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Old May 16th, 2015 (10:56 AM).
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Everyone certainly remember about Wondertomb and Wondereye.
You should also remember that in Gen IV, Fire Fang could get through Wonder Guard regardless of the type chart.

I'm going to show you how to fix this glitch so that Fire Fang behaves correctly against Wonder Guard.

Step 1:
Open a Gen IV Pokémon ROM with CrystalTile2.

Step 2:
Extract the move behavior narc (codename: MovBhv), so either battle/skill/be_seq.narc (DPPt) or a/0/3/0 (HGSS).

Step 3:
Open MovBhv with NDSeditor. (The image shows narc a/0/1/1 but this is the exact same principle.)

Step 4:
Double-click the file to open this window.

Step 5:
Tick the box and click on the leftmost icon (Extract selected)

NDSeditor will extract all the files in the same folder MovBhv is located at.

Step 6:
Move MovBhv out of the folder so that only the extracted files stays.

Step 7:
Copy file XXX-273 and rename the copy XXX-278.

Step 8:
On NDSeditor, click Tools and 'Make Narc file'.

Step 9:
Select the folder where your extracted files are located and click OK.

Step 10:
Close NDSeditor.

Step 11:
Re-insert MovBhv into the ROM.

Step 12:
With CrystalTile2, go to the moves narc, so one of poketool/waza/waza_tbl.narc (DP), poketool/waza/pl_waza_tbl.narc (Pt) or a/0/1/1 (HGSS).

Step 13:
Go to sub-file 424, this is the move Fire Fang.

Step 14:
Notice the first 2 bytes, 11 01, which is 273 in decimal.
This number is the move behavior number (which, you have guessed, refers to the sub-file in the move behavior narc).
Change this number from 273 to 278, so change 11 01 into 16 01.

Step 15:
Now you can save and test in-game to see by yourself that Fire Fang doesn't get granted special privileges anymore against Wonder Guard.
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