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Old June 30th, 2013 (08:03 PM). Edited July 1st, 2013 by Castform.
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Today one of PC's most special members turns the sweet age of 16. This means he can now legally drive(everyone better watch out D:) jkjk! I bet Tom is a great driver ;D! Everyone wish GolurkIsDaBomb a very special birthday because he totally deserves it. While most Golurk might spend their times lurking in the shadows, this one spends his time being an amazing person and being the best friend anyone could have. So everyone just spam pictures and gifs of Golurk and cake for Tom to enjoy!


Happy Birthday bro! You are really amazing and I enjoy every minute we spend together. You are certainly my best friend and I am so lucky to have met you. I hope you have the best birthday ever because you deserve it dude. You make everyone around you happy and I don't think you realize how special you are. From the times we spend battling at the server, joke banning and muting each other, or just joking around on Skype, they are all the best times I can ever remember having with anyone in a long time. So once again happy birthday and I hope I can wish you many many more here at PC. :] Now here are some special pics and gif for ya!

And now some cake enjoy:

EDIT: You also got this, but missed it

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[11:37] srinator: i sent shirtless piks to some random old girl yesterday after gym :<
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Old June 30th, 2013 (08:05 PM).
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I can't believe how fast time flies when you're having fun. It feels like I've known you forever but its only been almost a year. Actually come to think of it, time also flies when you throw a clock out of the window. BUMDATSH. Corny jokes aside, happy birthday dude! Its been really fun getting to know you, screaming about hax, doing collabs and in general having a good time. While our timezones are worst enemies, you've been a great person to talk to!

What's a birthday without songs, presents and bad puns though? I hope you have some good cake (to share hopefully ;D) and have a blast in general. Oh and if you ever drink soup today, I hope its chowder this world. But seriously, have a chocolate cake! :]

I WAS KIND OF HUNGRY THOUGH SO SORRY ABOUT THAT MISSING PIECE. And no birthday should go without a random picture either! Have a lamb. (everybody loves them okay)

But seriously, happy birthday. :]
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Old June 30th, 2013 (08:07 PM).
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Miss Doronjo
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Happy birthday, tommy~! I really hope its filled with golurks and jellys (well if you like jellys) and stuff!

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Old June 30th, 2013 (08:07 PM).
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golurk sux

happy bday i gave u a choice band, check yo hand and smash those weak to the land. yes i made a bad rhyme just for you. :)
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Old June 30th, 2013 (08:08 PM). Edited June 30th, 2013 by Starry Windy.
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Starry Windy
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Happy birthday Golurk! You're one of the best Battle Server members that I ever met! I hope you enjoy your day and be the bomb! And this is for you:

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Old June 30th, 2013 (08:10 PM).
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Happy birthday to you Tom!

I can't believe you're now in the Sweet 16 club, where you are now of legal driving age, and you get to do even more cool stuff. I remember back when you were a new user, we had quite a bit of fun together and you always acted a little curious at me, and now you've grown into a full-fledged staff member of the Showdown server and become a notable figure on the battling side of PC.

I couldn't think of any gifts, so I'm just gonna leave this Golurk here:

- Hikari
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Old June 30th, 2013 (08:12 PM).
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Happy Birthday Golurk! Enjoy this special day of yours and I hope you have 16 more years of being da bomb!
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Old June 30th, 2013 (08:16 PM).
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heya tom

happy birthday n_n

i hope you're having fun at camp!! tell us what birthday cake you got there, ya??

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Old June 30th, 2013 (09:30 PM).
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Happy 16th birthday Golurk!! You really are "Da Bomb" . You can drive legally now so everyone clear the streets so that's always awesome. Just don't get into any accidents now. XD

Here's a Golurk for ya.

And a piece of cake.

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Old June 30th, 2013 (09:37 PM).
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YamiNoBlade Twihiki Amias
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Happy birthday, you lovable lurker!!~ <3 The best thing about you, other then the fact that you can FLY is, you can make anyone around you cheerful and make them feel energetic. :D

I'm glad to have met and become friends, Tom, I mean it!

Anyway stay as you are and be careful when you start to drive!

My gift to you:

Enjoy it with the cakes you already got! :D <3
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Old June 30th, 2013 (10:45 PM).
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Happy birthday, Golurk. Have fun trying to eat your cake, despite not having a mouth. =
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Old June 30th, 2013 (11:35 PM).
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Momentai :D
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Happy birthday nubface! My present to you is to let you upgrade to being a non-totally-awful Pokémon, so for today you're an honorary Sandshrew. Enjoy! n_n

Now here's a super appropriate birthday gif about wolves being made of rose petals to celebrate with.

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Old July 1st, 2013 (04:16 AM).
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you suck etc etc i mean happy bornday ya old fool but i thought you were 99 and not 16 ?_? but nvm that enjoy le pics


i know youre partying rn cuz you know im always watching you c; oh and i sent you my beard that i shaved off just for you~~hope you enjoy it~
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Old July 1st, 2013 (04:55 AM).
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Happy birthday, Golurk n_n

It's pretty cool that we happen to share a birthday, aye? I can't find gifs, since I've already had my computer annihilated enough e_e

Have a nice day, and continue to be da bomb o3o
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Old July 1st, 2013 (05:05 AM).
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Happy Birthday Golurk! I didn't know your real name was Tom. xD
I wish you a best of luck and funs. ~
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