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March 12th, 2008, 11:04 AM
I suck. I know XD


“Link! Come here!” Princess Zelda was under much less pressure than Link, and Zelda could tell by the look of Link’s droopy, lazy eyes. “What’s wrong?” she asked, sitting down next to the boy. He smiled weakly at the princess. “Oh, nothings wrong!” he tried to sound cheerful, but the princess knew better. “What’s going on?”

“YOU WHAT?!” Princess Zelda screamed at the wounded child on the comfy bed. His warm smile turned to a frown. “Please, princess, don’t be angry. It was my fault, I-‘’ Zelda could not take anymore of this. “How can this be?! Oooh! I hate those people!” Link, being the shy and quiet one, just lay in bed, staring at the ceiling. “It was actually quite fun, pushing away the fact of my broken arm. “Princess, let me tell you about it…”

The sun was shining and the birds were chirping, but not Link. He collapsed onto the dust, hot floor. “Ugh,” he mumbled. “Where is Hyrule?” He sincerely missed his friends and family back at Hyrule. Mabye running away from home wasn’t a good idea, Link thought. The boy slowly got up from the sandy grass, not far from a beach. Suddenly, he heard something rummaging through one of the bushes near him. “Who is there?” he stammered, shivering. Suddenly, a Chu Chu popped out of the bush. “Chu!” it squealed as Link slashed his sword without thinking, eyes closed. He slowly creaked open an eye. A warmth of triumph filled his body as he stared down at the dead creature. After taking one small step, another so called ‘disaster’ reared its ugly head. “Gulp… Who is there?” Link coughed out once again. “Link…. I am here for you….”

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“What do you want from me…?” Link could barely spit the words out, for he was frozen with fear. “The Four Sword… Triangle… 3…” Suddenly, the voice and mist disappeared.
Link blinked. After a few seconds of silence, he trudged on, thinking about the words he had heard the voice say; “The Four Sword… Triangle… 3…” He did not understand. What could they mean?

After a few hours, Link stopped by a small, happy little village. The villagers almost always had smiles on their faces; like they knew nothing about the crisis that was about to happen. Link had got 3 clues and had not even noticed. But, Dear Reader, He will understand in time. Patience, My Reader, is the key to anything.

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“Hello there? Hey! You! No! Wait! Come back! Uhhh…” Another villager refusing to help me, the boy thought. What will I do know? Suddenly, he heard a scream. “DISASTER! HELP ME!” It sounded like a small girl. Almost all the villagers stopped in their tracks and ran towards the plea for help. One of the girl pirates of the village was trapped. She was cornered by a gigantic hornet. “HELP!” she gurgled, afraid the hornet will sting her. There was no way out. Suddenly, Link remembered what his Grandpa had told him; “Use this potion, even the biggest bugs will fly away to the smell of it.” He hurriedly swooped the potion out of his belt and slowly opened the lid. The hornet stopped in its tracks.

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March 12th, 2008, 11:05 AM
Chapter 2

“Bzzzzzz….” The bee rumbled. Suddenly, he zoomed away from the crowd, bumping into all kinds of objects. The villagers cheered and held up Link. He smiled. "HORAAY!" The villagers yelled. Link blinked. The villagers speaked english..?

“Do you like this feast?” an old villager asked the boy while he ate his serving. “yes, it’s quite good,” he answered, little chunks of turkey falling out of his mouth. After a big gulp of his water, he sat up and announced: “Does anyone know the way to Hyrule?” the villagers stopped eating. The old man stopped smiling. The little girl stopped playing with her toys. They all look up at Link. “Y-you’re from Hyrule?” One of them finally stammered. Before Link could respond, another villager piped up: “Horrible things have happened in Hyrule!” Link was stunned. The other villager started explaining everything. Link frowned. He knew being away, he would not know what was happening in Hyrule. “Link, What’s happening in Hyrule is very tragic. Let me begin…”

“Chu!” a Chu Chu yelled as Link killed yet another small creature. He was stunned. Hyrule was under attack? Vaati had awoken? Princess Zelda… Trapped? It was too much. He couldn’t take it. He sliced everything in his path, from crows to Chu Chu’s. He started running. He ran until he got to a dark forest. Nothing scared him in the forest. The crows, Rats, nothing. Not even the shadows…

“What is this place?” Link asked himself. The enormous town was filled with salesmen and townspeople. It was an extremely busy place. People were everywhere. Buying groceries, eating, pulling their children along the road. Selling things, etcetera. Everything was happening is in this place. Link was overwhelmed.

He kicked a small pebble on the rocky path leading to other booths. He didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t go back to Hyrule, for he didn’t know the way. He couldn’t stay in the town, for he had learned, they spoke a whole different language. He didn’t have any ideas, and all he could think of was hope and move forward.

Link tugged at his light-green hat. He sat down on a nearby bench. He didn’t know anything. He couldn’t do anything. He was homeless. He tightened his grip on his hat.

“Hello there. Do you need anything?” an old woman spotted Link sitting on the bench. Link immediately looked up. “You… can speak English?” Yes, I can. I learned how to. You seem losted. Anything I can do to help?” “Well…” Link started.