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Pokemon Destiny: What is it about and what about Mountain in the Sea.

Mountain in the Sea will continue but will be set in a different universe as this has nothing to do with Pokemon: Mountain in the Sea, Also characters in Mountain in the Sea can join Destiny.


No Character Control unless you get permission!
No Giving yourself, crazy or dramatic storylines!
No Less than four lines per post!


It is beautiful living in Tanul, the region is full of huge buildings made from the finist materials, Pokemon from all around roam free in the amazing forest, mountains, and seas that are all spread around and in it. Humans, although, have never been to Tanul. As it is a region of only Pokemon. And no human has never stepped foot on its lush green grass or sailed on its calm sapphire seas. Until today...

It all starts with a Professor, Professor Seed. Now Professor Seed had traveled the world, from Kanto to Sinnoh, From Hoenn to Johto ect. But today, he is going to stumble across something that he never knew, in all his 53 years of life, existed.

He was sailing, sailing the seas for new exotic Pokemon, he only found the usual, Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh and Hoenn ones, so he kept sailing, keeping up his hope, staying positive. And then, he could see, far on the horison, a huge region.

Very excited he was, so he sailed towards the city smiling brightly, but before he got to the shore, he picked up his phone and rang his closest freind, Professor Oak.

"OAK!" He shouted enthusiasticly, "Oak!, I have found a new discovery, a new region! I will send you the co-ordinates!"

And so he did, Oak got the co-ordinates, but before he could congratulate his freind for this outstanding discovery, the phone was cut off, and Seed was never heard from again.

Where you come in.

You are one of ten lucky people chosen to go to the region and find Seed...Or are you so lucky?

You have recieved an invite to go to the nearest dock and board a mighty ship. (By the way, the ship will arrive at the region when I say it has)

On the ship you may make freinds, form a group, cross paths with me! But the most important part is, your choices can change the fate of the region, the Pokemon there, and the world!

Signing Up.
Nickname: (OPTIONAL)
Description: (LONG PLEASE)
Other: (OPTINAL)
You can have two people.


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Name: Aubrey Tris Cheshire

Nickname: Kitkin

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Description: Aubrey's a fairly average girl. She doesn't have any unusual scars or birth marks, though she does have a four leaf clover tattooed on her shoulder. Her eyes are soft brown with a stripe of dark green in the right. Her hair, usually pulled halfway back, is also brown though of a darker shade than her eyes. Khaki capris and a crimson tanktop make up her general attire. She keeps an oval shaped locket around her neck and three Pokeballs on clips down her left leg. A band on each wrist and a small backpack complete her outfit.

History: Aubrey grew up as the middle child in a family of three daughters. She was never really pushed to do anything nor protected and pampered. She lived about as normal a life as a girl could. She attended her town's school until she was ten at which point she left for a more advanced academy. There she studied for three more years before graduating.

It was at this point that she got the clover tattooed on her shoulder. After this she set out on a journey with a small Pidgey she received from her elder sister who was practicing as a breeder and who had studied at the same academy Aubrey had. After that she headed off to explore her home region and get some hands on experience as a researcher.

Pokemon: Pidgey (Desiri) and Teddiursa (Lanu)

Other: Aubrey's nickname is more of a pet name than anything else. She hates it when anyone but her close friends use it.

RP Sample: RP-Elemental Battledome
From the shadows of the waiting area, Yukina's sandy eyes flashed amusement. A cold and rather nonchalant smile played at the corners of her mouth. One hand waved lazily through the air in a seemingly random pattern while the other rested at her waist. She showed no sign of surprise at the young Mechanics swift and apparently easy win. Instead she looked rather as one who has just witnessed two children swinging wooden swords around and shouting about their "strength".

"Perhaps he is not as petty as he appears," her glance pierced the edge of the arena, "but that doesn't count for much."

The voice of the referee called across the arena, announcing the next match. Not a flicker or a jolt passed through Yukina as the sound of her own name as well as that of an unknown opponent caused a roar of approval from the crowd.

A cocky girl, several years older than Yukina by appearance, stepped onto the field as Yukina herself walked calmly to her position. The girl she faced had midnight colored hair cut short and eyes of such a bright blue it was almost blinding. Her dress was not too dissimilar from Yukina's though of a pale blue and white material.

The match began a second later. As soon as it did a thick mist swirled around Yukina and her opponent. In a moment all sight was lost to the Sound Elemental. The sound of the crowd also seemed to dim slightly. The girl Yukina was fighting gave a soft laugh that sounded very loud to the Elemental. As soon as the mist had begun to set in, Yukina had twisted the sound waves around her and locked onto her opponent with her ears.

Mist was a barrier only to the eyes; it had no effect on sound. This made it incredibly easy for Yukina to determine exactly where the other girl was and prepare for an attack. Rather than take advantage of some of the other powers available to a Mist Elemental, the overconfident girl chose to move in with a longsword for a quick kill. The move failed, terribly.

Yukina, sandy eyes closed, crouched to avoid the blow while removing two daggers from her belt at the same time. An invisible wave of sound knocked the longsword away as the girl attempted a downward slice and in the same instant Yukina crossed the daggers in a quick slash over the girl's chest.

With a cry she fell back and stumbled. The mist surrounding them suddenly grew hot like flames but it was too late. Without a smirk or a gloat, Yukina leapt forward, sending another wave of sound hurtling at her opponent and knocking her to the ground. A moment later the Sound Elemental was kneeling over her with both blades against the girl's throat.

"Live or die. Ten seconds to choose."

The girl's unnaturally bright eyes gazed at Yukina for a moment, then she closed them and whispered, "Live."

The match was over and the mist cleared. The crowd cheered as Yukina stood and placed both daggers back at her waist and walked calmly back to the waiting area.

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(Fine I will join again..)

Name: Sakura Rose
Nickname: Cherry or Thorn
Age: 13
Gender: Female

Description: Sakura is fairly skinny for her size she is only about 4 foot 9ish. She has aqua blue eyes that look like they can bore into your soul. She loves studying legendaries especially arceus the god of pokemon. She wheres a shirt that says "Leave me alone or I'll kill you" and torn up pants.Her jewelry consists of an aqua necklace. Her hair is black with pink tips she also wheres black eyeliner.SHe also has pale white skin.

History: Sakura has low self asteem because she was abused by her parents and soon was tooken away by social servces. She soon ran away and is now currently homeless and is always looking for food r soem sort of shelter and hiding her emotional scars and physical scars from everyone though she does a horrible job at it. She hides most of the time in a dark alley and crys. She wishes the pain would go away greatly. She soon met her pokemon drifloon and spiritomb who often made her laugh when she cried. Ever since she met them spiritomb and drifloon have stayed with her. She always wishes that someone would just take the pain away from her heart and replace it with happy memories but that can never be done.

Pokemon: Drifloon and spiritomb.

Other: N/A

Rp Sample: Sakura looked around quietly with drifloon following her and spiritomb also following her except invisibly. Sakura sighed she hadn't had anything to eat in days. "I'm so hungry..." Sakura sighed as she heard her stomach growl. "Guess we gotta steal again...Ah well.. Better then going without no food at all.."

Sakura quickly looked around and saw a person holding a purse full of money. 'Yes thats perfect salad dinner here I come tonight!' Sakura thought eagerly. "Alright drifloon spiritomb here we go... NOW!" Sakura cried as she grabbed the womens purse and ran off the women began crying 'Thief, thief!' Sakura ran and ran and ran she knew she would go to juevenile hall again if she was caught. "Screww the cops!!!!!!"Sakura cried happily. "Alright dinner dinner dinner!!!"

She eagerly looked at all the shops and bought a bottle of water and a salad. "Yay I finally get to eat again!!!!" The young teenage girl cried happily as she gave a few bits of food to her pokemon. "Alright now that we are full lets go drop the purse somewhere where she can't find it!!" Sakura giggled happily. She quickly dropped it into a big box filled with black widows and left it there. "Peh dang rich people think they own the place."

September 7th, 2007, 5:08 PM
You tried to join my thread, might as well try to join yours. And I think I'll make a different character than normal, too.

Name: Cherri Little
Nickname: Cher, Little, Ruby (because of Pokemon Cherrubi)
Age: 13 (and a half!)
Gender: female
Description: Cherri is smiley, friendly cheerleader girl that will approach everyone with a happy smile. She has tanned skin from playing outside so much, piercing, blue eyes, pearly white teeth, and dirty blonde hair. Despite her last name (and nickname) she's not that little. She stands at about 5' 3" and weighs about 102 lbs. She has a small chest, only about an A. She wears black eyeliner and soft pink sparkly lip gloss. Her clothing is a black tank top, blue jeans, and a newsboy cap.
History: Cherri often gets used because of her kind, giving nature, but that doesn't stop her. Even though those who make fun of goody-goods make fun of her, she still doesn't "join the dark side." She had an overall good life, with just a few bumps along the road.
Pokemon: Cherrubi- And god do people make fun of her becuase of it (Ruby) Torchic (Torchie)
RP Sample: Cherri, as usual, was walking down the road. She accidently bumped into a girl that was maybe a year or two younger than her. "Oh, I'm sorry..." Cherri started. "Sorry?! Sorry ain't gonna cut it, girl!" Despite this, Ruby didn't say anything mean back. "So anyways, I've been itching for battle. Hope your good. And what's your name, anyway?" Cherri was shocked at this sudden invitation, but she responded by saying, "My name is Cherri, and sure, my Pokemon could use some training." The girl looked at her for a long time. "Ok, then, my name is Megan, just call me Meg. But let's cut to the chase. Go! Pichu!" "PICHUUUU!" Pikchu cried. Ruby loved her Pichu. "What an adorable Pichu... go! Torchie!" "TORCHIC!" Torchie then cried.
Other: none

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September 7th, 2007, 10:20 PM
Full Given Name: tyler usry

Nicknames (Optional): ty

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: always in a orange shirt with green vest,black shorts,turqoise shoes, his hair is dark black,his eyes are blue he stands around at 6'12

Personality:always wanting to take apart things and find the truth,usaly a very calm and cool person nothing bugs him unles someone picks on his freinds,likes jazz alot he only listens to jazz,hates out of anything people who do wrong for no reason,one of the smarter people can some times think hes above evryone,

History: at a young age he always took apart electronics and tamperd with them this usaly got him in trouble because his mom always woried about him being shocked.later in life he did more sophisticated like turn the microwave into a oven and making remote control refrigerator.hes always wanted to be a trainer so he coud make a bond with pokemon and be happy.

Pokémon wanted: clefairy and aipom

Reason — tyler likes swamperts because there imune to electric attacks.

Other: none

RP Sample: tyler woke up on the morning that he became a trainer and shouted "i will be a pokemon master!" then his piplup woke up and jumped on his head and copied tyler "pip pip pip pip pip pip!"

"hi pipy" i said "sorry for wakeing you up" tyler put piplup down and got dressed

when i got done piplup rushed me out of the house "pip pip pip pip" "ok im going piplup get a grip will you" i said to piplup (will add more if needed

Cosmic Tyrant
September 8th, 2007, 12:50 AM
(This is a recycled character as I really wanted to use him :()

Full Given Name: Shannon McCain

Nicknames: He normally just goes by his last name, it makes him feel more professional.

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Shannon stands at 6' and weighs in at 210 lbs. His skin tone is of a molotto complex, and his muscle tone isn't exactly buff, but it's to the point where there isn't any flab on his body. His ensamble consists of many old fashioned materials and fabrics that many people would look at and think "What the heck is he wearing?" He wears a white collared dress shirt with short sleeves, and a light blue vest over it. He wears a black tie, with black slacks and black dress shoes to match. He also wears a black fedora hat with a light blue line going around the bottom that is about two inches wide. Other things about his appearance are a black Zirconium studded earring in his left ear, and a watch with a light blue lens on his left wrist. One more item worth mentioning is a small-ish knapsack he keeps on his right shoulder, which contains his work materials: Notebooks, pencils, a magnifying glass, and other related items. (I'll explain later)

Personality: Shannon has a deep passion to find out the truth. As a result, his tolerance of wrong-doings is very limited, although if needed he can be quite cunning. Always kind, Shannon is what some people call a true gentleman. Shannon likes a lot of old fasioned things, be it cars, music, art, or fads. He is also a stickler for music; He'll listen to anything, although he has a special place in his heart for Jazz, Altenative, and Ska. He is even a skilled pianist/keyboarder. Shannon also tends to get a little big headed in his abilities, even though he is a good problem solver. (again, later) But he eventually catches himself and gets back to whatever he was doing.

History: Shannon has had an intrest in crime-solving at an early age, and as a result, is now a professional Detective. He started out at the age of twelve, but those were really minor things, like finding a missing doll, or finding out who took the last soda out of the refridgerator. When he was seventeen, he was allowed to move onto bigger things, untill he became eighteen and was considered an adult. These tasks included mainly robberies, as both Shannon's mother and the city govener diddn't want Shannon in the murder scene quite yet. Now eighteen, there is no limit in what Shannon can explore.

Pokémon wanted: Seviper, Wismur

Other: Shannon is very serious about his work.

RP Sample: "I have a sugg.."

Was all Nick could let out when Galactus and his three admins showed up in the middle of Sunnyshore. Galactus then shouted in a megaphone "Attention, Citizens of Sunnyshore!" He said with his usual insane voice "I have an important announcement to make. I promise this will change your life forever!" Just then a reporter and three cameramen went over to get a good shot of Galactus. The cameramen set up their equippment, and the reporter began to speak into the microphone.

"Hello, this is Gabby, and we have a situation in Sunnyshore." The reporter announced. "There is a madman on a bridge and he is ranting about something. let's watch." Galactus then Shouted "You may remember a team by the name of Galactic five years ago! They were nothing! This is were true evil lays! Right then hundreds of grunts, drssed all in black and dark grey, appeared behind the admins and Galactus. "We of team Universe shall rule all!" The grunts do some kind of cheer. "Just what do you plan to do, exactly?" asked the mayor of Sunnyshore. "Simple" Said galactus, with an insane grin. I plan to engulf the entire planet in lava! Gasps can be heard all around. "This is getting good" said Gabby from a distance "and creepy..."

"You're out of your gord!" Replied the mayor. "How do you possibly plan to do that?" "Excellent question!" said Galactus. "You may have heard of a place not far from here by the name of Stark mountain, correct?" the mayor cringed "Yes?" he said with an impatient tone "Go on!" "I have a few associates feilding out the place for a few hours" Galactus stated "That will allow me to wake up Heatran! The fabled creature said to dwell in the mountain's walls!"

The mayor cried "You're sick! You actually think you can get away with this, Psyco?"

Galactus glared at the mayor. "First off, my name is Galactus! Second, who is stupid enough to mess with us, right guys?" the admins and grunts do that same cheer. "So you see" says Galactus "I'm not worried. Heatran will awaken, thus allowing me to capture it. Once I do, Heatran will make this planet what I want it to be: A complete wasteland. Nobody or nothing will live unless I say so!" Galactus bellowed.

Just then, a man with red and yellow hair went over to Galactus. "What is it, Buck?" Galactus asked "You were supposed to stake out the mountian!" "Relax" Stated Buck "I just came to tell you that our evaccuation plan was a sucess." "Excellent!" Said Galactus with glee. "People, In approxamently four hours, the planet that you now know will be gone forever! Farewell" Galactus then left, with his admins, grunts and Buck. "And that's the news" said Gabby, trying to sound happy, but failing horribly.

"Wow" Said Nick "That was disturbing..."

September 8th, 2007, 3:25 AM
Name: Michael Smith
Nicknames: Smithy, Mikey, Mickey.
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Discription: Michael is not very tall for his age, he wears blue jeans and a white or grey hoody, he carries a Great Ball with him everywhere and has the picture of a Master Ball on his grey t-shirt.
Pokemon: Pikachu-Sparky and Charmander-Junior
RP Sample: I don`t need to do this.

Ok you are all accepted, when we get about two more people the roleplay shall begin!

palkia lover
September 8th, 2007, 5:03 AM
you mean were all acepted thank you

September 8th, 2007, 5:50 AM
Full Name: Raven Blue
Nickname: Rei (Prounounced Rei), Bluebird.
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Description: Rei is about 4`7, she wears blue jeans and a pink tshirt, with a Pikachu on the front. She has long brown hair and bright green eyes.
History: Will become revealed throughout the story
Pokemon: Chikorita (Sunseed)


palkia lover
September 8th, 2007, 6:03 AM
Full Name: erika
Nickname: Age: 14
Gender: Female
Description: erika is 4,3 weres green shirt with yellow jacket ,blue jeans an beaten up sneekers
History: Will become revealed throughout the story
Pokemon:empoleum (pip

can we start now we have enough now

yeah i know it sucks but this was getting boring waiting

September 8th, 2007, 6:26 AM
Ok, your last character was not accepted but no worries, the rp will start, remember when you board the S.S Seed you must not suddenly arrive at the destination.

Michael woke up, his eyes where tired and red, he looked up at his bedroom ceiling, it was just recently painted a dark sapphire blue, he looked to his window and saw that light was shining through, "Oh no!" he screamed, he noticed it was early and he had to get to the S.S Seed, just yesterday, Michael and his best freind Raven recieved invitations for a mission to cool, unknown island. He ran downstairs, nobody was in the house, he was already dressed as he fell to sleep in his clothes, so he ran out his house and found Rei and her Chickorita sitting on a bench, reading.

palkia lover
September 8th, 2007, 6:41 AM
tyler woke up and saw aipom on his head "woah ahh!" he fell out of bed "i told you aipom dont do that!" then he got up and got dresed. his invintation fell out of his aipoms fur "aipom where did you get that o well" then he got the invitation and read it "oh yeah the mission the misson! we got to go aipom" then aipom jumped on his sholder and we took of for the boat

September 8th, 2007, 7:30 AM
If you wouldnt mind, could I please still sign up even though it has started?

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Aubrey's footsteps were calm and a deliberate as she made her way through the thin expanse of trees that led almost directly to the city. In one hand she held a letter; in the other, a pencil. The letter was the more important of the two though from its battered and wrinkled appearance it wouldn't appear to be anything of great value.

Still, it was. The paper held directions to a dock where she would board a ship called the SS Seed. Presumedly the ship had been named after the professor called Seed who had recently vanished. The first part of the letter explained about that. The famous researcher had discovered a new region and vanished without a trace. It was certainly an odd occurrence. Odder still was that she, of all the people who could have been picked, was chosen to go to this new region and look for him. Why?

The letter had arrived the day before from her mother who had sent it to Aubrey by Pidgeot. Traveling all the time meant she didn't often get her mail. It was usually sent to her when she called her mother at a Pokemon Center or visited home. Sending the Pidgeot to deliver it at such a random place (which incidentally had been in a tree waiting for a herd of angry Rhyhorn to leave) was very odd, though welcome.

The trees gave way to a road and a short ways beyond that was the city. "We've made good time. Don't you agree, Desiri?"

The Pidgey perched cheerfully on Aubrey's shoulder gave a soft chirp in reply and stretched her wings.

Aubrey smiled then looked down at the letter and marked off the woods she had just passed through. "Now we just go through the city to the dock. Shouldn't take more than half an hour."

palkia lover
September 8th, 2007, 8:12 AM
while i was running to the docks i tripped and aipom right before i tripped aipom jumped off and tryed to catch me "aipom dont try it please" aipom ignored me and tryd "ahhhh!" "aipom are you ok ook ook or something" "ook ook ook" "phew im glad your ok" so we were on our way "hope were not late"

September 8th, 2007, 8:23 AM
Yes, in this story anyone can join whenever they want.

Michael stared at Rei and smiled, "Hey Rei!" He shouted brightly, still slightly tired.

"Oh Michael, there you are!" Rei waved at Michael and smiled.

"Hi, look we`ve gotta go to the S.S Seed today, so I was wondering, want to go to the Pokemart and get some Greatballs?"

"Umm, Sure! There is a computer on the S.S Seed for Pokemon widrawals and a mart. So can we buy the greatballs on the ship?" Rei asked politely.

"Oh, ok then, Junior, Sparky! Let`s go!"

Rei stood up smiling, she then picked up Sunseed and placed her on her shoulder, Sunseed smiled then looked to Junior, The male Charmander.

"Hi Junior, Hi Sparky!" Rei said happily, "So Michael, let`s go!" Rei then rustled in her pockets and pulled out a crinkled letter, "Ok...Umm...The S.S Seed is departing from Flame Dock, that is about...Four minutes away..." Michael nodded and Rei scrunched the letter into her jeans pocket.

"Let`s go." Michael said then Sparky and Junior jumped onto Michael`s shoulder and they took off towards the dock. They both walked together smiling and being very excited.


September 8th, 2007, 10:44 AM
Sakura quickly walked along a wet street and sneezed. "Darn another cold is comming on.. Oh well." Sakura said as she shivered. "I-its unusually cold this morning.." Sakura looke around and saw all the people in the houses slowly arising from their beds.. "I wish I had a bed guys.." Sakura said as she began shiviring somemore. "Floooon.." Drifloon nuzzled her and tried to keep her warm but to no avail. "I'm so cold guys... Well I guess we should find some food..." Sakura mumbled slightly. But before she knew it a paper landed in her face. It was a latter of some sort, and it was adressed to her." A letter for me..? It says I gotta go to the dock..Um alright lets go then guys.." Sakura said a little curious why a letter would be adressed to her. She began running to the dock and saw a few other people there. "Peh.. I shoulda known actual people with money would be here... Well anyway lets go.." Sakura quickly walked at the dock and began waiting. Shew knew she had time because she had nothing else to do but steal.

September 8th, 2007, 12:09 PM
Name: Albert Black
Nickname: (OPTIONAL)
Age: 18 (different universe= younger Albert.)
Gender: Male
Description: Albert is a straight up cooltrainer (like in the games), if the description fits. Standing at 6'0 with a slight build, he weres a white jumpsuit (with a bottom and top) that has a black stripe on each sleeve, a black collar and he weres it unzipped revealing his black T-shirt underneath. With it he has a pair of black sneakers. He has short brown and hair and green eyes with a slightly tan skin tone.
History: (different universe? Different Albert history then.) Albert has had a rough life. When he was born, the baby was left at a man's house. The man was about 34 and lived alone. No note came with the baby or anything, so Albert's parents are unknown. The man decided to raise the boy as his own, and adopted Albert. The man treated Albert kindly, and taught him a thing or two about Pokemon. When Albert was around 10, the man, who Albert called father, went out for a walk. He never came back, and Albert was left alone. He raised himself until he was 18. He caught his own food and did a pretty good job raising himself. When Albert turned 18 he left his adopted fathers home when he mysteriously recieved an invitation to the mysterious "Seed Island."
Pokemon: Totodile and Doduo. (both male.)
RP Sample: Albert continued walking through the town he recently entered. He needed to find the dock so he could board the ship taking them to Seed Island. Albert looked ahead and saw a group of people standing near the ocean. He happily walked forward.

"This must be the dock." He said to himself. He walked up and saw every body standing there. They looked around his age. "So uh....are you all waiting to go to....Seed Island?" He asked meekly.

September 8th, 2007, 12:33 PM
Michael and Rei finally arrived at the dock, they could see a huge ship on the horison, Rei smiled and pointed at it.

"Michael, there it is! The S.S Seed!" She jumped for joy, Michael smiled, she then grabbed his left hand, he blushed.

"Hey look, a trainer!" Michael said savouring the fact that he was holding Rei`s hand, he then pointed to the trainer in he had been pointing at, he was wearing a white jumpsuit, Michael approched him his right hand streched out, "Hi, I am Michael Smith and this is my girlfreind I mean best freind, Raven Blue!"

September 8th, 2007, 12:54 PM
Albert smirked and shook his hand. "I'm Albert Black. So I guess this is where we get on the boat. Nice to meet both of you." Albert said walking off towards the boat. He turned back and looked at them. "Maybe I'll see you guys on the boat." He said, and then waited for the boat to reach shore.

"This will be fun. I've never been on a boat before. Maybe some other trainers are gonna be on the boat. It would be cool to talk about our pokemon." Albert contemplated as he watched the ship edge closer to the dock.

September 8th, 2007, 1:23 PM
Michael smiled, still holding Rei`s hand, she then noticed that the boat had arrived.

"Michael let`s go!" Rei said excitedly, they boarded the ship then arrived at what looked like a Police Man but was a machine.

"Good evening Sir, Good evening Ma`am, Please show me your invitations." The machine said politely, Michael and Rei got their invitations out and showed it to the machine.

"Thankyou Sir, Thankyou Ma`am, You will be in Cabins 23 and for the sir, Cabin 25. You will be near Albert Black. Have a goodtime." Still holding Rei`s hand, Michael followed her to the cabins.

September 8th, 2007, 1:23 PM
The post button seems to have failed me (twice). Here be my sign ups. Jonathan is a recycled character, I am sorry, but I liked him.

Name: Jonathan Lewis

Nickname: Johnny, but the only person he lets call him that is Jess. So don’t (or else).

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Description: With his eye length unwashed black hair and bloodshot auburn eyes, Jonathan isn’t exactly the most attractive of people. There are dark bags under said eyes and hints of pubescent stubble showing around his face, which just top off his perfected anti-Casanova appearance. His skin is greasy and pale, although not much of it is ever visible due to the huge parka he wears 24/7. It in itself looks like it could fit two normal sized people inside it; so it dwarfs the rather lanky Jonathan. He stands at 5’10, and weighs a rather unhealthy 104lbs, no matter how much he eats he can never seem to put on any weight. His large jacket reaches almost to his knees, and from it protrude a pair of stained and faded denim jeans. On his feet sit a large pair of walking boots; his most practical item of clothing.

Jonathan has gained his thankfully unique appearance due to his severe insomnia; he can only usually sleep once every three of four days. This lack of sleep is at least partially to blame for his volatile and shifting personality. He is incredibly defensive about anything and everything he owns, not a little sarcastic, and awkward. Jonathan tries hard to be kind and friendly to as many people as he can, but there are very few of whom he would call his friends. He will fly into silent rages at the tiniest things; and will hold grudges like there is no tomorrow. When and if you get past these strange, sleep deprived tendencies of his though, you will see a gentle and nice person. He enjoys alternative music and strange food; prefers overcast weather and gets freaked out if, awake at night, he is unable to see the moon.

History: Born and raised in Goldenrod City, Jonathan is used to the urban lifestyle. He has lived with his father for the last twelve years because of something that he never understood, and was never told about with his mother. He was a lonely only child, and while he showed great academic prowess, he was never motivated to follow higher education, instead leaving to become a trainer. He sees being a trainer as a foothold; what he really wants to do is become a Pokemon nurse. As ridiculous as it sounds, he has always held great respect for the Pokemon centres, and has long wanted to become an employee at one. Aside from being ‘hired’ to save Seed, Jonathan wants to try and get a job in Tanul when this whole thing has blown over

Pokemon: Spearow (male, “Mikail”), Sentret (also male, “Sentry”)


Name: Jessica Dean Anderson

Nicknames: Jess

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Description: If you were to see Jess walking down a street, you would think ‘oh my, there goes another troubled teenager’. She has gingery-brown hair which, everywhere but her just-past-eye length fringe, reaches to near her shoulders. Her shorter fringe is brushed so it covers one eye, not intentionally, but that is the only way that any of her eyes can be free from it. She isn’t traditionally pretty, but she has a certain charm about her which appeals to some. Jess isn’t very tall, only standing at about 5’6, but has quite a petite figure, only weighing in at 112 lbs. There is the tiniest hint of eye-shadow on her eyes, but not much else artificial on her. Her skin is a healthy peach tone. She wears a plain black hooded top, usually tied around her waist, and a v-necked lilac top with a complex looking little tribal design printed on the back. She also wears three-quarter length olive green combats over her shiny blue and white basketball shoes.

Jess has a rather strange personality; she will be introvert and almost shy around people with whom she is not familiar, but when around friends she turns into a bubbling pot of hyperactivity. She has known Jonathan since childhood, growing up two houses down from him. She loves electronic music with a passion, and is quite a talented singer. Her dream is to become a professional musician, but in the mean time, she doesn’t want to waste her youth. She is very much the decision maker in her and Jonathan’s relationship (he didn’t really want to go to Tanul until she convinced him, telling him about how they might want to set up Pokemon centres in the near future)

History: Born just outside of Ecruteak, Jess was never cut out for the big city life that she encountered in Goldenrod. Her, her parents and her older sister Alicia moved to the Golden city when she was seven years old. From her point of view, this turned out to be a mixed blessing. All the lights and sounds of the inner city slum in which they lived were terrifying to the young Jess, and she has always hated large cities ever since, but on the plus side (in her opinion at least) she met Jonathan. He was a native Goldenrod-er, lived near her and attended the same school as she did. They became firm friends as children, and as they grew up, so did their relationship. Jess’ parents didn’t exactly take kindly to Jonathan; what with his scruffy and somewhat inebriated appearance, but their dislike only catalysed the situation.

Pokemon: Magnemite (“Proton”) Kecleon (female, “Newt”)

RP Sample: Rose Isle Royale

Slateport City; what a hole Tim thought to himself as he watched the docklands fade slowly into the distance. It was drizzling a little, and the wind was blowing past him at a considerable rate, which made the ship sway noticeably. He was dressed in his usual attire, smart yet casual, he never failed to look suave in his suit and shirt, usually topped off with a trilby style hat, but he was holding this, for fear of it blowing away. The wind whipped over his shaven and damp head, making him rather cold as he stood on board the deck of the ship taking him and the other “Trainers of the Future” to this Rose Isle place. He had asked someone in his hotel about their destination, and they had just looked worried at him, and then they scuttled away. Was he missing something here; history had never been his forte, but if there was anything major about this place, he should know. He decided that he should probably go and register, get it out of the way early on, and it gave him an excuse to get in from the wind. As he opened the door, the intercom system crackled fuzzily into life;

“Due to the choppy conditions, our travel time will be extended by fifteen minutes. We apologize for the inconvenience. In another announcement, will all participants in the Hoenn Trainer Showcase please report to the lower deck. One of the tournament officials would like to speak with you” Perfect. Now all he had to do was find his way to the lower deck. He followed a maze of rickety stairs and passed a steady line of seasick people grasping at the walls before he arrived at his destination on the lower deck of the ship. All there was to be seen there was an ill looking woman he presumed was the ‘Official’ sitting at a folding table surrounded by paperwork. She was attempting to communicate with a younger trainer, who was struggling somewhat with the mound of forms she was signing. Tim walked over calmly, placing his hands slowly on the table, to attract the attention of the ‘Official’

“Is this where we register for the ‘Trainers of Tomorrow’ Showcase?” he asked, raising his eyebrows and staring sincerely at her. The blood had drained from her face, and instead of risking opening her mouth, she waved at a pile of forms and handed him a Biro. He sighed and began to skim through the paper. He picked up the ballpoint she had handed him, and replaced his hat firmly on his head, sighing, “Blah blah blah… Television appearances, blah blah, injuries suffered, fair enough” he scribbled his signature on the three coloured pieces of paper and handed them back to the woman, who was clutching her face in her hands, moaning gently. He placed them tentatively on the table next to her and walked to the other side of the room; he wanted to meet all the other “Trainers of the Future”. The girl who was already there was looking hopelessly at the woman, who was now dangerously sea sick, and Tim was trying to work out where he recognized her from, then it hit him; Annalyn Gerundt, Sinnoh Grand and League Champion. Tim’s hopes were lifted on the recognition of her; if this was the calibre of the people who had come, it was going to be very interesting, whatever it was the Hoenn League had set up for them on this ‘Rose Isle’ place

“Hello, I’m Tim Menhod, it’s a pleasure to meet you Mis-Doctor Gerundt” he corrected himself, remembering something Cissy, one of the gym leaders of the Orange Archipelago had read in a magazine about her getting a medical degree.

September 8th, 2007, 1:30 PM

September 8th, 2007, 1:38 PM
The ship was far bigger than Aubrey had expected. Perhaps it was the name or perhaps it was just the thought that it wasn't going to be transporting too many people that had made her believe it was going to be much, much smaller than it was. She stood on the street gazing at it for a moment, then she looked down towards the docks. Small figures were already assembling. From her distance she couldn't make out any distinguishing features, but she could see that there were about five others. In sight, anyway.

Desiri gave a low chirp in her ear to which Aubrey responded with some friendly reassurance and an agreement. "I'm sure they're perfectly nice. And I agree that they seem to be waiting for the same ship we are. Of course, they might not be, but given the place and time, it seems likely."

The Pidgey nodded and stretched her wings as her trainer started down the road. As she neared she picked out three boys and two girls. With herself added, that made it even.

As she drew nearer to the docks, the ship lowered a ramp, signaling to those waiting that it was time to board. A smile crossed Aubrey's face as she sped up. "We've made perfect time, Desi. We don't even have to wait."

She paused for a moment to get a better view of the ship up close then stepped lightly onto the ramp and boarded. A machine that was obviously supposed to take the place of the person that collected tickets greeted her with a mechanical nod. "Good morning, Madam. Please present your invitation."

The robotic voice was slightly eerie to the young researcher but she presented her invitation without hesitation.

The machine's eyes moved swiftly over the paper then handed it back. "Very good. You will be in cabin number twenty-seven. Please enjoy your stay."

Aubrey gave a swift nod then folded the invitation and slipped it quickly into a pocket before heading off to find her cabin. "I wonder why we're in twenty-seven. Maybe it's silly of me to think this, but I didn't imagine more than ten people to be coming."

'Wrong, I suppose. Be there many people on ship. So large, maybe hundreds.'

"Well...I guess there could be."

September 8th, 2007, 1:42 PM
Albert walked up to the boat and saw the machine.
"Please show me your invitation." The machine said.

Albert shuffled through his pockets and pulled it out. "Here it is." Albert said.

The machine took it. "You are in room 26. Have a good time, sir." The machine said. Albert walked through the ship until he came upon room 26. "This is it." Albert said. "My room." He opened the door and walked in. It was a modest room, one bed, a desk and a chair. He sat down on the chair for a bit and then stood up. "Ok I got my room, time to go exploring." Albert said aloud and began walking towards his door, and then exited his room.

September 8th, 2007, 2:19 PM
Michael and Rei walked to their cabins, before entering a tall fourteen year old girl approched them, she had the bluest of eyes and blonde hair.


The young girl was wearing a white tshirt and white pants.

"Hello, Nice to meet you. I am Summer Mansfield, you are my roomate." She said politely looking at Rei.

"Oh, Cool. I am Raven Blue. Please don`t call me Rei, everyone calls me that and I like it when people call me Rei." Rei smiled, let go of Michael`s hand and shook Summer`s, "This is my friend Michael Smith, he likes to be called Mickey (Prounounced Mick-E, like Mikey Mouse) he is in the cabin next to ours."

"Hi, Nice to meet you." Michael said, he shook Summer`s hand, and blushed, he did not like her but blushed anyway.

"Hi Mikey, seems as we are exchanging nicknames, You can call me...Well whatever you like." Summer waved to Michael and Rei then walked into her cabin.

"Well, Michael...I will see you later." Rei kissed Michael on the cheek, this was not romantic, it was just freindly. Michael smirked, he then walked into his cabin followed by Junior and Sparky, the two Pokemon where happily watching.

Once he got into his cabin, he closed the door and sat on his bed. Then their was a loud knock on the cabin door. Who is it?


Cosmic Tyrant
September 8th, 2007, 2:29 PM
Shannon walked toward the ferry and was stopped by a guard. "I'm sorry, but I need to see an invitation" Said the guard politely. "Ah yes, sorry about that, I'm usually more prepared!" He said as he flashed the invitationout of his pocket and handed it to the guard. "Hmmm, let's see..." The guard said looking at it. Shannon could tell by the guards expression that he wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. "Yep, you're in room 32! Take a right when you first get in, take a left on the second hallway, it should be onb the left side." Shannon smiled at the guard and replied with a traditional thank you.

When Shannon entered the ferry, he was in awe. The boat was so old fasioned, with chandeliers, fancy rugs, and the outfits the waiters wore. "Now this is my kind of boat!" Shannon said as he walked toward his room. "I hope my room at least has a place for my materials" Shannon said as he opened the door. The room was decent sized, Nice sized bed, a good desk, and a T.V. which Shannon asumed diddn't work becuse of all the dust on the screen. "Well that's life" Said shannon as he began to put his belongings away. "At least i have a desk..."

palkia lover
September 8th, 2007, 2:40 PM
"i finaly made it" as tyler was breathing heavyly "aipom were here" "oook ook oook" "i know aipom it was tireing but were here" the machine said"clearify identifacation" "here we go" i grabed the passport the machine said "your room is the last room on the left on the top floor" ahhhh! this days ben going from bad to worse i hope theres important stuff on this island or new types of pokemon if any thing it shoud be good because i was one of the few to get the passport but why me? why not some other trainer i dont know what makes me special?"

September 8th, 2007, 2:59 PM
The room Aubrey was to occupy during the voyage was not grand. In fact, compared to the rest of the ship, it was about as quaint as it was possible to be. Bed, desk, a few pictures hanging on the wall, it wasn't much to look at. Still, it was a nice room and the bed looked comfortable. What more was needed?

'Explore the ship?'

"Sure, that sounds like a good idea." She shrugged off her backpack and tossed it neatly on the bed before turning and leaving the room.

The view from the ship was a nice one, though there was a thin fog hanging over the water. Looking around, Aubrey noticed a couple of the people who had been standing on the dock earlier. She smiled as she confirmed that she had been right in thinking that they were going to the new region as well.

'Say hi,' Desiri chirped quietly, watching a boy who had just exited the cabin beside theirs.

With a shrug, the girl approached. "Hiya. I'm Aubrey Cheshire." She offered a hand to the boy as well as a small smile.

palkia lover
September 8th, 2007, 3:06 PM
tyler walked out of his cabin and into the fog enshrouded deck pondering the question while aipom was trying to find his way around to tylers shoulder bang! "what did you do this time aipom. o all you did is nock some paint over what?! you knoked paint down hurry up and clean it up use your tail or some thing just clean it up please before somebody knows that you did this or its back into the pokeball you go aipom "ook ook ook ook ook" thats what i thaught now cleean it or were in big trouble

September 8th, 2007, 3:21 PM
Albert looked at the girl and smirked and shook her hand. "I'm Albert Black. Nice to meet you, Aubrey." Albert said giving her a grin.
He then turned his head away. "Oh man, this hirl is talking to me...I better play it cool." Albert looked back and noticed her Pidgey.

"Hey are you a Pokemon trainer too?" He asked. I started training my pokemon a few years ago, but I've had my Totodile since I was about 7. Here say hello!" Samson said releasing Totodile from it's pokeball.

Totodile yawned when it came out and it nuzzled up to Albert's leg. "Say hello to Aubrey!" Albert said to Totodile. Totodile walked over near Aubreys leg. "Totodile!" Totodile said happily to Aubrey.

palkia lover
September 8th, 2007, 3:25 PM
"aipom are you trying to get atention were suposed to stay low and out of sight because pokemon battels are a pain besides the trainers here are probably the cream of the crop aipom and you dont want to face a blazeikan again do you?" "ook ook ook ook!" "and idont want to bring clefariy out shes unpredictable shes powerful but unstable" "if i ever use her this boat woud bee gone aipom" "ook ook ook ook ook ook ook ook ook" "aipom just go back to the room and be quit! the whole boats probably hearing me i hope no professanol trainers heard me"

September 8th, 2007, 3:35 PM
Aubrey smiled and knelt down to rub the water type's head. "Totodile, classified as the Big Jaw Pokemon. A water type with the special ability, Torrent. This one is well trained and a fairly experienced battler." She gave the little creature a final pat on the head then stood up.

"I'm not a Pokemon trainer. Not really. I'm a researcher in training. Desiri is my partner."

'Nice meeting you both.'

Aubrey rubbed the little bird's head fondly. "So I take it you received an invitation, I say that for want of a better word, to go to the new region, too?"

September 8th, 2007, 3:46 PM
"Indeed" Albert said. "It'll be nice to see a brand new area." Albert looked at her Pidgey. "So I take it you have some experiences with flying type Pokemon." He said reaching for a pokeball. "What do you think of mine?" He tossed his pokeball and a two headed bird came out. "This is my Doduo....does it look like I've been raising it well so far?" Albert asked her while staring at Doduo. Doduo stood there proudly standing with pride. "Doduo!" The bird called out.

September 8th, 2007, 3:53 PM
"Well, they're not really my specialty," she began, looking the proud Pokemon over carefully, "I can still see that you've taken good care of this one. It looks healthy and seems to be strong."

'Yes,' Desiri piped in cheerfully, giving the Doduo a nod of approval.

Aubrey smiled and reached out to gently stroke one of the twin headed bird's necks. "I'd say you're a good trainer. I suppose that's why you were chosen to go to the island. I don't really know what to expect or what anyone expects us to do, but I'm rather excited about this." Nervous, too, she thought to herself. But, like he said, it's nice to explore new places. Of all the people they could have chosen, I'm the one who gets to explore the new region!

palkia lover
September 8th, 2007, 3:54 PM
while tylers aipom was in his room aipom made racket CLAN CLANG CLANG THUMP THUMP then his aipom finaly got out of his room "ook ook ook" his aipom wandered the hallways "did i here something owell probably im tired and need rest"so tyler went to his room "ahhhhh!!!!!!! my aipom! were is he!" tyler serched the half of the boat he thaught aipom was on "wow what a waist of space for the few trainers i meen jeez. there you are aipom never do that again" aipom just get in the pokeball!!" ook! then tylers aipom swiped the pokeball from his hand and ran."this boat seems erei like theres no one here well maybe its because im on the 2 floor and theres not alot of trainers here if any"tyler went down to the 1 floor

September 8th, 2007, 4:04 PM
Albert smiled. "Doduo is a little full of himself though." He said with a laugh. "Alright guys, return." He said recalling his Pokemon. "I hope we get to the island in at least two days. I'll get restless if not." Albert stretched and looked around.

"Well I'm gonna check out more of the ship. Let's talk later." Albert said before jogging off further into the ship. He reached a dining room and stopped. "Cool, now I know where we go to eat." Albert thought before jogging off further. "I'm just itching for a battle." Albert thought as he jogged.

palkia lover
September 8th, 2007, 4:11 PM
"i hope no ones looking for a battel because this is the worst possible time my aipoms gone and the other pokemon is a nuclear bomb basicly"

tyler ran around like a idiot "what am i going to do! what am i going to do! what am i going to do!"

"this is the worst day of my life! i woke up late i lost aipom theres cream of the crop trainers here im not going to make it!

"i wish aipom woud come back maybe if i ask the other trainers wait no there going to steal aipom once they find him or chalenge me and i woud have to use clefairy i dont have many options i will be brave i will ask any tranier that i see if they have seen aipom"

September 8th, 2007, 4:49 PM
The tiny motor scooter screeched down the narrow streets towards the docks; and the two riders tried their hardest to argue over the noise

“It’s your fault we’re late” The one driving shouted to the girl behind him.

“How did you work that one out?” She yelled back to him. The moped was nearing the port now; they could see the ship they were supposed to be on

“If you didn’t take so long getting ready this morning; I wouldn’t have to be destroying my scooter to get us here.” He told her, narrowly swerving to avoid an elderly woman crossing the road.

“What do you mean? I took five min- what does it matter, we’re almost there anyway.” Her voice was beginning to get hoarse from all the shouting. Jonathan honked the horn as another person carelessly tried to cross the road. They were nearing the dock and with it, the huge ship which would take them to Tanul. A sign for parking whizzed past them, and the boy turned sharply, the moped swerved into a little car park and he slammed all the brakes on. Jess leapt off the back as Jonathan leant the scooter over on its kickstand. Tucking the keys into one of the pockets on his engulfing parka, he and Jess started off again, running the last hundred meters to the ramp. They were greeted by a machine which demanded their invitations. Jonathan produced his first from another pocket on his jacket, while Jess fumbled with her combats for a moment before extracting it from a back pocket.

“You are situated in room 35. Have a pleasant trip sir, madam.” The machine made a little clicking noise before ushering them on board. As they walked uneasily up the gently swaying ramp; Jonathan began rummaging through his pockets once more, pulling a variety of comical faces as his hands probed for the item which he wanted. Finally, retrieving it, he extracted a miniature red and white sphere. He tapped the button on the front twice; once to enlarge it, twice to open it, releasing a small angry looking bird.

“Spearowww! Spearow spearow!” It cooed indignantly before fluttering up onto Jonathan’s shoulder.

“Don’t be like that Mikail, I know you don’t like your pokeball, but we were going to be late and- aah!” The Spearow nipped his ear vengefully before returning to its happy chirpings. Jonathan scowled, but Jess giggled at the little bird's voracity

“Proton’s never like that with me.” Jess taunted. She knew full well that her starter, a Magnemite, was stronger than Jonathan’s Spearow, and she just liked to remind him of it now and again.

“Room 31… 33… 35, here we are!” He flung open the door to reveal their… frankly modest accommodation. It wasn’t much at all; a double bed (which made Jess giggle uncontrollably), an uncomfortable looking arm chair at the side of a rickety desk, and a simple toilet/shower/sink en suite. Jess tossed her bag to the side of the bed, slumping down onto it, splayed like a Staryu

“This bed is comfy.” She stated simply, closing her eyes and relaxing. Jonathan wandered over to the desk, leaving the door open.

“They even have a chair I can sit in all night and not sleep.” He joked. Jonathan highly doubted he would get any sleep on the boat, not only was his insomnia peaking at the moment, but he was never any good with unfamiliar places. “Maybe we should go and have a look around the ship; find out where the important things are, maybe meet the other trainers?” Jess reluctantly got up off the bed, stretching a little before reaching down into her bag and producing her own two Pokeballs. As the pair stepped out of their room, an Aipom dashed past, chuckling and holding a Pokeball in its tail.

“I wonder who’s Aipom that is?” Jess asked, leaning round to watch as the Pokemon skidded to a halt at the end of the corridor, pausing to pull a face at Jonathan before dashing off again.

“I dunno, lets go find the cafeteria!” Jonathan set off with renewed vigour in the opposite direction. He got motivated when he was hungry.

palkia lover
September 8th, 2007, 4:56 PM
"im hungary im going to the cafeteria"

"i wonder if some one found aipom i miss him he was kind of anoying but he was a freind"

"if some one found aipom i woud be the happyeist person on earth"

"but im still wondering why did they chose me im not that good of a trainer i can control clefairy or aipom"


September 8th, 2007, 5:12 PM
Warning 1

The posts are cutting the four line minimum awfully close; palkia lover, orange, charchic

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September 8th, 2007, 5:25 PM
i see im cutting the limit im leaving the rp

September 8th, 2007, 5:32 PM
Thankyou Izui, your warning will be noted. Orange, Palkia Lover, please take Izui`s warning into account, thankyou.

Michael`s door swung open, it was Rei and Summer. Michael smiled and invited them in, Summer sat on the first chair she saw, it was brown and wooden, Rei sat on the bed next to Michael.

"So, what do you want?" Michael asked smiling yet sounding slighty rude.

"Oh charming..." Rei said giggling, Summer smirked.

"Sorry, but really, what do you want." Michael asked a second time, this time sounding polite.

"Well, Summer and I where wondering and...Well...Why where we picked?" Rei said now sounding serious.

"What? What do you mean?" Michael said now no longer smiling.

"Well, look at us, random children, most of us teenagers. Just picked to go to an unknown region!" Michael then nodded.

"Yeah, You`re right Rei." Michael`s face turned serious. "I mean, we accepted, this stupid mission! If Seed went missing what says we won`t?"

"Huh?" Summer was confused by Michael`s use of language, he talked very fast.

"Rei, Sum, Come with me! We are going to ask the Caption what is going on, and why are we here.!"

"The ship is now leaving the dock, The ship is now setting sail." a loud mechanical eerie voice called from a metal speaker in the corner of the room.

"Let`s go!" Michael said, They then left the cabin forgetting to close the door. Junior followed Michael, Sparky stayed asleep in the cabin.

September 8th, 2007, 5:41 PM
Albert continued jogging around the ship, until he saw a bunch of kids heading somewhere. "None of my business..." He thought. Albert looked around and sat on some chairs he spotted. He rested and released Doduo and Totodile from there pokeballs. "Stretch your legs guys!" Albert said happily to his pokemon. Doduo began walking around slowly, but staying near Albert. Totodile ran up the stairs and jumped down on Albert's shoulder.

"Totooooo!" Totodile said with a laugh as it sat on Albert's shoulder.

"Totodile, you're a little excited, eh?" Albert said petting his pokemon. He looked back at those kids and wondered what they were doing, but decided to just lay back with his Pokemon.

palkia lover
September 8th, 2007, 5:50 PM
tyler is still runing around on the 1 floor trying to think "if i were aipom where woud i be idea idea idea idea idea idea idea idea got it!"tyler runs to the food storage and sees that his aipom was snaking on bananans "there he is aipom come here" aipom turns head away"ook" "thats it you are getting in that pokeball"tyler throws rock at the white button on the center and aipom returns "finaly i got aipom back now i have 2 off kilter pokemon and now i can't get challendged by any one because i have no control over them" tyler walks back to his room and looks at the man with the todadile and doduo and waves at him "hi whats your name mister"

September 8th, 2007, 6:23 PM
Albert looked up at the kid who talked to him. "I'm Albert Black. How's it going?" He said extending a hand towards him. "These are my Totodile and Doduo. Say hi guys." Albert said. Doduo sneered and looked away, while Totodile jumped up and walked up near the kid. "Totodile!" Totodile said happily. "Ok Totodile, calm down." Albert said laughing.

"So what's your name? Are you a trainer?" Albert said looking at the kid confusedly. "If you are a trainer....how about you let me see your Pokemon? You don't have to battle me or anything, I'm just interested in seeing what other people raise...but if you did want to battle...I'm all for it." Albert smirked and waited to see what this kid would say.

September 8th, 2007, 6:52 PM
Sakura stepped on the boat hastly and looked at them all with an icey stare. "Feh the only thing these people are good for is for stealing from. Which I probably will do anyway.. Well whatever when we get off the boat I guess..." Sakura mumbled as she looked at the ocean calmly. The pain had never gone away for her. "The pain in my heart will never go away drifloon and spiritomb.. Nothing can heal me..Not now.." She mumbled as she began petting her drifloon and a spiritimb on her shoulder. "You guys are always there for me and I don't know how to thank you...." Sakura smiled at her now smiling pokemon. "Still nothing can heal a broken heart..Or at least mine...Well whatever we gotta get something to eat lets go eat something." Sakura said looking at her pokemon happily.

palkia lover
September 8th, 2007, 7:33 PM
"albert my name is tyler usry my freinds call me ty,come on out aipom and clefairy these are my pokemon they have always been with me say hello guys,aipom runs up to to tyler and sticks tounge at albert then clefairy hugs todadile,ok guys come back sorry about aipom hes just a jerk but loyal if your his freind. i am a trainer and 2 badges away from elite four status but i dont like battels where things are on the line its weird i will do gym battels and fun battels but i wont do battels against wild pokemon i only capture and in turn i have aipom and clefairy i befreind them then they captured them selve.the reason i was running is that i was looking formy aipom he escapes some times.sorry if my greeting is backwards

Cosmic Tyrant
September 8th, 2007, 8:00 PM
Shannon decided that now was a good time to explore the ferry he was cruising on. "This should be exciing" Shannon said to himself as he walked out into the hallways. The rooms may have been third-rate, but the decor on the main walkways were spectacular. "A guy could get used to travling on this boat..." He said to himself admiring the brilliant paintings on the walls. About this time, a group of girls about his age walked past him. Shannon let out a large smirk. "Now my day is officially complete!" He said as he walked toward their direction. About halfway he was sidetracked by a buffet. "Ah" He said. "Well I am getting a bit famished. Perhaps I'll fill up on sutainence first, then go back to my pursuit!" After his meal. He went out to the dock. There he saw a group of people standing and talking. Shannon stared for a minute and said "Boy, I wish I got along like that with people. They all stare at me like I'm some sort of a freak." He said as he walked to the edge of the boat and looked down at the water.

September 8th, 2007, 11:36 PM
Sakura slowly ate her meal. "Best meal I've had in weeks.." Sakura said as she moved her spaghetti's meat ball around. Sakura sighed. "All these people...Hmm lets go guys maybe we can actually meet someone interesting on this boat. Of cours theirs probably nothing interesting about them. Their just normal..Like everyone else.. No special abilities to speak of..But at least they had a nice life..Oh well.." Sakura mumbled as she left the cafeteria and began to look at the edge of the boat once more.

"Siiiriiitomb.." Spiritomb replied as it looked at the soothing ocean happily.

"Your right it is pretty spiritomb.." Sakura replied looking at her reflection in the ocean.

September 9th, 2007, 3:32 AM
Michael, Rei, Sunseed, Junior and Summer then left Michael`s cabin, the ship was now moving, they could feel the motion under their feet.

"Psst!" Rei whispered, "Sunseed, be quiet!" Sunseed lowered its head and frowned.

"Ok guys, one thing...Why are we whispering?" Michael said quietly.

"Well, this is a restricted section." Summer replyed rustling in her pockets.

"What, I thought we where allowed to visit the captian whenever we wanted?" Michael asked now whispering.

"Yeah we are, but not at this time, only during the day." Rei giggled as Summer spoke.

"Char...Charma!" Junior pointed at a huge door at the end of a dark corrodore.

"Is that it?" Michael asked Rei, Rei shrugged her shoulders then looked to Summer, Summer was holding a Pokeball.

"Ok guys, Go Cyndaquil!" Summer shouted loudly, a Cyndaquil was released from a pokeball.

"Don`t shout Summer!" Rei said now nervous and scared.

"Junior keep close behing me!" Michael whispered to his Charmander.

"Sunseed, Stay near Junior!" Rei whispered to her Chickorita.

"Flamerock stay right next to me!" Summer called to her Cyndaquil.


September 9th, 2007, 4:03 AM
Name: Christopher Farnham
Nickname: Farmdog
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Description: Chris has short black hair that drops down to his shoulder. He has tannish skin with green eyes and a skinny nose. He is a strong boy who is a little big for his size because of his muscles. Usually he wairs a black T-shirt with a hood that has a Monster Energy Drink logo on it. However, when it gets cold he puts a white long sleeve under it. He wears a regular pair of black jeans and white shoes. He also wears a black beanie that has a visor all the time.
History: Christopher has had a very bad past with many deaths and threats. For instance, his brother was a person who used pokemon for evil He used them to steal money and belongings. One day, his friend used his Rapidash to burn down a motel and his brother was staying their. Also his grandfather was taking a walk in the woods when lightning struck a tree and it fell onto him. His mother an father got into a fight one day and started to threaten eachother. Then his father got sick of it and just stabbed his mom. Then his father went to jail and Chris had to start living on his own with his Pokemon. That is the reason why he took the trip to the new region to start over.
Pokemon: Skorupi and Shinx
RP Sample: (This is a sample from another RP if thats ok.)

The Mystics and The Gems Take Two

Chris ran from Mt. Coronet to the nearest Pokemon Center he could find, dodging all the wild pokemon that came in his way. A Zubat used supersonic on him and he did not know what to do. He just stood in the same place for safety. When his confusion stopped he ran as fast as he could out of Mt. Coronet. Fortunately there was a Officer Jenny waiting outside. She brought him and his pokemon to the nearest Pokemon Center. Feeling safe, he fell in a deep sleep in the side car. Then Officer Jenny woke him up and said, "Chris, we got troble. Team Galaxy just ran by here with a bunch of Pokemon from the Pokemon Lab. Since you dont have any Pokemon to use Im going to have to drop you off here." "That's fine," said Chris. "Where are we anyways?" "Were in Mauville City. You were asleep for a while in there." replied Officer Jenny. "Were in Hoenn!?!?!?" said Chris as he fainted in the side car.

Other: Chris usually brings his guitar everywhere he goes. For some reason he writes songs about his journeys after something important happens.

I Hope Im Not Too Late! :D

September 9th, 2007, 4:04 AM
Michael, Summer, Rei, Firerock, Sunseed and Junior all walked close together to the door to the captions cabin.

"Guys...Stay back here, I will make sure that it is safe." Summer said bravely, Michael smiled and held Rei`s hand. Summer then approched the door and was pulled, as though by gravity, into the captions cabin. "Oh no! HELP!" Summer screamed so loud that everyone on the ship could probably hear her.

"Summer!" Michael screamed, he and Junior ran to the room in which Summer was pulled into, It was pitch black and was impossible to see inside, "Junior, go in first and light it up." Junior entered the room, it suddenly filled with a soft glowing light, Instead of a caption, there was an evil looking robot, it looked towards Michael as he cautiously entered the newly-lit room.

"Good evening sir..." The robot then observed Michael, "Sir Smith, is there any problems." Michael looked at the robot.

"Problems! Problems! Look at Summer!" Michael pointed at Summer who was knocked out on the floor.

"Summer? Name, Unknown. Summer, is not on the guest list." Michael frowned at the machine.

"What? What do you mean! She is right there!" Michael said pointing at Summer.

"I apolygise Sir, Smith. I shall scan this young lady." The machine walked over to Summer then inspected her, "No, This young lady is not on the guest list, This young lady is not on the guest list."

"What? Then what was she doing here!" Michael asked his voice now lowering.

"Sorry sir, but there is only two possible explanations. She eider wanted to sneak onto the island or...Wanted to kill everyone on this ship and halt the mission."

"What, you seemed to have rehearsed the second one!" Michael shouted loudly.

"Well...We had numerous death and terrorist threats..." The robot said coldly and umemotionaly.

"Where is the caption!" Michael screamed furiously.

"I am the caption, this ship is controlled by robots...Now get to your cabin or you shall be terminated!" The robot screamed evily.

"Junior stop him!" The robot plunged for Michael but Junior made it burst into flames, the cabin doors where then locked automaticly.

"Rei!" Michael screamed, "Warn the others, tell everyone on the ship to evacuate now! This ship is being operated by robots, and they are evil!"

September 9th, 2007, 4:34 AM
"Man, my plan worked! I sneaked on the ship without anybody noticing!" said Chris as he entered the deck. "What was that?" said a guest. "Oh nothing, nothing at all. You didnt here anything. I was just talking to myself. It was ummmmmm...... some words for my story! Yes! Thats it! Its for my story! Bye!" said Chris very quickly and worried as he walked away. He went to explore the ship until he heard a loud scream. He ran to the place that he thought he heard it from and found some people with robots.
"Umm, is everybody alright?" said Chris.
"Stop right there mister." said the robot," I am the captain of this ship and I didnt see you walk in when we left. Let me scan you." said the robot in a strict voice.
Chris started to sweat until the robot said,"You are not on the guest list either. Are you trying to kill us all?"
"Umm why would you say that?" said Chris in a worried voice.
"We have had many threats to kill the people who went on this ship. I'm sorry but you must leave now!" said the robot who started chasing after him.

"I dont know if this happened to you too but heres a suggestion, RUN!!!!" said Chris to the other people.

September 9th, 2007, 5:26 AM
Albert stood up. "Nice to meet you, Ty." He said to the boy. "Prehaps we can talk later, but I'm all rested up and ready to go. Later." He said as he began walking away, with Totodile and Doduo following him. "We've met some new faces, huh guys?" Albert asked his Pokemon. Totodile let out a happy laugh and jumped up and down. Doduo nodded. "Alright guys, how about we get some fresh air?" Albert said leading his Pokemon towards the outside of the ship.

He exited onto the deck and looked around. It was still sunny outside so he decided to let his Pokemon run around on deck. Totodile happily splashed around a glass of water that had been left out, and Doduo relaxed and sun bathed. "I'm so glad I get to go on this adventure with my Pokemon....they're my best friends." Albert thought while watching his Pokemon. He went over and sat down on one of the decks chairs and began relaxing.

"This is the life, eh guys?" Albert said to his Pokemon. "A nice releaxing cruise, and then we get to go on an adventure in a new region." Alberts Pokemon nodded back happily.

September 9th, 2007, 5:49 AM
“You are both on the guest list; and therefore will not try to endanger the mission. Have a pleasant day.” The machine bleeped and moved Jess and Jonathan along. As they were walkng away, the machine shuddered and began to speak in a deeper voice. “Unknown persons on board. Possible or definite threat detected; isolate non-threatening guests and eliminate unrecognized persons.”

“But… you just told us we were on the guest list; I’d show you my invitation, but another machine outside took it to give me my room key.” Jonathan waved the key at the robot, which stared blankly back at him.

“Sir, madam, please allow me to accompany you to a lower deck for containment.” It grabbed hold of their arms and began to lead them towards a staircase. They struggled, but the machine was easily stronger than them. Jess reached into her pocket, drawing out a tiny Pokeball, which she opened subtly in front of her.

“Proton; use Spark on this damn robot!” She commanded to the little Magnemite which had appeared.

“Magnemitemagmagmagnemite.” It chirped in its high pitched mechanical voice, before throwing itself into the mechanical steward.

“Systems damaged. Warning! Multiple threats detected. Warning level three initiated with all units. Iso-” The Magnemite slammed into it again, and the robot shuddered to a halt, frozen on the spot for a second before its mechanical joints gave way.

“You killed one of the crew!” Jonathan pointed an accusing finger at both the Magnemite and Jess

“Mitemitemagnemite.” It droned, floating around Jonathan’s head

“It was trying to lock us in the boat’s basement Johnny, come on before more of them turn up!” Jess grabbed his arm, exactly like the machine had done a few moments ago, and dragged him off down the corridor in search of the other trainers.

September 9th, 2007, 6:17 AM
Michael watched, shaken and scared as Summer lay on the floor coughing and crying.

"I..." She began to speak in a sad voice, "I...I am not...Trying...To kill you...The computer...The machine...Lied...It is...To late...For me...But...You must...Save yourself..." With that last word Summer let out a scream and suddenly stopped talking. Flamerock and Junior began to cry. Michael looked up, he saw security images from the ship, many guest where panicking and getting chased round the boat, there appeared to be more than ten. He then looked to the captions desk and saw a announcment machine, this would allow him to communicate with the passengers.

"Hello! Can anyone hear me? I am stuck in the captians cabin, save me please, I need your help!"

Cosmic Tyrant
September 9th, 2007, 6:39 AM
Shannon continued to stare down at the water as the ferry glided on it like it was floating in air. Shannon wasn't getting seasick, in fact, he was sort of mesmerized by the waves. "Gee, I wonder where this boat's taking us..." He thought to himself. at this point, the announcement was made by an annonymous voice. "Uh-oh! He said as he sprang into action. "Looks like trouble. And who better to answer this call than a class A detective like me!" He said as he ran toward the captain's cabin. He grabbed a directory on the way so he'd know exactly where to go. In no time, Shannon made it to the cabin. "Have no worries, my friend!" Shannon said in a heroic fasion. "Shannon McCain is on the job!" He said as he gripped one of his pokeballs. "Go Seviper!" He said as he released his pokemon. Seviper, see if you can barge through that door by ramming into it!" Sannon commanded as seviper glared at the door. It lunged at the door with great force, and hit hard. The door diddn't burst open, but it cracked just a little. "Alright Seviper, Looks like you've got to chisle your way into this room! Try to shake it off and attempt it again" Shannon said as seviper brushed off the impact and slammed again. The door was getting weaker little by little...

September 9th, 2007, 6:57 AM
Things were getting out of hand fast. Everything had been fine and dandy for only a short while after leaving the docks. Then people were being chased, there was a lot of shouting, and someone was calling over the intercom for a rescue. It certainly wasn't the calm, peaceful, relaxing cruise Aubrey had been expecting.

"We should head for the captain's quarters, Desiri. If nothing else we can find out what's going on."

'Agree,' the Pidgey chirped quietly.

Aubrey nodded and set off at a quick pace towards the captain's quarters. Even with the large size of the ship, it didn't take long to reach it. What looked like a guard was standing outside. It was another machine.

"Good day, Madam. Are you in need of assistance?"

The empty voice caused a shiver to pass through Aubrey's body. "No, sir. I think there may be someone trapped inside there, though." She indicated the door the robot was guarding.

"The only one in there is our captain. You must be mistaken."

"There was an announcement-"

Her words were cut off by the robot taking a quick step forward and seizing her by the throat. Before Aubrey could do anything, Desiri let out a shriek and launched herself at the machine. Aubrey was released and the robot turned its attention to attacking the little Pidgey sending small twisters at it.

"Wonderful. Our crew's a crazy band of robot." She reached down with one hand and removed a Pokeball from one of the clips on her leg. "Lanu I need your help!" The Pokeball spun as it was tossed into the air. It spun for a moment then opened to allow a great flood of twisting light to escape. The light hit the deck and solidified into the shape of a small bear-like Pokemon with a moon on its head.

"Lanu, I need you to break down that door then help Desiri. Can you do that?"

'Aubrey, I'm not battler...but I may break down the door.' The little Teddiursa raised a claw and leapt at the door blocking the captain's room. Three slashes appeared in the wood, then more and more. The Furry Swipes attack soon turned the door into a pile of splinters.

"Great! Now on Slash on the back of its neck! Can you do that?"

'Yes,' Lanu replied, raising her claws again. She crouched then launched herself at the robots back. At the same moment Desiri sent a strong Gust at the thing's face. It was knocked backwards and right into Lanu's slash attack. With a screech of metal the robot's head was severed and it fell, sparking, to the ground.

"Not bad for a researcher's assistants, wouldn't you say?"

Desiri and Lanu laughed and gave nods of agreement. Then they all turned their attention to the people inside the cabin.

September 9th, 2007, 6:58 AM
Chris looked back and said, "Oh boy. I dont want to see another death happen. Here we go, Sko. Use strength!"

Sko the Skorupi went beside the Seviper and helped it keep the door open. Finally it was big enough for the boy to fit.

"Come on, go through before our pokemon give out!" said Chris to the boy. "Dont worry about the girl, theres nothing you can do about it no
just take her pokemon and go through!"

September 9th, 2007, 6:58 AM
Michael smiled as a Seviper bust open the door, rubble fell to the ground allowing Michael to see who saved him, he waved to Shannon and began to talk.

"Thanks for saving me but I have to go, I need to find my freind Rei then get off this ship, I advise you do so too." Michael picked up Flamerock and Junior and placed them in his backpack, "Keep quiet and stay safe!" He whispered to them, he then left Shannon back in the cabin, "Rei!" He saw Rei talking to a female looking robot, Rei was holding Sunseed and Sparky.

"Show me your invitation!" The robot screamed in a scratchy voice.

"What the? You guys took all of our invites when you give us our room keys!" Rei said flashing her key in the robots face.

"You are unknown, you are a threat! Everyone on the ship is now a threat. Calling all machinary, The ship is under attack. Terminate all humans and Pokemon, NOW!"

September 9th, 2007, 7:07 AM
The room was deserted. It didn't really look like a place fit for a captain, either. It was small and filled with machines beeping and blinking at random intervals. There was a screen attached to each one that showed what had to be the eye's view of each of the robots on the ship. There were an alarmingly large amount on the ship though a few had gone blank.

"Well...we could turn them all off. But, given the circumstances, I doubt they have an off button."

'Break them?'

"That's make too much noise, Lanu. We need to be quiet about this. Maybe there's a central computer or something."

'Maybe they just to show someone else what's going on. Maybe not controlling them.'

"That's possible. Regardless, we need to turn them off. Come on, it can't be too difficult to figure out."

September 9th, 2007, 7:09 AM
Chris said, "Oh boy, were in trouble."

He started to think of a way out of the ship or a hiding spot where they could stay until they get to the new region.

"Wait a minute..Thats it!! Guys follow me! I know a place where we can stay!" said Chris.

He didnt know any of these people but he knew they were in danger and he didnt want anybody to die after all he's been through. Chris was thinking about the place where he snuck on to. He knew that the robots wouldnt think of checking there.

"Alright guys you need to follow me now or your gonna get hurt. Sparky! Hold them off for a little bit! Come out and use Discharge!" said Chris. The Shinx came out and did exactly what he said and shocked all the robots. They stopped working for a second and Chris said, "Come on!!"

Cosmic Tyrant
September 9th, 2007, 7:17 AM
Shannon decided to follow Chris as he enjoyed breathing without a device. But first things had to come first. "Alright, Seviper, good job! Return!" He said as he reurned Seviper into it's pokeball. "Go Wismur!" He yelle as he released his small loud pokemon. He picked up his wismur and immediately followed Chris and the others. There was a little distance between Shannon and company, and soon Shannon was ambushed by a robot. "Okay Wismur, use Hyper Voice, Disrupt it's database!" He said. Wismur let out a very loud roar and the robot crahsed in front of Shannon and Wismur. "Good job, buddy!" Shannon said as he hugged Wismur, then went right back to following Chris and the others.

September 9th, 2007, 7:25 AM
Michael and Rei stood still, then they both raised their hands in the air as two more robots surrounded them.

"We surrender, We surrender!" Michael and Rei said terrified as the robots pointed guns at them.

"You must be terminated, you are a threat!" One of the robots lowered its gun then looked to Rei, "Identification please." Rei and Michael exchanged confused looks.

"What? You guys took our identification stuff when we boarded the ship! You stupid heap of junk!" Rei screamed.

"You are a threat, you are violent, you will be terminated!" The robots then all pointed their guns at Rei and shot her, she fell to the ground her face suddenly went pale.

"Oh no! REI!" Michael then fell to his knees next to Rei, her eyes where watery and she was crying.

"Michael...Please...Save yourself..." Rei said softly.

"NO! No more deaths!" Michael then began to scream so loud the people on the ship could hear him from far away. "Junior use Ember, Sunseed use Razorleaf, Sparky use Thundershock, Flamerock use whatever move you can!" In what seemed like a flash of many different colours, the Pokemon of Summer, Michael and Rei destroyed the three robots, but that was only three, there where many more to come.

September 9th, 2007, 7:37 AM
Chris looked back and sighed.
"She didnt come...Alright guys stay here I got to go back and help him. Chris ran back to the boy to see that two of his friends lying on the floor, dead.
"I told you guys to come with me! Just go over with the others and my Shinx will fight them off." said Chris.

"Sparky! Come out and use Discharge!" said Chris.

"That was all it took to send those three robots flying. Alright now dude, if you dont want to be like your friends over there, Come With Me!!" said Chris as he grabbed the kids pokeballs and put them in his bag. "You migh want them to remember your friends." said Chris as he grabbed the kids hand and pulled him towards the other kids.

"Shinx! Shinx!"

"Oh No! I forgot Sparky!" He looked back to find hundreds of robots coming at Sparky. He then yelled, "Discharge!!!!!! Full Power!!!!!!!!!"

Shinx used the move with all of his power and it threw all the robots against the wall. He also noticed the moved caused a black out.

"Ok Shinx, use Flash and follow me!" said Chris as he ran to the others with the boy.

September 9th, 2007, 7:58 AM
Michael followed the boy, then looked to his pokemon Sparky, his Shinx and Michael`s Pikachu had the same name, he then looked back to Rei, she was not definetly not alive, but he did not cry, after Summer had died he managed to deal with it. He follow Chris into a group of people.

"Sparky, Sunseed, Flamerock, Junior, all of you help Chris." The Pokemon nodded to Michael and then began to follow Chris, "To stop confusement you can just call my Sparky...Lightning." Michael then followed Chris and the group to safety.

September 9th, 2007, 8:11 AM
The glass that littered the floor made it dangerous to walk around the room. Aubrey was beginning to realize that her plan of breaking the computers hadn't been such a great idea. That and she could see that a couple of robots were now heading in her direction. Only a few of the computers had been successfully destroyed. Most of the rest just had broken screens which didn't help her at all.

"We're gonna have to try something more effective. No time to be picky. Lanu I want you to use a few quick Furry Swipes then we'll leave."

The Teddiursa nodded and slashed out at the nearest machines. Whether it did any good in stopping the robots was anyone's guess but at least they were destroyed.

"Good. Now Desiri, used Dual Twister and we'll get out of here."

Desiri flapped her wings in slow, powerful gusts. A twister appeared and was launched into the room. A second was quickly conjured and launched then the little Pidgey turned and soared out of the room followed by Aubrey carrying Lanu.

September 9th, 2007, 8:20 AM
"Ok, now everybody, follow the light of my Shinx." said Chris as he was walking down numerous flights of stairs.

He finally got to the bottom of the ship and he found teh whole place empty. No robots, no people, no furniture.

"Ok we should be safe until the ship stops into the new region." said Chris.
We should all get to know eachother well since we will be staying down here most of the day. I'm Chris, and if anybody gets hungry I have a whole bag of poffins in my Poffin Case."

Chris then looked at Michael and said, "I know how you feel about those other people. I had many people in my family die when i was very young. I'm sorry that you had to deal with that."

palkia lover
September 9th, 2007, 10:05 AM
"aipom where are you going" "ook ook" "oh yeah aipom lets see what that light was" tyler went down in the basement to see the light and to get bananas "ah aleins i surender dont eat my brain! whait those are humans phew that was close isn't that right aipom" "ook ook ook" "who are you i've seen alot of people here but i havent seen you before" tyler said to chris "are you a thef who wants my clefairy or a part of team rocket?! if you are aipom here will protect her at all cost" nothing hapend "i said aipom" still nothing "aipom! come here" "ook ook ook ook" "thats better now aipom use protect now" aipom looked cunfusedly at tyler "ook ook ook?" "what do you mean by you don't know protect just use sand attack if he trys to steal clefariy "

September 9th, 2007, 10:14 AM
Sakiura heard a comotion going on and looked around."What the heck is going on...? Spiritimb take a look around." Sakura said. "I will take a look around as well. Come on drifloon lets have a look around.." Sakurasaid as she began walking off the deck. She soon came acroos a broken down room with shattered glass everywhere. "What the..? It seems someone broke into the restricted section for some reason. "Spiritomb! Come along we are going to see whats up." Sakura said as spiritomb appeared and they began walking along the corridor. Sakura took out a flashlight and began looking around. Before she knew it she was at the bottom of the ship with the other passangers. Sakura became startled as she saw everyone there. "Why is everyone here...?"

September 9th, 2007, 10:37 AM
OOC: palkia lover
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also u should use commas too because that also messes up my reading

Chris saw the two new people come down and didnt understand what one of them said.
Chris said, "Why would we be aliens, and why would i try to steal your pokemon. That would be very rude."
After that Chris started to speak to the other one. "We are all down here because the braindead robots upstairs are trying to kill us all. They think we are terrorists because we dont have our passes. If you want some poffins, I have plenty in my bag. By the way, I'm Chris everybody."

Chris looked at the pokemon that were in his bag and then looked at Michael.

"You might want these. You should be the rightful owners since you knew those two the best." said Chris as he handed him the pokeballs.

September 9th, 2007, 10:59 AM
Michael smiled and took the Pokeballs, he then looked to Tyler and then to the girl.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a recorded message, We have arrived at the destination, Here is Professor Oak to explain this in more detail." a mechanical voice called from a speaker.

"Hi people, This is Oak. Now when you leave the ship you may notice you are not exactly on the region, you are on a tiny island near it, this is so you can prepare yourself for the possible grim fate that may await you." Everyone gasped, the voice of Oak then began to sound mechanical, "Leave the ship immediatly or you will be terminated!"

September 9th, 2007, 11:07 AM
Albert's relaxation didn't last for long. He heard the announcement, and sprang to his feet, returning his Pokemon and running inside the ship.
"What the hell?" He said as he ran in. He saw robots everywhere and it looked like mayhem. One of the robots began walking towards Albert.

"Identification!" The robot shouted aiming a weapon towards Albert's gut.

"....No." Albert said, fastly releasing his Totodile. "Totodile hydro pump, quick!" Albert said pointing at the robot.

"Totodile!" Totodile said, jumping up and spraying a flurry of water at the robot, with enough strength that it cracked through the robot, shutting it off.

"Good job Totodile....let's go further into the ship." Albert said as he and Totodile walked further, while avoiding robots. He continued walking until he saw the girl he talked to earlier, Aubrey, running while carrying a Teddiursa, and her Pidgey flying after her.

"Aubrey! What has happened?" Albert asked while running up to her. "I was sitting on the deck, and next thing I know the whole ship is under attack by frickin' robots!" Albert began petting Totodiles head to keep him calm, and looked behind Aubrey to see if there were any robots coming. They seemed safe...for now.

September 9th, 2007, 11:14 AM
"OK guys. I dont think that was a real message so I think we should stay here." said Chris.

Then the ship came to a stop and Chris fell over.

"Well thats great," said Chris "the ship stopped. Let me think for a minute."


"Guys, I know what I have to do. Me and my Shinx will go out there and fight them off. Then I will get the ship back on course. My mom was a ship captain so I learned from her. Hey Michael, can I borrow your Pikachu for my journey?"

September 9th, 2007, 11:26 AM
Michael nodded then began to speak to his Pikachu.

"Hey Lightning, Go with Chris and do whatever he says, You can trust Chris, he is a freind."

"Intruder alert in the basement, Intruder alert in the basement!" a Robot had entered in the door which the girl forgot to close.

"Oh damnit! Lightning help Chris, Sunseed, Junior you two help Chris aswell!" Michael frowned at the cold looking robot, and in seconds about twenty robots where surrounding the room.

September 9th, 2007, 12:03 PM
"Oh, crap. This is great." said Chris sarcasticly. "Michael, use your Charmander's and Cyndaquil's ember to keep the room bright. I'm going out."

"Sparky and Sparky! Both Use Thunder Bolt!"

The lightning bolt knocked out the robot as Chris left the room and locked the door. Chris walked to the next hall until he saw hundreds of robots coming at them.

"Holy Crap!!! Sun Seed! Use Razor Leaf! Sparky and Sparky! Both of you use Shock Wave together!!" said Chris, worries about his life being dangered.

The Razor Leaf barely made a scratch on the robots, but the two Shock Waves knocked most of them out.

"Alright Sunseed. Grab one robot with your vinewhip, then use the robot to hit the rest of them!"

Sunseed missed the robot she was aiming for and got Sparky (Shinx). Then Chris got an idea.

"Alright Sparky, now use Discharge!"

The move hit all the robots and knocked them all out. Chris sighed in relief and ran up to the Captains deck. Right when he got their he looked out the window and saw a lucious green grass stretching for about maybe 500 miles. It was only a mile away too.


September 9th, 2007, 12:06 PM
Sakura wasn't sure what was going on and decided to come out and ask "What the heck is going on?!" Sakura exclaimed as spiritomb began to growl at the robot. "Spiritomb calm down. Hopefully it won't come back.." Sakura said coldly. "Floooon!!" Drifloon to began to growl at the now cracked robot. "Alright lets follow these people they seem to know what they are doing.." Sakura whispered to her pokemon. "Flooooooooon" Drifloon replied in agreenment though spiritomb didn't seem to happy about running away like a sore loser. "Fine spiritomb next time that robot attacks I will let you use hyper beam gosh.." Sakura mumbled to spiritomb. "But for now lets just keep moving." Drifloon seem to agree with this comment. Sakura saw the army of robots. "Darn it whats with all the crappy brain dead robots!!!!! SPIRTOMB USE DARK PULSE!" Sakura said pointing at one robot who had not been knocked out by Chris's attack. As soon as the dark pulse hit the robot it immedietly deactivated and all that was left of the robot was a few wires.

September 9th, 2007, 12:47 PM
Chris then announced, "Tanul, 1 mile away. We seem to have no active robots at the time and I am so happy! You guys can come up n-" Then the signal went off. The whole ship was quiet until Chris screamed as lous as possible. The robots have thrown him out the window and into the sea.

"Well that sucked" said Chris, gasping for air. "Maybe I could swim the res-AHHHHHHH!!!!" said Chris as the ship started to move. The motor sliced his body up and Chris would be never seen again. Or will he?

"Am I in heaven? Will I finally meet God? Maybe I can meet Jesus!" said Chris, finally waking up.

"Wait a minute, I'm in a field of grass. Their are so many pokemon here lets see if I can catch one." said Chris as he saw a nearby Ponyta.

"Pokeball! Go!" yelled Chris.

Chris reached down and tries to grab a ball but didnt find anything. The only thing he found was his new body, the body of a Gallade.

"OH MY GOD!!!! IM A FREAKING GALLADE!!!!!" yelled Chris.

"Yea, like we didnt know that." said the Ponyta walking by.

"Whoah, I can understand Pokemon now. This will help me in the future. Now lets try to find out where I am." said Chris.

"Excuse me Ponyta, do you know where I am?" said Chris.

Where on the East Coast of Tanul you idiot. Now get out of my face." said the ticked off Ponyta.

"Wait a minute, If were off the East Coast of Tanul, then...." said Chris as he turned around and saw the ship. "The Ship!! I better hurry. Maybe I can use a move if I yell it out, so....Teleport!!" yelled Chris as he teleported to the bottom of the ship.

"Oh I hope I can still speak English.....Hey guys?" said Chris in complete english. "Yes!! It worked! Guys it's Chris! The robots just sort of killed me in a strange way and now Im a Gallade!" said Chris in a hyper way...until he remembered he forgot all his pokemon up there.

September 9th, 2007, 1:13 PM
Aubrey looked at the boy, the same one she had spoken to earlier. "Albert." She slowed down and gave a shrug. "I really don't know what's going on. I heard someone calling for help but I went to the wrong place. Then the crew, the robots, turned violent. They must have malfunctioned or something."

'Or a test?'

"A test? I don't know, Lanu. Those things seemed ready to kill us. They wouldn't send us into such danger. And you'd think if they wanted to test us they would have done it before we left. I mean," she looked over the rails towards the strip of land now visible. "Well, we should try to get off the ship. But first I have to go back to my cabin. All of my things are in there. More importantly, my phone."

'It's dangerous, Aubrey.'

She ignored Desiri's warning and looked at Albert. "My advice is to try to get off the ship. We're slowing down, anyway, so we're probably gonna stop soon." With that she hurried on towards Cabin 27.

September 9th, 2007, 1:29 PM
Albert watched her run off. "Maybe I should follow her..." He said aloud. "Er....I can't just leave..." He stood around thinking and decided he would see how close they were to land. He looked out a window on the ship and could see land coming up pretty close. Albert turned around and put his hand up to his chin.

"OK...obviously we were all supposed to die...but robots? This is really bizarre." Albert stood around some more and decided what he would do. He ran towards where Aubrey had ran and shouted down the hall. "Aubrey! I'm going to lower the lifeboats from the captain's room! Try to find out where everybody is and direct them towards the right side of the ship....the lifeboats are near there!" With that said Albert returned Totodile and ran to the captains room. The door was falling off the hinges.

"Oh man...this place already looks destroyed..." Albert looked around until he saw a switch marked "Lifeboat." Albert pulled the switch and heard and click. He nodded, satisfied and ran off towards the lifeboats. Sure enough they were unhinged, but Albert didn't leave yet. He waited by the boats for the rest of the ship to get there.

September 9th, 2007, 1:44 PM
Her cabin was locked when she arrived and it took her a moment to locate the key. Finally she had it and the door was open. Much of the rest of the ship showed signs of the battle, but the room looked no different than it had when she had first arrived. A bed, a desk, and a few paintings hanging on the wall. Everything completely undisturbed. Even her backpack was still lying on the bed where it had been tossed earlier.

"It's a shame. This ship is going to such waste. They should have used real people for the crew...what were they thinking?"

'Hurry, hurry. Wasting time!'

"Oh...right." Aubrey hurried forward and snatched the bad from the bed before turning and leaving again. Now she had to try to find the rest of the passengers like Albert had asked. Where would they be?

She searched the ship as quickly as she could. Not far away, in another room, two girls, both people she had seen waiting on the dock, lay motionless. There was no doubt that life had left them. It was not an encounter Aubrey had been prepared for and it took a few moments for her to recover. Had things not been so serious it would undoubtedly have taken much longer.

'Aubrey, listen! Fighting!'

The girl looked in the direction Lanu was pointing. She couldn't hear anything but she trusted her Pokemon's sharp ears and ran in the direction she had indicated. Soon the sounds of a struggle became clear and she called out, "Hey! Head for the life boats! We need to get off the ship!"

September 9th, 2007, 3:29 PM
"Hmm.. Lets go spritomb drifloon. If this is really going i guess we should go to the lifeboats even though you guys can float." Sakura said looking at her pokemon who were embarresed to admit that they can float but Sakura couldn't. "Alright lets go." Sakura walked and stepped into a life boat. "If these people really know what their doing. Its not like I care if I die.. I'm a waste of space anyway.." Sakura quietly mumbled to herself. "Well if were really that close to land lets go but before she knew it she had fallen overboard because she slipped on someof the water that was on the life boat. She couldn't swim. "I can't breathe..Someone..help.."

September 9th, 2007, 3:37 PM
Albert's eyes widened when he saw the girl fall in.
"Hang on!" He yelled. He released Totodile and pointed to the girl and they both jumped off the boat. Albert hit the water and began swimming towards the girl. He swam near her and grabbed her and grabbed on to Totodile's tail. "Swim Totodile!" He yelled, as Totodile began swimming powerfully towards the boat. They swam up near it and Albert grabbed onto the side ladder, and he climbed in, and Totodile helped him get the girl in.

"Good job Totodile. Have a nice rest." Albert said recalling Totodile. He looked at the girl and hoped she was breathing. "Are you alright?" Albert asked kneeling near the girl.

September 9th, 2007, 5:23 PM
Sakura began to cough and Spiritomb and Drifloon ran to her side. "Thanks.. I guess.." Sakura said unsure of what to say. Someone had actually saved her. Some one actually cared if she was alive or not. "Why did you save me..? I'm just a waste of space.." Sakura began to cough still gagged from when she had fallen underwater. "Well anyway thanks for saving me I guess I'm in your debt now..." She said unsure if she wanted to talk to anyone around her. She just felt she wasn't worthy to have any friends. She felt like she was nothing, and a mere waste of space.

September 9th, 2007, 5:38 PM
Albert smiled. "Every life is precious. Don't feel like your life is any less worthy than anyone else's. And don't worry, you don't owe me anything. I'm just glad you're all right. My name's Albert Black. What's yours?"
He noticed she seemed a little young. "Are you here all by yourself?" He asked her. He looked at her two pokemon. "No...she has to be a trainer..."

Albert stood up and put his hand out to help her up. "Regardless, we have to get to the lifeboat. Let's go."

September 9th, 2007, 6:40 PM
"My name is Sakura and the only people I've had for awhile would be spiritomb and drifloon...I used to live in an orphanage but I ran away from there.. I;ve been homeless ever since... So alls I've had were drifloon and spiritomb for awhile. I never even had real parents.. I mean O had some but.. The forgot I existed when I was about 5 or so.. Thats when things got worse.." Skaura stepped in the life boat and put her knees to her face.. "I could handle just being ignored but..I was starved, cussed at had stuff thrown at me and.. well I was often beaten just for looking at my parents.. Then social services came and well..I don't like to talk about my past really its just to distrubing for me and other people so I don't like to talk about it.." Sakura said as she looked felt hot tears fall down her face. "Flooon!" Drifloon gave her a happy nuzzle. "Thanks Drifloon."

Cosmic Tyrant
September 9th, 2007, 7:57 PM
Shannon had gotten seperated from the others a while back, but was still going strong. "We need a way to get out of here!" Shannon said to his Wismur. From what the directory stated, the two were around the middle of the ferry. "This isn't good..." Shannon muttered as he heard more robots approach them. "Intruder! Show Your Identification!" The robot demanded angrily. "What are you talking about?" Shannon asked. "You stupid robots took it!" The robots began to move closer. "Intruder Failed To Show Identification! Must Terminate!" Said the robots as they lunged toward Shannon and Wismur for the kill. "Quick, Wismur, use HByper Voice!" Shannon told his Wismur. Wismur once again let out a huge noise, disabling the robots. "Good job!, Now let's go!" He said as the two made their way to the lifeboats. It took a minute, but the two got there in considerable time. Shannon saw others already boarding the lifeboat. "These must be the only other survivors..." He said to himself with dismay. "I'd better play it cool" he said to himself again as he boarded the boat

September 10th, 2007, 7:20 AM
Michael panicked, he looked around, it soon became obvious he had passed out as only a second ago, he was in a room sorrounded by robots with a huge amount of people, and now, he was lying alone in a dusty room, his Charmander Junior, trying to wake him up by nudgeing his head.

"Whoa, Junior what happened?" Michael looked at Junior, Junior then shrugged his shoulders and Michael smiled. He looked around, it seemed the robots had all been destroyed, "Ok Junior, we are getting out of here!" Michael rose the floor and left the room, he was alone. It became apparent that all his other Pokemon where gone. He sighed then lowered his head, he had borrowed his freind a Pokemon just before. Michael then looked out a dirty window, he cleaned it with his arm and noticed he could see the region from his room. "Tanul! We're here!"

Michael then sat on a chair near him, he was tired and scared, and did not have the energy to run anywhere. After all, his freind Rei and his freind Summer had just been killed by evil robots with a serious attitude problem.

"You will be terminated!" A robot screamed. Michael looked to the robot, it looked very angry, he shuddered at the sound of its cold voice then spoke.

"What? You think terminating me would do you any good!" Michael laughed in the robots face, "If you want to live you heap of junk, I suggest that you shut up and hide somewhere, because you are the last robot alive on this ship!" Michael laughed histerrically, he was not crazy, but was doing it for a reaction, the robot looked at him sadly, then spoke in a weak voice, which sounded like a sick old man.

"They...They are all dead?" The robot said sounding sad and lonely, Michael sighed then looked to his Charmander.

"Yes. They are, all of them, and you will die with them! Junior use flamethrower!" Michael's Charmander jumped in the air and flames came out his mouth like a...well flamethrower, the robot screamed then exploded, Michael heared a soft crying noise. He walked to where the noise was coming from and saw a wounded Cyndaquil, Chickorita and Pikachu.

"Guys! You're all safe. Umm...Come in here." He showed them three pink heal balls, "RETURN!" a flash of green light shun and the Pokemon dissapeared. Michael smiled then patted Junior, they then heared cheering from the deck of the ship, Michael could make out the words, Tanul anf Lifeboats! He ran to the deck excited.

September 10th, 2007, 7:43 AM
I'd like to join:

Name: Pein Fuuma
Nickname: none
Age: 15
Gender: male
Description: auburn hair, 10 piercings in each ear, 3 nose bridge piercings and a stud piercing under his lip. He has unusual eyes (they have circles that differentiate between red grey and black). Wears long sleeve black shirts with black jeans with black converses.
History: Lived in blackthorn city his whole life. parents despise him and ditched him at the age of 10. He got his pokemon at that time to use as a comfort zone and he loves to point out gross and morbid facts.
Pokemon: Ralts (female nicknamed Rydia) and Mime Jr (female called Minako)
RP Sample: Pein woke up dazed and confused. He took a few minutes to fully wake and then remembered why he was here. "Oh right! the trip to a new region I can't believe I fell asleep for so long..." Pein said to himself plainly in an attempt to jog his memory. Pein then decided to step outside and see what was going on...
Other: loves to point out gross things and is very poor

September 10th, 2007, 7:45 AM
Pein your accepted, hope you enjoy this rp.

September 10th, 2007, 7:48 AM
OOC: Thanks charchic I'll do my best

BIC: Pein stepped outside and saw the mess about "what's going on?" Pein asked himself quietly seeing robots everywhere that were decimated horribly. Pein ran up to the deck and saw everyone there. Pein decided to confront Michael "Umm excuse me but hat happened?" Pein asked inquisitively. hoping to get an answer.

While waiting for a response Pein pulled out his pokemon Rydia (ralts) and Minako (Mime Jr) "Minako, RYdia take in the sights, I'll doubt this journey will be a lot more cheerier," Pein said sounding pessemistic as usual

September 10th, 2007, 7:50 AM
Michael looked on the deck, he could see Albert, he waved then looked at the escape boats that where infront of him.

"Finally, we are safe!" He said, he looked at his Charmander and grinned, "Buddy are you ready?" Charmander chirped happily and Michael patted his head. They then climbed on a boat, It slowely lowered and Michael smiled, he was in the boat alone with Junior, although he could see some people where already evacuating to Tanul. Michael then grabbed his Healballs out his Pocket, "Sunseed, Flamerock and Sparky come out we're here!" All his Pokemon where released from their Pokeballs, Junior hugged Sunseed and they then looked to Tanul, they where slowely getting closer to the region, he then realised he had ignored the boy who had asked him a question, "Jeez, I hope he is not mad."

September 10th, 2007, 7:57 AM
OOC: have we arrived at tunal yet? and may we have some more pokemon?

BIC:"I guess he's obviously ignoring me girls," Pein said with an unreadable expression upon his face. Pein then decided that everyone here must be really angry and upset "Rydia could you use calm mind to help the others relax by setting a good example for the other pokemon please?" Pein asked to which Rydia gladly did by sitting down and relaxing with her deep breaths.

"Minako, You can just relax on top of my shoulder like usual," Pein offered MInako who jumped up on his shoulder quickly making them look cute.

September 10th, 2007, 12:49 PM
The boat was pretty much deserted now. All of the passengers, as far as she knew, were now in the lifeboats. She hadn't joined them yet. The robots were gone and the ship quiet. Something about the sudden calmness made her hesitate to leave. She knew she had to. With no captain the ship was probably going to crash at the docks. Still, so much had happened in so short a time that all she wanted to do was rest for a bit and not have to worry about the other people in the lifeboats or the lifeboats themselves.

'Aubrey, we must hurry. They will leave without us.'

"Do you think so?"

'Yes. Those two girls were killed and there's no guarantee there aren't more crew members on the ship.'

"What about other passengers?"

'Even if there are, what can you do for them?'

The little Pidgey had a point. There was nothing she could do for them if they were trapped somewhere. There was no way to find them and if they didn't reach the lifeboats before they left then they'd be stranded, too.

"All right," the girl relented finally. Lanu gave her a nuzzle of reassurance as she climbed precariously into one of the small vessels. She didn't like them. The ship had seemed much safer, even with the possible threat of more attacks. At least Tanul was near.

September 10th, 2007, 1:26 PM
Chris watched as the rest of the kids ignored him and said, 'So there leaving, huh? Well then lets teleport to the rest of the pokemon first and then I'll follow Michael. Teleport!"

Chris then went to the Captains deck and noticed it was just as he left it. All the robots were on the floor and the pokemon were still waiting there, as scared as ever.
"Hey guys, its hard to explain what happened but I'm that kid Chris who was thrown out of the window. Let me put you back in the pokeball and we'll be back with everybody in a second." said Chris as he was trying to negociate with the pokemon.

"Why would we believe you, your not human, your a Gallade!" said Sunseed.
"Yeah, how could you turn into a Gallade anyways?" said Sparky.
"And how do you know the name of our trainers!?" said Lightning.
"Yeah, only Michael and us know his name!" said Sko.

"Well the first two questions I cant really explain but the answer to the last one is I really am Chris, I died from falling out the ship and then I woke up as a Gallade!" said Chris.

"Why should we believe you? I think your one of those robots in disguise!" said Lightning.
"He's probably right! Lets go all out on him!" said Sunseed.
"Here we go!" said Sparky.
"Lets do this!" said Sko.

Sunseed used Razor Leaf right after Chris used Teleport and the attack missed.

"Alright Sko! I'll use Thunder Shock and you use Poison Sting! One, Two, Th-" said Sparky as he got interrupted.

"Guys dont use that move!" said Chris.

"What the, I cant use the move." said Sparky.
"Neither can I." said Sko.

"You see guys, you will always follow my voice commands. That means that I really am Chris." sais Chris.

Then it was silent for a moment.

"Chris? is that really you?" said Sko.

"Yes, it is Sko! I promise!" replied Chris.

"Ok guys, this is Chris. We can let off him now." said Sko.

"Chris!!" said all the pokemon at once as they jumped on him and gave him a hug.

"Ok guys lets stop the chitter-chatter and just let me get you in your pokeballs." said Chris.

"OK" said all the pokemon at once.

"Return!" said Chris as the green light flashed before his eyes.

"Teleport to Tanul!" said Chris.

Now he was at Tanul where Micheal was.

"Here Micheal, I got you your pokemon. By the way, incase you werent listening before this is Chris. The robots threw me out the window of the ship then my body went threw the motor and I ended up here as a Gallade."

September 10th, 2007, 1:59 PM
Albert frowned when Sakura began crying. "Orphanage huh...." He kneeled down to her level. "Well, what if I told you I didn't have any parents either? Let me tell you a story." Albert said. "When I was a baby...my parents abandoned me I guess. Nobody knows who they were. Well eventually, I was found by a kind man." Albert looked down and took a deep breath. "The man took care of me and raised me. He taught me all kinds of things about Pokemon, and gave me my Totodile when I was seven years old. One day, the man went for a walk. I waited and waited, but he never came back. I was alone again."

Albert adjusted himself and stood up straight. "I felt horrible for a while. Eventually though, I realized I wasn't alone. I had Totodile and had no reason to feel bitter. And ever since then I've made new friends and have always tried to stay happy." Albert turned around. "I hope you feel better. Let's get on a lifeboat. The island is close."

September 10th, 2007, 2:07 PM
Sakura hiccuped a little "I had parents it just..They never loved me.. The only actual people who showed me any companionship were Spiritomb and Drifloon. They helped me stay warm and get food. But sometimes I had to resort to stealing such things just to survive..Soon I felt completly alone. The only time I felt happy was when I was with my pokemon.." Sakura said as she began petting her drifloon and spiritomb. "They actually saved me from killnig myself..They brought me food and a blanket.. Thank you for listening to my troubled.." Sakura said gratefully to Albert

September 10th, 2007, 2:31 PM
"No problem." Albert said with a smile. "Now let's get to the island." Albert lowered the lifeboat down and started rowing. "It won't be far now Sakura. You can see the island right there." Albert said pointing at the island. He continued rowing until they neard the island. Albert stopped rowing for a second and looked at Sakura.

"What are you going to do in this region?" Albert asked, worried. about Sakura. "It wouldn't be right for you to just travel by yourself.....so how would you like to travel with me?" Albert asked her, hoping she would come. He was worried she was just gonna go off by herself in this newly discovered region. He smiled and continued rowing, waiting to see what Sakura would say. He neared a beach on the region and stopped rowing and stood up.

"So what do you say Sakura? Wanna stick together?"

September 12th, 2007, 7:10 AM
Michael turned to the Pokemon who was talking to him, it was a Gallade, but for some strange reason, Michael could understand it. The Gallade was claiming to be Chris. Michael looked to his Pokemon, they where smiling now that they where off the crazy ship and on Tanul, Michael then looked to Chris, his eyes watered and he flung his arms around the Pokemon.

"Chris! I thought you where dead!" Michael shouted brightly, "It is so great to see you!" Michael then let go of the Pokemon as a Ninetails nudged him, Michael looked the the magestic Ninetails and sighed. "What do you want?" He asked.

"We want you to leave Lunat!" The Ninetails cried angrily. It looked infuriated, "Leave Lunat or die, spies of Tanul!" The Ninetails hissed and Michael backed off.

"What do you mean spies of Tanul, and why can I understand you?" Michael asked confused. The Ninetails giggled.

"You are a stupid little human." The Ninetails said, "You claim you are not a spy of Tanul?" She lowered her head. "I will answer both of your questions, first of all, I am Mayor Tale, the mayor of Lutan, and why you can understand me, well that is because I have studied your language for years, but now let me ask you a question...What exactly are you doing here." Michael looked up, he was wondering why exactly was he here, he then looked to the Mayor.

"I have no idea, first we won a prize...To come to Tanul and save Professor Seed, then on the ship we where attacked by robots, and now we are here. On Lutan..." Michael then paused, "Are you at war with Tanul? Why did you call us spies of Tanul?"

The Ninetales then smiled at Michael, "Wait, that will be revealed, firstly, tell us about this Seed man!" Mayor Tales demanded.

"Well, he discovered Tanul, sent the co-ordinates to Oak, then dissapeared." The Pokemon of Lutan laughed when Michael said, 'Discovered Tanul'

"Discovered Tanul? My dear boy! Professor Seed did not discover Tanul, Humans have known about this region for decades, just scared to send people on it." Mayor Seed sighed then looked down at the sandy beach.

"You mean the Professor lied to us? You mean we are just troops sent to search this island for the Professor, Well thanks for informing me mayor, I am going back now." Michael stormed away dramaticly but then the sky turned black and the floor began to shake fiercly.

"You are going nowhere boy, You are now in a battleground, In the middle of the war between the Birds of Tanul, and the Dogs of Lutan, you must hide on the island. Or else you will die!" All the other Pokemon ran screaming, "Sunseed, Flamerock, Sparky, Junior, RETURN!" The Pokemon returned to their Pokeballs and Michael ran away from Chris in fear.


Name: Juliet Smith
Nickname: Juliet! CALL ME JULIET!
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Description: Juliet has long brown hair and pearl white teeth, her eyes are a grass green and her face is tanned, she is mixed race and very pretty, she wears a pink t-shirt with a Pokeball on and white pants.
History: Juliet has a history that will be explained throughout the story, if I post it now it will ruin it.
Pokemon: Pichu (Female - Rosie), Growlife (Male - Romeo)
RP Sample: Michael panicked and ran, infront of him was a very dark wood with sinister trees pointing in all directions like pikes, behind him was chaos and an earthquake, Michael ran forward into the woods and tripped over a girl. He looked down then stopped in fear, "Juliet..." He whispered terrified, he helped her to her feet then held her making sure she did not fall, she was consious but slow.

"Mi-Michael..." Juliet muttered in a quiet voice. Michael looked to her and his eyes began to water.

"Juliet, I thought you where dead, you died last year..." He shouted holding her up.

"No...When...When I moved...To Johto...For...My...School Work... Professor Elm...Sent us here...And told us...To capture...The birds...And the dogs...But...Then everything...And everyone...Went crazy...And began to fight...We then figured out...We where in...The middle of a warzone...So Professor Elm...Left us..."

Michael held her body, then fell to his knees, his sister was alive, atleast something was good.

September 12th, 2007, 11:37 AM
'What? The professer lied to us?" said Chris.

"What are u speaking about Gallade! Get back to work!" said Mayor Tales.

"Umm Im not from here and sorry but I cant fight right now." said Chris.

"Work now or you will die!" said the Ninetales.

"Oh crap, I better get out of here!" said Chris as he ran over to Micheal and the new girl. "Guys Hold on! Im about to teleport us to Tanul!" said Chris as he grabbed both of their hands. "TELEPORT!"

"Oh No! Another pokemon out to get me! Ahhhhhh!" said Prof. Seed as he saw Chris teleport.

"Professer Seed! Its you!" said Chris joyfully. "Oh wait a minute, now I remember, you lied to us! You said no other humans walked this region! The Ninetails in Nalut said humans have been traveling here for years!"

"I dont know what your talking about! Wait a minute...did you say Ninetails? Oh boy, this is great. That Ninetails told me that we are all peaceful pokemon and we mean no harm. Now all of the pokemon are having a war to decide who will destroy me!!" said Seed.

"Are you serious? Thats why they are having the war? What should we do?" said Chris.

"I dont know, just get me into a hiding place." saID sEED.

"Alright, TELEPORT TO A HIDING SPOT!" yelled Chris.

OOC: A new character comes in now. Here is its form.

Name: Christine
Nickname: Krista
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Description: Krista wears a White Hoody T-Shirt and a black longsleeve shirt under it (only when it getts cold). She also wears a white, denim mini-skirt and black sneakers. The rest I will explain in RP.
History: I will explain in RP
Pokemon: Carnivine (Vinez) and Rotom (Surge)
RP Sample: Same for my other sample.

September 12th, 2007, 4:08 PM
OOC: sorry but I musr withdraw myself from this role-play. I am sirry but I do not feel like joining any more then one role-play now besides I am going to be busy and not have any tiem for role-playing

September 16th, 2007, 12:50 PM
Michael looked around scared, after Chris ran at him and teleported, Chris dissapeared leaving Michael behind, Michael looked to Juliet who was still ingured on the floor, "Juliet get up! This is not like you to moan, if we wait here we will die!" Juliet nodded, she stood up the looked around, she managed to stand up right putting on arm over Michael's shoulder.

"Ok..." She said coldy, "Where are we going..."

"Anywhere, just away from the beach..." He looked around, he could see Tanul in the disance, he sighed then began to stroll into the woods.

palkia lover
November 27th, 2007, 3:21 PM
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November 27th, 2007, 3:48 PM
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