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Old February 18th, 2013 (4:57 AM).
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hello stranger, i'm a disaster
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The large stag like Pokemon bellowed in pain, he ran around wildly bucking his legs and slumped to the ground. His head felt like it was about to explode, he couldn't take it anymore. He knew he was dying.

He wandered around disorientated, his horns emenating a strange haze from the orbs that adorned them. Crying out in pain he slumped to the ground; with his usually vibrant brown eyes flickering around back and forth. The once vibrant scenery of the leafy forest appeared strange.
The puffy looking apricorn trees shrivelled up and the apricorns rotted within an instant, crumbling like sand. He struggled to his feet and walked around some more as the world infront of him distorted and looked warped. Colours swirlled around the air, some bold and bright, others dull and gloomy. He cried out again with an agonising scream, becoming scared. He thought: it shouldn't take this long to die. Should it?

Exhausted he slammed down onto the ground for the final time. A group of remaining Pokemon circled around him. All they could see was the strange smoke emenating from the orbs.
"What's wrong with him?" one asked.
"He's dying." another murmured.
"That means the illusion will become true then."
"What illusion?"
"Do you not know? When a Stantler dies it's orbs course with energy, altering the images that the Stantler sees infront of it. Eventually the orbs explode and the illusion becomes a reality." he paused. "So whatever Stallant has just seen will become what we have to live in."

"Keep an eye on the eggs. They are the last hope of the generation" Stallant gasped, before his anguished eyes closed shut.

Further away from the dying Pokemon a group of eggs bundled together, all looking different were starting to hatch...


Stallant Forest used to be one of the most beautiful, untouched forests in all of Johto; free from the clutches of humans and it still is. Many Pokémon inhabited this forest but numbers have begun to dwindle since Stallant – the overseer of the forest died and things began to change. His horns began emanating a strange scent from them, the air began to grow hazy and seemed to stretch and distort things.
Trees that were once full of life became dull and lifeless, the small streams and ponds grew hot to the touch and became almost magma like in colour. The grass became long and wild, tangling many Pokémon up in its clutches, killing them. Many Pokemon have gained strange ghost like beings that follow them, almost like guardians. Other Pokemon have evil guardians, casuing them to become evil and manipulative.

Now the forest lies in ruin...


Many years ago in a far off forest located in Northeastern Johto, beyond the rugged Mount Silver a Stantler died. Stanler are known to have the power to distort reality and the world around them. When they die this power increases two fold, all of the built up energy in a Stantler's orbs explode and whatever the Stantler's illusion was becomes a reality, causing chaos and destruction.

You are one of the young Pokemon that has just hatched, a year later.
The forest is full of wild and unruly Pokemon and it's a battle for survival from day to day. You have a companion your Guardian Spirit, an embodiment of a dead Pokemon sent to help you out because things are so bad. Some Pokemon have managed to escape or just lay there and let hunger take hold. The remaining Pokemon are out to get you, you're seen as an easy target. Survival is essential.
There is away out though. Word has spread that in the deepest most messed up part of the forest a herd of Stantler are there and know the way out.

Guardian Spirits
  • Your spirits type must be super effective against yours. So if you are a fire type your guardian is a water type etc
  • It must share a colour (click here for list) with you.
  • You cannot use a legendary Pokemon for your guardian.
  • Talk in a different colour/style of font for your guardian.
- PC rules apply.
- No One Liners, I don't want masses of text so that it becomes boring to read either.
- I will make an ooc thread, so keep all ooc stuff to that thread.
- This has slight themes of violence and death but keep gore to a minimum.
- Romance is allowed but keep it clean!
- Ususal RP rules, no god-modding, limelighting, power playing etc.
- Have fun :3

Name Pokemon esque name
Species No ubers please/first stage only.
DescriptionIf you are just normal then just paste a sprite or w/e but ifnot describe here.
Personality4 lines plus, no mary/gary sues.
History You are very young, so bear this in mind.
Moveset Up to four moves you've hatched with. Up to two basic moves 0eg first level up moves), one tm and egg move. Remember that you may know Thunder but it won't be powerful!
Guardian Your guardian's name, specie and personality.

Just incase anyone is wondering I am an experienced RPer so don't just go by my post count
Hope we'll get some joiners :3
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Old February 20th, 2013 (1:07 PM).
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Name Ace
Species Treecko
Gender Male
Description A normal Treecko however a moe lighter shade of green than normal Treecko
Personality A vey happy Pokémon, however sensitive. Always tries to see the good in people, and the best of a bad situation, meaning he is gullible to strange situations. Whenever things are bad Ace tries to make a joke to get everyone happy again. Always looks out for his friends ahead of himself.
History Since hatching from his egg, Ace has tried to learn about the forest, however constant threats have dwindled his travelling to night times. Meaning Ace has become accustomed to darkness.
Moveset Pound; Bullet Seed; Growl; Leer
Guardian Fang is an Arcanine, who generally appears to match Ace personality, however due to his experience he generally warns Ace to dangers Ace would miss normally. More serious than Ace, this means Fangs mood can change very quickly, and he can be easily irritated
Forever in Mystery Dungeon
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