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May 18th, 2008, 4:57 PM

This RPG takes place in an alternate universe where the games, shows and comics do not. However many of the same places, regions and islands are still here.

This RPG is also a direct sequel to my last RPG known as "Pokémon II".


It is said in an ancient myth that a glitch will end the world. This myth held no meaning until it happened. Ten years ago, a heated battle between a team of courageous trainers and this entity, the happening known as Missingno, faded away from memory. With the last of its magnificent powers, the memories of those who fought it and the world were wiped clean and once again oblivious to what has happened. However, something has awoken within the people of the world and soon lost memories resurfaced as sore dreams and within this stir of nostalgic moments, something will be given birth. The resetting only did one thing, and that was to awaken a possible new threat upon the world.
In this world live creatures called Pokemon. Humans and Pokemon have lived, worked, and played together in harmony for ages. Nevertheless, there are still numerous mysteries surrounding them.
Lost memories, dreams of the past,these things can no longer be ignored. They shall resurface like the fallen leaves within the river of time and soon clog the river mouth up ahead. It is claimed that the future has already been decided and no matter what may happen, destiny will always triumph, but with a touch of fate it is possible to change history.
Trainers now embark on an epic journey that takes them around the world, underground and across the sea – all the while discovering new and amazing things about Pokemon. During these travels, Trainers will use their experience to become a great Pokemon Master!
What lies ahead for our young heroes? And why are people remembering what were to be forgotten memories? Only time, courage and teamwork can tell in the exciting adventure of…



- No God modding. Play fair.
- Don't control the other character's POKéMON or action to your liking, try to be reasonable.
- Have fun. You can be as creative and crazy as you want.
- Rules are controlled only by me, no one may change them to please their own needs.
- Players are allowed to carry 3 POKéMON ONLY.
- Players CANNOT have Characters from POKéMON Anime/Manga/Games as their character, you could have connections with real characters or partner up with one if you want but please try to make this reasonable and do not abuse this. Make it seem real, most gym leaders, especially champions, are always VERY busy and never have time to go on many adventures, keep this in mind. Also if you want to show a real character please keep them in character, you may take some liberties on some aspects for interaction but try to keep them in character as much as possible, for example, if you show like Lt. Surge dancing around and using like a Ghastly then your out.
- You don’t need to get a POKéMON from a Prof. Unless you want to of course.
- Players CANNOT have Legendaries. This includes: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mew, Mewtwo, Suicune, Entei, Raikou, Ho-oh, Lugia, Celebi, Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Latias, Latios, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquanza, Jirachi, Deoxys, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Cresselia, Darkrai, Manaphy, Phione, Regigigas, Heatran, Shaymin, Arceus.
- Players can join this RPG whenever they want. But they must read whatever has happened to the point they wish to join first.
- Players CANNOT make new/glitch/fusion/fake POKéMON. There are 493 POKéMON, there has got to be at least one that you like.
- Even though this is my RP, the Forum Rules still apply and they can be found here: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=78898
-All Posts MUST be paragraph long, meaning 5-10 lines at least.
-If, for whatever reason, you do not agree with these rules then simply do not join.
- Please make an effort to have proper spelling and grammar. Your posts don't need to be perfect, but if IF I SE SOM3THNG TAHT LOKS LIEK THES, you're out.
- Please be respectful to fellow Players, if there is a disagreement please PM each other and don’t flood the RP with OOC’s. If the disagreement continues then PM me and I'll see to it that I help solve the problem as quickly as humanly possible.
- Also moves like Double-Team work by creating after-images of your POKéMON's movements (since it’s moving very fast). It does not create physical copies/clones of itself. Again, they are only IMAGES.
- All OOC's should go here in the OOC thread (This includes Sign-ups as well): http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=3624979#post3624979
- For any further questions about this RPG, please PM me, don't post the questions here. Thank you.

Character Creation:

Name: (Name of your character)
Title: (What is your character? Trainer? Breeder? Ranger? Coordinator? Etc.)
Age: (How old is your character?)
Gender: ( Is your character a boy? Or a girl?)
Birth Date: (When's your character's birthday?)
Birthplace: (Where is your character from? Which region, island, town or city?)
Height: ( How tall is your character?)
Weight: (How much does your character weigh?)
Role Model: (Does you character have a role model? Is there a certain person, gym leader, etc that your character looks up to? If none type “None.”)
Group: (Does your character belong to a group? If none type "None.")
POKéMON: ( What POKéMON does your character hold? Can only hold 3. If you wish to start off with 1 and get the other 2 later that is acceptable.)
Appearence: (What does your character look like?)
Personality: (How is your character? How does he/she act?)
History: (What is your character's story?)
Rival: (Does your character have any personal rivals or arch-nemesis? If None type “None.”)
Signature POKéMON: ( Which POKéMON out of your team of 3 would you say would be your best one or the one you are most well known to have. Please think about this. Must have one. )
Extra: (Anything else you would like to add about your character or POKéMON? If none type "None")

May 21st, 2008, 3:00 PM
This sounds pretty cool
Name: Bobby
Title: Trainer
Age: 16
Gender: Boy
Birth Date: November 3rd, 1991
Birthplace: Johto, Olivine City
Height: 5ft 5in
Weight: 120lb
Role Model: Dad
Group: None
POKéMON: Totodile, Flygon, Heracross
Appearence: Black hair, dark brown eyes, brown unzipped jacket with a black shirt, blue jeans, and blue shoes. Wear's a red bandanna with goggles that let him see through sandstorms.
Personality: Bobby is always happy and smiling and always tries to help people in need. Able to bounce back from a loss easily he is never sad. However when he gets mad it is known to last a while and won't dimish until he has resolved the problem with the person that caused that anger.
History: Bobby has been a pokemon trainer for a while trying to get out of his fathers shadow. His father was a well known trainer and quite powerful but disappered about 10 years ago. Bobby is now looking for him as well as proving he is better than his father.
Rival: Bobby's best friend is also his greatest rival. His name is Andrew and is known as the most powerful trainer in Olivine City. He left on his journey about a year earlier and has gotten quite famous.
Signature POKéMON: Totodile
Extra: Totodile has been with Bobby since his 3rd birthday as a present from his father. Totodile is extremly loyal to Bobby and is distrustful to most strangers. Known to be slow Totodile is known to posses high level moves.

May 23rd, 2008, 12:06 AM
Name: Jake Silver

Title: Gym Leader

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Birth Date: January 13

Birthplace: Sootopolis City

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 165 lbs.

Role Model: Wallace

Group: None

Pokemon: Houndoom, Weavile, Absol

Appearance: Jake is somewhat tall with a slim build; he's quite pale, because he doesn't tend to get much sun. He has deep brown eyes and jet black hair, which contrast strikingly with his pale skin. His hair falls down forward over his face, and usually shadows his eyes. His most distinguishing feature, however, is the dark gray cloak he always wears. This cloak is hooded and is usually tied at the waist with a silver chain. It also lends Jake a distinctly "dark" look that befits him just fine. Under the cloak, he wears a simple black T-shirt and jeans. His shoes are plain gray tennis shoes. Usually, he wears the hood up over his head to block the sun. He occasionally uses the chain that holds his cloak as a weapon and allows the cloak to flap behind him like a cape.

Personality: Jake is a quiet and reserved person, who generally prefers to avoid conversations with people. As such, he usually relies on his dark appearance and an air of enmity to keep people from speaking with him. He sometimes seems almost evil, and that works fine for him, since it keeps people from speaking to him. Even when spoken to, he doesn't reply unless he feels he should. He never opens up to anyone until he feels certain that they're trustworthy. Despite appearances, he is extremely passionate for what he believes in and can be quite fiery in a desperate situation. He trusts his Pokemon completely, and oftentimes he speaks only to them. He has a deep interest in legends and mythology and is really very knowledgeable in those areas. Jake protects anyone he deems worthy with surprising devotion. Despite being a Gym Leader, he dislikes the fame and recognition the title brings. Due to this, he dislikes traveling in the Johto region, where his Gym is located, because he hates being bothered by Trainers who recognize him.

History: Jake grew up in Sootopolis City, where he spent most of his time at the library, reading books on the mythology of the Hoenn region. His father guards the gate of Sootopolis' Cave of Origin, and Jake is expected to take over the job when his father cannot. Becoming a Trainer, he was taught and trained by none other than the former Sootopolis Gym Leader, Wallace. On his eleventh birthday, he went to the mainland with a Master Ball to catch his first Pokemon and become a Trainer. However, having little skill in survival in the wild, he quickly got lost in the forest west of Lilicove City. Out of food and tired, he tried desperately to get back to civilization. Then, to make matters worse, he fell ill, and hid himself out in the hollow of a tree, unable to do anything but to await his fate. Just as he thought he was finished, a Houndoom came out of a nearby bush and brought him a few berries. Exhausted, Jake was barely able to eat the food, but he managed. The next day, the Houndoom brought a few more berries. This went on for several days, until Jake recovered. The Houndoom stuck with the boy even when he left the forest, and ended up being his first Pokemon. Over the next couple years, Jake trained Houndoom, as well as catching some more Pokemon, all Dark type. One day, while training in the Johto region, he was watched by a couple of Trainers from a nearby town. Thinking nothing of it, he challenged them to a battle. After soundly beating both of them, they informed him that the Gym Leader of their town, Redwood City, had recently retired, and that they needed a new one. Partly out of sympathy and partly out of shock, Jake accepted the position. This caused a severe problem with his responsibility in Sootopolis City, and Jake fled to a faraway region to avoid the conflict for a time. The next thing he remembers, he found himself in a hospital with several other Trainers. He was brought home and ended up working out a plan for his conflicted jobs. As a result, he then commuted between Redwood and Sootopolis monthly, using his father's Pidgeot. Increasingly, he found battling in the gym and guarding the Cave of Origin to both become dull. Therefore, he often takes small "vacations" to train abroad, during which he frequents such places as the Battle Frontier.

As this story begins, Jake is in the Redwood City Gym, getting ready to leave on another training expedition.

Rival: None

Signature Pokemon: Houndoom

Extra: When Jake suffers severe pain, fear, or anger, his personality changes drastically and becomes violent and furious. This tends to have incredibly destructive results, but can also serve as a trump card in a desperate situation.

May 28th, 2008, 4:16 PM
I am inexperienced as I have never truly rp'ed (other than some D and D) but I have joined a few here that just never got off yet. Anyway here is my character application.

Name: Malic

Title: Ace Trainer

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Birthday: April 1st

Birthplace: Blackthorn City in Johto

Height: 5"10

Weight: 155

Role Model: Lance, Clair

Group: Other than the Clan in Blackthorn- None

Pokemon: Garchomp, Charizard, Milotic

Appearance: Malic appears like an average man of his age. Not particularly tall or short, Malic has slender build with some toned features mostly in his torso and arms. He dresses like most trainers, with a plain dark blue t-shirt and blue jeans. He wears Vans like black shoes. As far as his physical features, Malic sports short brown hair with his bangs sort of styled up revealing most of his forehead (some bangs come down a little), piercing blue eyes and childish face. Malic appears constantly happy with a smirk always on his face. He also wears a necklace with the Blackthorn City badge that Clair gave him for good luck (though he has to return it and win it from her when he returns to the city).

Personality: Malic acts far too young for his age, constantly cracking jokes, making sarcastic remarks and takes few things actually seriously. His childish nature attarcts some and repels others, a trait Malic has come to love as it was given him the pleasure of meeting several good friends and making sure he never meets any "Anti-Malic" people (mostly emos). Malic also appears to be unintelligent to the point of coming off as the village idiot. While partially true, Malic occasionally as a breakthrough idea and his tactics in battle are excellent due his training and battle experience. On the flip side, Malic can force himself to calm down and be somewhat serious in situations that call for it, especially in high stress ones. In this scenarios, Malic never overeacts and typically stays calm, a trait that has scared a few people.

History (Haven't got good at this yet): Malic is obviously a Johto native, born and raised in Blackthorn City. He was raised in a good house surrounding by legendary trainers such as Lance and Clair. He idolized them, watching them battle, awed by their ability to command such powerful pokemon such as Dragonite and Kingdra. Driven by his desire to be like them, he trained and studied to be a trainer with all his passion. Upon reaching the proper age, his father gave him a Gible as a reward and allowed him to continue the path of a trainer. From there, Malic wandered the regions of Johto and Hoenn to train his trusted Gible as well build a team of the strongest pokemon in order to one day enter the ranks of the trainers he idolized so much.

Rival: At the current time, Malic has no rival. Who says he won't get any over of the adventure?

Signature Pokemon: Garchomp is his most trusted.

Extra: None.

May 28th, 2008, 5:49 PM
This looks fun.

Name: Steven Rayner

Title: Trainer

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Birth Date: March 13

Birthplace: New Bark Town

Height: 5ft 5in

Weight: 112

Role Model: Steven (Hoenn Champion)

Group: None

POKéMON: Gallade, Ninjask, Sealeo.

Appearence: He has silver spikey hair, and deep blue eyes. He wears a black T-shirt under a blue collared sleeveless shirt. He wears black jeans, and blue tennishoes. He has a piece of white bandage on his cheek. His skin is slightly tanned, he's slim, and he's well muscled.

Personality: Steven is always anxious to battle, even in his sleep. He likes to battle with strategy and style. He treats his pokemon with respect, and cares about his friends. He's alwas looking for a rival. He is sometimes immature, but sometimes ignores girls who try to flirt with him.

History: When Steven was little, he saw a fight between a tough trainer and Steven, the ExChampion of the Hoenn League. He thought that they were exactly alike(only because of their hair color). He decided to become a trainer and challenge him himself.

He one day was met by a Proffesor, and was given a Pokemon to start with. It turned out to be a Ralts, and Steven was embarresed to be stuck with a girly Pokemon. But over time, he grew to like the Pokemon, and learned about its secrets. He caught more Pokemon, and soon it evolved into a Kirlia, and then thanks to his Dawn Stone, into a Gallade.

Rival: None, but hopes to find one on his journey.

Signature POKéMON: Gallade.

Extra: Together, Steven and Gallade trained to be an unstoppable force. They have an unspoken bond, and seem to know what the other is thinking.

May 28th, 2008, 6:05 PM
Name: Jason

Title: Coordinator

Age: 16

Gender: Boy

Birth Date: September 9, 1992

Birthplace: Twinleaf Town

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 120 lbs

Role Model: Wallace, the coordinator

Group: None

POKéMON: Turtwig, Croagunk, Electabuzz

Appearence: Jason wears a black vest with a white dragon on the back, the shirt under the vest is ruby red, he has black jeans, silver short hair, blue eyes, tan skin, and pokeball wristbands with the running shoes from his grandpa.

Personality: Jason enjoys meeting new girls and immediately flirts with them, he gets along well with others, but can run his mouth too much when he wants to show off. He jumps at the opportunity to show people that contest are better than Pokemon battles.

History: Jason was raised inside a Pokemon mansion run by his grandfather. Jason loved Pokemon and played with them all the time and never got to sleep. This eventually made his parents worry about his health. They decided to take him away from the mansion and raise him themselves. However, because they were famous actors they barely stayed at home and Jason was alone. He eventually ran around Twinleaf town and bumped into Prof. Rowan. Rowan decided to bond with the young boy and raised him in to a Pokemon trainer. When he finally had learned enough from Rowan Jason left Twinleaf town with his starter, Turtwig and his grandfather's favorite Pokemon, Croagunk. They immediately met up with Mindy and battled her only to be quickly defeated by her coordinator skills. She mocked him and then left laughing. Jason was impressed at how she could use her moves so he decided he would become a coordinator and defeat her when they met again.

Rival: His childhood friend named Mindy is his rival.

Signature POKéMON: Turtwig

Extra: Jason gave Turtwig the name Twiggy

May 28th, 2008, 7:26 PM
hey, i'm really new at this. i hope the post isn't too long i just wanted to add a lot of depth to Charlie's character :]

Name: (Charlotte) Charlie Maddox
Title: Trainer, but will become a Ranger one day
Age: 16
Gender: female
Birth Date: October 31st
Birthplace: Fuchsia City
Height: 5’7
Weight: 125lb
Role Model: Volkner
Group: She's head of the Volkner fan club ^^;
POKéMON: Vulpix ♀, Drifloon ♂
Appearance: Charlotte or as she likes to be called Charlie, is considered to be appealing to males. She is tall for her age at 5’7 and has what can be described as an athletic build, toned from years of soccer and ballet. Her hair is a dark blonde, golden in the sunlight and light brown in the shade, it’s rather long, falling well past her shoulders and much to her fathers dislike is rarely cut thus giving it a shaggy look. Her skin is fair with slight olive hues and slightly freckled, but flawless and often glowing. Her eyes are an olive green with golden flecks, and her self-confessed favourite feature. She is what you would describe as a conventional beauty with high cheekbones and a perfect jaw line. Her lips are thin, but nice and pink and her teeth are straight from years of braces as a child. She is never seen without her blue military jacket, an exact replica of Volkner’s and often pairs it with a black singlet top, grey knee-length shorts and plain canvas shoes. She always carries her cell-phone at her fathers demand and a worn photo album; she carries these items in a small sporting backpack.
Personality: Charlie is a good-natured person on the whole. She’s very bright and creative, but can be very moody. Most of the time she’s happy and easy going but sometimes she can become very depressed and angry for no reason. She’s a self-professed cynic and believes legendary Pokemon are non-existent and a stupid concept. Although she is a dreamer, she believes in facts and what can be seen. Charlie is helpful and friendly and always up for a long talk. She prefers socialising in small groups rather than larger ones. Charlie is incredibly affectionate with people she is close to, but is also very impulsive and is known to hug strangers, depending on her mood. At other times she does not being touched at all. She speaks fluent French as well as English.
History: Charlie was born in Fuchsia City to her parents Rhys and Heather. She grew up happily alongside her brother Russel, three years her senior. Her father worked as a ranger at the safari zone and her mother devoted her life to raising and caring for her family.

From an early age it was clear that Charlie was gifted. Her parents enrolled her in a number of special programs as well as her regular education. At age five she started classical ballet, which she excelled at. On the academic front Charlie was ahead, but she lacked social skills. She was friendly, but not very popular. She had very few friends and spent most of her time playing in the Safari Zone with Russel.

At age eight Charlie followed in her brothers’ footsteps and joined a soccer team. Her parents thought that she would not be as athletically inclined as she was academically, they were wrong. She was a star player on every team she graced, but also a team player, believing in equality and good sportsmanship. She played midfielder which she excelled at, pulling a lot of weight in many teams. It was through soccer that Charlie started making friends, mostly with boys. She never got along well with girls and often was referred to as a tomboy despite being involved in ballet.

When Charlie was nine her mother passed away to an unknown disease. To Charlie, it was sudden, but Rhys and Russel had seen it coming for a while. They kept the knowledge of Heather’s deteriorating health from the young Charlie, fearing how it would effect her emotionally. After her passing, Charlie became withdrawn and shunned what few friends she had. She stopped playing soccer and stopped trying at ballet.
For a few years Charlie meandered aimlessly through life. When she was ten her brother left on a Pokemon journey as a way of dealing with their mothers death. Rhys decided to move Charlie and himself to Snowpoint City in the Sinnoh Region, where they would be away from memories of Heather.

When Charlie was eleven she was enrolled in an elite school, where she was skipped ahead two grades. She played summer soccer on and off and continued her ballet at school. She suppressed any pain she felt for her mother and decided to move on over the event. Heather was never mentioned in the Maddox household and both Charlie and Rhys threw themselves into their own lives. Charlie became deeply involved with school, ballet and soccer and Rhys started writing a novel about the life of a Park Ranger.

Over the years Charlie blossomed into an attractive young woman, she made many friends and had a few boyfriends. When she was fourteen she watched a Pokemon tournament on television with her father, and that was when she saw Volkner battle for the first time. She was obsessed. Charlie had been barely interested in Pokemon until then and turned her thoughts to becoming a Pokemon trainer. Her father insisted she graduate high school first, which was two years away.
Over the next two years Charlie extensively studied Pokemon as well as her regular studies. Her knowledge had been fairly limited until then due to sheer disinterest but she quickly caught up. Her father bought her many books and she watched many Pokemon tournaments over the years. For her sixteenth birthday her father gave her a newly hatched Vulpix, whom Charlie raised to the best of her ability.
Charlie graduated from high school at the top of her class and then set off on her very own Pokemon journey with Vulpix.
Rival: None
Signature POKéMON: Vulpix
Extra: Charlie dreams of meeting Volkner one day and hopes to become a Pokemon Ranger of the Fiore region when she is old enough. Also she often refers to Vulpix as Pix and Driflloon as Floon but these are not actual nicknames. she just occasionally refers to them as this

May 28th, 2008, 8:02 PM
OOC: This sounds interesting. You can count on an application from me sometime soon. ^^'

May 28th, 2008, 9:42 PM
NAME: Arlene Marie Sanders
TITLE: Renegade Trainer
AGE: 19
GENDER: Female
BIRTHPLACE: Sacramento, CA (USA)
HEIGHT: 5' 3.793"
WEIGHT: 130.227 lbs.
POKEMON: Snake (Lucario, female), Jaydin (Linoone, male), Fate (Ninetales, male)
PERSONALITY: While seemingly cold and hateful on the outside, getting on her good side is not that difficult. She cares deeply for life and cherishes close friends and believes in the unspoken value of emotional bonds with others; she is one of the rare cases of people who put the lives of those she cares for far above her own and will do anything to protect those people, without a second thought, and without a heartbeat's hesitation. She carries this emotion - love - into battle whether it is herself versus another, or her Pokemon versus another Pokemon.
APPEARANCE: Stout and tough, Arlene is a hardcore woman to the core. She wears a black tanktop (which barely is enough to hide certain parts which are larger than most women's), black camouflage pants gathered at the mid-shin, and black combat boots. An angry scowl usually betrays her pretty face, which is partially hidden beneath a cascade of blonde hair that reaches past the seat of her pants (which in itself, yet again, would make most men drool).

Shocking green eyes, vibrant and deeply saturated in vivid color, poke out from her toasty orange-auburn fur as does the delicately-smoothed curvature of her muzzle, ending in the common cold black canine nose. Strange black marks are slashed into either side of her muzzle, the same jet black as the metaphorical gloves and socks of black fur she has; and the claws that jut from each finger and toe have been carefully filed down into near-molecule-perfect points.

HISTORY: Arlene is known most readily for her adamant, pessimistic attitude towards life (or so it seems), and the fact that she has never had any formal schooling; due mostly to the fact that her parents were murdered when she was four years old, and was taken to the region of Kanto by her mentor. She lives a quiet life in Pallet Town, separated from the rest of the world, with this mentor in question, learning what the school system could have taught her and things that she would never learn from anywhere but with him... It is said even that Snake, her first Pokemon, was given to her by this enigma. But little else is known about what motivates her every morning to continue life.
SIGNATURE POKEMON: Snake (Lucario, female)
EXTRA: + She knows that she is a very attractive woman and uses these traits as leverage in hand-to-hand combat against post-pubescent foes. + Her tail conveys emotion as well as any other part of her does; watch it carefully for clues about her battle strategy!

May 29th, 2008, 12:55 AM
This sounds good, give me a moment to write my profile!

Digimon Kaiser
May 29th, 2008, 11:47 AM
Name: Eric Damon
Title: Trainer/Coordinator
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 11/19/91
Birthplace: Born in Phenac City, Orre, but raised in a village somewhere in the Sevii Islands, which was recently obliterated by Team Rocket.
Height: ( How tall is your character?)
Weight: (How much does your character weigh?)
Role Model: His girlfriend (a Pokemon Ranger named Peggy Crier), and Team Snagem Leader Gonzap
Group: unless you count him as a follower of Mewtwo, then none....
POKéMON: Rhyperior, Kingdra, and Crobat.
Appearence: He's the male player in Emerald, only with a Snag Machine on his left arm.
Personality: He is a nice guy if you're fighting for justice, but if you're evil, he'll be merciless. He despises Team Rocket, and is vengeful. If you do something horrible to him, he will never forgive you.
History: He and his girlfriend got separated when Team Rocket attacked their village. His girlfriend fled, but Eric was unconscious when Team Rocket left. They killed everyone who lived there except him and his girlfriend. He would be dead if Mewtwo didn't find him in time. Eric then obtained his father's Snag Machine, and stole Three Pokemon from Team Rocket, and swore he would get his revenge and kill Giovanni. He does everything in the name of Arceus.
Rival/Arch Nemesis: Rocket Boss Giovanni (whom Eric wants to kill)
Signature POKéMON: It depends on the situation
Extra: none

May 29th, 2008, 1:27 PM
Name: Eric Damon
Title: Trainer/Coordinator
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 11/19/91
Birthplace: Born in Phenac City, Orre, but raised in a village somewhere in the Sevii Islands, which was recently obliterated by Team Rocket.
Height: ( How tall is your character?)
Weight: (How much does your character weigh?)
Role Model: His girlfriend (a Pokemon Ranger named Peggy Crier), and Team Snagem Leader Gonzap
Group: unless you count him as a follower of Mewtwo, then none....
POKéMON: Rhyperior, Kingdra, and Crobat.
Appearence: He's the male player in Emerald, only with a Snag Machine on his left arm.
Personality: He is a nice guy if you're fighting for justice, but if you're evil, he'll be merciless. He despises Team Rocket, and is vengeful. If you do something horrible to him, he will never forgive you.
History: He and his girlfriend got separated when Team Rocket attacked their village. His girlfriend fled, but Eric was unconscious when Team Rocket left. They killed everyone who lived there except him and his girlfriend. He would be dead if Mewtwo didn't find him in time. Eric then obtained his father's Snag Machine, and stole Three Pokemon from Team Rocket, and swore he would get his revenge and kill Giovanni. He does everything in the name of Arceus.
Rival/Arch Nemesis: Rocket Boss Giovanni (whom Eric wants to kill)
Signature POKéMON: It depends on the situation
Extra: none

OOC: This is unacceptable. You are not allowed to participate. You didn't seem to follow the guidelines correctly. You didn't even fill out your weight or height, you have no signature POKéMON and to be honest how the way you handled your character looks like a joke. So again you are not allowed to participate, you are banned. If you do post here I will ignore all of them and report you to a moderator for spamming.

However, I would just like to apologize. I placed a lot of rules here to get RP players who are serious about wanting to join in on my story. I have a story to tell and I don't want to repeat what happened to me in Pokémon II. That profile looks like a mockery to me and my RP. If you really were serious then PM me a profile that has been edited more properly. But I say this again, as for the moment you are banned. If you are angry by this, or in disagreement by this then please PM me, don't post them in the RP.

For everyone else, I like what I am seeing. I'll start this RP soon. Once I post my character I'll probably start it. I would like to thank you all for joining my RP, I didn't think it was gonna last to be honest, so again thank you. I will probably wait a bit longer though to give Kirinriki and Umbreongirl a bit more time to post their characters.

May 29th, 2008, 1:49 PM
Wow, remind me to never get on Stantler's bad side. Well I hope it starts soon as I need the experience and this seems fun, especially in this open scenario.

Yame Legend
May 29th, 2008, 2:46 PM
This rp looks cool

Name: Yame Legend
Title: Trainer
Age: 16
Gender: Boy
Birth Date: June 3rd
Birthplace: Cinnabar Island
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150 llbs
Role Model: Yame Legend looks up to gary, with his cool precision when handling his pokemon
Group: None
POKéMON: Wailord (male), electabuzz (male), magmar (male)
Appearence: He has short blond hair with streaks of brown cut into a boyish look, Baggy jeans, Deep blue eyes, and a white T-shirt baring his signature (below). Even though he looks innocent, with his pretty eyes, there is just something menacing below, something cold. His hair is usually tousled from being in a hurry to train his pokemon. There is also a shabbiness about his appearance.
Personality: Yame Legend looks up to perfection and precision. He will do anything to make his pokemon harder, faster, and better. His ultimate goal in life is to rise and become Legend over Mediocre trainers. He has a hardy nature, for training his pokemon just the right way is extremely important to him. But there is also deep anger inside of him, aimed at people sometimes, maybe just aimed at the world. But control is something that Yame prides himself on, and so he reins in on his emotions, not wanting to feel them. He comes off to people as cold sometimes (just a bit lol).
History: Yame Legend's parents were both great trainers, then gym leaders. It must be in the blood. He was Abandoned by both parents at 6, but not in the usual sense. for days before they seemingly "left" him, they'd complained about seeing a strange pokemon and trainer. Twisted with bitter emotions, Yame Legend grew up seeing the greats come and go on cinnabar island, fighting awesome battles. At 16 he resolved to be the best of the best, and then find his parents...
Rival: None
Signature POKéMON: Wailord (nicknamed Ancient Kaktala)
Extra: Yame Legend met his Wailord as a Wailmer at 13 and soon befriended and caught it. It is his best friend and partner. He trained and focused on it until it evolved into a great Wailord:
He met Electabuzz and Magmar fighting over food and calmed them down by giving them more. He easily caught them after that and they made a formidable trio.
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v223/NikhilTiger/electa99.gif http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk122/Awesomon/Sprites/Magmar_Emerald.gif

Yame Legend
May 29th, 2008, 2:56 PM
Yeah, sure man i'll do that

May 29th, 2008, 2:58 PM
i can't wait for this to start! wheee!

May 29th, 2008, 3:05 PM
hey am i accepted or do i need to edit my profile?

Yame Legend
May 29th, 2008, 3:07 PM
Stantler i have edited my profile, will you look at it? ihope it's good enough

May 29th, 2008, 3:09 PM
Name: Luther Ashnard
Title: Hot-Blooded Hero
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Birth Date: January 1st
Birthplace: Vermillion City
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 145 lbs
Role Model: Lieutenant Surge
Group: Unofficial Luther Ashnard Fan Club, Pokémon League Paranormal Investigation Bureau
POKéMON: Dragonite (Asgard), Milotic (Athena), Probopass (Hat)

Appearance: Luther is a tall, somewhat well-built man. He is draped in a long, pure-white trenchcoat. The coat's sleeves cover his arms almost entirely, and underneath is a dark blue t-shirt. Luther is also adorned in long, light brown pants, and dark brown hiking boots. The back of his trenchcoat has an image of a poké ball surrounded by a blue flame, with a series of nonsensical runic symbols encircling the image - the refined logo of the Pokémon League Paranormal Investigation Bureau. It's a silly outfit, but it's one he's been wearing for nearly several years and is quite fond of.

Luther's finely combed jet-black hair now falls slightly below his shoulders, as in his own words, "hair cuts are for sissies". Oddly enough, he has no facial hair. His bright green eyes shine with confidence and pride (or perhaps merely his ego, nobody's really sure). He is occasionally seen wearing a small red cap similar to that of the famed trainer Ash Ketchum. Rumor has it this hat was actually stolen from Ash during a chance encounter several years ago. The world may never know.

Personality: Luther is hot-blooded, feisty, and impatient. Despite being well into adulthood, he still thinks like a child. Eccentric and daring, Luther has an ego the size of Kanto. He'll do anything to fulfill his dream - a dream so big he has yet to decide what it actually is.

"Thinking takes too much time", as he puts it.

History: At a young age, Luther joined the Vermillion City Pokémon Fanclub after witnessing a Pokémon battle between Lt. Surge and another trainer. Surge lost that fight, but the battle sparked Luther's interest in Pokémon. Over time, his interest grew, and he became a trainer himself. Few people are aware that Luther is in fact a member of the Pokemon League's Paranormal Investigation Bureau, a subdivision of the League devoted to investigating strange events around the world, and even fewer know that his partner is the Saffron City gym leader Sabrina.

13 years ago, the two of them, as well as several other trainers, were involved in a global catastrophe, culminating in Luther delivering the finishing blow to a strange, corporeal phenomenon known as "Missingno". 3 years later, a similar incident occured, though Luther's memories of the events have faded, as have Sabrina's.

Some time later, during an official gym match, Asgard destroyed Sabrina's gym while chasing a group of Jigglypuffs which had stolen a donut it was eating. Sabrina's superiors blamed her for the incident, and revoked her Gym Leader license. With no place to go, Sabrina has decided to live with Luther at his home in Vermillion City.

Her regret over that decision is outclassed only by Luther's own ego.

Rival/Arch Nemesis: Ash Ketchum
Signature POKéMON: Dragonite
Extra: Luther actually cares very little for his Probopass - he is merely greatly amused by the idea of a giant magnetic nose.

Yame Legend
May 29th, 2008, 3:14 PM
I edited it off the same one that i first posted so you may have to go back. oh well, i'll just show it again

This rp looks cool

Name: Yame Legend

Title: Trainer

Age: 16

Gender: Boy

Birth Date: June 3rd

Birthplace: Cinnabar Island

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 150 llbs

Role Model: Yame Legend looks up to gary, with his cool precision when handling his pokemon

Group: None

POKéMON: Wailord (male), electabuzz (male), magmar (male)

Appearence: He has short blond hair with streaks of brown cut into a boyish look, Baggy jeans, Deep blue eyes, and a white T-shirt baring his signature (below). Even though he looks innocent, with his pretty eyes, there is just something menacing below, something cold. His hair is usually tousled from being in a hurry to train his pokemon. There is also a shabbiness about his appearance.

Personality: Yame Legend looks up to perfection and precision. He will do anything to make his pokemon harder, faster, and better. His ultimate goal in life is to rise and become Legend over Mediocre trainers. He has a hardy nature, for training his pokemon just the right way is extremely important to him. But there is also deep anger inside of him, aimed at people sometimes, maybe just aimed at the world. But control is something that Yame prides himself on, and so he reins in on his emotions, not wanting to feel them. He comes off to people as cold sometimes (just a bit lol).

History: Yame Legend's parents were both great trainers, then gym leaders. It must be in the blood. He was Abandoned by both parents at 6, but not in the usual sense. for days before they seemingly "left" him, they'd complained about seeing a strange pokemon and trainer. Twisted with bitter emotions, Yame Legend grew up seeing the greats come and go on cinnabar island, fighting awesome battles. At 16 he resolved to be the best of the best, and then find his parents...

Rival: None

Signature POKéMON: Wailord (nicknamed Ancient Kaktala)

Extra: Yame Legend met his Wailord as a Wailmer at 13 and soon befriended and caught it. It is his best friend and partner. He trained and focused on it until it evolved into a great Wailord:
He met Electabuzz and Magmar fighting over food and calmed them down by giving them more. He easily caught them after that and they made a formidable trio.
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v223/NikhilTiger/electa99.gif http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk122/Awesomon/Sprites/Magmar_Emerald.gif
This is better than some of the profiles that you accepted

May 29th, 2008, 3:24 PM
To: Yame Legend

Your character is fine. You are now accepted. Just be sure to obey the rules and have posts that are paragraph long... they must be.

To: Zimvee

Your character is fine, I wouldn't mind adding more to his appearance and history but it's tolerable, I just hope you give your character more depth as the story begins.

I'll probably post my character up soon. But I'll wait just a bit more longer for those who still need to post their characters and anyone else who want to add any final tweaks. The RP will probably start soon enough.

Yame Legend
May 29th, 2008, 3:26 PM
aw, sweet. thanks stantler

May 29th, 2008, 3:35 PM
Just wondering, am i accepted? I didnt see any finalization, for anyone in fact other than the last few.

May 29th, 2008, 3:42 PM
I am under the assumption that mine is fine as well. Is this accurate?

May 29th, 2008, 3:45 PM
Just wondering, am i accepted? I didnt see any finalization, for anyone in fact other than the last few.

Everyone except _One_Winged_Angel_ is accepted. If I didn't say anything then I found nothing wrong with your character. Excuse me for the confusion. I just don't want to add too many OOC posts in the RP which is why I asked for all questions to be PMed to me. Well I guess it's too late now. For any further questions about the RP or your character please PM me and I will contact you with a reply. Again, I'm sorry to not have made a list to those that have been accepted but I'll do so right now.

Members who are accepted:
Yame Legend

Members who are not accepted:

Members who are pending (as in have not created a character yet and is therefore not accepted yet):


There, I hope this helps everyone. Please, I cannot stress this enough, PM any questions you may have whatsoever. I do not want to get in trouble with moderators and I do not want to add any more OOC posts to the RP.

Thank you

PS: Once I add my character the RP will start. Please be patient.

Digimon Kaiser
May 29th, 2008, 3:52 PM
Why am I not accepted? Huh?

May 29th, 2008, 3:59 PM
He already clarified why. Please read his post, it seems you haven't thoroughly.

May 29th, 2008, 6:08 PM
Name: Jay Raptly
Title: School Kid
Age: 18
Gender: Boy
Birth Date: January 13th
Birthplace: Snowpoint City, Sinnoh
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 180 lbs
Role Model: Gym Leader Candice
Group: None
POKéMON: Unown C-Shaped, Glaceon, Altaria
Appearence: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v372/darthmoose/jay2-1.gif
Jay is a slender boy with blue eyes who some may say is quite handsome. He wears a white skull cap over his wavy short brown hair. The hat is decorated with a symbol of a Pokéball in light blue. He also wears a long big scarf to help hide his face, the scarf has light-blue and white stripes. The rest of his attire is a formal school uniform, the same uniform that he wore when attending school. He wears this because he never wore anything else aside from formal wear and is more comfortable with this type of clothing.
Personality: Jay is soft-spoken and shy around people. He has trouble trusting people since he was usually bullied all the time. He also has a fear for girls since he does not take rejection very well he became intimidated by them and tries to avoid any confrontations with them as much as possible. But the truth of the matter is it's his aura of mystery that scares people away since no one knows what type of person he really is. But he holds a glint of hope to try and make friends, and with this, he pushes himself to try and talk to others.

History: After a certain event ten years ago, people around the globe have trouble remembering exactly what happened, some people began to remember some things while others remember nothing at all and become shells of their former selves. Jay is one of these people. He doesn't remember a thing about his past other than his name.
It's unclear exactly how he got to Snowpoint, but he was found by a group of explorers who were trying to hike down the mountains in a snowstorm. After this he was placed in a foster home and was transferred to various schools until by the age of 16 he was sent to a boarding school located within the isolated forests of Snowpoint where he lived in a dorm and gained an education.
Arriving at school at such a late point in the academic year, he was not taken in easily. During this time, he grew a fear of girls since they always seemed interested in him and yet always turned him down and boys also were not so nice either as they never wanted him to join any activities in or outside of school since he seems just too weird. Being an outcast, his only friend is an Unown that was with him since he was found. Soon he grew interest in Pokémon and started to build up courage to become a trainer.
One day he visited a local gym to watch some battles. He came so often since he never made many friends that Candice, the Gym Leader, took notice of him and gave him tips on becoming a trainer. This was not easy since Jay is afraid of girls and he wasn't sure whether she was just toying with him like the kids in school or if she really did want to help him. Years went by and soon enough, Jay graduated. Jay took it upon himself now to leave Snowpoint and go on a journey to find out who he is and if he even has parents. Once word broke out that he was leaving, Candice gave him a Glaceon as a present to help him become a trainer. Unsure of how to react, he accepted the Pokémon and with the promise of returning one day to claim her badge.

Rival: At the moment he has None.
Signature POKéMON: Unown
Extra: Even though he rarely uses his Unown for battle, he still considers it the most valuable since it was always with him. Interestingly enough, all his Pokémon are indeed female except for his Unown which is genderless.

OOC:I'm about to start the RP. Everyone is about to receive the same dream, just in case you get confused.

Important OOC: There has been a new rule. All OOCs should be directed to the OOC thread found here: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=3624979#post3624979
Thank you

Everyone around the world, tended to their needs. They go on with their daily lives and once the day is through they fall asleep to rest their bodies of their various activities. The mind during this time is easy to manipulate and reach out to. Dreams, recollections of the past with present, collide in ones mind and soon enough create a vision in our closed tired eyes.

Thou shall remember this day forward. For all shall bear the dream. Beware that, whom have the mark, that is whom you must defeat. I cannot say no more as I am but a shadow. My spirit slips away with this message lurking within your mind. Good night....

Jay woke up, he found himself laying down next to a tree. Snow slowly falls from the sky and hits his cheek and adds to the snow beneath him, he seemed to have fallen asleep for quite the while now. He looks down in his hands and sees a Pokéball.

"So I caught it... that was some battle, yet I have trouble remembering it..." Jay tries to recollect what just happened, but he can't seem to remember much. It seems that his slumber has ate away a little bit of what is already a fragile memory.

He slowly gets up and places a hand on his head trying to figure out why he is in the snow. He can't seem to remember much lately, however the words in his dream linger in his thoughts. The snow breaks and makes mushy sounds with every step he takes, its cold but he doesn't seem too bothered by the weather. The sky is gray, yet the clouds begin to break and rays of sunlight run out and blind Jay's eyes as he looks towards the blue yonder. He looks around and discovers that he already passed through a mountain range, as he continues his path he sees that the snow slowly drifts away further down the road and warmer winds quietly wisp past his body as a welcoming towards the rest of the world.

A sign reads, " Route 211 - Eterna City"

Jay mutters something to himself, perhaps the name of the city he is about to go to and journeys off, down to the old city...

May 29th, 2008, 9:24 PM
On the side of the worn path of Route 205 a young blonde girl awoke with a start. It was still dark and a cool breeze rustled through the trees and only the sounds of the river bubbling could be heard. Charlie Maddox pulled her quilted sleeping bag to her chin, unseating her sleeping Vulpix. The small, foxlike Pokemon growled irritably at her trainer and stalked off into the night.
“Sorry ‘Pix,” Charlie whispered, trying to shake off her discomfort. Moonlight was shining on her already pale skin, giving it a milky appearance, she looked at it for a while before allowing her thoughts to stray to her dream.

It was stupid, she soon decided. It was just a dream, that’s all dreams ever could be. But still she could not forget that voice, it was peculiar, Charlie could not decided whether it was male or female, it was simply too shrouded with mystery.
“Bah,” she hissed, running her fingers through her shaggily cut hair. The absurdity of it was enough to annoy her ‘I cannot say no more as I am but a shadow’. The phrase was a contradiction within itself

“Shadows can’t talk,” Charlie told no one in particular. She pulled her treasured Volkner jacket off the ground and shrugged it on, sinking further in her sleeping bag for warmth. Vulpix had returned from sulking and curled up in her masters lap, Charlie pulled her friend towards her face, pressing the warm brown fur into her cheek.

“It was just a dream,” Charlie murmured, in a stubborn tone, and the pair drifted off to sleep.

May 29th, 2008, 9:55 PM
Arlene was already on her feet before she could tell she was awake. Harsh, vivid memories came barelling back into her racked mind, and the vision became clear. A strange dream had overtaken her somehow... Before she had time to even realize she was weary from fatigue. She had fallen asleep near the central-eastern end of Route 211, near a small city... Eterna City, if her memory served, and her destination was home. She guessed that she would be passing a range of mountains soon, through which she would take a sprawling cavern to bypass the harsh, cold environment. Her combat boots stirred the dirt beneath her as she straightened into an upright stance, and gravel crunched in the grooves in them... It was unnerving; the winds were so quiet, the sky was bleak and gray, and it seemed that she was the only thing awake.

The clouds above her parted, and the faint wiff of natural flora entered her olfactory gland; faint strings of sunlight poured in from above, highlighting the bright, beautiful color of her eyes and the striking blonde of her hair. She estimated that it was early morning, and she should get moving to home. She would have to double-time it if she were to make it back in a week. If she didn't, she could gather that her mentor, Orion, would start to worry about her. It seemed so strange, however, that she could gather that from her memory, but nothing about how she fell into slumber or the straggling few hours before that occurence.

Looking down at her paws, she noticed that her knuckles were bloody. She must have been in a fight recently, which seemed to be a recurring theme. She carried alot of weight, being the first furry in Sinnoh... And alot of prejudice and hate. There were alot of people that paid her no respect simply for what she was, or refused her service in shops or lodging because of the pretty auburn coat that covered her body, or in some areas, snow white and pitch black. She normally paid it no mind - it was to be expected. There would always be racism and prejudice as long as there were humans. She still gave them the respect they deserved as all breathing creatures deserved, and that was all that mattered.

She reached into her backpack, which lay open on the ground, and pulled the only thing that was left out - a sweatrag - and wiped down her bloody paws. It appeared that in her unintentional slumber, she was burgled of every possession but her Pokemon and a few pence-worth of money. How the clumsy oaf that stole from her didn't catch these things, she would never know, but she was thankful. By pure instinctive muscle-memory, the vixen reached for the specially-designed Pokeball that rested snugly between her other two trusty companions' capsules, and tossed it carelessly into the grass beside the dirty trail she stood on. The two hemispheres of the device split, and a stream of pure energy found it's long-desired escape. It took the shape of her most trusted Pokemon, Snake - a female Lucario.

"Whoa... Trippy," were her first words.

"I got robbed. I don't feel safe around these parts... Can you help me out through the mountains up ahead?" Arlene said, her voice creamy-smooth despite the pit of hunger in her stomach.

"You know I will," Snake spoke, disregarding her telepathy-method of speaking for the time being. Arlene was thankful - her mind was scrambled and scattered every which way at the moment.

May 29th, 2008, 11:47 PM
Bleep! Bleep! Bleep!

"Ugh, just a few more minutes..."

Bleep! Bleep! Bleep!

Jake finally woke up, rubbing his eyes with one hand while fumbling for the switch on his alarm clock with the other. As he stood up and stretched, the Pokemon sleeping in various locations around the room began to stir as well. "Some weird dream I just had..." he muttered as he pet his Houndoom, which had moved to his side immediately after waking up.

Slowly, he became aware of movement. "Ah, that's right; I'm on the ship." The S.S. Anne, in fact; one of the world's most luxurious cruise ships. Jake was heading for the Battle Park, a large island to the northeast of the Sinnoh region. He stepped out of his cabin, Houndoom, Weavile, and Absol close behind, to walk about the ship.

Shortly after leaving his room, an announcement came over the ship's P.A.: "We are now arriving in Canalave City. However, due to complications to the weather, we cannot continue to Snowpoint City and the Battle Park at this time. All passengers are asked to disembark at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience."

"Hmm... I suppose a nice walk can't be a bad thing, anyway, with how bored I've been lately" Jake said as he walked off of the S.S. Anne towards the bustling port ahead. "If I hurry, I can get to Floaroma Town and stop there for the night. From there, I'll head up through Mt. Coronet's cavern, then Routes 216 and 217, then take the ferry from Snowpoint." As usual, he was talking mostly to himself, and was already heading out through the city's gate to Route 218, with his Pokemon following him, as he spoke.

Finding himself staring across a wide waterway, he sighed deeply. "Great, now what am I supposed to do about this?" he asked no one in particular as he looked for a way to cross over to Jubilife City.

May 29th, 2008, 11:57 PM
The sun was just rising when Charlie finally accepted she could not sleep. Although she attempted to deny it, the honest truth was the dream had bothered her; upset her even. Light was beginning to seep through the dense forest, to which she was on the right side of. Pokemon were beginning to awake around her and the air was full of sounds of the forest and a Wingull glided lazily above her before disappearing into the shadows.

Shadows. The memory of the dream came rushing back and hit Charlie hard. Charlie scowled as she wriggled out of her sleeping bag, trying hard not to disturb her beloved Vulpix. She looked vaguely at the clock on her phone to see the time:

5.48 am.

Charlie guessed it would take her five hours to reach Eterna City, her destination. She planned to challenge Erika, the gym leader for a battle in hope of receiving the Forest Badge. As she reached for her clothes she fingered the smooth Coal Badge she had won from Roark, Oreburgh City’s gym leader just last week and her only other Pokeball, inhabited by her Drifloon. Charlie stripped of her plain black trackpants and pulled on her shorts followed by her simple canvas shoes. She ran her fingers lazily through her golden hair before stuffing her possessions into her too small backpack.

By now Vulpix had awaken and was looking at her trainer with her large brown eyes.
“Morning Beautiful,” Charlie cooed, scooping the fox Pokemon into her arms and snuggling her soft, warm fur.
“Vuuuuuuuuuul-Pix,” Vulpix sighed, clearly content. The pair had been together for several months now and were very close. Vulpix had been by her side every step of the way from Snowpoint City to the outskirts of Eterna, mainly because of her fear of Pokeballs. But Charlie didn’t mind, she loved her little friends company. She often kept her newly caught Drifloon out of his Pokeball too, but only when they were clear of small children as the purple balloon Pokemon acted as purple balloon Pokemon do and often tried to drift away with a new friend.

After a quick breakfast Charlie and Vulpix were off on their journey, it was mostly uphill but for a seasoned athlete it was barely a struggle. Pumped with adrenaline at the thought of another gym battle the pair headed off at a sprint over the dewey grass, Charlie’s mind barely on the dream.

May 30th, 2008, 3:32 AM
Malic awoken after a weird dream. "Whoa, that was kinda creepy. Maybe it was because I'm sleeping on the ground too much."

Malic arose from the ground and pulled out his map of the Sinnoh region. "This place is way too big, at least Hoenn was easy to navigate. Oh right, I just got of the forest. So if I go that way I should hit the city." He said pointing to the east.

Malic walked to Eterna City fairly slowly. Dawn broke recently and arrived in Eterna in the early morning. Like most trainers, he eagrly sought a gym challenge. It was the only real reason Malic came to Sinnoh. He heard in his travels that Sinnoh was accepting challenges and he arrived in the past few teachers, getting lost in Sinnoh about 8 times just trying to get to Eterna.

"I guess I should grab some food before I compete. I bet my pokemon are hungry too. We fought way too many little bugs on our way."

With that, Malic walked in circles attempting to find a place with lots of food, at a low price.

May 30th, 2008, 4:36 AM
It was around ten when Charlie and Vulpix crossed the bridge just outside of Eterna City, the sun was beating down on the exhausted pair but a slight breeze had picked up from the east and could only be described as heavenly. Despite their early start they had still met and battled several trainers. Most were young trainers who had pushed their Pokemon through Eterna Forest relentlessly, and still forced their worn out Pokemon into battles. One battle had been particularly thrilling, between a teenage boy and his skilled Dustox. The trainer, Kevin, explained he was an aspiring coordinator and didn’t battle other trainers often, but he still gave Charlie’s Drifloon a fantastic battle.

Charlie watched the pair’s shadows on the crystal blue water and then she squinted her olive green eyes, hoping to see some sort of water Pokemon, but she was unsuccessful. Looking at the water made Charlie realise how thirsty she was. She reached for the canteen in her bag and took a quick swig. Ahead she saw a tall figure.
All of a sudden Vulpix ran ahead, her six elegant tails trailing out behind her.

“Vulpix! Come back!” Charlie shouted, chasing after her, her feet thumping on the wooden planks. Off the bridge Charlie saw Vulpix, at the feet of a young man, curiously sniffing an orange Pokemon with two tails. It was times like this that Charlie wished she had a Pokedex, maybe she’d ask her father to send her his.

The young man turned to look at the blonde teen, who was panting slightly. He raised his eyebrow in a cocky, but oh so adorable way.
“I think someone got away from Mummy,” he commented after seeing Charlie’s scowl.

“She did indeed,” Charlie muttered, glaring at her Vulpix. Vulpix twined herself through Charlie’s legs with a sheepish expression on her little face. Charlie watched her for a second and then turned to the trainer again, extending her right hand.

“I’m Charlie Maddox, of Snowpoint City,” she told him, in a businesslike voice, trying to earn some respect back from this scornful (and cute!) stranger.

“Alex Wells, of Solaceon Town,” he replied, taking her hand in his and shaking it. The two looked each other over for a minute, silently and then met each other’s eyes again.

“How about a Pokemon battle, Charlie of Snowpoint. One on one. Your Vulpix against my Buizel,” he proposed, in a no nonsense, almost laconic manner.
Charlie nodded “Sounds good to me, right Vulpix?” she turned her attention to the little Pokemon who had moved into a warlike position. Back arched, tails raised and eyes focused. This would be difficult, Charlie thought. She was at a definite type advantage and Alex’s Buizel looked like he was in great condition. She’d have to think about this battle extensively, and rely on the bond she had with her Pokemon to emerge victorious.

“You ready?” Alex asked, his face serious. Charlie nodded again, as she breathed in and out deeply, focusing herself.
“Okay, Buizel start off with a quick attack!”
The orange otter Pokemon sprung forward with surprising speed slamming his body into Vulpix’s brown one.

“Shake it off Vulpix. Use your quick attack, I know you’re faster than him!”
Vulpix hit Buizel with a quick attack, Alex’s Pokemon looking a little worse for wear then Charlie’s.

“Okay Vulpix good! Hit him with a confuse ray.”
The foxlike Pokemon closed its eyes, focusing hard, a small white orb transported from its head to Buizel’s. The orange Pokemon shook its head, stumbling about.

“C’mon Buizel! We’ve had worse than this. Hit her with a water gun!”
Buizel seemed to clear its head momentarily to shoot a jet of water at Vulpix, hitting her square in the chest. The small brown Pokemon fell back, in obvious pain. She whimpered softly and rose to her feet, ready to fight again.

“Great work Vulpix, quick! Hit him with a quick attack and an ember at the same time!”
Vulpix lunged forward again, slamming her body into Buizels whilst shooting small, but strong flames directly onto the Pokemon’s orange fur.

“Damn, that looks like a burn. Okay Buizel, lets finish this! Water gun!”
Again water exploded from Buizel’s mouth, hitting Vulpix. This time when she fell to the ground in pain she did not rise.

“Are you okay Vulpix?” Charlie called, and when she heard no reply she ran forward and scooped her Pokemon into her arms, holding her against
her chest protectively.

“Good battle,” Alex said upon approaching the pair “Your Vulpix is very tough. Not many fire Pokemon would last that long.”
Charlie looked up at him, smiling her perfect smile at the dark haired youth. They chatted casually for a while and even exchange numbers in hope of a future battle. Charlie looked at her watch:

12.10 pm.

It was getting late, and Eterna City was well in sight. She bid Alex and Buizel farewell, impulsively kissing the trainer on the cheek and turned her sights towards Eterna City. Her thoughts returning to the dream, ‘for all shall bear the dream’.
The wind picked up, Charlie shivered slightly.

May 30th, 2008, 5:35 AM
Steven sat up in his sleeping bag, and yawned. He reached into his backpack, and grabbed a bottle of water, and gulped it down without stopping. He smashed the empty bottle, and shoved it into an empty slot in his pack; no sense in littering. He put on his clothes, and felt his hair. Still spikey, like always. He stood up, and clapped his hands together. "Alright then! Let's get today going!" he said with much enthusiasm, grabbed his backpack, and started down the road he was next to.

He checked his map of Sinnoh. "Hmm. Oh hell! It looks like I missed a city." he unfolded a crevise on the map and spotted another city he'd walked past. "Eterna City, huh? An there's a gym there too." He moved his finger to another point on the map. "And here I am, so it's about two miles away." He tightened his hold on his pack, and started to run down the road.

Later that day:

Steven was about about a mile away, when he was stopped by a trainer. He was taller, and obviously older, wearing a red trenchcoat. "Hey, kid. You're a trainer right? Let's battle." Steven was surprised at first, but grinned at the word 'battle'. Steven nodded. "You're on!"

A make-shift arena was made in the road. The two reached for their Pokemon, and tossed their balls into the center. The trainer threw his first. "Go Nidorino!" he commanded, as the Pokeball released pink monster from the white light. Steven chuckled, and tossed his in the middle. "Let's go, Ninjask!" he shouted. The Pokeball opened up, and a Ninjask came from the white light. He clacked his claws together, quickly darting around.

The other trainer pointed to Ninjask. "Alright, Nidorino! Use Horn attack!" The pokemon reared back, and ran towards the opponent at incredible speed. Steven thought for a moment, and pointed to Nidorino. "Ninjask! Use silver wind!" Ninjask's wings started to flap faster, and white glowing pulses of air flew at Nidorino, not effective to hurt it severely, but enough to knock Nidorino back. Steven shook his finger at the other trainer. "Sorry, but you've got to do better than that." the other trainer said with a smirk.

Steven pointed to the opponent. "Ok! Use Dig, Ninjask!" Ninjask dropped to the ground, and used its quick pinsirs to scratch a hole in the ground. It then leaped into the hole continuing to dig unseen. The other trainer smiled. "Nidorino! Leap into the hole after him and use Thunderbolt!" The Nidorino nodded, and leaped after Ninjask into the hole. Then, a loud cry was heard, and yellow light flashed through the hole.

Steven called for his Pokemon, and then he spotted some dirt cracking. Then, a large crack was heard, as Ninjask shot out of the ground, tackling Nidorino in the back. Ninjask was slightly burned from the electricity, but pulled off his move in the end. "Alright, Ninjask! Use Giga Impact to finish it off!" Ninjack shot down on the Nidorino as it fell to the ground. There was a large crash, and smoke covered the arena. When the smoke cleared, Nidorino had passed out. The other trainer sulked, and returned the Pokemon to its ball. Steven returned Ninjask, and shook hands with the trainer. They went on their separate ways, and Steven continued to Eterna City.

May 30th, 2008, 11:11 AM
Jason awoke from the weirdest dream he had ever had. The most he could remember was a talking shadow that confused him. He had to think logically or everyone would think he was a freak. He thought and thought until he realized he left his Pokeballs at the center. "Nurse Joy and my Pokemon are going to kill me. I was asleep for about three hours, oh no. This is exactly why Grandpa was right about naps being evil. All they ever do is make you forget everything you did before the nap. Enough talk I have to go now." Jason thought this to himself, but in a panic. When he finally arrived at the center Nurse Joy gave him the evil eye. He bowed his head in shame and to show he was sorry. Nurse Joy gave him his Pokeballs and stormed off. He immediately released his Pokemon and soon the white light ran towards him. Twiggy materialized on top on his head. Croagunk yanked Twiggy off of their trainer's head and gave Jason a Poison Jab. "Croagunk" said the toad furiously. Twiggy looked on with confusion as he stayed in the back. "Sorry Croa, but I took a nap, got this strange dream, and so now I'm late. I hope you guys can forgive me." Jason was mostly disappointed because he had lost three precious hours of training today. Croagunk gave him the shoulder of disappointment while Twiggy went in for another bite. Jason looked at his Pokemon and realized he was raising them just fine, but that shadow's voice continued to distract him. With that Jason began to walk out the door. He bumped into a girl that had her own Turtwig and seemed to be wearing a lot of green. However, since he passed by her so fast he couldn't get anymore details. "Eterna City, sure does have some good loking girls." said Jason walking to a trainign field.

May 30th, 2008, 11:15 AM
Jay made his way down the mountains on the dirt path. Small rocks and pebbles tumbled down behind him, around his feet, being careful that he won't fall down. In the distance he could see someone climbing up the mountain, it was very hard to miss this person. It was a girl no more then maybe around 5 feet in height and was engulfed in bright orange. Next to her was a Lucario walking right beside her.

"Oh, someone else... and a girl... um, well I maybe I should just ignore her..", Jay thought to himself as they started to get closer as she climbed up and he climbed down, "No, I can't, um maybe I should, um, say Hi. I'll say 'Hi' just to be nice and then I'll just continue onwards, yeah alright... okay.."

Jay started to get nervous but made a grin anyway, he turned around and said "Hi" but by the time he greeted the girl, she already left him behind and left nothing more but a trail of blond hair flowing past her face, she seemed determined about something and continued her way up the mountain range. Jay simply turned around and put his hands in his pockets and looked back down towards the path. "Well I am a stranger after all, weird for me to greet people I don't know.. I guess..." he thought.

He thought about what just happened and continued down until he reached the end of the path and made his way into the city. It's a small city and many of the buildings seem old and out of date with the century. He ventured inwards and mingled in with the gathering morning crowds, trying not to cause anymore attention and keeping his comments to himself.

After a while he found his way to the Gym, however the doors are locked. He looked around and discovered a note on the door,

"To whom this may concern,

I went out for a stroll again in the forest, if you are a trainer awaiting for a challenge then remain here until I return.

Thank you,

"Forest?" Jay thought he looked around and saw hardly any trees until he stopped and closely looked behind the fishing path and saw some trees in the distance gather. He looked at the sun, it still seemed early in the day. He looked back down and casually walked towards the direction of the forest...

May 30th, 2008, 11:27 AM
Malic first entered the pokemon center in order to heal his fairly tired pokemon. The place was fairly crowded. Numerous rookies desperately escaped the forest and their pokemon were exhausted as a result. As a result, Malic was forced to wait a few hours before getting a chance to even heal.

"Man, what a drag." he mumbled, waiting his turn. Eventually, the healing process was complete and he was able to tour the city. Malic was actually surprised by Eterna due to the city's ability to merge nature and civilization. After grabbing some food, Malic decided to give his pokemon the day off and hang out by the small pond with his pokemon. While his Milotic swam in the pond, Charizard and Garchomp walked around.

He noticed a few trainers wanted to battle, but many of the rookies were scared off by the fact that many of his pokemon were fully evolved.

"Im not scared of you!", a youngster said to Malic. The kid was named Roger and he pulled a Raticate.

"That's pretty impressive, kid", Malic snickered. "You actually have a decent pokemon there. So I will allow my Milotic to take this one." Malic whistled and his pokemon eagerly listened. Before the battle began, Malic gave a dramatic thumbs up and prompted his loyal fish to begin the battle. "Milotic hit the Raticate with an Ice beam!"

The Raticate managed to barely dodge the attack and pleaded to his trainer to recall him. The youngster was oblivious to its propsal and demanded he respond. "Hyper Fang Now!" Milotic took the attack head on the pokemon splashed into the small pond. Malic's expression revealed no worries. He thought "Milotic's advantage lies in the water. She knows what to do. A few moments passed before Raticate was seen launching out the water, ko'ed and defeated.

"Great Battle, but next time listen to your pokemon. That whole time even Raticate knew he was outclassed." The youngster walked away but not without some experience. Malic turned to Mioltic, and noticed a few wounds on his pokemon. "Hmm..the raticate was a little stronger than he seemed. He actually did some damage." "Well", Malic said aloud. "How about we go to the pokemon center and then check the rest of the town." He commanded his pokemon to return their balls. "Alright! Here we go!" Malic was full of energy, the battle pumped him up and he had plenty of time to kill.

May 30th, 2008, 11:46 AM
Someone came running towards Jay and practically ran him over, Jay moved quickly to the side to let the screaming boy run past him,

"He's too powerful! WAAAHH!!", that is what the boy said in his screams as he made his way past Jay and into the city. "Huh?" Jay muttered as he turned back around and headed to the small pond up ahead.

As Jay walked just a bit further he saw a boy who looked like to be the same age. He too was slender but looked completely different than Jay here. He wore a blue t-shirt that was matched with blue jeans and walked down the ponds dock smiling he seems pumped and full of energy, was he the one who the kid was running away from?

"Wow, a lot of people out today... and trainers?" Jay asked as he saw that the young man had pokéballs clipped to his belt. He then looked back up at his face and for a split second they met eye to eye. That was when Jay practically jumped, he knew what was going to happen. It's like an unwritten rule, if trainers see each other they must have a battle. It's always been that way, and no one has ever changed it.

"Oh great... I guess I may have to... I'll see what happens. Maybe its nothing, maybe he was looking at something else. Right, okay... I'll just walk to the forest.." Jay thought since he was too nervous about getting into a battle and too afraid to see what the result may be if he does. But it's bound to happen sooner or later...

May 30th, 2008, 12:06 PM
"Hey you! Tall guy with the scarf!" Malic yelled outloud. Malic originally intended to battle the man but he had other intentions as he really wanted to give his other pokemon to battle.

"You look like a real trainer, unlike the stupid little contest wimps. I was wondering if you knew where the gym in town is. I actually want to face someone who is a little more...well...skilled."

Malic was curious if the man was even going to answer, as he noticed the trainer was nervous, but thought nothing of it. In fact, Malic thought "What's this guy's problem. Looks like he saw a ghost or something. Maybe he's a wimp. He is avoiding people after all. Well hopefully he will at least giving me some useful information."

May 30th, 2008, 12:28 PM
"Phew... I guess my Pokémon are safe.." Jay thought to himself and sighed in relief.

Jay stopped in his tracks and paused for a moment unknowing how to reply to the young man who stands in front of him. Just then Jay forgot why he was even walking towards the forest, he tried hard to recollect his thoughts, "Gym, gym, gym, gym... something with a gym... oh yeah!" He then looked to the trainer and spoke softly, "My apologies, but the gym is closed. There was a note, the gym leader went off on a stroll in the forest, I'm not sure why." Jay told the young man.

Jay's head is pounding, he read that note only moments before and yet he felt like he had to remember something that took place days ago. Seeing how there was nothing left to say to the trainer, Jay moved out of his way and walked past him back towards the forest. He soon entered the forest, it's lush with vegetation and tall trees, every step he took made a crackling sound as he stepped on fallen leaves and twigs that is scattered about the forest floor. Rays of light calmly made their way past the green leaves and touched the ground with a soft warmth. Just then he saw someone looking at something, a woman dressed in a green cape. Jay went to pass by her but she turned still looking at something and bumped into him,

"Gah!" The woman muttered, "Oh excuse me.." Jay said apologizing that it was his fault. "Hey wait a second, are you a trainer? Hmm, you do look like one. You see that old mansion down there? Well don't go there. Reports claim that it's haunted by ghosts. I would g-go bu-but I-... *ahem* I'm not s-scared but I-I, yes, I have a gym to run! BYE!" The woman said and then ran out of the forest back to Eterna City, she looks scared.

Jay stood there and looked at the abandon old mansion down deep within the forest. He stood by its gates and felt an eerie wind pass by him when suddenly the gates flung open, he heard something, voices, whispers. "Hmm..." he thought and walked towards the old, forbidden mansion...

May 30th, 2008, 12:47 PM
"A closed gym. The leader must be a wuss or something. Maybe she heard of my battle skills?

Malic laughed to himself. Loudly in fact. After seeing some people stare at him. He forgot to thank the trainer who informed him. "Hey where did he go? Wait a minute....the forest...maybe he went looking for the leader."

I hated the forest. Way too many bugs and the grass is way too high. Now I remember why I loved Blackthorn so much.

Soon, Malic entered the forest, only to see a women running back to the city. "Hey wait, did you see a tall guy pass by here?"

The woman was clearly in rush, and simply pointed to where the scary location was. She then stated how she must return to the city for important matters.

Malic was spilt between traveling to the forest again....a place he despised or following the trainer while he waited for the cowardly leader to return to the gym.

"Well, this place sucks way too much to walk through. So I'll guess I will to the "sccccccaaaaaaarrrrrrryyyyyyy" mansion that the lady talked about", he couldn't resist letting out a chuckle.

He slowly walked to the mansion. Malic began to realize why she was frightened. There was eerie aura emitting from the ancient house. He began to remind him of the strange dream. But he shurgged it off and continuted.

"Hey scarf boy!" he called.

Maybe he'll hear me. I definitely don't want to go through here alone.

May 30th, 2008, 2:06 PM
"Dang it, this stupid map doesn't say anything about the route being waterlogged," Jake complained as he and his Pokemon worked their way slowly around the water's edge, balanced on the narrow strip of land between the water and the trees. He burst into a sprint as soon as he reached the other side, hoping to make up for lost time.

He drew a few stares as he tore through Jubilife City, but didn't slow down until he reached the northern border of the city. From there, he cut through the tunnel in the hills to reach Floaroma Town. Here he stopped to catch his breath; it was a good place to do so, with the clean, aromatic air that enveloped the area. After a quick break, Jake decided that he was making good time, and that he'd try to get through Eterna Forest too before he stopped somewhere for the day.

This immediately proved to be a poor decision, as Jake immediately found himself lost somewhere in the middle of the forest. "Typical," he muttered. "I always get lost in places like this. What made me think now would be different?"

He continued wandering aimlessly with his Pokemon until coming upon a stately mansion. He eyed the place momentarily; it looked abandoned. Glancing at his Pokemon, he saw his Houndoom and Absol growling at the house, while his Weavile was its usual carefree self. Jake walked towards the mansion, to the dismay of his Pokemon. "Meh, come on, guys," the Gym Leader retorted. "If it's empty, we can stay there a while. If there's people there, we can ask for directions." With that, his Pokemon reluctantly followed him into the foreboding manor, the Old Chateau. Jake's dark cloak trailed softly in the breeze as he walked, giving him a ghostly appearance that would frighten anyone who entered this place expecting evil spirits.

May 30th, 2008, 2:32 PM
As Jay was about to walk any further to the mansion, his trance was suddenly interrupted. Someone called out to him. Jay stopped in his tracks and looked around and spotted the trainer from before. Surprised to see him, he waited for him to approach him,

"Oh? Have you not find any skilled trainers?" Jay asked, he looked around and slowly turned his head back to the mansion, "There was a woman here, she said something about a gym... I think. Hmm, you better go take a look at the city." Jay informed the trainer. Intimidated by the trainer who stands next to him, Jay takes a step back and pauses thinking just then the wind passes by them and something could be heard,


That's what it said. Jay looked at the trainer and then back at the mansion. Though it was extremely scary, there was something about it. Something that Jay wanted to learn about, after all he started this journey to discover his past, maybe there was a clue here in this mansion. Clutching his fists he let out a breath of air and continued towards the mansion. A door opened on its own, as if it were greeting the trainers. The Inside of the mansion is old and dirty, it looks like the place hasn't been touched for years. Jay looked around and slowly walked across the floor. The creaking of the wood could be heard as wind flowed into the shattered windows of the house, and there right in front of Jay there's a grand dining room. Jay stood there for a moment looking around to see what's so special about this room when suddenly a seat came from behind him and bumped into the back of his knees, forcing him to fall and sit on it, then the chair slid quickly on its own to the table.


Laughter could be heard from around the room when suddenly Ghastly and Haunters appeared out of thin air, and across the table a ghost of a man dressed in a party suit with a top hat could be seen with his bone-like finger playing with his long mustache.

"Welcome to the Eterna Chateau, I am Bartholomew Edwards the Third. Allow me to entertain you!" The ghost said.

Suddenly the wind in the house picked up making the table cloth blow madly and the candles lit up on their own, "Ah, so the name is Jay? Is it? Perhaps you prefer Mr. Raptly, hahaha!"

Jay surprised replied back to the ghost, "H-how do-do you know me?" The ghost laughed, "You see Mr. Raptly I know everything about you. Us, the dead, enjoy watching the living and you have been most interesting..."

Suddenly the trainers in the room began to have terrible headaches, visions of the past appeared, a large orb made out of light came to mind. Was it the sun? Soon out of the light a man in a black cloak appears and the howl of a houndoom could be heard.. the vision ends.

"You seem to have forgotten how you got here... do not worry, in time you will know." The ghosts began to laugh again, "Wait! What do you know tell me!"

"You must leave here, yes, go to where the legends of this land begin.. hmm there you shall find out the truth... haha this is so entertaining..In time you will know what this means... in time, hahaha! Farewell!"

And with a sudden gust of wind and a snap of the finger, he and the other ghosts were gone. Unsure of what just happened, Jay got up from his seat and ran out of the mansion. He then stopped and looked back at the trainer who seemed to have been dragged into this whole ordeal.

"I-I'm not exactly sure what happened, but.. I should leave. The gym is back in the city... you should go and forget what just happened." Jay now on a lead continues off deeper into the forest to find his next destination. Soon enough he stumbled into a man in a black cloak who appeared in the vision that the ghost gave him...

May 30th, 2008, 2:36 PM
Bobby woke up with a start "Dude..." he said as he remembered his dream. 'What was that about?' he thought as he got up from his pillow, his Flygon. Bobby looked around around and rembered that he was on Route 205, making his way towards Eterna City.

He woke up Totodile, who was sleeping on his lap. "Toto..." Totodile said sleeply. "Good Morning to you to." Bobby said with a chuckle. He returned Flygon to her Pokeball, as she had flown them all the way here from Canalave City. Bobby had gotten off a boat from Johto and was now exploring Sinnoh. Bobby started walking again headed towards Eterna.

May 30th, 2008, 2:48 PM
It was midday by the time Charlie reached Eterna City, she couldn’t help but notice the amount of trainers around. What was going on? She wondered. She made a beeline to the Pokemon Centre still clutching her weakened Vulpix to her chest, stroking her fur absentmindedly. The Pokemon Centre was packed, and Nurse Joy was run off her feet. Whilst she waited Charlie ate lunch, urging Vulpix to do the same, but there was something different about her, she seemed gloomy, maybe about her defeat. Charlie whispered words of encouragement to her little Pokemon, but her words fell on deaf ears. So Charlie’s thoughts turned to her cell phone which she had not checked in at least two days.


Charlie. Have you left Oreburgh yet? I told Art about your victory against Roark, he was impressed. We miss you- Dad

Charlie, where are you? Why haven’t you replied yet??- Dad

Hey Charlie, I heard about your win against Roark. You rock. Get it? Hahahah. Call me when you have the time. Love you- Art

Charlie! What is your problem?? Answer me! Oh, Russel is home- Dad

Charlie’s hands shook. Russel, home? He had not been “home” in six years, she’d always wondered if her brother actually knew that they had moved to Snowpoint and now he was home. God, she could barely remember what he looked like, of course he would be different now. She missed him, she missed him so much she just realised. Charlie dialled her home number into the phone and it rang.
Ring... ring... ring... ring...

“C’mom, pick up, pick up,” she murmured.

“Hi, you have called the Maddox Household, we’re not available right now but leave a message and we’ll get back to you, if we like you,” her own voice chirped into the phone.

“Damnit,” Charlie growled hanging her phone up. The line had dissipated by now and Nurse Joy was free. She handed over her two Pokemon to the friendly woman who healed them in record time.

“Have a nice day,” the pink haired woman cried cheerfully, smiling.

“Thank you Nurse Joy. You too,” Charlie replied and then she turned on her heel and left the Pokemon Centre. Two young trainers ran by, tailed by a Bidoof and a Chimchar. Charlie heard one of them shout, “C’mon Gardenia is in the Forest, it says so on her gym door”
The forest it is then, Charlie thought and she left Eterna City at a jog, rejuvenated by her lunch and rest. Vulpix had been healed and she looked better physically, but not emotionally. Charlie carried her, giving her a well deserved rest from running.

It took her a short amount of time to reach the Forest, unsurprisingly considering there were no trainers around to battle. The body of trees were intimidating, but Charlie had been inside the Forest before, and had dealt with it fine. She and Vulpix walked deeper and deeper into the dark forest when she realised she was lost.

The Forest was eerily silent, there was no Pokemon or trainers about. This was bizarre as last time Charlie was here it had been teeming with life, full of sounds and sights. But now she could only hear her only footsteps and a breeze tearing through the many trees and all she could see was... the roof, of a building.

“When did that get here?” she asked Vulpix, who looked up at her with her liquid brown eyes. Charlie made a quick decision to approach the building, to get a better look if not anything else. It was getting late and she was lost, the building could serve as somewhere to sleep. Vulpix suddenly sprang out of Charlie’s arms and ran ahead.

“Not again,” Charlie groaned as she chased after her, shouting at her to come back, covering the ground between herself and the building quicker than before...

May 30th, 2008, 3:00 PM
Jake hesitated outside the mansion, wondering if it was really a good idea to go in there. "I suppose anything's better than wandering this stupid forest," he said as he entered the dreary place.

No sooner did he enter the manor's foyer than the sound of evil laughter echoed around him. He looked around, trying to pinpoint the source of the sound, but it seemed to come from everywhere until it abruptly ended.

Evil laughter, of course, wasn't nearly enough to scare someone who specializes in raising dark type Pokemon. Jake, though admittedly disturbed, saw no good reason to leave yet; besides, he could definitely tell someone was here. He looked behind him, and saw his Absol acting incredibly nervous. "That's odd..." the Gym Leader whispered to himself. "Absol's usually the most collected out of the bunch of them..."

And that was when he blacked out for a moment, and was left for a moment with his mind in turmoil, fragments of the weird dream he had swirling in an odd, golden light. He had seen that light before; but when? Where?

His Houndoom's howl snapped Jake back into reality, though he was still dazed. "I must be completely out of it today," he muttered. As he tried to collect himself, he was swiftly bowled over by a tall boy with a scarf. Picking himself up and brushing himself off, he smirked with relief at the luck which suddenly, and quite literally, struck him. "Sorry about that," he said with an odd, joking inflection, extremely incongruous with a place like this. "From now on I'll watch where I'm going when I'm lost and half-conscious. Could you direct me out of these godforsaken woods, please?" he asked, disregarding his distrust of people in favor of getting to a city, ASAP.

May 30th, 2008, 3:08 PM
From a distance Charlie could see her little Pokemon approach a tall boy in a scarf, wait, do i know him? she thought; a tall man in a dark grey cloak and a Houndoom, just outside the building.

"Hey! Don't touch her! She's not a wild Pokemon!!" Charlie screamed into the forest, running faster towards them. As she grew closer a chill met her spine and she could hear high pitched laughter coming from the building. She still ran ahead, to her Pokemon who was now sniffing the shoes of the man in the dark grey cloak.

"Vulpix! Come back here!" she shouted again, when she was ten metres away, the little brown Pokemon looked at her trainer in confusion and ran towards her, eager to be near her again. Charlie picked up her little friend when it reached her, clutching it close and turned to look at the trainers...

May 30th, 2008, 3:23 PM
Bobby walked into the Pokemon Center and noticed the croud right away. "Whoa..." he said surprised to see so many people. "I guess we'll come back later..." Bobby wandered out and wondered what to do next. Scratching his red bandanna he thought 'This city's so old there must be nothing to do here...'

With that thought, Bobby wandered out of the city and into Eterna Forest, which wasn't too far from were he camped last night. He noticed a mansion surrounded by trees. It was almost impossible to see it. As he wandered toward's it he noticed a boy a bit taller then him, wearing a billowing blue and white scarf, a young pale man wearing a black cloak, and a very pretty girl running after a Vulpix.

"Wonder what they're up to?" Bobby said to Totodile, and with curiousity Bobby ran to catch up with them.

May 30th, 2008, 3:28 PM
"It's him! The man in that vision. Does he know who I am or maybe he knows where I am supposed to go? This is crazy... meeting so many people at once... this is overwhelming. However, I should help this man if he is here to help me."

"I'm sorry, please excuse my behavior." Jay told the black cloaked man, but by the time he went to help him up, he already got up himself. He went in front of the trainers who are with him and explained himself, "M-My name is... Jay." Jay said in a shy voice he then looked down as he isn't used to talking to more than one person at a time or even talking itself since no one would speak to him at school.

Jay tried to remember again how he got here, in the mansion, he tried to remember until it hit him, "Oh right, well there is Eterna City. Please excuse my impoliteness, I will direct you there immediately." Jay told the two trainers he was with, just as he turned around he was shocked to see another trainer behind him, and it's a girl no less. Jay was never good with women at all, he is intimidated by them even more so then the man in the dark cloak who looks like a vampire, well to Jay anyway.

"I uhh..." Jay muttered, it seems that the absence of the ghosts from before allowed life to continue within the forest, birds could be heard singing and the chirps and growls of wild forest pokémon could be heard in the distance. Everyone looked at him, waiting for him to say something. He started to step back a bit as he looked at the female trainer, she had a toned body as if she does many sports and dark blond hair. She looked familiar, he started to think some more until finally he realized she went to the same school as him in Snowpoint, she was into sports and most of the boys liked her. But he knows very little about her aside from this and they never met before so he doesn't know her name. He keeps his distance though.

Jay pulled down his skull cap to help hide his face a bit since he has never been in a group of people all waiting for him before. "Right, I po-promised to-to take you back to the city f-follow m-me." Jay could hardly speak, he walked past everyone and powered walk past the female trainer, leading them back to Eterna City. By the time Jay lead the black cloaked trainer out of the forest it was already late-noon, Jay looked up at the sky and could see the blue gradually turn orange and red by the setting sun. They were at the outskirts of town, however Jay seemed disappointed to be here again as he wishes to know what that ghost meant about "go to where the legends of this land begin."

As everyone was about to head their own ways, Jay, hesitant, spoke to the dark trainer, "W-wait.. what's your name... I-I mean, do you know a place where legends begin?"

May 30th, 2008, 3:35 PM
"Legends?" Charlie snorted in reply to the scarfed boy. She did recognize him, he went to school with her in Snowpoint, he was quiet and shy, but seemed like a nice boy. He was older than her, like everyone else in her year and pretty cute, but she'd never seen him with a girl. His name was John or James or something like that

Vulpix wriggled around in her arms, trying to get a better look at the Houndoom. Charlie couldn't tell if she was intimidated or not by the larger fire Pokemon. Charlie looked at his trainer, he was much older than the two teens, mid to late twenties perhaps. He was taller than both of them, and paler then her, which was saying something. He was dressed darkly, and had a mysterious look about him.

Charlie extended her hand to Jaime, and introduced herself "Charlie Maddox. I think we went to school together, in Snowpoint. So what are these 'legends' you speak of?"

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 30th, 2008, 3:41 PM
Name: Savanna
Title: Coordinator
Age: 14
Gender: Girl
Birth Date: April 1st
Birthplace: Hoenn,Goldenrod
Role Model: None
Group: None
POKéMON: Absol,Flygon
Appearence: (What does your character look like?)
Personality: (How is your character? How does he/she act?)
History: (What is your character's story?)
Rival: None
Signature POKéMON: Absol

Will Edit

May 30th, 2008, 3:47 PM
Hunger... Hunger had stopped Arlene directly in her tracks. Frozen by sudden spasms and horrible convulsions, the fox keeled over on her knees, buckling to the emptiness that pitted her poor stomach. She nearly fell off of the mountain trail that she and Snake were following, in this process; which would have spelled her certain death. They had not tread far from the beginning of the trail, but it was still a good hundred feet below and the mountain face was scarred with deep channels and marred by sharp rocky daggers that pierced through the underearth, shooting towards the sky.

There was no energy left to channel from her blood. She was running dry quickly; turning to Snake, she spoke raspily, "Hey... Snake, wait... I can't go any further... I need food. We have to turn back and go to Eterna."

"Are you sure, Arlene? We're almost at the crest of this mountain. We can take the underground pass from here," Snake said, very concerned about her companion. The worry in her voice was sincere as she looked down at the crumpled-up vixen before her, laiden with prangs of hunger and fatigue. Hell, Snake was beginning to feel it herself.

"Yes. We have to go back. Please don't make me keep going," Arlene wheezed. With that, the argument was over - they either went back to Eterna city to scrounge up some food for the journey back to home, or Arlene was surely to be the embodiment of walking death. As they descended the mountain path, Arlene took one last long look back at the rocky faces, which stared right back at her. Now, in her dazed state, they seemed to be made of the darkest crystal, as if they barred a hidden prize; the sunlight battered relentlessly at the towers of diamond that stared down at her, mocking her...

The journey towards Eterna city was short-lived. As the city came into sight, Arlene's strength made a second-winning. For a while, the dizziness that fogged her vision cleared, and she could see the entrance to the city... And a group of straggling trainers conversing about something of which she had no idea. She decided to slow her pace mid-step and listen in, raising a hand to bring Snake to her speed as they followed the stragglers.

"Isn't it kind of rude to eavesdrop when you're in plain sight?" Snake questioned, to which Arlene responded with a "no durr" glance of her own, rolling her eyes.

May 30th, 2008, 3:51 PM
Jake sighed, reminiscing a bit. This kid kinda reminded him of himself, how he used to have such great dislike for conversation. Still do, he thought to himself, though he was grateful to be guided out of the Eterna Forest. The three Pokemon following him seemed equally relieved, despite the small group that had formed so suddenly; neither Jake nor his Pokemon tended to enjoy a lot of company. Regardless, it was only polite to introduce himself.

"Nice to meet you, Jay," he said. "As well as... well, the rest of you whose names I don't know. Gym Leader Jake Silver at your service," he said tritely with a shady smirk. "I was just on my way to Eterna City, and... well, I got completely lost," he said nonchalantly.

Turning back to Jay, he pondered for a moment. "A place where legends begin? Surprising; legends and mythology are a special interest of mine." He shut his eyes and looked up. "You can probably tell that I'm unfamiliar with this area, but... I believe that a place in the Sinnoh region where legends begin could probably be Mt. Coronet. Other than that, my only guesses are the three mystic lakes throughout the reason, and Celestic Town." He looked back down, surprised at himself for talking so much. "Well, I hope my guesses are helpful to you, kid," he said, as he looked around for a place in town to stay; maybe one of those condos in the south? Nah, too fancy...

May 30th, 2008, 4:28 PM
As Jake finished talking to Jay, our reluctant trainer dropped his face under his scarf thinking, "Well I have ways to go before I find the place I need to go." Just then his concentration on what to next broke as a voice called for him, he turned. It was that girl from the forest. She introduced herself and extended out her hand for a handshake. Jay practically jumped and began to sweat.

"I better introduce myself.. she'll hate me to I just know it but I better just do this." Jay thought. He extended out his arm, it's shaking already and held the girls hand for a very brief moment, "M-my name is Jay.." and with that he quickly took back his hand and stuffed them in his pockets.

He looked around and saw that girl from before from the path in the distance, she was very easy to find, she wears a lot of orange or at least Jay thought it was a suit. "All these people, all these girls, they're all over the place... man, it's like someone is out to get me today." However Jay shook off this thought, the truth of the matter is, he wouldn't mind making friends.

Charlie then asked him about legends, Jay looked at her by looking down on the floor and around her, "Um, do-do you know about legends here?" He asked.

May 30th, 2008, 4:40 PM
On a whim, Arlene decided it was time to make herself known. Finding it difficult not to talk in a rasp, she approached the rear-end of the cluster of trainers, noting: "Sounds like a whole lot of empty words."

The vixen raised her arms and folded them across each other, looking curiously first at the boy she'd seen descending the mountain. Her piercing stare was almost enough to send a chill down one's spine, but she made no movement to turn away. She quirked a brow, then approached him, intent on introducing herself. Meanwhile, Snake sat legs-crossed in the grass, looking up to the sky.

"I'm sorry for not taking any notice to you earlier. I'm really tired," Arlene spoke carefully, gingerly picking and choosing her words. She didn't want to battle, or even get in much of a vocal confrontation; hunger was inching it's way up her veins and arteries, and she would become too desparately weak to move a muscle in due time of a few hours. As she neared the boy, it became apparent that she was indeed orange in herself - where she did not have clothing between her all-black tanktop, her black camouflage near-skintight pants, and her combat boots, she was covered in a beautiful, soft, reddish-orange coat, save for her forearms which were bathed in black; and her chest, underarms and part of her neck and bottom jaw, which were snow white. She was a real, honest-to-god, bipedal red fox.

She seemed relatively unconcerned that she was breaking conversation between Jay and one other trainer. With her last words, though, she retreated a pace or two and remained silent, her long, bushy tail fluttering uselessly in the wind behind her.

May 30th, 2008, 5:06 PM
Jake nodded dryly at the newcomer, not looking one bit surprised by her appearance. "Sure, sure. May as well add one more, make it a regular fiesta." He looked over the fox girl again, before continuing on a more serious note. "You really don't look very well," he said with a cool, analytical gaze. "And if you didn't catch my name, it's Jake. Jake Silver." The tone of his voice was, as usual, trite and mildly conceited. His Pokemon all huddled close around him; none of them were particularly fond of the small crowd that had gathered here in Eterna City.

Not looking very interested in the activity around him, Jake looked at the signs for the various hotels around town before shrugging, resigned. "I'm just going to camp outside," he decided aloud as he stepped away from the group, sighing in exasperation. He had never been a fan of conversation, and was becoming quite uncomfortable with this crowd. Probably wasn't a good idea to refer to myself as "Gym Leader" either... he thought in retrospect, hoping that no one here was some badge-crazed rookie Trainer. The last thing he wanted was an evening battle, when he could be looking for somewhere to set up camp.

May 30th, 2008, 5:41 PM
Jay saw the mountain girl up close, either she is wearing a very elaborate costume or she really is what she looks like, a fox. Jay became unsure of how to react and then he thought if she was a pokémon herself but that would be silly. Until finally Jay decided that it didn't matter, he shouldn't be judging anyone. But no matter how she looked, it still didn't help him get over his fear of women,

"H-hi, ni-nice to meet you, I-I Jay..." However Jay was thinking more on something else. Celestic Town, that is where he must go but it was getting late. And like Jake, Jay was becoming rather uncomfortable around everyone as well and quietly left the bunch to their own deeds. Less people were on the streets now, night was coming on swift winds. As Jay wandered he discovered a large statue of two Pokémon battling, one with four legs and the other on two, they both appeared like dragons. Jay sat on a bench and just stared at the statue wondering where he should go until he decided, "Tomorrow, tomorrow I will go to Celestic Town." And with that he laid down on the bench and looked back up at the stars and slowly drifted away. As everyone slept and dreamed, the same one came back,

"H e l p y o u r f r i e n d."

The voice it seems broken, what does it mean? Dawn approaches...

Jay wakes up and sees a blue sky in front of him. He sits up right and holds his head in his hands, he tried to recollect what happened but he could hardly remember the past day. He looks around and finds himself in a small park, he wonders how he got there. He can't remember a thing aside from what someone told him, "Go to where the legends of this land begin." Then it came to him, Jake mentioned Celestic Town, that's not far from Eterna City at all. As Jay woke up he quickly ate at a small cafe around the park, though he ate little and decided to head towards Celestic Town...

May 30th, 2008, 6:40 PM
Charlie had stayed the night in the Eterna City Pokemon Centre with her Vulpix, she rose early and instead of heading off the the Eterna Gym she started out onto Route 11. Last night she had impusively decided to give up on the whole gym thing, at least for now and head straight onto Sunnyshore City. To meet Volkner swoon.

She planned to cross through Mt Coronet and onto Celestic Town and then make her way to Sunnyshore via Veilstone City. It was a cold morning, and not many people or Pokemon were about yet.
She wondered vaguely if she would run into any of the people she had "met" yesterday. One had ignored her completely, the man in the dark grey cloak and the other had shook her hand as if she was something repulsive. Its not exactly that she took offense to this, she was just used to males treating her differently.

Thinking about boys made her thoughts return to Russel. Her father hadn't contacted her recently and Charlie was almost too nervous to call again. She had missed Russel so much, he had left when Charlie needed him most. She was sick of being abandoned she decided

"Screw him, Screw everyone," she said to no one in particular. her Vulpix looked up at her, brown eyes shiny.

"Vuul-Piiiiiix?" she asked in a mournful tone.

"Except you 'Pix and Drifloon of course," Charlie reassured her friend. She looked around, searching for any children and when she did not see any she realeased Drifloon from his Pokeball. The purple balloon Pokemon hovered around whilst Vulpix attempted to bite its small yellow feet.

Ahead she saw a figure, she was pretty sure it was Jay. She could use some company, even if he was repulsed by her.

"Hey, Hey you! Jay," she shouted out after him...

May 30th, 2008, 7:13 PM
Throughout the whole day, Malic found himself hiding from the scary mansion. He saw the crowd of people entered the haunted realm. Must of been a nice party in there. Shame it scares me in every single way. In the end, Malic ignored it and decided to return to civilization.

The mansion messed up Malic for the rest day. He never was quite the same, he couldn't put his finger on it but knew that the place had to do something with his dream. It definitively wasn't the way I slept that night. It was something more. Heh, no point in thinking about it. It'll pass. Malic tried to tell himself, but couldn't believe it.

Malic stayed in the Pokemon Center that night. He didn't bother with fancy hotels, but instead parked himself on the couch and slept. It was huge upgrade to outdoor camping. He managed to wake up early enough to notice most of the people from the "party". He was curious to what they were doing, but was too clueless to actually bother asking. Maybe I'll follow them. Screw the gyms for now. I'll just beat them later. Can't be that hard. After all, they apparently are never there.

May 30th, 2008, 7:18 PM
Bobby got up the next morining early, thinking about the stuff that happened yesterday. Jay the legend guy, Jack the gym leader, and the weird fox girl. As he left the now empty Center he saw the people he met yesterday. They were talking about going to Celestic Town. 'I dunno if I should go with them...' Bobby thought 'After all no one even said hi to me...' Regardless Bobby decided to tag along and started walking out of Eterna. On the way out he thought he saw someone following them, but he was sure he was still half-asleep.

May 30th, 2008, 7:29 PM
"Oh, no. Looks like that little kid is on to me. Act casual, Act casual." Malic was never the most discrete of characters, as heading into things headfirst was a technique that worked better for him.

Maybe I'll introduce myself and at least find out what the rukus was about. After all, the nervous looking scarf kid was there and the awkard looking guy in the cloak was there. Man, he gave me the creeps.

Malic decided to be more obvious and called for the kid to wait up. He wasn't sure if he was listening, after all it was early in the day and even he wasn't completely awake. Stupid dream, couldn't get the image of the mansion out my mind last night. Hope I have enough energy.

May 30th, 2008, 7:44 PM
Arlene had barely scrounged up enough money to eat a meal with her three Pokemon that night. She did at times give them Pokemon food, but felt that they were people too - they could all talk, after all - and that they deserved real food once in a while instead of that slop. But now, completely broke, she would be running into the same problems again soon. Snake and herself had eaten sweet and sour chicken at a nearby restaurant, Jaydin had eaten normal Pokemon food, being the modest fellow that he was, and Fate had taken to Chop Suey.

As nightfall became apparent, Arlene had decided against sleeping outside this time around - not that she had chosen to do so in the first place - and instead snuck into a hotel room. It was criminal, yes, but it was a dire emergency, possibly life or death... Her dreams were filled with the same recurring voice... It was broken and waning in her head as she slept, so much so that she could not make sense at all of the speaker's words.

At about six in the morning, Arlene woke to Jaydin licking her face.

"Come on sleepyhead, time to get rolling!" he said with his usual quirky attitude and androgynous voice. That alone was enough to get Arlene out of bed - she was a light sleeper. She quickly dressed herself in what she'd worn the previous night, and checked her backpack, ensuring that she'd kept the collective leftovers from the previous night's outing. Satisfied that the styrofoam container was secure in her pack, the vixen calmly and flung out her long hair, letting it settle after a few moments back at it's place of nearly touching halfway down her thighs. She then signaled for the team of three to follow her out of the open window.

The extraction was very careful and noiseless; all were very agile and adept at sneaking around, which Arlene thanked the nonexistent Gods for.

"Whew... Alright, now what?" Arlene began, before picking up on someone, a female voice, calling out, 'Hey, hey you, Jay!' There was silence save for the girl's rapid footsteps, but eventually the name occurred to the vixen as that of the boy that she'd seen at the mountain range yesterday. She decided that maybe since they were still around, it was a hit-or-miss to form a travel party. Arlene then turned to her trusted trio of Pokemon.

"Hey guys, check it out. Miss Sunshine and that Jay guy are still hanging around - think we should go see what's up?" she asked.

"Sounds like a plan!" Snake said happily, glad to be in the presence of company after a good month or so of travelling alone with her partners. Jaydin and Fate merely nodded their heads in agreement, and the four headed towards the proclaimed "Miss Sunshine" and Jay. The few people that were awake at the time stared at Arlene and her group, both for the fact that she was a goddamn intelligent upright-walking animal, and for the fact that she normally refused to keep her Pokemon in their balls.

((OOC: Sorry for being somewhat short. I skipped out on alot of details for the sake of moving along in the story.))

May 30th, 2008, 7:56 PM
Bobby heard a someone yell and he turned around. Bobby was surprised to see someone following them, but stayed put as the boy wearing blue caught up. He said to himself 'I knew someone was following us, it wasn't a dream. To the others he said "Hey there's a guy trying to catch up to us." But as usual, they ignored him. "Hi, my name's Bobby." Bobby said extending his hand for the boy to shake, wondering he was doing following them.

May 30th, 2008, 7:56 PM
Jay was still way ahead of Charlie, and was oblivious to her calls. Sure, she could've chased after him but she didn't want to appear desperate or anything. She stopped for a moment, and allowed the increasing sunlight to warm her body, she hugged her Volkner jacket further around her and took a swig from her canteen. Vulpix and Drifloon were ahead, playing in the dewey grass. It was a beautiful image, with the sun shining down on them and the wet grass, their expressions joyful and their bodies graceful. She wish she had a camera, but a mental image would have to do.

Charlie sat down for a minute, she hadn't been walking long but she was tired. The dream she had had two nights ago made it difficult to sleep last night, she had stayed up thinking about it, that and Russel.
All of a sudden Vulpix stood alert, her six tails standing tall, and with a low cry she ran off again, past Charlie, back the way they'd come. Charlie swore and followed her, not running. She was barely concerned. Drifloon followed, playing with Charlie's golden hair with his little yellow feet.

Vulpix was just ahead with a Lucario and a person, at least Charlie thought she was a person. She was curvy and blonde, but covered in orange fur. Beautiful dark orange fur that was glowing in the light, Charlie wasn't disgusted or worried, she was curious. She was fairly sure she had seen this woman yesterday with her Lucario when she was talking to Jay and the grey cloaked man, but Charlie had left before she could meet her. She approached the trio to see Vulpix wrapping herself around the fox-girls legs, eyes wide in awe and affection.

"Hi," Charlie said warily, worried of how the stranger would react "I see you've met my Vulpix. I'm Charlie Maddox of Snowpoint City. And you are?"

May 30th, 2008, 8:07 PM
"Thanks. Name's Malic." Malic was exhausted due to the running he had to do to catch. He then noticed the kid was offering a handshake. Malic looked up to the kid a little as he was hunched over a bit. The kid was smiling eagerily. This Bobby is alot like me. Heh, nice to see someone actually smiling for once.

"Alright, nice to meet you, Bobby". He shaked his hand. Bobby seemed a little happy by the greeting.

As the sun shined in his eyes, Malic attempted to talk. "You were around the creepy mansion, I hope. Argh, stupid sun. What happened in there? And who are these people that seem to be ignoring you." Malic struggled not to curse. With the morning sun shining around spamming him in the face. All these people seem to be minding their business, but why are they walking this way? Something had to happan in that haunted mansion. The meer thought gave him the chills and gave out a strong shiver before returning his attention to short little Bobby who seemed ready to answer.

May 30th, 2008, 8:10 PM
When a Vulpix came out of nowhere, Arlene was already about to shout an order for Fate to take it down. But when it showed affection and started cuddling against her leg, the fox couldn't help but feel a sense of happiness overcome her. She lowered herself to one knee and held out her jet-black paw before the new Pokemon, watching for it's response. It approached carefully, and gave her fur a gentle lick, elliciting a giggle from Arlene.

The Vulpix then supported her front paws on Arlene's propped knee, and began pawing the air at her, seeking attention. Still giggling quietly, the vixen nosed the newcomer a little, then scritched underneath her chin, which she enjoyed gratefully.

"Hi," a familiar voice said, "I see you've met my Vulpix. I'm Charlie Maddox of Snowpoint City. And you are?"

Arlene smiled and rose, letting the Vulpix slide off of her knee carefully. "My name is Arlene Sanders, I'm from Pallet Town, of Kanto," she said gently, speaking in a voice so silky and delicate that her entire image could have been thrown into question - combat boots especially included in this.

In order from left-to-right as if on command, all three of Arlene's Pokemon took roll of themselves. The Lucario, Linoone, and Ninetales all mentioned their own names, respectively; Snake in her usual bubbly, feminine voice, Jaydin in his not-too-girly-not-too-manly tone, and Fate in his deep bellow that seemed to vibrate the earth beneath them.

May 30th, 2008, 8:19 PM
Charlie nodded at Arlene, she couldn't stop thinking about how pretty her fur was, and was curious as to how soft it was. Charlie shook the thoughts away, examing her Pokemon trio. They were impressive and in fantastic condition she noted, her Ninetales was of particular interest to Charlie, as it was the evolved form of Vulpix. She also had a Linoone and Lucario.

Charlie's Vulpix removed herself from Arlene's lap and ran over to her beloved trainer, launching herself into Charlie's familiar arms. Charlie snuggled her face into Vulpix's fur, thinking about the fox-woman. Hundreds of questions entered her mind, but she only asked one

"What brings you to Sinnoh?"

it was a fair enough question, thought Charlie, not personal at all. It wasn't like Kanto was next door to Sinnoh, it was a far way to journey without a real purpose. Charlie was sure Arlene had been near to her, Jay and the grey-cloaked man yesterday, she recognized her silky voice. She was curious to find out if Arlene knew where Jay was headed, but knowing what little Charlie knew of Jay, she doubted it.

She cleared her thoughts, waiting for Arlene's answer

May 30th, 2008, 8:24 PM
Bobby explained what was going on to the newly arrived Malic as they caught up with the others: "Well, the guy with the really big scarf is named Jay and he asked the creepy guy with the black cape if he knows a place where legends begin. The creepy guy who's name is Jake, said that Celestic Town would be a good place to look, so we're headed there now!" Bobby also introduce everyone else "The girl talking with the girl in orange is named Charlie, but I don't know what the orange chic's name is, sorry." Bobby was starting to warm up to Malic, as he was the first person in Sinnoh to actually notice him. Spontaniously he said "Hey want to come with us? You look really strong and we could use another good fighter."

May 30th, 2008, 8:34 PM
"I have a great love for Pokemon in general and in all life on this planet," Arlene began, "I want to see it all. I want to enjoy the entirety of the realm we live in. And... On a side note... I've been robbed and I would love to know what happened to my stuff."

"May I help you?" Fate mused jokingly, offering a goofy smile to Vulpix as it stared back at him. Despite his foreboding, imposing appearance, Fate was a very goofy Pokemon at heart, and he showed it with his toothy grin at Charlie's companion. There was a silent standoff between the two Pokemon for a moment, before Vulpix yawned her name at the Ninetales. Whatever she said, it must have embarrassed Fate - he blushed violently and gave a concerned look to Vulpix.

Arlene piped up, "What is it, buddy?" as she faced her Ninetales. There was a sort of grimace painted onto the Pokemon's face for a moment, before he answered his partner, "She says I'm fat."

Unfortunately for Fate, it was slightly true. He was not even close to overweight - barely above average weight for a Ninetales - but he had been eating alot of human food lately, thanks to Arlene's generosity. The vixen giggled and nodded at Fate, "She's right you know! You're cute with a little belly on you though!"

May 30th, 2008, 8:36 PM
"Well, Bobby. I have nothing better to do. So I might as well join you guys." Malic was pleased that Bobby was fairly helpful. Unlike the scarf boy or Jay, Bobby displayed a degree of confidence that made Malic respected. Legends, eh. Never heard that before. Better not think too hard. I remembered the last time I tried that. I had a headache for three days.

Malic surveyed the area. The group seemed to have stopped due to the girls talking. Malic thought the one girls was fairly attractive and would attempt to cause a discussion, but he didn't want to leave Bobby hanging. He already crushed one kid's dreams in his battle yesterday and would rather prevent it from happening again. He instead turned to Bobby and smiled a bit. Also, the fact she was holding a male-like jacket was disheartening and her discussion with the other person seemed important. Being rude was easy for Malic, but he would rather avoid it when it comes to girls.

The other things that caught his attention was the new person's appearance. At first glance, he thought it was a pokemon suggesting by the fur and such. Well, too bad for that girl, but I like my women human. Stop Malic, you should be nice. Only way you are gonna make any friends. Malic sighed and then returned his focus on the girls. The cute girl and the pokemon-like girl asbored most of attention all the while trying to maintain his conversation with Bobby.

"So Bobby. What brings you to Sinnoh? I get the feeling you are from Johto." Malic stated this while maintaining his focus on the girls.

May 30th, 2008, 8:41 PM
"You were robbed? When? Where? That's horrible," Charlie cried, outraged. People could be so horrible, Charlie thought. She absentmindedly rubbed her Vulpix's ears and then set her down to chat more seriously.

Charlie watched the exchange between the beautiful Ninetales and her Vulpix. When Arlene revealed what her Vulpix had said, she scowled at the little brown Pokemon, chiding her.

"Play nice 'Pix," she growled in a low voice and then turned to Arlene again "Sorry, she's really young. I've only had her for six months or so and I was given her when she was just hatched. I hope your Ninetales isn't upset" Charlie looked at the cream coloured Pokemon and offered her hand to it, her face apologetic. Fate butted Charlie's hand with his nose and Charlie giggled,

"Where are you all headed?" she asked the group

May 30th, 2008, 8:44 PM
Jake slowly stirred awake again, having had another night of weird, senseless dreams. He had indeed camped out, not in the forest- heaven forbid- but in the small stretch of grassland between Eterna City and Mt. Coronet. He looked back toward the city, and saw most, if not all, of the people who had been around last night. He stretched and yawned as he waited for his Pokemon to wake up too.

He looked up towards Mt. Coronet. He had to head north through the mountain's cavern, which would put him on the long, snowy path to Snowpoint City. "Well, let's go, guys. We need to hurry up if we wanna get to the Battle Park." Jake walked towards the cave entrance, but turned around; his Absol refused to move any closer to the cavern. "What's up? Aren't you coming, Absol?" the Gym Leader asked, irritated. The Pokemon turned and walked back towards Eterna City. Well... maybe this has something to do with these weird dreams. Besides, I should probably trust Absol. I mean, it is the Disaster Pokemon... Reluctantly, Jake turned around and followed Absol back towards the town, Houndoom and Weavile sticking close behind him.

He stopped as he passed the statue of two dragon Pokemon fighting. He turned and walked up the stairs to approach the figure. He closed his eyes and spoke aloud to himself:

"Dialga, the Temporal Pokemon, and Palkia, the Spatial Pokemon. Symbolizing time and space, respectively. Time is said to have begun moving with the birth of Dialga; Palkia is said to reside in a rift in the dimensions, parallel to our own. Two Pokemon with no reason to meet; so why are they depicted fighting?" He found himself standing there, admiring the craftsmanship of the statue as he pondered its significance, its legend. It was one of the things he loved about traveling.

May 30th, 2008, 8:54 PM
As Charlie held out her hand, Fate grinned a little and nosed at it, butting his nose into her palm. "No, I'm not upset, thank you for your concern though," Fate said plain-as-day, smiling at Charlie and cocking his head to one side. His voice was once again cheerful, and he absently looked back down at Vulpix, his head cocked still. Snake, meanwhile, was busy looking towards the newcomers - Malic and Bobby - with a curious expression in her eyes. Jaydin was just rolling around lazily in the grass, plain happy to be alive.

Snake poked Arlene's shoulder, and she turned to face her Pokemon. "We have guests," the Lucario said quietly as the two boys behind would not hear her. Arlene then turned about-face towards the two newcomers, giving them a simple wave to acknowledge their presence, then turned back to Charlie.

"We were headed for Mount Coronet before my Pokegear was stolen with the rest of my stuff... I just kind of fell asleep in the middle of the road, no idea how I got there..." Arlene said worriedly, "I'll have to find it, or I'll have to head back home to Kanto with my uncle." Of course, Orion was not really Arlene's uncle, but she and he were very close and she liked to think of it that way. And the fact that they remained in contact via Pokegear was a tip-off that Arlene had journeyed through Kanto, to Johto, even possibly Hoenn, before arriving in Sinnoh.

May 30th, 2008, 9:01 PM
"Damn, thats horrible, Pokegear aren't exactly cheap either. We'll help you look for it, if you'd like. We're heading through Mt Coronet to get to Celestic Town, on our way to Sunnyshore," Charlie explained whilst looking over her shoulder for her Drifloon. Children were starting to run into the field, ready to battle each other, faces bright and excited. Uh oh.

Vulpix looked at Fate sheepishly, as if she had only just understood what she'd said. She was aware that she was related, species wise to this Pokemon, but she was still unsure of it. Vulpix approached Fate, her eyes curious, she butted her head against his body and scampered away playfully crying her name.

Charlie was unaware of this encounter, she was looking for her Drifloon.

"'Floon?" she called, her voice nervous. She turned to Arlene, which drew her attention momentarily to two teenage boys. "Did you see where my Drifloon got to?" Charlie asked, panic rising in her voice "he has a nasty habit of dragging kids away," she admitted.

May 30th, 2008, 9:15 PM
As Fate ran off to play with Charlie's Vulpix, Arlene put up her paw to her chin for a moment, apparently in the process of thought. She quirked a brow towards Jaydin, who was still lazily rolling in the grass. She spoke up, "Hey, Jaydin!"

"Yes ma'am?" Jaydin said respectfully, dropping his playful attitude for the moment being. There was work for him, judging by the sound of Arlene's voice; and he had been itching for action of some kind for a few days now. He propped himself down on his hind legs, using his small forelegs to sit in what resembled a dog beging for a treat.

"Would you care to scout around here and see if you can find any Drifloons carrying children away?"

"Of course!"

And with that, Jaydin darted off at the speed of a cheetah, no more or less, into the flora-rich environment. Arlene chuckled at the thought of Jaydin running into trees while running so fast, which he did commonly; he was clumsy and usually forgot that he couldn't turn very well while running so quickly. It was the general shortcoming of being a Linoone, Arlene had learned over time. "Jaydin will keep an eye on Drifloon for you," Arlene noted, "He's got a great nose for other Pokemon."

May 30th, 2008, 9:20 PM
"You're right, I am from Johto. I came to Sinnoh as I had heard that there are some pretty strong Pokemon here." Bobby said to a distracted Malic. 'Dude's checkn out the girls' thought Bobby. 'Well they are pretty cute!'

Totodile jumped on Bobby's shoulder, jelous of the attention Bobby was giving Malic. Bobby started scratching Totodile on his snout, when he noticed that Charlie was starting to look paniced. "Hey I wonder what's going on?" Bobby said to Malic.

They both wondered over to the girls. "Hey, what happened?" Bobby asked Charlie. But as usual she ignored him. Most girls did, so Bobby wasn't too hurt. But the fact that she seemed to be looking for Drifloon caused Bobby to be worried about the Pokemon. "Hey why don't you ask them what's going on?" he said to Malic. "This will be a good way for you to introduce yourself to the group, as they won't notice me." Bobby said with chuckle.

May 30th, 2008, 9:27 PM
Charlie turned to the two boys, the younger one had asked her a question "My drifloon has disappeared. He's probably off trying to kidnap some kids, he just likes to make friends and all. But Arlene's Linoone is off looking for him," she shot a grateful look at Arlene and cupped her hands over her eyes to search for any purple balloons. The horizon was clear. It looked like it was nine, or even ten o' clock.

"You should've told Jaydin to drag my Drifloon back by his foot. He likes that, " she joked to Arlene. Charlie turned to the two boys and introduced herself

"Hi, I'm Charlie Maddox of Snowpoint City." The boys looked to be her age, the taller one a bit older perhaps. She was pretty sure she'd seen the shorter one around before, the one who had asked her a question, but she'd been too frantic to talk to him.

Charlie looked casually over at Vulpix and Fate, the pair looked like they were having a great time, Charlie was glad that Vulpix had made nice.

I really hope 'Floon is okay she thought.

May 30th, 2008, 9:28 PM
Hmm....I like this kid. Heh. At least he thinks like a guy.

Malic turned to Bobby and simply nodded his head with a huge grin, giving him a don't worry kind of look. He was to do something he learned to do well, assume control of the situation.

"Excuse me ladies" Malic interjected. He tried to be as polite as possible as to make a good first impression. "My friend, Bobby, and myself heard of the recent trouble of a lost pokemon. Any way to help or is this like scenario under control?"

Malic was admittedly worried for a few reasons. He was worried that he was behind on the news. He was too far busy staring at the girls and his conversation with Bobby. He wanted to help the girl because lost pokemon are a big deal. His second concern was the impression Bobby and himself left. Was he too strong and would they still ignore the kid?

Regardless, Malic was determined to help and make himself known in this group. If I am going to do this strange legend mission, I better have a few friends.

May 30th, 2008, 9:48 PM
Jake looked away from the statue, and noticed Absol walking away again. Exasperated, he took off after the Pokemon. "Absol, what's gotten into you today?" he asked, following it towards a rather worried looking congregation of Trainers.

"Uh, I'm sorry," Jake said as he caught up to his Absol, which had led him straight to the small group; two boys and two girls. They were definitely part of the group from last night; at the very least, he definitely recognized the fox girl. "Is anything the matter here? I can only assume there is; my Absol has a nose for trouble, per se." His Weavile began taunting the Absol, which calmly ignored it. "So, is there anything you need some help with?"

I don't know what Absol wants me to do, but I suppose I'm not going to be able to get out of here until it's done... thought Jake as he awaited a response.

May 30th, 2008, 10:00 PM
Malic turned around to see who spoke, and immediately jumped. Aah, its the creepy guy. Stay calm. Malic took a few deep breaths, before trying to speak. Malic felt a bit scared by the man's pokemon, each one in some way black and imposing.

"This girl lost her pokemon. A Drifloon, I believe. Even though, I wasn't asked Im about to help." Malic threw a pokeball and out came a Charizard. The Charizard let a howling roar and Malic mounted the pokemon. The Charizard seemed happy to be finally out of the pokemon.

"That's about all I know. I have been out of the loop. Anyway, ready Charizard?" The Charizard nodded and prepared itself for flight.

Malic turned around to see who spoke, and immediately jumped. Aah, its the creepy guy. Stay calm. Malic took a few deep breaths, before trying to speak. Malic felt a bit scared by the man's pokemon, each one in some way black and imposing.

"This girl lost her pokemon. A Drifloon, I believe. Even though, I wasn't asked Im about to help." Malic threw a pokeball and out came a Charizard. The Charizard let a howling roar and Malic mounted the pokemon. The Charizard seemed happy to be finally out of the pokeball.

"That's about all I know. I have been out of the loop. Anyway, ready Charizard?" The Charizard nodded and prepared itself for flight.

May 30th, 2008, 10:09 PM
"This girl has a name. I'm Charlie," she said stiffly to the stranger. He was the grey-cloaked man who had ignored her yesterday "My Drifloon isn't so much lost, he just drifted away to play, as he does. Arlene's Linoone is looking for him, making sure he doesn't try to take away some child. The situation was under control." She may've sounded rude, but the grey-cloaked man hadn't exactly been the epitome of politness towards her.

She turned her attention to Arlene, who was watching Charlie's Vulix and Fate gallavanting about.
"Do you see Linoone anywhere?" She asked, watching the pair as well. The two fox-like Pokemon looked like they had become fast friends.

The tall, dark haired boy, Charlie didn't know his name still, had released his Charizard and mounted him. Charlie was instantly jealous, his Charizard was magnifcent. She let out a low whistle of admiration, inspecting the fire Pokemon

May 30th, 2008, 10:17 PM
Arlene snorted childishly Jaydin ran face-first into a tree, though at relatively-low velocity thankfully. She nodded to Charlie and responded immediately, "Yeah, he just ran into a tree. God, that never gets old!" She paused for a second to chuckle to herself, then after regaining herself, she continued, "He's got the scent it looks like. He's closing in on something..." Anticipating the scene of Jaydin dragging Drifloon back by his foot, Arlene watched her Linoone carefully...

She also noted that nobody had taken any notice to her. She would pay them the same respect.

May 30th, 2008, 10:18 PM
"Charlie is odd name for a girl, I have to say. Like fire pokemon I presume." Malic noticed she owned a young vulpix so Malic's guess was totally uneducated. "Name's Malic, by the way."

He had allowed her to inspect Charizard. He personally didn't mind, as he was used to have some trainers envy his pokemon. "Like most of my main party, I raised him since he was little. Got him as a Charmander and he packed big punch even back then. Believe me when I say he wasn't easy to handle. I just recently gained control of the big guy. Isn't that right, Charizard?" Charizard simply stood proud and dramatic like always while Malic laughed.

"Well if the situation is under control, I guess I will just chill around here." Malic promptly dismounted and let out his other two pokemon: Garchomp and Milotic.

"Hope these two don't scare the others." Malic said apologizing in advance. "But I rather not have them be jealous."

May 30th, 2008, 10:26 PM
Charlie laughed at Jaydin's collision with a tree, but was also excited at Arlene claiming he had caught the scent of something. Hopefully Drifloon she thought. She turned to the boy again

"It's actually Charlotte, but no one calls me that. Only my mum did," Charlie murmured the last four words. They hurt, it physcially hurt her to say the word mum. She hadn't said it in years, ever since they moved to Snowpoint. Four years, four long years. It would never stop hurting.

The tall, dark haired boy had an interesting name, Malic. Charlie could've asked about it, but her mouth was dry, her thoughts confused. So she nodded dumbly at his question about fire Pokemon. She did like fire Pokemon, especially her beloved Vulpix.

Malic's other two Pokemon were impressive as Charizard, she had seen a Milotic before, she was sure a girl at school had one. But Charlie had never seen a Garchomp, it was intimidating to say the least. Vulpix ran from Fate's playful embrace to hide behind Charlie when she saw it. It's fangs and claws glinted brightly in the morning sun, Charlie reassured her Vulpix, even though she was slightly unnerved herself...

May 30th, 2008, 11:13 PM
Bobby looked around and saw the amazing Pokemon around him. "Wow compared to you guys guess i'm average. Here are mine." Totodile jumped into place next to Heracross and low and behold Flygon. He mounted her and noticed everyone looking at her. "What?" Bobby asked confused. He could tell from their faces that Flygon's were rare in Sinnoh. The girls admired Flygon and Malic's Garchomp. The two dragon Pokemon were leery of each other though. "Mayby it's cause their both Ground and Dragon, so their threatened by each other?" Bobby wondered aloud. But he was enjoying the attention. He turned towards Jake and said "What are your other Pokemon" curious as to what a dark person would have.

May 30th, 2008, 11:20 PM
Jake sighed in exasperation, as his Houndoom did the same. He felt terribly out of place, and couldn't figure out why his Absol dragged him back here. There was something he remembered from earlier... That's it! There were a bunch of kids battling in that field where I camped out. If her Drifloon went off somewhere to play, that's probably a good guess.

"Well," Jake began, pulling his hood off. "Not that you have any reason to listen to me, but I think your Drifloon may be to the east of here, toward Mt. Coronet. I saw a lot of people there, anyway." He gestured in the direction, hoping this hunch was right. "In fact... Weavile, you get up in the trees and see if you can see anything from there." He bowed his head thoughtfully. "I suppose this isn't the best time for an introduction, but... anyone here I didn't tell, my name is Jake. Jake Silver," he said, turning to keep an eye on his Weavile in the trees.

Responding to the younger Trainer, he gestured around at his Pokemon. "My Pokemon are Houndoom, Absol, and Weavile." The first two gave nods at their names, while Weavile waved down from a tree in its oddly carefree way. Jake, personally, looked quite impressed by the dragon Pokemon used by the Trainers around him.

May 30th, 2008, 11:25 PM
"You have a nice group of Pokemon," Charlie told the boy who looked to be her age, maybe younger. He still hadn't introduced herself, so she didn't know his name. Charlie's thoughts turned to Jay, he would be halfway through Mt Coronet by now surely. She looked at her watch:


They had better get a move on, she thought, she really wanted to get to Sunnyshore City as soon as possible, she estimated it would take her at least three weeks. But first she wanted to acquire a Pokedex, this would recquire her contacting her father. She whipped out her cell phone and sent three text messages,

To Dad: Hey daddy, I'm in eterna city now. Sorry i didn't contact you sooner, my phone was dead! I was wondering if you could find some way to send me a Pokedex. i will be in Celestic Town soon and Veilstone City after that. I miss you a lot, and Vulpix sends her love.

To Dad: p.s why is Russel home?

To Art: Hey loser, i miss you too. I'll call you when i get the chance, when i get to Celestic Town. Say hi to everyone!

She sent the last message and turned her attention to the group again, the Flygon trainer was chatting to the man named Jake Silver and Malic, Arlene was talking to her Lucario, watching out for Jaydin. Jake had mentioned something about her Drifloon, now she wished she hadn't of been texting her father and friend. Charlie was growing to be very concerned

"Surely he'd be back by now," Charlie commented, her voice worried.

May 31st, 2008, 12:07 AM
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May 31st, 2008, 4:52 AM
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As Jay was walking he heard the chitter-chatter of people, mostly kids, as if they were following him. He turned around and saw all these trainers following him casually, Jay slapped his face.

"Oh man, since when did I become popular? Well I guess it is nice..." Just then something tugged on to Jay's hand, was he holding something? He looked down and discovered a purple balloon was in his hand he stopped in his tracks and wondered how it got there. He turned back around and headed towards the group.

Without saying anything he extended out his hand that holds the strange purple balloon, as if he is giving it back wondering if one of these trainers lost it, interrupting the conversation the trainers were having. As he was in the group he could remember more and more of yesterday,

"Alrene, Charlie, and... and I don't know the other two..." He thought to himself.

Jay then shook his head, "I should probably say Hi, y-yeah I'll, um, right, okay, I can do this. I walked here right? I'll just say 'Hi'."

"Hi." Jay said to everyone...

May 31st, 2008, 5:02 AM
"Drifloon!" Charlie cried, lunging forward and grabbing the purple balloon Pokemon from Jay's outstretched, nervous hands. She clutched her Drifloon to her chest, ecstatic. She turned to Jay, looking like his normal nervous self. Charlie stepped forward and kissed him on the cheek

"Thank you so much for bringing him back!" Charlie squealed. She could see how uncomfortable she had made the teen, but he needed to get over his issues with girls. We're not all that bad she thought. Charlie turned, overjoyed, still clutching Drifloon to her chest, to her new friend Arlene, her grin stretching across her face

"I guess Jaydin's pain was all in vain," Charlie chimed, and the two laughed.

May 31st, 2008, 5:06 AM
"Hey look everyone. It's scarf boy. And he....brought....the....baloon...." Malic said confused, staring at the strange pokemon like it was alien. Strange, how did that thing end up in his hands?

Malic somewhat stomped his way to the tall skinny man, looked up, and stared at the him (You could imagine one way "Anime lightening bolts"). Maybe he knows these people, and maybe he and this Charlie girl are dating. Seems he knew the pokemon. Act cool. Act Cool. The scarf man simply looked at him, looking nervous and unsettled as always. He was looking a the girls the most as if they were going to capture him, tie him down, and attack him when he was defenseless. Malic wondered why. Men are usually only afraid of their wives, not random girls. Malic didn't care that much, he was more concerned of the ruckus and attention he brought himself.

He gently placed his hand behind his head, put a big smile on and introduced himself. "Name's Malic, dude. And You are?"

That was the definition of awkward. As he turned to the group, he saw a mix of reactions. Most giving him a "what the?" look.

That didn't go over very well, did it?. Idiot!

May 31st, 2008, 5:28 AM
Jay blushed and looked around frantically, "Heh, I-uh eh, er, um, Uh, you, wait, uh, eh, heh, heh." Jay was at a loss for words he then cleared his throat, "*ahem* No problem."

However, he did not know this "Jayden" fellow so he simply just smiled. Jay stood there and realized that one of the other trainers was the boy he met yesterday, however he did not know his name. He seemed intimidating, yet there was something about him, how he treated the shorter boy, perhaps he assumes too much ever since his not-so-great time in Snowpoint. He wondered if any of them has Ice Pokémon like the girl he met in Snowpoint, then he wondering why he was thinking about her. He shook off this thought and looked upon the Pokémon that all the trainers have.

There's a Garchomp, a Milotic, a Driftloon, Vulpix, Lucario, Houndoom, the list just goes on, it was like a zoo out here. Jay looked around to see if anyone was bothered by this, he didn't want to cause a stir but as he looked around, everyone in town had a Pokémon, whether it was for battle, play, companionship or even work someone had one.

"Hmm, I wonder..." Jay thought to himself, he unclipped a Pokéball from his belt, the same one that he was holding in his hand on the last morning. He couldn't remember the start of that day, he just remembered waking up in snow. But something did happen and this third Pokémon is a new one to his knowledge.

Just then the trainer from earlier introduced himself as Malic. Jay nodded, "I'm Jay." Even though he just met these people he started to feel a bit more comfortable as everyone introduced themselves. They wanted to know him in their own ways and this made Jay feel appreciated. Without a warning Jay took a step back and threw the Pokéball to the ground to see what he has, he's not even sure what's inside it.

"TARIA!" A scream could be heard as a Altaria appeared out from the red laser of the ball.

She flew up in the air and hovered in her cloud-like wings. A very magnificent sight indeed. It's rare much like the sighting of a Garchomp to see an Atlaria up close. Her voice was soft and crystal-clear. After awhile it began to sing, suddenly everyone began to act more calm, including Jay, his nervousness just drifted away...

May 31st, 2008, 5:41 AM
“Woah,” Charlie whispered and Arlene nodded in agreeance. Jaydin, the Linoone had returned, and informed them that he had herded Drifloon back but had been unable to grab a hold of the purple balloon Pokemon, and Jay had done the job for him. Charlie stroked his silky head in thanks and turned her attention to the newly released Pokemon.

The Altaria was exquisite, and almost dreamlike, like an angel. It hovered above them, singing the most beautiful melody Charlie had ever heard in her life, it was very hard for her to keep from tearing up. Charlie had seen Altaria’s in books and on television, but never in real life. She was thoroughly impressed with Jay, expecting his nervous stutter to be accompanied with a Magikarp or a Caterpie.

“Wow Jay, where’d you get a Pokemon like that?” Charlie asked in obvious awe, Vulpix had twined around her legs, asking for attention by calling her own name.

“This is Vulpix,” Charlie gestured to the fox-like Pokemon, hoping the other trainers would compliment her the way they had done the Altaria. Sure she may not seem very impressive, but her coat was shiny and beautiful and she had a great heart and spirit. Drifloon, wiggled in her arms slightly, feeling uncomfortable at Malic’s disgusted looks.

“And this is Drifloon. He’s a Pokemon. He singlehandedly took down Brawly’s Machop last week,” Charlie gloated. Her Pokemon may not of been rare or experienced, but they meant the world to her.

May 31st, 2008, 5:54 AM
"I guess the purple baloon....I mean pokemon...is kind of strong if it took down a Gym Leader. But how come, you haven't evolved any of yours?" Malic questioned. Malic figured that if her pokemon are that strong, they should of advance their growth to the new level. Especially the Vulpix which she could evolve easily with a Fire Stone.

Malic, attempting to multi-task, diverted a bit of attention to Jay. The nervous man looked semi-embrassed by his Altaria and the compliments it was getting. He then realized that his Garchomp was eying both of the released dragons. Garchomp was extremely obedient and listened to him when Malic simply signaled a determined no. Malic understood the pride issue Garchomp faced. He desperately wanted to prove his was the strongest Dragon here. Garchomp began fidgeting and pacing and roaring. Despite this, Malic just glared at the Dragon and remained calm.

Great, Garchomp wants to battle. Hope my dragon taming skills will kick in.

"So Jay. Got any other pokemon worth showing?" He hoped both trainers would answer the questions. However, he expected being treated like Bobby.

I have a feeling. I am not very popular here am I?.

May 31st, 2008, 6:09 AM
Charlie smiled at Malic, Drifloon had puffed up proudly at the compliment and sighed

"Flooooooooooooooooooooooon," Charlie giggled and allowed it to drift out of her arms, but she took its yellow foot, making sure he didn't float away. She considered Malic's question whilst looking at him, he has nice eyes she thought.

"Well Vulpix is really young, and I guess I just want her to get as much experience at life as a Vulpix before considering evolving her. I want it to be her decision, same as Drifloons. I only just caught him, we barely know each other, I wouldn't want him changing on me. I just like my friends the way they are, they don't need to change," Charlie explained, pausing constantly as she thought. Her father had given her a fire stone, should she ever want to evolve Vulpix. The stone nestled safely in the bottom of her bag, wrapped in a piece of velvet.

Malic's Garchomp has started misbehaving, he seemed anxious and wound up. When he started roaring Charlie expected the little fox to jump into her arms, instead it fled to Fate, the Ninetales side, and nestled into it. Charlie's eyes widened, and she turned to face Arlene.

"This is an interesting turn of events," Charlie stated "I think 'Pix is pretty smitten with Fate," she joked.

May 31st, 2008, 6:21 AM
Ataria's singing is helping Jay become more relaxed, its singing, it's very dream-like. He didn't know how to respond to the compliments he was getting and then something bothered him,

"I-I don't know how I got her..." Jay said referring to how he obtained Altaria. He tried real hard to remember but nothing came to mind other then him lying down in snow. Malic then asked to see more of his pokémon. He looked down on his belt, he has two pokéballs left. He unclipped one and looked at it, he closed his eyes,

"She gave her to me. That girl who was cold as ice and yet so warm towards me. This was her gift for me... a gift for me..." Jay opened his eyes, the two trainers just looked at him as he reminisced. He threw the pokéball into the air and as it touched the ground something with four legs appeared. It's coat was slick and light blue, she had large black eyes and made a soft growl,

"Glaceon." Said the Glaceon, the Ice-type eevee stood there like a majestic creature as if she jumped right out of legend. She gracefully pranced around Jay's legs and shook her coat. Glaceon rubbed her face gently on to Jay's leg and approached the trainers and Pokémon as if she's allowing everyone to see her majesty and possibly even be pet.

"I like you Pokémon Charlie, same with you Malic. I understand what you mean about your Pokémon... mine mean the world to me as well. They keep me company but I hate to see them get hurt... so I-I, well I hope you enjoyed seeing my friends..." Jay said. He almost finished a sentence without slipping. His Altaria hovered next to him and began to sing a different tune...

May 31st, 2008, 6:31 AM
Cold as ice, it would have to be Candice of Snowpoint City Gym, she was reputed to be a ruthless ice queen but Charlie had never met her. She shrugged, not one to make judgements without knowing someone and kept her mouth shut.

When Jay released his Glaceon, Vulpix moved from Fate's side and crossed to it. She sniffed it's nose in a delicate manner but the ice Pokemon remained disinterested. Charlie wasn't sure how Vulpix would react to this, like her trainer the little Pokemon was not use to people ignoring her. Maybe he loves Candice she mused, afterall, not many boys she kissed shrugged it off so easily. Charlie cocked her head, watching Jay interact with his Pokemon, it was a lovely thing to see. Jay seemed at ease in her presence and Glaceon appeared to adore Jay.

"It just warms your heart," she murmured to Vulpix, but the Pokemon was staring intently at the Glaceon. It was beginning to worry her, Vulpix hadn't exactly been obediant lately and Charlie was beginning to doubt her own ability as a trainer. Charlie hugged herself, pulling her jacket tight around her, a breeze had picked up and she was beginning to feel restless. She wanted to run.

She noticed the dark haired Malic eyeing her jacket, as if it was something weird. Charlie wasn't sure if she should be embarrassed or not, so she decided to explain

"Don't you recognize my jacket Malic?" she asked, her voice playful

May 31st, 2008, 6:36 AM
"Ok sorry about this everyone. Return all of you." Milotic and Charizard returned easily to their balls. They were enjoying their time out and the cool weather and did not going back in.
Garchomp...well he was a different story. The normally loyal pokemon stared at his master's face and rejected the invitation. Malic returned the glare with his own. Tension rose and even the most oblivious of individuals could feel it. Garchomp's eyes burnt with passion, while Malic's seemed cool and collected.

He is going to make me do it, isn't he? Haha. Fine we'll play that way.

"Garchomp, don't make me use it." Garchomp's once focused expression suddenly shifted to one of fear and anxious. In fact, he began to look and act like Jay. Malic slowly reached into his bag and Garchomp immediately layed on the floor and began begging for mercy.

"You going to listen now?" Malic asked his mighty dragon as he began to lower his hand and grasp the pokeball. The mach pokemon nodded quickly and entered his pokeball.

Malic let out a huge sigh of relief. That went well. "Excuse Garchomp. He wanted to battle the other dragons. Pride Issues. I should be used to that, being from Blackthorn City and all."

Malic then noticed that Charlie asked him a question. "Oh the jacket, no I haven't. Who is it from? Boyfriend or something?" Malic kind of choked on the question and then laughed like a little kid who was obviously nervous to ask a silly question. Acting like Jay now, thats not like me.

May 31st, 2008, 6:47 AM
"I WISH!" Charlie shouted, causing Drifloon to tug on her arm in distress. Her olive green eyes grew shiny and bright at the thought of being able to gush about her hero.

"This jacket is an exact replica of the jacket Volkner wears," she explained "Surely you all know Volkner?" Charlie asked the group.

Blank expressions, kricketots chirp.

"Gah! Volkner is the talented gym leader of Sunnyshore City! He predominantly uses electric Pokemon. And thats how he is, electrifying. Volkner is a brilliant trainer and always keeps a cool head in battle. At the youthful age of nineteen he's already won the 'Gym Leader All In Tournament' two years in a row! Now that's talent. Volkner is the reason why I became a trainer, one day I hope to be as talented as him and that's why I'm going to Sunnyshore, to meet Volkner and train under him and marry him and have his pretty blonde babies," Charlie said the last part very fast, so she was fairly sure no one had understood what she had said.

We really would have attractive kids she thought waiting from a response from her companions. Any response, but they looked at her, silent and in shock.
Oh dear. I've done it now she thought and then she smiled her winning smile at the group whilst thinking It's probably a good thing I didn't mention I'm president of his fan club!

May 31st, 2008, 7:02 AM
Well, thankfully I met her. Now I know how to get pretty girls to like me. Be a gym leader.

"Well that was certainly educational, now wasn't it? But you may want to not kill your Drifloon, it looks a bit distressed. A gym leader eh? Well I probably going to bump into him eventually. I am taking the Sinnoh gym challenge. Even though I skipped the Eterna gym. Stupid leader wasn't even in the gym." He grunted the last bit. Malic wasn't found of cowards. He respected most of the group as a result, but was still put off by Jay's lack of confidence. He wanted to ask blunty 'Hey! Was so scared', but held himself back. He would sound too rude for his own good.

"So Charlie. You Volkner's number one fan? You speak so highly of the man. Probably own a club and everything." Malic couldn't help but smirk by that one. Charlie almost seemed childish with her obsession. I shouldn't talk. I had a crush Jasmine and Whitney for nearly a year. At least I got over it.

May 31st, 2008, 7:05 AM
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Jay looked at Malic then at Charlie, then at his Pokémon. "Return." Jay said, all of his pokémon returned to their rightful pokéballs, after doing so, Jay took his time to put them in exact order just how he left them. There was one more pokémon he didn't show but he'd wait for a better time when he knew them more as this one is very personal. After Jay finished putting away his pokémon he looked at Charlie again, she too was inspired by a Gym Leader - a gym leader who she's in love with.

"I wonder... she inspired me as well but does she, does she remember me?"Jay thought to himself. He gave a soft smile, at Charlie's words and Malic's expression across his face, as if everything around him was falling down. He was about to mention something about his Glaceon, about how he got it and who gave it to him. But it didn't feel right, so instead he just let it go. Perhaps another time.

The two seemed to enjoy one another, Jay felt tension with Malic, though he never said anything wrong, something was in the air. Jay didn't want to intrude any further and simply watched and listened to their conversation, joining it as an observer much like Arlene.

May 31st, 2008, 7:13 AM
"Phsaw? A fan club? Thats lame. Heh," Charlie chuckled nervously, and Vulpix gave her a look. A look that said 'my trainer is the biggest loser in the world, but I'll always love her'

"I think we all had that problem with Gardenia," noted Charlie, her voice all of a sudden serious "I imagine it would be a hetic lifestyle running a gym. Nurse Joy told me that Gardenia helps a lot of Pokemon in the Forest so she's not always available. Maybe I should of stuck around," she murmured to herself. Charlie wondered if her father would be upset by her decision, and she immediately regretted her thoughts as they strayed to Russel. In an instant she felt troubled and distant to the group. She needed a hug and Vulpix sensed that, allowing her trainer to pick her up and snuggle her close.

Another one of her famous mood swings she thought, it was something Art would say, and then he would hug her or ruffle her hair. Charlie missed her best friend a lot. He was a year older than her age wise but in the grade below her in school so he was unable to accompany Charlie on her journey. She missed his auburn hair and grey eyes and his playful laugh. Charlie sighed, feeling incredibly lonely and sad. She wondered if the group noticed, she had stopped listening to them afterall.

May 31st, 2008, 7:16 AM
Bobby watched Malic and Charlie getting along, feeling jelous that Malic was the one talking to the pretty girl. On the other hand, Bobby was happy that Malic was getting along with the others. He slid off Flygon and returned her and Heracross to their Poke Balls. He looked over at Charlie and heard explaining about Gardenia the Gym Leader from Eterna. He saw that she was looking kind of sad, like she was remembering an old friend. Realizing he hadn't introduce himslef Bobby went over to her while Totodile jumped onto his head. "Hi i'm Bobby. Is everything ok?"

May 31st, 2008, 7:25 AM
Gah. Bobby is stealing my thunder. That was first thought zooming through Malic's head. Then he pondered for a second and another voice spoke to Malic. Bobby is trying to be nice. She is in love anyway. You have no chance. Malic then realized it was true.

Instead, he tried to break the tension that was building, but he had no idea how and looked at Jay.

"Hey dude, where are you from? Judging by your oufit, its probably pretty cold." Malic stated. He sounded a bit blunt and direct but figured its the only way to get Jay out of his little depressed and scared state. He needs to man up a bit. Malic wasn't the greatest at helping people unless it was through direct action.

While waiting for Jay's response, He stayed mildly focused on Charlie and Bobby. Malic found himself multitasking the whole and felt proud that he is actually pulling it off.

May 31st, 2008, 7:30 AM
"I'm fine. It’s nice to meet you," Charlie told Bobby shortly. She wasn't trying to be rude but she didn't particularly feel like revealing her depressing past.
Dead mother. Abandoned by her brother. Raised by her emotionally absent father.
If she had to confide in someone, it would be Arlene. But not now, not yet. Charlie pressed her pale cheek into Vulpix’s luxurious brown fur. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed Drifloon drifting away, Charlie groaned inwardly and reached for his Pokeball.

“Drifloon, return!” She cried and the Pokemon became a beam of red light, sucked up into the red and white ball which she returned to her bag and then she promptly sat down. Fate crossed over to the pair, nosing his newfound friend whilst Charlie fiddled with her watch. She’d never been much of a fiddler, but she felt uncomfortable. All of a sudden Fate’s stomach grumble and Charlie and Arlene erupted into giggles, Fate just grinned foolishly at them.

“It’s okay buddy, I’m getting pretty hungry too,” she confessed and then turned to Bobby “What about you Bobby?” Charlie asked, feeling bad for dismissing him before.

May 31st, 2008, 7:40 AM
Charlie stated that she was fine, but Bobby knew she simply didn't want to explore that part of her past yet. 'It's cool. She probally dosen't feel comfertable right now talking about it.' Bobby thought. Then he heard the Ninetales's stomach growl. Charlie said she was also hungry and asked Bobby what aobut him. "I could go for some food." Bobby said "And I have a Pokemon to go find us some." Bobby threw out Heracross, whom he sent to go find food. Heracross came back a few minutes later, with honey, apples, and an assortment of berries. "Good job Heracross." and Bobby let Heracross have some hunny as an reward. He started putting honey on his apple, when he saw Charlie and the fox girl whose name he did not know, looking at him weird. "Oh you guy's don't put honey on your apples? Maybe it's just a Johto thing..." Bobby said discuraged.

May 31st, 2008, 8:02 AM
Charlie shrugged at Bobby's question. She liked honey but not on her apples or any other food. She liked to dip her hand into honey pots and lick the honey off her hands like a bear would, an adorable habit she had apparently. She examined the berries, determining which were edible and which were not with the help of Arlene. Vulpix trotted across to the apples and rolled two over to Fate to share with him, the large fox Pokemon grinned at her and they began to eat. Malic and Jay were off to the side, having a forced conversation
They should of just battled, it would have subdued Garchomp at least. He'll probably rampage when Malic releases him next she thought.

Charlie rifled to her backpack and extracted the sandwiches she had bought last night, she passed them around and dug into her own sandwich eagerly. She hoped after lunch they would resume their journey and if not she would sleep, she felt emotionally drained and sleep always fixed that.

Until the dream...

Yame Legend
May 31st, 2008, 11:30 AM
You must become Legend, for it is your DESTINY!

Far away, on Cinnabar Island inside pokemon mansion, A young man named Yame Legend woke with a start from the floor. He looked down at himself and found he had fallen asleep early yet again from another day of hard pokemon training.
He looked up at Magmar and Electabuzz, and grinning sheepishly he said, "I'm sorry for falling asleep on you guys but you know, i think it's time i leave this island and look for my adventure."
Magmar and electabuzz nodded in agreement, and Yame Legend went out the secret back door and headed for the coast. Once there, he whistled three different pitches, and a Gigantic Wailord surfaced.
"Come on Kaktala, let's go!"
Yame jumped on Kaktala's back, and got comfortable for the ride ahead. He knew Kaktala would take him wherever Kaktala wanted to go, so Yame soon drifted off to a peaceful sleep.

5:10 A.M.

Yame awoke again, checked his watch, and swore until he realized that Kaktala had stopped.
"What the-" he half asked until he saw the problem.
Someone was blocking kaktala's way, and the great pokemon was waiting politely for the person to move, but she would not.
when the woman saw Yame stir, she called out, "Lets battle, i've been itchin' for a fight!"
Yame, angry that she blocked his beloved Kaktala's way, looked her over. She didn't seem very tough.
"Whatever, it's your loss lady" he said, bored.
"Go, staryu!", she screamed.
"Come on, electabuzz.", he drawled, even more bored.
"Use water gun!"
"Are you kidding? or not? ha ha!" Yame laughed and told elactabuzz to use thunder.
It struck staryu so hard that staryu convulsed for a second. As staryu knocked out, the woman screamed,"NO!"
as Yame looked upon calmly. Yame then said, "Get better next time you challenge someone, becuase i hate waking up early to fight weaklings."
And with that, Wailord drifted past, leaving the woman crying, and Yame did not look back, but instead drifted back into a peaceful sleep.

May 31st, 2008, 4:21 PM
As soon as Arlene and Charlie had picked out good berries from bad, the vixen turned to Snake and Jaydin, who were talking about... Something. Even Arlene's own superior canine sense of hearing did little to penetrate the invisible blanket that separated them, but it was probably nothing too important anyway. "Hey SNAKE! JAYDIN!" she called, raising a fistful of berries in the air for them to see, "FOOD! ORANS AND SITRUSES!"

Snake held up her ready paws for her trainer to throw berries to her, which Arlene did with expert accuracy. Every single berry landed at it's mark, and as soon as the last berry was transferred, Snake gave half of them to Jaydin and the two began to feast. Arlene then paid them no further mind and turned on the last crimson-colored apple that the new Bobby's Heracross had retreived. She tossed it up a few feet in the air and caught it, feeling it's heft. A very ripe, fresh apple that she had not seen the likes of for a long time, judging by the weight of the fruit.

The vixen took a swift bite out of the apple she had claimed, using her wide canine tongue to carefully prevent any fruit juices from spilling out of the corners of her mouth; after swallowing, she turned to face Bobby. "Oh, you guys don't put honey on your apples? Must be a Johto thing then..." he stated rhetorically.

"Not so much, it's just that honey and fur don't go too well together, if you get my drift," Arlene responded quite plainly, sticking out her tongue jokingly at the human boy. There was naught but silence on either end, until Charlie passed out sandwiches. Arlene really wanted to ask why the human girl hadn't passed them around prior, but it was all too good ends anyway. Arlene carefully packed the sandwich in the main section of her backpack, with her leftovers from last night, and decided that maybe it was time for a little break.

The vixen toppled over on her back - intentionally - and stretched out every part of her body, looking up at the sky... The day had been unusually peaceful so far. She also recognized that Jay and Malic were engaged in hushed, forced conversation, but paid it no mind - they did not concern her for the time being. She looked over at her new and closest friend in the Sinnoh region, Charlie, and spoke. "Hey Charlie, I have a question... A somewhat odd question, I'll admit. Would you think any differently of me if I had to be a thief to get the things I need, because of human prejudice against my kind? More importantly, do you think any less of me for being a walking, talking fox?"

A strange question, indeed! But Arlene had decided finally some time ago that it was important to be open about that end of her lifestyle; it was entirely true that she was a thief due to many shopkeepers refusing her service outright, but it was also true that she never took anything without leaving the appropriate amount of money in place of the item.

May 31st, 2008, 4:57 PM
After devouring her sandwich Charlie laid back onto the soft grass, yawning and wrinkling her nose. Vulpix left Fate's side after daintily eating her apple and curled up on Charlies stomach, promptly falling asleep. Charlie watched Jay and Malic out of the corner of her eye, they were both really cute. Jay was so lost and confused, but he was so not interested in her and Malic was maybe a little egotistical. But did he have reason to be? she mused.

All of a sudden, Arlene asked her a question. It was an intense one that made her think, drawing her thoughts away from the boys. She propped up on one elbow, careful not to disturb her Vulpix, facing her friend so she could read her expression.

"Well firstly, no, to your second question. I don't think less of you at all, I've never been one to judge people for what they are, I believe that what you are doesn't make you who you are. You could be part fox, part person, part mutant Zombie and I would not treat you differently," she smiled and then joked "Unless you tried to eat my brains." The pair laughed and Charlie paused before continuing
"I don't know about the first question, however. I don't think its just that you should be discriminated against at all, but I think you always will be. I could not imagine to be so ostracized for just being who I am, and I think that if humans are denying you of your basic human needs and you have no other way to obtain them, then no. I don't think that would make me think less of you at all."

All in all Charlie was proud of what she had said, her father always claimed she had been a natural politician which she resented, but she hoped that Arlene would be pleased with her reply. She was fairly certain that Arlene had already resorted to thievery, but like she had said. It did not make her like or respect Arlene any less. Bobby was off to the side with his Pokemon, Charlie wondered if he had been listening. He hadn't been polite to Arlene at all, neither of them had except maybe Jay, this made Charlie angry, this was a direct example of prejudice that Arlene had mentioned. They flat out ignored the gorgeous woman and instead stared openly at Charlie, fighting for her attention. Not that she minded the boys googly eyed looks, which she was used to, she still wished that they would treat her friend better. A lot better

May 31st, 2008, 5:09 PM
Bobby guiltily listened in on the girls conversation. "Maybe I have been a little mean..." Bobby said. While he loved to make friends, he was put off by Arlene's costume thing. Sighing Bobby went over to Arlene. "Um Arlene?" He said tentivly. It wasn't like him to be nervous, "I uh guess I haven't been very nice to you and um I really am sorry for ignoring you. Can you forgive me?"

May 31st, 2008, 5:20 PM
Arlene paused for a moment, taking in all that Charlie had given her to digest... The vixen smiled, her lips wide with the pleasing sensation of having someone around who cared about you. Deep inside a world where she could not escape those haunting words that plagued her every day... "We don't serve your kind here"... "Humans only, get out"... So many millions of different ways to put her down had she absorbed, that her sense of right and wrong had become very relative.

It was wonderful to know that Charlie thought she was worthy of her time. Over the last day they'd spent just talking together, it seemed that part of her mind had been erased, a part that still clung to memories of the prejudice she'd encountered. She looked directly at her new friend, and responded finally. "Thank you Charlie... Thank you so much," she said, grateful.

Then, after a moment of silence, Arlene reached into her backpack, searching for a precious item... She pulled out a thick spiral-bound notebook, on which she had scrawled "MUSIC" in permanent marker. She flipped open the cover and spilled over at least fifty-to-sixty pages of musical staffs, lyrics, and chord charts, until finally she encountered a blank page. She extracted a pen from within the book's binding, and immediately got to work constructing a new musical staff, with the G clef wrapped around the second line from the bottom. On the top she scribbled DGCFAD to signify a guitar tuned down a whole step, then came the notes themselves, which seemed to flow smoothly out of her paw onto paper.

On the bottom of the page, Arlene quickly scribbled out the word "Complete".

When Bobby decided to show himself to Arlene directly, she looked up at him curiously for a moment, as if considering whether or not to reject his offer, and finally she spoke up, "Of course I can, silly!" in a friendly tone, offering him a smile. She couldn't possibly hold a grudge against anyone or anything... Even the humans that had shunned her and deprived her of everything still had some place in her heart.

May 31st, 2008, 5:38 PM
Charlie blushed slightly and nodded at Arlene

“No worries, my friend.” Charlie had never had many female friends, most of the girls her age ignored her because she had grown up as a tomboy and the few childhood female friends were girls from ballet. When she was skipped ahead two grades she met older and more mature girls and got along with them better. They shopped and giggled and gossiped together but it was never more than that, she never confided or connected with them. Losing her mother and made it hard for her to want to be close to females, and she’d turned to Art instead, telling him anything and everything that popped into her mind.

But Arlene was different, Charlie trusted her and she didn’t know why. She felt she had suffered in her past like Charlie had, and would understand her pain better than anyone here. She watched her friend reach for a notebook and her curiosity was prickled, poetry? Lyrics? Love letters? She wondered, maybe Charlie would ask her later.

Charlie listened to the exchange between Bobby and Arlene and was proud, not just of Bobby but of Arlene. She didn’t know if she could forgive someone so readily the way Arlene just had, maybe she was so used to people judging her that it barely bothered her anymore and this thought made Charlie sad.

“We should probably get moving if we’re ever going to get to Celestic Town,” she said to no one in particular “After all I have a gym leader to woo”

May 31st, 2008, 5:56 PM
Arlene closed her book suddenly and stuffed it away in her backpack, content with her writing. She then looked over to her friend and nodded. "Yeah, we need to get moving very shortly. Mount Coronet is ahead, right?" the fox noted and asked, as she had no map to check for herself. When Charlie nodded as her response, the vixen continued, "I recommend we form a small exploration party and stick together."

It was not necessarily for the group's entire safety, but for the fact that they could combat anyone looking for a fistfight much more easily in larger numbers. ...And Arlene had something of a gut feeling that whoever had taken her possessions would be looking to defend his bounty should he be caught in the act.

"We should also probably get the hell out of that mountain by nightfall, if possible. But... I dunno how feasable that is."

May 31st, 2008, 6:24 PM
Charlie nodded in agreeance with Arlene,

"If we leave now, and don't stop until we leave the caves we might get to Route 211 by midnight," she said, consulting her map and using her mathematics knowledge to estimate their arrival time.
"C'mon guys," she shouted to Jay and Malic "We're heading off now, but we won't make it to Celestic Town 'til at least tomorow 'cause you've been having some tea party"

The boys turned to look at her, Malic laughed at her joke and Jay looked confused, nothing new there, poor guy thought Charlie. Jay seemed eager at the idea of Celestic Town, but nervous at the thought of the caves, especially the caves at night. I'm not to keen on the idea either Charlie admitted to herself, Mt Coronet wasn't exactly the most inviting place.

The group began packing their bags and started heading off, but Jay remained behind, as if deep in thought, Charlie rolled her eyes and pulled a face at Arlene who laughed,
"C'mon Jay," she said approaching him, grabbing his hand and dragging him along forcefully. Vulpix was nipping playfully at his heels and then crossed over to follow Fate, whom she was captivated by.

So, after a few setbacks and introductions the group was off on their journey, first stop Route 11.

May 31st, 2008, 6:43 PM
Jake found himself, yet again, standing around awkwardly while everyone else talked. He called his Weavile back down from the tree it was in, then occupied himself by flipping one of his badges like a coin. Though it obviously wasn't polite to eavesdrop, he had nothing else to do if his Absol wasn't going to let him leave. He sat down, bored, while trying to keep his Pokemon from getting too edgy; they had been anticipating a fight since they saw Malic's Garchomp.

He was catching the names of several Gym Leaders scattered throughout the conversations. Though he wasn't one to idolize someone, he couldn't help but think of Wallace, his teacher back home in Sootopolis City. Well, probably not there anymore, since Juan took over the Gym.

Alert again, he noticed his Houndoom looking jealously at a Vulpix and a Ninetales. He chuckled softly and pet the canine Pokemon. He knew it envied close friendships between other Pokemon; it never seemed to get along with Jake's other Pokemon, though it was closely bonded with its Trainer. Bored, Jake continued to flip the badge with his thumb.

May 31st, 2008, 6:52 PM
Whilst they were walking Charlie noticed Jake's beautiful yet intimidating Houndoom looking over at Vulpix and Fate with mournful eyes, she wondered why Vulpix hadn't approached the dark Pokemon earlier probably because he and his trainer hadn't exactly given a friendly vibe she mused. Though, it was still weird, Vulpix was the epitome of friendliness and was the most affectionate creature she had ever met. Charlie felt sorry for the impressive hound like Pokemon so she beckoned Vulpix to return to her side.

Vulpix obliged and Charlie knelt down momentarily, whispering in her ear. The little fox Pokemon looked wary, but listened to her trainer and then did as instructed. She trotted jauntily to the Houndoom's side and butted noses with it, sniffing him. Charlie held her breath, Jake wasn't exactly her favourite person and she didn't know if he would stop Houndoom from attacking her Pokemon.

Arlene and Charlie looked on together, waiting for Houndoom's reaction. Arlene looked at Charlie as if to say If anything happens, Fate will jump in

May 31st, 2008, 7:16 PM
Bobby noticed Jake flipping a Gym Badge. Wow the only gym badge I have is the one from Jasmine. As soon as he thought of Jasmine, he got nostalgic. I wonder how she's doin? he thought. He saw Charlie's Vulpix wander over to Jake's Houndoom. Worried he told Totodile to be ready, but there didn't seem to be a problem between the Pokemon. The trainer on the other hand, Bobby couldn't get a read on.

Bobby pulled down his goggles to see how far the mountain was and was surprised to see it very close. His stomach started to clench as his Claustrophobia kicked in as he thought of going into a closed in cave. "It's gonna be ok! You have people with you this time..." He absent-mindly started scratching his hand, which was his comfort technick.

May 31st, 2008, 7:22 PM
"Why do I get the feeling this will not end well at all? If the pokemon are anything like him, something will be either scared or on the floor writhing in pain." Malic honsetly hoped nothing would happen and everything would all happy and peaceful.

Just in case. I'll get Garchomp ready. Malic knew Garchomp's little time out would calm him down and he sensed that Garchomp would exercise extreme caution in the situation. Malic also went through a series of battle scenarios in his head. While he wasn't the smartest individual when it came to pure book smarts, Malic was an excellent tactician.

He figured that Jake was experienced and knew full well the limitations of his solo type party and allotted for that in his calculations, hence his choice of Garchomp whose raw power would hopefully end the fight in a few moments.

Malic placed his hand on the pokeball containing Garchomp but was careful to not drawn attention. He was slow and careful, he did not want to battle at the moment but remained ready.

May 31st, 2008, 10:38 PM
Houndoom, ironically enough, was the one startled as it was approached by the Vulpix. It flinched back in surprise as the smaller Pokemon touched its nose, before regaining its composure and taking on a friendlier air and sitting down next to the fox Pokemon. Jake put his badge away and grinned in amusement at the scene, until noticing everyone staring at him. He chuckled slightly as he looked upon the multitude of anxious faces. "What? Were you all expecting bloody murder or something?" he asked sarcastically, knowing full well the kind of air he and his Pokemon generally gave off.

Jake then turned, noting a comment from the boy with the Garchomp. "Well, kid, between the choices you gave, the likely answer would be something ending up scared. The writhing in pain only comes if someone wants a badge," he said dryly, again flipping a badge like a coin. "Though I must admit, your Garchomp impresses me," he added with an acknowledging nod. "I don't really want to call you 'kid,' but I never quite caught your name. In fact, I believe the only name I've really caught here is Jay," he pointed out in a blunt, matter-of-fact way.

Looking around, he noticed that the group was moving towards Mt. Coronet. Well, provided Absol lets me in, this will work fine for me, he thought, planning ahead again. I'll stick around until the cave path breaks off between the way to Celestic Town and the way to Snowpoint. Pulling the hood back over his head, he looked up at the imposing mountain. Then again, the cave in itself could be problematic... he thought, before taking his thoughts off of the mountain and focusing back on what was currently happening.

May 31st, 2008, 10:53 PM
Jake’s Houndoom gently sniffed the Vulpix, a curious expression on its face. Charlie still held her breath though, this was the part where Vulpix would pull on the dark Pokemon’s tail or headbutt it’s side, playfully of course and Charlie doubted the dignified Houndoom would appreciate either of these actions. Charlie watched her Vulpix look up at the Houndoom with a serious face, and cry her name in her high pitched voice. The Houndoom responded in his low cry.

Charlie was shocked at her Pokemon’s demure behaviour; she turned to Arlene who was also watching the interaction,

“I guess my little girl is growing up,” she joked, and Arlene nodded her blonde haired head and said

“They don’t stay as babies forever after all.” Charlie knew this was true but she still felt a pang of sadness mixed with pride, I think Fate has rubbed off on her she thought. Charlie looked at the Houndoom’s trainer, Jake, he was wearing an amused expression but he still looked bored. Charlie wasn’t sure if she like this quiet stranger, he had flat out ignored her upon meeting her and he would probably think her Pokemon were weak or something. She was trying hard not to dislike him, but he wasn’t making it easy.

She heard him mention the word badge, it pricked her curiosity. Judging by his dark Pokemon she assumed that was his speciality, she wondered which region he was from.

“Badge?” Charlie queried, trying to make an effort to converse with Jake “And I did introduce myself, but perhaps you didn’t hear. I’m Charlie Maddox of Snowpoint City,” she stated and then she gestured to Arlene “and this is Arlene of Pallet Town” and then she pointed to the two boys left “the boy with the Garchomp is Malic and this is Bobby.”

She looked at her watch:


Charlie was annoyed, by the rate they were going she would make it to Sunnyshore in ten years and by then Volkner would be retired.

“Come on! Push up!” she called, using her soccer jargon, this made Arlene laugh, and so Charlie laughed too, she was being silly afterall.
In the near distance Mount Coronet loomed, they were half an hour away or so, she assumed. Charlie looked around at the group-; Jake was walking alone, his cloak drawn back, but he seemed happy with that, Malic was gripping his Garchomp’s Pokeball soon and Charlie sincerely hoped he would not release the angry dragon Pokemon, Jay looked eager and but still very lost in thought, he walked by her side just far enough away so she couldn’t easily grab him and kiss him again, like I would she thought; Arlene was walking with her Lucario, Snake, deep in conversation and Jaydin and Fate were close to Houndoom and Vulpix, just in case and finally Bobby looked nervous and a little nauseas, perhaps nervous about Mt Coronet she thought, she could’ve asked, but they would find out soon enough...

June 1st, 2008, 12:26 AM
Jake gave a nod to Charlie at her question. "Yes, I'm the Gym Leader of Redwood City, in the Johto region. I ended up here due to... complications... on a trip to the Battle Park." He sighed with a tone of irritation, but continued talking. "I'm not from Johto, though. My hometown is Sootopolis City in the Hoenn region." Having been talking a bit, Jake was now finding it much easier to converse. "You seem quite close to your Pokemon. That's good; it's way more important than just having strong ones." Not that it isn't really irritating when somebody tries to challenge me using a Wurmple, he thought, but didn't say aloud.

He was interrupted by a ringing, coming from the phone he was carrying in his pocket. "Sorry, I have to take this," he told Charlie as he answered the call. "Hello? Jake Silver here," he said into the phone.

"You're late, Jake." replied the voice on the other end. "You were supposed to arrive at the hotel last night," it continued, sounding a bit annoyed.

"Sorry, man," Jake responded. "For whatever reason, they wouldn't let me take the boat there. I'll be there soon, alright."

"Alright, alright," the caller replied. "Just don't keep me waiting too long."

"Yeah, yeah. Bye now," Jake said as he closed his phone. "Oh, yeah. Thanks for bringing me up to speed on who everyone here was," he said, turning to back to Charlie. "I was a bit lost. So, uh... thanks," he finished awkwardly. Good job there, Jake. Way to sound like a total imbecile.

June 1st, 2008, 11:07 AM
Realizing that Houndoom was not a threat, Malic stopped gripping his pokeball and assumed a very straight posture. I see he thinks my Garchomp is impressive. Thats expected after all.

Afterwards, Malic looked towards their destination. Thats a big mountain. Im taking a guess we have to go around that. I hate hiking.

"Please tell me we can fly around the mountain." Malic then noticed Bobby seemed nervous and not like himself. "I think Bobby would agree with me."

Malic attempted to eavesdrop on Jake's discussion on the phone. All he really got of was something about lateness. Probably nothing interesting. Maybe he is late for a date.

Malic let out a little chuckle and then resumed his focus on the tall obstacle in front of him.

June 1st, 2008, 11:20 AM
Arlene suddenly had a rather grim feeling in the pit of her stomach as the group continued on the trail to Mount Coronet... In the distance, a good hundred fifty feet ahead, nestled in the trough between two hills, was a messenger pack and what appeared to be a guitar bag. The relevance of these two items to her seemed very real suddenly, and her heart jumped into her throat out of nowhere. More worried than ever, the vixen started walking noticeably faster than the rest of the group, immediately getting out of step, then breaking into a jog, then a run. She had a strong, tense feeling all over her body as she neared the drop of items, and she skidded to a halt, digging into the road with her boots as she stopped before the bags.

On the messenger pack was a note, written in plain parchment, and in red ink; Arlene was about to pass out from the tension as she lifted it to read.


You know who this is, but I cannot reveal myself for my safety and yours. I have been found. In my haste, I had to abandon our home in Pallet town. With the help of your grandfather I was able to escape to the Sinnoh region, though I cannot say where, I'm sorry. Though I can tell you it will be a long journey, so I have dropped these things for you which you hold dear. I'm sure you would have wanted your Stealth guitar, though I took the other three with me. Everything you'll need to care for it is in the bag, and I have included a stipend of supplies in the messenger bag. Please take care of yourself, for my sake.

Arlene could have vomitted to purge herself of the fear that riddled her whole body. She was racked with shock from the revalation that was now upon her, and it took her a moment to regain composure. Looking over at the guitar bag, she carefully unzipped the side to look upon the instrument that Orion had left her; it's sleek black surface shone in the midday sun, and it's single pickup rested comfortably near the bridge; all the strings were of a nonstandard red color, deep and blood-like. The instrument's unusual reversed headpiece had always been a favorite for her, and it's strange skewed X-shaped body was always pleasant to look at.

She couldn't help but smile inwardly to know that Orion had stopped in the midst of running from a guild of assassins to care for her. For that she thanked him mentally, before opening the messenger pack, revealing a stock of food and beverages, including plain water and a favorite she had brought to this region from the United States; Dr. Pepper. Satisfied, she dumped the contents of the bag out onto the road and began sifting through and carefully organizing it all into her main backpack. Alot of food, plenty of water and soda, and assorted survival supplies, including a new PokeGear. Shocked as to how Orion had such insight on her travels, she looked at the sleek device for a second, before stuffing it away into her butt pocket. The rest of the messenger pack was taken up by various application cards for a device she was unfamiliar with, and a strange new device she had never seen before... The phrase "Poketch" was chiseled into the faceplate of the object, and she gratefully fitted it on her wrist.

By this time, the rest of the group had caught up with her. Charlie was the first to ask, "What'cha got there, Arlene?"

"My uncle dropped me off some stuff," Arlene responded with a grin, pointing to her new Poketch, before zipping up the empty messenger pack and tossing it aside into the tall grass, and putting her Stealth guitar back into it's case and zipping it up. She lugged it over her shoulder and nodded that she was ready to continue; the guitar was very light and was perfect for road travel.

[[ OOC: For those of you who are unaware, this is the B.C. Rich Stealth guitar that Arlene uses: == http://www.bcrich.com/images/sm_stealth.jpg == 24 frets, neck-through construction, and the single pickup is a Dimarzio X2N. ]]

June 1st, 2008, 12:06 PM
As the group traveled to Mt. Coronet, they discovered that the hiking trail has been blocked by boulders and the walls to climb have been damaged by this leaving no alternate means to travel across and thus unable to continue through the mountain range any further. So, with little choice, the group decided to head to Celestic Town since that way was more safe and from there they can think of ways to get to the southern parts of Sinnoh. However, Jay wished to only travel to Celestic since this is what he thought he should go if he were to learn more about his past...

Jay listened to the group talk, he found no need to drag himself into conversation especially since the group was doing fine on it's own. Actually, he couldn't find a spot for himself at all, not like it mattered. Jay was expecting this until he heard Arlene's story. He lowered his face under his scarf and thought to himself,

"I've been so selfish, to think that no one wants me. She must of had it really tough... I guess my shyness has come off rude..." Jay thought to himself, yet as he looked at the one who held his hand, Charlie, he realized that she was already angry at the group and possibly at him. This is why Jay didn't want to be with anyone, misinterpretations like this could of been resolved easily if he was alone.

Jay let go of Charlie's hand for he didn't feel worthy to be with her and he didn't feel like he belonged with this group of people. He wondered why they were with him and tried to help him so. Was this fate?

Soon, they have reached their destination, Celestic Town. The town is ancient and by the architecture of the houses, it looks like it hasn't changed for many years. As the group decided to rest from their travels, Jay found this to be the perfect opportunity to drift away from them and be on his own for awhile. He walked around and thought, he thought for a long time about what the trainers were talking about and what issues they brought up until he saw, around the corner of the street, there was a cave with many people leaving,

"Wow so that's the new tablet that they found?" "Did, you read it? What did it all mean?" "Hey, I had a crazy dream the other night, do you think this is all just coincidence?"

People spoke as they left, Jay waited outside until they were all gone and once the coast was clear, he decided to see what was inside the cave as well. The cave is small and circular. A path is made to circle around the cave and see the many scriptures that are placed around the walls. Many of them have to do with Palkia and Dialga and legends of Sinnoh and how they started. Soon enough, Jay found the tablet that the people were talking about, it was found by following a small passage within the cave, it seems newly discovered. The tablet was forged on the wall and was engraved with strange writing, the writing looked like a sort of pokemon,

"Th-this looks like...." Jay said to himself as he placed his hand on the pokeball containing the pokemon he hasn't shown anyone yet. He then read what the tablet had to say,

"Praise thy sun, for thy sun has given the message; beware the mark. Those who shall not understand shall see thy sun with hate in their eyes. Past heroes for generations to come shall realize that foe were thy sun and once this takes its course, signs shall come:

Thy sun shall rise with use of these words and grant the wish of the loved one, for he shall bless thy minds at ease with redemption, and, forgetfulness of the past.

The blessing shall soon come to the end as the one that thy sun tried to perish shall step forth upon this land and will bear the mark.

Beware thy mark, for the mark is a sign of doomsday upon us all. When the time comes, all on this great earth shall receive visions, within their rest, of warnings as thy sun shall use the last of its powers to warn us all.

The mark shall destroy all land, ocean and life, once thy has found the peak of legend, thy shall find true self and perish all before where it stands. However, the mark can be helped, for all thy needs is---"

The tablet seems broken at the bottom. It looks like the scripture is incomplete. As Jay turned around, to his surprise, saw the other trainers who traveled with him reading what the tablet had to say as well...

June 1st, 2008, 12:27 PM
Malic struggled to read the tablet, for the language was far too old for him to understand a single. Why can't these people speak normally? Malic attempted to read the tablet several times, desperately trying to come up with some sort of meaning. Soon, he grabbed his head and made a growling noise of frustration and pain. Malic promptly fell to the floor moaning about the headache that reading the tablet gave him. The ground was cold and hard, and the fall made a loud thump noise when Malic's body made an impact. "Aw my pants are so dirty now. This sucks." The fall kicked up some dust from the floor causing most of the group to cough up a bit. With everyone giving him a dirty look. Malic responded with a simple "Sorry" and continued to read from the floor.

"Well guys, I can honsetly say that....I don't understand this stuff at all." Malic said very loudly hoping that everyone heard him and would give an explanation or at least a translation. Hope my dramatic scene didn't disturb anyone. I really want to get it.

"Stupid ancient people...can't speak regular english...." Malic mumbled his last statement.

June 1st, 2008, 1:54 PM
"The way north is blocked?!" Jake shouted in disbelief. "Ugh... whatever. I guess we'll just hang around here a while more. I kinda wanted to visit Celestic Town anyway." As the group entered the small village of a town, he followed along past the central shrine into the cave behind it.

Jake looked in fascination at the tablet in the cave. "Interesting," he thought aloud as he read the scripture engraved on the stone. "I've never heard of anything like this before..." He looked at the illustration on the stone. Again, the light... he thought. I must be going nuts... His Houndoom and Weavile looked at the stone in an equally quizzical fashion, while his Absol seemed nowhere near as interested as its Trainer and the other Pokemon.

Regardless, the Gym Leader was happy to be in a town like Celestic, rather than Eterna City. Though both places were steeped in history, he preferred the quiet atmosphere of Celestic Town to bustling Eterna. He enjoyed quiet places, particularly when there was that air of sanctity, of sacredness. He noticed that several other people were waiting to see the tablet, however, and walked away to look at some other artifacts.

June 1st, 2008, 2:12 PM
Bobby was relieved that they didn't get to go through Mt. Coronet, but was still nervous in the small cave. "It's ok, it's not that big..." Bobby sighed. He overheard Malic's comment about the ancients who wrote the message, and Bobby agreed. He read the message and wondered. "Is the mark something you can find, or is it something that will happen?" Bobby wandered outloud. But then he remembered he was in a cave, felt sick, and stepped outside for some air.

June 1st, 2008, 2:16 PM
Arlene showed up moments later, lugging nothing but her guitar. She was playing as she walked, picking down a brutal riff from Scavenger of Human Sorrow (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdEPnGUPc5s&feature=related). It's not like anyone knew the song first-hand; so the vixen was just having fun with it; her finger movements were very precise and calculated, even as she was in movement.

She had decided that the cave at the northern end of town looked like a prime place to rejoin the group she had been part of earlier, leaving her things with a friend that lived in town. It took a while to actually find them, but once in sight, they were an obvious bunch, huddled in front of a stone tablet like it held their future. Arlene approached while playing Flesh And The Power It Holds (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jl_3sNRgPug&feature=related), watching the others' looks with a hint of discontent in her voice, "What the hell are you all staring at?" That's when she noticed the tablet itself, full of cryptic glyphs and markings she could not comprehend. Sighing, she commented again, "You know, that's probably just some ancient crypticism that's predicting the end of the world. The Mayans predicted the end of the world was 2012, and that was bullshit."

June 1st, 2008, 2:58 PM
Charlie surveyed the area, Celestic Town. She had followed Jay down the rocky pass, as he seemed to know where to go. Arlene was trailing behind, she looked deep in thought and Charlie had decided not to disturb her. The town was fairly small, not many houses but it had a Pokemon Centre, which is always a bonus. In the middle of the town, with the buildings and infrastructure spiralling out from it, was an old mystic shrine, which Jay made a beeline for. Charlie followed him, but she didn't inspect the stone tablet. Crap like that annoyed her, her history knowledge told her that people had actually built their homes here because of the tablet. How do they know that it wasn't just some really intoxicated man scribbling whatever phrases he could coherently string together?

Charlie sat down on a rock and Vulpix curled up in her lap, she combed her fingers through her golden hair and yawned. She removed her shoes, revealing her disgusting, ballet tortured feet. Art would always retch at the sight of them and he had reason to, they were covered in blisters, some of the toes were mangled and would never heal and they looked very red. Charlie could see Bobby and Malic looking at them in disgust, but Jay was too absorbed in the tablet to notice them. She shrugged, it was a small price to pay to be able to dance. Vulpix was used to her feet, but she still didn't like seeing Charlie's sores, when Charlie pulled her feet into her lap to rub them, Vulpix leapt forward and licked them tenderly. She's such an angel Charlie thought.

She placed Vulpix on the ground and stood up, beginning to stretch, moving her feet into first position, and then second and then third and so on. Charlie was standing en pointe when she saw Arlene stomp her way into the clearing, clutching a black guitar, obviously annoyed. She heard her chastise the boys for taking such a keen interest in the tablet and then she turned to Charlie, who was beginning to use arm movements to match her leg ones.

"What?" Charlie asked, amused by her friends stare "I'm a prima ballerina, didn't ya know?" she joked.

June 1st, 2008, 3:30 PM
Malic stomped out the cave, extremely angry due to his inability to understand anything on the tablet. His steps were loud and noticeable with even regular people staring at him wondering what he was so mad about. While he left, one could clearly hear him mumbling and complaining about complicated tablets that have no clear meaning.

Malic looked around to see a sparse town full of nothing. All Malic could see was lush green grass and a few small houses that few people who actually bothered to live here. "I need something to distract myself from the pain" he said clutching his head. Seeing there was nothing in town but a quaint pokemon center, Malic decided to place his backpack on the floor and work out. Working out might relief some stress. At least I can hope. The damn tablet made my brain swell up and give me the worst headache I have ever had.

The workout was long and painful, complete with sit-ups, push ups and jumping jacks. Most people wouldn't be able to complete even half of the regime, but Malic wasn't most people and clearly angry which probably numbed most of the pain.

June 1st, 2008, 6:38 PM
Looking over at Charlie's dancing, Arlene stopped mid-beat and started contemplating a few scales, this and that, progressions... Then she took a seat a few feet away and began to pick out a strange, somber melody. Slowly, on improvisation, the vixen began to add in bits and pieces of scales as she played and moved into a different riff altogether suddenly, though remaining in the same general beat for Charlie's sake. This happened multiple times, a display of skill if nothing else. The combination of Charlie and herself was extraordinarily beautiful for a minute or two, and Arlene broke off for a few seconds. She never was good with 'pretty' music... Heh.

Standing, Arlene felt refreshed by pouring out a little emotion with Charlie. That seemed to be the case today with the two; they were getting along much better than anyone else in the group. It could have been that Arlene sensed some slight emotional distress - some hardship - in Charlie's soul, but definitely one reason was that Charlie had been the only one besides Bobby to show any emotion towards her. The rest of the 'team' were just faceless robots. "We should do that again sometime," the vixen said with a smile to her friend, "But for now, I'm out of here. Me and the team need to go get patched up at the Pokemon Center."

"What? You too?" Charlie questioned, oblivious. "I'm not human, after all. Pokemon medicines work wonders for me. Go figure!"

With that, Arlene exited the dank cave and made for the Pokemon Center. Upon entrance, one or two people threw her somewhat-disconcerted glares, and she noted that Malic was there; though his name escaped her for the moment. She was sure he was in the group, though. Moving to the counter, one of the many Nurse Joys greeted her happily, which was a shock, and the vixen turned over her Pokemon. She also put in a request for over-the-counter headache medicine, and the nurse present handed her over a small bottle filled with a bright pink liquid. No questions, Arlene was thankful. After receiving her Pokemon back, she took a seat near Malic.

"Hi there," she said tenderly, sitting cross-legged on the couch, and playing out a segment of the song she'd written earlier, about her friend.

June 1st, 2008, 7:06 PM
By the time Alrene sat down, Malic was finished working out. He sat on the floor breathing heavily as though he ran across the world and back. Sweat covered the floor and his entire, probably enough to fill an entire lake.

He looked up and saw the canie individual. Malic was always put off by her strange apperance but was able to restrain himself from screaming that a talking cat or whatever was speaking to him. "Oh hey. Whats up?" he said in between breaths. Malic ended up holding his head. Damn brain still hurts. I hate tablets. "Sorry if it smells. I kinda had to work the stress out. Stupid tablets make what is left my brain melt. I hate history. Especially when the history is in old english. Who in the right mind uses the word 'thy'. Stupid ancients. Bet their little voodoo is a bunch of lies." Malic let out a little chuckle.

He never actually talked Arlene and every time he spoke it felt awkward. He barely knew her, and felt as though he would be more comfortable talking to a wall in front of a crowd. He had hoped his stupidity would break the tension and ease into a semi-normal conversation between two people.

June 1st, 2008, 7:19 PM
"I agree, I have little use for history. As I told the others in the cave, the Mayans predicted the end of the world in 2012. And that's just nonsense, right?" Arlene said, grinning at Malic with a quirked brow. She was a bright girl, and aware of the world, despite most girls that were nineteen. She propped her legs up on the table nearby and continued playing, not bothered by the stench of sweat, although she was aware of it.

"I don't believe we ever talked properly. My name is Arlene," the vixen spoke, noting the strange way Malic was looking at her. "Is it really that shocking that I'm not human, and yet I speak perfect English and walk on two legs?" she finished, keeping her brow furrowed at him. She probably came off a bit more disgruntled than she intended, and so she added gently, "I'm sorry for sounding mad, I just hate being an outcast. Nothing to do with you."

June 1st, 2008, 7:23 PM
Charlie smiled as Arlene left the cave, she'd enjoyed dancing to her friend's music, she was a skilled musician it seemed. She'd been surprised that Arlene used the Pokemon Center to heal herself, but it made sense. What doctor would allow her into their practise anyway? she thought sadly.

Malic had also left the cave, apparently very annoyed at the tablet. She didn't understand what had confused him so, but then again Charlie had not inspected the inscription and nor do I plan to she thought stubbornly. It was getting late, she could see the light fading outside the cave, so she left. Jay and Bobby were far too engrossed to notice her afterall, upon exiting the cave her phone beeped, indicating a message. Damn lack of reception in anicent, mystic caves Charlie thought and then opened the messages:

I have sent the Pokedex as well as a PokeGear and some other supplies with Pelipper, it should be there in no time. Russel is here to visit, I'll call you about it later. He's not well. Message me when you get the package. Love you, From Dad

Hey Charlie, on an impulse I challenged Candice yesterday- I got my butt thoroughly kicked! She had the type advantage though. Snover, Pidgeotto and Sandshrew miss you, but I miss you the most. Love Art

He's not well Charlie read over and over again, her stomach sinking faster and faster. What the hell is that supposed to mean?? she screamed in her mind before storming off to the Pokemon Center to see if the dumb package from her dumb father had arrived. She started crying, hot angry tears and she was glad she was alone. Not even the mention of her best friends Pokemon, who she had played with and battled against forever could make her smile. Doctors had never discovered what disease had killed her mother and the autopsy revealed nothing, it would be just her luck that Russel would get sick and die too.

Vulpix was at her heels, keen to keep up. It was then Charlie realised that she wasn't wearing any shoes, as Vulpix had them in her mouth. She stopped, and yanked them on and set off again, her steps heavy and angry. Vulpix followed her, trying to get her attention by crying her own name but Charlie ignored her. She entered the Pokemon Center and walked straight past Arlene who was surprisingly talking to Malic, Nurse Joy was free so she asked her about her package and turned her two Pokemon over for healing, all the while trying very hard to not cry.

June 1st, 2008, 7:29 PM
"Nice to meet you. Name's Malic, but you probably knew that." Malic paused for a second. He could tell she wasn't exactly happy that he couldn't get used to her appearance. "Yeah...sorry about the stares. I shouldn't be so off-guard. After all, we are surrounded by talking creatures. Then again, all they can say if their name."

Malic picked himself off the floor and pat the dirt off the pants. He approached his bag and picked up a towel and a bottle of water. Malic parked himself on the couch across from Arlene, rubbed his face with the towel, and took a drink. The water was cool and refreshing and seemed to give Malic some relief and energy.

In true childish form, Malic tried to see how he smelled and took a whiff from his towel. Immediately, he jolted back and made a peculair face. "Wow, I smell really really bad." He rubbed more sweat off before tossing the now drenched and heavy towel away. "I will probably never use that thing ever again." Malic reclined in the couch with the help of the placement of his mud infested sneakers on the now filthy table and decided to listen to Arlene play. He wasn't a huge music fan, but the tunes weren't half bad so he didn't mind nice background noise to prevent any unneeded silence.

June 1st, 2008, 7:56 PM
Nurse Joy looked at Charlie kindly, sensing her sadness but not questioning it. She took Vulpix and Drifloon to heal and Charlie waited at the counter, feeling awkward as her friends eyes bore into her back. A Blissey came to the counter, chanting it's own name, she handed Charlie a brown paper package... with two notes attached. Weird thought Charlie.

She sat at the closest lounge to the counter; she'd go and join Arlene and Malic as soon as she'd composed herself, and began to unwrap.
The first note was simple, and typical Dad

Charlie, enclosed are the items you requested as well as some treats picked out by Art. We all miss you here

The second note was shabby, and not enclosed in an envelope.

Stay away from the fox-girl, she will only bring pain to the group and mostly you
was written in red ink

Charlie snorted at the absurdity of the letter, it had the makes of some dumb prank. Though it couldn't be Art she thought, she'd told no one at Snowpoint she'd met Arlene. Still, the letter was silly, Charlie trusted Arlene even though she'd just met her. She tucked the letters into her bag, and wondered if she should show Arlene the one written in red ink, but she wasn't sure if it would upset her or not.

Charlie opened the package, tearing away the brown paper. In there was the red, plastic Pokedex, and a red PokeGear. She fiddled around with the buttons of both and then slid the PokeGear onto her wrist and then put the Pokedex into her backpack. And now for the treats she thought. Charlie found a block of her favourite chocolate, some food for Vulpix as well as a midnight blue silk ribbon with a bell attached at least if she runs away again I can't lose her, some soaps and a shower gel from her favourite shop, Lush good, the smell of sweat and dirt was beginning to be unappealing, a thick handknitted sweater probably the work of Art's mum and a contest ribbon, blue, for Hyper Rank in the Beauty Contest.

This was weird, Art and her father had never been in a contest and had no desire to do so, calling it a girls sport. Charlie had watched a few contests on television and planned to enter Vulpix one day, but she had definitely never won a ribbon. Charlie shrugged and stuff it, the food, the soaps and the jumper into her bag and returned to the counter where Nurse Joy was waiting for her.

She took back Drifloon's Pokeball and Vulpix, depositing the Pokeball in her bag. She attached the ribbon around Vulpix's neck, which coincidentally matched Charlie's jacket and then headed over to Arlene and Malic, just as Bobby, Jay and Jake entered the Pokemon Center

June 1st, 2008, 8:18 PM
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Jay found himself with the group of trainers again, they seem to just drag him along where ever they go, but he doesn't seem to mind. He was too involved with the tablet and what he just read. Some time past and it was starting to get late, the sun began to set and everyone began to leave the Pokecenter and sit by and watch the the remains of day turn to night. Here would be the opportunity for Jay to apologize to Arlene and the rest of the group for his rude behavior, he is not used to having friends.

"Hey, um, A-Arlene...-" But before Jay could get on with it a voice suddenly came,

"So I have finally found you."

Jay jumped and looked around to see where the new voice is coming from. Just then a being jumped in front of the group as if from no where. It seemed to be someone dressed in a tight metallic suit, each arm equipped with some sort of device, the head is well hidden under a silver-white helmet with a black visor which seemed to have a robotic depiction of a Pokeball design in front of it.

"Wh-who are you?" Jay asked scared of the sudden appearance of this strange looking person.

"I can't let you continue any further." The figure said, "Edge, GO!" The figure shouted as it threw a pokeball. A Salamence formed from the red laser. "Eliminate these trainers." The Salamence nodded and began to fly through the air towards the Trainers. Jay just stood there in shock, unsure of what to do...

June 1st, 2008, 8:30 PM
Charlie swore as the Pokemon flew at them, its mouth agape, roaring its name. It was impressive to say the least, she'd never seen one of these Pokemon before, but based on descriptions she'd read in books Charlie was fairly sure it was a Salamence, the dragon Pokemon.

She watched out of the corner of her eye as the other trainers sprang into battle, Pokemon ready to fight. With trembling fingers Charlie reached for the Pokeball containing Drifloon, she threw it and her Pokemon appeared

"C'mon 'Floon, we'll give it our best," she shouted and then turned to Vulpix, who was hiding behind her, trembling.

"I know you're scared Vulpix, but you have to try," Charlie urged and the little fox Pokemon jumped forward, six tails standing tall.

June 1st, 2008, 8:35 PM
"Alright, Edge, destroy them!" Salamence nodded, he looked around his environment and spotted the Driftloon, "SALA!" Salamence roared. He charged his mouth and a spew of flames came pouring out, setting ablaze all that it touched. However this was just a show of power to intimidate the Driftloon, the Salamence who appeared to be named "Edge" seemed fully confident in himself that he will win the fight.

This time though, he seemed to mean it. He looked at the Driftloon again and readied another Flamethrower heading right for the balloon pokemon...

June 1st, 2008, 8:40 PM
"Quick, Drifloon, get out of the way. Go up!" Charlie screamed as the jet of fire flew towards her Pokemon.
Drifloon responded, with a surpising amount of speed.

"Good, now use gust to get rid of the fire!" Charlie instructed her Pokemon, trying hard to keep her head cool. Drifloon blew out a gust of wind driving the flames away.

"Great work 'Floon. Now Vulpix, lets give him a taste of his own medicine, hit him with a flamethrower," Charlie told her small Pokemon who immediately sprung to action. She knew she was fighting a losing battle, but she had to try.

"A little help would be great," she screamed to her companions.

June 1st, 2008, 8:44 PM
In the heat of the second, Jaydin launched himself into action, locking a stance between the defenseless Drifloon and Edge's oncoming Flamethrower. Needless to say, Jaydin was set ablaze, but he was able to endure the attack long enough to give Drifloon cover. In his defeat, Arlene called him back to his ball.

All at once, the two of Arlene's majestic team that remained; Snake the Lucario, and Fate the Ninetales; they sprung into immediate action before anyone even recognized that they had left their Pokeballs. They exploded into existence amidst the already-raging firefight, and Arlene herself looked ready to get in on the action; thought it was a Pokemon battle and she did have morals. Lucario was the first to spring forth with a dose of Close Combat at the Salamence they now knew as Edge, and for a moment all who remained was Fate, who dodged under the fighting to join Vulpix and launched an assault on Edge, crossing beams with Vulpix's Flamethrower with his own.

((Sorry Stantler, for the confusion. I posted too late originally.))

June 1st, 2008, 8:49 PM
Edge gave a content look as the Linoone was set ablaze and came falling back down to its defeat. However his flame disappeared as the Driftloon used gust to put them out. Edge again started to eye the trainers as he flew around to get a better view on what he should target. Just then flame came from the Vulpix, for a small Pokemon the flame is pretty intense.

"MENCE!" Salamence roared to intimidate the Pokemon even further as it shot another beam of fire directly into the flamethrower of the Vulpix.

The two flares hit each other, after a strong hit the two flamethrowers put themselves out with an explosion of flame. "SALA!!!" Edge roared and already prepared another flamethrower which he again used to make a ring of flame surrounding the trainers with their Pokemon...

June 1st, 2008, 8:54 PM
Charlie's heart was in her throat, Jaydin was hurt, but she couldn't do anything right now. There was no time for thinking, she'd just have to trust her instincts.

"Jay!" she shouted "Use Altaria, she's a dragon. It's our only hope." Charlie hoped the boy would hear her and jump into action, but she wasn't counting on it.

"Okay, Vulpix use flamethrower and Drifloon hit it with a gust so it moves faster. We have to take down this thing somehow. And then Drifloon use your gust to get rid of the flames," she told her Pokemon and then looked at Arlene who was instructing her two other Pokemon to fight.

June 1st, 2008, 8:59 PM
An explosion of fire powered by wind smacked the Salamence. A cloud of fire appeared over Celestic Town. As the thunder ended, Edge appeared, however his wings seemed to be damaged by the fire, he may not fly as well anymore.

"SALAMENCE!" Edge roared as his claws began to glow with a blazing fire, he zoomed towards the Driftloon and slashed it back towards the ground where there it deflated.

"MENCEEE!!!" Edge roared as his mouth began to charge more fire.

Jay stood there shocked unsure of what exactly is going on, "B-But I-I" He seems to be lost at the moment...

June 1st, 2008, 9:06 PM
Charlie was outraged. Jay stood there blubbering like a fool, when her Pokemon had been struck down before all of their eyes.

"Return Drifloon!" Charlie called and the Pokemon again became a beam of light. She didn't put the Pokeball away, she merely clutched it in her hands, still shaking, with anger and fear

That was two of their Pokemon defeated already Jaydin, 'Floon she thought sadly.
Salamence was preparing for it's next attack, this would be the perfect chance to inflict some damage.

"Vulpix, quick! Use your flamethrower, weaken it's legs!" Charlie instructed the foxlike Pokemon and it instantly took off, blowing fire onto each of the Salamence's legs, weakening it.

This could work Charlie thought, her hopes rising.

June 1st, 2008, 9:07 PM
That broke it.

Whatever Arlene had been holding back... Now there was nothing. A grim, hateful glare penetrated Salamence to the heart, almost to the point where even it - a powerful, gigantic dragon - would have soiled itself, and a raging fire consumed her eyes. She shouted orders in a deathly growl, so dreadfully ferocious that everyone in the immediate reach was shocked that it was her screaming them. Influenced by their trainer's hate, Snake stood back a step or two and conjured from it's very soul a powerful Aura Sphere, launching it with such coordination with Fate's Fire Spin that one could guess they had years of practice.

It was obvious; the way she screamed, the fire in her flashing eyes, and the way her voice had gone out the window... If her Pokemon would fail, then under no circumstances would this mystery trainer get away alive. Regardless of law or order, she would in all literal sense murder him. She would rip off his head, beat him to death, something. Something very gory would occur.

June 1st, 2008, 9:21 PM
With the power of Snake's aura sphere, Fate's fire spin together with Vulpix's flamethrower, Edge received a direct hit from the very heavy blow. Covered in flames, Edge simply fell down on to the ground,

"s-sala..." Edge moaned and then fainted.

The metallic suited figure walked into the ring of fire and stared at the trainers. It picked up it's Pokeball and returned Edge.

"You fight well but it is all for nothing. Accept your defeat." The figure simply said.

A strange looking rod shot out from a device on its arm and aimed it to the trainers. It looks like a lightning rod. Suddenly a jolt of electricity appeared and a beam of light shot out towards the trainers and their pokemon.

It seems now that the party is separated. Malic and Bobby suddenly placed in Verify Lake, Arlene and Jake in Acuity Lake, leaving Jay and Charlie at Valor Lake...

June 1st, 2008, 9:33 PM
It was dark when the world stopped spinning, Charlie hit the ground with a dull thud, Vulpix at her side. A lake was ahead of her, she was sure it was one of the three lakes of Sinnoh, either Verity or Valour, but definitely not Acuity as it was located in Snowpoint and would be covered in ice.

She let out a low, painful groan and closed her eyes. Charlie was fairly sure she'd cracked a rib, she'd done it before. No big deal. Her groan was responded with a whimper, Charlie prayed it was Arlene, and that she was okay. She was furious at the other trainers, Arlene and Charlie had singlehandely taken down the Salamence whilst they boys had been freaking out. Boys, who needs them? Charlie thought bitterly.

"Arlene? Is that you?" she asked tenatively, whilst reaching for her Vulpix. Ow! her mind screamed, Moving hurts!

June 1st, 2008, 9:44 PM
Jay fell to the ground and just laid there for a moment, whatever he just encountered, it seemed that it sucked all of the energy out of him. He heard something else fall with him, however he had trouble moving to see what it was as his back stung with pain. As he managed to turn his head he could see someone in the darkness, a girl with a Vulpix.

"Ch-Char-lie?" Jay asked as he then dropped his head, he could hear water somewhere around him. It sounded low and slow moving. He tried moving his arms to get up but they wouldn't function and then he passed out...

June 1st, 2008, 9:54 PM
Oh Charlie thought It's Jay. Vulpix was moving, an obvious sign that she was not in pain. She started licking Charlie's face, causing the girl to giggling which hurt her ribs. Everything hurt her ribs, even breathing. As angry as she was at Jay, she still wanted to make sure he wasn't injured

"Jay?" she asked softly, her voice weak. There was no response, through the darkness she could see his figure, he was not moving.

"Jay?" Charlie called again, a little louder, but still nothing. Charlie swore and pulled her knees to her chest, this also hurt immensely, but she needed to see if Jay was concious, it was likely that he wasn't.
Very slowly and with Vulpix's aid she moved so she was on all fours and crawled to Jay, who was a few metres away. She peered at his face, there was no movement and his eyes were closed. Charlie swore again, this was not good.

"Vulpix, go and get my bag please," she whispered, as talking loud hurt too much. Her Pokemon zipped away and instantly returned, bag clutched in her teeth.

"Thanks," Charlie smiled weakly and Vulpix licked her hand. She then started rifling through her bag and extracted her canteen. She opened it and doused Jay's face with water. He spluttered, stirring, eyes slowly opening.

"Welcome to the land of the living," Charlie joked weakly, in spite of the situation.

June 1st, 2008, 10:07 PM
Jay opened his eyes, slowly put surely he did. The first thing he saw was Charlie, who seemed to be looking at him, he felt wet but his body still hurt, it looks like he passed out. He sat up, groaning in pain while doing so,

"Grah... w-what happened? Wh-e-re are w-e?" Jay asked as he began to forget what just happened, it seems that his memory is going down the drain little by little and the hit on the head as he landed did not help him. He placed his hand over his face and tried to think about what happened, silent images of a tablet appeared, a figure, fire, and now a lake. He is at a lake.

Jay looked around himself, for night, the temperature was very warm. By the looks of things this would be southern Sinnoh, the more warmer part. He felt a bit stuffy with his scarf and hat, yet he refused to take them off, especially his hat. Jay shook his head and then stared at Charlie. He inspected her, she seemed injured. Something came to Jay's mind. He began to get up, it hurt, yet he did not give up. As he stood up he extended out his hand towards Charlie,

"We must find help, let me help you up." Jay told her.

June 1st, 2008, 10:14 PM
Charlie took Jay's hand, and groaned audibly as he pulled her to her feet. Gingerly she touched her ribs, she was sure they were cracked, if not broken. It was dark, but the moonlight was glowing off the lake, illuminating both of their faces, she gently let go of Jay's hand.

"I think Lake Valour. There's no snow, and its warm, I've never been here, but that's what I've heard about the area," she winced in pain. Talking so much hurt, but she pushed on "If I'm right there's a resort, just south of here. We should go now, I need a bed and medical attention."

June 1st, 2008, 10:39 PM
All was dark. Arlene had passed out cold from the sheer force of the electricity screaming through her body...

It was midnight when Arlene woke finally. She remembered little of what had happened, just... The raw fury that flowed through her, the immense hatred for that metal-clad assailant... Whatever he'd done, he would pay. When at first she opened her eyes, it was hard to tell if she had actually lifted her eyelids, due to the immense emptiness of the sky, the unyielding darkness that surrounded her. She couldn't even tell what direction she was facing at first. But once the feeling came back and the jolt returned in her sensitive nerves, she knew immediately. Snow was all around her, and the frigid cold was almost too much for her fur to keep away. She still remained relatively temperate beneath her pretty orange coat, but where exactly she was relative to her previous location was still a mystery.

She stood tenderly, adamant about being absolutely quiet. She did not want to alarm anyone or anything nearby, if an assailant was still near. She skillfully looked around at first, but suddenly, pain overtook her entire body. Her left leg buckled under just her own weight, and her right side went into spasms. She fell into the snow with a feathery "thud", and the blinding agony gripped her senses for a moment... When it subsided, she reached down, checking for abnormalities in her form. Fear drew her into a recessive state of mind as she passed a cold paw over her leg and noted that one part of her thigh was slightly off-angle; she had somehow broken a leg. And from the feeling in her chest, maybe a rib or two.

She forced herself to stand again, and limped a few agonizing paces over to a better vantage point to view her surroundings, clutching her aching side with one paw. She was barely able to stand, but despite the burning pain shooting at her, stabbing her from every direction, licking at her bones... She was still able to overwatch the area and think tactically. Her belongings were huddled up next to someone else's bag, and the person in question was out cold - or dead - in the snow, silent. Sighing, partially from pain, Arlene knew that whoever it was would not survive long without her help. She struggled along the snow path she had created by unintentionally dragging her broken leg through the loose mush, and carefully lowered herself down onto one knee. In the cold night air, the human in front of her would surely die of pneumonia and hypothermia if she didn't do anything.

Biting the immense, unimaginable pain rocking her to the core, the vixen gripped the boy intensely by the clothing and lifted him up onto her shoulders, at the same time dislodging him from the snow, and painfully carried him over to a nearby alcove formed into a rock face that spiked out of the snow. She then angrily fought against her own body to retrieve their bags, doing the best attempt she could to carry all three at once to their new temporary camp. She collapsed nearby suddenly, shocked as her vision became blurred and surreal... The gasping vixen coughed up a considerable amount of blood before regaining her composure and lifting herself up, and continuing to the campsite; where she promptly dropped everything from her shoulders. She was tired, very hungry, and filled to the brim - to the point where she could no longer withstand - with a fiery anguish unlike any she had ever faced.

Once again, unable to face the terrible agony, she doubled over and collapsed in the snow, though still conscious. Her energy spent, she knew that soon she would be far too weak to move. Whatever was wrong with her was very serious, possibly life-threatening. Once again, a dizzy spell overtook her, and she coughed until she expelled bodily fluids. Thankfully, this time, there was less blood. Or was it that she had lost alot already... And she was running out? Fearful, she struggled to stand again, forcing her weight onto her good leg, and shakily called out to the human boy, "Hey...! Get up!"

June 1st, 2008, 10:44 PM
Jay nodded and helped Charlie up. They then left for the resort. After such a catastrophe that took place in Celestic Town, the night did seem to be a calm and peaceful one. The wind was slow moving and warm to the touch, and the night sky glowed with the light of a beautiful full-moon. The beach laid quiet as the ocean made woosh noises as tides came in and out.

Jay looked at Charlie and where she placed her hand. Vulpix, still at her side, never leaving. Jay turned back and followed the beach down. It seemed late in the evening, he hoped that the resort would be able to help.

Soon enough, lights could be seen lighting up the sand of the beach and as they walked further, they found a group of luxurious looking buildings, this must be the resort. Jay helped Charlie walk up the stairs and into the main entrance,

"Someone! Help! Someone help us!" Jay shotted out as him and Charlie came into the resort.

Everyone who was walking around stopped dead in their tracks to look at the trainers who just walked in and bellhops along with a manager came running forward,

"What's wrong?", "Are you okay?", "Is she okay?", "What happened?"

Jay answered the questions as best he could, "I don't know! Something happened. Help us! she's hurt, help her!" Jay told them.

To their luck, Charlie was right about them having a medical center. They took the female trainer immediately there to help her injuries, leaving Jay at the main hall. Jay just stood there as they carried her off to help her out quickly. As they disappeared behind large doors, Jay got the courage to follow. As he entered the medical branch of the resort he was put to a halt by a doctor who asked him what happened. Jay explained the situation as best he could by saying that this was all a freak accident during a Pokemon battle that they were having. The doctor then told Jay that he couldn't follow Charlie any further however he refused to leave her.

Being told to wait at the waiting room, Jay found a chair and sat there waiting for Charlie. Suddenly, her Vulpix jumped on his lap, it seems she too was not allowed inside. He began to see some more of the resort doctors come rushing in and out of rooms and soon some real doctors from the city came many hours later. By this time, Jay couldn't stay up and began to fall asleep, he placed a hand on Vulpix and hoped that Charlie was going to be alright. Then he fell asleep.

When one closes their eyes and rest their souls, the mind begins to dream of fantasies, giving birth to realities that only exist within the person's mind. Then something seemed to have interrupted these visions. A dream much like the last two came into mind, the same voice as the previous ones spoke,


The voice, it sounded like it's dying out...

June 2nd, 2008, 1:36 AM
The doctor's name was James Waters and he told Charlie that he'd moved from Slateport City in the Hoenn Region. James was tall and had a friendly smile, which she found very comforting. She laid on the cold metal bed, trying to ignore the pain she felt in her abdomen. She removed her shirt and peeked down at the bruising forming on her chest and upper stomach, this does not look good she thought.

Dr Waters gently touched her ribs, inspecting them, but even the slightest of touches caused her to cry out in pain. After a five minute examination he declared her ribs were bruised and most likely cracked, he gave her the strongest pain medication he had and left her to rest.

Charlie closed her eyes, wondering where the rest of the group was, hoping they were okay especially Arlene she thought. All she wanted was for any of them to burst into the room and declare they were perfectly fine. Charlie held onto this thought until she drifted off, wishing she at least had her Vulpix to comfort her...

June 2nd, 2008, 2:10 AM
Hearing some sort of commotion outside, Jake rushed outside to aid in battle. However, having not noticed for so long, he unfortunately ran into the fight just in time to see the Salamence fall in flames, and then get hit with some kind of weird lightning. Intense pain ripped through his body, before swiftly knocking him and his Pokemon unconscious.

The next thing he knew, he was lying in the snow in a makeshift campsite. The air was crisp and still, but viciously cold. He could hear several hacking coughs, before hearing any actual words;

"Hey...! Get up!"

In a daze, Jake forced himself to sit up, less to comply with the demand than to see who else was here. Looking around, he saw to his relief that his Pokemon were all nearby, although they were unconscious. He reluctantly pulled out three Pokeballs to carry them somewhere to treat them; he had avoided using Pokeballs whenever possible since finding himself inexplicably in a hospital 13 years ago, and even he wasn't sure why. The only other person he could see had bright orange fur. "Well, unless I've been warped to a parallel universe, there's only one person you could be," he said hoarsely. "So I assume you're Arlene, right?" Jake asked, as he gritted his teeth and stood up. Scanning the area again, he noticed several spots of spattered blood. She must've got the lightning a lot worse than I did, he thought.

As he examined his location, one thought came to mind: Irony sucks. He had found himself in this strange mystery and decided he had to figure out what was going on, and yet now he was mere miles, maybe less, from his previous destination: Snowpoint City. "Well," he said grimly, "if you need a hospital there should be one due east of here." If I'm right about the location... he thought nervously, though he couldn't think of any lakes surrounded by snow other than Acuity.

June 2nd, 2008, 2:23 AM
She remembered then... For just a split second, the lightning had gotten so intensely concentrated on her that she had begun to explosively decompress as the electricity sapped the air around her of oxygen, thus thinning the air; parts of her began to come apart like she was made of play-dough. The painful memory was not welcome, but a hospital was definitely so.

"Yeah, a hospital would be just fine," she noted hastily, her breath short and baited as her lungs could not painlessly expand due to her ribs. "Let's go," she finished, moving to heft up her belongings and continue the journey as if she had not taken any injuries at all. It was the kind of woman she was, tough and relentless to the end. Otherwise, she would not be alive that very moment. She painfully lifted her guitar and backpack onto her shoulders, and began to lead the way east-bound, though she could see nothing ahead... She had only taken a few steps forward until she realized the fatal mistake she was making.

"Well... Better idea," she breathed hoarsely, sapped of her energy. "Do you think it's better that we just camp out and go in the morning? I like the night here, but we need to be able to see where the hell we're going."

June 2nd, 2008, 2:36 AM
Jake shrugged. It was a bit dark for travel. "Alright then, we'll move in the morning. I just don't suggest you move too much until then," he added. "I'm not a doctor, but I'm going to assume that spewing blood everywhere is a bad thing." With that, he cleared away some snow and wrapped his cloak tightly around himself to try to sleep.

He probably slept for an hour, before being awakened by a strange dream:


As in the previous dreams, this one bugged him severely, and he ended up sitting up and trying to figure out what kind of message it was supposed to be. Or, maybe it's exactly what it seems; just a dream. He didn't believe that anymore. The feeling of that blast of lightning, somehow, had awakened something within him, a fear, an awareness that he couldn't place. All he knew was that something was happening, and he had ended up trapped in the events. With severe difficulty, he finally managed to fall back asleep for the night.

June 2nd, 2008, 3:38 AM
"F...o...r...g...i...v...e...y...o...u...r...f...r ...i...e...n...d"

Those were the words that ended waking Malic up from his dream. The words were peculiar at best. "Forgive who? Forgive What?" was the only thing Malic could get out the damn dream. Malic arose to a sitting position. He had noticed the grass was a very deep green and glanced at the shining lake in front of him. The partly sunny skies caused the lake to shimmer and Malic, a man who isn't normally stunned by nature, was in trance. "Wow, maybe Sinnoh isn't that bad. Except for the part where I get lost."

Then Malic realized something. How did I get here? Last thing I remember was falling asleep during the foxgirl's song. Malic attempted to remember anything he could. I do remember hearing some noises, like there was a fight of some sort. After some deep not painful thought, he established a theory that he was in fact kidnapped by voodoo wizards. Malic rose to his feet and dramatically walked forward. "You wizards! I wil..Aaaah!" Malic fell to the ground, performing a face-plant on the way. "That didn't go according to plan." He turned to see his belongings were the thing he fell over. Everything was there: his pokeballs, his bag and his sweaty towel which still smelled like crap. Malic took a quick moment to change his clothes, since his other clothes were dirty and sweaty. He donned a pair of new stonewashed jeans, a black shirt with a dark blue casual shirt over it, and the same old muddy sneakers only this time he washed them in the serene waters of Lake Verity. "Much better. I wonder if anyone will notice." He chuckled.

Upon leaving the lake, he noticed a corpse of a young child. Malic rushed over and turned the body over. "No way. Bobby?" He checked the body to see if Bobby was breathing and Malic was able to confirm the fact he wasn't so dead. A sigh of relief overcame Malic, only problem was waking up the teenager. Why couldn't one of the girls be here? Even the strange foxgirl would be an upgrade. Oh well, better than no one. "If he is anything like me, this won't be easy." Malic first surveyed the area for any real supplies and by supplies he ment tools to smack Bobby with in order to wake the kid. Malic tried poking him in the face with sticks and that didn't work; hitting him in the head with pebbles and that failed miserably. Wait a minute. Lake + Milotic= Idea! Malic called up his Charizard and Milotic. Whispering in their ears, Malic devised a grand scheme. Mounting Charizard, he rose into the air. While up there, calm winds brushed against his face. Milotic dove into the beautiful lake and began swimming around, building energy to be released. "NOW!" Malic hollered and the calm Milotic obeyed, unleashing a massive surf as if a hurricane had been in the area to shore that Bobby chose to rest on.

Malic came to the shore to greet the now awake Bobby. He had to wait a few moments in order for Bobby to clear his body of any unwanted water through the painful process of choking. "Sorry kid, but you were way past out. Come on, gather your stuff and we are going to head to the nearest city. Maybe the rest of the group is there." Bobby listened but only because Malic assumed command, he was clearly angry at the fact Malic used something as powerful as a surf to actually wake someone up.

The dynamic duo entered Sandgem Town. "Lovely. Another place with nothing in it." Malic was more or less right. With the exception of a Pokemon Center, a shop and a few houses, the town was bare and empty. "Alright, lets start at the Center and see what we can find out." Malic delivered the statement with a commanding tone as if Bobby was a pokemon while pointing at their goal.

Where the hell is everyone? Surely they can't be here.

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June 2nd, 2008, 4:09 AM
"F...o...r...g...i...v...e...y...o...u...r...f...r ...i...e...n...d"

The words still rang in her ears when Charlie stirred, warm sunlight was streaming through the window. She looked around and saw that Jay was sitting across from her, his face anxious, Vulpix in his lap.
There were two things wrong about this image, the worry in Jay's face and Vulpix's position.

"Wha-What's going on?" Charlie murmured, a great pain seering through her ribs. She cried out in pain, and Jay immediately leapt to his feet. Vulpix didn't seem bothered by being knocked to the ground, her only concern was her trainer's pain.

"You hurt yourself, when we arrived at the lake. The doctor said you'd br-bruised your ribs," Jay explained, his voice anxious. Charlie took in the information whilst Jay looked over her, Vulpix jumped onto the bed and licked her trainers hands. One word struck a nerve in Charlie's mind.

"Lake?" she asked, trying to look out the window without experiencing too much pain.

"Lake Valour, we're in the Resorts medical clinic. You were pretty lucky it was so close," he told her, his voice implying that he felt pretty lucky it was close too.

"How did we get here?" Charlie demanded, her voice panicky. Where was Arlene? and the others?

"I don't know," Jay replied, his face so open and honest she believed him.

"But where are the others?" Charlie asked softly, her voice growing weaker.

"I don't know," Jay repeated, his face somber. Charlie choked back a sob, it wasn't fair or just. She'd just lost the first person she'd been close to since Art, she first female she'd been close to since her mother. It wasn't just Arlene she was sad for, she was worried about the others too. But mostly, she was worried about Russel. Worried about him dying she added in her mind.

She couldn't help it, Charlie looked up at Jay and began to cry. But not the angry, hot tears she'd cried yesterday; but sad, lonely tears. Vulpix cuddled up next to her, trying to comfort her and Jay looked back at her, not knowing what to do.

June 2nd, 2008, 8:22 AM
Jay stood there and watched Charlie cry, he then tried to comfort her but she wouldn't hear it. He lowered his head behind his scarf and closed his eyes in pain, he hated himself because there was nothing he can do. He put his hands in his pockets and turned away, he looked back, glanced at her jacket and then left the room. However, her cries continued to haunt him. Jay then lifted up his head and clutched a fist,

"Trainers only fight, right? Yet her Vulpix still loves her even after that battle. Would my pokemon feel the same for me? Even if I use them for battles?" Jay asked himself this and he came to a conclusion of his thoughts as the image of Charlie's jacket still lingered in his mind.

Jay left the resort, now that is was day, there were many people around the resort. All of them were in some sort of swim wear, Jay however still wore his casual attire with his winter accessories making him stick out like a sore thumb. As he passed by, guys looked at him as if he were a freak and girls stared at him and simply laughed, and when ever he gave a glance back they run off laughing away. It was Snowpoint all over again except this time it's warmer outside. The once empty beach from last night is now packed and full of people swimming with some lifeguards with their water-type pokemon on the look out.

Route 222 is pretty short, or maybe long, it's hard to tell since its such a gorgeous route with a cool sea breeze, a warm sun and a beautiful sight of the ocean that anyone would enjoy the view and take no notice of the actual trip itself. Soon enough, Jay made it to Sunnyshore City.


The city itself seemed to be on a peninsula, one side facing the entire ocean while the other faced the southern point of the Sinnoh mountain range. The city is one giant port with boats from all over coming in and out and selling various goods that one could never find anywhere else in Sinnoh, but Jay isn't here for that, nevertheless, the city is still an amazing sight to behold. The very ground illuminated as everything was solar-powered. Jay made his way through the crowds of people and journeyed across town. There were many sights to behold, Pokemon Rock as well as Vista Lighthouse. Neon signs and electric machines littered the streets and building adding to the already dazzling city. Soon enough, a large building could be seen,


That's what the sign above the doors read as Jay entered. The gym is rather large yet empty and all the machines that looked like were once active were now dead and collected dust. Usually there are many trainers in a gym, yet this one held none. For such a spectacular city, it's gym did not match. All the way on the other side, one could see a tall man with blond hair that was stylized and spikey, he was dressed like any average young man yet his blue jacket is what struck out the most. However, he didn't look like he was awaiting a challenge, in fact he looked like he was about to leave as he had luggage and just got up from bagging some camping equipment. He stood up and turned to see Jay walking up to him,

"Huh? Oh, are you a trainer? Hmm, listen kid, this place is dead and I'm disowning the Gym. I haven't had any real challengers in a very long time and I'm not going to have my chances of entering the Elite Four slip away again." The young man said.

Jay stood there, he seemed nervous at first, yet he thought back to what happened in the hospital, "Come with me." Jay simply said.

"What? Come? With you? Where? Listen kid, the only place I'm going to is The Pokemon League. So unless you have a ferry waiting to take me there I'm not going anywhere with you." The young man replied to Jay's absurd question.

"....If I defeat you in battle, will you come with me?" Jay asked, "What? Are you deaf kid? I DISOWNED the Gym, no more badges!" Jay shook his head, "I-I don't care about the stupid badges, I'll beat all your Pokemon if I must... I'm not leaving here without you." Jay spoke back at what appears to be the Ex-Gym leader.

"Hmph, you talk big. So you're not here for a badge huh? Just for a battle? Ha! You're one crazy kid. But I'll tell you what. I'll battle you using ONE Pokemon! If you can defeat Luxray here then I'll do whatever you want. Hahaha, I'll even make you dinner, what you say?" The former gym leader laughed,

"Fine, whatever, just get ready to lose." Jay told him, he seemed serious. Jay hasn't felt this way in years, in fact he wasn't sure if he ever felt this way and was surprised at himself for acting this way but he just couldn't take her crying anymore and felt like this was all his fault.

"Haha, I Volkner, leader of the Sunnyshore City Gym accept your challenge!" Volkner declared, "Luxray, GO!" Volkner shouted as he threw a Pokeball. A vicious lion-like Pokemon emerged from the pokeball's lasers, "RAY!" Luxray roared.


Jay placed his hand over his hat and dragged it down further his face and made a smirk, "Hmph, I guess I have no other choice..." He said to himself and unclipped a pokeball from his belt. He held it in his hand for a while and then tossed it over revealing a Glaceon,

"Eoooo!" Glaceon chanted.

The two pokemon stared at each other and circled the room not leaving one eye off each other. Hisses and growls could be heard and Glaceon's fur started to point up like needles. The atmosphere became tense and electrifying.

"Luxray, get her with a Thunder Fang!" Volkner said, "Glaceon, confuse him! Whip up Hail!" Jay told Glaceon. The Glaceon stood tall and growled, the moisture in the air became cold and soon froze creating a mini-hail storm in the gym itself. Luxray became overwhelmed by the attack and missed Glaceon completely.

"Impressive, so you think you can hide in your little hail storm huh? Luxray, Thunder Wave!" Volkner took action. Impulses came forth from the Luxray and shocked the floor with waves of electricity, Glaceon could be seen flying out of her hail storm landing on her side with steam rising from her fur, the storm ended.

"It's not often trainers come to challenge me, this is why." Volkner told Jay, however, Jay was occupied with Glaceon, "GLACEON!" Jay yelled. he was about to run over but the Ice-Type Pokemon rose back up on her small fox feet. "How interesting, Luxray hit Glaceon again with a Crunch!" Luxray roared and charged forth towards the barely standing Glaceon, " Glaceon Double-team!" Jay shouted. Glaceon began to move fast and circled the Luxray creating copies of herself. Luxray missed and tried again, yet he only seemed to hit after-images, growing frustrated, Luxray began to use Crunch on every image he saw.

"Glaceon, good! Now Ice-Fang!" Suddenly the after-images faded as a Glaceon moved forward and bit into the Luxray's flesh with fangs covered in ice. Soon enough, crystals began to form and Luxray's fur was covered in ice, he then froze in place. Glaceon hopped off him and landed in front of Jay.

"Luxray? Luxray! Shake it off!" Volkner shouted out.

The now frozen Luxray just stood there in place when suddenly he began to rock back and forth. Cracks in the ice could be seen and in an instant he burst out of his frozen state. "LUXRAY!" Luxray roared, however he seemed dazed and tried to collect himself to what just happened.

"Luxray! Pull yourself together!" Volkner told his Pokemon. Luxray shook his head and faced the Glaceon, "Good, now Charge Beam attack now!" Luxray opened his mouth and particles began to form and then waves of electricity could be seen collecting around his body. "This is not good, Glaceon, Mirror Coat!" However the command was too late as a beam of electricity shot out on a direct hit towards the Glaceon, the beam moved in faster than light speed. However when hit, Glaceon was covered in a yellow glow and suddenly the beam bounced off her and headed right back towards the Luxray, an explosion could be seen, followed by static of the electricity flowing through the room, the machines around the room began to turn on and gears started to revolve. Glaceon could be seen covered in smooth ice, so light and clear that she almost looked like water. However, the Luxray still stood in place.

"Luxray? Luxray! Use another one!" Volkner shouted. However, Luxray just stood there and suddenly he fell down to the ground on his side with his feet still in position of standing and his expression frozen on his face. He is completely paralyzed and completely out of commission.

"What-the......hehehe. Hahahah!" Volkner began to laugh he started to crack up,"...That was the most fun I've had in a battle since...I don't know when! It's also made me excited to know you and your team will keep battling to greater heights! This is your eighth badge. You've earned this - oh wait, I don't do that anymore do I? Hahahaha!"

Volkner returned Luxray yet he still seemed to be laughing, it looks like he had a lot of fun in the battle. After he calmed down he approached Jay, "Okay so exactly what is this all about?" He asked. Jay explained the situation to the Ex- Gym Leader. "Hey, why didn't you say so earlier? I would of been more than happy to see your friend!" this was followed by Jay slapping himself in the face and sighing.


It was mid-noon, Jay made it back to the resort. It seems visiting hours are still on way. Jay saw Charlie with her Vulpix staring off in window. "I'm sorry that I left you alone." Jay told her, however there was no response. "But I brought someone who wants to see you." With that, Jay turned and walked out of the room as Volkner placed a hand on Jay's shoulder and entered the room Charlie was in, Jay figured it would be best to leave them be and went back outside to enjoy a nice cool breeze...

June 2nd, 2008, 3:07 PM
Jay had left Charlie in the morning, but assured her he would be back later that day. Charlie was indifferent towards this, she was feeling moody and down and she had Vulpix. But as soon as he had left the room she missed his presence, what she really needed was someone to talk to. She wanted to reach for her phone and let her dad know she'd received the package, but how would she explain her current location, how would she explain her broken ribs?

Charlie missed Arlene and now she missed Jay, they were the only two people in their group she was closed to. The panic in Jay’s eyes last night showed how much he cared for her, and she was touched by it. The anger she had about the Salamence and his inability to battle seeped away. She forgave him.

And that brought her thoughts to the dream, but for some reason this dream didn’t disturb her so much as the first one. It wasn’t absurd or confusing, it made sense and she wondered which friend her subconscious wanter her to forgive. Sure, she’d been upset with Jay but she wasn’t that upset with him. Charlie vaguely wondered who this friend could be, and also thought about Arlene, and the others in the group, whilst she played with Vulpix on her bed.

Around lunchtime they bought food in for her, but not hospital food, because it wasn’t a hospital per se, so she was given a delicious meal from the restaurant. Charlie decided to discuss some form of payment for their services with the receptionist when she delivered the meal, but she would not hear of it.

The day wore on and she wondered where Jay was, she stared out the window hoping to see him, whilst stroking Vulpix’s lush brown fur. Jay entered, and told her he had bought someone to see her, he slowly turned to look, trying to cause herself as little pain as possible. Jay had gone, but someone else was in the doorway.

She could’ve fainted, it was her hero, Volkner, in all his blonde, gorgeous glory, standing, looking at her. If she hadn’t of been in an immense amount of pain she would’ve squealed, and if she hadn’t of been a sixteen year old girl she would’ve fainted. Instead Charlie looked at him, taking in every detail, when she reached his face she realised he was doing the same to her, making her blush deeply.

“Hello,” Volkner smiled, still staring at Charlie’s pretty face.

“Hi,” she said softly, still blushing “It’s an honour to meet you”

“And I could say the same to you,” Volkner told her “Jay informed me of your battle against a Salamence and your only two Pokemon were a Vulpix and a Drifloon.”

“Yeah, but they were amazing,” Charlie breathed, defending her beloved Pokemon. Still in awe that Volkner was in her room. He crossed over the room and sat down on the chair beside the bed, still looking at her face. When Jay had bought him here he’d been expecting something different, he wasn’t sure what, but something very different to Charlie. But she was beautiful.

They chatted for a while, about his gym and its popularity decline and now his desire to challenge the Elite Four. And Charlie told him about Vulpix and Drifloon and Arlene, and growing up in Snowpoint City. At one stage, Volkner reached forward and took Charlie’s hand in his. He was smitten, and so was she.

“You know, I’ll probably have to leave here soon. I’m sort of wrapped up in this journey, and I need to find my friend,” Charlie stated, it was dark and Volkner was still holding her hand.

“Will you come back to Sunnyshore?” He asked bluntly, and Charlie blushed at the thought of this.

“Of course, but I really want you to still go on to the Elite Four. It’s what you need to do, you need to learn to love battling again,” Charlie told him, looking into his beautiful blue eyes. Volkner nodded and then leant over and kissed Charlie, very softly on her lips. She kissed him back, trembling with excitement and love. It was hard to explain, for both of them, they’d only just met four hours ago but here they were, kissing. Sure, Charlie had had a crush on Volkner for as long as she could remember, but she’d never felt this strongly about anyone.

Charlie pulled away and whispered, “I need you to enjoy battling again, because you inspired me to become a trainer. You will always inspire me.” Volkner kissed her again, softly stroking her golden hair.

“I have to go, my ferry will leave at midnight tonight, and I’ll need at least three hours to get there on time,” he told her, sadly. They exchanged each other’s numbers in their phones, at his insistence and then he kissed her again.

“I’d like you to have a few things before I go,” Volkner said kindly. He handed her a Pokeball “It contains a Lapras, I caught her a few weeks ago. She’s the kindest soul you will ever meet, I want you to have her” Charlie nodded, too grateful to speak. He then reached into his pocket and handed her two gym badges “Give one to Jay, because he truly earned it in that battle. And keep the other for yourself, as you’ve won more than just a battle, you’ve won me,” It was cheesy, but still sweet. Charlie blushed and took the badges “And finally, take this,” Volkner said, removing his jacket and placing it on the bed. “I know you already have one,” he teased, “but this is the real deal.”

“But won’t you get cold?” Charlie asked, her voice filled with concern.

“Relax, I have a million of these in my closet,” he told her and they both laughed. He looked at his watch and said sadly “I really have to go.”

“I understand,” she murmured and he kissed her again, longer than the first two kisses and full of more passion.

“I’ll miss you. Goodbye Charlie,” Volkner whispered upon breaking the kiss.

“And I’ll miss you. Goodbye Volkner,” Charlie replied. And with that, he turned on his heel and was gone. Vulpix ran to her chest and Charlie cuddled her. She started to cry, but not out of sadness, she was simply too full of emotion, she had to get rid of it some way. She was so happy and full of love for Volkner and full of gratitude for Jay and full of worry for Arlene, Russel and the others. She just cried and cried, until Jay returned, later that night.

June 2nd, 2008, 3:34 PM
The little boy ran down the cave floor, running from the on coming Steelix. The Steelix used a Rock Slide to trap the boy and the Steelix beared down upon him when suddenly, a dark figure appeared in front of him.

Just as the figure was about to reveal his face a weak voice broke into the dream and said "F...o...r...g...i...v...e...y...o...u...r...f ...r ...i...e...n...d" "What?" Bobby asked.

Suddenly a flood of water hit Bobby and snapped him awake. "What the...?!" He saw a Milotic finishing getting him wet. "Say... You look like..." Bobby looked up and saw Malic riding his Charizard to the ground. "You jer...!" Bobby started to say, but went into a coffing fit as his body purged him of the water. "...Jerk..." Bobby finished weakly.

Malic was wondering if the others were here, but Bobby was too mad to take anything in. His head hurt on the side, and he had bumps on the top like he had been hit with rocks. "Was it really necessary to use Surf?" Bobby muttered.

Soon they left the lake and wandered into Sandgem Town. Malic said something about being in nothing town, but Bobby was worried about the others. 'If I recall I saw two headed north and two headed south east...' Bobby thought worried about the others. Malic told Bobby to come to the Pokemon Center like he was giving an order to a Pokemon. 'Well better him than me as leader! God knows what I would do...'

June 2nd, 2008, 4:22 PM
"Wait!" He paused and shifted to face the young Bobby. "You know where they went!?!" The question was more than a question. Anger rose in Malic's eyes and a color change was close to happening. The normally icy blue eyes turned to fire red (ooc: haha fire-red. Get it?) "Screw the Center!" He rushed for Bobby's head and the child jolted back but it was too late. Malic was almost angry at Bobby as he grabbed him by the collar and shaking the child violently, but regained his cool demeanor and immediately apologized for his impulsive behavior. "Alright then, directions are an improvement, but where exactly are they? Do you know that too? I refuse to wander aimlessly here in Sinnoh."

Malic pulled out the map from his bag while Bobby took time to think and dry off from the water that was still present from the tidal wave. Water was dripping from all ends of Bobby's clothes. Heh heh. He's soaked. Malic didn't see much on the map, but looked both east and north. The map was old and weathered, full of holes and wrinkles as if someone poured hot coffee all over it and started stabbing it with a knife after it dried. He even shocked himself considering he could understand and read the map but not the hieroglyphics from earlier.

This old map has its uses. He thought. Upon close investigation, Malic noticed two lakes, much like the one Bobby and himself were. The lakes appeared to be similar in size and shape named Lake Valor and Lake Acuity. One in the far north and the east. Interesting. Maybe the group was spilt and teleported somehow. Probably due to voodoo wizards! Malic stood dramatically with a fist raised high at his discovery only to see Bobby stare at him with a sweat-drop. "Oh that looked alot cooler in my head." Malic went back to studying his map, attempting to establish other theories. Other than the lakes, there is nothing to tie the group together based on our teleportation. That's the only pattern I can see. Damn, I wish I was smarter.

June 2nd, 2008, 6:13 PM
Arlene had quickly fallen asleep only moments later. Her fatigue was immense and her mind was heavy with so many different thoughts at once... Where had all of the rest of the group gone? Was there some connection between all of them and some higher force involved?

Maybe she was tired, or maybe it was the pain speaking - she and it were best buddies at times - but in her sleep, something had invaded her mind. She could feel angry, invisible tentacles borne of shadows and dust probing her dreams, stabbing harshly through her solitary wonderland and spreading it's darkness like wildfire. The black flames licked away all of the surreal imagery, leaving behind a barren wasteland devoid of all life and peaked by unforgiving mountains. Their dagger-shaped surfaces shot out of the ground and flowered outward, forming a clearing where she stood in her mind, and the sky bled away, revealing a ceiling made of sharp crystal. Trees sprung from the cold landscape, already lifeless and jagged, and seemed to arch into a gateway; in the distance, helped by the concentrated light from the refracting crystal sheet above her, she gazed upon a single entrance into the darkness of the unknown, deep within the mountains before her, where one singular blood-red eye peered back at her.


The eye - where it's mouth was escaped Arlene entirely - spoke in broken, rough prose, difficult for the vixen to register in her illucid state. When it finally came to her what the eye was trying to tell her, it was far too late. The beholding scene faded away into darkness, and a blaring, unyielding flame melted away the dreams, taking with it Arlene's revalation that could reveal the mystery behind the strange, vivid dreams.

The vixen woke early in the morning, at about five AM she guessed. It was still dark out; perfect. She looked over to Jake, who appeared to be awake. It was time to get moving, and she would need to get herself into a mobile state. "Hey, Jake, isn't it?" she called, not moving just yet. She was full of pain still, hardly able to inch any part of her body in any direction without some kind of hurt attacking her.

"Yes. What is it?" he asked, acknowledging her calm voice. At that, Arlene poked at her ribcage a bit, searching for the injury... Just a mild touch was enough to spike pain through her nerves. It was near her breasts, just under, and to the right. Shrugging it off, she took into account that it was likely nobody in the group found her attractive enough to gawk at what she was about to do. And it's not like she would care much anyway. Shrugging it off mentally, she spoke again. "I need your help."

With that, very carefully, she peeled off her tanktop - carefully enough not to hurt herself - leaving her upper body entirely bare. It was noted that where her ribs were bruised was not entirely apparent at first, but careful concentration revealed the blue and greenish coloration of her skin beneath her soft fur. "I can't reach my back without hurting. Can you wrap a roll of bandages around my ribs, right under my chest?"

June 2nd, 2008, 6:55 PM
Jay waited for awhile and started to walk around and began to daydream as he took in the cool ocean breeze. He thought about Jake and the what happened in Eterna City. He thought about the tablet and what he read. He thought about the people he met and pictured everyone's faces he then tried to remember how this all started but he always drew a blank.

He found himself lost at the beach. By the time he back tracked where he went he found the resort and went to see Charlie. It's night time, he didn't see Volkner leave. The room was empty and contained no one else but Charlie. She turned around from the window once more, she seemed more happy. Jay slowly walked up to her bed and stood there, he then looked out the window as well,

"Remember when I showed you and Malic my pokemon?" Jay asked, Charlie listened, "I only shown you two. I have a third one." Jay then looked down at his belt and unclipped a pokeball. "It was with me when I was found..." An aura of mystery began to develop and somehow, Jay seemed distant, as if he wasn't distant enough. He lightly threw his pokeball down to the ground and out came a Unown. It did not make a sound, it simply floated in the air and slowly came to Jay's side. It was shaped like the letter C.

"This is Unown, Unown always been with me, I.. well, he's very personal to me and I don't show him to many people." Jay admitted, he blushed slightly, however he shook it off in fear of what it could represent, "I went on this journey to find out about my past, I didn't mean for this to happen... seeing you get hurt like this." Jay's voice trailed off, he took a step back and turned around towards the door,

"Get well soon, good-night." Jay told her, he returned Unown and placed it back in the Pokeball. Something seemed misplaced, it felt as if Jay was not going to come back.

Jay didn't have anything to pack so he left right away, his destination is clear though - Mt. Coronet...

June 2nd, 2008, 8:44 PM
Charlie was alone, she was clutching Volkner's jacket tenderly to her chest. She loved the way it smelt of him, that musky, sexy smell. Jay had left not long ago, and Charlie did not feel comfortable with his absence. It felt, permanent. She'd met his mysterious Pokemon Unown today, a Pokemon she had read extensively about in history at school due to it's link with the Ruins just outside of Violet City. She'd been intrigued by it, even though it bordered on being mythical. Charlie felt touched that he had shown this Pokemon to her, she liked the fact that Jay trusted her and she felt like she could trust him.

Volkner had texted her, before he got on the ferry.

I'm leaving now. I miss you already -V

It was so sweet, and nice, she wished he was still here. Charlie refrained from texting him though, he was probably alseep as it was so late. She drifted off, worrying still about Arlene, and Jay and his peculiar behaviour.

When she woke, expecting to see Jay, kindly looking over her, she was disappointed. The receptionist bustled in with a tray of food from the buffet.

"I thought I'd give you your breakfast early. Before it was slim pickings at the buffet, y'know?" she smiled, her voice cheerful as usual.

"Thank you so much," Charlie cooed and then looked around, hoping to see Jay at the doorway "Excuse me miss, but do you know where my friend got to?" she asked when he was still absent.

"He left this morning, he thanked us for our hospitality and left. I thought you'd know," the receptionist explained, her voice almost worried. Charlie shook her head, tears welling up in her eyes and the receptionist grabbed her hand and squeezed it supportively. She then left, leaving Charlie with Vulpix.

That bastard she thought How could he leave me here alone?

June 2nd, 2008, 9:25 PM
After a walk Jay made his way back to Valor Lake. It seemed he just stayed here during the night, he looked back and lowered his head,

"I don't want to see anyone else get hurt because of me. She... She'll thank me later." Jay thought he then thought about his actions but if he wanted to know about his past, his only lead is Mt. Coronet. He has a way to go before he could make it to the mountain and without help from another trainer it will be only twice as hard.

Jay looked into the crystal clear waters of the lake and saw through his own reflection. The image broke by swimming Psyduck. He would have to go through two towns if he would make it to Mt. Coronet, one being Pastoria City and the next Hearthome City. With a heavy heart and the longing to discover his past, he traveled south to the swamps of route 213....

June 2nd, 2008, 10:22 PM
As Bobby dried off and Malic looked at a map, Bobby thought about ways to find the others. "Hm, they all should have woken up by now, so there's no guarente that their still at the same place..."

When he was done, the two boys apologized. Malic for getting so angry, and Bobby for not voicing his thoughts.

As Bobby looked at the map he said "If were going to find the others, I think the best place to look would be around here." His finger traced the entire are of Lake Valor and the three towns near it. "It's the closest, and is only a good 2 day flight. On the other hand while Lake Acuity is farther, there is only one town near there, narrowing our search. Where do you think we should go?"

June 2nd, 2008, 10:35 PM
Charlie was outraged by Jay's actions, he hadn't even left a note. He'd left her in an unfamiliar city all by herself, no, he'd abandoned her. Just like her mother had, just like Russel had. Charlie stroked Vulpix's fur tenderly, and then cuddled her close. That's it she decided We're leaving.

She whipped out her phone and began messaging Volkner, she'd go to him. Afterall, he was all Charlie had right now and she hoped that together they could search for Arlene and Charlie could kick Jay's butt.

To Volkner: I'll meet you at the Pokemon League tomorrow, Jay has left suddenly. Miss you
Slowly, and gingerly she climbed out of bed, Vulpix at her heels. She took as much cash as she had on her and left it on the bedside table, leaving a note thanking them for their hospitality. Charlie crept out of the building and made her way down to the beach, it hurt so much to walk but she pushed on. As soon as she reached the waves she grabbed the Pokeball and released the Pokemon onto the water. Lapras was beautiful, she was blue with four elegant flippers and a hard, shell encased back. She arched her neck and called her name out in a low, graceful tone.

"Hey Lapras, your daddy gave you to me and now we're going to be friends," Charlie told the Lapras, wincing in pain from her ribs. The Lapras looked at her and again cried her name.

"Nice to meet you to," she joked "Now I need a favour from her," her voice suddenly serious "I need you to take me to Sunnyshore City, and I need you to be gentle about it." The Lapras cried out happily, and gestured to her to climb aboard. Charlie crossed to the waves and waded until she could climb on, Vulpix safely in her arms.

It was early in the morning as they set off for Sunnyshore, Charlie's face set in a look of grim determination.

June 3rd, 2008, 2:05 AM
Malic stared at the map, practically placing his face in the filthy, decrepit map before a lightbulb went off. "How do you feel about splitting up?" He grinned a bit when he said, "Both of us have pokemon that can fly. My Charizard and your Flygon. Each of us would take one location and fly to it. Its a bit risky since this map is unreliable, but we could the general idea of the location. And we can meet in the mountain if we don't find anyone, since its roughly in the middle. Here take my number, I know you have a Pokegear like me, everyone from Johto has them. Even the losers. " Malic let out a big toothy smile when he explained it and laughed when he uttered the last part of his master scheme.

The only problem was speed as far the flight was considered. Malic was going to suggest using the faster one to get the northern lake while the slower goes to the lake with all the towns. He couldn't be too sure, of course he assumed based on the appearance that Charizard and his slightly bigger wings would be the faster of the two lifts. However, Flygon is a powerful dragon pokemon capable of flight. Malic was stumped on that part of the plan. He had hoped that Bobby may have a solution to the predicament.

Hopefully we'll find someone with my amazing plan. I am a little concerned. The fight sounded nasty, I am willing to bet someone is hurt.

June 3rd, 2008, 2:10 AM
Jake stood and yawned momentarily as he was awakened. "Yeah, right... sure... wha...?!" Though he wasn't the type to gape, he was definitely caught off-guard, especially this early in the morning. Composing himself, he walked over to help. "Well, I'm pretty sure I told you last night that I wasn't a doctor, but I suppose I'll see what I can do..."

Jake took the roll of tape from Arlene and began to gingerly wrap it around her waist, being careful not to injure the vixen any further than she already was. He could feel her cringe in pain each time he crossed her bruised ribs. "Alright. Is that enough?" he asked after the fourth layer he wrapped around. "I'm... pretty sure that I did that right. Like I said- not a doctor," he repeated as he cut the tape off from the roll. "If you're okay to walk, we can get to Snowpoint City and get help there," he said with a long yawn. It seems the sun is coming out, he thought, reading a sign that now obviously read "Lake Acuity."

June 3rd, 2008, 11:50 AM
"Excellent," Arlene agreed, giving Jake a satisfied smile. Where she'd told him to bandage her had successfully been suppressed enough by the fabric to prevent her bones from displacing as she walked. In the process of stretching left and right slightly, she felt that she had a much wider range of movement before she started feeling any serious pain. "Thanks," she said quite simply, collecting her tanktop and sliding it back over her lithe body. As for her leg, that would be quite a different story.

Mustering strength from god-knows-where, she lifted her broken leg a bit - wincing and writhing all the way - and began to roll up her pant-leg, revealing the break much more readily. She looked at Jake, concerned, and spoke calmly, "Cover your ears." Thankfully he simply did as she asked, no more or less; as soon as he did, Arlene looked down at her leg... And with both hands, she began to move the fragments of the broken bone back into place, sliding them back ontop of each other and ensuring they were at the proper angle relative to her shinbone. At several instances she looked as if she would faint, and finally, when the last bone fragment had been accounted for, she released what could only have been described as the wail of a banshee. The pain had nowhere else to go but up and out, which Arlene was happy to oblige for.

Then came bandaging it. As she had no splint, she would instead rely on the sheer force of the bandages pressing on her muscles, and subsequently, gripping her broken bone in it's place. With the roll Jake had used to wrap her ribs, she began to tape down her leg, as tight as she could manage without constricting blood flow. The wrapping was a good ten inches in height, and around five layers deep - perfect. Sweating and clenching her teeth, the vixen cut the tape and secured the remainder to her fur, and rolled down her jean leg. Moving around her leg a bit revealed that movement, regardless of how well she had wrapped herself, would still cause some form of pain. Sighing with discontent, she stood carefully, still putting most of her weight onto her good leg. Shaking off the mild discomfort, she then limped to retrieve her belongings. "I'm ready when you are," she said, her face emotionless and her voice quite plain.

They had resumed the journey fairly quickly. Though Arlene could not walk properly, she still kept pace with her human co-operative and since they had eaten while still moving (thanks to Charlie passing her a sandwich the previous day), they were able to travel a good three miles into Snowpoint City before the sun had risen completely. They reached the city at the final waning patches of darkness, cast over the mountaintops and bearing down already against the snow-covered village. The sun was red that morning... Not blood red, but a slightly pinkish red. As Arlene looked into the traces of light it left, she could not help but feel... Accomplished. She and Jake were already making a pretty good team. If he hadn't helped her with her injuries, she probably would not have survived long enough to make it here with him, just out of sheer blinding pain.

But... As she looked towards the mountains... Something was wrong. Fatigue... She had only just realized how tired she was. Her vision began to blur and bob weakly, and she could feel her heartbeat in her throat. A feeling of emptiness overtook her, and before she could register that she was getting dizzy, she was out cold again - still breathing, yes, but definitely out of action. She fell into the snow with a dull, soft 'fwosh'.

Voices invaded every corner of thought, though she could not connect sound with spoken word. The lapse in her mind left the rest of her entirely immobile, and unfeeling; though she knew she was being carried, she could not feel it. The thoughts quickly faded away again, replaced by a different voice. What he was saying - a grown man she guessed - entirely escaped her, but she could feel him trying to wake her. Arlene could feel a hand pressed against her forehead, as if to check her temperature... The warmth of a hand against her fur was a welcome feeling, but before she could enjoy it, it pulled away. It was like the hand had taken the illusion of disembodiment from her slumber as it pulled away, waking her up. Her big, pretty green eyes shot open quickly, scanning for answers before she could even move. She could see that she was looking upward at a man, possibly in his thirties or forties, with a strangely familiar set of eyes. Feeling rushed back into her nervous system, and she felt that she was lying in a bed.

"Whoa," the mystery man said, looking right back down at her, "you took quite a spill out there. You alright?"

Raspily, Arlene replied, "I'm... I'm fine. Who are you?"

With a strongly polite and easy-going overtone in his voice, the towering man above her declared, "I'm Rhys Maddox. And you are?" Her name had actually escaped her momentarily, as she tried to place the last name, Maddox. She rushed to find herself, and responded hastily, "Arlene. Arlene Sanders." Scanning her brain for a second, finally, the last name occurred to her. She attempted to sit up, but was immediately stopped by another face she had not noticed was there. The nurse Joy who was present held her down with one hand tentatively, and shook her head. "Don't be moving around too much, now. You've got some minor muscle tearing in your leg. You can walk, just don't force it around."

Arlene nodded, and continued with a question for Rhys, "Maddox... Hm... By chance, would you know Charlotte Maddox?"

"That's my daughter. How do you know her?" Rhys questioned, gently probing the idea. Maybe this is the same Arlene Charlie's gone on about, he mused mentally.

"I'm just a friend. I'm trying to get in contact with her. Would you know if she has something like a PokeGear on her - a mobile phone, or anything similar?"

"Hmm... I didn't realize Charlie's friends were so... Furry," he said jokingly, offering a smile. There was some silence for a moment, and Rhys tumbled his memories for a moment, searching. A few seconds passed, and he added, "Do you have a PokeGear with you, miss?"

"Hold on," Arlene answered. She reached for her PokeGear in her butt pocket, and presented it to Rhys. He flipped the top and typed in a few keys, and closed the device again, tossing it back into Arlene's paw. Grateful, she gave a thank you and immediately got to work on her PokeGear. She was not concerned so much with Jake at the moment - though, it did worry her mildly to wonder where he'd wandered off to. Shrugging it off for the time being, she fingered a few buttons and typed in a message, to be sent to her distant friend.

I'm not dead yet. -Arlene

June 3rd, 2008, 1:19 PM
Jay made his way through the swamps of route 213 and made a quick break in Pastoria City where there he continued onwards, to route 212. The route was taken in by a heavy rainstorm, leaving Jay drenched and only made him want to move faster. Other trainers can be seen running past him trying to take cover from the rain but he still moved on until finally he hit Hearthome City,

It was still early in the day. The city is luxurious and every building looked important and sophisticated. There were plenty of people making it a bustling city. Most of the people though looked like they were parents and a lot of families walked around. The city has much to offer like contests, gym challenges and even just exploration of the city itself, but Jay was too concerned about Mt. Coronet to appreciate the city. As he was about to exit the city for route 208 he was put to a halt by a woman dressed in a very very elaborate purple dress,

"Bonjour." She greeted Jay as he walked by her, "You are a trainer, are you not?" She asked, Jay nodded, "I see, well the road to Mt. Coronet is blocked by a mud-slide. I've been hearing reports that most of the entrances for the mountain has been blocked off, strange no? Anyway, the road won't be open until tomorrow. I'm very sorry to inform you about this, Au revoir." The lady said and then trailed off back into the city towards the Gym. Her accent is heavy as she spoke, it looks like she is not from around here.

Out of any other options, Jay decided to stay at the city for the day and look around for a bit. Soon enough he discovered an odd looking building, one that is not seen in many towns, a church. Jay walked inside.

The church is small but very beautiful, containing many icons in the windows of the formation of Sinnoh and the legendary Pokemon that inhabit the land. The floor is covered by colors the windows gave as the light filtered through it. There were some people sitting on the benches praying and some discussing the dreams that everyone's been having. The room is quiet when suddenly a man dressed in a black suit came in, he must be the priest. He went up in front and took out a book and began to speak,

"I am aware that many people are experiencing... visions in their dreams." The priest said having a hard time how to explain them any other way, "Do not fear, for Arceus shall protect us all. Now if everyone may, please turn to page 237."

Jay sat down and found a book similar to what the priest is holding and followed alonh with everyone else out of curiosity,

"Page 237, line 6, "-and behold thy shall receive the warnings by rest. All shall dream of a past that were once forgotten, when thou remembers all, thou shall give birth to the one. One with the mark, beware, for thy shall destroy all matters in which Arceus has created. Thy servant, thy sun, in which man has created to aid Arceus against the mark will be destroyed by those unaware of its true intentions.

Nothing can stop the mark, for it is the destiny of thy world to be purged for their foolish acts. Beware the mark known as Chiisai-u, for that is what we shall call it and that is what is shall be named. Chiisai-u, the destructor of all.

But do not despair, for Arceus loves all his children. Once Chiisai-u has come to purge the land of all life, pray for forgiveness, and thou shall be saved from Chiisai-u's carnage." The priest read grimly, "Now, let us pray for Arceus, his love and forgiveness for our sins."

The entire room began to pray, Jay took note of this and began to pray as well...

June 3rd, 2008, 2:14 PM
OOC: Got-a-Plan-B will not be here for a while, so he has given me permission to temporaly play his char.

IC: Ignoring the fact that Malic may have just called him a loser, Bobby agreed. "Splitting up is probally the best idea for now. The only problam is who will go where?"
Both of the boys sent out their flying pokemon.

"How bout I go north?" Malic suggested, "Charizard seems faster than Flygon with his big wings."

"That's true, but Charizard is more of a short distance flyer. They're not none for long periods of flight through the sky's." Bobby explained. "It has a bulky body from all that muscle. Flygon would get their faster because she's leaner."

"Ok... then I'll go east from here and you'll go north?" Malic asked.

"Yeah, here's my Pokegear number." Bobby said, and Malic gave him his. "So if we can't find anybody, we'll meet up at Mt. Coronet, agreed?"

"Agreed." Malic jumped on Charizard, rose into the air, gave a small wave, and was gone.

"Allright Flygon, let's go!" Bobby jumped on Flygon's neck and they sped northward.

June 3rd, 2008, 3:32 PM

The white comet, barely visible in the landscape, slammed into the snow and disappeared beneath the surface. The small indentation left in the snow quickly caved in on itself, removing all traces of its brief existence.


Snowpoint City. A bitter, cold region at the northern edge of Sinnoh. An eternal blanket of ice and snow covered the land year-round. Yet it was a lively place in its own right.

The woman, clad in a heavy Zangoose-fur coat wrapped tightly around her slim frame, had her eyes fixed to the spot. "Just what is he doing..?" she muttered to herself. Her long, dark green hair clung neatly to the back of her coat, bangs trimmed above her eyebrows. Violet wool mittens adorned her hands, while her feet are wrapped in what appear to be....plain black leather shoes.

"I really don't understand him some--ack!"

She squealed, as a snowball lodged itself on her cheek. "L-Luther, what are you doing!?"

The Espeon by her side purred, amused by the event.

The comet had risen. Only, it wasn't a comet at all. It was a young man, wearing a white trenchcoat with a League symbol in its back. His name is Luther Ashnard, and many people believe him to be mad. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn't. Who's to judge?

"I'm just having some fun," he called in a mocking tone. "You should try it sometime, Sabby!"

"...Sabby? Sabby!? What kind of nickname is that!?"

Sabrina had a great deal more to say, but she chose to silence herself, recalling who she was speaking to. He was reckless, simple-minded. "Say, we should be heading to the ruins. Didn't we come at the edge of the city?"

Luther yawned, and walked towards his partner whilst stretching his arms above his head. "You mean the Snowpoint Temple? We can do that later, Sabrina." He yawned again. Luther wasn't really interested in the old, decaying temple and would much rather play in the snow. Asgard, his Dragonite, lay in the snow face-up a few yards away, and stared at the sky. "We're on vacation, anyway."

Sabrina winced. Was it because of what Luther said? Or was it that her Espeon had decided to use her leg as a scratchpost? "..Vacation? I thought we were here on League business?"

The man in the trenchcoat laughed. "Haha, nah. That was just an excuse to get the bigwigs to lend me some money. I just wanted to spend a few days up in Snowpoint without spending my own money on food."

At the mention of food, Asgard perked its head up, and looked in Luther's direction.

"Speaking of which," he said, rubbing his stomach. "I'm getting kind of hungry. Let's head back to the hotel, Sabby."

"...Please stop calling me Sabby," she called. And begrudgingly began to follow him. Asgard trailed behind them, excited.

June 3rd, 2008, 4:47 PM
OOC: Thanks Zimvee. Anyways Im back. Also, I have edited this post due to a complete misunderstanding on my part. Thanks Stantler for bringing that fact to my attention. I must of indeed misread. Thanks again.

Back to character:

Malic rode Charizard to the east. Mid-flight, Malic began to realize Bobby's facts were right. Charizard, while fast, was beginning to tire out. It's normally proud face was transforming into one of fatigue and frustration. "Come on, push it Charizard. We are almost there. You can do it." Malic gave a pose complete with a tremendous thumbs up. His flying dragon seem to feed off Malic's encouragement and pushed its flight before reaching the eastern lake.

Malic finally reached Lake Valor after a long flight. "That wasn't two days. Maybe Bobby can't tell time. Then again, Charizard did sprint here. Good Boy," Malic said, gently stroking his dramatic pokemon. The lake's appearance was similar to Lake Verity with only real exception was the air was warmer and more humid. "Man, this place is kind of hot." Malic began to sweat though not severely. "Return Charizard, get some rest." The red light forced the tired dragon into his pokeball and Malic left the lakefront, seeing how the area was empty. With the exception of pale grass, warm water, terriable humidity and wild pokemon, Lake Valor was empty. Malic pulled out his map and attempted to read it for any hints of possible locations the group members were. "There is a resort, south of here." Malic hiked to the resort only taking him a few minutes due to superior conditioning.

Malic stared at the impressive site of the resort. The sun was beginning to die down and powerful and bright lights illuminated the vacation site. Malic gave a mighty laugh "Finally! Civilization!" Malic gave all his energy into rushing to the Resort, enjoying the sites, the girls, and the food. He enjoyed every moment of the fun and society, until he had a epiphany. "Wait a minute...argh! I didn't come here for the fun." Malic slapped himself before sulking in a corner. Giving away the fruits of his effort at the activities to attractive women, Malic in complete depression dediced to leave the resort. Yeah, but where do I go?. Finding, a coin on the ground. Ok heads is east, tails is west. The coin rose high and Malic couldn't follow it to the bright lights, so he ended up losing the coin as the lights obstructed his view of the coin's travel. "Screw it, I'll head back to the mountain as I agreed with Bobby. Maybe I'll give him a call when I get there. He probably had better luck. Thats west I believe."

Malic was tempted to bring out Charizard, but dediced to give him a day's rest and hike west towards the mountain. It was in view but barely, "Lovely. This is going to be a terrible day."

Eventually, Malic reached the outskirts of Pastoria City. It wasn't too far but by the time he had finally arrived it was the middle of the night. Malic was exhausted and put his bag down near a tree. Pulling out his pokegear, he wanted to report to Bobby, but Malic did not want to admit defeat quite yet. Scrolling down his phonebook, he realized he picked up alot more girls that he thought: Hot girl, Hot girl, Hot girl oh there he is Bobby. I guess I'll leave him a message: Mission Failed so far. Still looking.

I guess I'll get some rest. Malic reclined back, using his bag as a pillow and slowly drifting to sleep. The airs was cool and refreshing making it perfect conditions for Malic to rest comfortably without any issues. If I get lucky, I will find a clue tomorrow.

June 3rd, 2008, 9:50 PM
Charlie could feel the wind coming off the ocean on her sweaty face. They were not far from Sunnyshore now and she could see it in the near distance. Vulpix was in her lap, snuggled close with her eyes closed, obviously distressed. But this didn’t overly concern Charlie, as most fire Pokemon were uncomfortable around water. The journey had not been exactly comfortable for Charlie either, her ribs hurt a lot and she was very tired.

As they drew closer to the city Charlie could make out the impressive architecture of Sunnyshore City, which she had read about in geography. It was large but still elegant and ornate, she could easily see herself living there.

When she reached the shore she thanked her Lapras and returned her to her Pokeball. She then made her way up the beach to the wharf, to look at getting a ferry to the Pokemon League. It was at this time she received two text messages:

Hey, what happened? I’ll see you soon then, I’m holding off on my first battle so you can watch me. Miss you. Can’t wait to see you –V

I’m not dead yet –Arlene

Charlie had been expecting the first message but not the second. Her heart instantly began to pound with excitement and she called Arlene’s number right away.
Her friend sounded tired and like she was in a great deal of pain.

“Hey,” Charlie breathed, realising it still hurt to talk.

“Hey,” Arlene whispered hoarsely, with obvious relief at her friend’s voice.

“Where are you? Are you okay?” Charlie asked.

“Snowpoint. Your house. Your dad found us. I’m injured, but I’ll live. You?” Arlene responded, trying to use as little syllables as possible.

“Us?” she asked, it made sense though. She’d been with Jay after all.

“Jake,” Arlene explained.

“I’m in Sunnyshore. I was with Jay, but he abandoned me,” Charlie spat.

“What? How dare he!” Arlene growled and Charlie was surprisingly touched at the ferocity in her voice.

“I’ll explain it when I get there. I’m coming to Snowpoint. I should be there early tomorrow. Have my dad pick me up from the docks,” Charlie instructed. The two said their goodbyes and hung up. She’d reached the wharf by now and saw that the ferry for Snowpoint would leave in twelve minutes. She sent a quick text to Volkner letting him know where she was going and apologizing for not going to him. She then boarded the ferry with the help of a friendly sailor; with her Vulpix, always at her side the ferry set off for Snowpoint, Charlie eager to see her friend and father.

June 3rd, 2008, 10:31 PM
Jay found his way to the Pokecenter in Hearthome City and that is where he slept for the night. Night came in swift winds, tomorrow he will be able to go to Mt. Coronet and tomorrow, he may learn more about his past. He laid down on a coach a stared up at the ceiling thinking about Charlie, he wondered if he made the right choice. He thought about her cries, her smiles. He thought about this and his mind drifted to Arlene and her stories of hardships, then to Malic, he seemed so full of energy and held no fear of saying whatever came in his mind, then Jake, he wondered about Jake, he knew little about him but there was something as though he been through a lot and slowly he began to drift off and sleep.

"So... you're leaving?"

An image is slowly depicted, a girl she was in formal clothing, with a few exceptions with a shirt being tired around her waist. Her bow was light blue, her long socks were stripped blue and white and she seemed to be at least 18. Her black hair is in pigtails and her blue eyes held sorrow. Standing next to her is a young boy, taller than her. He wore a striped scarf and hat, it's Jay.

"i thought that maybe you'd stay a bit longer, to, well..." the girl looked down, expectations seemed to never be fulfilled. Her voice is laced with disappointment, "But I have no right to stop you." She looked up at Jay, "Learn your past, find your parents." She held Jay's hand, however Jay did not flinch, he seemed fine around her, "I would go with you.. but I have a Gym to run...but please take her." the young girl said as she placed a pokeball in Jay's hand. "When you use her, think of me. When your journey is over please.. come back. I-I expect a challenge for my badge! Heh..." She gave an uneasy laugh, trying to brighten up the mood.

Jay simply nodded, his throat bothered him but he held back his emotions. He did not know why. He felt confused, frustrated and held a desire to stay at the city and yet he felt like he had to go. Two halves that seemed to be at battle with each other. He turned, and walked away out of the Gym and into the morning light. The girl just stood there, as if she was waiting for something but Jay will come back...

Suddenly the dreams of everyone were interrupted, images and voices could be seen this time:

Trainers with their Pokemon find themselves in a sort of dimension. The trainers looked like Jake, Luther except much younger and a boy on the ground. The boy he has jet-black hair, and a white jumpsuit.

Then something appeared before the young heroes like a giant star.. a sun. A sun of blinding light. In the middle of the sun were three red dots that formed a small triangle.

The pieces of ground that were absorbed with the Trainers into this strange dream-like world cracked and formed a giant valley way where the giant Pokemon Sun floated above. The realm was odd it was like night and day in one. Stars can be seen but the strange sun lit up the sky with its own glow.

Just then a very calm and settle voice can be heard coming from strange sun.. it sounded,a voice more at peace with its self, it sounded like the voice from the previous dreams.

"I am Missingno" It simply said.

"The world will end here...." It said as if introducing this unreal world.

"... All life extinct" It explained.

The ground shook again and then became calm.

"Reflect on your Pokemon...." It said smoothly.

The Trainers moved carefully towards it and watched its eerie glow.

"Your friendship...your hardships..." It said.

Stars can be seen beyond Missingno.

"Your emotions....no one" It said suddenly

"Will ever change..." It said sadly.

"No matter how hard you try..." It grew more depressed.

"The world will be remade. Or...." It said with a hint of hope.

The dream then ended and the dreams of those dreaming slowly crept back into the minds of the sleeping...

June 3rd, 2008, 11:39 PM
Jake walked slowly to Snowpoint City, making sure to keep an eye on Arlene, who didn't look like she was holding up very well. The walk was maddeningly slow, especially in the bitter cold of the area; although both of them were pretty well prepared for the cold, though, with Arlene having her fur and Jake wrapped in his cloak.

When told to cover his ears, Jake was a bit confused at first; at least until he heard Arlene's bone-rattling scream of pain. He cringed at the sound; he wasn't good at tolerating loud noises, and this was no exception. For a while after that, the walk was smooth. Slow, but smooth; until he looked back and saw Arlene staggering about dizzily before collapsing to the ground. Jake ran back quickly and checked the pulse on the vixen's wrist. Good, good. She's only fainted. The sun was rising; good, since it would be easier to find help if people were awake.

Knocking on the closest door he could find, he was answered by a middle-aged man. "Hello?" The man looked over Jake's worried face. "Is something the matter?"

"Yes," Jake responded with strange calmness. "My friend has passed out in the middle of the street. Can you please care for her in your house for a while?" The question seemed a bit stupid after he said it.

The man looked Jake over quizzically. "Um, alright, I suppose. Where is she?" Jake gestured back toward the street, where Arlene had fainted. The man looked at the vixen for a minute. "Isn't she a bit... peculiar looking?" he asked, obviously a bit baffled at Arlene's appearance.

Jake scowled at the question. "Look, there's a time and place for that. It's cold here, and she's unconscious. How about we get her inside, and then play 20 questions?" The older man looked at him uncomfortably, before helping him lift Arlene and carry her inside, to a bed. After placing her on the bed, Jake apologized to the man who helped him. "I'm sorry to impose on you like this... Oh! I almost forgot. My name is Jake Silver, from Sootopolis City in Hoenn."

The middle-aged man looked at Jake, not sure what to make of this random stranger. "Ah, yes. My name is Rhys Maddox."

Jake immediately took on a more thoughtful look at the sound of that name. "Maddox, huh? Fate sure is a funny thing." He turned to the door. "I'm sorry, I've got some errands to run. If she wakes up, please tell her I'm getting supplies." He first went to the Pokemon Center, to get his Pokemon healed; he had some experience with treating wounds, but would rather see a professional than risk messing things up himself. He then went to the store and bought some basic medicines and the like, in case something else catastrophic happened. He picked his Pokemon back up from the Center, and decided to let them rest for now; he'd let them out of the Pokeballs later.

As Jake turned to return to Mr. Maddox's house, he saw something come flying out of the sky, landing somewhere in the vicinity of town. He dashed to the site where it landed, and noticed a man pelting a woman with snowballs. It would have made more sense if the woman didn't happen to be Sabrina, Gym Leader of Saffron City in the Kanto region. Recognizing something familiar, Jake walked slowly towards the pair of people, before realizing who was there. Smirking in amusement, he called out as he approached them:

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Luther Ashnard. Been a long time, hasn't it?"

June 4th, 2008, 3:03 PM
Charlie awoke early in the morning on the ferry; she had fallen asleep on a couch inside the cabin, with Vulpix in her arms. Her dreams of Volkner last night had been curiously interrupted by a dream involving people she had never seen before, except one of them looked curiously like a younger Jake. Charlie yawned, and moved slowly, trying hard not to disturb Vulpix so she could look out the window.

They weren’t far from the coastline, and it was covered in thick pine trees, which were coated in snow. They were very close to Snowpoint, she could tell. Anticipation built up in her throat. She was so happy at the thought of seeing her dad again and Arlene and finding out about Russel’s condition. I hope he’s okay, she thought tenderly.

Volkner had messaged her back last night, he was disappointed that she would not be coming to meet him but relieved that she had made contact with Arlene. He told her he was taking down his first opponent and she immediately responded wishing him luck. He was so wonderful and understanding, she could not wait to see him again, but at the moment there were more important matters to worry about.

One of the sailors offered some breakfast, which she accepted readily, waking Vulpix so she could be fed too. The crew was really polite and kind and told her that they would reach Snowpoint City in less than two hours. Already Charlie could feel her ribs healing, she had bought the pain medication they doctors had been giving her and was using it sparingly, and she wasn’t in as much pain as she thought she would be.

Charlie took her place on the couch again, flipping through her Pokedex and playing with Vulpix until they reached Snowpoint. Her father was waiting for her on the docks, he helped her off the boat and Charlie bid goodbye to the good-natured sailors. Her father looked the same as he always did, tall, handsome but worn out. She hugged him tightly and he pressed his face into her hair.

“I missed you Charlie,” her father mumbled and she smiled, she knew it was hard for her father to express his emotions after everything that had happened to them, but she always appreciated when he made the effort.

The trio crossed the city together, Vulpix romping in the snow playfully as they walked. They made it to their small, but cosy home which was on the outskirts of town. It was the same as it had been when Charlie had left, made of thick bricks and covered in snow, looking like a gingerbread house. The interior however was a different matter.

“Holy milktanks!” Charlie exclaimed upon entering her home. It was a mess; it looked like a bomb had hit it. Her dad looked embarrassed, but Charlie really wasn’t surprised. Her father had never exactly been neat and tidy, Charlie had always been the one that cleaned and cooked after all.

“Forget it,” Charlie dismissed him before he could explain, “What happened to Russel?” she asked; worry building up in her stomach. Weirdly, her father laughed.

“He uh, fell in love, but the girl didn’t return his affections,” he explained, when he stopped laughing.

“With who?” Charlie demanded, rather shocked. She had assumed her brother would look a lot like her father, and he had always been a handsome man.

“Maylene of Veilstone Gym. He met her when he challenged her, and said it was love at first sight. But not for her apparently, he’s in the guest room. Sulking, like he has been all week,” her father explained. Charlie couldn’t help giggling; it was something a sister would do, if she could even call herself his sister. “Alright, enough giggling,” he said almost sternly “You can go see him later, but I’ll take you to Arlene now.”

Arlene was in her room; it looked the same as it had when she’d left. Her patchwork quilt, the Pokemon plushies, the desk with the computer on it, the mass of awards, soccer, ballet and academic ones and the assorted pictures of Charlie, her family; minus her mother, her friends, Pokemon and Volkner. The only difference was Arlene was in her bed, and not her. Vulpix ran forward to the fox girl, and jumped onto the bed gently, licking her hands. Charlie stayed in the doorway, looking on quietly.

“Hi,” Charlie said shyly to her friend.

June 4th, 2008, 4:53 PM
i wanna join :)

Name: Corana Camon
Title: Pokemon trainer
Age: 14
Birth Date: May 27
Birthplace: Hoenn littleroot town
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 94
Role Model: May
Group: None
POKéMON: Mudkip and Eevee
Appearence:Long brown hair a light blue jacket blue shirt black skort
Personality: Fun loving somtimes shy
History: started of on her journey inspired by May :)
Rival: None
Signature POKéMON: Mudkip
so was that good enough????? :)

June 4th, 2008, 5:09 PM
Hope I am not to late!
Name: Bronze Zetsumei
Title: Trainer
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Birth Date: December 13th
Birthplace: Eterna City
Height: 6 foot 2
Weight: 150 lbs.
Role Model: None.[At this point.]
Group: None.[At this point.]
POKéMON: He carrys with him, Arbok, Gengar, and Crobat.
Appearence: He has Brown Hazel colored hair that is usually spiked up, with his Bananda like head garmet bellow it. He had Emrald color eyes, and he is normally seen wearing Green navy shorts that go down about an Inch past his Knees. He has on a black shirt, which is halfway covored by a Dark Green thin jacket.
Personality: He is what you could call,"The Comic Relief." He is seen mainly messing up all the time, even though he means well.He is caring most of the time, but sometimes he tends to drool over the,"Females." He is funny some of the time, because he enjoys hearing other peoples laughs.
History:Bronze was born in Eterna City and raised there by his mother and father. As he had turned the age of six, he began to love sight seeing, so nearly everyday he had gone into Eterna Forest to see all the diffrent kinds of Pokemon, along with all the views of it. When he had turned Ten, He decided to try and explore the Forest, while going off trail. Instead, he ended up at a weird looking mansion, known as the Old Chateau.Being the curious person that he was, he pushed the doors open forcfully and made his way inside. He was shivering wildly because it had been so creepy looking, and he was only Ten.As he made his way in further, he seen a Butler type person stair at him, then drift off witht he cool gentle breeze that filled the building. Bronze quickly rushed to the room he saw the man go into, only to find it empty. He had been more scared now then before, but he would continue on his way. Soon he came to a room with a glowing TV, but he ignored it. He wasn't really a fan of Telivision.He then managed to make his way into a Room with a painting, that seemed as if it stared at you when ever you moved.He shruged it off only to gaze at the table, which held a note and a PokeBall. He made his way over to it, and read the note carfully.It turned out some guy had died in the Old Chateau many years ago, from a virus. It also said, that he would want a travler to take the Pokeball, which contained a Haunter in it, along with them so it could have the life, that the trainer that passed away could never give it. At that moment, Bronze realized what his goal was going to be. He was going to become a Pokemon Trainer, and explore the world, catching Pokemon along the way. At his age of 11, He finally set out on his journey to become a Pokemon Trainer. He is currently 17, and his Haunter managed to evolve into a Gengar.
Rival: Not yet.
Signature POKéMON: Even though he has been with Gengar since day one, He finds that he is best with his Arbok.
Extra: None.

June 4th, 2008, 5:49 PM
Important OOC: I made a change in the OOC rule, please read it. For now on, all Sign-ups should be posted there for the future. Eeveechan and Bronze, please view the OOC thread for my opinion on your profiles as well.


Jay sat up from the couch he was sleeping on and looked down to the floor and rubbed the back of his neck while doing so, he sat there unsure of what to do, trying to think of what to do next. He then remembered about Mt. Coronet, he should probably get going. He was told that today he would be able to travel the road towards the mountain.

He soon left the Pokecenter he was sleeping in and made his way to the outskirts of Hearthome City. He made his way to route 208 and discovered that the road has just been cleared. Jay looked around and at the sky, he wasn't too sure anymore what time it was but he decided to start his way into the caves and make his way up to the peak of the mountain...

June 4th, 2008, 6:43 PM
Malic awoken from his deep sleep due to a massive sneeze. "Geez I guess I have allergies from this region." He wiped his nose with his ring finger. "Man I had a really weird dream last night. I need to stop sleeping on the ground. That's the only time I ever get them." Malic rubbed his head. The rest wasn't the most pleasurable due to the awkward terrain and the use of hard bag as a pillow.

Malic sat up and released a loud and powerful yawn. The sun had just rose, so Malic pointed out the obvious when he stated. "Must be early." Malic struggled to rise to his feet, his body stiff and his muscles crapped. All the wandering yesterday has tuckered me out. From Pastoria, the view of Mt. Coronet left Malic in awe but gave him newfound determination. "Bobby hasn't responded. I will assume he is caught up in the mission."

Malic wandered into Pastoria and found a cheap restaurant. The food while cheap was edible and he decided to release his pokemon for the meal. Garchomp and Charizard drank down their food due to the lack of choices and their master's lack of funds. Mioltic, however, being the picky little princess ate a far less amount. "Milotic deal with it. Might be the last time we eat anything for a while." Upon the leaving the restaurant, Malic stored some food in the bag and called back Garchomp and Milotic, as Charizard would be needed to fly once more.

The skies were clear and Malic chose to fly low in order to admire the region. "Sinnoh ain't so bad right Charizard." Charizard simply nodded in agreement. After a few hours, Malic reached the base of Mt. Coronet. Summoning his Charizard back to his ball, He reached the southern end and wandered aimlessly. "Great I am lost already." Pulling out his map, Apparantly this is Route 207, Charizard overshot his landing a bit. "If I head east a bit, I think I will reach the base of the ugly mountain."

In the distance, Malic thought he saw Jay. That insecurity seems familiar.... Not wanting to draw attention, Malic followed slowly attempting to draw no attention to himself. He saw his entrance into the caves, and sent Bobby another message: Reached the mountain. May have found Jay.

I really hate dark caves. Too much zubat.

OOC: Hope this post does not break the rules.

June 4th, 2008, 7:58 PM
Bobby trudged through the waist deep snow. "It's so friggin cold!" Bobby yelled to no one. He had been walking for an hour now, alone. He was walking because while Flygon got him here on time, she couldn't take the icy conditions.

After a while the blizzard stopped and Bobby found himself staring at a beutiful lake nestled in the snow. "Pretty, but dosen't help with the mission." Bobby said matter-a-factly. He wandered around the lake and came across what looked to be red snow. "Gross." Bobby said turning his nose up. He saw that two people had indeed been here and had wandered off eastward.

"That goes to Snowpoint City..." Bobby muttered. As he made his way towards the city he got a text from Malic, "Mission failed so far. Still looking." "Well this sucks." Bobby muttered iritably. "I'm so cold i can't text back, and Malic hasen't found anybody! Arg!"

By the time Bobby was nearly frozen over he found he made it to Snowpoint. "Finaly. I'll look for people tommorow. Too cold" Bobby said with his teeth chattering. When he got to the Pokemon Center he collapsed right in front of the fire, letting its soothing warmth revive him.

June 4th, 2008, 8:54 PM
As Jay walked around the cave of Mt. Coronet he couldn't feel a more nostalgic moment as if he had visited this place in the past. This is what he left for, this is why he went on a journey, to find out about his past and yet, he hesitated to venture off any further into the cave. Zubats began to screech and fly above him in all directions as his steps echoed in the depths of the cave.

Jay stopped and looked up towards the trail that lead higher into the mountain. He seemed lost, unsure of what to do. Just then one of his Pokeballs opened on there own, his Unown appeared. It a very eerie whisper it chanted,


The Unown then floated higher up the mountain, "Unown!" Jay shouted up the Unown already left up ahead,

"No, Unown, I have to get him back!" Jay thought and then hurried upwards, following the trail to the peak of the mountain.

From afar behind the rocks there laid hidden a figure in a metallic suit looking over Jay as he traveled up the mountain, "Hmph, this is not over yet..." a voice trailed off and then the figure vanished into the darkness of the cave...

June 4th, 2008, 9:18 PM
Arlene looked up dizzily at her friend, and smiled, though clearly she was in some pain. "Hi yourself," she said rather bluntly, acting as if she were perfectly alright. Charlie could see right through her guise, and chuckled. "So you're hurt?" the human girl said, sincere concern in her voice as she once-overed the vixen lying in her bed. Arlene lifter herself up on her own legs as quickly as she was able, trying to prove that she was still perfectly able - but she was as wrong as wrong could be. She stood uneasily on stiff limbs for a moment, finding her center of gravity.

It took her a second to stop wobbling, but when she did, she gave a silly "whoopsie" grin. They both laughed for just a moment, noting each others' lack of attention to their wounds; they had both been hurt, though not very severely, and they were walking around like nothing had happened. To see such perseverance was rare in the region - rare almost anywhere else on the map as well. It was just the kind of people the two were.

Taking another moment to shake off the pain in her leg, she then opened her arms, inviting a hug that Charlie accepted. After separating a few seconds in, Arlene began. "So how was Jay before he disappeared?"

"Detached," Charlie admitted with a slight frown. "He helped me out though. I almost forgive him for screwing us all over in that fight with Salamence... But still. He just ran off without saying anything."

"It's not my place to judge, but he might be psychotic, or have some kind of mental disorder," Arlene mused, giving a pained smile. She then yawned and stretched a bit, being careful of her leg and ribs, before noting, "Well, I'm going to go outside. Even if I am hurt, I need to stay in shape. These things on my chest don't carry themselves." Truth be told, they were a little... Big. Heavy and back-pain-inducing most likely, which made sense that she needed to work out to support them. But the problem was in that Arlene needed both legs, at the least, to do what she did in a normal routine. She of course did not. Charlie gave her a worried look, but Arlene just smiled and nodded. "I'll just be outside. If I crumple up at least I have snow to fall on, right?"

June 4th, 2008, 10:14 PM
Bobby woke up with a start thinking about the dream that had just happened. It had intruppted his usual nightmare, blocking out the same part again. "Sigh..." Bobby said reflecting on the dream.

Leaving the Center Bobby realized that the snow and the sunrise made a beutiful painting of colors, but he had a job to do. Bobby started walking around town, ringing random door bells, asking if they had seen anyone from the group walk in to town hurt.

After searching the entire town and finding nobody Bobby gave Malic a text. "No none on my end here... i'll see you on Coronet."

With a sigh, Bobby realized he was going to have to walk towards the far off mountain, since Flygon couldn't fly in the snow. Rubbing the bridge between his nose and his eyes, Bobby started walking out of the city and back towards Route 217. "Back towards the cold..." Bobby muttered.

June 5th, 2008, 11:01 AM
Malic wasn't quite sure if he was following Jay or a random trainer, so as a result, he attempted to muffle his footsteps through his journey in the pitch black cave. Malic could barely see more than a few feet front of him. He hugged the wall using it to guide his path through the cave and using the echoing footsteps of his prey in order to adjust his path and to stay hot on the trail.

Suddenly, his pokegear went off. The shock forced Malic to jump and fall back and land on his head. "Crap!!! My head!!!" Malic squirmed on the floor, all teary eyed cursing his existence. After gathering himself, Malic sat up and looked forward. For the first time, he could see an object before him. It seemed to be a floating metal plate. Its expression or lack of it was constant. The metal plate seemed cold and heartless. Malic simply stared at it and slowly became unnerved by its freezing glare. He began to fidget and shake. Chills crawled up every portion of his body. "AAAHHH!!!!" Malic couldn't help but release a howling scream of terror and fright. He sprinted for his life through the cave, seemingly avoided every obstacle that would stand in his way. "Get out of my way!! There is a floating plate of voodoo magic following me!"

Malic wasn't quite sure if he was following Jay or a random trainer, so as a result, he attempted to muffle his footsteps through his journey in the pitch black cave. Malic could barely see more than a few feet front of him. He hugged the wall using it to guide his path through the cave and using the echoing footsteps of his prey in order to adjust his path and to stay hot on the trail.

Suddenly, his pokegear went off. The shock forced Malic to jump and fall back and land on his head. "Crap!!! My head!!!" Malic squirmed on the floor, all teary eyed cursing his existence. After gathering himself, Malic sat up and looked forward. For the first time, he could see an object before him. It seemed to be a floating metal plate. Its expression or lack of it was constant. The metal plate seemed cold and heartless. Malic simply stared at it and slowly became unnerved by its freezing glare (OOC: Its a Bronzor). He began to fidget and shake. Chills crawled up every portion of his body. "AAAHHH!!!!" Malic couldn't help but release a howling scream of terror and fright. He sprinted for his life through the cave, seemingly avoided every obstacle that would stand in his way. "Get out of my way!! There is a floating plate of voodoo magic following me!"

June 5th, 2008, 11:30 AM
As Jay navigated as best as he could through out the mountain with the little light coming from cracks above the caves and the small paths that lead outside every now and then he was making his way up the mountain, trying to follow his run-away Unown as best as he could. As he made it outside a very small pathway that lead outside the cave and quickly back into another he heard screaming and by the time he turned around to check what it was someone bumped into him, causing both of them to fall on the floor. As Jay rubbed his head in pain he looked to see what has hit him and discovered it's another trainer, Malic,

"W-What?" Jay asked as he slowly got up and brushed himself from the dirt of the floor, "Malic, what are you doing here?" Jay asked curious as to why the trainer is here with him. "It's not safe here. Charlie was already hurt because of me..."Jay said sadly and then looked down on the ground, "And now Unown ran from me..." Jay said looking back at the caves as how they continue off deeper into the mountain as it gets higher and higher into the sky...

June 5th, 2008, 11:47 AM
"Phew, the trainer I was following was you. Good...I didn't want to bump into someone random." Malic uttered with a sign of relief was he gently wiped any dirt from his fresh clothes. "I came here because it is the agreed meeting place for Bobby and myself. We somehow got teleported to some lake in the west and spilt to find everyone else. I guess you can say we have nothing better to do. And Bobby is on his way." Malic smiled as he proudly stated the plan he devised. The part with Bobby coming in was news to him as he read his message.

"You know...a better question would be...wait...Unown? Charlie hurt? Unsafe?" Malic asked with a confused look on his face. Malic did not know much, if anything, about the Unown. He knew about as much as the general public of Johto. All the other news left Malic in a state of confusion. "Alright." He grabbed Jay with a scarf and gripped him by the collar with his hand with surprising strength despite being smaller than Jay was. "Start explaining yourself right now! I am sick of the insecurity and the confusion. I hate both and I want answers." He closed in and got in Jay's face. He saw the nervousness and the sweat come from Jay. He was scared but Malic's face issued determination and control.

June 5th, 2008, 12:34 PM
Jay explained everything to Malic as best as he could in a quick broken sentence made of nervousness and fear. He explained about how he and Charlie were teleported to Valor Lake, how she got hurt, the resort, the fight with Volkner, and how he got to the mountain. He also explained that the Unown is a Pokemon of his, how it means alot to him and Jay wasn't going to give up looking for him. Jay struggled and finally rid himself of Malic's grip. He straighted his collar just then a voice was heard,

"Trainers, what are trainers doing on this mountain?" The voice asked, suddenly a figure in a metallic skin-tight suit appeared in front of Jay and Malic out of nowhere. Now that it's daytime, one could see more of its appearance, the figure looks like a metallic ninja equipped with strange devices places on its arms. The head was hidden under a metallic-silver helmet with a black visor and a digital image of a pokeball in the center. It appears to be the same Trainer that they met in Celestic Town.

"So you decided to come here. No matter what I have done, you managed to still come here.. somehow..." The voice said, it sounded almost robotic as if this was not the true voice of the mysterious trainer, "This is where you both shall meet your end, ZAM GO!" The trainer yelled as it threw a Pokeball and a red laser shot out with an Alakazam emerging from the ball,

The Alakazam known only as Zam stared off towards the trainers, "Zam, get rid of them, teach them a lesson." The trainer said. Alakazam closed his eyes, a strange aura surrounded the physic- type pokemon when suddenly he reopened his eyes, they were bright red and glowed eerily. Pebbles and small stones began to move on their own and cleared the pathway. It seems to be gathering it's energy for an attack...

June 5th, 2008, 12:50 PM
"Perfect...." Malic said with a sarcastic tone. "None of us have any pokemon that have an advantage against this thing." The charging up of the attack began to scare Malic, but he chose to remain calm and think tactically. Garchomp would be a good choice. Since none of my guys have any real advantages I need to go with the one with raw power. Malic grasped the pokeball and threw it with all his might in order to get Garchomp as close as possible to the physic pokemon.

The red light was blinding and Garchomp was summoned, letting out a massive roar in the face of the Alakazam. The pokemon continue charging the assault as if the Garchomp was a little Caterpie with a deathwish. The mach pokemon was clearly insulted and Malic picked up on it. "Your pokemon is kind of stupid. Never mock a dragon" Malic stated in pure confidence. "Now, fool, learn why. Garchomp. Unleash your Giga Impact." Garchomp leaped back and charged up briefly before charging headfirst into the Alakazam. The attack was quite powerful and brutal, causing the ground itself release a minor earthquake, even if which Malic fell to the floor cause of the impressive force.

The dust where the Alakazam once stood was still surrounded the area, however, Malic's Garchomp was standing quite tall with some fatigue.

"Is it over?" Malic said with a calm tone. He wasn't particularly worried but more curious if Garchomp had really taken down the pokemon in a single blow.

June 5th, 2008, 1:02 PM
Something strange happened, as the dust cleared it looked like nothing touched Zam, even light bounced off him. Zam stared into Garchomp's eyes, he began to act funny. His arms moved on their own where suddenly the Garchomp literally floated off the floor and hovered above everyone. Then with a sudden force, he was thrown against the rocky wall of the mountain with rocks crumbling down upon him. It is unclear whether or not this is the end for the Garchomp. But it looks like something is protecting the Alakazam from any sort of attack what-so-ever.

"Just give up, you cannot win." The trainer told Malic as the Alakazam readied itself for another attack...

June 5th, 2008, 1:59 PM
Charlie left Russel's room with a small smile on her pretty face, he'd been sleeping but she had woken him and they talked for hours. She stepped outside the small house, and the chill from the snow hit her cracked ribs hard. Charlie grit her teeth together and trudged on, Vulpix by her side flouncing in the snow.

Out of the corner of her eye she could see the snow capped Mount Coronet in the distance, it seemed like years ago when she had made her way down that mountain to Eterna City, to begin her Pokemon journey.
She wondered vaguely as to where Jay had got to, she was still angry and offended that he had abandoned her at Lake Valor. He still deserves a good butt kicking Charlie growled in her mind.

And then it clicked. Charlie remembered the first time they had spoke, and how Jake had told Jay about the place of legends. The trio lakes, Celestic Town and Mount Coronet. She knew that's where Jay had to be, and she knew she had to be there. Well, she hoped he would be there. She'd never liked caves and didn't particulary want to be stumbling around some cave looking for him.

She whipped out her phone and typed a message to Arlene

I think I know where Jay is. Mt Coronet. Going now. You in or out?

June 5th, 2008, 2:09 PM
"Shut up!! I'll kill you with my bare hands!!!" Malic roared. Anger was beginning to overcome him, a rare experience for a man who normally remained calm. Dammit. Garchomp is my best pokemon. I need him. The thought echoed in his mind and he grasped the badge that Clair gave him. I need to beat her, and the defeat Lance. It is the only way I can become a legendary trainer. The only way I can make something of myself. I wanted those goals to be accomplished with Garchomp. He was the only thing to follow me throughout everything. A look of determination and focus overcame Malic.

The thoughts calmed him almost instantly, it was replaced by a stare of bloodlust on the trainer. "Got any ideas Jay? I need avenge Garchomp and this jerk off is blocking our way to your Unown. So its obvious the only way we are gonna get anywhere is by beating and then killing this trainer." A hint of rage could be sensed as he had not removed his focus on the trainer. Malic was serious about killing the trainer, it was painted on Malic's face. Garchomp cannot be easily replaced. He must survive and if he's dead, a painful death is promised.

June 5th, 2008, 2:18 PM
Jay, who was hiding behind Malic, was shaking in fear of dying then it hit him,

"W-Wait, what if I help remove the stones?" Jay asked Malic, "If-if he's your best Pokemon then he must be okay, maybe he just needs help. How many Pokemon do you have left? Fight off the Alakazam while I remove the rocks off Garchomp!" Jay told Malic.

Unsure of what else to think, the trainers agreed to this idea. Jay thew a Pokeball and out appeared his Glaceon, "Glaaaaaaceon" The Glaceon growled, "Glaceon, help me move the rocks off Garchomp, we must hurry." Glaceon nodded and helped Jay remove the stones off Garchomp.

"I won't back down this time, I refuse to see anyone else get hurt!" Jay thought to himself as he pushed and moved rocks trying to find his way to the Malic's Garchomp.

Waves of energy could be felt pulsing around them, upon the very mountain itself. Zam's eyes glowed more red...

June 5th, 2008, 3:07 PM
I wish he had a better plan, but then again I have no better ones.

"Charizard, Milotic Go!" Two red flashes of light revealed two pokemon. "That ugly pokemon took out Garchomp so lets take em down. Follow plan double kill!"

The plan was simple yet effective. Charizard hung back and unleash a mighty fire blast. The blast cranked the temperature to unbearable degrees due to high degree of power the Charizard had to use at its leisure. Following the flaming fury, Milotic created and used a powerful hydro pump aimed at the Alakazam. Of course, much like before. The psychic pokemon remained unaffected. The pokemon continuted unleashing attack after attack, denying any chance of a comeback.

Malic carefully examined the ground searching for ideas and he had realized the terrain was slowly changing due to the combination of water and fire. The water created mud which Charizard's extreme heat was slowly hardening. Heh, its a far shot, but it may just work. "Milotic use muddy water!" The remaining water and mud gathered and fell upon the Alakazam and enveloped him in filthy mud. "Charizard! Unleash a Flamethrower now!" The fire aimed directly at the Alakazam, encasing him in a mud prison.

"Wow...it worked!" Malic's jaw dropped in amazement. "I wonder if that is scientifically possible...hey..I am not complaining" Malic uttered.

Its temporary. The pokemon is too strong!

June 5th, 2008, 3:41 PM
Bobby stared at the entrence to Mt. Coronet, his knees shaking in fear. "I can't do this, I can't do this, I can't do this..." he said over and over. However he knew he promised Malic they would meet up in there. "Ah crap!" Bobby cried knowing he was going in whether he liked it or not.

Bobby released Totodile who would give him company and moral support. "Toto!" Totodile cried as he was released from his Pokeball. "Totodile, we're going into the cave!" Bobby yelled his voice shaking. Totodile looked shocked that his trainer was actually going into a cave. "I know its shocking, but I promised Malic we would meet here!" On that note, Totodile jumped on Bobby's shoulder and they entered Mt. Coronet.

As Bobby made his way through the cave he heard two people talking. "I wonder if its Malic?" Bobby wondered. Then he heard someone being pushed up against a wall. The person doing the pushing was yelling. "Definatly Malic..." Bobby muttered. As he ran to catch up he heard a battle being fought. He heard Malic say "Now, fool, learn why. Garchomp. Unleash your Giga Impact." After that a huge crashing sound could be heard. "Cmon Totodile hurry!" Bobby said as they ran down the corridor.

When they rounded the bend they saw Jay and his Glaceon moving rocks off of Garchomp while Malic squared off against the man from Celestic Town. Jay explained what was going on. "Allright I'll do my best to help!" Bobby yelled, and he and Totodile took their place next to Malic and his Charizard and Milotic who had just encased the enemy Alakazam in a mud prison. "Long time no see Malic! What can I do to help?" he said as Totodile and the newly released Heracross took their battle postions.

June 5th, 2008, 3:52 PM
Malic retained his focus on the Alakazam when he noticed Bobby. "Bobby use Heracross to restrain the evil trainer. I won't allow him to escape this area. Then help Jay with the rocks." Bobby listened with a childish smile. He seemed more than willingly to help though it gave Malic an impression that he couldn't think independently.

The Alakazam seemed to be trapped due its hold. The mud was solid despite illogical science holding it up. With that security in mind, Malic order Charizard and Milotic to keep watchful eye of the pokemon regardless. "Did you find anything at all up north?" Malic yelled over to Bobby hoping he would hear his question. "I find it doubtful there was absolutely nothing was there."

That pokemon will break out soon.

"Jay! Bobby! Hurry up with Garchomp and release your dragons! That mud thing I made won't hold forever!"

June 5th, 2008, 3:55 PM
Jay was sweaty and growing tired but he kept pushing rocks off, he saw a small boy help fight with Malic, yet he didn't know who he was. There was a muddy Orb in front of the trainers then suddenly the mud burst off the Alakazam. It never made a noise, it simply grew a brighter red. However, the mud showed that it's incased in some sort of protective barrier which explains why it can't be touched.

Just then Charizard could be seen flying up as if he can't control him self and then fell back to the ground hard, then he flew up again then straight back down, this happened over and over until a crater was formed in the rocky floor, he was then thrown to the side beaten up...

June 5th, 2008, 4:16 PM
Arlene and Snake were engaged in combat when her PokeGear gave a sharp vibration in her butt pocket, which shocked her suddenly. Snake was already too far into a palmstrike motion to stop, colliding with Arlene's forehead with enough force to send her already tipping over. Snake - still not aware of Arlene's distraction - then proceeded to roundhouse the vixen in her good knee, sending her crumbling into the snow. Jaydin - who had been resting himself in the cool snow some few yards away - rushed up to his trainer, who seemed to be in severe pain. The vixen was indeed writhing in the snow, not because of her injuries, but because of what she'd left in her pocket.

"Oh my God, I'm sorry Arlene! I didn't know-" Snake began, befuddled with actually potentially hurting her trainer for once. She was always a better fighter and proved to be an unmatchable opponent for Arlene, but she may have gone a bit overboard this time. Immediately the Lucario bent on one knee and lifted Arlene's head off the snow, brushing some of the flecks of ice from her outfit.

"It's... Okay," Arlene said, gasping, "I just fell on my house keys...!" The vixen rolled over onto her opposite side, patting down her bad leg towards the hip to try and numb out the pain. That's when she realized her PokeGear was still vibrating in her pocket at about the same time as Fate neared the group, chuckling at Arlene's odd misfortune. She would deal with him later - not that she would beat him or any such, but they always had fun messing with each other like that.

The vixen removed her PokeGear from her pocket and flipped it open, noting that Charlie had texted her.

I think I know where Jay is. Mt Coronet. Going now. You in or out?

The vixen then typed her reply,

Damn straight. Me and the team will be en route shortly. -Arlene

With that she closed the device and on her own strength lifted herself back up to a standing position. Her gear, which had been placed delicately against a bench nearby, was taken care of by Snake lugging her guitar and herself managing her backpack. With Arlene limping, the group exited Snowpoint quickly; the vixen could thank Rhys later. For now they had a job to do, in a sense. It would definitely be a task catching up to Charlie.

En route to Mount Coronet, Arlene took one look back towards Snowpoint... She would contact Jake later. She would have to press on quickly to Mount Coronet to stay together with the rest of the group, and unfortunately, he was a liability as long as he stayed in Snowpoint. Moving as quickly as a limping foxgirl and a group of Pokemon could go, they headed for their goal of the peak of the mountain that nestled the center of the region.

June 5th, 2008, 4:32 PM
A deep sorrow overcame Malic. First Garchomp, now Charizard. "Return...." Malic said in a solemn tone. A red, bright laser consumed the pokemon and placed in safety within the pokeball. Maybe the trainer is right. Maybe I cannot win. Malic feel to his knees, trying to contain his depression. It has been a long time since he has been defeated to a degree such as this. Looking at the badge suspended from a chain, he returned to the past.

Malic's first true defeat was at the hands of Clair. Back then, all he had was a Gabite, a Charmeleon, and a Horsea. He dared challenged Clair. The battle was short and one-sided with Clair's Dragonair defeating Malic in a matter of a few minutes with little effort. However, Clair gave him newfound vigor but giving him the badge under the condition that he return to Blackthorn and challenge her for the position of Gym Leader. She saw potential in him and sought a rematch.

Malic, however, was not in the past. He faced a trainer who showed no mercy and felt no remorse. Malic recalled Milotic and sobbed a bit. "I give up.....I cannot win." A few tears fell to the ground. For the first time ever, Malic released a few tears. The defeat destroyed his spirit, his heart and soul. Malic was broken and defeated, never before brought to a state of such depression.

I will not risk Milotic. Garchomp and Charizard were destroyed, and Milotic is already fatigued.

He remained connected to the floor in a kneeling state, his mind in another place.

June 5th, 2008, 4:43 PM
Charlie had packed her backpack full of supplies, abandoning the items she didn't need. She left a brief note for her father and left the house, her Vulpix at her side. She recieved Arlene's message and started making her way through the deep snow of the Acuity Lakefront and onto Route 216. Charlie had lived in Snowpoint City for four years and she knew the surrounding area like the back of her hand.

The snow was falling heavily, she had thrown on her thickest snow jacket and her hiking boots as well as an old pair of ski pants, Vulpix sniffed the ground delicately and called her name. Maybe she's sniffing out Arlene she mused curiously.

Ahead she saw the figure of her friend and Snake. They were only a hundred metres away, if that. Charlie called out to them and quickened her pace

June 5th, 2008, 4:59 PM
Jay and Glaceon pushed all sorts of rocks off Garchomp until finally the dragon-type emerged,

"GAR-CHOMP!" He roared as he made his way to the hopeless Malic. Zam though simply stared at the Malic and Garchomp, he seemed unmoved.

Glaceon seemed tired, Jay returned her and stood near Malic, "M-Malic... I got him, c'mon d-do it-it.." Jay said exhausted after doing the task of reviving Garchomp.

"You do not have what it takes, you cannot defeat me." The metallic figure told the Ace Trainer. The figure then extended out an arm it was a signal for Zam to unleash an attack. Jay turned to face Bobby and then Malic, "Malic... I know you can do this." Jay told him with confidence in his voice...

June 5th, 2008, 5:13 PM
The battle was going badly with Garchomp and Charizard out of the match. Totodile was nearly done and Heracross was out. Sweat was pouring out of Bobby from being in the cave and them on the losing tide of the battle.

"Totodile Aqua Tail!" Totodile's tail became covered in water and he whipped it in Zam. The attack failed horribly. Bobby saw Jay was done getting Garchomp out, but Malic was doing nothing. "Cmon Malic! Totodile's almost done and so is Glaceon! We need you!" Bobby pleaded to the broken spirited boy.

June 5th, 2008, 5:19 PM
"You are right. I cannot beat your pokemon. But doesn't mean I can't try." Malic rose off the ground. Malic whispered to Garchomp a miniature speech or an elaborate plan.

"Chomp." The dragon nodded as he spoke the name. Garchomp seemed to know the plan. It was risky and involved heavy corporation. "Ready? Go!!"

The duo spilt up each with an individual target. Garchomp performed a Dragon Rush on the the enemy pokemon and assumed a Dragon Claw assault. The attacks bombarded the pokemon, each followed by another until the shield was finally destroyed. Then Garchomp unleashed another Giga Impact and upon the impact the Alakazam was seemingly defeated.

Malic on the other hand assault the metallic trainer. He slugged the trainer in the face, knocking the individual down. He stomped the trainer in the chest, knocking wind of the body, and delivered a beatdown in all regions of the body, leaving enough life in the person for questioning.

"Who sent you?" Malic demanded an answer, as the actions of choking the trainer revealed.

June 5th, 2008, 5:37 PM
"A-Ala Kaaarg" Zam moaned and then fainted, it seems that he can't take on many attacks without his barrier, thus he fainted quickly. As the metallic trainer returned the Alakazam it was caught off guard by an angered Malic. However his pin did not last long as the mysterious trainer quickly and professionally slipped out of his grasp. The metallic figure hopped over rocks until finally it vanished as if it never was here.

Jay hurried over to Malic who was hunched over the ground, "Malic!" Jay called out for him, "Are you alright? Who was he?" Jay asked, however it appears that the trainer never spoke to Malic.

A gust of wind blew across the path and in a short distance, a cave that continues throughout the mountain can be found.

"I have a feeling that trainer will appear again, but I'm still going to continue my journey... and I'm not giving up." Jay told Malic and Bobby. It was surprising to hear this coming from a person like Jay but it seems the further he walked his path to the peak of the mountain, the more he started to become different. Jay then looked back up the mountain, took in a deep breath and entered the next set of caves...

June 5th, 2008, 5:49 PM
I won.....I actually did it. Malic cheered and danced around as if he had conquered the world. "Woohoo!!!" Malic ran in circles, cartwheels, and even backflips. Malic had seemed to return to his cheery self. He pulled out his bag and healed all his pokemon. The battle was costly and tiring, and using a set of full restores and ethers the pokemon returned to full health.

Malic assumed to take care of himself, wiping off the dirt, and making sure no cuts or bruises ruined his appearance or health. Malic had noticed Jay's slow change. While he did not help in the battle directly, he did save Garchomp. "Hey Jay! Thanks for the help. I have to say though, I am proud. You finally seemed to grow a pair. But still, I am following you. If the trainer shows up again, my battle skills are going to be needed." Malic pursued Jay and commanded Bobby to follow, which of course he listened.

We are going to need as much help as possible. Once Jay's job is done, its back to the Sinnoh League and then Clair!

June 6th, 2008, 2:50 PM
As Jay, Malic and Bobby made their way up the mountain it began to get cold, more than usual, they must be getting higher. Jay started to feel dizzy, he hasn't given himself a moments rest and his body is giving in. He sat down on the ground, exhausted, "I need to sit for awhile." Jay said. The other two trainers nodded and sat down with him. Jay is used to the cold since he lived in Snowpoint City most of his life, the life he knows anyway, and wasn't bothered by the weather too much.

Suddenly an image came to everyone. It came as an instant daydream,

The scene shows a girl and a guy with a surfboard. The girl looks to be 16 years of age, she is slender and has long, ivory colored hair that slips past her sapphire eyes. The guy looks to be about one age older than the girl. He is tall,very well-built and has messy blue hair. They are seen near the beach of Cerulean City overlooking the water behind a railing of the street. A couple walks by the two and the girl seems confused, she asks the guy,

"Why are those people grasping hands?" she asked,"T-They are h-holding hands....because... they probably like each other." The guy responds not knowing what to say. The girl then looks at the guy's hands and begins to wonder, she stares at them and grows uneasy. She wants to hold them,

"Because they like each other ... they hold hands ..."

The image changes and shows a strange dimension, much like the one from the previous dream. A strange sun could be seen in the sky breaking as Unown circled around it. Below it the surfer guy could be seen falling into a pit of nothingness with the sun. The girl, kneeling on the ground, reaches out for him crying,

"No!" The surfer shouted as he slowly falls in the pit, he turned his face to the girl as he fell, he yelled for her,"I wanted to be there for you. I always had, even when I first met you. You had the fire in you and you still do. Take your Pokemon and become a Master, lead a happy life for both you and your Pokemon. Become champ and meet someone, don't be alone." He told her as he fell in more.

"I only wish this all never happened, that I could be there with you... Lena." the guy wished.

The remaining Unown, they begin to twirl and glow and then, the surfer was sucked into the small black hole where he vanished into nothingness. Is this the event that made people forget what happened ten years ago?

The vision ended and left everyone in a short daze to comprehend what they have just seen. Memories begin to flow back to everyone as they all begin to remember what happened ten years ago and beyond, as if a hidden chunk of everyone's lives were returning once more to make them remember something...

June 6th, 2008, 6:02 PM
The daydream entered Malic's head a bit unintentionally. He wasn't zoning out at all, in fact the bitter cold affected him and he shivered uncontrollably. Blackthorn was not a cold place either and his time in the Ice Path was brief. Malic hated the cold, hence his time in more temperate regions in both Johto and Sinnoh.

The images of sufers, women and random holes left Malic perplexed and confused. After the imagery that only powerful drugs could likely produce, Malic slowly said, "Please tell me, I am not the only one who saw that." He was clearly awstruck and examined the experessions of his partners, hoping to the forces above that either they were as lost as he was or they saw the dream and understood every nook and cranny of it and would share they knowledge with him. Bobby looked as confused and cheerful as ever, but then again Malic always thought the kid was a bit too peculiar for his own good. Jay, on the other hand, simply sat on the rock attempting to recover from the laborious job of digging up Garchomp from the rubble from before. Personally, Malic had hoped that Jay was attempting to analyze something, possibly a plan to get back Unown but the man seemed to have zoned out.

That little daydream made no sense. Surfers and hot girls to endless pits of death to flying voodoo pokemon. No logic. Argh! Can this little vacation get any weirder? Shut up Malic. Before that actually happens. Don't jinx yourself. Haha Jynx. Man, that was corny, but hey sounded funny at least. These two wouldn't appreciate the complexity of my humor. Malic smiled a bit when his mind ran on the tangent, but then he remembered where he was. The mountain's appearance was ominous and the air seemed to have gotten colder and more harsh. Malic's teeth began to chatter and wind slowly picked. "I hope this is normal. The air at Blackthorn never got this brutal and I lived right next to an ice cave." Malic braced himself for any future attacks by mother nature. We better get this little adventure here over with.

"Ok enough rest Jay. Let's go! This mountain is making me more crazy than I have to be. So, I want to get out of this place as soon as possible." Malic barked the order. A lack of patience was painted on his face. Clearly, whatever thought entered his head drove to the point of insanity and Malic desired to return to sanity.

June 7th, 2008, 1:56 PM
As Arlene continued to trudge through the barren snow fields that outlaid the Acuity Lakefront, she and Snake passed through her and Jake's makeshift campsite. The amount of blood she'd left behind was almost obscene; the patches of reddened snow were large, but there were only two of them thankfully. She guessed that she'd lost a good pint through coughing it up, but it had been a while since she'd expunged that from her body. She no longer felt quite as lightheaded or dizzy from the ordeal, and she guessed that she'd gotten that much back since. She began to trudge forward with Snake, wondering how far ahead Charlie was by now.

She was taken aback to hear Charlie's voice from behind her. Spinning around and nearly falling because of her bad leg, Arlene waved and stopped in her tracks, yelling back at her friend, "Hey Charlie!" Happiness washed over her and took away some effect of the cold air for just a few moments, until she realized she was once again standing on the wrong leg. She winced and shifted her weight, allowing Charlie time to catch up and stopping Snake in the process. But Snake was already stopped. Something was wrong... Arlene could sense it, smell her fear. She turned, worried, to her Pokemon. "What is it, Snake?"

"...He's following us again," she said tenderly, in barely a whisper. She did not dare look in his direction, but Arlene could sense the ominous air about them; she could place her assailant's scent in the middle of a furnace. Close by lurked a human of about twenty, likely clad in a skintight outfit colored in camouflage built for the occasion. Likely he was carrying his usual kit, a set of tri-lens multivision goggles, a silenced firearm of some kind, and a knife. While he was dangerous, it was easy business for Arlene and Snake to avoid him. Charlie was a different story. "We'll do 360 security. You stay on Charlie's ass and watch her back. I'll have Jaydin help me."

On this command, Arlene released Jaydin from his ball, allowing him to explode into existence at her side. He raised his tapered snout to his trainer, curious, and she shook her head to deny the need for combat. He gave a quirked expression, and Arlene spoke with her eyes to him, glancing left and right and drawing circles in the air with her finger. It was the universal hand-signal for "on me", or "check your fire". In this context, Jaydin guessed she was asking him to simply watch his back, which he acknowledged with a nod. As Snake neared Charlie, the Lucario gave Arlene a signal to go ahead, and they continued. They dared not keep a distance of more than a few feet from each other from that point forward.

No doubt, Charlie would question their actions; but until she spoke up, Snake would not say a word in favor of keeping absolutely quiet in the case that their unseen assailant had yet to acquire them.

They were nearing Mount Coronet; Arlene and Jaydin could see the mountain coming into sight, and they could pick out figures in motion on the mountainside. Hopefully they would get there with no problems.

June 8th, 2008, 6:51 PM
As Jay and rest exited the cave they were in, they could notice something in orange coming to the mountain, it could only be one person - Arlene. It began to snow. A few more paths and some hiking and they will soon enough be at the top of the mountain, however Jay stalled in his tracks and soon stopped, snow flakes fell smoothly and touched his face as he stood there. Something started to rise in his mind, memories that he never had before crept forth into his mind,

"Malic, did you feel anything?" Jay asked, but aside from the day dream from before nothing came to mind. Jay turned, his head began to sting him. He placed his hand on his forehead that is covered with his hat.

"Hmph my head, why does it hurt so much?" Jay thought as the snow began to fall more quickly as the wind picked up.

June 8th, 2008, 7:12 PM
Charlie noticed Arlene and Snake behaving strangely, but she was in too much pain to notice. The cold air was causing great discomfort to her cracked ribs and she was growing tired. They reached the foot of the mountain and Charlie searched for the caves she had explored countless times with Art. The snow was making things more difficult but Charlie continued searching, Vulpix helping her.

"Here!" she declared, as she pushed some snow away from the cave mouth "We go through here. I know these caves pretty well, and I think we can catch up to them in no time," Charlie told Arlene and the pair entered the cave.

If it was cold in the light, it was freezing in the caves. Charlie's ribs ached deeply, and she noticed Arlene favouring her broken leg more. She watched her friend murmur to her Lucario and picked up on the word 'following'

"What? Who's following us," Charlie demanded as they made their way up through the dark caves, further and further into Mount Coronet

June 8th, 2008, 7:42 PM
Bobby, Malic, and Jay all walked through the cave eventually coming out into a world of snow. Bobby shivered and said to himself "I hate snow..." He reflected on the dream he had, but soon faded from his mind as he saw orange on the mountain. "Must be Arlene.." Bobby said wondering what she was doing here. However he was happy to find out that she was ok.

As he started up the mounain he noticed that Jay was standing still and was holding his head. "Dude you ok?" Bobby asked. Jay then started to flinch from what Bobby was guessing from a really bad headache. Bobby didn't know what to do, he wasn't a doctor. He turned to Malic and asked "What should we do?"

June 9th, 2008, 3:39 AM
"Well Jay..besides the frigid cold, strong wind smacking me in face and no to mention large pieces of snow bashing every part of my body, I didn't feel anything particularly exciting. Another than some vision or memory that isn't mine beamed into my head," Malic said with some disdain in his voice. The cold was clearly getting to him. Malic never did well in extreme weather conditions, hence his hatred for Hoenn and love for Johto. Johto was a temperate climate, so when a season occured suitable weather occured, nothing too powerful. Hoenn was all over the place, so in hot regions Malic felt like melting while in cold regions, Malic felt like a ice statue.

Malic placed himself behind a fairly sizable rock so that the wind wouldn't hit him directly. He then attempted to answer Bobby's question: "We should advance to our objective but I don't know where the hell we are going so we...h.aa..v..e..to..to," Malic's shivering and teeth chattering were becoming more consistent and violent. In order to finish the statement, Malic slapped himself and tried to shake off the cold, "We have to wait for Jay to get over himself. Try to be patient."

Malic resumed the shivering, chattering, and cursing. He couldn't even finish a thought in his head, since the cold was so overpowering. At this point, he had hoped for 2 things: someone or something to tell him or help him get warm (like a random hot girl), or Jay to say "Let's go!". Malic could dream, but likely never succeed.

June 9th, 2008, 10:55 AM
Jay shook off newfound thoughts and spoke to the others, "Let's go." He said, as if he read Malic's mind. The trio of trainers soon made it to the top of the mountain. In the center of the peak of the mountain there were many pillars, some destroyed from decades of corrosion and disuse, however there were a few that still stood and circled a platform, the platform containing many runic symbols and above this, a floating Unown could be seen. Strangely enough, snow did not fall here.

"Unown!" Jay shouted as he made his way towards the platform however he was put to a stop by smoke that seemed to have come out of nowhere. Coughing and covering his eyes, Jay tried to see what made the smoke and as the clouds cleared, a metallic figure stood.

"I cannot let you continue any further. The last battle was a warning. Now I will give my all to take all of you down." The mysterious trainer from before said, he suddenly threw out a Pokeball, "Leviator! GO!"

A red laser shot out and formed a shape larger then the location of the trainers, it towered over the trainers as if there were more to the mountain and as the laser's faded an extremely large Gyarados emerged,

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" Leviator roared, it looked down at the trainers, "RAAAAAAH!!!" It roared again, his roars echoed throughout the entire mountain and every move it make shook the earth.

"I'm afraid this is the end for you trainers." The metallic trainer said...

June 9th, 2008, 11:26 AM
The Gyarados stared at the group with great anger and power. "Well at least it isn't that cold up here," Malic said with the intention of breaking the tension. "I am assuming none of us have an electric type either. If we did, we could of take this overgrown fish down in a second."

Malic surveyed his pokemon and realized much like before none is pokemon had a great advantage over the metallic trainer's powerful force. Charizard is out. Milotic has a resistance and Garchomp remains neutral. "Alright, you metallic pain in the ass. Face Garchomp again!" Malic threw the pokeball allowing the red flash to reveal a very angry Garchomp. The Garchomp let out a roar louder than the Gyarados' roar in a vain attempt to shock the enemy.

"Garchomp! Use your dragon assault." The Garchomp leap forward, performing a massive and forceful Dragon Rush, causing the dragon to turn into a blue blur. The assault knocked the Gyarados cleanly in head. The Gyarados' head jerked back and crashed to the floor. However, it eventually rose back up appearing more angry than before.

June 9th, 2008, 11:44 AM
Garchomps force, may be powerful as proven from before, he gained little in this battle as Leviator is larger than a normal Gyarados. Leviator towered over the Garchomp, it seeems that the dragon attacks did little damage to the Gyarados and only made it more angry, it gained power and began to trash about.

"ARRAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!" Leviator shouted as he smacked his tail against Garchomp's face sending the dragon-type to fly across the floor and back to his trainer.

"AAAHHHRAAHHHAARRRAAHHH!!" Leviator began to trash about and started to make the mountain shake. "Malic watch out!" Jay yelled, but his yell for help was too late as the Garchomp was already hit by the intense force of Leviator.

June 9th, 2008, 11:57 AM
"Fine. You want to play that way, you damn little trainer. Garchomp collect yourself together and prepare to use our favorite move." Malic grabbed his other pokeball, and summoned Charizard. "I would get on everyone," Malic directed to his comrades. Jay stared at Malic nervousily as did Bobby, but they listened. Garchomp remained on the mountaintop, staring at the enemy trainer while remaining cautious of the Gyarados after struggling to get up. The blow was clearly harsh, but as seen before, Garchomp is a tough dragon. Charizard rose over the mountain, but only by a few yards.

"What are you planning?" they both asked.

"Well, its a bit out there. Its like the mud idea, but far more simple." Malic laughed. "Ok! Garchomp use earthquake, bring part of this mountain down! But don't forget to have with it!" The Garchomp nodded his head, roared and prepared itself for its favorite technique. Jay and Bobby looked a bit scared and swallowed dramatically. Garchomp ran past the oversized pokemon and got in the metallic trainer's face, releasing the mountain destroying earthquake at their feet. The impact of the earthquake was full of rage and strength. The force emitting from the dragon could have been felt throughout the mountain and the sound the move created caused chills in Malic's body. "Whoa...Garchomp's pissed!" Malic uttered in pure awe. The earth cracked and shattered causing the summit to remain in rubble and ruins. As the dust cleared, the Gyarados seemed disoriented while the metallic trainer was buried underneath rocks. The summit did not have a clean ground as sharp rocks were what was left after the impressive and angry earthquake.

The charizard flew over the rubble, and landed by the Garchomp. "So, how did you like my plan? Pretty good right? I'm sure Garchomp feels a whole lot better."

June 9th, 2008, 7:45 PM
As Jake tried to talk to Luther, his Absol suddenly broke free from its Pokeball and began running south out of Snowpoint City. "Ah! Not again!" The dark Trainer took off once again, following the disaster Pokemon. "Fine then, Chuckles. We'll catch up later," he called back at Luther as he dashed onto the snow-covered path out of the city.

Absol continued running south until it passed Arlene and Charlie, as well as some weird guy who seemed to be following them for some reason. Can't stop to worry about this right now... Jake thought as he ran past them. Gotta make sure I don't lose track of Absol... Absol finally slowed down as it reached the face of Mt. Coronet. Its Trainer sighed in relief, just in time for the dark Pokemon to begin climbing the mountain. Exasperated, Jake followed it up the cliff side with surprising agility.

When Jake caught up to his Absol, it had stopped at the top of one of Coronet's lower peaks, staring across one of the canyons between the mountain's higher points. In the distance, he could see the metallic figure from before and a Gyarados. "Well then," he said wickedly. "Looks like I'm gonna get some revenge." As he ran toward the figure, he realized that the ground underneath him was shaking wildly. Before he could react, he found himself surrounded by falling chunks of rock. Thinking quickly, he threw his Weavile's Pokeball. "Weavile! Ice shield, now!" The Pokemon fired an Ice Beam into the ground, creating a crystalline shell around itself and Jake. Absol leaped down as the frozen barrier was covered with rocks, and began to use its scythe to crush the rocks surrounding its Trainer. As he waited to leave the shield and attack the metallic man, he released his Houndoom from its Pokeball, and had it begin using a weak Ember to weaken the shell.

Unfortunately, the shield was weakened too soon; a boulder fell through, shattering the ice and knocking Jake, Houndoom, and Weavile unconscious. The Gym Leader could see his Absol tearing at the rocks above as he blacked out...

"Reflect on your Pokemon..."

What...? No! It... can't be...?!

"Your friendships... your hardships..."

You... what is this... this feeling... I can't stand it...


Jake was jolted awake by his Absol jabbing him in the side. As he stood up, he pulled out two revives, which he gave to his Houndoom and his Weavile. "Glad I stopped to grab supplies," he muttered as he climbed out of the rockslide he was trapped beneath. Looking up, he saw a couple of Trainers on a Charizard, as well as a Garchomp that seemed to have just finished rampaging. "Looks like I'm just a little late... again," he muttered as he found his footing on the rough terrain. This is... devastation... I'm glad that kid didn't pick a fight with me... he thought as he examined the destroyed landscape. His Absol, however, scowled forebodingly into the ruined area. Something doesn't feel right... but... what? He crossed his arms, analyzing the situation, as the Charizard, carrying who he now recognized as Malic and Jay, landed next to the Garchomp.

June 9th, 2008, 8:47 PM
As the pile of rocks collected, the trainers stood there to see what will happen. Suddenly a figure could be seen on top of the rocks as if he climbed out in seconds, he seemed completely unharmed, the Gyarados as well is in tip-top shape as it coiled out of the crack of the earthquake, it's massive mouth took hold of Garchomp and bite him viciously and tossed his body into the flying Charizard, in a matter of seconds the two crashed down to the land, the results being Garchomp fainted and Charizard critically injured, it seems the plan that took down the Alakazam from before won't work this time. Leviator is more powerful than Zam and is bigger than any normal Gyarados. Leviator roared once more,

"RRAAAAAAHHH" He yelled as he began to trash about, in a whip-like motion, Leviator took hold of Jake's Houndoom within his coils and started to squeeze him tightly as he wrapped around the dark-type Pokemon.

The metallic figure looked around and spotted Jake, "You, I should of guessed you would be here. What a pity. I will eliminate you along with your new friends. Especially him!" The trainer said as its gaze turned to Jay...

June 10th, 2008, 2:23 AM
Jake scowled as the psycho Trainer rose from the rubble that Malic's Garchomp had reduced the area to. "Hmph. Looks like I'm fighting after all." As the man's Gyarados seized Houndoom before its Trainer could even do anything, Jake's scowl faded to a look of pure malice and contempt. "Enough with the cheap shots," he said in a wicked voice. "After all, I can fight dirty too..." His remaining two Pokemon took up battle stances. "Absol, use Shock Wave on the Gyarados. Weavile, Ice Shard the Trainer."

Jake glared coldly as the attacks were fired; the unavoidable Shock Wave that Absol had launched slammed directly into the huge Gyarados, sending it reeling. Meanwhile, Weavile had thrown several wickedly sharp chunks of ice kunai-style at the Trainer; Jake didn't expect them to hit, or even to do much if they did hit. It would simply force a reaction: dodge, block, or counter.

While the Gyarados was stunned, Jake called another attack: "Houndoom, use Dark Pulse." The canine Pokemon released a powerful burst of energy, then utilized the force of the blast to propel itself away from the huge serpentine Pokemon, landing near its Trainer.

Jake glared maliciously at his foe. "I don't know who you are, but I do know that you attacked me, as well as the others." He pulled off the hood of his cloak; he looked almost majestic as he stood, battle ready, in the rubble. "If only to defend myself and them... I'll take you down."

June 10th, 2008, 3:10 AM
"Nice....Jake's pokemon seem to have the right stuff to win. Raw power is not exactly the greatest strategy in this case. Oh crap....my dragons." Malic ran over to his pokemon, they weren't a great distance, but enough to tire Malic when he actually got there. "Damn it, Garchomp's out and Charizard's hurt pretty bad." Malic opened his backpack and dug up some medicine. This isn't good. I only got 1 revive left and 3 max potions left. Oh that's right, I used my full restores last battle. Malic smacked himself in the fact with the medicine. He revived Garchomp and healed both of his dragon pokemon, and then promptly returned them to their pokeballs. If I am helping, I am using Milotic. Charizard doesn't have the durability to completely stand another assault, and Garchomp needs to recover.

Malic journeyed past the rubble and in order to get to Jake. The path was difficult due to the jagged rocks that decorated the area, however, he eventually reached him and panted like a dog. "Jake, right?", Malic attempted to say. The sound that came from his mouth was difficult to understand due the exhaustion that overcame his body. "I have come to help as much as I can. I still got Milotic to use. I am using the other two as a last resort."

Malic regained his composure and stood upright, facing the battle grounds. "Still, I am hoping you have a plan to win. This annoyance doesn't give up, so if you don't mind, I think killing the trainer is the best bet." Malic said without any pauses or hesitation.

June 10th, 2008, 2:38 PM
Jake nodded as Malic approached him. "Sorry to disappoint you, but I don't have a plan... yet," he admitted quickly. "After I see how he fights, I can prepare a suitable plan to beat him..." As he watched the Trainer's Gyarados, he suddenly zoned out and recalled a scene that he didn't recognize, but he felt like he had seen it before, somewhere...

We were on top of the hill; myself, the girl with her Salamence, the crazy guy, and a boy, about my age. Suddenly, the boy looked very afraid.

"Leviator, go!" he shouted as he threw a Pokeball, releasing a Gyarados. As his Gyarados attacked the Salamence, I had all three of my Pokemon fighting as hard as they could to protect it.


Panicking, I convinced him that the Salamence was, in fact, Ruby. At last, I finally got him to call off his Gyarados...


Jake jolted back into reality, then turned to face Malic. "Look. This'll sound crazy, but don't attack." He stared analytically at the metallic Trainer in the distance. "Don't attack unless I tell you to. I have a crazy idea that just came to me in a weird daydream." Wow, Jake. Way to sound like an idiot... again...

June 10th, 2008, 2:54 PM
"Don't attack?! Then how are we going to beat it?" Malic desperately wanted to refuse. Every cell in his brain, gut, and heart wanted to rebel against the orders of Jake. Then again, he mentioned a daydream, something that even Malic has been getting lately. Every since the journey started, he been receiving strange dreams, daydreams and visions. Malic couldn't understand their value or meaning. In fact, he hadn't been understanding anything as of late.
Well....enough reflecting on the fact that some dream is telling Jake what to do. I need to analyze the theory.

Not attacking. That was the idea Jake proposed. Malic attempted to understand why and actually came up with a possible theory. Every time Malic struck the Gyarados, it seemed to grow more and more furious. Could it be possible that the enemy requires damage to function or feed off the rage that increases from being hurt? It brought Malic back to a battle he watched between two dragon tamers back in Blackthorn. The battle was between a Gyarados and a rare dragon that was possibly from Hoenn. He couldn't remember clearly, but enough to realize that the Gyarados used thrash and rage as signature moves. They grew as the opposition continued to barrage the Gyarados with its attacks. The only difference now was the Gyarados is far larger and more powerful.

"Alright Jake, you got it. I won't attack but if Milotic or anyone goes down, it's all on you." Malic agreed despite opposition. The only thing that forced him to listen was his memories of Blackthorn which his beginning to grasp knowledge from that he never imagined he would. He summoned Milotic and waited, with the thoughts of Blackthorn that never seemed as clear as before.

June 10th, 2008, 3:13 PM
The metallic trainer dodged the ice-shard attack with cat-like reflexes, "You cannot win." The trainer said in its robotic voice. "Leviator... focus." The Gyarados closed its eyes and suddenly reopened them with a great roar releasing itself from his short-lived paralysis.

"RAAAAHHHH" Leviator shouted as he then focused his attention back on to the trainers. It seems that this Gyarados is going to be hard to defeat. "Give up already, it's impossible to win." The trainer said once more.

Leviator threw Houndoom away from him, knocking him against the mountain wall where he fell to the ground, a swift wave of his tail sent Absol flying and then he focused his gaze on to Milotic, suddenly particules and light started to gather around Leviator's mouth and in a flash, a beam of light swiftly engulfed Milotic where then an explosion can be seen, Milotic laid on the ground, limp.

"That was Hyper Beam. It's all over now..." The metallic trainer said, however Leviator seems tired and he wobbled around his head, he needs to recharge...

June 10th, 2008, 3:26 PM
"Allright no more cowering!" Bobby said. He had felt useless the whole fight, feeling his pokemon weren't strong enough. But that time was over now that almost everyone else's pokemon was out.

"Go Flygon!" Bobby yelled as he sent out the green dragon. Flygon roared with pleasure, happy to be able to fight.

"Flygon use Draco Meteor!" Flygon summoned flaming rocks from the sky hurtling towards the water dragon. "Quick now a Dragon Claw!" Flygon's arms glowed green and slashed Leviator while it was incapsitated.

"Finish this up with a Hyper Beam!" Flygon sent a yellow beam towards the Gyarados knocking it into a pile of rubble. "We win!" Bobby cheered.

"Not quite." the man said menecinly. Leviator rose from the rubble scratched, but otherwise unharmed.

"Damn! Now what? This things unbeatable..." Bobby said as hope started to drain from him.

June 10th, 2008, 5:54 PM
"Enough." Jake called back his Houndoom and Absol, then stood up and faced the opposing Trainer. "It's now or never, then," he said as he approached the armored Trainer. "Weavile, if he attacks me, use Agility to get me out of the way." With that, he brazenly approached his assailant.

"You..." he began, sullenly. "I don't know what you have against Jay, or why you've been attacking him along with everyone around him. I don't know why you've been wearing that armor, and I don't know what's happened to you over the past 13 years." Jake continued, sounding more forceful now. "I've fought you twice before now. The first time, you fought out of fear, while I fought to defend my friend. The second time, you were possessed, and I fought for the sake of the world as we know it."

Jake gazed intently at his foe. "I don't know what you're fighting for now, but I'm fighting to protect myself and those around me." He smirked mildly. "Wow, your Gyarados sure has grown," he joked incongruously. "I don't know exactly what you've become, or how, but I know what you've been: a Cooltrainer, a hacker, and the meat puppet of 'the glitch.'" He stared somberly at the other Trainer.

"Tommy... stop this senseless fight!"

June 10th, 2008, 6:06 PM
"Tommy.....that trainer's name is Tommy. That is one hell of a twist." Malic held in a laugh, not wanting to anger anything or anyone. Jake seemed to have the situation under control, or at least almost had the situation under his control. Malic crouched down to his wounded Milotic, used one of his few max potions and returned to its pokeball.

Hopefully Jake can stop him. I don't care how, just stop it. I am tired of getting my ass kicked.

Malic looked around in the area. Bobby seemed shocked that Flygon was easily disposed, but he didn't want him to continue while Jake tried to stop "Tommy". "Bobby! Stop fighting! Jake is trying something!" he ordered. It came off as cold and uncaring, but in reality Malic didn't want Bobby to face the same anger he felt. Malic retreated to the base of the summit, near the area in which they entered the summit. If he was done fighting, he would rather have left the area and stay out of harm's and Jake's way. This way Jake didn't have to worry about him at least and could focus on the task at hand.

Good luck, dude.

June 10th, 2008, 6:26 PM
"Heh.. ha..haha!" The metallic trainer laughed, "I can never get anything past you, huh Jake?" The metallic trainer moved its arms and grabbed his helmet and slowly pulled it up until finally it was off. Messy jet-black hair poured out of the helmet, a man who is at least in his late 20's can be seen, "It's been awhile, hasn't it Jake?" Tommy smiled.

"Some people forgot what happened ten years ago, better yet, thirteen years ago. As a matter of fact most people forgot what happened. However there are a few that still remember. You see, the 'Reset' as we like to call it is failing and something is causing it." Tommy told Jake, the rest of the trainers became intrigued, "You and your new friends don't know who you are protecting." Tommy told Jake.

Tommy looked over to Jay, "You haven't shown it to them have you?" Tommy said as he took a step forth, however the Trainers and their Pokemon took a step forward, Tommy smiled and backed down. "Tell them Jay, tell them about your secret!" Tommy yelled. All attention was now focused on Jay. Jay stood there on the platform where the spears gathered, his back turned from everyone,

"I-I just wanted to lead a normal life. I.. I just wanted to discover my past." Jay told everyone, he turned to face everyone, "But no matter what I did, I was always picked on and name-called. It's because of this..." Jay placed a hand on his hat and pulled it off. A breeze blew the hair off his forehead revealing a strange symbol,

That is what the symbol looks like.

"I knew it, you have it, you have the mark!" Tommy shouted.

The wind began to pick up until a small wind storm appeared, everyone braced themselves. Suddenly Jay's Unown became one with the platform and soon Unown could be seen above the pillars,





They began to chant their names as a light surrounded the platform and took in Jay. The mark on his forehead began to glow as the light took him in, and in an instant flash Jay was completely gone! Instead of Jay, floated a strange being. The being is made out of two hovering orbs, in the center there orbited a chain of beads. The top orb held a large depiction of the mark. Instead of legs and arms, there were only 4 spikes that took the place of these limbs. The being was half yellow on its right side and black on the other, a long cape made of what appears to be light flowed from under its legs. The cape is engraved with strange runic symbols that seem to be symbolic of something. The top orb with the mark grew two horns at the top and suddenly a large eye opened.

As the trainers looked upon the being in its radiant light, Tommy looked in awe, "That is him, Chiisai-u, the destructor of worlds..." Tommy's voice trailed off...

June 10th, 2008, 7:47 PM
Jake stared, dumbstruck, at the scene that just happened before his eyes. He gaped with a stunned look, at the monstrous form Jay had taken. Finally, he took a crestfallen look, though seeming less serious than he really should have been. "Great," he said, with a thick overtone of dry sarcasm. "This is really the kind of thing you should tell me ahead of time... but then again, I would've thought you were completely and utterly insane." Jake then took on an odd, encyclopedic tone. "Unown, the symbol Pokemon. It is only found in ruins where there are hieroglyphics resembling itself. It has 28 different forms, and its only real attack is Hidden Power. However, it exhibits powerful mystical abilities despite its weak combat abilities." He then spoke in a darker, less confident tone: "As for this 'Chiisai-u' thing, I don't have the slightest idea what it is."

Jake released Houndoom and Absol again, then healed them using max potions. So glad I stocked up on items back in Snowpoint. He gazed upon the radiant being that stood- floated?- before himself and the other Trainers. "Hehehe..." he spoke aloud, to no one in particular. "Darkness isn't necessarily evil. Likewise, light isn't necessarily good." He grinned spitefully at the irony of the situation. "Once again, it's a battle of light versus darkness; yet the force of destruction is the light." His Pokemon all took battle stances, ready to fight. "Weavile, use Agility to get the others- or me- out of the way if they're attacked. But for now, we let that thing take the first strike, since we have no idea what it's capable of." With that, Jake and his Pokemon all watched the luminescent figure carefully so they could be ready when it attacked. Well... here we go... time to fight.

June 10th, 2008, 8:42 PM
Tommy, once a Cooltrainer who at one point in time traveled with Jake, stood next to the dark-type Gym leader, "Haha, you know me, I didn't think it was important." Tommy laughed. "Well, this is just perfect the thing I was trying to stop happened anyway, I guess destiny has a bad habit of biting you in the butt, huh?" Tommy laughed again. "Hold on a minute Jake, let me approach it."

Tommy took a step towards Chiisai-u, "Who are you? Are you Jay? Are you in fact Chiisai-u?" Tommy asked as he looked up at the being floating above the platform. It's eye looked down at everyone,


... I was once called Jay, yet I did not mind."

It's voice, sounded like a quiet whisper in the wind, it is calm and soothing.

"That is what I am called in this world... Chiisai-u, though, that is not my real name..."

The pupil of the eye moved slowly looking at everybody one by one. It seemed to not mind answering Tommy's questions.

" I am a traveler who seeks out worlds that have gone amiss. This world should not exist. Twice has it been on the blink of death and twice has it been saved. For the sake of all worlds, this world must perish." it said in a voice full of sorrow.

The sky suddenly became black with clouds covering the sun, the clouds swirled in the sky that is now darkness.

"However, this world may be spared if the sun has been summoned. Yet I feel that its flame has been extinguished. Without a sun, this world will fade." The being asked. "Now, this world will be destroyed."

The voice became more depressed...

June 10th, 2008, 9:21 PM
As Arlene and Charlie neared the exit to the summit of Mount Coronet, a strange feeling of mixed shock and agony overcame the vixen. Snake was frozen in fear, and Elric - the spy that had trailed behind them - was caught in the gape of this sudden, freezing-cold epiphany. Out of nowhere, Arlene muttered, "...My... My dreams...!" as she stood completely frozen to the spot, unable to move partially from the pain in her bones and partially from the realization. She had finally connected sight with thought; all of the strange constructs of pain and dementia that had burned a black stain on her soul had come to concrete form before her eyes.

The eye... As she stared into it's infinite depths, she recalled her very first truly vivid dream of this instance. Dagger-sharp mountains peaked out of the barren ground, flora and fauna laid waste to in their wake, replaced by the deep scar that this unholy being would leave on the Earth forever. Where once was courage deep in her heart, there was now a cold emptiness - a void where there should be bright light. The dreams had sapped her of her sense of reality - now came the true being of chaos that would sap her of the spark of life. For a moment, the eye stared back at her; still shocked in place, Arlene dared not move, and neither did Charlie.

Desparate to fill the empty void in her heart from merely looking at the creature, the vixen conjured rage. The only thing she could muster. Her eyes flashed with an intense flare unlike any other, and moved forward unyielding, approaching her intended target with no relevant haste or despair. She remained calm, cool, focused, as she silently trodded, her hips swaying, and her weight resting squarely on both legs; it took alot to ignore the pain.

Looking directly up at her adversary - more like her ultimate gateway straight to death - she stood directly before the Destroyer Of Worlds. She likely wasn't going to be a hero out of this, if any part of her came back alive. "HEY YOU!" she screamed at the top of her lungs, mustering from some hidden part of her heart the most terrorizing growl she could manage. With that, she spit a wad of phlegm and blood up towards the abomination that had proclaimed this world's end. She didn't give a damn anymore - it was kill or be killed.

June 10th, 2008, 10:43 PM
Chiisai-u looked at Arlene, it stared into her soul,

".... One with so much pain, hate and sorrow, why do you fight? You are in a world filled with people who are not like you, people who wish to not understand you, people who hate you. So why do you fight? What will it accomplish?


I cannot be defeated. Just allow nature to take its course. Death is part of nature, is it not? Death cannot be ignored." The whisper-like voice asked curiously.

It slowly moved its eye facing Jake. It stared into his soul,

"....One who constantly travels, always escaping your destiny. Are you not tired? Are you exhausted of running constantly? Death will bring this to an end. All your responsibilities will simply disappear as you embrace nothingness. So why do you fight?" The voice asked in a most caring voice.

It slowly moved its eye to Charlie. It stared into her soul,

"...One who hates being abandon. Being alone is such a terrible thing, and unable to know the reason as to why is even worse. Those who become close to you get snatched away and you end up alone and become full of sorrow.


I cannot be defeated. Once everything has met its death you will be with your loved ones....forever... as nothing can escape death, nothing would be able to abandon you anymore. So why do you fight?" The voice asked in a voice full of despair.

It slowly moved its eye to Malic. It stared into his soul,

"...One who wishes to be the most powerful trainer in the world. Yet you question your abilities and admire those who are more powerful than yourself. Each day you live your sorrow deepens as your dream will never come true in this world.


I cannot be defeated. Just rest and relax since your end is so very close. Close your eyes and dream, in death, all dreams are possible and you will live your dream forever. Why save the world that neglects your dream? Why do you fight?" The voice asked in a disappointing voice.

It slowly moved its eye to Bobby. It stared into his soul,

"...One who searches for his lost father. This world is so big, it is impossible to find him. He may already be dead, so why do you fight? Once all is destroyed, you will meet your father in the life after this and be together at last. So why do you fight?" The voice asked in a loving manner.

Chiisai-u has questioned all the trainers who wish to battle it. It turned slowly to face all of the trainers once more. "It is futile, please accept this for it is destiny that this world shall be destroyed, it is destiny that binds you to this event. No one can change their destiny...


...Not even I...."

The voice became filled with sorrow yet again...

June 10th, 2008, 11:10 PM
"Death is not the so-loving, caring arms you extend towards us, you vile wreck," Arlene declared firmly, "I have seen death, and I have overcome it. What are you to me, but just some other stick in the mud that I'm going to have to dig out eventually? A thorn in the sides of my friends here, and to myself?" Her questioning stopped there, though even as she had spoken, she could feel Chiisai-u's words boring into her temples, draining her of her will to fight. It was as if it had cast a spell on her, and now she was feeling it's effects. That's when she realized she was not alone.

"And what are you to this world? What purpose do you serve - balance, tranquility, a peacekeeper? What are you getting out of this?" an angry male voice spoke, one that Arlene recognized immediately. It was Elric, the spy that had trailed her and Charlie here; the human boy of about her age stood tall at six feet, clad in a skintight wetsuit of sorts that had been crafted in a fine arctic camouflage pattern, with all assortments of equipment in pouches strapped down to his muscular form. He wore a mask to hide most of his face, save for his eyes, which were bare and a chocolate shade of brown. Atop his head rested a set of thermal vision goggles, a technology rarely found in the region - he obviously was an outsider. In his quivering hand was a Five-Seven tactical pistol, clutched in white knuckles frozen with fear, aimed at Chiisai-u; though, the human himself knew that it would have no effect at all. But it was nice to think you were in control.

[[ This (http://media.teamxbox.com/games/ss/1323/1150499875.jpg) is Elric's outfit. ]]

June 10th, 2008, 11:42 PM
"I fight because..." Charlie faltered, she looked at the people surrounding her on the snow capped mountain peak "I fight for the ones I love. I fight for my father and my brother, for Volkner and Vulpix, for Arlene and my other companions."
She paused, tears welling up in her eyes, her voice soft but fierce "I fight for the mother I lost, because she would never want me to stop fighting"

"I fight for all Pokemon, for nature, for everyone who lives and who ever will live. I fight for the blue sky and white sand, for the golden sun and silver moon. I fight for those who have abandoned me, as now I understand why. They only ever did it because they hurt too much and needed to take themselves away from their pain. That's what i fight for."

June 11th, 2008, 3:09 AM
"I fight for the hopes of defeating those that I admire. So that I can join the legends that have been able to call themselves Champion! So I can be on the same level as them!" Malic yelled in a determined voice. It had seemed in the span of a few moments that he can became mature and focused. The childish face seemed to transform in mere moments to that of an adult. "I realized today that I cannot always win and that is part of the obstacles that will prevent me from reaching my goal. So thanks Tommy for showing me that." Malic had a visibly hard time admitting that but the determination from his voice did not halter. "I can promise to all the "friends" that I made here that I will return to my homeland and accomplish my goals and realize my dreams. Death, Defeat, Anything, I will overcome it and become a true legend. I will not doubt myself, not anymore." The determination and maturity from his voice could be seen his body. During his extended speech, Malic had gripped the badge that was across his neck tightly. It had served as a reminder of his promises to Clair and Blackthorn. I have to return and fulfill my end of the bargain. It had seemed the boy that Malic was had officially become a man. And all it took was a hulking monster to call him a "wimp" of sorts. Malic had to pretend he never knew Jay and focus on the strange force that emerged in place of him. I knew that Voodoo Wizards were the cause of our problems. But No one believed me. Well actually I never told anyone did I? Doesn't matter cause for once I was right about something other than battling. It seemed Malic's transformation into an adult wasn't complete as his childish thoughts ran rampant in his head.

Malic hoped he didn't sound overconfident or cocky. He wanted to assure himself of his dreams and ambitions. There was too much on the line. His honor, his family's honor, everything he knew. There was the newfound benefits that he would arise from his fame. Glory, power, and women....all things that Malic dreamed of. Not only would he receive them, but his friends and family in Blackthorn due to the sole fact that they knew. He could not doubt himself no longer, he must grow up and believe. And believe he had.

I cannot give up. I am already so close to them.

June 11th, 2008, 10:44 AM
"What do I fight for...?" Jake thought the question over, before he began to speak; he picked his way slowly through his speech, carefully choosing his words as he scornfully addressed the monstrosity that dared to question his actions:

"I fight... to affirm my own skills, and to test the skills of others. But also, to teach those weaker than myself." He paused, collecting his thoughts again. "I fight to dispel the superstition against my Pokemon; my companions. I fight against fear, hatred, and prejudice." Jake was now beginning to speak with more confidence, having gotten into what he was talking about. "I fight to reaffirm my existence, to control myself, and... to change my destiny." He gazed coldly at the behemoth. "Besides... I've embraced nothingness before..."

The... sun? As Jake wondered about these statements about "summoning the sun" and whatnot, he slipped into another flashback...

We stood in a different, strange plane of existence; the floors seemed destroyed and ruined, though they were stable. There were no walls; only an empty expanse that continued endlessly.

Above us, there was a great light, like a sun. It had three red spots within it, barely visible against the bright light it shone with. The glitch; Missingno.

It spoke in a mournful voice, repeating the same words: "Reflect on your Pokemon; your friendships, your hardships. As I tried to fight it, it merely emitted a light that caused status conditions to my Pokemon. As all seemed lost, Luther approached it by flying on his Dragonite. He yelled something about experiences and friendships, then his Dragonite launched an attack on Missingno, hitting it in one of its red eyes. It mournfully cried out, then disappeared. The plane of existence began to collapse and fall apart.

The next thing I knew, I was in the hospital...

Jake looked up at the black sky, then spoke aloud in a questioning tone:

"The sun?"

June 11th, 2008, 2:11 PM
"I fight because I know he's alive!" Bobby yelled to the floating creature. "Even if it takes me forever, I'll look all over the world to find him! I know I'm not a good fighter, but if I try hard enough I will find him!"

Bobby lept at the floating creature with a fist held high, but some kind of shield prevented the assult. He fell backwards and started to bleed as he had scraped his head, but the determined look in his eyes remained. He looked around and saw the same look in everyone else's eyes. Bobby stood back up, and prepared to take on the creature

June 11th, 2008, 4:13 PM
Chiisai-u closed its eye and floated there as it listened to everyone respond to its questions. It opened its eye again,

"It seems the sun wishes for you to remember what has happened in the past because it knew of my coming... how unfortunate that it was all for nothing.


Friends... that is what I enjoyed having. Jay and I are one. I wished to become human and enjoy life as a normal being, yet my knowledge was too great for the human mind and I have lost all memory of who I truly am. I am the destroyer of worlds. Though it is my duty, it is also my curse. The sorrow I will develop after destroying this world will become too great and yet I must do so.. it is my destiny to do so..."

A gust of wind picked up. Tension began to build as the trainers stared at Chiisai-u.

".. I see that I will not do my task so easily. Very well, show me your determination. Show me the proof of your confident words." The whispering voice demanded.

Suddenly the light got brighter until the trainers became blinded by it. Chiisai-u spikes for arms became long and turned into whips. It's colors changed from yellow and black to green and black.

"...The moment man devoured the fruit of knowledge, he sealed his
fate... Entrusting his future to Pokemon, man clings to a dim
hope. Yes, Pokemon is the means by which all is revealed...
Attaining one's dream requires a stern will and unfailing

"Everyone! Get the hell out of here before Chiisai-u kills you all! Hurry!" Tommy shouted, he turned back and faced the destroyer of worlds. "Heh, this brings back memories, will kinda. I'm gonna go old-school on you!" Tommy said as he gripped his suit and tore it off revealing his CoolTrainer uniform. He wears white baggy insulated pants with a black double-lined stripe that is located on both sides of the pants. With the pants he wears a black loose belt. He wears a black t-shirt with a white Gas Retro Leather Jacket. The jacket is left unzipped and has two black stripes on each side on the front going from the neck down to the the end of the jacket. It also has black double-lines on each arm just right above the elbows. With this he wears white athletic sneakers with black soles, achilles notch and three stripes that come from the sole to midway of the shoe on both sides with black laces. He also has white fingerless gloves with a black pokeball symbol on top of the glove. It seems over the years, Tommy has gained a muscular body from doing intense training with his Pokemon. His messy jet-black spikes waved in the wind as he clutched a fist and punched out into the sky facing Chiisai-u. On his ring finger he wears a golden ring with a Pokeball, a sign that he was once a Champion.

"You see this ring? I got what it takes to bring you down! C'mon, show me what you got! Leviator GO!"

Tommy's Gyarados faced Chiisai-u and roared, as he was preparing an attack, Chiisai-u whips grasp his neck and wrap around it, choking him. While doing so he picks up the massive Gyarados and stares at with his eye where suddenly he throws it in the air, and while it's twirling downwards, Chiisai-u flies up and slashes it with its whips where suddenly Gyarados falls back down on his head with leaves following. He is completely knocked out.

"Well crud, return." Tommy said as he returned Leviator. He backed out, he has no Pokemon left! "That was my best guy, does anyone else have a plan because we are all gonna be killed now." Tommy asked the other trainers.

June 11th, 2008, 4:59 PM
Malic was afraid, it was obvious. Chills ran up and down his spine at shocking speeds. That...that....thing just destroyed the Gyarados that I couldn't stop. This ain't no regular pokemon. Malic forced himself to remain calm and ponder new ways to escape or win it right here. He attempted to remember the past and recent events, seeing if he had picked up on anything that could possibly lead to victory. Unlike most of the group, Malic was a newcomer. He didn't have previous contact with Jake or Tommy or anyone. There wasn't any history linking him to any of the events. It made feel left out so he needed to think and speak out. Make himself known to everyone was a goal for the moment. He thought of 3 possible plans of the top of his head. None were fleshed out, but at time Malic didn't have a lot of resources to think of some elaborate scheme to save everyone.

"Well Tommy, I personally got three plans. None of them are particularly good, but I'll say them anyway. 1. Use your Alakazam to use that shield thing to surround us. I personally don't know if its possible considering the fact he's down and it would require godly amounts of power, but it's an idea. It could supply protection 2. We attack with everything we have and hope that the Jay Beast product of Voodoo Wizards loses. Then again, he beat your best pokemon in a few seconds. Lady Luck would have to be with us for that to work. or 3. We run away and think of a way to win somewhere else. That is the safest bet but then again the monster could annihilate half the world by the time we think of something." Malic presented his facts with enough information for everyone to think of the best course of action. Even if his plans were rejected in a manner of seconds, there were ideas meant to inspire thought in others.

June 11th, 2008, 6:08 PM
"Given the choices, I'm gonna have to vote for Malic's terrible plan number two." Jake spoke with surprising calmness for someone staring death in the face; in fact, he sounded more level-headed than he would in a normal situation. "So, if it wants to see my unfailing determination... then very well." He pulled off the chain that held his cloak and, brandishing it like a whip, took up a battle position alongside his Pokemon. "I'll join this fight, personally." He looked quite majestic again, with his gray cloak flying in the wind like a cape. "Heh... I haven't felt this alive in months- no, years!" Jake grinned as he stared down Chiisai-u. "I've always been at home in crisis situations; this is no different."

The dark Trainer lashed out with his chain a few times. "Let the battle begin!" he shouted, and his Pokemon immediately launched their attacks on Chiisai-u. Houndoom launched Fire Blast, Weavile used Night Slash, and Absol fired its Razor Wind. I don't expect this to work... not in the sense of incapacitating the enemy... he thought morosely. But there's nothing else to do... no choice but to fight.

June 11th, 2008, 6:33 PM
"Plan 2? You must be insane!!! Personally I had hoped for plan 3....but fine I guess I have to as well." He was still nervous and stirred, but swallowed his insecurity and found his newly discovered determination. The scenes that had just took place combined with Jake's rash decision, had caused Malic some trauma, but he had to overcome it and push on. Malic gripped his pokeballs while examining the attacks that Jake had unleashed upon the the strange creature. Random attacks will likely not work, if my recent battles have taught me anything, I need to pick and choose how and where to attack. The damn thing doesn't seem to have any true weakness. Why couldn't it be a real pokemon? At least they have a real weakness that could be exploited. Still... I have one idea that may work. It is a strech, but I have no time to devise elaborate plans that have the next moves planned out. "Go!! Everyone!!" Malic's pokeballs were dropped and the red flashes revealed his newly healed pokemon and all their glory. Garchomp and Charizard let out roars of pride and power, while Milotic remained quiet and focused.

"Alright, Garchomp! Dragon Claw the regions where Weavile is attacking! Charizard! Fire Blast the areas where Houndoom is blasting! Milotic! Hydro Pump the spots that Absol is attacking! Ready?!" They all looked a bit scared and urged Malic to reconsider. "Sorry guys, but I believe in you. I promise that after this we will relax for a bit. Now Go!", he spoke encouragely and with his pokemon's best interests in mind. The pokemon's confidence grew thanks to Malic's trust in them and they followed the orders that they were issued upon Malic's dramatic finger pointing to their target. Malic turned to Jake and gave him a smile and thumbs up that could be translated to 'I am with ya till the end'.

This better work. If it doesn't well.....I am sorry Clair, Lance, everyone else. I can only hope that all my pokemon remain safe and can make it through his hell-storm of chaos. Malic gripped the badge tightly that hung around his neck while placing it to his heart as if he was praying to an unknown deity and brought his attention back to the battle at hand.

June 12th, 2008, 8:30 PM
The first attacks engulfed Chiisai-u, it stopped moving. As the flames died down, its colors were different. It is now blue and black instead of green and black. The whispering voice spoke to everyone,

"... The silent voice within one's heart whispers the most profound wisdom.
There is both joy and wonder in coming to understand another..."

The spikes that were once whips turned into flowing blue drapes. Chiisai-u twirled them around gently almost as if it were dancing. Chiisai-u twirled the drapes towards Houndoom and Charizard, it went through them in such a graceful movement. Houndoom and Charizard suddenly dropped to the ground with incredible pain. The attack however left their bodies drenched in water.

June 13th, 2008, 1:20 PM
"Return Charizard!" A red light enveloped the proud beast and it took its place in its Pokeball. Malic was speechless at the premise that the monster had tossed away Charizard as easily at it did. It appeared the colors of the beast identified the elemental type that it assumed. On top of that, the monster could adjust its type at will. Or at least it seemed that way. "If the damn Voodoo Beast can adjust itself to gain an elemental advantage especially at will, we aren't going to be very successful at all. It will adjust transform itself to gain a solid weakness over our pokemon. I am beginning to think a physical fight might not the way to go. Unless there is a weakness in its design." Malic tried to apply what has happened in recent memory to the scenario focusing on past battles he had fought and the images that popped in his head since the day he met all the trainers. While he thought, the other members appeared to disagree with Malic's idea and rather keep trying to hurt it or at least gave the look of 'What are you talking about Moron? There is a battle that could determine the fate of the world going on!'

"If you don't believe me, think about the images we got recently. I assume most of you got them or at least got something." Some of them nodded and if they didn't they at least bothered to give me a look that allowed him to continue. "So maybe a weakness lies in those visions. I personally cannot think of one, but maybe of you smart people can think of a possible weakness. Other than that, maybe we can go a little bit of Jay lies in there and we can stop it from the inside. If luck isn't on our side, we could be in for a hell of a problem." Malic tried to remain positive and confident in everyone and all the pokemon that fought the beast, however it proved to be a challenge.

June 14th, 2008, 8:18 AM
"Hmm... It changes elements, eh?" Jake said aloud, seeing his Houndoom easily fallen by a water attack. "This can be both a disadvantage and an advantage," he said as he gave a Revive to his Houndoom. "We can either attack its weaknesses, or try to hit it really hard with moves where type doesn't matter." He thought for a moment, then began to call attacks for his Pokemon.

"Houndoom, use Smokescreen!" The canine Pokemon released a cloud of smoke towards Chiisai-u, effectively blocking out what the Trainer planned. "Weavile, use Agility and Ice Shard!" Weavile darted into the cloud of smoke and began throwing pieces of ice straight up out of the cloud, forming a circle of about 7 around its adversary. "Now... Absol, Hyper Beam!" Absol fired a powerful blast at one of the chunks of ice. Through a complex process involving the refraction and reflection of light, the Hyper Beam was reflected between all of the ice shards, and from all of them to Chiisai-u, causing it to have been effectively hit by seven simultaneous Hyper Beams.

Jake raised his fist in excitement as he saw the explosion caused by the attack. "Wow! That was even more awesome than I thought it would be!" His Weavile returned to him as he watched the dissipating smoke cloud carefully to see the results of his combo attack.