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  1. Hex Editing Trainers
  2. Pokémon R/S/FR/LG Tileset Overview in Advancemap
  3. [Ruby\Sapphire]Colored Text
  4. Fire Red Songs List
  5. (Repost) Advance Text Colours
  6. Mastermind_X proudly presents: The Shiny Hack
  7. ARM Code tutorials
  8. The Map System(R/S) only
  9. [REVISION] Tileset Editing
  10. Useful G/S/C ASM routines
  11. Dealing with Colors! (Gameboy Advance & Gameboy Color)
  12. Scripting in Hex(GBA)
  13. De-Activating Level Scripts
  14. Pokémon Gold/Silver Script Codes online
  15. Some Pokemon Gold Data
  16. Quick command overview (194/213)
  17. Bit Numbers / Flags List (Gold / Silver)
  18. Changing and Altering Cries in Gold/Silver/Crystal
  19. Display the IV of a desired Pokemon (ARCode)
  20. Pokemon RBGY Town Map document
  21. Sound Effect IDs (Fire Red)
  22. Editing tiles in Gameboy ROMs
  23. Special Message codes..
  24. behaviour and background bytes.
  25. Changing The Water Animation
  26. Script Animations for Fire Red and Leafgreen
  27. Giving Items In the PC
  28. How To: Interchange hex and dec-manually
  29. RGBY Map Headers & Stuff That Goes With It
  30. Hockeypanda32's knowledge in Pokemon Hacking
  31. A document on Fire Red voice groups and the instruments they play.
  32. Advanced Map Movement Permission List
  33. Pokemon D/Pe/Pl Offsets Collection
  34. Set badges in Pokemon Emerald
  35. Delayed Looking Script Help (like you watching Gary in FR/LG)
  36. Fancy Knowledge #3 - Using Two Different Musics In One Event
  37. A document on RSE's voicegroups and the instruments they play.
  38. [Scripting] Command Database Naming
  39. The Miscellaneous Script Thread
  40. Fixing your map headers
  41. Special XSE Scripts
  42. [Hacking Library] Introduction to ROM Hacking
  43. [Hacking Library] Basics of Creative Development
  44. Pokemon's Hex Number Convertion
  45. Weather Hacking for 3rd Generation
  46. Take/Return Pokemon
  47. Pokemon data decrypting (asm code)
  48. All about Sprites:
  49. Reactivating the Safari Zone in Gold/Silver STEP BY STEP Tutorial
  50. Fixing Map Footers
  51. How to bypass truck script in emerald
  52. XSE Movement Codes Define List
  53. Tips for making useful .rbh files
  54. [Document]Pokemon encounter ratio in Adv-map
  55. 0m3GA ARS3NAL's Obscure XSE Commands
  56. How to Delink Maps (or How to Make the Right Map Appear In-Game)
  57. Study on the Special and Special2 commands
  58. [Document] FFTA Equipment Editing
  59. ASM Tutorial document
  60. Ram Offsets
  61. ROM Hacking Basics
  62. Pokémon Fire Red Hacked Engine
  63. [GENERAL THREAD] Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver Hacking
  64. unLZ numbers
  65. Movement Permisson
  66. [Document] Hex Editing Pokémon GBA
  67. [Document]Tile Animations in Pokémon Emerald
  68. Document about how to add map CG in FR.
  69. Add animations in Fire Red
  70. Document of Sound Raws
  71. RS Major Tileset Hack
  72. [A little useful tablefile]Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rot(Red) for GBA
  73. Christmas Present for PC! Your very own RTC for FR and LG
  74. About this forum
  75. RNG and Weather
  76. The Follow Me Script
  77. Instrument Changing
  78. [ASM]Inserting routines;How do you do them and your problems?
  79. A Way To Check Pokemon Levels
  80. Items
  81. Interesting TrainerBattle Command
  82. Different pokemon at night
  83. Scripts
  84. Pokemon D/P/Pt Music Replacement research thread
  85. X and Y positions of textbox?
  86. Quick Research & Development Thread
  87. Wild Pokémon Double Battles
  88. Castform Forms
  89. Taking Pokémon away
  90. Extra Custom Names for Characters?
  91. [Gold/Silver] Running Shoes
  92. Full control of the Hoenn Pokedex in R/S/E?
  93. Champion Being Named to Rival
  94. Running Shoes inside buildings
  95. I'm Fixin' It: The Pomeg Glitch
  96. Getting the min/max level of your Pokémon party
  97. Checking POKEMON LEVELS without ASM
  98. Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver Hidden Hex Values
  99. A tag team battle perhaps?
  100. Yet another question I'm posing: Pokédex Glitch
  101. Berry system for Fire Red with RTC
  102. I'm Fixin' It: The Pokédex Glitch
  103. XSE Header Files
  104. Sound Effect Numbers for Fire Red
  105. "Release" Specific Pokémon from Party Script
  106. Instant change of camera with WBTO
  107. More TMs/HMs
  108. Custom Multiplayer Events
  109. General GBA Graphics
  110. New map names in FR
  111. HG/SS land_data_release info
  112. I'm Fixin' It: The Roaming Legendaries IV Glitch
  113. Battle Scripts
  114. Set Catch Location Command
  115. Research/Survey: Modernizing the FireRed field engine?
  116. Research: Editing Move Animations
  117. I'm Fixin' It: Emerald's Broken PRNG
  118. Gen IV text encoding/lookup table
  119. The art of Z80
  120. Development: Cutscenes
  121. Research: Pokemon Firered Drum Sounds
  122. Research: Asm-scanner
  123. Animated Sprites in Ruby and FireRed
  124. Research: Expanding the FR Pokedex...
  125. Research: What is up with the fanfare command?
  126. Development: Reverse Engineering original Pokemon Red, difficulty
  127. Battle Tower Pokémon Offsets (Pokémon Ruby)
  128. Pokemon Sounds
  129. Time Limits
  130. Set Disobedience
  131. Research: List of Firered Game-modes
  132. weather map level
  133. Research: Implementing the Battle Tower/Frontier into Firered.
  134. Research: Advanced Item uses.
  135. Useful Emerald Stuff
  136. Research/Survey: Palette 12 in Pokemon Ruby
  137. [General] 5th Generation Pokémon Hacking/Information Consolidation
  138. Research: Memory allocation system
  139. Research: Hacking Nintendo DS .sbnk files
  140. Research: The 4th gen class split in 3rd gen
  141. Release: The Ruins of Alph Puzzles
  142. Research: Poking around with generation 5 music.
  143. Research: Pokémon Yellow Map Headers
  144. Research: [Firered] Hex Values for Trainer Classes
  145. Research: Legacy
  146. Development: Animated Trainer Sprites in Ruby and Fire Red
  147. Development: Hacking the PokéNav (map data, phone data, etc.)
  148. Research: Tahaxan Plug-ins
  149. ASM Hackers...
  150. ds music discovery
  151. Development: Day/Night Switching of Wild Pokémon
  152. Firered PokeScript in IDA
  153. Research: Let's research the OAM-System
  154. Research: Font color depends on overworld sprite
  155. UNLZ-GBA Image Indexes
  156. Research: diegoisawesome's Miscellaneous Finds
  157. Research: Special Abilities
  158. Research: Seasons in Fire Red
  159. Research: Pre-Battle Mugshots in FireRed
  160. Sideview Battle Style
  161. Emerald unLZ Numbers
  162. Research: (Eventual) complete map of the Script area and beyond of Leaf Green.
  163. Research: Pokémon Black and White locations of important files
  164. Scripting Compendium for 3rd generation ?
  165. A-Tack (Attack Editor Advance): Attack's Effect Listing
  166. Looping .SSEQ files is possible! However, offsets may set you off...
  167. Research: Fire Red / Leaf Green World Map Research and Dev
  168. Development: Animating the FireRed titlescreen.
  169. 9-tile-animation-feature
  170. Research: C-Gear Skins
  171. Research: FireRed Pokédex Hacking
  172. Uncatchable Pokemon
  173. un-LZ GBA Deep Scan Offsets
  174. Why the really tall grass doesn't work in firered and how to fix it.
  175. Wild double / triple battles
  176. let's use some Items though scripting.
  177. Experience Hacking
  178. Music Hacking Info from the Fire Emblem Community
  179. Extending the Script Engine
  180. Multiplayer possibility?
  181. Research/Survey: Game Boy Player for FireRed
  182. Development: Making Dive Work in FireRed
  183. Research: Hacking Evolutions
  184. Sideways Stairs
  185. Research: Pokémon Gold/Silver (Jap): Graphical Debug menus
  186. Secret Bases
  187. Research: Pokémon Black/White mapping engine
  188. In-Battle Evolutions
  189. Research: Adding New Moves to Gen 3
  190. Pokemon above level 100
  191. Adding [a] new type[s] in gen 3?
  192. Research: Mugshots
  193. Chaos Rush's 649 on Ruby Project
  194. Development: Hex Editing - Gen. 4 & 5
  195. Research: Choosing the battle music (Ruby)
  196. Research: Custom Pokémon Global Link Musical Songs
  197. Development: Changing Fire Red intro rival sprites/names and texts depending on players gender
  198. Development: Editing the Move ReLearner
  199. Research/Survey: Pushing Buttons
  200. Porting RS Tile System to Firered
  201. Research: Pokémon Ruby Debug
  202. Research: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time info
  203. Research: Third Gen Mystery Gift and Mystery Event
  204. Emerald Info Archive
  205. Pokewalker, Hacking and General Info
  206. Research: Editing wild Pokemon in HGSS
  207. Research: Pokemon Plus Nobunaga's Ambition Research
  208. Gen V TM routine in Gen III games
  209. [Ruby] Changing a Pokemon's species without ruining the checksum
  210. Development: Pokemon - GBA - IDA idb files
  211. Research: Script Raws Compilation
  212. Research: Sprite variations based on personality values.
  213. Creating New Battle Animations
  214. Research: Darthatron's Hacks
  215. Research: [IDB available] Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced Research Thread
  216. Research: Pokémon Data Structures (Firered)
  217. Research: Battle Platforms: Adding and Switching
  218. Research: [NDS] Pokémon Black Version 2/White Version 2 Opening Cinematic
  219. Research: "Background" Scripts
  220. The FR Script handling with behavior
  221. Emerald's Battle Frontier
  222. Development: Port of the BW2 Repel system to GBA...
  223. Transparent Textboxes
  224. Research: [EMERALD] WWMB's List of Things
  225. Loading DS rom resources[c++]
  226. Restoring R/S/E item fanfares in FireRed
  227. Using Berry Bag as Berry Selection Screen
  228. Development: Lua? In MY emulator?
  229. BW Overworld Sprite Hex Values
  230. Emerald Clock Fix!
  231. Research: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (text markup & stuff)
  232. FireRed: Map Headers and What They Mean
  233. Research: Displaying Custom Tilemaps / Hacking the Diploma Screen
  234. Development: Move Resource Thread
  235. Research: Fire Red Overworld Unknown Byte
  236. Battle Subway Modifications
  237. Development: Japanese Rom Music Hacking
  238. Research/Survey: [R\B] Pokedex Expansion
  239. Research: The REAL Songtable (all games)
  240. Research: Hex codes in Advance Text
  241. Development: [FR] Replacing the GameFreak Intro
  242. Catching trainers pokemon issues (Pokemon Emerald)
  243. pokemon game should altered Technique Points rather than Power Points
  244. Development: Porting JPANs save_block_recycle to Emerald
  245. There, I Fixed It: Game Freak Presents in FireRed V1.0
  246. Trainers with EVs
  247. Auto-magic mugshots.
  248. Development: HgSs Music in FireRed and Emerald
  249. Development: Custom Title Screen Written in C
  250. Research: Adding new types to Firered without replacing