friend Code
0387 6130 7605
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The following list contains information about how to get all the Pokémon in Diamond and Pearl. Some require a special method (especified in italics) or need some additional information (in parentheses). For a llist of Pokémon that appear with the Pokémon, in Swarms, by GBA-Insertion, in the Mansion or in the Safari game, check the posts at the bottom of the list.

*"Mansion Pokémon" refers to the Pokémon that appear after the old man in the Pokémon Mansion tells his story. Pokémon that are always there will simply have "Trophy Garden"
*"Safari Pokémon" refers to the Pokémon that appear randomly each day through the binoculars in the Safari Zone. Pokémon that are always there will simply have "Pastoria Great Marsh".

Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Route 204 (Jubilife Side) FireRed Inserted
Eterna Forest FR Inserted
Route 204 (Jubilife Side) LeafGreen Inserted
Eterna Forest FireRed Inserted
Route 229 Swarm
Routes 225, 226
Routes 225, 226
Routes 225, 226
Routes 225, 226, 227, Stark Mountain
Route 212 (Pastoria Side) FireRed Inserted
Safari Pokémon FireRed Inserted
Trophy Garden
Wayward Cave LeafGreen Inserted
Route 228 LeafGreen Inserted
Route 201 PokéRadar
Route 221, Lake Valor PokéRadar
Route 201 PokéRadar
Route 221, Lake Valor PokéRadar
Mt. Coronet, Mansion Pokémon
Route 209 LeafGreen Inserted
Mansion Pokémon
Iron Island, Ravaged Path, Oreburgh Gate, Oreburgh Mine, Wayward Cave, Mt. Coronet, Lost Tower (All day); Routes 203, 204, 206, 207, 208, 209, 211, 216, 217, Acuity Lakefront (Night)
Stark Mountain, Victory Road, Ravaged Path, Oreburgh Gate, Mt. Coronet, Iron Island, Snowpoint Temple, Lost Tower, Turnback Cave (All day); Route 227 (Night)
Routes 229, 230
Routes 224, 229, 230
Safari Pokémon
Route 229 PokéRadar
Route 229 PokéRadar
Route 228
Route 229
Mansion Pokémon
Routes 203, 204, 205 (Eterna Side), 208, 209, 210 (Celestic Side), 212 (Hearthome Side), 214, Twinleaf Town, Eterna City, Celestic Town, Ravaged Path, Oreburgh Gate, Lake Verity, Lake Valor, Lake Acuity, Pastoria Great Marsh (Surf)
Routes 203, 204, 205 (Eterna Side), 208, 209, 210 (Celestic Side), 212 (Hearthome Side), 214, 225, 226, 230, Twinleaf Town, Eterna City, Celestic Town, Ravaged Path, Oreburgh Gate, Lake Verity, Lake Valor, Lake Acuity, Pastoria Great Marsh, Resort Area, Spring Path (Surf)
Routes 225, 226 PokéRadar
Routes 225, 226 PokéRadar
Routes 201, 202 FireRed Inserted
Routes 225, 227, 228 (Fish w/ Good Rod)
Routes 225, 227, 228 (Fish w/ Good Rod)
Routes 203, 215, Trade for Machop at Oreburgh City
Routes 215, Victory Road
Routes 207, 208, 210 (Celestic Side), Mt. Coronet
Routes 210 (Celestic Side), 211 (Eterna Side), 216, 225, 226, Stark Mountain, Mt. Coronet, Victory Road, Lake Acuity
Routes 229, 230
Routes 224, 229, 230
Routes 205 (Floaroma Side), 213, 218, 219, 220, 221, 222, Fuego Ironworks, Iron Mountain, Canalave City, Pastoria City, Valley Windworks (Surf)
Routes 205 (Floaroma Side), 213, 218, 219, 220, 221, 222, 223, 224, 226, 230, Fuego Ironworks, Iron Mountain, Canalave City, Sunyshore City, Pastoria City, Valley Windworks, Pokémon League (Surf)
Routes 206, 207, 210 (Solaceon Side), 211 (Eterna Side), 214, 215, Lake Valor, Mt. Coronet, Oreburgh Gate, Oreburgh Mine, Ravaged Path, Iron Island, Ruin Maniac's Cave, Stark Mountain
Routes 211 (Celestic Side), 214, 216, 227, Lake Valor, Mt. Coronet, Iron Island, Stark Mountain, Victory Road, Snowpoint Temple
Routes 206, 210 (Solaceon Side), 211, 214, 215
Route 205 PokéRadar - Pearl Only
Fuego Ironworks Swarm
Route 221 Swarm
Route 201 Swarm
Routes 226, 230 Diamond Only
Routes 226, 230 Diamond Only
Route 212 PokéRadar
Route 205 (Floaroma Side), Valley Windworks, Fuego Ironworks (Fish w/ Super Rod)
Lost Tower, Old Chateau
Turnback Cave; Old Chateau GBA game Inserted
Old Chateau (Eye Room) GBA game Inserted
Oreburgh Mine, Iron Island, Victory Road, Stark Mountain, Snowpoint Temple
Route 215 Swarm
Route 226 Swarm
Route 218 Swarm
Safari Pokémon
Route 203 Swarm
Lake Valor Swarm
Route 227, Stark Mountain
Route 227, Stark Mountain
Routes 227, 228, Stark Mountain
Routes 209, 210 (Solaceon Side), Mansion Pokémon
Mt. Coronet Summit Swarm
Safari Pokémon
Route 226 (Fish w/ Super Rod)
Route 226 (Fish w/ Super Rod)
Routes 203, 204, 209, 212 (Hearthome Side), 214, Twinleaf Town, Resort Area, Lake Verity, Lake Valor, Lake Acuity, Spring Path (Fish w/ Good Rod)
Routes 203, 204, 209, 212 (Hearthome Side), 214, Twinleaf Town, Resort Area, Lake Verity, Lake Valor, Lake Acuity, Spring Path (Fish w/ Good Rod)
Canalave City, Sunyshore City (Fish w/ Super Rod)
Mr. Mime
Routes 218, 222 Diamond Only
Route 229 Diamond Only
Route 229 Pearl Only
Routes 209, 210 (Solaceon Side) PokéRadar
Any water (Fish w/ Old Rod)
Any water (Fish w/ Good Rod)
Victory Road
Route 218 PokéRadar
Mansion Pokémon; Bebe's House (Gift)
Mansion Pokémon
Revive from Fossil
Revive from Fossil
Revive from Fossil
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Mt. Coronet (Fish w/ Super Rod) Behind Waterfall
Mt. Coronet (Fish w/ Super Rod) Behind Waterfall
Import from GBA
Event Pokémon
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Route 202 PokéRadar
Routes 210 (Celestic Side), 211 (Eterna Side), Pastoria Great Marsh (Night)
Routes 210 (Celestic Side), 211 (Celestic Side), 216, 217, Acuity Lakefront, Mt. Coronet, Pastoria Great Marsh, Lake Valor (Night); Turnback Cave Diamond Only (Night); Spring Path Pearl Only (Night)
Route 229 (Night)
Route 229 (Night)
Route 220 (Fish w/ Super Rod)
Route 220 (Fish w/ Super Rod)
Trophy Garden
Mt. Coronet, Mansion Pokémon
Mansion Pokémon
Route 230 PokéRadar
Route 224 Swarm
Valley Windworks PokéRadar
Route 222 PokéRadar
Pastoria Great Marsh, Mansion Pokémon
Routes 214, 221 Pearl Only
Route 205 PokéRadar
Route 205 (Eterna Side) PokéRadar
Sweet Honey Trees
Route 204 (Floaroma Side) PokéRadar
Safari Pokémon
Route 212 (Pastoria Side), Pastoria Great Marsh
Route 212 (Pastoria Side), Pastoria Great Marsh
Eterna Forest, Lost Tower (Night) Diamond Only
Eterna Forest, Lost Tower (Night) Pearl Only
Solaceon Ruins
Lake Verity, Lake Valor, Lake Acuity PokéRadar
Route 214, Lake Valor
Eterna Forest, Routes 203, 204, 229 Emerald Inserted
Route 208 Swarm
Stark Mountain, Routes 206, 207, 214, 215, 227 Emerald Inserted
Iron Island, Snowpoint Temple, Victory Road
Route 209 Swarm
Iron Island (Fish w/ Super Rod)
Route 224 Emerald Inserted
Sweet Honey Trees
Routes 216, 217, Lake Acuity, Snowpoint Temple
Route 211, Lake Acuity Emerald Inserted
Routes 216, 217, Lake Acuity Emerald Inserted
Stark Mountain
Stark Mountain
Route 217 Swarm
Route 230 Swarm
Routes 213, 222, 223, 224, 230, Sunyshore City, Pastoria City, Victory Road (Fish w/ Good Rod)
Routes 213, 222, 223, 224, 230, Sunyshore City, Pastoria City, Victory Road (Fish w/ Super Rod)
Route 216 Swarm
Route 227, Stark Mountain
Routes 214, 215 PokéRadar - Pearl Only
Route 207 Swarm
Route 207 PokéRadar - Pearl Only
Route 212 (Hearthome Side) PokéRadar
Routes 208, 211 (Eterna Side) PokéRadar
Lake Acuity Swarm
Route 204 (Jubilife Side), Valley Windworks FireRed Inserted
Route 227, Stark Mountain LeafGreen Inserted
Routes 209, 210 (Solaceon Side) PokéRadar
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Route 207 PokéRadar - Diamond Only
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Event Pokémon
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Routes 214, 215 Diamond Only
Route 202 Swarm
Eterna Forest, Sweet Honey Trees
Eterna Forest, Sweet Honey Trees Diamond Only
Route 230, Eterna Forest Diamond Only; Route 224
Eterna Forest, Sweet Honey Trees Pearl Only
Route 230, Eterna Forest Pearl Only; Route 224
Routes 203, 204, 205 (Eterna Side), Route 212 (Hearthome Side) Sapphire Inserted
Routes 212 (Pastoria Side), 229 Sapphire Inserted
Eterna Forest, Routes 203, 204 Ruby Inserted
Route 229 Ruby Inserted
Route 213 PokéRadar
Routes 205, 213, 218, 219, 220, 221, 222, 229, Fuego Ironworks, Iron Island, Canalave City, Pastoria City, Valley Windworks (Surf)
Routes 205, 213, 218, 219, 220, 221, 222, 223, 224, 226, 229, 230, Fuego Ironworks, Iron Island, Canalave City, Sunyshore City, Pastoria City, Valley Windworks, Pokémon League (Surf)
Routes 203, 204 (Jubilife Side) PokéRadar
Routes 203, 204 (Jubilife Side) PokéRadar
Lake Verity Swarm
Safari Pokémon
Eterna Forest Swarm
Eterna Forest PokéRadar
Mt. Coronet Summit PokéRadar
Route 225 Swarm
Pastoria Great Marsh, Mansion Pokémon
Route 206 Swarm
Route 222 Swarm
Iron Island Sapphire Inserted
Iron Island Ruby Inserted
Fuego Ironworks PokéRadar - Diamond Only
Routes 208, 210 (Celestic Side), 211, 216, Mt. Coronet Summit
Routes 217, Lake Acuity, Mt. Coronet Summit, Victory Road
Valley Windworks Swarm
Mansion Pokémon
Mansion Pokémon
Route 229
Route 229
Routes 212, 221, 224, 225, 229, Trophy Garden, Pastoria Great Marsh
Safari Pokémon
Pastoria Great Marsh (Fish w/ Super Rod)
Routes 213, 222 (Fish w/ Super Rod)
Routes 223, 230 (Fish w/ Super Rod)
Routes 223, 230 (Fish w/ Super Rod)
Route 227, Stark Mountain
Route 227, Stark Mountain
Route 227, Stark Mountain PokéRadar
Route 214 Swarm
Route 227 Swarm
Route 228 PokéRadar
Route 228 PokéRadar
Route 228
Route 228
Route 211 (Celestic Side) PokéRadar
Route 208 Ruby Inserted
Route 208 Sapphire Inserted
Lake Verity, Lake Valor, Lake Acuity, Verity Lakefront, Mt. Coronet, Turnback Cave, Spring Path Sapphire Inserted
Lake Verity, Lake Valor, Lake Acuity, Verity Lakefront, Mt. Coronet, Turnback Cave, Spring Path Ruby Inserted
Routes 205 (Eterna Side), 208, 210 (Celestic Side), 212 (Pastoria Side), 227, 228, Ravaged Path, Eterna City, Celestic Town, Oreburgh Gate, Pastoria Great Marsh, Mt. Coronet (Fish w/ Super Rod)
Routes 205 (Eterna Side), 208, 210 (Celestic Side), 212 (Pastoria Side), 227, 228, Ravaged Path, Eterna City, Celestic Town, Oreburgh Gate, Pastoria Great Marsh, Mt. Coronet (Fish w/ Super Rod)
Celestic Town (Fish w/ Super Rod)
Celestic Town (Fish w/ Super Rod)
Route 206 PokéRadar
Revive from Fossil
Revive from Fossil
Mt. Coronet (Fish w/ Good Rod) Only in random tiles
Mansion Pokémon
Route 210 (Eterna Side) PokéRadar - Diamond Only
Routes 225, 226, 227, Stark Mountain (Night)
Route 224 PokéRadar
Route 224 PokéRadar
Import from GBA
Spring Path, Mt. Coronet
Route 213 Swarm
Route 216, 217, Acuity Lakefront PokéRadar
Routes 226, 230 (Surf) Pearl Only
Routes 226, 230 (Surf) Pearl Only
Routes 219, 221 (Fish w/ Super Rod)
Route 226 (Fish w/ Super Rod)
Route 224, Pokémon League (Fish w/ Super Rod)
Route 210 (Eterna Side) PokéRadar - Pearl Only
Route 228 Swarm
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Import from GBA
Event Pokémon
Event Pokémon
Starter Pokémon
Starter Pokémon
Starter Pokémon
Routes 201, 202, 203, 204, 209, 212, Lake Verity
Routes 209, 212 (Hearthome Side), Lake Valor, Trophy Garden, Spring Path, Pastoria Great Marsh
Routes 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 208, 211 (Eterna Side), Lake Verity, Pastoria Great Marsh
Routes 208, 209, 210 (Eterna Side), 212 (Pastoria Side), Lake Valor, Spring Path, Pastoria Great Marsh, Lake Acuity
Routes 202, 203, 204, 207 (Morning & Night)
Routes 206, 210 (Solaceon Side), 211, 214, 215, Trophy Garden (Morning & Night)
Route 202, 203, 204, Fuego Ironworks
Fuego Ironworks
Routes 204, 212, Eterna Forest, Pastoria Great Marsh
Revive from Fossil
Revive from Fossil
Sweet Honey Trees
Sweet Honey Trees
Routes 205, Fuego Ironworks, Valley Windworks
Routes 205, 213, 224, Valley Windworks
Routes 213, 218, 221, 222, 224, 230, Fuego Ironworks, Victory Road
Sweet Honey Trees
Routes 205, 213, 218, 221, 224, Fuego Ironworks, Valley Windworks
Routes 213, 218, 221, 222, 224, 230, Fuego Ironworks
Valley Windworks (Friday Event)
Eterna Forest
Routes 218, 222 Pearl Only
Routes 222, 229 Pearl Only
Route 211, Lake Valor, Mt. Coronet, Lake Acuity
Routes 218, 222 Diamond Only
Routes 222, 229 Diamond Only
Route 206, Wayward Cave, Turnback Cave, Mt. Coronet
Turnback Cave, Mt. Coronet
Rouets 209, 210 (Solaceon Side) Pearl Only; Mansion Pokémon
Mime Jr.
Rouets 209, 210 (Solaceon Side) Diamond Only; Mansion Pokémon
Hearthome City Gate (Gift in Egg), Mansion Pokémon
Routes 222, 224 (Morning & Day)
Hallowed Tower Odd Keystone and talk to 32 people in the Sinnoh Underground
Wayward Cave
Sweet Honey Trees
Iron Island (Gift in Egg)
Ruin Maniac's Cave
Route 228
Safari Pokémon
Safari Pokémon
Safari Pokémon
Safari Pokémon
Safari Pokémon
Routes 205 (Floaroma Side), 218, 219, 220, 221, Fuego Ironworks, Iron Island, Canalave City, Valley Windworks (Fish w/ Good Rod)
Routes 205 (Floaroma Side), 218, 219, 220, 221, Fuego Ironworks, Iron Island, Canalave City, Valley Windworks (Fish w/ Super Rod)
Route 223, Sunyshore City (Surf)
Routes 216, 217, Acuity Lakefront, Mt. Coronet Summit
Mt. Coronet Summit
Old Cheateau (TV Event)
Lake Acuity Event
Random in Sinnoh after meeting at Lake Verity
Lake Valor Event
Spear Pillar Event Diamond Only
Spear Pillar Event Pearl Only
Stark Mountain Event
Snowpoint Temple Event
Turnback Cave Event
Random in Sinnoh after meeting at Halfmoon Island
Event Pokémon
Event Pokémon
Event Pokémon
Event Pokémon
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PokéRadar Pokémon

This is a list of Pokémon that appear only when chaining with the PokéRadar. Some are exclusive to each version.

Nidoran- Route 201
Nidorina- Route 221, Lake Valor
Nidoran- Route 201
Nidorino- Route 221, Lake Valor
Venonat - Route 229
Venomoth - Route 229
Mankey - Route 225, Route 226
Primeape - Route 225, Route 226
Grimer - Route 215
Tauros - Route 209, Route 210 (Solaceon Side)
Ditto - Route 218
Sentret - Route 202
Togepi - Route 230
Mareep - Valley Windworks
Flaffy - Route 222
Hoppip - Route 205
Skiploom - Route 205 (Eterna Side)
Sunkern - Rotue 204 (Floaroma Side)
Wobbuffet - Lake Verity, Lake Valor, Lake Acuity
Smeargle - Route 212 (Hearthome Side)
Tyrogue - Route 208, Route 211 (Eterna Side)
Milktank - Route 209, Route 210 (Solaceon Side)
Ralts - Route 203, Route 204 (Jubilife Side)
Kirlia - Route 203, Route 204 (Jubilife Side)
Nincada - Eterna Forest
Loudred - Mt. Coronet
Torkoal - Route 227, Stark Mountain
Trapinch - Route 228
Vibrava - Route 228
Swablu - Route 211 (Celestic Side)
Baltoy - Route 206
Duskull - Rotue 224
Dusclops - Rotue 224
Snorunt - Rotue 216, Route 217, Lake Acuity

Larvitar - Route 207
Mightyena - 214, Route 215
Aron - Fuego Ironworks
Kecleon - Route 210 (Celestic Side)

Slowpoke - Route 211 (Eterna Side)
Houndoom - Route 214, Route 215
Stantler - Route 207
Bagon - Route 210 (Celestic Side)

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Swarming Pokémon

This is a list of Pokémon that appear depending on the day's swarm. You can look at it on TV or ask Lucas/Dawn's sister in Sandgem Town. Each day, one of these Pokémon will appear randomly.

Pidgey - Route 229
Magnemite - Fuego Ironworks
Farfetch'd - Route 221
Doduo - Route 201
Drowzee - Route 215
Krabby - Route 226
Voltorb - Route 218
Cubone - Route 203
Lickitung - Lake Valor
Tangela - Mt. Coronet Summit
Natu - Route 224
Dunsparce - Route 208
Snubull - Route 209
Swinub - Route 217
Corsola - Route 230
Delibird - Route 216
Phanpy - Route 207
Smoochum - Lake Acuity
Zigzagoon - Route 202
Surskit - Lake Verity
Slakoth - Eterna Forest
Makuhita - Route 225
Nosepass - Route 206
Skitty - Route 222
Electrike - Valley Windworks
Spoink - Route 214
Spinda - Route 227
Absol - Route 213
Beldum - Route 228

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Mansion Pokémon

There are some Pokémon that appear in the Trophy Garden according to the day. Ask the old man in the mansion and he will tell you what Pokémon he supposedly saw "the other day" at his garden. After he tells you, that Pokemon will appear in the garden. In addition, the Pokémon he told you yesterday will still be there one more day. This is a list of the unusual Pokémon that appear in the garden:

Mime Jr.

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GBA-Insertion Pokémon

This is a list of Pokémon that appear only when the respective GBA Pokémon cartridge is inserted in the DS's second slot while playing Diamond/Pearl.


Seedot - Eterna Forest, Route 203, Route 204
Nuzleaf - Route 229
Mawile - Iron Mountain
Zangoose - Route 208
Solrock - Lake Verity, Lake Valor, Lake Acuity, Mt. Coronet, Spring Path, Turnback Cave


Lotad - Route 203, Route 204, Route 205 (Eterna Side), Route 215 (Solaceon Side)
Lombre - Route 212 (Pastoria Side), Route 229
Sableye - Iron Mountain
Seviper - Route 208
Lunatone - Lake Verity, Lake Valor, Lake Acuity, Mt. Coronet, Spring Path, Turnback Cave


Pineco - Eterna Forest, Route 203, Route 204, Route 229
Gligar - Stark Mountain, Route 206, Route 207, Route 214, Route 215, Route 227
Shuckle - Route 224
Teddiursa - Route 211, Lake Acuity
Ursaring - Lake Acuity, Route 216, Route 217


Caterpie - Route 204 (Jubilife Side)
Metapod - Eterna Forest
Ekans - Route 212 (Pastoria Side)
Arbok - Pastoria Great Marsh
Growlithe - Route 201, Route 202
Elekid - Route 204 (Jubilife), Valley Windworks


Weedle - Route 204 (Jubilife Side)
Kakuna - Eterna Forest
Sandshrew - Wayward Cave
Sandslash - Route 228
Vulpix - Route 209
Magby - Stark Mountain, Route 227


Haunter - Old Chateau
Gengar - Old Chateau (Room with the eyes on the wall)

I've got my GBA game inserted! Why can't I find any Pokémon that I should be able to find when the GBA game is inserted?
You need the National Dex to find Pokémon through the GBA insertion method. Ensure that the cartridge is genuine, and ensure that both the GBA and DS Pokémon games are of the same language.

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Safari Pokémon

These Pokémon can be seen in the Pastoria Great Marsh when looking at the binoculars. Some only appear this way, and under some circumstances:

Arbok - National Dex needed, with FR Inserted
Paras - National Dex needed
Exeggcute - National Dex needed
Kangaskhan - National Dex needed
Hoothoot - At night only
Noctowl - At night only
Yanma - National Dex needed
Shroomish - National Dex needed
Carvanha - Fish
Barboach - National Dex needed, Fish
Whiscash - National Dex needed, Fish

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What is Mystery Gift?

Mystery Gift is a feature designed to allow players to obtain Event 'Gifts'.

Players are able to:

-Download gifts from Events.

-Download gifts over Nintendo WiFi Connection.

-Download gifts from other players who have obtained events via one of the above methods. (DS-DS)

I tried downloading a gift over WiFi, but didn't receive one!

Currently, no events have been released over Nintendo WiFi Connection. Hopefully, some will be released in future, but for the moment, just wait.

How do I get Mystery Gift?

Go to Jubelife City, and enter the Television Center. There should be a man on the second floor who wants your comment, or something similar. Tell him:




Mystery gift will be enabled after you save, and will be available from the startup menu (Resume Game, WiFi Settings, etc).

Well, that's all I have to say. Any questions will be answered, and added to the original post =)
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Apparently, there isn't a PokeRus FAQ in the sticky. Thus, MegaMushroom07 is here to field all of your viral questions.

What is PokeRus?

Pokemon Virus, or 'PokeRus' for short is an infection which all 300 or and something monsters can obtain, providing that they are not immune to it.

Immune? What do you mean?

If a Pokemon with active PokeRus has been out of a box for more than 24 hours, the PokeRus will not be transmitted to other Pokemon. However, it will still keep the effects of PokeRus.

If a Pokemon is immune to PokeRus, it will have a small :| face next to its picture.

What does PokeRus actually do? Is it a bad thing?

The Pokemon virus is not a negative infection; It is quite the opposite. PokeRus doubles the number of Effort Values (Explained in my previous FAQ) obtained in battles. This is quite essential to EV training Pokemon.

How do I know if my Pokemon has the virus?

If one of your Pokemon has the virus, it will have either a purple 'PokeRus' next to its name in the 'Summary' section, or a face near its picture.

If a Pokemon is has developed, and is 'suffering' from active PokeRus, a trip to the nurse will briefly inform you of its condition.

How do I get PokeRus?

Obtaining PokeRus is a matter of chance; Wander around in the grass, fighting Pokemon until you get it, or obtain it via a trade. Then, you may pass it on to your remaining Pokemon.

How do I transmit PokeRus?

If a Pokemon has active PokeRus, as opposed to cured, place it in your first party slot. Then, fight random battles. The Pokemon opposite the active Pokemon will recieve a 1/3 chance of obtaining it per battle.

Well, folks, I think that is all.

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On request...

Ball Seals you say? What are they, and what are they for?

Ball Seals are a new addition to the Pokemon formula. They have little or no gameplay value; However, they do provide a nice effect in battle, and an ounce of propaganda.
Ball seals allow you to change the Pokemon Release Effect produced by a Ball in battle. The normal, uncustomised is highly undistinctive, unless you are using a special device such as the Cherish Ball. You may add lightning bolts, bubbles, flames, and much more to your capsules.

Where do I find them?

You first need to obtain the Seal Pack in the house west of the Unown Ruins in Solaceon Town. Then Ball Seals can be purchased cheaply at the Sunyshore Market. Talk to the topmost person to 'Seal the Deal'. You may also show Unown to the boy in Solaceon to receive 10 free letter seals corresponding to the Unown's letter form.

I have them, but how to I apply?

Firstly, log on to a PC, and select your own PC. Choose 'Ball Capsules'. Then, pick which seal you want, place them, and 'Set' the ball on your desired Pokemon.

I can't deposit my custom Pokemon!

Go back to the PC, and remove the set seal. Then, you will be able to deposit your Pokemon into boxes. This issue is highly inconvenient.
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I've seen a lot of threads being wasted into tradebacks, for evolving certain Pokémon (Machoke to Machamp, Electabuzz w/Electrizer into Electivire...), so for those who need to trade, you don't need to make a thread or ask someone's help. The GTS can be used for this.

For those who don't know how to do this, here are the steps:

1) Enter the GTS, and Deposit the Pokémon you want to evolve via trade (if it needs an item, give it the item as well). I recommend you ask for an Impossible Pokémon (I always ask for a lv.9 or lower Lugia).

2) Search for ANY Pokémon, and when you find one, you have to do a FULL trade. (Get their Pokémon and you get theirs).

3) After you have received that Pokémon, go back to the 3-option screen, and take back your Pokémon.

If you followed these steps correctly, when you get your Pokémon back, it'll now evolve as if you would've made a tradeback. Enjoy and Be Happy!
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Finding Feebas
Motsuko Live

Hey! Motsuko Live, once again.
This is my first guide, so bear with me! Today, I will be guiding you through catching the Pokemon Feebas. This guide is not 100% gauranteed to get you a Feebas, but it will certainly raise your chances of finding one. So without further ado, let's begin!

Ahh, Feebas. For such a shabby Pokemon, it's certainly a hard one to get! Why, you ask? The answer is simple: It evolves into Milotic, that mermaid Pokemon so many of us have seen. Yes, Milotic is definatley one for the records. While it's attack stat may not be the greatest, it has an incredible Sp. Defence and pretty decent HP, making it a great Special Wall. So how do you get one? Well, like all great things, we must start small and work our way up. Our starting point here, is Feebas.


What is a Feebas?
Feebas is, obviously, a Pokemon. It's like a Magikarp; useless when caught, but extremely powerful when evolved. The only difference is it's harder to find. A lot harder to find.

Why is it so Special?
Well actually, it's really not that special. The only special thing about it is that it's so rare.

What is Milotic?
Milotic is what Feebas evolves into. Milotic is what we hope to achieve by the end of this guide.

How do You Evolve Feebas?
Feebas is a strange Pokemon to evolve. I will cover evolving Feebas in this guide, also.

How Long Does it Take to Find a Feebas?
That all depends on how hard you work at it. It took me about 30 minutes to find one after using the techiniques I'll cover in this guide, but it could take anywhere from 15 minutes to 23:59 hours. Why 29:59? We'll cover it in this guide.

What is the "FFF Routine"?
I will cover this thoroughly in this guide.



A Fishing Rod: Either the Old Rod, Good Rod or Super Rod will work. A combination of the Super Rod and the Good Rod work well, but any will do. I wouldn't recommend using an Old Rod. The Old Rod, Good Rod and Super Rod are found by speaking to fishermen in Jubilife City, Route 209 and Route 255 respectively. (You need the National Dex in order to obtain the Super Rod).

A High Level Pokemon: You will be encountering level 45 and below Pokemon, so a Pokemon at level 50 or above is required.

A Pokemon With the Move Surf: A Pokemon that knows the move Surf. A few Pokemon who are Surf compatible are Buizel, Psyduck, Seal, Shellos, Sneasel, Tentacool and Wooper.

A Pokemon With the Move Strength: You will need to use the move Strength to get into the area where Feebas is. Just catch a Geodude or something.

A Pokemon With the Move Defog: You will need to use Defog to clear up the chamber Feebas is in. A few Pokemon who are Defog compatible are Wingull, Zubat, Pidgey, Stunky, Starly and Drifloon.

Poke Balls:
If you plan on catching the Feebas once you encounter it, Poke Balls or obviously a must. You can also use Quick Balls, Net Balls, Ultra Balls, Dusk Balls, Repeat Balls (if you plan on catching alot of them), and Nest Balls. These balls will work most effectively. I would recommend about 30 Quick Balls and 10 Ultra Balls.


Poketch + Poketch App No. 4: Poketch App No.4 is available when you recieve the Poketch. It is a Pedometer, also called a "Step Counter".

Super Repels: They don't have to be Super Repels. Any Repel will do, but you get the best deal on Supers. Also, Repels will save alot of time. If you follow this guide, you shouldn't need anymore than five.

The Feebas Factor

Ok, now that we have everything we need to catch a Feebas, you're probably wondering how we will catch one. To explain this to you, I'll start by introducing you to the Feebas Factor.
The Feebas Factor is the reason Feebas is so difficult to obtain. Feebas are only found in one location; the Basement of Mt. Coronet. However, the tricky part is they are only found in four random tiles of water that differ in each copy of Pokemon: Diamond/Pearl. Also, you must fish for it; You can't just surf around until you find one. Sounds tricky, doesn't it? Well it get's even trickier. The four random tiles change daily. Yes, that means that if you start searching for Feebas at 00:00 in your game, if you fail to find one of the tiles Feebas is in before 00:00 the next day, they will reset and appear in four new locations. So, if you start Feebas searching at 00:00, you basically have 23:59 hours to find one. But don't don't worry, it doesn't take that long. Well, atleast not when you use The "FFF" routine.

The Method: "Fish, Fish, Forward!"

Getting in Starting Position

Now some of you may be freaking out at this point. Yes, finding a Feebas sounds very difficult, but it isn't as hard as it sounds. All it takes is time and patience. So how do you do it? You're about to find out.
First off, fly to Celestic Town. From the Pokemon Center, head west until you get to Route 211. Continue west, past the trainers untill you get to the entrance of Mt. Coronet. Enter it.
Once inside Mt. Coronet, throw on a Super Repel. Head north until you get to the big rock. Use strengh to move it up, then once a path is cleared, continue going north. Follow the path, and go down the stairs at the end. You are now in the basement of Mt. Coronet; Home of Feebas.
Upon entering, use Defog to clear it up. Continue north until you come to the first set of stairs to your right. Go down them and continue north until you get to a dead end. Face east and use Surf.
Surf as far north as possible, then as far west as possible. You should end up in the top-right corner of water. This is the starting position. But wait! Before you begin, get out of the water and on to the strip of land just north of you. Run along this strip until your Repel wears off (If you used one). Without using another one, get back in the water and Surf to that top-right position again. Face west. You are now in the starting position, and ready to start Feebas hunting.

Check in spoiler for a screenshot. (EXTREMELY LARGE). Sorry for bad quality.


Ok. Now for the part you've all been waiting for; Catching Feebas. I'll explain the first few actions in steps, then I'll explain the "Fish, Fish, Forward!" routine.

First Steps

1. Register the Super Rod. (Or the Good/Old Rod, but the Super Rod is probably the best choice in this situation).

2. Throw on another Repel. (Trust me, this will save ALOT of time. It should almost be considered a mandatory item, seeing as you can shave off maybe an hour by bringing Repels to keep unwanted wild Pokemon at bay).

3. Reset the steps on the Pedometer. (I'll explain why in the "Fish, Fish, Forward!" section).

The "Fish, Fish, Forward!" Routine (FFF)

Yes, I know; Stupid name. Whatever, I needed to come up with something fast. Anyways, the "Fish, Fish, Forward" (or FFF for short) is the routine you'll be repeating over and over again in order to find a Feebas. Let's begin.
The objective of the FFF is to determine which Pokemon are in a specific tile. You do this by fishing once, fishing twice, and then moving forward onto the next tile. Sounds simple? Well, with 400 tiles to FFF on, it can be a little time consuming. In fact, let's conduct a simple experiment to see exactly how time consuming it can be.

I want you to fish once. Yes, take the Super/Good/Old Rod and fish in the spot you are in now. Start counting in seconds from the time you swing your rod out, to the time you reel it back in. (note: You have to encounter a Pokemon while doing this. If you don't encounter a Pokemon, reel in and try again, counting seconds this time too. Repeat until you find a Pokemon).

Ok, once you have your time, record that number on a piece of paper or something. I'll be using the number 25 as an example, So anytime you see the number 25, input your own data. Now, let's do a little math:
It took approx. 25 seconds to fish, go through the battle scene and return to a normal screen. Since we must do that twice for every tile, multiply 25 x 2. We get 50. So now we're at 50 seconds per tile. Seeing as there are 400 tiles to FFF on, we now multiply this number by 400. So: 50 x 400 = 20,000. Now we know it takes us 20,000 seconds to FFF every tile in the area. Since we're using seconds, to convert to minutes all we need to do is divide that number by 60. (Ah, we finally found a use for the Poketch calculator ). 20,000 / 60 = 333.33333333 (repeating). Ok, so it will take us approx. 333 minutes to FFF on all tiles. Now, let's divide that number by 60 again to get the amount of hours it will take us.
333 / 60 = 5.55. There's our answer. It will take us approx. 5 hours and 55 mintues to find Feebas! What? That's ridiculous? Well yes, it is. But remember! This is the maximum amount of time it will take us. This is only if we have to search search all 400 tiles, which we won't have to do, because by the time we get to the the 400th tile, we'll have atleast found three of the other tiles Feebas is in. Get it? You may want to read this section twice if it doesn't make sense the first time, as this is the most crucial part to finding a Feebas.

So now that we know how time consuming it can be, let's do it! Press why to ise your rod. Got one? Good, now see what it is. Chances are (if your using a Super Rod) it was either a Gyarados or a Whiscash. You don't have to battle them , you can just run if you'd like. Once we find our first Pokemon, fish again! Yes, just do the exact same thing! But what if you didn't encounter any Pokemon? Keep fishing. The point of FFFing is to figure out which Pokemon are in which tiles. We can't do that if we haven't encountered any Pokemon, can we? So keep fishing until you get atleast two encounters. Done? Move forward to the next square. Congratulations! You've just FFF'd your first tile. It's that easy! Now, this is where the Pedometer comes on handy. As you may have noticed, by moving to the next sqaure, you set the Pedometer to "1". You can refer to this to see how many tiles you've FFF'd. Why is this helpful? Well, with 400 tiles and four of them Feebas Tiles, the ratio of Feebas Tiles to Regular Tiles is 4:336. This basically means that for every 100 tiles you FFF on, you'll find one Feebas tile. Yeah, pretty bad odds if you ask me. The Pedometer is helpful because it shows how many tiles you've FFF'd on. So, when your Pedometer says "100", you've probably already found (or are close to finding) a Feebas Tile. But remember; The Feebas Tiles are positioned randomly by the game, so it is possible for all four tiles to be next to eachother (although the odds of this actually happening are 0.00252525, so don't count on it).

Ok, the basic movement for FFFing is this:

X = Starting Position
> = Direction


Does this make any sense to you? Let me explain it. After you FFF the first tile, move forward. Keep doing this until you come to a wall. Then, don't move south, just face south. FFF again, and then move south. Face east and start over again, this time going to the right of the screen. Continue this pattern.

Last but not least, when you find a Feebas Tile, you'll know it. When you enter a Feebas Tile, your odds of finding a Feebas go from 0% to 80%. A major change.
Feebas will appear at any level between 8 and 30.
By the way, you don't always have to fish twice. You can fish as many times as you'd like, but two seems to be a pretty reasonable number.

Found a Feebas Tile. Now What?

Ok, so you've followed the FFF routine, and it's been about an hour and you've finally found a Feebas Tile. This is where you switch to the Good Rod. The Super Rod was used to FFF because of it's high hook rate. But now that you know exactly where a Feebas Tile is, you can whip out your Good Rod. Why? Well, no reason really. I just find it easier to fight level 20-30 Pokemon than level 30-45 Pokemon. Anyway, once you decide on a rod to use, CATCH, CATCH, AND CATCH SOME MORE! A lot of people think that just because Feebas is hard to find, it's hard to catch. Not true. Feebas is very easy to catch, and can be caught with ease using an Ultra Ball or a Quick Ball on the first turn. But remember; you only have until midnight when the Feebas Tiles change again, so make sure you catch all that you can carry. When I found my first Feebas Tile, I caught about 30 of them. And if you run out of balls, that's fine. Save the game, make a mental note of where you're Feebas Tile is (or write it down), exit the cave, buy more Poke Balls, re-enter the cave and catch more Feebas. If you forget where your tile is, turn off your DS and you'll restart right where you saved; in front of the Feebas Tile.

How do I Find Feebas Again?

Well, I'm sorry to say it, but you'll have to do this whole thing over again. That's why it's best to stalk up on Feebas when you have the chance

How do I Evolve My Feebas?

Feebas is a very strange Pokemon. It has no set level, nor any stones to make it evolve. It doesn't require high friendship, and you don't have to trade it. So how do you make Feebas evolve? Raise it's beauty stat.
The beauty stat is a contest stat. Feebas needs 170/200 beauty to evolve into Milotic. You can up it's beauty by feeding it certain Poffn's. Poffin's are made in Hearthome City with berries. Here is a more in-depth guide on making/using Poffins (Credit to Myst Erik Ery).

There! That basically wraps up my guide to Finding Feebas. Remember, this is only v 1.2, so if you see any errors, please PM me. Also PM if you'd like some further assistance. Until next time!

Motsuko Live

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The PokéBall Guide - Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

The making of this guide has been approved by classicrockfan, Moderator of Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum (DS). This thread is simply created to answer questions about the various effects of the different PokéBalls - old and new to the DPP generation. PokéBalls are listed in alphabetical order. To identify how powerful a Ball is, the effectiveness of the ball is compared to the effectiveness of a regular PokéBall. For example if you were to see a Ball with x3 for a catch rate, it means it is three times as powerful as the standard PokéBall.

Name: Cherish Ball
Catch Rate: x1
Cost: --
Location: --
Description: The ball is unobtainable inside the game. It is only found at events, where the Cherish Ball holds another Pokémon inside of it. For example, the ALAMOS Darkrai is in a Cherish Ball. You cannot have a Cherish Ball in your bag without the use of an external device.

Name: Dive Ball
Catch Rate: x1 or x3.5
Cost: --
Location: Solaceon Town
Description: If you throw a Dive Ball at a Pokémon that is underwater, the Dive Ball will be 3.5 times as strong as a standard PokéBall. Otherwise, the ball will be x1.

Name: Dusk Ball
Catch Rate: x1 or x4
Cost: $1000
Location: Oreburgh City, Solaceon Town, some PokéMarts
Description: If you attempt to capture the defending Pokémon when it is nighttime or in a dark area(such as caves), the ball will be 4 times as strong as a standard PokéBall. Otherwise it will be 1 time as strong.

Name: Great Ball
Catch Rate: x1.5
Cost: $600
Location: PokéMart (after 3 badges are obtained), Route 210, Eterna Forest, Pokémon Mansion, Great Marsh, use the Dowsing Machine (Pokétch App)
Description: Always 1.5 times as strong as a standard PokéBall.

Name: Heal Ball
Catch Rate: x1
Cost: $300
Location: Oreburgh City, Solaceon Town, some PokéMarts
Description: Right after a Pokémon is caught, the Pokémon is restored to full strength and the status condition is healed. It is as strong as the standard PokéBall.

Name: Luxury Ball
Catch Rate: x1
Cost: $1000
Location: Solaceon Town, some PokéMarts
Description: After the Pokémon is caught, the friendship of the caught Pokémon is raised.

Name: Master Ball
Catch Rate:
Cost: --
Location: Galactic Headquarters, Jubilife TV Station(Lottery)
Description: Catches a Pokémon without fail, 100% of the time.

Name: Nest Ball
Catch Rate: x1-3
Cost: $1000
Location: Solaceon Town, some PokéMarts
Description: To determine the catch rate of this PokéBall, you take the following formula: (40 - Opponent's Level) / 10. The lower the number, the stronger this ball is. Catch rate of this ball has nothing to do with your own Pokémon's level.

Name: Net Ball
Catch Rate: x1 or x3
Cost: $1000
Location: PokéMarts, Solaceon Town, Route 222
Description: If the defending Pokémon is a bug or a water type, the catch rate of this ball is x3. If the defending Pokémon is dual typed, and one of the types is Water/Bug, the catch rate is also x3. Otherwise, the catch rate of this ball is x1.

Name: Park Ball
Catch Rate:
Cost: --
Location: Pal Park (cannot be stored in bag)
Description: This ball is only obtainable through Pal Park, in which you are given six wild Pokémon to find and six Park Balls. If you do not capture all the Pokémon, the Park Balls will not come in your bag. Park Ball captures Pokémon without fail, just like the Master Ball. Sprite of this PokéBall is parallel to that of the Safari Ball.

Name: PokéBall
Catch Rate: x1
Cost: $200
Location: PokéMart, Route 203, Route 205, Route 207, Route 208, Great Marsh, using Dowsing Machine (Pokétch App)
Description: Standard PokéBall. x1 effectiveness no matter what.

Name: Premier Ball
Catch Rate: x1
Cost: --
Location: PokéMart
Description: If you purchase at least 10 PokéBalls at once from a PokéMart, you will receive a Premier Ball. Note that if you buy 20 PokéBalls in one purchase, you will only receive one Premier Ball. However if you buy 20 PokéBalls in two different purchases(10 each), you will receive two PokéBalls. Reason being that the game only judges upon if the number purchased at once is 10 or greater. This PokéBall is basically the same as the standard PokéBall, only with a cooler new look.

Name: Quick Ball
Catch Rate: x1-4
Cost: $1000
Location: Some PokéMarts, Solaceon Town
Description: During the first 4 turns of the battle, the capture rate is x4. When the number of turns reaches 5, the capture rate decreases to x3. When the number of turns reaches 10, the capture rate decreases to x2. When the number of turns reaches 15 or more, the capture rate decreases to x1. Ball is best used at the beginning of a battle.

Name: Repeat Ball
Catch Rate: x1 or x3
Cost: $1000
Location: Some PokéMarts, Solaceon Town
Description: If the defending Pokémon is a Pokémon that you have previously caught before, the effectiveness of this PokéBall is x3. Otherwise it is x1.

Name: Safari Ball
Catch Rate: x1.5
Cost: --
Location: Great Marsh
Description: You are given 30 of these Safari Balls in the Great Marsh to catch as many Pokémon as you can within taking a certain amount of steps. If you have not used up all your Safari Balls before the Safari Game ends, the balls will be taken from you. Therefore you cannot have any Safari Balls in your bag.

Name: Timer Ball
Catch Rate: x1-4
Cost: $1000
Location: Some PokéMarts, Solaceon Town
Description: To calculate the catch rate of the Timer Ball, you use the following formula: (No. of Turns + 10) / 10. The larger the number, the more effective this PokéBall will be. The ball is best used in a longer battle. The ball only counts up to 40 turns.

Name: Ultra Ball
Catch Rate: x2
Cost: $1200
Location: PokéMart (only after 5 badges are obtained), Route 210, Route 225, Iron Island, Acuity Lakefront, Stark Mountain, using the Dowsing Machine (Pokétch App)
Description: Always twice as strong as the standard PokéBall regardless of the situation
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~ Where to see?
This guide offers helpful information for where to see every Pokemon so you can obtain that National Dex quicker and faster! :D

001. Turtwig: Eterna Gym, Gym Leader Gardenia.
002. Grotle: Route 210 (Foggy Area), Ace Trainer.
003. Torterra: Victory Road, Ace Trainer.
004. Chimchar: Route 207, Youngster.

005. Monferno: Route 215, Ace Trianer.

006. Infernape: Pokemon League, Elite Four Flint.

007. Piplup: Route 205, Picnicker.

008. Prinplup: Route 212 (Rainy Area), Pokemon Ranger.
009. Empoleon: Victory Road, Expert.
010. Starly: Route 201.

011. Staravia: Cycling Road, Cyclist.
012. Staraptor: Victory Road, Birdkeeper.
013. Bidoof: Route 201.
014. Bibarel: Route 208; Route 213, Swimmer.
015. Kricketot: Route 203, Youngster.
016. Kricketune. Route 214.
017. Shinx: Route 202, Youngster.
018. Luxio: Route 212, Rich Boy.
019. Luxray: Sunyshore Gym, Leader Volkner.
020. Abra: Jubilife City, School Boy.
021. Kadabra: Galactic Eterna Building, Scientist.
022. Alakazam: Victory Road, Psychic.

023. Magikarp: Route 204, Youngster.
024. Gyarados: Route 215, Ace Trainer.
025. Budew: Route 204, Lass.

026. Roselia: Route 208, Aroma Lady.

027. Roserade: Pokemon League, Champion Cynthia.

028. Zubat: Route 203, Youngster.
029. Golbat: Route 210 (Foggy Area), Ninja Boy.
030. Crobat: Mt. Coronet, Galactic Boss Cyrus.

031. Geodude: Oreburgh Mine, Worker.

032. Graveler: Iron Island, Worker.

033. Golem: Victory Road, Expert.
034. Oni: Oreburgh Mine, Worker.
035. Steelix: Canalave Gym, Leader Byron.
036. Cranidos: Oreburgh Gym, Leader Roark.

037. Rampardos: Victory Road, Ace Trainer.
038. Shieldon: Route 215, Ruin Maniac.
039. Bastiodon: Canalave Gym, Leader Byron.

040. Machop: Route 203, Youngster.

041. Machoke: Veilstone Gym, Leader Maylene.

042. Machamp: Victory Road, Black Belt.

043. Psyduck: Oreburgh Gate, Picnicker.
044. Golduck: Route 216, Ace Trainer.
045. Burmy: Eterna Forest, Bug Catcher.

046. Wormadam: Route 214, Beauty.
047. Mothim: Route 210 (Foggy Area), Ace Trainer.
048. Wurmple: Jubilife City, Galactic Grunt.
049. Silcoon: Floaroma Flower Garden, Galactic Grunt.
050. Beautifly: Eterna Forest, Bug Catcher.

051. Cascoon: Valley Windworks, Galactic Grunt.

052. Dustox: Eterna Forest, Bug Catcher.

053. Combee: Route 208, Aroma Lady.
054. Vespiqueen: Pokemon League, Elite Four Aaron.
055. Pachirisu: Route 204, Twins.

056. Buizel: Lost Tower, Belle and Pa.

057. Floatzel: Pastoria Gym, Leader Wake.

058. Cherubi: Route 204, Aroma Lady.
059. Cherrim: Route 221, Ace Trainer.
060. Shellos: Lost Tower, Youngster.

061. Gastrodon: Route 222, Sailor.

062. Heracross: Canalave City, Pokemon Trainer Rival.
063. Aipom: Route 210, Farmer.
064. Ambipom: Route 216, Ace Trainer.

065. Drifloon: Valley Windworks on Fridays; or Trainer in Hearthome Gym.

066. Drifblim: Hearthome Gym, Leader Fantina.

067. Buneary: Route 212, Rich Girl.

068. Lopunny: Route 216, Ace Trainer.
069. Gastly: Route 214, Psychic.
070. Haunter: Victory Road, Psychic.

071. Gengar: Hearthome Gym, Leader Fantina.

072. Misdreavus: Lost Tower, Young Couple.

073. Mismagius: Hearthome Gym, Leader Fantina.

074. Murkrow: Lost Tower, Young Couple.
075. Honchkrow: Mt. Coronet, Galactic Boss Cyrus.
076. Glameow: Valley Windworks, Galactic Grunt.

077. Purugly: Valley Windworks, Commander Mars.
078. Goldeen: Route 205, Fisherman.
079. Seaking: Route 217, Ace Trainer.

080. Barboach: Route 212, Fisherman.

081. Whiscash: Victory Road, Double Team.
082. Chingling: Victory Road, Psychic.
083. Chimecho: Victory Road, Psychic.
084. Stunky: Lost Tower, Youngster.
085. Skuntank: Galactic Eterna Building, Commander Jupiter.
086. Meditite: Eterna Forest, Psychic.

087. Medicham: Snowpoint Gym, Leader Candice.

088. Bronzor: Route 207, Hiker.

089. Bronzong: Pokemon League, Elite Four Lucian.

090. Ponyta: Route 205, Camper.

091. Rapidash: Victory Road, Ace Trainer.

092. Bonsly: Route 208, Artist.

093. Sudowoodo: Route 210, Collector.
094. Mime Jr. Route 208, Artist.
095. Mr. Mime: Route 210, Collector.

096. Happiny: Route 210, Pokemon Breeder.
097. Chansey: Route 209 and Route 210 (wild).
098. Blissey: Victory Road, Ace Trainer.
099. Cleffa: Route 209, Pokemon Breeder.
100. Clefairy: Route 210, Twins.

101. Clefable: Victory Road, Ace Trainer.

102. Chatot: Route 212, Gentleman.

103. Pichu: Route 209, Pokemon Breeder.
104. Pikachu: Route 209, Poke Kid.
105. Raichu: Route 210 (Foggy Area), Double Team.
106. Hoothoot: Route 211 (West), Birdkeeper.
107. Noctowl: Route 210 (Foggy Area), Birdkeeper.

108. Spiritomb: Pokemon League, Champion Cynthia.

109. Gible: Victory Road, Dragon Tamer.

110. Gabite: Victory Road, Dragon Tamer.

111. Garchomp: Pokemon League, Champion Cynthia.

112. Munchlax: Found by using Honey on trees.
113. Snorlax: Pokemon League, Pokemon Trainer Rival.
114. Unown: Solaceon Ruins, to the east of Solaceon Town.

115. Riolu: Oreburgh Gate (Basement), Expert. (Requires Surf.)

116. Lucario: Veilstone Gym, Leader Maylene.

117. Wooper: Valor Lakefront, Schoolboy.
118. Quagsire: Pastoria Gym, Leader Wake.
119. Wingull: Route 223, Swimmer.
120. Pelipper: Route 217, Ace Trainer.
121. Girafarig: Route 210, Framer.
122. Hippopotas. Route 217, Ace Trainer.
123. Hippowdon: Pokemon League, Elite Four Bertha.
124. Azurill: Route 223, Swimmer.

125. Marill: Route 212 (Rainy Area), Pokemon Ranger.

126. Azumarill: Route 223, Swimmer.

127. Skorupi: Route 210, Ninja Boy.

128. Drapion: Pokemon League, Elite Four Aaron.

129. Croagunk: Route 215, Black Belt.

130. Toxicroak: Lake Valor, Commander Saturn.

131. Carnivine: Victory Road, Ace Trainer.

132. Remoraid: Route 213, Fisherman.
133. Octillery: Sunyshore City, Leader Volkner.
134. Finneon: Route 223, Swimmer.

135. Lumineon: Route 223, Swimmer.
136. Tentacool: Route 223, Swimmer.
137. Tentacruel. Route 223, Swimmer.

138. Feebas: Route 222, Sailor.

139. Milotic: Pokemon League, Champion Cynthia.

140. Mantyke: Route 223, Swimmer.

141. Mantine: Route 223, Swimmer.

142. Snover: Snowpoint Gym, Leader Candice.

143. Abomasnow: Snowpoint Gym, Leader Candice.

144. Sneasel: Snowpoint Gym, Leader Candice.

145. Weavile: Mt. Coronet, Galactic Boss Cyrus.

146. Uxie: Lake Acuity.
147. Mesprit: Can see it in Lake Verity; catch it at random Route.
148. Azelf: Lake Valor.

149. Dialga: Mt. Coronet (Diamond); see in Celestic Town (Pearl).

150. Palkia: Mt. Coronet (Pearl); see in Celestic Town (Diamond).

151. Manaphy: Receive from Pokemon Ranger. Not needed for National Dex
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Step by Step Instructions (you're going to need a little program called RNG reporter(google it))

Step 1

You will want to prepare by doing the following:

Have a party of five Pokémon.
Have compatible parents at the ready, but NOT in the daycare.
Be standing near or on a place where Pokémon of level 50 or higher may be captured. It is important that there are no weather effects in the area where you plan to capture the Pokémon, as this will make it impossible to hatch a shiny Pokémon.
Have the Pokétch application showing the app before the Happiness Checker application. This is important, as if you go through this with the Happiness Checker showing you will not get the expected results.
Save your game.

Step 2

Reset your game, making a note of your DS date and time at the moment you hit A while on the "Continue" screen. You do NOT need to know this down to the second, only to the minute, so it should not be extremely difficult. The continue screen is shown above so there is no confusion.

Step 3

Catch a wild Pokémon of at least level 50.

Step 4

Using RNG Reporter, find your initial seed by clicking "DPPt Seed Finder".

Select the "Find Initial Seed by Stats" tab and then enter all of the required information.

Please note all fields in yellow on the following screens must be entered. Those not marked in yellow can be left blank, or at the default.

Fill in the date and time on your DS clock at the time you pressed "A" on the continue screen. Remember for the step above that "Hours" needs to be 0-23. That's a 24-hour clock. Make sure that you've done that part correctly or the results below will NOT be close to what you are looking for.

Enter in the stats, nature, species, and characteristic of the who Pokémon you captured in Step 3. When all of this information has been entered click the "Find" button.

Once you see an initial seed, and have clicked on it in the grid to select it, click 'OK' to populate the initial seed field in the main RNG Reporter window. Depending on how long you linger on the continue screen, you could have a higher value for the delay. This is OK.

If no results are returned then you have not entered the correct nature, stats, or DS time.

Step 5

Now that you have a starting seed, select your method in RNG Reporter and select "DPPt Egg PID (Normal)" in the "Method" drop down box.

NOTE: You may notice that there an option for "DPP Egg PID (International)" under the item that you are selecting. If you are breeding Pokémon of games that are in two different languages (such as a US Ditto with a Japanese Skitty) you should select this option. One foolproof way to test if two Pokémon are considered international is to attempt to breed them while the appropriate parent is holding an Everstone. If the Everstone does not work then you have international parents.

Enter your ID and SID and check the "Shiny Only" box.

Click "Generate" to display a list of shiny eggs.

You should reset and repeat the previous steps if you do not see a combination of nature, ability, and gender that you like, or if there are too many taps required. The ability and gender columns are explained in detail below.

Pokémon may have two possible abilities, one of which is often preferred. The "Ability" column is used to determine which ability your hatched Pokémon will have. As RNG Reporter does not know the Pokémon you are breeding, it simply lists them as "0" or "1". To convert these numbers to an actual ability, click the "Dex / IV Check" button in RNG Reporter and select the Pokémon you are breeding. Additionally, there is an online listing for Pokemon with multiple abilities in X-Act's article on PID Creation.
There are four columns used to help you determine the gender of a Pokémon . This is necessary because gender is determined, in part, by the gender ratio of the Pokémon. Since RNG Reporter does not know the gender ratio of the Pokémon you are breeding, it lists what the gender will be for each of those four ratios.

Below is a listing of column headings in RNG Reporter and the specific genders that they apply to.

50% female / 50% male

12.5% female / 87.5% male

25% female / 75% male

75% female / 25% male

Step 6

Once you have decided on your spread, the number of times to exercise the Pokétch Applications will need to be determined. This is quite easy. Right click the nature in the listing and select "Calculate Pokétch Taps."

Make a note of the number of taps and coin flips before proceeding to the next step.

Step 7

At this point you should begin tapping both applications as many times as you were told to do so. A tap on the happiness checker is a double click that makes the Pokémon jump. It is recommended that you do the Happiness Checker Application taps first, as you will want to flip away from this Application when you are done to avoid automatically tripping it. Once you have completed this task advance to the next step.

It is important to remember to switch away from the Happiness Checker before proceeding to the next step!

Step 8

Proceed directly to the PC inside of the daycare. Don't worry if you have to fly to Solaceon, as this will not affect the IRNG. Gather the parents you are going to use, and finally place them into the daycare. Ride your bike until the daycare man is holding an egg.

Save the game, if you plan to soft reset for good IVs.

Collect and hatch to verify your shiny.


When first learning to hatch shiny Pokémon there are a number of common issues that many people encounter. This section deals with those common problems and the most likely solutions.

When attempting to find the initial seed, you are presented with this error message: "No reasonable initial seed found. Please check your DATE and TIME"
This problem is always caused when you enter a date and time into RNG Reporter which does not match the date and time on the Nintendo DS when the A button was pressed on the continue screen.
Verify that the date and time which you enter into RNG Reporter match the date and time on the Nintendo DS. Pay particular attention to the hour, which should be in 24 hour format. For more infomation you should read this article on the 24 hour clock.


Each time you collect an egg the Nature, Ability, and Gender are correct, but the Pokémon is not shiny.


This issue indicates that you have incorrectly entered the SID or ID into RNG Reporter.


Carefully verify your SID and ID and ensure that you have entered them correctly into RNG
Reporter. It is important that they are both correct.


Each time you collect an egg the Nature, Ability, and Gender are incorrect.


There are a number of different issues which can lead to this issue.

One of the parent Pokémon is holding an everstone.

You selected "DPPt Egg PID (International)" when the parents are not, in fact, of different languages.

You selected "DPPt Egg PID (Normal)" when the parents are, in fact, of different languages.

You correctly selected "DPPt Egg PID (International)", but entered the SID or ID incorrectly.

You made an error counting when using the Happiness application or Coin Flip application.

The Happiness application was not closed immediately and you performed some other ingame action, such as flying or entering a building, while it was still open.


Remove the Everstone from the parent Pokémon.

Be sure that the choice of international or normal is correct.

Carefully verify your SID and ID and ensure that they are entered correctly into RNG Reporter. It is important that they are both correct.

Be sure to carefully count the number of Happiness application taps and Coin Flip application taps.

Be sure to only have the Happiness application open during the time when you are performing the taps.

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I was reading through the shiny thread earlier and I noticed a fair number of questions on chaining. "Wheres the best place" "I keep encountering a different pokemon" and other such things.
I have a competent grasp on how to chain shiny pokemon with the pokeradar, so I figured I would write a tutorial on it.

If this isn't the right place for this, I'm sorry.

Step 1: Preparing For Your Mission

So you're all set to catch some shiny Pokemon eh?
Not so fast Bub.
Before going out to start chaining Pokemon like crazy, you need to prepare.
As preparation, you should always be sure that you have these things:

  • Max Repels (I usually keep around 100, but 200-300 are recommended)
    • Pokemon can appear randomly even if you are using the Pokeradar.
  • Pokeballs (or whatever variation you prefer)
    • To catch your shiny.
  • PP Restoratives (Leppa berries are best imo. Easy to replace.)
    • You'll be needing to KO a lot of Pokemon.

  • 5 Damage Dealing Pokemon (High levels and attacks that can OHKO with lots of PP are best)
    • The easier and faster you can KO the Pokemon, the better.
  • 1 False Swipe Pokemon (I like Scizor/Scyther)
    • When the time comes to catch that shiny Pokemon, you don't want to KO it.

Other Objects of Importance-
  • The Pokeradar (DUH)
    • Obtainable only after beating the Elite Four and having seen every pokemon in the Sinnoh Pokedex. Talk to Professor Rowan.
  • Poketch App. 20 (The Pokeradar App.)
    • Obtained from the boy in the second house to the right from the Inn at Valor Lakefront. Rock Climb will be required to reach it.
    • The Pokeradar App. will tell you how long your current chain is as well as your top 3 longest chains.

Step 2: Who, What, Where, When, and Why?

All the important questions...
Okay, so Who isn't really all that important here. Since obviously, ITS YOU!
And I suppose that Why isn't really all that important either. Since the only logical reason to try and encounter 40+ of the same Pokemon is so that you can catch a shiny.
But What, Where, and When are pretty important.

  • The Pokemon (It has to be obtainable in the game, obviously)
    • The Pokemon you choose will decide where and when you are chaining your shiny. It must always be obtainable in a grassy area.
      • Example: Let's say I want a shiny Electabuzz.
  • The Route (And also the specific patch of grass)
    • The route cannot be inside of a cave or in the water. It must have patches of grass. Sometimes your Pokemon will be available in multiple Routes. Your Pokedex can give you the specifics. Finding the best patch of grass to chain in is important. The patch of grass should have an area of 9 squares by 9 squares AT LEAST. To display what this looks like I've made a nifty box of exes. Assume that one x is equal to one square in game and the o is your starting point.
This is your ideal grass patch:
x x x x x x x x x
x x x x x x x x x
x x x x x x x x x
x x x x x x x x x
x x x x o x x x x
x x x x x x x x x
x x x x x x x x x
x x x x x x x x x
x x x x x x x x x
(Spacing is a little whacky here. The area will be square in game)
  • Example: Electabuzz is only available on Route 222. It just so happens that there is a patch of grass similar to the one shown above in the most western portion of Route 222. This is where I will chain my Pokemon.

  • Time of day (Some pokemon are only available at certain times of the day)
    • Again, Your Pokedex is your tool. Your Pokedex can tell you what particular time of day your Pokemon is available. Sometimes your Pokemon may require you to start your chain in the morning, or night. If the Pokemon you are seeking is not in your Pokedex, there are a lot of online sources that can give you the details.
      • Example: Electabuzz can be found all throughout the day. I can start chaining whenever I want.
Step 3: The Basics

With preparations complete, I think its time for you to start chaining Pokemon. And you're thinking "But Alpha Eevee, you haven't even taught us HOW! Just guided us through preparation!"
You're right.
I'm going to go through the process with you. I find it best to learn while doing, ya know?
So here it goes.

First Things First-
  • The rules of chaining:
  1. The farther away from you the spot of grass is, the higher the chance is that it will be the Pokemon you are chaining (This obviously doesn't apply if you haven't started your chain yet).
  2. As soon as your repel wears off, use another.
  3. If you need to take a break, do so during the middle of battle.
  4. NEVER run from battle during a chain.
  5. Do not let the Pokemon you are battling flee or force you to (Teleporting, roaring, whirlwinding, etc.. Pokemon)
  6. NEVER use your bike.
  7. If there are two patches next to each other, do not enter either.
  8. If there are no spots of grass at least four spaces away, do not enter any. Reset the radar.
  9. NEVER move into the space of grass directly behind your sprite. Because your character is standing right in front of that spot of grass, it's difficult to tell sometimes if the spot shook or not. So to be safe, stay out of it.
These are my nine rules. Follow them. Learn them. Love them. These rules will have you chaining shiny Pokemon soon enough.

A Little Bit of Foreknowledge-
  • [Possibly] Important information:
    • There are 4 "zones" where spots of grass will appear after using the Pokeradar. (See the end of this section to see some numbers that display those zones)
    • Resetting the Pokeradar (Using it again while in the middle of a chain) will not break your chain. Resetting is very important and you will be doing it a lot.
    • Turning off the DS will break your chain.
    • Moving too far away from the spots of grass can break your chain.
    • If you're chaining a Pokemon that only appears in the day and it changes to night time, you can still continue the chain. The same goes for swarm Pokemon. If you start a swarm Pokemon before midnight and the day changes, you can continue to chain the Pokemon still.
    • The non-sparkly spots of grass still have the same 1 in 8,192 chance of revealing a shiny Pokemon.
    • If you are chaining an Electric type Pokemon the abilty Static increases your chance of finding one. For Steel type Pokemon, The ability Magnet Pull will increase your chances.
    • After reaching a chain of 40, your odds of finding a shiny Pokemon will not increase further. Rather than continuing to chain (unless you are also training, or just want the number as a record), start resetting the Pokeradar after 40 until you find a sparkly spot, to guarantee that you will not break your chain.
    • You are more likely to find and continue to find swarm Pokemon while chaining.
The zones:
4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
4 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4
4 3 2 2 2 2 2 3 4
4 3 2 1 1 1 2 3 4
4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4
4 3 2 1 1 1 2 3 4
4 3 2 2 2 2 2 3 4
4 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4
4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

So here is your ideal patch of grass again. 0 is you. This displays which spots of grass are the safest to walk into to continue your chain. Zone 4 is the only area I suggest using while chaining. Of course it is entirely up to you. Spots in zones 1 and 2 will almost always break your chain. One patch of grass will shake in each zone every time you use the Pokeradar. BUT, if you don't have 4 spots of grass on every side of you, the spot for that zone may be outside the grass, making it impossible to use it in your chain. So if that happens, you should reset the Pokeradar from a spot that does have 4 spaces on every side.

So those are just some of the few things to know while chaining, but there's still a good bit more to it than that. So get the the middle of your patch of grass and register that Pokeradar so that we can get on with it!

Step 4: Taking Care of Business-

This is it. The moment of truth. Enough delaying and preparing. I think you're ready to go for the long chain.

Get to the center of your chosen patch of grass and use a Max Repel.
Be sure that you've got a Pokemon at the front of your party that can OHKO the Pokemon you're going to be chaining.
Use your Pokeradar.
After using the Pokeradar, up to 4 spots of grass will wiggle.
There are 3 types of wiggles.
The Common Wiggle- the grass just shakes. These spots of grass usually contain the more common type of Pokemon.
The Uncommon Wiggle (I'm so creative)- the grass will shake and flecks of white will show up above it. These are usually less common Pokemon.
The Rare Wiggle- sparkles appear above the grass and will flash at you a couple times. These always contain a shiny Pokemon, and the Pokemon will always be the one you are currently chaining.
Choose your spot of grass you want to enter. If it contains the Pokemon that you set out to chain, KO it. Catching it will also start/continue the chain.
If it isn't the Pokemon you are looking for, just run. Recharge your Pokeradar by running around for 50 steps and using it again.
Once you have found your first Pokemon for the chain and have either caught or KO'd it, the screen will go back to your character in the patch of grass where another 4 patches of grass will shake. Try to stay with the same types of wiggles unless its a rare wiggle, although its possible that your Pokemon is in another type of wiggle, it is unlikely and its easy to break your chain. Now. Remember the zones?

4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
4 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4
4 3 2 2 2 2 2 3 4
4 3 2 1 1 1 2 3 4
4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4
4 3 2 1 1 1 2 3 4
4 3 2 2 2 2 2 3 4
4 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4
4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

To be safest, choose a spot of grass in zone 4, so that your chain is less likely to break. If your last encounter brought you towards the edge or a corner where you don't have 4 spaces on all sides of you and a spot of grass in zone 4 doesn't appear, walk enough steps for your Pokeradar to recharge it, move back to a good spot and use it again.
While recharging the Pokeradar, be sure to stay away from the other patches the moved and also be sure not to go too far from them. If you get too far away, your chain will break.
This is all that chaining really is from now on.
It takes a lot of patience, but just remember that once you have that shiny Pokemon, it makes all of this worth it.
OH, and...
Any time your instincts say that you shouldn't enter a patch of grass, even though its in zone 4 and its the same type of wiggle, but you just have this feeling, reset the Pokeradar.
I've found that when I don't trust my instincts, I end up regretting it.
I would rather take an extra 50 steps.
Just because it follows all of the rules, doesn't mean it is guaranteed to be your Pokemon.
After you reach a chain of 40, you can stop fighting Pokemon and just start resetting the Pokeradar if you don't see a patch of rare wiggly grass that has a shiny Pokemon. Your odds won't get any better from this point on and it's better than breaking your chain by accident.

This is about all I really have on chaining Pokemon for you.
So good luck everyone and happy gaming.

If there are any questions, I'll do my best to answer them and add to this as I go.

Alpha Eevee
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D/P/Pt Guide to RNG Abuse

Written by Alternative

Honestly, I think it belongs here. If it doesn't, please move it to the appropriate forum.

(Disclaimer: This guide will only teach the basics on how to breed for flawless IVs. I will add to this once I learn how to catch, and others like Wondercards etc.)

This is my guide to D/P/Pt breeding using RNG Abuse. You will learn after reading this guide how to breed Pokemon for flawless Pokemon, or near there.

What you will need:
RNG Reporter: A program that allows you to essentially RNG abuse the Pokemon wanted. Downloading is required. You can download the program here.

(Note: This doesn't yet work on Macintosh Computers, but I think there's another program which will allow you to do so. I don't know anything about it though.)

Action Replay (AR): Not really needed, but it helps. A couple of the steps you will need to do something different from the guide to get the same result.

A clock with a clear Seconds reading: You will need to have a clock with a clear seconds reading to synchronie your DS clock with for the RNG abuse.

Calibration Phase Done: This is a simple phase, and it's just to calculate what your average delay and time is for RNG abuse. It's different for everyone. You can find a guide to it here. You should also note whether you hit mostly Odd or Even delays. I'm using a DSi but using a GBA cartridge will change your Delay to Odd or Even, depending on what your usual Delay is.

A Flawless Ditto/(Insert Pokemon): Kinda crucial to the plan of RNG abuse. You will need a flawless Pokemon to get the best end result for your RNG abuse.

Poketch Applications 6 and 15 (Happiness Checker/Coin Flip): These are needed to complete the first step of the RNG abuse method.

Your Secret ID (SID): You will need this for RNG reporter. Just ask someone around here with AR to help you find it, and I'm sure they will.

Time and Patience: This is a big one. You will need this to withstand the frustration of going through RNG abuse and learning it. It took me ages to get the hang of RNG abuse but with patience and persistence, I got through to a nice end result.
To me, I've always felt like there's three major steps to using RNG abuse to get the best out of your Pokemon. Just follow these steps and hopefully your Pokemon will turn out to be great!

First Step; Breeding for Nature/Ability || Second Step; Checking the Save Frame || Third Step; Hatching for the End Result

First Step; Breeding for Nature/Ability

For this, you will need the following:
- RNG Reporter open with the spread you want your end result to be
- Five Pokemon, including your Parents
- Your Pokemon's IVs for both of your Parents
- The ability to fly (for those without AR)
1) You should have your RNG Reporter open at this stage. Click on Time Finder and choose the IV spread you wish to use. For Physical attack, you'll want to choose to use 31's for everything except Special Attack, and for Special, 31's in everything except Attack. Choose a spread from the list. As a beginner, you would want to choose anything with all A's or all B's.

2) Make sure you have all your Pokemon in your Party that you need. This will need to include your parents for breeding. Head over to the grass in Route 210 and save in the grassy area.
(If you don't have AR, save in the grass near the Fight Area.)

3) Now leave your Time Finder open, and make sure your method is selected to "D/P/Pt Egg PID (Normal)", and the Nature to whatever nature you wish to use. Open up the Seed finder and put in your DS' Year, Month, Date and Hour. We'll leave the minutes for later.
(Use International for the Method if any of your Pokemon's Parents are a different language i.e. Japanese)

4) Now turn on your DS again and enter the game world as soon as possible (Mash A until you enter the game). Record the Minute you entered the game world with your Clock and quickly catch a Pokemon. Record it's Nature and IVs into the Seed Finder and click Find. Then click Okay.
(For those without AR, use the Initial Seed by Stats tab and do the same thing, except fill out it's stats instead of the IVs.)

5) You should already have chosen your method and Nature you want, so click on Generate. This gives a whole bunch of information which will tell you what to do to get what you want in your egg. Right click the first one and click "Calculate Poketch Taps". This will bring up a box of how many Happiness double-taps and coin flips you will need to do to get what we want from the egg.
(If the Pokemon you're using has a certain ability you want, go to "Dex/IV Check" and find the Pokemon you're breeding in the list. It will tell you what number the ability you want is.)

6) Now that we have the IVs, let's put our parents into daycare. Refer back to the final spread you chose in the time finder. If your spread had all A's in it, put your flawless Pokemon in first. If the same with B's, put the flawless Pokemon in second. Ride around the place until you get an egg in your daycare. Save in front of the man that gives you the egg.

7) Hatch the egg now. This is purely for confirmation for if we got what we wanted on the Pokemon. You're looking for Nature and ability mainly, but if you're breeding for egg moves, check them as well. If you did everything right, you should have gotten what you wanted.If you didn't, you will need to start again. Now turn off your DS without saving. You have now completed the first step of RNG abuse.

Second Step; Checking the Save Frame

1) Before we start, go to RNG Reporter, and change the method to "Breeding (DPPt)" and the nature to Any. This will give up IV spreads which our egg will be.

2) Open the Seed Finder again and do the same thing with it as you did with Step 3 before. Turn your DS on and mash the A button to enter the game world as fast as possible. Now keep mashing that A Button until you get the egg. This must be done WITHOUT any of the NPCs moving, meaning the cowgirls and Pachirisu.
(Buneary doesn't count as it has a set walking course)

3) Go and catch a Pokemon in the nearby Route like you did before and record it's IVs again into the Seed Finder. Go Okay and click Generate. This will give you a list of IV spreads which your egg/hatched Pokemon will be.
(If you're not using AR, go back to the Fight Area and do the same as you did before.)

4) Now check your Egg/Hatched Pokemon's IVs. This is to check for your save frame. You should find your Pokemon's IVs somewhere within the first 8-10 spreads. For beginner's sake, you should want your Pokemon's IVs to be on an Even spread. If it isn't on an Even spread, Soft-Reset your game, save it again and repeat steps 2-4 until you have an Even frame.
(If you're not using AR, hatch the Egg and level it up using Rare Candies or Battling to about level 10. Then use Metalkid's IV calculator to get an acceptable range as a guide. The Calculator is located here.)

5) If your Pokemon's IVs were on an Even frame, repeat steps 2-4 again. This is just to verify whether you have truly hit an even frame or not. If you have done this corrently, you are officially up to the last stage of RNG Abuse! Turn your DS off.

Third Step; Hatching for the end Result
1) This is the most tedious part of the RNG abuse process. Go to the Time Finder, right click the final spread you chose earlier on and then Click "Generate Adjacent Results" This will come up with a box. Make the seconds the same, keep the Delay going 10 each way and make the Frame the same number. This will give you a list of final spreads, along with time and date.

2) Turn your DS back on and go into the options. Change the Date first to the date given with your final spread, and set the time to one minute before your target time, synchronizing with your clock. This is to ensure you have enough time to get to the screen before starting up your game.

3) Once you hit the time to start to enter the game world, ferociously mash the A Button until you hit continue game. This will open the journal if your date is at least 2 days apart from your old date.

4) Now that the Journal is open, let's start the flipping process to get to your final result. Go to your time finder and see what your target frame is. The formula for how many journal flips is
(Target Frame - Save Frame) / 2 = Number of Journal Flips
In this example my Target frame is 14, and my save frame is 4, so the formula for me is
(14 - 4) / 2 = 5 Journal Flips
So I will now do this.
(A flip is when a page says something like "Caught Male Ponyta (Day)" or "Defeated a Male Geodude")
(To quickly exit the journal, just press start on your game)

5) Once you exit your journal, collect the egg as fast as possible without any NPC's moving and check it's IVs. There is no surefire way that you will hit your Delay, but if you have, congratulations! You have now just RNG'd your first Pokemon! If you didn't hit your Delay, check the Time Finder to see what delay you hit, and repeat steps 2-4 until you hit your desired spread.
(If you don't have AR, again, hatch the Pokemon, level it up and use Metalkid's IV calculator again to get an acceptable range.)

If you followed all these steps, you should have officially RNG bred your first Pokemon!

Through writing this guide, I RNG'd something as well, which will be given away for inspiration for people that also want to learn to RNG.

Trait: Flame Body
Nature: Modest
IVs: 31 | x | 31 | 31 | 31 | 31
Smog / Leer

Rate, critique, post asking questions, post success stories, and maybe I can help you, or other well-known RNG breeders can help you.

Good Luck!

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Breeding for Egg Moves

Written by Alternative

This is pretty much a continuation from breeding for just Pokemon, to breeding high-end Pokemon with the special egg moves you want. This could be from Mirror Coat Shellos, to Brave Bird Zubat, or even something completely uselsss like Psycho Shift Murkrow.

What you will need:
- A female version of the Pokemon you wish to be a final result of RNG abuse.

- A male Pokemon with the egg moves needed.

- Time and patience.

The breeding process:
1) You will want to get your Pokemon ready for the egg move(s) that you want, including the Male Pokemon with the Egg Moves, and the Female Pokemon for what you want to be the final result. For this example, I will be breeding Brave Bird Zubat.

Known Moves: Brave Bird / Fly / Quick Attack / Close Combat

Known Moves: Air Cutter / Leech Life / Confuse Ray / Fly

2) These are the Pokemon which will be going into daycare together. It doesn't matter what order they go in as it will always get the same final result. You will want to do this step before you start the RNG abuse process.

3) Once you get your egg, hatch the little thing and out should come your baby with the inherited Egg Moves.

Known Moves: Leech Life / Brave Bird / Fly / Quick Attack

There is no telling what gender your baby Pokemon will be, but you will want a Male for the RNG abuse process. If the Pokemon itself has the egg move, then the egg move will still be inherited.

Important tips when breeding for egg moves:
- The Pokemon with the Egg Moves should be Male, whereas the Pokemon inheriting the Egg Moves should be Female.

- Breeding can take a while, but stick with it, and you should come out with some good Pokemon.

- Remember your Egg Groups. Certain Pokemon can only breed with other Pokemon for Egg Moves.

- Any Pokemon in the Ground-type Egg Group can have any combination of Four of their egg moves if they are bred with a Male Smeargle.

HG/SS Only Egg Moves
Some Pokemon only have certain egg moves which can only be learnt through playing HeartGold or SoulSilver. Just remember if you get a Pokemon with any of these moves and isn't a HG/SS location, you know it's a hack.

Hover Over the Pokemon to see their moves.

Refer to this as a guide to what moves can be bred in which game.

Again, Good Luck.

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