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Old November 8th, 2010 (9:37 AM).
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I'm in the process of writing Episode 5 of writing Episode 5 of "Pokemon: The Magic of a Melody", where the boys, Kissa, and Pikachu have arrived at Whitespell Temple (the fantastic counterpart of the Pokemon Center just outside Mt. Moon in the real Pokeworld), where the clerics have been seeing monsters in the area after hearing a female voice singing Love, oh love deep in the temple's underground catacombs.

Initially, I was planning to have a monster encounter in this episode to reaffirm the monster encounters, but I also got the idea of Roni (Brock's rival and Gary's counterpart in this fantastic Pokeworld) sending the creature(s) herself as a way of distracting Brock while she explores the catacombs (Roni would not be seen in this scene--in fact, the party wouldn't know she had done it until a later episode)

So which would work better--a surprise attack like I planned, or have Roni be behind the attack (and our heroes don't know it?)
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