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October 29th, 2008, 11:01 PM
On a particular sunny day,
A happiness greater than magic,
Will pour down,


Arceus, after creating the world and the other legendary pokemon to maintain it, felt very confident that it would be able to run itself without incident. Feeling that it was most likely dangerous for one single entity - him - to have absolute control of the world, lest he one day go out of control, decided to step down from his position as 'god' of the pokemon world. Taking the form of a female pikachu, Arceus wiped himself of his memories and decended to earth, to live as a normal pokemon, leaving his legendaries to run the world and settle disputes. For quite some time, things were peaceful, until it became obvious that Arceus had made a large mistake: He had not removed his powers from his new body, thinking that without knowledge of them they would go unused.

He was wrong.

Arceus, or Megumi, as she was now called, slowly began to grow bored of the melancholy of her world. Even after joining an exploration team, things still were not exciting enough for her. She found herself doing the same boring types of missions over and over again, and went from team to team searching for one that was out-of-the-ordinary, different, and interesting. She found no such team. Eventually, her desire for interesting events to happen awakened her dormant powers within her, unintentionally altering reality itself.

The Deoxys, an alien race of pokemon, noticed an unusual explosion of data from planet earth, finding Megumi at the center. Celebi found herself unable to travel further back in time prior to the time of the data explosion, and Dalgia could see no physical evedince of time even existing before that moment. Several pokemon were awakened to the existence of negative patches of space, with large titans dwelling within them, curse forms of the very legend that spawned them: Arceus. Palkia became aware that the spacial planes of their world and another were beginning to overlap, calling in beings from another reality, claiming to be something called "human" forced into pokemon form.

The Legendary pokemon were very concerned with this situation. It was evident that if Megumi became displeased with the world to an extreme extent, reality could very well deconstruct itself and create a new world. Most legends agreed that they very much liked their current universe, and so they set out to observe the situation, attempt to prevent the displeasure of their unknowing 'god', keep reality the way it was, and possibly repair the damage that had already been done. Other legends however, the more malicious ones, saw this as their chance to abuse the situation and gain absolute control of the world. After years of what they would call underappriciation from their fellow legends and the pokemon race, they began plotting their own means of dealing with the situation...

Megumi, completely unaware that she is causing the world to fall apart, continues to live her life to the extent that she would concider normal, wishing to find something extra-ordinary in her world, not realizing that the group of pokemon who were about to become accuainted with her were far from normal...


Three years ago, under the noses of the rest of the pokemon world, strange events began to occur. The Deoxys, curious about the fallen god and the powers she may hold, sent down interfaces, under the guise of everyday pokemon, to observe the situation on earth and report back to them, not wanting to reveal the existence of their alien race just yet (though the legendary pokemon already knew.)

Other pokemon were suddenly able to seek out and discover areas in space, bubbles of area where all color seemed to have been sucked out of it. Normal pokemon passed in and out of them without even noticing anything different, it was only the 'awakened' pokemon who seemed to notice. Inside of these negative areas of space, or 'closed space' as it came to be known by those who could see it, dwelled a pokemon many only had heard of in stories: Arceus. Though it was very clear that it was not the true Arceus, for his ring was an odd green color, and seemed to have a dark presence around him. When this 'Curse Arceus' is defeated, the closed space ceases to exist, reverting to normal space. Should it be left by itself, the space begins to expand, sometimes spawning more then one of the beasts within.

From the future, about a hundred years or so forward, pokemon have tumbled down into the current time plane. In their time plane, much more of the world is civilized by pokemon, not to mention that their methods of building houses and other buildings has greatly improved. Food is now beginning to be farmed and sold on a large scale, in contrast to the work pokemon now must do to find and harvest their own berries and fruit. They have not achieved technology as we would consider it (Such as cars, computers, ect) but in terms of agriculture, they have developed several ways to improve crops, and have invented the likes of cement for buildings. At first, Celebi and Dialga had attempted to use their powers to return some of these pokemon home, but found more just kept falling back to the present. Instead, they have devoted most of their powers to see new arrivals do not appear, rather then get the ones already here back where they came from.

From an alternate plane of reality, where pokemon do exist, but are befriended and trained by beings known as 'humans' for professional sport. Some of these humans have been drawn from their world into that of the pokemon world, in the process taking on the guise of pokemon. This is the result of the dimentional planes of both the pokemon and human worlds beginning to overlap. Similar to Celebi and Dialgia's position, Palkia is devoting most of his time to see the two planes do not interact more then they already should, rather then send the ones who have already fallen through home.

You are one of the above mentioned types of pokemon. In the three years since the odd events have started, perhaps you have came to learn of the cause, weather it be from others like you who knew, or a Legendary Pokemon who informed you, or some other reason. Perhaps you have continued through your three years with absolutely no idea what is going on at all. But one things for sure, you are going to be involved, weather you like it or not.

For those who do happen to know of the situation, the most that is known about Megumi is that somehow she created a 'data explosion' (Only the Deoxys can fully grasp what this means) she is the reason time is being shaken up, calling in beings from the future, when she gets depressed or upset, closed space appears, and she seems to be the reason that the dementional planes are crossing over, causing humans to fall into the pokemon world. In short, without even knowing it, she commands reality. Those who know of her abilities usually know not to reveal their true nature to her. Nobody is exactly sure what would happen, but such information could change her entire perception of reality, which in turn, could drastically change reality itself.


Sign-Ups are now closed.

Name: Your name. Last not required.
Age: Your age in human years.
Species: What species of pokemon you are.
Gender: What gender of pokemon you are.
Oddity: Exactly how are you different? Are you human, from the future, an alien, or have anything else strange about you? (if you are making your oddity up, don't get too crazy.)
Description: If there is nothing different about you from the game sprites, you dont have to fill this out.
Personality: How do they act twords others? A few paragraphs please.
History: How has their life played out prior to the rp? Because of the nature of the rp, I will allow interactions with legendary pokemon in your history. You may wish to PM me first though. I have plans for some of the legends. A few paragraphs again. No super short histories.
RP Sample: Sample from a previous rp (Or one that you just write up) To show me how well you can do. May be copy/pasted.

My Character

(Because I will be controlling Megumi as well, and I wasn't feeling very creative, he dosn't have a very colorful backstory...)

Name: Yuudai (Yuu)
Age: 15
Species: Cubone
Gender: Male
Oddity: Is able to see and enter closed space.
Description: Same as the game sprite.
Personality: Yuu is a very down-to-earth and reasonable pokemon. On average, he is very easy to get along with, and isn't easily irritable. He tends to think situations through, and not take chances, and is very disapproving when other people have radical ideas they wish to try out. Aside from being able to see patches of distorted reality, he was brought up as your average pokemon, and is very much like your average pokemon.
History: Yuu was born to a normal couple of Marowaks, and from a young age was raised by the pokemon standard of 'normal.' He revered rescue teams, but never himself ever thought of joining one. He wasn't exactly into the whole 'fighting' thing. He was what you would call a peacafist. However, one day, when he was 12, that all changed.

He was simply walking along, minding his own buisness, when he came across something very odd: It seemed like a large bubble, where the land and the skies went grey. He spent some time observing it, and looked around. No other pokemon in the area seemed to notice it. In fact, they were just passing through it like it was nothing, like it wasn't even there! Starting to think he was seeing things, his curiosity got the better of him, and he walked forward, into the unknown space.

Once he was inside, he was alone. None of the outside pokemon had came with him. Time was still. It was quite an eerie feeling. Wandering around on his own, he eventually came upon something he surely was not expecting: Arceus. Except this wasn't the diety he had heard of in stories. It was different, ominus, and whats more, coming right for him! He attempted to run, not knowing how to properly defend himself, but the titan was too fast, and could catch up easily. He thought he was a goner, until another pokemon came by. A Grumpig. Using protect, he saved the Cubone from the titan's Judgement attack. With the pig pokemon came several others, three or so in total, who engaged in battle with the beast, and won. Upon its defeat, it dissapeared into nothing, and the odd space returned to normal once again. Confused, Yuu was taken back to his saviors guild, where the Grumpig's team informed him exactly of what was going on, why he could see those odd patches in space, and how he and the rest of his team could too.

It soon became apparent to the Cubone that with this newfound 'power' of his, he couldn't just stand by while these invisible dimentions with these monstrosities living within them slowly consumed reality. And so he joined the Wigglytuff guild, to help train himself up, and unknowingly become closer to the one pokemon who was causing all this chaos...

RP Sample: From "Black and White" On serebii forums. Not pokemon related, I know.

Balthazar gazed out over his city, a firm, solid masterpiece of stone. Just below him a young human child and his father gazed upon it too. Tourists, who had never seen the grandeur of the city, let alone from this hight seemed amazed by the enormity of it all. It amused 'Zar to watch the young boy point out the many things he had seen to his father, even though the elder human had obviously already looked upon them. These parental relationships that humans shared intreauged the Gargoyle. He had never had a parent. Only a sculptor, with which he never actually met, and who he was sure would not consider him his 'son.' Balthazar chuckled in his head (Because his vocal chords were currently solid stone) at the thought of his sculptor being the equivalent of his father.

The father and son returned to their room, and Zar was once again alone. The sound of flapping wings came to him, and to his dismay, a bird landed atop his head. One of his most hated birds. A pigeon. He mentally let out an annoyed groan as the bird decided to perch upon him, a mistake that would end its life. Waiting for the right time, Balthazar quickly reverted into his living form, and before the bird had time to react, snapped it up between his jaws. One chomp, and blood began to seep from its now unmoving body. A few more chomps, and the avian was nothing more then a bloody mass of matted feathers, which he swallowed down, letting out a belch afterwards.

"Damn birds..." He muttered to himself, wiping the pigeons blood off of his mouth. Movement beneath him caught his attention. It seemed the young boy from earlier had came back out, possibly hearing the slight commotion from his recent meal. Smirking to himself, Zar leaned forward slightly and petrified his body once more, his new position making it seem like he was looking at the boy specifically. When the child turned around, his eyes landed on the Gargoyle. For a few moments, he did not move, trying to decide if the statue had always been like that, and he just didn't notice, or if the noises he had heard earlier truly did come from that monster of stone above their balcony, and it was now thinking about having him as his next meal. After several moments of silence, the boy left, in what seemed to be a cautious walk back inside of his room. Zar chuckled to himself, returning to his living form temporarily to re-possition himself in his standard pose.

Humans. They were so fun to mess with.

Wolf in the Rain
October 30th, 2008, 6:22 PM
W00T! First reply!

Name: Volt

Age: 15

Species: Pikachu

Gender: Male

Oddity: Has no Recollection of Previous Life. Faster than normal Pikachu.

Description: Looks like a normal Pikachu except for a brown stripe running horizontally across the muzzle

Personally- Volt has always wanted to help others, mostly because he doesnn't want others to go through what he did when he woke up with no memory. Although he is extremely rash in most situations, like when the lightning storm hit, he can get out of tough situations by trying the unexpected or the near impossible, and most of the time, it works. He tries to always be the first one into the unknown, even though 99% of the time, he doesn't think it though.

Volt is not the best at making friends and usually lets people aproach him. However, when he makes friends they become very close. Volt believes in protecting the things that he holds close or that he has gained with all of his strength. Never the one to quit, he sometimes will fight for a cause of possession he holds dear, such as his old guild Most of the time, he overexerts himself.

However, Volt is curious about his memory before he woke up in the town. He often can be found lost in thought in the forest or quiet place, pondering what could have happened before that day. After the experience with Raikou, he has been more curious then ever about his past. He has also disobeyed direct orders from the guild master to try to get a lead on who he really is.

History: Volt has no recollections of his previous life. All he remembers is waking up alone at the age of ten, in a bustling town of Pokemon. He had lived alone for many days forging for food and living in a nearby forest in a makeshift hammock. Although he did go into town once or maybe twice a week, this was only for supplies. One day, at the age of eleven, the Pikachu heard about a guild and joined it at once. However, the guild only accepted one member a year. The Pikachu was denied, the guild master saying that he was too undeveloped in his skills and jumped into situation's without thinking.

After a year of hard training and honing his skills, he tried out for the new guild again and this time, he made it. When new arrived at a guild, for the first time he was welcomed with open arms. About a week after he had joined, a major lightning storm hit the guild base. Realizing that if the guild was destroyed, he would lose all of his new friends and his chance of learning who he really was, he stood on the roof with other pokemon from the guild and attempted to deflect the lightning. A half-hour later, Volt was the only one left, but considerably drained.

After about an hour of deflecting lightning, Volt had run out of strength, and collapsed, just as a bolt of lightning was about to strike him and the guild. Suddenly there was a flash of light, and the legendary Raiku was shielding in front of him. With a roar that shook the whole earth, the storm was dispelled. Raikou then proceeded to tell Volt about the collapsing of space and time and how Raikou had chosen Volt to help him stop the disaster. However, before Raikou was done with his speech, Volt passed out. Later, Volt woke up in a guild bed, sparking with electricity. Since he could not remember his name, and Pikachu was too broad, the members gave him the nickname Volt. After the incident, other members had told him he was at least twice as fast as other Pikachu, out running even the Dodrio by half the course. When Volt was 14, he temporarily left the guild to find who he really was and what Raikou meant by that he had chosen him. He has been going from town to town, helping Pokemon in need ever since.

Other: Faster then other Pikachu
and friends.

RP SAMPLE ( I might write one later but right now im exausted)

Heres one from one of my first RPs

"Comon comon comon" Chris chanted as he waited in his cabin.
The boat had been stopped in port for hours. Apparently, one of the trainer's Onix broke out of it's pokeball and the crew had spent the last hour trying to put it back in. Chris glanced at the clock, 4:00, only an hour until Professor Oak closed the lab to new trainers and he wouldn't be able to get a Pokémon for another year. "Assuming there are any left..." he mumbled to himself. After a half-hour more of waiting a voice came over the intercom

"This is your captain speaking, sorry for the delay. We will now be de-embarking the ship. Thank you for patience and we hope your enjoy your stay."

Chris quickly grabbed his bag and ran off the ship.

Glancing at his watch he saw that he only had 15 minutes left, and he was still 2 miles away from Pallet Town.

In Pallet Town, Professor Oak was packing up "Well, I guess there are no more trainers for today, guess ill head to Delia's for dinner."

Suddenly someone busted through the door
"Proffesor- Oak- I'm- here- I- made it." stammered Chris

"Hm I was wondering if you would show up, its almost 5. You must be...umm..."

"Koji " replied Chris, not wanting to blow his cover.

"Ah yes, Koji, you called on the ship, correct?"


"Alright let’s get you your first Pokémon, shall we?"

"Ok, I though really hard about this, and I'm going to choose Charmander!"

"Umm... remember, you are late..."

"Oh...Yeah... How about Squirtle?"








Suddenly the Phone rang. "Oh, I should get that. Koji, can you wait here?"

"I guess..."

Chris sat down, head between his hands. He couldn't think of what he would do if he couldn't get a Pokémon. He couldn’t go back to Sootopolis and he couldn't stay at Pallet.
He could slightly overhear Professor Oak. Apparently he was talking to someone named 'Elm'.
About 10 minutes later. Professor Oak returned.

"Well Koji, that was Professor Elm, one of the Professors in the Johto region, he has one Pokémon left."

"Really which one?! What type?"

"He sending it over now"

Chris looked at the computer, and saw a light coming from the PC transporter, it shaped into a ball which Professor Oak picked up.

"Koji, meet your new partner, Totodile." With that Professor Oak opened the ball, revealing a Totodile. It looked like any normal Totodile, except for the one green stripe running horizontally across it's snout.

"Well, I guess we're going to be partners Totodile.

"Totodile" it replied jumping onto Chris's backpack. It then proceeded to throw out a few things before getting back onto it.

"Umm...Totodile, we need the map... and my wallet... and the sleeping bag..."

"Ha, looks like it likes you. Professor Elm wanted to look at that green stripe across it's snout, but he thought that you would need it more and that it would be happier with you."

" Yeah" Chris chuckled

"Well Koji, if you want to catch up to the other trainers, you better leave ASAP. Here is your pokedex and 5 pokeballs."

"Alright. Thanks Professor Oak, next time you see me, I’ll be at the Indigo Plateau!"

"Ha ha. They all say that."

"Ready, Totodile? Let’s go!"


And with that, Chris and Totodile left the Lab, ready to start their adventure.

October 31st, 2008, 6:22 AM
I'll sign up!

Name: Maximillion
Age: 10
Species: Buizel
Oddity: (It's a made up one....I don't think its all that crazy my self but...) Whenever Max looks into a fire he can see events that have happened, are happening, or will happen in the flames. This ability helps him alot in resue searchs although he is not able to tame who he can see in the flames yet.

Personality: Max is very quiet and suspicious. He sneaks around in the shadows and almost always is undetected. When people need someone to do spy work for them, they usually come to him for the job. Max also can scale up the sides of walls quick and quietly. He loves to swim as any Buizel does, but he also likes to climb trees. When he is seen in the shadows he usually is punished for it. Max is also very funny around his friends and he loves to battle. He has three best friends and two passed away from a deadly disease while the other one moved away.

History: Max was born on a quiet little island in the middle of nowhere on the ocean. He lived there for three years until a ship crashed there. When the ship crashed thousands of people were forced to live there until someone came for them. His mom and dad were abducted while he was hiding in the bushs. Max lived in his family's secret duggout until they borded another ship to leave. Max had snuck out and had secretly bordded the ship too. HE was on the cruise line until they landed and he got off.

He lived in a cave on the shore of a beach for a few years and practiced hiding and swiming without his parents there. One day a little blue egg washed ashore and it looked like it needed the sea water to hatch. Max had grabbed the egg and put it into the ocean again. After a few minutes the spot where the egg was started glowing (this happened under water and Max couldn't see what had hatched from it). It hatched and before Max could jump in and see what had hatched from it, the thing swam away. Max has always been anxious to see what came from that egg.

RP Sample:
Max stood there as Proffessor Birch was shaking all of their hands and he was the last one to get his hand shaked. He thanked them for sving him and then he told them to follow him. He was the last one in the line. He looked at the scenery and noticed tons of different pokemon. Ones that were brown and tan and ones that were grey and black. He couldn't wait to start his adventure.

They soon arivved in Littleroot again and they walked inside his laboratory. He paced up and down as all of them were standing in a horizonatal line. He came to a halt and said "The pokemon that you sent the pokeball flying at will be your starters." He walked over to his desk and he opened one of the cabinets and pulled out 5 red mechanical objects. "These are pokedexs and they will tell you all you need to know about certain pokemon." he said handing them all out and of course...Max was the last one to get his.

He didn't like being the last one to shake Birch's hand, or be the last one in line, or even the last one to get there pokedex. Birch also handded out 5 pokeballs and Max was last again. "Why? Why am I always last!?" Max shouted out to Birch. Birch didn't respond because he appearently wasn't listening. This enraged Max. "Why aren't you listening? My name is Max and I'm going to be the greatest pokemon master of all time and I don't like being last at everything!!!!!" Max shouted furious. "See. It's that exact attitude that will put you at the very bottom of your goal!" Proffessor Birch scowled at Max. He flinched and looked away. "I'm sorry." he mumbled so quiet that Birch could barely make it out.

"Now these pokeballs will be used to capture wild pokemon like you did with your beginner. But remember to weaken the pokemon before you use it understood?" Birch asked looking at every single one of them and noticed that Max was still looking away. They all nodded their heads as if they understood. All of them except for Max. Birch sighed and then everyone set off on their journeys.

Max was held up by Birch after all the others had left and of course he again would have been last. "I'm sorry Max. I didn't mean to storm off at you but you shouldn't have shouted that stuff out at the moment." Birch said with Max's back to him. Max turned around and looked at Birch as if he didn't want to hear what the man was saying. "I don't care what you say because you don't care what I say or what I feel. You're just an old man who wants nothing but for the new beginners to set off and gather data for you while you sit back and relaxe!" Max yelled at him storming off.

Birch sighed again and noticed that Max had left his pokedex behind. Birch ran after Max and saw him sitting on a bench. "Max! You foregot your pokedex in the lab." Birch yelled after him. Max looked back at Birch and grabbed the mechanical machine. He didn't say a word just sat there looking beyond Route 101. He wnted to find out what happened to his mom so bad. He felt like there was an emptiness inside of him.

Birch was still standing there. "I'm sorry Proffessor Birch. It's just..." Max said. "I know what happened to your mother and I'm very sorry for that pain that was brought upon you." Birch said. He left and went back inside his laboratory and Max stood up with his new beginner pokemon in his hand. He smiled and put it onto his belt and walked to the enterance of Route 101. He saw a nice patch of grass and walked over and sat in it. He called his new pokemon out. "Tree!" It said. "So you're the pokemon Treeko huh?" Max asked looking at the pokemon. "Treeko Tree!" It said jumping on Max's head. Max laughed and rubbed Treeko's head and said "We're going to be the best of friends. Aren't we Treeko?" Treeko didn't here what Max said because he had fallen asleep.

"Treeko return." Max said as a red light shot out of the pokeball and enveloped Treeko. He laid on the grass and stared at the sky. "Mom. Don't worry I'm coming to get you." Max said as he smelled the fragrance of flowers and felt the breeze on his face and slowly. Very slowly fell asleep.

November 2nd, 2008, 8:28 AM
wolfsrain23: Ok, you check out. You are accepted. I would appreciate it if you PM'ed me exactly what Volt's connection to Raikou is, just for reference.

Pikalover10: Denied for now. Your history was a bit tough to read, and as an added note, there wouldn't be cruise lines in the pokemon mystery dungeon world. Humans make those, not pokemon. They don't even have ships yet. Your personality seemed to contain more information about the stuff he can do, rather then his personality, and the part about him having three friends seems more appropriate in the history. And im not too sure about being able to see the future in fires as his power. Its not that crazy or anything, but being able to predict the future may not always work out in an RP, where several peoples ideas contribute to the story, and may differ from how you think things may be going.

Not trying to sound mean or anything, but those are the problems I saw.

Wolf in the Rain
November 11th, 2008, 5:50 PM
This thread dead or still alive?

November 11th, 2008, 7:18 PM
I would like to think it is, but that would require other people posting sign-ups first. If others show interest in this, then yes, it is.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 12th, 2008, 4:52 PM
Name: Blitz (German For "Lightning" Or "Very Fast")

Age: 11

Species: Grovyle

Gender: Male

Oddity: Blitz Is Faster Then Any Other Normal Grovyle

Description: Blitz Looks Like A Normal Grovyle,Except For A Lightning Mark On His Forehead.

Personality: Blitz Is Very Brave And Adventurous,But He Also Thinks He Is More Powerful Then Others. He Never Turns Down A Challenge,And Tries To Do Anything He Can When He Is Stuck In A Situation.



RP Sample:

Damion Sat On A Rock In A Field With His Flygon Watching Some Raichu Fight Over Some Berries. Smiling, He Said "Come On Flygon,Do You Think You Could Fly Me To Victory Road?". "Fly!" Said Flygon In A Very Excited Voice. "Ok,Lets Go." Said Damion, Hopping On Flygons Back Quickly As It Took Off.As They Crossed The Water,Damion Watched Some Pokemon Trainers Race On Their Water Type Pokemon. "Flygon,Faster Before They See Us!" Said Damion,Yelling Over The Waves. Flygon Nodded And Sped Up A Little. Damion Looked Around Making Sure Nobody Heard Him. "Go,Scizor!" Said Damion Trying To Be Quiet Enough So That Nobody Could Hear Him. "Scizor,Go And Drop This Letter Off In My Moms Mailbox In Floroma. Ok,And Please Be Quiet." Said Damion, Hoping Mewtwo Wouldn't Find Out. "Scizor!" Said Scizor Worryingly. "I Know We Havn't Been Apart Scince I First Caught You Scizor, But You Have To Do This For Me." Said Damion Trying To Encourage Scizor. "Sciz." Said Scizor Flying To Floroma. "Ok, Come On Flygon.Land Here For The Night." Said Damion Looking Around To Make Sure Nobody Was In The Forest Below Them.

November 13th, 2008, 1:22 PM
Reserve me for now, please.

Name: Volkova-59 (or just Volkova)
Age: 32
Species: Flygon
Gender: Female
Oddity: Volkova's an alien operating through an interface.
Description: There is a red triangle-shaped marking on Volkova's chest, and the tips of her antenna are also red. There are two yellow diamond-shaped markings in the center of her wings. Her eyes are a bright golden color, but it's difficult to tell due to the covers over her eyes, which make them appear red or reddish-orange. The covers on her eyes can become lighter or darker in different brightnesses of light or depending on her mood, (ex. at night they become much more transparant)
Personality: Volkova is a quite and shy at first appearance, and is not extremely sociable, preferring much rather to sit on the sidelines and watch other people than actually get into the action herself, as part of her "observation" policy, preferring to watch how the indigenous species do things to understand their psychology. Extremely intelligent and logical she rarely misses a thing, and considers herself an excellent judge of character(that is, regarding her own race, as comprehending the psychology of a species originating on a different planet is rather more difficult, although her actual skill in the subject is up for grabs. Her nature is highly analytical, and she views things through the cold, clear, icy, unbiased view of logic and science. She doesn't often show emotion (again, her analytical,, but while she may seem to lack a real character on the outside, her good (alien) friends know her to be a fun, nice girl (or rather, the Deoxys equivilant of a girl) who loves humor. She has developed something of an attachment to this planet, but in general she disapproves of her own attachments, although she realizes that they are part of her nature and she should simply accept herself for what she is. Due to her otherwordly origins, she is extremely knowledgable in the scientific fields, and often considers the indigenous species downright primitive, and is slightly uncomfortable with living in such primitive, non-technological conditions, although she is rapidly getting used to it.
History: (trying to work some of Ilike2eatpies's stuff in here) Volkova, unlike many of the other alien spies on the planet, is a true Deoxys acting through an interface, not merely an artificial intelligence shaped into the form of a Pokemon. As her people are as of yet unable to reproduce the effects of the evolution of the indigenous species, her interface takes the form of a final evolution of her species line. Volkova was born on the Deoxys homeworld and recruited into the Travelers, an intelligence-gathering agency that focuses on speed, secrecy, and intelligence. As of now, Earth is her first real assignment and her first true experience outside of the training world that the technology of the Deoxys could create, as well as harsh natural environments ranging from steaming jungles to icy wastelands that never saw the sun, to volcanic worlds and abandoned orbital shipyards. Her number is 59 because she is a member of the 59th Traveler Division, currently the newest and equipped with the latest technologies.

On the planet Earth, her current objectives remain simple: Just act like a normal Pokemon does, traveling around the planet and gathering intelligence on the lifestyles, culture, evolution, biology, and technology of the indigenous species, as well as data on the space-warping phenomena such as closed spaces and the dimensional jumping, and the residual effects of the data explosion that continue to resound within this region of space. To this end her form contains a good deal of scientific instruments, quantum computational and storage devices, and other sensors that provide her with a much greater memory, intelligence, and ability to detect the things around her than any normal Pokemon would.
Other: None
RP Sample: From ReGenesis Games: Final Level
Level 1: The Empty Room
Players must wake up and get their bearings before the timer runs out. If they wish to avoid being machine-gunned, they must run out of the Level 1 arena immediately after coming to. A test of their responsiveness and thinking abilities.

"Welcome to the game." A voice, female, but lower in pitch than normal. Strangely mechanical, with odd nuances and emphasis. Sounding almost... menacing.

Arin gave off a quiet, high-pitched moan. It didn't mean anything in Pokespeech; sometimes, moans were just moans. Her head hurt slightly. Strange. She remembered going to bed on a safe-looking tree branch.

Blinking to clear her blurry vision, Arin craned her neck forward to look around. She was in a white, featureless room. In front of her lay a long hallway. Outside of which he could see trees and grass.

Where was she? She wasn't in the forest. Reaching out with her psychic abilities, she searched for her brother. Nothing. He was gone. Not dead, for certain (and she had no idea what to do if she was), for she was sure that she could feel it if he was gone in that sense. Just too far for her to sense. This room was obviously artificial, so that meant humans. She had been attacked by humans before. Jason had saved her then. She wondered where he was now, and whether he was doing alright. She certainly hoped so. The thought of an injured Jason, crawling through the forest pained her greatly.

So, the humans had finally caught her. Strangely, the idea didn't frighten her too greatly. She turned her head, scanning the walls of the room. She blinked. Now there were small discolorations on the walls. She blinked again. The discolorations were little tubes, attached to balls, mounted on the walls. They were pointing at her.

She leaned back slightly. The tubes moved, tracking her movement.

With a start, she realized what they were. Gun turrets.

"What the-" she gasped, but was cut short by a beeping behind her. She craned her neck around to see the source of the noise.

Behind her was a digital clock, its red-and-black rectangle looking evil and sinister set amidst its other blank white surroundings. It was a timer. Counting down. 15... 14... 13...

Then it hit her. Like a tractor trailer, or a wrecking ball. Guns that tracked her, and a timer. She needed no further explanation. She wanted to live.

Arin willed herself into the air, and shot forward like a bullet, possibly the greatest amount of acceleration she had ever experienced. Her entire existence faded away, until she was nothing but a single purpose, to get out.

Behind her, the beeping sound continued, strangely not lowered in volume by the increasing distance. But it was joined by something else. Gunshots. The timer had ran out.

Ever hear a gun in real life? It's not like in the movies, the little "pewpewpew".

A second ago, Arin would have sworn on her life that she was flying as fast as she could. But now, somehow, despite already racing at maximum speed, she coaxed a little more speed from her wings. Behind her, BANGBANGABANGBANGBANGBANGBANG!!!

She exploded out of the hallway and braked hard, swerving to the side. Trees to the front! She hung a left, but went down too far, and slammed into the ground, skidding a distance before coming to a rest against a tree trunk. She checked her body. It seemed alright, no bullet wounds, no blood. Just some ruffled feathers and a little bit of pain along the side she had skidded across the ground on.

Moving her head around on her long neck, Arin scanned the area. Surrounding her were trees. A forest? It looked like one, and smelled like one. Turning around, she didn't see the hallway he had come out of. Strange.

She looked up. The woods looked so ordinary. But there were glimmers of white poking through the openings in the leaves. White? But the skies were blue. He supposed it could be cloud cover, but wasn't it was a little too bright for that?

Level 2: The Black Forest
A spooky woods, filled with dangerous creatures, streams, and dark caves. Players beware, they're coming for you! And feast upon your bones they shall, unless you have the wits to escape a grisly fate. Other surprises are hidden in the woods as well... Sleeping is not advised.

A voice boomed out of nowhere, startling Arin. Her body suddenly froze in terror. What now?

"Welcome, players! We appreciate your participation in The Game! For those of you who have just passed Level One, congratulations! For those of you who have not passed Level One, we apologize for the great deal of pain and suffering you must be feeling right now. That is, if you are still alive enough to hear me."

The voice was similar to the one from before, but higher in pitch, brighter, and it talked faster. It still sounded strangely mechanical, however.

"The Game is simple. Survival until a certain point allows you to proceed to the next level. Death means you lose."

"As for rules, there are very few, and most of them are for you to find out on your own. Certain actions will be looked upon favorably and increase your score, and some may allow you to proceed to the next level. Death or injury will subtract from your score. On occasion, we may provide you with helpful advice to guide the way. For example, fire is hot. Do not touch it unless you wish to be burned. On other occasions, a helpful pixie may appear to point you in the right direction. That is all for the moment."

"Now, are you ready for Level 2?"

November 13th, 2008, 2:57 PM
Name: Cyl (Pronounced "SILL")
Age: Two Years.
Species: Takes the form of an Abra.
Gender: Technically she's genderless, but for the sake of her disguise she is considered to be female.
Oddity: Cyl is an interface for the Deoxys.

Description: Cyl resembles a normal, everyday Abra in every obvious way. She would have to; otherwise, her 'guise' would not work very well. Her creators, the Deoxys, didn't want her to look suspicious or different in any way.

Personality: Cyl is a rather peculiar Pokemon, and, well, the reason is obvious: she isn't a Pokemon at all. But, rather than feeling lost or out of place, she tends to find herself intrigued constantly by the strangeness of the Pokemon World. She doesn't think like most others; rather, Cyl will lives by the moral, "Listen more than you speak." It isn't that she's shy. She just doesn't say much. She's far too busy paying attention to the talk and words and even simple movements of others. When she does speak, her words are usually naiive and clearly uninformed. Of course, she usually doesn't realize this in her speech. Her social skills are underdeveloped, and she's still getting accquainted with them.

Despite what some may imply from her speech, however, Cyl's mind works in an almost entirely different manner from that of most Pokemon. In fact, she could be considered more intelligent than most Pokemon in a way. She thinks sort of like a computer would, processing thoughts and organizing 'data' that she collects. This is, of course, precisely what she was sent down from the Deoxys to do.

Emotion is a confusing thing for Cyl. Even simple emotions such as sadness or joy are hard for her to pick up on. It isn't that she can't feel them out of coldness or the way her midn was designed; she just doesn't understand them enough to demonstrate them herself, or know when others are showing them. Many see her was quirky when she doesn't comprehend that someone is upset with her, or when in a moment of victory or success she won't look at all happy; just a bit confused. Cyl isn't exactly a depressing Pokemon or a bundle of joy. She's just... neutral. Most of the time, at least.

History: With Cyl's history, there isn't too much to tell. She was sent down into the world to collect data and information for the Deoxys; she herself, however, is not a Deoxys. The alien beings knew that using such a powerful being for such a simple task might be risky, so they used their advanced technologies to create a computer-like life form to do the job for them. This being was called 'Cyllunia-4', but eventually it was just shortened to 'Cyl'. This being was designed perfectly for its purpose, and, since it would be fitted nto appear just like an average Pokemon, no one would suspect much. It was even fully fitted with 'veins', which pulsed a red, fae, liquidy material to appear as blood. Every part of Cyllunia-4 had the idea of either hiding its true identity or learning more about the world. It, being young and alive (not to mention engineered with this need in mind), was instinctually bound to absorb any sort of information it happened to stumble upon.

After a year and a half of testing and readying Cyl, the Deoxys quickly had her sent off. Now she is fufilling her purpose in just the way she was intended to.

Other: Cyl can do virtually anything a normal Abra could... with one exception. She cannot evolve, even if the training requirements were met. The Deoxys discovered quickly that whatever powered evolution was too complicated and unique to replicate (at least whith the technology Cyllunia-4 was based upon), and as such that is the one main thing she is incapable of.

Also, the Deoxys sometimes will open up a sort of thought-transmition signal that links back to Cyl. During the short time the signal is open, she can use 'telepathy' to communicate information back to her creators. This is very conditional, however, as thoughts and info can only be exchanged during the time the signal happens to be available, and Cyl has no control over the signal whatsoever. She's definitely not capable of speaking through thoughts when she wants to, either. When the signal is used, the data passed between Cyl and the Deoxys are silent to all ears and transferred invisibly through space. Perhaps a Psychic Pokemon capable of mind-reading would be able to tap into the communication, but otherwise no one would ever know what's going on.

RP Sample: From Gummy's Return of the Fallen...

Kat hated crowds.

It wasn't so much that she didn't care for being around others, or that she was anti-social. Crowds were just... too many people. As such, being part of them made her feel cramped. Annoyed. Irritable. And nobody likes an irritable Katrynah. Nobody.

So, instead of plunging into the huge mass of moving and chattering and annoying Pokemon, the Pachirisu kept to the edge of it, managing to slip past others with little if any notice thanks to her small size. She hadn't been in this town long enough to get used to these meetings... In fact, it took her about five minutes to realize the ringing chime of that bell meant 'come to town square and listen to some guy talk for a while'. Kat sort of wished she hadn't remembered that when she did. Her cozy little hut was much more comfortable than these clogged streets, filled with the traffic of Pokemon bodies. Bleh.

She noticed the movement starting to come to a halt (Finally!), and blinked, realizing the crowd must have reached the square. Only... she couldn't see a thing behind all these much-taller-than-her Pokemon! Gah, she thought, not satisfied at all, If some moron is gonna drag me outta my house to yap in my ears, I should at least be able to see who the heck he is. Of course, she could always slink around this rediculous assembly of townsfolk.

Carefully slipping past a few legs and over a tail or two, Kat made her way to the very front of the crowd, a slight smirk on her face as she did so. It was so easy for her to be ignored and unnoticed if she really tried. Sometimes, she actually thought it was a blessing that she had been born a Pachirisu rather than, say, a Charizard. (All the same, she believed being a Charizard would be quite nice... The ability to fly and rain flames down upon her foes... Ahh. Now, how amazing would that be?)

"... my fellow Pokemon, that these are not natural occurrences..."

A voice caught her ears. Kat looked up to see the speaker, a Weavile, who seemed to be recieving quite a few looks from the crowd that said things along the lines of, 'Heh. You can't be serious...'

Drat. I could have missed half the meeting-speech-whatever-it-is by now... she thought in dismay. As the Weavile continued, a Breloom behind her was giggling, probably at the speaker's words. Kat whirled around, eyes blazing with anger. She wasn't in an exactly "good" mood right now.

"You. Quiet. I'm tryin' ta hear this guy," Kat spat. She didn't wait for a reply either (though she did see the Breloom close his mouth with an alarmed expression). Instead, she turned back around and continued listening to the Weavile's words.

“He says it is a sign that the dark one, Giratina, will return to free his fallen followers and wage war once again. This brings me to my main point. I call upon all brave warriors to meet on the northwestern outskirts of Little Hillmoss Town. The time for waiting is over, so we much act! And that is why I’m calling for a small battalion to aid me in finding and destroying the fallen ones.”

Now Kat realized what everyone was so humored by... Giratina, huh? Right... Good luck convincing people by preaching that. The truth was, many Pokemon didn't believe that the Legendary Pokemon still -or ever had - power over the world. In fact, some didn't even believe the Legendaries existed at all! Kat was among those who were skeptical as to what Legendary Pokemon really had control over. That, however, wasn't what concerned her. She'd caught a bit about the quakes and disasters in the Weavile's speeh...

A mountain. A gigantic, towering mountain. A symbol of strength and pure, untamed nature. Plummeting to the ground; scatterering into a million pieces. And, all of those pieces sliding down a hill, into a village... Homes destroyed. Lives ruined. Pokemon dead. All in one instant... All in one trembling quiver of the Earth itself...

That was what got to her. Kat had seen a mountain tumble and crumble to pieces at the mercy of these quakes. She'd seen towns destroyed by them. Pokemon killed. Effort and lifestyles shattered. And she'd actually believed it was just around her hometown, too... But then, she came out here, and what do you know? Quakes. Whatever this was, it was definately abnormal. Now, Kat didn't immediately jump to the conclusion that Legendary Pokemon were to blame, but she felt she was a lot smarter than all these Pokemon insisting that it had to be 'the Earth going through changes'. That was a pethetic excuse, and everyone knew it. This was serious. And she cared enough to do something about it, in one way or another. Besides... What better did she have to do? Sit around here waiting for the next stupid town meeting?

"Hey," Kat said, approaching the Weavile (seeing as the crowd was clearing away). "I'm in. And don't say something like, 'Oh, you're just a tiny Pachirisu'. That stuff doesn't work on me, and you're only looking stupid if ya' start patronizing me 'cause of my size. Got it?"

She didn't care what he said in reply, or, honestly, if he replied at all. So long as this guy knew she wasn't one of those cute, huggable, fluffy little Pokemon that never did anything but stand around looking sickeningly adorable, she was perfectly content with him.

November 13th, 2008, 3:48 PM
Silent Pidgeot and Lusankya, both of you are reserved. But Pidgeot, I would like to point out that pokemon don't wear clothes (save for the likes of Machoke and Machamp) therefore the black hoodie thing dosn't fit in with the setting. Also, please don't capitalize every word. Only the beginning of sentences, Names, and the pronoun "I".

iLike2EatPiez, you are accepted.

November 14th, 2008, 1:10 PM
Mmkay, all done with my sign-up over here.

November 14th, 2008, 3:14 PM
Lusankya, you are accepted. Everything checks out. I suppose I should be getting my sign-up in soon. Ill try to have it by the end of tonight.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 14th, 2008, 3:45 PM
I edited my sign-up except for the history. slso,I only use my capital habit outside of the RPG now.

New Age Retro Hippie
November 14th, 2008, 7:32 PM
Name: Lucius “Luc” Orli
Age: 13
Species: Shinx
Gender: Male
Oddity: Human
Description: Luc looks pretty normal, except the tuft on his head is a golden yellow characteristic of his new specie’s shiny form. He also wears an orange and yellow bandana around his neck.

Personality: Luc is a quiet, conservative young Pokémon. He tends to think before doing something, a habit developed from his confusion of being an entirely different species. Despite this, he still comes off as rather clumsy whenever he tries something new in his Shinx form that he did easily as a human (and fails, generally). Luc is fairly shy around new people, as he is generally worried that they’d judge him as a weirdo due to some of his humanoid habits. Even though he is afraid of being criticized, he does not wish to give up on his humanity and still writes (as best he can), cooks his food (if there are any fires around or that can be made), and has an odd tendency to call out his attacks as he uses them (due to his past life as a trainer). For all his quiet nature, he is a rather brave and stubborn soul and won’t back down from challenges and will never change his opinions without good reason. He considers himself a good storyteller due to his wild imagination and experience of the human world, and tells his stories as a minstrel. His greatest dream at the moment is to find someone else who can recall their experiences in the human dimension.

History: One day, three years ago, a young boy disappeared from his hotel room causing panic among the staff. His three Pokémon were still there, asleep in their Pokéballs, but there was no trace of young Lucius Orli. Police searched everywhere, investigated every nook and cranny, questioned reformed kidnappers but came up with nothing. It was as if this young boy, a brand new Pokémon trainer, had never existed…

In another dimension, in a small town, there was quite a stir starting up. A young Shinx had been found sleeping in an empty room in one of the resident’s house. He was woken up and interrogated, but he claimed he had paid for the night and promptly fell asleep again. His words just before he slipped into unconsciousness confused the entire population; “Pokémon… can’t… talk…”

When the Shinx woke up he was face to face with a rather disapproving Lucario. The Lucario explained that for squatting the boy had been put in jail for the day, which confused the Shinx. Or so the Lucario thought. A few minutes later the Shinx asked how he could understand the bipedal Pokémon. The Lucario explained that Pokémon could understand other Pokémon, regardless of species. And when the Shinx came to understand what he now was, he naturally had a mental breakdown.

Luc, as he told his name was, was released a week later when he had become calm, and set out into this new and bizarre world. For three years he explored, earning Poké by singing his tales to young Pokémon. He never really made any friends, just a few acquaintances that would give him lodging whenever he passed through that particular town. He is pretty content with life as it is, but he couldn’t help but notice how interesting Pokémon Rescue Teams looked…

Other: Luc is, as you may have guessed, one of the few humans that can actually remember their previous life rather than juts their old species.

RP Sample: I’ll write up the scene between Constable Lucario and young Luc.

Golden eyes creaked open. With a yawn, the boy sat up and stretched. “Wow,” he chuckled to himself. “That was a weird dream.” He had, like most people, had dreams about Pokémon, but never ones that talked. It was as if his mind had replaced the hotel staff with Pokémon briefly. A Gallade definitely suited that rude receptionist. Sometimes he loved his mind.

“Awake, are you?” a gruff, masculine voice inquired. Sneering at the boy from behind bars was a burly Lucario, its arms folded. The boy blinked slowly, confused. Why was the Lucario in a cage? And where was its trainer?

“Hello?” the boy called out. “Where are you?”

“Right here.” The source of the reply was the blue and black Pokémon staring at him. The boy frowned.

“Are you behind your Pokémon?” he asked, craning his head to see around it. The Lucario laughed hoarsely.

“Am I a possession now?” he chortled maliciously. The boy’s jaw immediately dropped. The Lucario regained his steely composure and stared hard at the boy. “You are under arrest for squatting, kid,” he spat.

Under arrest? The boy scanned his environment. He was on a slab of clay with a thin layer of fluffy down and sticks upon it, but the room he was in was otherwise completely bare. Upon further inspection he discovered it was he that was in the cage and not the Lucario. Panicked, he scrambled off his bed and attempted to run over to the bars, which he now realized were long wooden poles. For some reason, he couldn’t stand up. He stopped trying to run and instead glared at the Lucario, tears welling up in his eyes.

“I paid!” he yelled defiantly. “I paid for the hotel!”

The Lucario looked at him skeptically. “That wasn’t a hotel, kid. That was Jason Gallade’s house, and he’s sure you didn’t pay him.”

“But… but I paid, and I was in a hotel, and now I’m in jail because I was in a house, and…” The boy broke down, tears flowing like a waterfall. “How can I understand you anyway?!” he yelled sharply.

The Lucario was unfazed. “Because you’re not stupid. Or maybe you are…” The boy growled at him, and the Lucario decided to change tact. “Look, Pokémon can understand Pokémon regardless of species. I guess you stayed with other Shinx, Luxio and Luxray your whole life?”

“No, I stayed with my family,” the boy sobbed. “I’m a human. A human. I shouldn’t be able to understand you!”

“I’ve never heard of the Human species before. Is it a kind of mutant Shinx?” The Lucario was definitely confused, and now concerned for this delusional Pokémon.

“No!” the boy shrieked. “A human is-” he cut himself off, as he finally looked at the ground at his feet. Or rather, his paws. Bright blue paws had replaced his hands and navy blue paws were his feet. He caught sight of a yellow star at his feet, and when he followed the navy cord it was attached to he nearly fainted. He was speechless. His feline jaw dropped yet again. “I…” he mumbled, finding his voice. “I’m.. Lucius… Lucius Orli… not a… not a Shinx…”

And with this, he fell to the floor.

November 14th, 2008, 11:27 PM
Falling Star, you are accepted.

November 15th, 2008, 12:49 AM

I'll write a new application tomorrow. I'm too tierd rihgt now....Ggooodightt.,'

November 15th, 2008, 12:05 PM
Aw, that sucks. Reserved till you can get it up again.

November 15th, 2008, 5:34 PM
Thanks for the reservation, Gamekrazy.

This is my third attampt at posting this, and somehow, it finally worked. Well, here ya go.


Name: My real name? Michael. My name in the RP? Jeremy.

Age: 12

Species: Raichu

Gender: Male

Oddity: From the future.

Description: Right arm is made of solid rock. Wears green shades.

Personality: Jeremy is a good leader, and he knows it, but sometimes he can be quiet and withdrawn from the rest.
He always wants to be the one to get things done. If there is something worth fighting for, he'll fight for it
until the end. He is very, very smart. He's a logical, yet creative and open-minded, Pokemon. He can solve
difficult problems, and can look at things ways no one else ever thought of. If someone is in trouble, he will try
and help them out of it without hesitation. He enjoys exploring and finding out new things. He is very curious, and
persistent when trying to figure something out. He is very trustworthy and trusting, although not gullible. His
determination gives him strength in tough situations. He is cheerful and good-natured, and always maintains a high
hope foor the future, even when facing overwhelming odds.

History: Before falling back into the past, he was a well-respected scientist and explorer. Although extremely
intelligent, he is not old, but is at a youthful age. He had made some very important discoveries and developments
in the future. His stone arm was the accidental result of an experiment gone wrong (it turned his right arm to stone). The night he dropped into
the past was the night before he was due to unveil an amazing scientific breakthrough to the public. His
disappearance caused much mystery and speculation among the Pokemon of the future. Anyway, when he woke up in a field of grass in the past,
he immediately knew where he was (the past), and sought a way back (to the future). However, after making some
observations and exploring, he realized that the fabric of reality was deteriorating, and that if something wasn't
done soon, there may not be a future to go back to anymore. So, he deciced to stay in the past for the time being
and see what he could do.


RP Sample: I haven't ever done a RP before, so I guess I'll just write something now:

Panting as he ran, Treeko dodged tree after tree as he dashed through the forrest. He was tiring fast, but he
couldn't stop now.
"Can't... let... them... get... me..." he wheezed under his breath. They were gaining on him now, closing the
distance between them inch by inch. He couldn't give up, though, or else... Or else...
He shuddered briefly for a moment as that thought passed through his head, but then pushed it to the back of his
mind. No time for distractions... Gotta keep running...
"AACK!!!" he screamed in sheer terror as he skidded to a sudden stop.
Directly infront of him was an entire line of Houndoom, ready to pounce. Looking behind him over his sholder, he
saw more of them advancing on him behind. He was surrounded! There was no escape! Or was there...
Looking up, he saw a lowhanging branch right over his head. A Vine Whip shot up from its hand and wrapped itself
around the branch. "See ya!" he said with a smirk, as he flew up out of reach and onto the tree. From there he
leapt to another tree, then another, then another, then another.
"They'll never catch me now," he thought. A cave in the side of a cliff wall was coming into view, his cave, his
home. They'd never be able to reach him there. The cave was a deep, long, winding maze, and at the bottom was an
underground river that lead to anywhere in the region. Only he knew the way through the labrinth. Just one more
tree, one more vine, one more leap...
WHOOSH! A blowdart full of tranquilizer flew through the air and embedded itself into the back of his neck.
"AAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!" Treeko screamed as he fell through the air, the ground rushing up towards him, as
consciousness slowly ebbed from his body, and his mind faded into black, black, darkness...

Okay, that's it. I hope you like it.

Well, enjoy! :d

November 15th, 2008, 6:21 PM
Alright, I liked your RP sample, and everything seems to check out, except for the fact that he has a metallic arm. As I mentioned in the first post, the future pokemon mainly made discoveries in agriculture and archetecture, but by our standards are still primitive, so he wouldn't have part of his body replaced with metal. Also, im not too sure of him working in the field of 'warp portals.' Pending, for now.

November 15th, 2008, 6:35 PM
You never know, it could be just like a "peg leg" or a simple claw.

November 15th, 2008, 8:24 PM
Okay, fixed my application:

- Removed "warp portals".

- Changed arm to stone.

November 16th, 2008, 2:57 AM
Name: Oshri

Age: 14

Species: Gallade

Gender: Male.

Oddity: Appeared from the past, nobody knows from when. Only 2 of it's kind still exist, Oshri was seeking it's other half in the future.

Description: If there is nothing different about you from the game sprites, you dont have to fill this out.

Personality: Oshri is a brave, yet bold hunter. It helps others in need, and brings peace to uncontrolled areas. He gets scared of seeing flashbacks of his past, yet he doesn't know how or when it happens. When he sees something he remembers, he will be startled at first and come to his senses afterwards.

History: Oshri was working for a organization called H.U.N.T, to catch and arrest the evil that was causing havoc to pokemon. Oshri was one of the few elites on the team. He could catch, hunt, and find things without hesitation. One day he was assigned a mission to seek out a Gallade that was stealing fragments for a certain "something." So Oshri uses his future sight to see into the future where this other Gallade was off to, but instead he sees images of strange events of space, bubbles, and DNA. Strangely, Oshri felt nauseated and started to feel headaches and strange bendings of "time". Then he sees a large image in his head of a "alien" type of pokemon with tentacles. Stuck under the trance of future sight, Oshri suddenly disappears by a strange energy that brings him to the future 100 years later. Deep in the mountains of Stark, Oshri appears confused and doesn't know where he is, nor what he is. He doesn't know when he came here, and he only remembers things about "Oshri", and a "alien." His only option was to seek food and shelter because he didn't know where to go. 1 year later (at age 14), he wakes up one morning to see a bidoof in front of him. Startled, Oshri asks where he is, and the bidoof tells him that he's in Stark Mountain. The bidoof was looking for food to bring back to the guild. It's north-east away from the guild. Oshri, confused asks about this guild, and bidoof tells him all about the guild and the explorer teams. This somehow was relevant to Oshri as he lost most of his memory, but cheerfully he decides to join up with the bidoof and head for the guild. At the guild entrance, the bidoof told Oshri to step onto the panel to be verified. Oshri did as he was told, and he was verified as a Gallade. Oshri didn't know what he was so he was curious about being a Gallade. Inside the guild base, he was welcomed, fed with food, and trained under the leader of the guild. After a week of being in the base, Oshri decides to ask about joining a team. The leader assigns him to a team called "Team Hunt." Right at that moment, Oshri had a sudden flashback of a odd looking building, and labeled on the front were the letters, "H.U.N.T.". Oshri then came back to his senses and the leader asked if everything was ok. Oshri said he was fine and headed to his designated team. As the days passed he helped out many pokemon in need and gained some training out of it. About a year later Oshri still not knowing of his past nor race, was chilling in the guild base until a explosion caused destruction to the base. A lot of pokemon were dead, and Oshri was the only survivor. But then a big beam of energy came blasting to Oshri. He thought he was a goner, but then suddenly a bright light came shining up the whole place. A mythical creature was in front of Oshri and blocked the dark energy. Then the mythical creature emmited a odd roar that seemed to bend air and every particle around it. It sucked Oshri into a time warp, and he got knocked unconscious. When Oshri woke up, he was in a bed and around him were pokemon. This time, Oshri lost all of his memory and he looked lost. He asked the pokemon who he was and where he was. Since the pokemon were very helpful to all pokemon, they told him where he was and decided that if he lost his memories, they should call him "Oshri" as his former member name. Oshri asked a lot of questions as to what happened, the pokemon told him that they lost a few members, and the ancient mythical creature saved Oshri. After they left Oshri to rest, Oshri fell right asleep, but thinking about the "ancient mythical creature", he has yet another flashback on when a bright light and a creature saved him and told him a message. Oshri couldn't think clearly, but the message came out as "Find the one with energy, find the one with power, find the one with the aura."
"Only then can you seek what your destined tp look for." Oshri took this messsage into consideration, and in the morning he told everyone that he would seek the one with energy, the one with power, and the one with aura. He promised that he would come back, and the pokemon of the guild understand. So Oshri left on his strange adventure to unlock the secrets to recovering his memories and his purpose in this presence.

Other: Oshri was very quick and could attack without a problem. He could vanish into thin air and assault his opponents from behind.

RP Sample:Ralts vs Starly

Oshri fixed his hair and called upon his Ralts to start training.
"Ok Ralts, I wanna see what you ca-""

"Starrleee!," a voice from above their heads called out.

A wild Starly was flying in the air and saw the Ralts thinking it was foods. So it went straight for Ralts.

"Ralts teleport out of starly's way quick" Oshri shouted, as his friend vanished and appeared next to Oshri.

The Wild Starly hit the ground hard and got up quick in a fuss.

"Ok lets go Ralts, use Confusion!" he commanded.

Ralts concentrated on starly and lifted the starly in the air and released a spark of energy on the stary. Starly dropped to the ground in pain, but got back up and used Aerial Ace on Ralts. Ralts flew away and crashed into a tree.

"Don't give up yet Ralts." Oshri shouted. "Teleport behind starly and use Confusion again" he commanded. Ralts teleported behind starly and used Confusion on starly.

The wild starly fourtunately got confused and started hitting itself. Oshri was proud of Ralts.

"Ok Ralts finish starly with confusion again" he commanded. Ralts did as he was told, and the starly fell to the ground knocked out. Ralts was happy that he won, but fainted of draining so much energy.

"You did good Ralts, lets go rest at Jubilife City" he mumbled as they walked toward the city.

November 16th, 2008, 10:25 AM
Oops, I fixed a typo in my RP sample:

- Changed "from his head" to "from his hand".

November 16th, 2008, 2:27 PM
Ok Eleclion, you are accepted. Everything checks out.

DxEON, you are denied. Your history was pretty hard to understand, your personality was pretty short, and I spotted several errors throughout your sign-up.

November 16th, 2008, 3:08 PM
Awesome, Gamekrazy. Thanks!

Wolf in the Rain
November 17th, 2008, 7:17 PM
Hey Gamekrazy, when do you think we'll be able to start / how many people are you going to accept?

November 20th, 2008, 6:00 PM
((And we are now operational! I would like to make it known, Sign-ups are still open to those who want to join.))

Outside the large Wigglytuff-shaped entrance to the pink puffy pokemon's guild, Megumi scowled. It would not be incorrect to say that she was in a bad mood, as her disposition was anything but cheery.

"Men!" She exclaimed, kicking a nearby stone, which flew and hit a tree. "What is with them!" She glanced back at the Pachirisu whom she was ranting to, whos ears perked up and she nodded a bit hastily, confirming she was listening. "Ya know the real reason I didn't make that team? Because im a girl! It has nothing to do with experience! Men are just sexist!"

"Uh... um..." The Pachirisu stammered in response. "In their defense, you did try joining a platinum rank team, and you only ever have been in bronze..."

"And why does that matter!" Megumi shot back "Im perfectly capable of higher ranks, but none of those will accept me without experience in lower rank teams! Lower ranks have no ambition! They take all the mundane, trival jobs day after day! Would it kill them for once to try out an A rank or two? There never gonna improve if they don't aim higher! I swear, this guild is nothing but unmotivated losers or ignorant bastards."

The Pachirisu sighed. She knew nothing she could possibly say would get through to the Pikachu. She was living in her own world, as the saying went.

"Oh!" The squirrel pokemon went, suddenly realizing something. "I-im sorry, but speaking of teams, I have to be meeting with my own right about now. I-I gotta go... sorry..."

With that, the Pachirisu turned and left down the steps twords the crossroads, and further down twords the beach. Megumi had her arms crossed as she watched the pokemon leave. She doubted she really had somewhere to be, she just needed an excuse to leave.

"Whatever..." She mumbled under her breath, turning back to the guild entrance "Teams are overrated anyway..." And with that, she proceeded to go inside, checking the notice board for any missions she may be able to do by herself...


"This should be far enough..." The Pachirisu said to herself once she had achieved a fair distance from the guild. A pink light enveloped her body, before she changed shape, forming into a small, pink cat-like creature. "I wish she wouldn't get so worked up all the time... she dosn't know the troubles it causes others..."

With that, Mew took off, flying into the sky. She wasn't lying to Megumi. She indeed had a 'team' to meet...


"About time you got here!" Yuu exclaimed, grabbing his bone club out of the air as it boomaranged back to him, making quite a hit to the head of the titan they were fighting. This "Arceus" had no elemental type, not even normal, so while it was weak to nothing, it was also strong against nothing.

"Sorry to keep ya waiting!" The Grumpig responded, running up to the Cubone accompanied by a Misdravus and a Kirlia. "You havn't been hogging all the fun now, have you?"

"Nah, theres still a little crap left to kick outta him." Yuu responded "What do ya say? Finish him all together?"

The Grumpig nodded, and facing their foe, his eyes began to glow. Three beams of light, one red, one blue, and one yellow, flew off from the pearls on his body, hitting the massive pokemon right in the eyes. It roared in pain, and thats when Kirlia made her move. A dark ball of energy forming in her hands, she threw the sphere straight twords their opponent, which hit him in the chest. It let out a roar, and was about to stomp down on the annoyance, when it was blinded by another flash of light. This time coming from Misdravus.

In its dazed state, the giant pokemon was unable to defend against Grumpig and Yuu, both running twords him with their fists on fire. Jumping up, their flaming fists contacted the giants chest simultaniously, as it gave one last cry of agony, before vanishing. With his dissapearence, the grey sky seemed to crack open, before shattering as if it were glass, allowing bright sunlight to enter. Color returned to the area as space began to return to normal. Landing back on the ground, Grumpig turned to Yuu.

"Nice work." He said "My offer still stands. You feel like joining up with us? I mean, fighting giant Arceus makes being a rescue team nothing in comparison, right?"

"Nah..." Yuu said, shaking his head "I know we work well together an' all, and I appriciate all the help you and the guild gave me when this whole closed space thing started happening, but I don't really feel like rescue teams are for me, ya know?"

"Oh well then." Grumpig said, shrugging "If you ever reconsider, the offer still stands. We are gold rank after all, and I think you would make a great addition to the team."

"Ill think about it." Yuu responded to the pig as his team was on their way "See you guys later!"

With that, he himself turned to leave. In truth, It wasn't because he didn't like teams that he didn't want to join. Sure, he had felt that way long ago, but not anymore. Now it was something else. He knew Grumpig said not to interfere with her, and that letting her operate on her own without interference was best, but lately the Cubone had taken intrest in the activities of Megumi, and ambitious Pikachu, and their own fallen 'God'.

Dark Blaziken_500
November 20th, 2008, 6:48 PM
May i please join.
Name: Midori (japan for green)
Age: 5
Species: Pichu
Gender: Male
Oddity: Midori looks like any ordinaly pichu except that instead of yellow fur (or skin i dont know) it's Green. other pikachu's and pichu's sometimes tease him because of his difference. being green is not just the only difference, he also has a better electrick power than ant pichu.
Personality: he likes to play with others and for those who make fun of him he likes to teach them a lesson. he is mostly in a cheerful mood and always backs up a friend in need. he hates that his older brother always stops him from fighting or anything that will get him in trouble. he also hates people (pokemon) that correct his spelling errors and sorts of things like that. He loves it when they give him chocolates and ice cream of his favorite flavor, vanilla and always shares with his companions.
History: Midori's Mom and Dad died while a pack of migthyena were chasing them. midori's older brother rescued midori but while a mightyena was about to attack midori's older brother a latios and latias saved them. midori has a grudge agains mighthyena's and lived with latios and latias for 3 yrs. at the end of those 3 yrs midori was 5 and latios and latias took midori and his older borther to the nearest pikachu and pihu tribe so they can live happy.
RP Sample: well i have made one Rp but has not come out yet its called Team Magma or Team Aquaa (or reversed)
this is my first time i have posted in a Rp so if anything is wrong plz notify me and i will fix it please and thankyou if you let me join :)

Wolf in the Rain
November 20th, 2008, 7:58 PM
Volt watched from the gates of the guild as the Pikachu named Megumi angerly marched away.

"Damnit... I was looking forward to having another Pikachu around here" he sighed.
Even though she was only a bronze team member, Wigglytuff had been especially hard on her. Personally, Volt thought she did well during her trail, at least, better then he had done on his first try. It was a shame though, the way she reacted made it seem like she would never come back to the guild. Then again, he had acted the same way the first time he failed to make it into a better team.

But what she had said was true, this guild had been doing mundane tasks every day. His rank silver team hadn't gone on an exploration in months!

Volt walked out of the guild entrance and headed to the forest.

As he walked he tilted his head to the sky, wondering what to do. The last few months hadn't helped him with anything. Sure, he had gotten a few prizes out of doing these random chores, but it had not gotten him any closer to his goal. After a few more minutes of walking, he reached the small enclosure where a makeshift hammock was tied in between two trees. Before he had joined the guild, he used this place for a 'home'. With a jump, Volt landed on the hammock causing it to sway back and forth. He then looked at the sky through the small clearing in the trees, as he did on the many days before.

Whenever he came to this spot, it would remind him of that day, when he woke up alone in the town center. No one to help him and no idea what to do. The night where he met up with Raikou also came into his mind.

<Damn> he thought < If I could have only stayed conscious for a few more minutes, Raikou could've told me everything. Why I'm here, who I was... But...still....>

His mind drifted again. <Maybe Megumi was right...The fact that the guild is getting more repetitive by the minute just makes everything more difficult for everyone.>

He sighed and looked back up to the sky, trying to find a solution.

<Maybe I should go talk to Wigglytuff, I'm sure he'll under->

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye he spotted a pink light shine from behind the trees, snapping him out of his daydream and causing him to fall out of the hammock. The light then proceeded to fly up into the sky. Looking up through the clearing, Volt saw the light zoom through the sky....

November 20th, 2008, 9:24 PM
Dark Blaziken_500: No, sorry. We already have 3 characters on the pikachu line, and Im not accepting a fourth. Not to mention your sign-up itself was very short, and even if you havn't been in an RP before, you could type up your own sample. I also spotted several errors throughout your sheet, so Im sorry, but no.

wolfsrain23: Perhaps I should clear something up: Megumi is already part of the guild, she just isn't on a team, and was complaining when a platinum rank team wouldn't accept her, due to her only having been in bronze and below rank teams, which she usually quit a day or two after joining after seeing the types of missions they took.

Wolf in the Rain
November 21st, 2008, 3:12 AM
Oh ok sorry. Ill fix that later.

November 21st, 2008, 5:36 AM
Name: Witcher
Age: 10
Species: Duscnoir.
Gender: Male.
Oddity: Can shapeshift,and he likes to fart.
Personality: Really Bad,in his life he kicked ass 50 humans,and pokemon. He is fast raged,and nothing can stop him from killing. He really is angry,but to friends,he's really nice. The weird is,somethimes if he shapeshifts,he takes the personality of the Pokemon,who's he turned in.
History: Created by Darkrai to destroy the World,he just has fun killing pokemon.
But one time he just got caught by Darkrai,eating the souls of killed people and pokemon,and he got fired. From this time,he just wants revenge on everything and everyone,including YOU. But if your'e a friend,he will fight for your safety to the end. But there's no end for him......
RP Sample: (It's my first rp)

November 21st, 2008, 6:38 AM
WitcherKozacki: No. Just no. Your personality and history are only a few lines, not to mention there were many errors through the whole thing. Shapeshifting is not an oddity I would accept, because its just like putting the move transform on your moveset, and liking to fart dosn't make him special, just gross. Not to mention, theres no RP sample. If this is your first RP, you could always TYPE ONE UP. And I don't believe Darkrai would create something to destroy the world for him. Hes completely capable of that himself.

Wolf in the Rain
November 21st, 2008, 12:17 PM
Temper Temper.... geez... its just an RP... not the end of the world.

November 21st, 2008, 3:02 PM
PLUM YOU *******

Err... Not that it's exactly any of my business, and not that you'll care to accept this if you read it, but going around posting things like that only makes you look immature, Witcher. Really immature. Like wolfsrain23 said, it's just an RP. If you swear at someone and call them stupid, they aren't going to suddently listen to you and accept you. Especially not on the internet.

Sorry; just felt that I had to say something... ^_^;



Short walks during the day were perhaps one of Cyl's favorite things about this strange world. Technically, they weren't walks exactly... Using the abilities of an Abra that had been programmed into her, she much preferred to float and hover about rather than stand on her own feet. Back before she was sent here, Cyl always had wanted to defy gravity like her creators could. While it required mental focus to be used, there was a free feeling that came with it, which Cyl enjoyed very much.

Today's walk, however, was nearly over. Cyl found herself hovering steadily along the path that led toward the Guild, as she did on most days. The 'Abra' had visited the beach just earlier, and watched the sea's waves wash up on the shore, fascinated. There was so much she didn't know about this place... Even simple and completely natural things such as wind would get her interested and excited... But then, Cyl would remember her duty. She was here to study the data explosion. There was little time for her to ponder about waves and breezes and trees and such.

"Would it kill them for once to try out an A rank or two? There never gonna improve if they don't aim higher! I swear, this guild is nothing but unmotivated losers or ignorant bastards."

Cyl looked up, surprised by the sudden noise. It seemed a Pikachu was shouting at a Pachirisu about... something. She couldn't quite figure out exactly what for a few moments after overhearing the harsh words. ... A-Rank...? Guild...? Oh...! Of course! I think I get it now. Her thoughts echoed through her mind.

She watched the scene unfold with her head tilted slightly to one side. The Pikachu seemed like she could be upset about something. Perhaps the Guild? But... why be upset about the Guild? It provided food, shelter, and a purpose. That was all one needed (even an artificial life-form like Cyl), despite trivial issues that might come up. Right? Cyl herself was only a Bronze Rank member, and she didn't exactly serve on any specific Team, but she understood that much to be true.

The Pikachu stormed off into the base after the Pachirisu had left. Cyl was still confused about the situation, but then again, what did it matter? It was none of her business. After a few moments had gone by, she made her own way back into the Guild's Wigglytuff-shaped base. Perhaps she could find a mission... Or maybe something to eat, too. The food of this world was yet another thing Cyl found fascinating.

New Age Retro Hippie
November 21st, 2008, 3:34 PM
“Paws,” Luc moaned as he passed tree after faceless tree. The Shinx was aching all over, but he swore his feet could not take any more punishment. He had been wandering for about a week with no sight of any towns, and he had no way to contact a rescue team. He had been attacked by the few wild and crazy Pokémon he had dared approach, and he was covered in bruises and cuts. The fact that he was certain that he’d been to this part of the forest before didn’t make it any better.

“It’s all so hopeless,” Luc lamented. “I’m going to die here, and I’m never going to see my family or friends ever again…” Tears began to spill from his golden eyes, as they had done at least thrice a day for the past week. His walk became a stagger, and to someone who was just walking by it could appear that young Luc was intoxicated. Luc winced as he stuck his right paw with a metallic thorn. Growling far too loudly, he clawed at the offending spike with his left paw and only succeeded in injuring himself further. He eventually tugged it out with his mouth, but his mood had taken a turn for the worse.

The lion Pokémon tumbled over onto his back, a scowl plastered on his face. “I’m just going to lie here,” he announced to no one in particular, “and wait to die.” He stared up at the impossibly blue sky as he wished for a way out, or even a way to call for help…

It was like pink lightning, he decided a moment later. A streak of pink flashed across the small patch of the heavens he could see. Suddenly, he was standing up again, wounds and moods forgotten. What on earth was that? It was heading to the southeast of the way that Luc was facing. His face lit up, rather literally, as a theory hit him. The streak had come from civilisation! With a whoop, he charged off to the northwest (of where he was facing, has he actually had no clue of what direction he was taking) with reckless abandon.

And, naturally, about five minutes later he was exhausted. Luc was simply crawling along his belly now, panting loudly and wondering when the angel of death would come. Vaguely, he noticed something yellow in the distance… maybe that was the angel. He laboriously dragged himself to the yellow blur. “Help…” he muttered weakly. The blur was taking shape. It was standing erect and staring at the sky. Two red cheeks made themselves know to the fatigued thirteen-year-old. And a lightning bolt tail sealed the deal- It was not the angel of death, but simply a Pikachu. It seemed to be standing next to a hammock.

“Help!” he called out again, this time louder. “D-Don’t kill me! I need help!”

Wolf in the Rain
November 21st, 2008, 7:36 PM
Volt stood there, awestruck about what he just saw.

<I must be going insane...> he thought < Did a pink light just fly through the sky? As far as I know, no flying Pokemon is pink, or glowing for that matter.>

A yell snapped him out of his thought and caused Volt to jump. “Help! D-Don’t kill me! I need help!”

Looking around, Volt spotted a Shinx crawling out of the forest on it's belly, and using all it's remaining strength to get closer to Volt.

"What?! Kill you?!" Volt asked the Shinx "What are you-"

Suddenly, the Shinx's head lowered, and it fell limp.

"Damn" he muttered to himself as he dropped down on all fours and sprinted over to the Shinx. On closer observation, he saw that the Shinx was covered with an immense amount of bruises and cuts. But, at least it was still breathing.

Volt knew he had to get this Shinx back to the guild, but the Shinx was too big to carry by himself.

Looking around, Volt remembered the hammock. Quickly, he undid the hammock from the two trees and rolled the unconscious Shinx onto it. He then proceeded to slowly drag the Shinx to the guild.

"Man... I just had to go wish for something exciting to happen. I just had to ask for something out of the ordinary... Wigglytuff was right, I gotta learn to watch what I say..." he muttered to himself as he started his trek back to the guild, dragging the injured Shinx behind him.

November 22nd, 2008, 6:45 AM
Loading... please stand by

Volkova watched as her newly-installed HUD screen booted up before her eyes and whooped with glee inside. Finally! When she had first discovered that her interface had only the bare minimum of sensors and artificial aids, she had been shocked. Heads Up Displays were standard on almost all interfaces, suits, and everything else that a Deoxys might take around with themselves. But due to rush caused by the need to investigate the data explosion fast, the designs of the interfaces had been rushed, and non-essential things like HUD screens had been left out.

Her Flygon interface was perfect for a non-invasive HUD installation procedure. The red eye covers that were natural to all Flygon were perfect for projecting the images and data onto so Vokova could see them. And due to the special properties of the HUD screen, it's not like people from outside would be able to see little glowing lines and circles dance across her eye covers.

All systems operational

Lines of data and information flitted into the screen and danced out. Information on wind speed and direction, weather and predicted weather, air pressure, humidity, latitude, longitude, and elevation appeared. The sensors located in her antennae could measure all these things.

Volkova turned her head and selected a nearby tree from where she was standing, in a meadow. A circle appeared around the tree, displaying distance, velocity, and other sorts of targeting information. If she wished so, Volkova could also call up for a search of this tree in her onboard computer's database, and learn its type, probable age, and all other sorts of information about it. And if her database didn't have it, she could connect via datawave to the orbiting mothership and use its database. Although, due to space-time fluctuations, energy requirements, and all other manner of roadblocks, connecting to the mothership probably wasn't the most intelligent of ideas.

Volkova sighed. She had gotten used to not having an HUD, and now it was rather distracting. Maybe she should turn it off, but then again, she did have to get used to it sooner of later. She decided to leave it on.

Buzzing her wings, she took off into the sky and began flying towards the nearby Wigglytuff guild. Pokemon rescue teams were an excellent way (and excuse) to travel the region and learn about this planet, as well as a way to get inside the Closed Spaces with help. She had just recently joined one, and was only a Bronze rank member not assigned to any particular team, but she expected it to provide lots of useful information in the future.

The HUD alerted her to an unidentified flying object streaking through the skies not too far. It was too far to get a good image of, so Volkova had a screen pop up with a zoomed-in view. It was a pink cat-like Pokemon, of which Volkova had never seen before. A quick search through the database turned up nothing either.

The Pokemon quickly exited Volkova's sensor range, and it was moving faster than Volkova herself wanted to bother keeping up with, so she shrugged it off and came in for a sweeping landing not too far from the Wigglytuff guild's headquarters.

Wolf in the Rain
November 22nd, 2008, 7:17 AM
Volt was exhausted, but nearly there. He had been dragging this Shynx for miles. Every step was getting harder, and every breath was beginning to hurt. The scenery was getting repetitive too, tree, after tree, after tree. He had no clue how far away he was from the guild, but he knew he was heading in the right direction.

Volt thought he was going to collapse too if he kept going, dooming them both. But he had too, even if there was a slight glimmer of hope. He needed to get the Shinx back to the guild. It seemed as though it hadn't had food or rest in days. Looking back Volt saw that the Shinx was still breathing, always a good sign.

Without warning, a Flygon swooped down in front of them, coming to a perfect landing about 20 ft away.

Volt couldn't believe his luck.
"HEY!" Volt yelled at the top of his lungs and waving his front paw "CAN YOU GIVE ME A HAND HERE!?"

November 22nd, 2008, 10:22 AM
Volkova watched the elevation meter drop as she descended towards the ground. As her feet hit the ground, she stopped buzzing her wings and looked around, wondering what kind of missions the Guild had for her today. It'd be nice if she could be officially part of a team, because it got kind of lonely down here on the ground. Those Deoxys back on the mothership had no idea what it was like, and even worse, the grunts like her who actually did all the data-gathering weren't even respected.

Someday, that would change. Volkova would do an outstanding job here, then get promoted, and then she'd be the one lording it over those data analyzers. But she'd miss being down here on the ground. The primitive technology of the indigenous species was very rustic, and fairly enjoyable. The simple life was very quaint, and actually, quite enjoyable. There was little of the rush to do everything ASAP of the Deoxys homeworld. These people actually enjoyed their lives, and didn't need nanoforges to do it, either.

"HEY!" The shout caught her attention, and she twisted her neck around to find the source, her antennae waving back and forth. There was a Pikachu, carrying on his back a Shinx. "CAN YOU GIVE ME A HAND HERE!?"

Pikachu Volkova knew fairly well (they were everywhere, after all), but Shinx she knew less about. Targeting the Shinx, she called up a quick search in her database.

Shinx: The Flash Pokemon. An electric-type Pokemon, Shinx have few distinguishing characteristics that make them vastly notable among the other indigenous species of Earth, and...

Volkova cut off the passage there. It didn't really help her any.

She turned around and flew closer, landing two or three feet from the Pikachu. "Is something the matter?"

The Instant Classic
November 22nd, 2008, 11:14 AM
If i still can may i join?

Name: Vandar
Age: 12
Species: Grovile
Gender: Male
Oddity: has multiple scars on his his belly and one on his face plus has the strange ability to block fire type moves using leaf blade in a defensive position
Description: although he has strange ability he looks on the outside the same as any other grovile
Personality: prefers to work alone although he will make an exception if it means it gets the job done plus he hates it when others ask him how he got his scars
History: Vandar only remembers one thing of when he was human and that is that he was a bully.
When he first became a pokemon he was attacked by a pack of houndoom for being on their territory this is how he discovered his strange ability and after he understood what he could do and he defeated the pack of houndoom.
After that Vandar wanted to learn more more about the world he had entered and that he did and while he was doing that he learned of the rescue teams and exploration teams.
Although he was tempted he DID NOT join any teams and insted became a bounty hunter brining evil pokemon to the police as a way to somehow payback for his bullying days as a human.
other: incase you missed it Vandar is a bounty hunter
RP example: currently working on it
if im excepted will you send it in a PM?

Wolf in the Rain
November 22nd, 2008, 1:28 PM
The Flygon turned around and flew closer, landing two or three feet from Volt. It "Is something the matter?"The Flygon asked.

Volt set down the hammock for a second, giving him a break. He had half a mind to say "No, I just have an unconscious Shinx on my back and just walked 3 miles for nothing...It's fun, you should try sometime!" but that was just the fatigue talking and he did not want to upset someone who could help him.

He turned to the Shinx, making sure it was still breathing. As Volt looked at the Shinx, his mind came to that extra training he had been doing. Two months ago, he would've never been able to carry a Pokemon roughly the same size as him that far. As Volt thought some more, he remembered he had heard about a Shinx telling stories and wandering from town to town. Apparently, he was a great storyteller and a good fighter. Volt had also heard that the Shinx knew a lot from his travels. Volt couldn't help but wonder if the Shinx knew or heard something about Raikou. He shook off this thought, and decided to ask the Shinx later. But first, he would have to help this Shinx before asking any questions.

Twisting back around, Volt replied to the Flygon, "Look... I found this Shinx crawling out of the woods. We need to get it to the guild. It can't be too far from here." Volt turned picking the hammock and the Shinx back up. "So... how 'bout giving me a hand?"

November 22nd, 2008, 1:30 PM
Jeremy yawned and stretched his limbs as he slowly awoke from a deep, deep sleep sleep. The Raichu reached out for the glass of water he had placed on his bedside table the night before. But his paw did not touch glass. Nor did it touch bedside table. It touched grass, freshly coated with a sprinkle of morning dew. Jeremy's eyes snapped open. In place of the white ceiling of his lab where he had fallen asleep, he stared up at a blue sky, with clouds drifting leisurely overhead. Immediatly he leapt to his feet and looked around him. He was in a field! A green, grassy field!

Jeremy looked up to the sky in exasperation. "How in the--" he began, but suddenly stopped. Something was definitely off about the sky. "The sun..." he breathed. "It's too yellow." As a respected scientist, he knew that, over time, the sun turned redder and redder. Yellow to red as the ages go by. That's how all stars worked, for some unknown reason. But if this sun was less red than the one he remembered, then that could only mean...

"I'm in the past!" he exclaimed, then felt very dizzy. His legs buckled under him, and he fell back and fainted, collapsed on the ground.

November 24th, 2008, 9:37 AM
Eleclion: Thought I would inform you, the RP is starting three years after all of the strange events started happening, not when they first started. You could have some type of flashback, but the actual rp is set three years prior to the strange events.

The Master 123: You are denied. Both your personality and history are too short and uninformative for my tastes.

November 24th, 2008, 1:07 PM
Gamekrazy: The flashback's my plan.


Several hours later, Jeremy groggily opened his eyes and stood up. Shaking the grass and dirt off his fur, he realized it was already well into the afternoon. "I've got to find the nearest town," he told himself, then set off walking. Lost in thought about his newfound predicament, he didn't watch where he was going and tripped over a tree root jutting up from the soil.

Jeremy flew head over heels through the air and landed face-first in the dirt. "I hate the past..." he muttered through gritted teeth. Spitting out dust and leaves, he glanced around for what had tripped him. Seeing the tree, he changed at it in a fit of rage, rock hand balled tightly into a fist, and swung at it with all his might. The sheer force of the blow split the tree trunk in half. Jeremy stopped to regain his composure. Breathing deeply, he looked down at his right arm. He vividly remembered that day, when an exeriment gone wrong had turned it to stone. After a moment's rest, he continued on into the unknown. Eventually, he came to a thick wood, covered with dense foilage. Pushing away branch after branch from his face, he trekked on, through the massive forest. Suddenly he stopped. Listening closely, he could hear a faint rustling noise coming from the bushes. Something, or someone, was in there.

Quiety, Jeremy slipped into a fighting stance, ready for the attack. CRASH! A Mightyena leapt from the bushes and pounced onto Jeremy's back. Jeremy quickly covered his body in Static, sending an electric shock through the Mightyena, which jumped back, yelping in pain. Jeremy wasted no time, and, spinning around, he sent a flurry of Zap Cannons straight at his opponent. Direct hit, and the Mightyena fell to the ground with a final cry, knocked out.

Huffing and puffing, Jeremy turned back around and began walking again. Out of nowhere, a torrent of Flamethrower hit him flush in the back. Jeremy doubled over in pain, wincing in agony. Whirling around, he jumped sideways, dodging another blast of fire. Falling through the air, his eyes searched the trees for his hidden assailant, and he quickly spotted a Charmeleon perched on a branch behind a cluster of leaves. As he hit the ground, he simultaniously shouted, "Thunder!" at the top of his lungs. A bolt of lightning arced through the air and electricuted his adversary.

Jeremy poured all his strength into the attack, and the Charmeleon promptly fainted, fell off the tree branch, and landed with a thud on the ground. Once he was back on his feet, Jeremy stood there, silent, unmoving, until he was sure there were no more enemies. Confident that he was safe, he dashed off into the wilderness once more, searching for civilization. But his run quickly became a walk, and his walk slowed into a limp, unti he couldn't go on anymore. He had used too much of his energy in the battle. "Not again..." he groaned as he hit the ground, unconscious.

November 28th, 2008, 10:42 AM
Cool RP. I can't wait for more.

November 28th, 2008, 9:12 PM
Can you reserve me a spot? I've almost finished my sign up, I just want to be sure.

November 29th, 2008, 7:54 PM
"Hello...? Hello..? Wake up.... Please, wake up..."

A gentle voice met Jeremy's ears as his awareness came back to him. His eyes fluttered open to see a wooden roof over his head. Slowy, he sat up and took in his surroundings. He was in a nice, comfy bed in a small, cozy room. A female Dragonite was standing beside the bed, watching over him. Apparently, it was her voice that had awoken him.

"Oh good, you're awake," she said with a distinct Southern gentile accent. "H-how'd I get here?" Jeremy stumbled out. "I found y'all in the woods lyin' on the ground, out cold," answered the Dragonair. "So I brought ya here. Who are y'all, anywhere?" Jeremy told her everything that had happened to him. When he had finished, she was wide-eyed in amazement. "Well, would you look at that. A Pokemon from the future. Now, if you've really gone through all that, you must be really tired. Being knoked out isn't the same as sleeping."

It was true. Jeremy was completely worn out, and it must have been painfully obvious, because the Dragonair came and laid a blanket down on him, tucking him in. "Take a nice long nap now," she said. "When you wake up, come up to the front and I'll have some food for you." With that, she left the room, and Jeremy, thoroughly exhausted, closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.


That was three years ago. Since then, Jeremy had joined the Wigglytuff Guild. He didn't really belong to a team, but he did do Missions by himself, and every now and then he worked with a team on one, but he never actually became part of a team.


Jeremy had spent all morning reading in his room, and now he was walking through the guild towards the outside, when he spotted Megumi coming the other way. "Hi!" he greeted her friendily. "Out of my way, wimp!" she shouted at him, shoving him aside and storming off past him. "W-w-w-wimp?!" he spluttered, flustered. He had tried to make friends with her when he had first joined the guild, but that attempt had gone about as well as his greeting just now.

Jeremy sighed. He was the only Raichu, and the only other Pikachu in the Guild was Volt, and he and Jeremy rarely ever saw each other. Little did he know that that was all about to change, starting with his first step outside that day...

Unfortunately for Jeremy, that first step was a trip, and he fell down the long, stone stairs going down from the Guild. As he bounced and flew through the air, he thought he could glimpse a pink dot flying through the air far, far away. But before he had any time to think about it, though, he reached the bottom of the stairs and landed in a heap at the foot of the mountain.

November 29th, 2008, 11:20 PM
Name: Maverick.
Age: 11
Species: Mudkip
Gender: Male
Oddity: used to be human.
Description: No difference to the sprite.
Personality: Maverick can be… odd… at times. He’ll be the most positive person in the world one second, then just as negative the next. He can be a bit risky to side with, however, because he often acts on hunches and theories. His sense of humour neatly caps it all off, with random jokes just popping into his head when they most fit.

However, when you manage to get him angry, he’ll be after you! He keeps most grudges left in his mind, until the person does something to make up for them. The whole negative side of his personality was mainly developed when he became a pokemon. However, he will stick with friends to the bitter end. You’re in luck if you befriend him.

History: Maverick had been a pretty much normal boy when he was human. He was raised normally, had manners, but the one thing that set him apart from most other people of his age was that he had no real ambition to become a pokemon trainer, instead keeping a Treecko as a pet. He had lived in the Hoenn region. But everything was about to change…

He’d just gone to bed, when a strange flash of light happened. When it subsided, the young boy was nowhere to be found, leaving a confused pet Treecko to wonder what happened as it awoke Maverick’s parents. They found his bed in a crinkled state, so they knew that he obviously didn’t have the time to say goodbye to anyone.

Meanwhile, in another world, a Mudkip had awoken with a thoroughly expression on its face. It remembered only a few things. The first and by far most important fact was that it remembered it used to be a human called Maverick. The second, he realised, was that he had arrived in this seemingly new world that had never heard of humans and his Treecko was all alone in the world he used to live in. The third fact was that he remembered he had last seen a flash of light before waking up like this.

Over the next three years he began to settle in, but had heard tales of a Shinx that travelled the world, telling tales. The next part was stunning. The Shinx claimed at one point to have been, as a gossipy Swellow had told him, a… human. It was at this point he made a goal. To survive this new world, thrive, and meet others that had a similar experience. He joined the Wigglytuff Guild to help him in his goal, and at the same time, unknowingly brought himself closer to the one who caused all this trouble.
RP Sample: (From Two Worlds Collide, by Namora) Maverick waited, but no such final blow came. Instead, he heard someone dash past him and knock the Piplup away. The Piplup’s Trainer cried out, “Piplup! Are you ok?” Mav slowly opened his eyes and saw that it was Bianca, who had become a cat like pokemon, had done the save. She had rushed toward Calin, but what happened after that he didn’t see, as he was busy climbing down from on top of the bed that he had been fighting on. He didn’t join them just yet though, as he saw a computer document. That might be useful… came the thought. He climbed up to the computer’s desk, and quickly printed off a copy, hoping that no-one would miss one sheet of paper. He jumped back down just in time for Bianca to mention him. “Now who’s the Gecko and why are these people and Pokémon attacking us?” Calin had replied, "It's Maverick, Bianca. Isn't it great? Now we just have to find Sandra if I don't miss my guess." Mav heard what sounded kind of like a groan, and realised that they’d have to get out quickly. He was about to say so, but Calin beat him to it. "As for the other question, I suggest we continue this discussion somewhere safer. Let's go." Calin led the way, and stopped for a second when he saw the door to the lab in splinters. Calin looked over at Mav and Bianca. Mav decided to keep quiet for the moment. Then, the Turtwig spoke up. "I'm not going to fight you this time. I really enjoyed your company earlier and wanted to let you escape as one last show of friendship, though when my new trainer is with me, I can assure you that this won't happen again. I can't imagine why you'd want to steal that human device, that pokedex, but you don't seem like a Pokemon who'd do a thing like that without a good reason, so I hope that it helps you." He then muttered something, but Mav couldn’t understand it. Calin paused for a second, then said, "But-" "GO!" Turtwig suddenly shouted. Calin turned to Mav and Bianca, and said, "Go ahead. I'll be right behind you." Mav obeyed, and looked down at the sheet of paper he was now holding in his hands. He grinned to himself, and read the heading in his mind again. How to use a pokedex… His thoughts were interrupted by Calin, running back to join the little group.

Bianca had started to say something, but Mav didn’t really take notice. Not until they reached the others, anyway. Then Bianca had started to shout a bit. "I'm back guys! Operation Rescue Calin is complete and we found Maverick!" At this, Mav couldn’t resist a little bit of a joke. “It’s a bit hard for you to not find me, what with-“He was immediately cut off by a shudder that ran through his body. “Wow, is it just me, or is cold around here?” This was punctuated by another shiver. Heat, I need heat…” He rushed over next to who he assumed was Kalec, muttering to himself about the fact that he was now cold blooded. Then, behind him, materialised a familiar purple shape.

Woo, glad I got it in. Now, I better go and post in the topic that I originally typed up that sample for.

November 30th, 2008, 7:13 PM
Goulerbot: You are accepted.

Yuu could see the guild on the horizon as he neared. He began to think of actually trying to talk to Megumi. Up until now, he had simply been watching her, but had not interacted with her, held back by Grumpig's words. But really, what was the worst that could happen? Its not like he was going up to her and tell her that she was causing reality to become widely unstable.

Coming up to the guild, he saw two pokemon, a Pikachu and a Flygon, surrounding another pokemon, seemingly unconscious. Heading over to see what the problem was, he found it was a Shinx.

"Woah." He said, looking at the fallen pokemon "What happened to him?"

November 30th, 2008, 9:08 PM
Jeremy, muttering something, stood up and brushed himself off. He took a deep breath, and decided not to let a little accident ruin his day. After picking his green shades up off the ground and putting them back on, he smiled and started to go for a walk. Suddenly, he heard a commotion coming from a clump of trees and bushes a short distance away. Turning around, he went to see what was going on.

December 1st, 2008, 2:36 AM
Maverick was just getting back from a mission, on his way to the Wigglytuff guild, when he heard a bit of a conversation. He decided to hide behind a bush and listen in, even though it was against his normal routine to do so when such conversations where happening. "Men! What is with them! Ya know the real reason I didn't make that team? Because I’m a girl! It has nothing to do with experience! Men are just sexist!”
Maverick instantly recognised the voice as belonging to Megumi, a Pikachu who worked at the guild. Then, however, another voice threw him off completely. "Uh... um... In their defence, you did try joining a platinum rank team, and you only ever have been in bronze..." "And why does that matter!" Megumi shot back "Im perfectly capable of higher ranks, but none of those will accept me without experience in lower rank teams! Lower ranks have no ambition! They take all the mundane, trivial jobs day after day! Would it kill them for once to try out an A rank or two? There never gonna improve if they don't aim higher! I swear, this guild is nothing but unmotivated losers or ignorant…” It was at this point that Maverick decided to ignore the rest of the conversation, because part of it was right. That happened to be the part about trivial jobs. He instead emerged from the bushes and entered the guild, in a casual manner.

It didn’t help that the Wigglytuff guild’s apprenticeship policy was in full force, so he barely got enough money to sustain himself on the low rank missions. He quickly made his way through the guild, dumping off the part of the reward that he didn’t get, and then heading to the bulletin board.
It wasn’t very easy, acknowledging the fact that Megumi had been right, but not for the reason most people would expect.

He slowly woke up about an hour later, wondering where he was. A quick glance around the place revealed nothing. However, when he looked carefully, it was the entrance to the place his mission had been at. He concluded, looking at all the bruises on his body that he had been knocked out a little earlier on. When his vision came into full focus, he noticed green dust powdered over his body. “Sleep powder. I really have to be more careful of attacks from behind…” He muttered, having realised what it was. He decided to go wondering around, hoping to find a pond or something to wash the powder off.

In his wandering, he found a group of pokemon gathering around a Shinx. He was about to voice a question, when a Cubone practically stole the words from his mouth.
"Woah. What happened to him?" Maverick decided to offer at least a little help. After all, at least that would make a successful rescue; just not the one had originally planned. Ah well, he thought, that poor Treecko will have just have to wait. He then stepped forward and said, “Anyone mentioned help? I’m pretty confident in my strength. Here’s a little proof, in case you don’t believe me.” He then shoved a nearby boulder at least a metre, before panting and saying, “Alright, now that’s outta the way, anyone think I’m up for the job?”

Wolf in the Rain
December 1st, 2008, 3:11 PM
Volt and the Flygon, who had introduced herself as Volkova, had set down the Shinx tried to figure out what to do next. Their first idea of flying there didn't go so well. Much to Volt's despair, the hammock had ripped in mid-flight, causing the Shinx to fall from the sky. Luckily, Volkova was fast, and manged to catch the Shinx.

Even after the scare, the Shinx had been looking better, like all it needed was a good rest. But it still looked injured and just to be on the safe side, Volt and Volkova still wanted to get it to the guild.

As they were trying to figure out what to do next Volt heard a voice from behind him, "Whoa, what happened to him?" As Volt turned around, he saw a Cubone and a Mudkip. The Cubone, Yuu, Volt had seen around the guild on numerous occasions and knew him fairly well. However, although he had probably seen the Mudkip before, Volt could not remember his name.

The Mudkip then proceeded to step forward and said, “Anyone mentioned help? I’m pretty confident in my strength. Here’s a little proof, in case you don’t believe me.” He then shoved a nearby boulder at least a meter, before panting and saying, “Alright, now that’s outta the way, anyone think I’m up for the job?”

"Right...That really wasn't necessary. All you did was waste strength." Volt sighed "But we do need help."

Pausing for a moment Volt decided to take control of the situation. He turned to the three Pokemon and spoke more confidently this time "Alright listen up! I found this Shinx in the woods about one mile from here, where it was unconscious and wounded. I soon found Volkova to help me fly to the guild, but we encountered a little problem there." gesturing to the torn hammock. "If you two aren't doing any missions right now, we need your help." Volt said, turning to the three Pokemon. "Volkavo, I need you to fly ahead and tell the guild that we're coming. I don't want everyone panicking once we get there. Tell Wigglytuff what happened and if we're not there in twenty minutes, come look for us. Everyone else, help me carry this Shinx, the guild isn't too far."

December 1st, 2008, 3:41 PM
"Did I just hear the words need and help?" said Jeremy, who had been standing behind them in silence, unnoticed. "Can I be of any assistance?"

The Mudkip, Yuu, and the Pikachu, Volt, jumped in suprise. "You're going to need some help getting that Shinx up to the guild," he continued, unphased. "Even if you are as strong as you say you are. With my stone arm, if we all lift together, I'm sure we can do it."

Volt nodded in agreement, although the Mudkip looked a little disappointed, who had obviously wanted to try and handle the whole thing himself. "Okay," said Volt. "On three we lift. One... Two... Three!" They all grabbed a part of the Shinx and lifted together. After a few minutes of struggling along, they reached the stairs and began the long climb upward.

December 2nd, 2008, 1:03 PM
The Pikachu, who had introduced himself as Volt, suggested that Volkova fly them to the guild, which wasn't very far away. Volkova had at first wanted to carry the two of them on her back, but then Volt shot down that idea by pointing at that there was no way the Shinx could possibly hold on to her. Embarrassed, she had then suggested that Volt ride her back and she carry the Shinx in her arms, despite her knowledge that it would be awkward, as carrying the Shinx in her arms would make it more difficult to balance herself. But she thought she could handle it. Eventually they decided that Volt would ride her back and she would carry the Shinx in the hammock, which would minimize the risk of her dropping the Shinx (Volkova hadn't thought that was very likely, but Volt hadn't had the confidence in a complete stranger that she had for herself). Maybe normal Flygon didn't have the strength of her interface, in which case it would be a bad idea to act beyond the normal bounds of her supposed species. So they took flight. Unfortunately, Volt had overestimated the strength of his hammock, and instead of being the direct result of any action by Volkova, the Shinx had plummeted towards to Earth. Volkova was fairly proud of the way she had acted to catch it.

So here they were again, standing a little bit closer to the guild, but not quite close enough for it to matter. Volkova was about to suggest one of their original plans, her carrying the Shinx while Volt either ran behind her or rode her back, when several Pokemon arrived, one after another in a seemingly random fashion.

"Woah, what happened to him?" a Cubone asked.

“Anyone mentioned help? I’m pretty confident in my strength. Here’s a little proof, in case you don’t believe me," a Mudkip said, before shoving a boulder around. “Alright, now that’s outta the way, anyone think I’m up for the job?”

That... was... utterly... pointless... Volkova thought to herself. She recorded a note in her database. Either this Mudkip had a lower intelligence quotient than was average on this planet, or shoving boulders around was a normal part of the culture, with which she wasn't too familiar with yet.

"Right...That really wasn't necessary. All you did was waste strength," Volt said. Volkova scratched out the idea that shoving boulders was some strange part of Pokemon culture. "But we do need help."

Volt turned and spoke to the newcomers. "Alright listen up! I found this Shinx in the woods about one mile from here, where it was unconscious and wounded. I soon found Volkova to help me fly to the guild, but we encountered a little problem there," he said, gesturing to the torn hammock. "If you two aren't doing any missions right now, we need your help.Volkova, I need you to fly ahead and tell the guild that we're coming. I don't want everyone panicking once we get there. Tell Wigglytuff what happened and if we're not there in twenty minutes, come look for us. Everyone else, help me carry this Shinx, the guild isn't too far."

Volkova nodded curtly and took off in a small cloud of dust. Within minutes she had arrived at the Guild, and entered. "We have a fainted Shinx not too far from here," she explained to the doorman. "He needs medical attention."

"Alright," the doorman said, and called over a Chansey.

"Where's the trouble?" the Chansey asked. Volkova gestured for her to follow her, and led her over to the Shinx, which was being carried by the Pokemon from before, with a new addition, a Raichu.

Wolf in the Rain
December 2nd, 2008, 2:34 PM
"Comon guys, only a little farther..." Volt said, trying to motivate everyone else, although, it was most likely motivation for himself.

They had been climbing this staircase for a while now, and it hadn't been what Volt was hoping. He had always chosen speed over strength, and right now, that was coming back to bite him. They also had to make sure the Shinx stayed as still as possible, making progress tedious and slow. As Volt and the three other Pokemon started to reach the top of the staircase, he let out a sigh of relief. He was already exhausted from carrying the Shinx before everyone else came to help, but he couldn't show that to the others for obvious reasons. When the group reached the top of the staircase, Volt heard a noise from above, and looked up to see Volkova flying about them.

<What's she doing back here?> He silently asked himself. As he lowered his head back down and looked in front of him, he was greeted to a Chansey running full speed in their direction.

"Hey! Slow down! We got an injured Pokemon!" Volt quickly told the Chansey.

"Oh! so your the one the Flygon was talking about about." The Chansey replied "Where's the injured Pokemon?"

"Right here" Volt said, gesturing to the Shinx that they were carrying "But we-"

Suddenly, the Chansey knocked them all over, grabbing the Shinx and hurrying back to the guild.

"Damn..." Volt groaned lifting himself up along with the others, "Where was she an hour ago?"

December 2nd, 2008, 3:25 PM
Jeremy, now standing upright, took a moment to straighten his back, which had been bent from carrying the Shinx for so long, and twisted when the Chansey had shoved him and the rest of them aside. Letting out a sigh of relief, he turned to the other three Pokemon. "So... I know you're Volt," he said. "And you must be Maverick... But who's the Flygon?"

"The Flygon is Volkova," replied Volkava. Jeremy thought it a little strange that she had refered to herself in the third person, but decided not to think too much about it. "Does anyone know who that Shinx is?" asked Jeremy.

"I have I feeling I might..." murmered Volt to himself.

"Huh? What was that, Volt?" asked Jeremy.

"Uh, nothing." answered Volt, obviously not intending for anyone to have heard that. "Let's go see how that Shinx is doing." The others nodded, and they all walked into the guild.

Wolf in the Rain
December 2nd, 2008, 7:01 PM
"Let's go see how that Shinx is doing." Volt said trying to change the subject. The others nodded, and they all walked into the guild.

As they walked down the staircase to the main room, Volt hoped Jeremy hadn't heard what he had said. If he had, the other's might have found out that this was the same infamous Shinx that believed he was once human, and bombarded him with questions as soon as he awoke. Also, Volt wanted to be the first one to ask him any questions, mostly about Raikou. If any Pokemon had answers, it would most likely be him. Volt couldn't help but put a smile on his face. After years of searching, he had a legit lead to who he was!

When they came to the bottom of the stairs, Volt saw Chatot, another member/supervisor of the guild.

"Hey Chatot!" asked Volt "Where's the Shinx at?"

The Chatot turned to face the group "What- Oh, the injured Shinx!" replied the small bird "Yes Yes, Chansey took it down this hall, second door on the right, you can't miss it." Chatot said, pointing a wing down the rightmost corridor.

"Wait a minute Chatot..." Volt pondered, tilting his head to one side "That's...THAT'S MY ROOM!" Volt exclaimed at the Chatot

"Well" replied the Chatot "You were the one who found him. So it seemed only fit that we put him in your room." As Chatot said this, Volt thought he heard the Mudkip, Maverick, chuckle and shot him a 'look', before turning back to Chatot.

"What about the clinic? Ever think about putting him there?!"

"Clinic's full!" The Chatot chimed as his tail swung back and forth, much like a metronome.

"But...But..." Volt stammered "Arg! Never mind then. Comon guys, lets go check on that Shinx." Volt said as he motioned the group to follow him down the hall.

"I guess I'll just have to kick Chatot out of his room later." Volt jokingly whispered to the group as they walked down the hall to check on the injured Shinx.

New Age Retro Hippie
December 3rd, 2008, 1:00 AM
“Nn…” Luc groaned. He had had the strangest dream that he had flown in an aerial display of acrobatics, being caught and flung again. It was rather exciting. He cracked open his eyes. That was strange… He wasn’t in the jungle any more. He was in a cosy, dry, and warm room. Moaning softly, he stood up onto his tender paws and stretched. A wave of exhaustion toppled over the young Pokémon, and he again curled up on the soft bedding.

“So you’re awake?” a kindly feminine voice inquired. Luc turned over to face the origin of the sound. A pink, oval-shaped Pokémon was smiling at him, stubby arms resting upon an egg held within her pouch. Luc recognised her as a Chansey from his years of travel.

“Yes,” he replied sleepily. The Chansey beamed at him. Luc once again scanned his surroundings, a gentle frown playing on his features. “Um… may I ask where I am?”

“Of course!” the Chansey replied, and didn’t speak another word. Luc inwardly rolled his eyes.

“Where am I?” he asked, his voice hinting at his exasperation.

“You’re in the Wigglytuff Guild!” the Chansey replied. “You may have heard of us. We send teams out on explorations and rescues, though everything’s been a little tame recently. Our leader, Wigglytuff, is a huge ball of fun. I’m sure you’ll like him.” The Chansey giggled, seeming to remember something from days long gone. “You were brought here by a group of some of our members. It seems you had fainted in the nearby forest.” Oh, right. The memory of the last few moments before Luc had collapsed came flooding back. “You should rest up here for a while.”

“Okay,” Luc responded with a yawn. Though he generally didn’t like random acts of kindness, he embraced them (and he probably couldn’t have left the building even if though he wanted to).

“…just have to kick Chatot out of his room later,” someone outside the room whispered, to a smattering of chuckles. A yellow head peeked around the door. Its eyes locked onto Luc and smiled, its read cheeks spreading wide. An orange head followed, its eyes obscured by green sunglasses (Luc felt a surge of excitement at this; he had never seen shades in the Pokémon-only world before). A blue head joined them, staring at Luc, seemingly interested.

“He’s awake,” one of them exclaimed.

“So I am,” Luc smiled weakly in reply. With surprising speed, the Chansey zipped over to the doorway, an aura of malice replacing her previous motherly feeling.

“Patient need to rest,” she stated, her voice as threatening as thunder.

“It’s okay, Miss,” Luc interjected, fearing for the wellbeing of the others. “Hi there, I’m Lucius Orli. Are you the ones who rescued me?”

December 3rd, 2008, 11:30 PM
Yuu was surprised to see so many other pokemon taking an intrest in the shinx. It just went to show, there were many good people still out there in the world. Aiding the other pokemon in carrying the Shinx to the guild, Yuu was pretty bewildered when the chansey came and practically stole their injured friend right out of their hands.

Upon arriving within the guild, the group discovered that the Shinx had been moved to Volt's room, rather then the clinic. Yuu couldn't help but chuckle a bit at the violation of privacy, however the guild worked in a sort of semi-communistic way. Anything you owned, the guild had the right to use. The chansey from earlier had not been too keen to let the group visit. It was like she was some type of mother bear. Yuu could imagine her wanting to bash his head in, or chuck him out the window (which overlooked the cliff) or maul his face off, however the Shinx, whom had woken up, vouched for them, and allowed them inside.

"Yah, we were..." Yuu responded, after the Shinx introduced itself "Well, it was mainly these guys. I just showed up to help carry you. How did you end up like this, anyway?"

December 4th, 2008, 3:51 PM
((OOC: No; I haven't abandoned this RP. I'm alive. I just foolishly sent Cyl into the base before she could really get involved in anything... Sorry about that? :P))



Cyl glanced over at the Chansey as she dragged in some sort of strange blue Pokemon. She had been looking over the missions available (though she didn't find any she felt keen on taking) for a while now, but it was relieving to see some sort of action was going on now. Being designed, to do something; to have a purpose, boredom was one of the few things she comprehended to be 'bad'. So, in her sudden excitement, Cyl lifted her head and followed the Chansey to... wherever she was going.

When she finally found the room in which the Chansey had gone, a conversation was already unfolding. She saw that the Pokemon being dragged off by the Chansey was a small, blue, catlike creature. A Shinx, a part of her mental programming told her. Cyllunia-4 was fitted with the ability to identify any Pokemon known to the Deoxys (which was pretty much all of them, save for perhaps a few vague legendaries), their type, and their basic abilities. This had so far been useful in her time with the Guild, as she was never confused for long about the members' identities, and on missions she could battle foes surprisingly well. She often found herself wondering how the Pokemon of this world went without such a feature.

By the time she had finished processing these quick thoughts, Cyl had also identified a few of the other Pokemon around. The orange rodent-like one was a Raichu; the blue amphibious one was a Mudkip. And the Shinx had apparently been... unconscious, somehow.

Words were passed between the other Pokemon; most of them questions and comments about the Shinx. Cyl simply watched, intrigued. It never even crossed her mind that she might have been intruding or eavesdropping; such things were foreign concepts to the alien being.

Gumshoe Satyr
December 4th, 2008, 9:51 PM
Name: Iris

Age: 123 years, but as a Vulpix, she appears to be around 7.

Species: Vulpix

Gender: Female

Oddity: Used to be a Haunter, which accounts for her age before her transformation. She can sense feelings of fear, pain, and anxiety.

Description: She is pretty much a typical Vulpix except that her coat is highlighted by a very light purple that can only really be seen in sunlight or other bright light.

Personality: Although as a Haunter, Iris liked nothing better than to scare and prank people and Pokemon, but she’s mellowed out some and become a little bit of a loner in the last three years. She does enjoy the occasional prank when she’s bored but nothing really big. Actually, she not really shy, but generally stays away from other Pokemon because she feels that they won’t understand her “uniqueness”, but if she gets to know someone, she’s very friendly and a jokester.

She never really wanted to be any kind of hero or rescuer, but since she can sense when someone nearby is in trouble or pain, she has a hard time keeping herself from not helping out. She does call other people by their real name, but she enjoys giving them nicknames as well. Because she’s lived as two long-lived Pokemon, Haunter and Vulpix, she’s exceptionally patient except in emergencies. She constantly grumbles to herself or others about how annoying it is to be a Vulpix, but it's only to cover up her own insecurities. Once in a while, when she's not thinking, she'll forget that she can't go through solid objects with often painful results.

History: Iris lived a pretty typical life for a Haunter, in a graveyard with other ghost-type Pokemon, for about one hundred and twenty years. On one fateful day, there was a flash of light, and she felt herself being pulled somewhere and her body begin to change shape. When she awoke, she was somewhere in the middle of a forest, changed into a Vulpix!

At first, of course, she panicked, but when that didn't get her anywhere, she started journeying from place to place, trying to find some kind of way to reverse her transformation. Iris heard many wondrous stories about humans being turned into Pokemon, Pokemon being pulled from the distant future, Pokemon gaining strange power, etc., but she has yet to find any with her particular problem. Now after three years of wandering, she just about given up hope of ever reverting back to her normal self.

While traveling through a dense forest, Iris picked up on strong feeling of pain and anguish that she just couldn't ignore. Identifying that it was a Shinx by its scent, she followed it for miles, and along the way, she discovered footprints and scents of various other Pokemon, plus a discarded, torn hammock. Eventually, she came upon a large, pink building.....

RP Sample:

Startled, Calin had to bite back a yelp of surprise when a lizard-like Pokemon rushed under the bed and sat next to him, but he was even more surprised when it said, "Hey, you call this a good idea? I should of listened to my conscience when you got me to come to that creepy lab, ok, Calin? Oh, and before you ask how I know it’s you, a little bird told me-literally.” Oh, great.... Now I'm talking to lizards. He mentioned the lab. Well, it can't be Kalec because I already found him, so I guess this could only be.... Maverick?

Glaring at the green Pokemon in irritation, he growled, "Hey, don't blame all this on me. This happened to all of us, Mav. You think I like looking like something you'd get from the Build-A-Bear Workshop? If you want to know how I know its you, I already found Kalec, so it could only be you. By the way, he's a flaming horse called a Ponyta, which looks much cooler than an Eevee."

Sighing, he continued in a slightly lower whisper, "Anyway, the reason I'm in this other stupid lab is because that Starly- I think his name was Comet or something- said that if I got on of these things called pokedexes, it would tell me all sorts of useful things that would help us survive in this place- at least until we find a way to get back to normal and get home..... wherever that is.... That bird never did warn me about the Pokemon that professor kept around here. I definitely would like to have known about the Austian Rhydon. Uh... I'll explain about that later" He gently lifted one of the Pokedexes from the bag to show Mav before placing it back inside.

His ears twitched as he heard his name called and what sounded like a fight started in the next room. "What's going on now?" he wondered aloud.By that time, he'd caught his breath, so he crawled out from under the bed, his ears focusing on the smallest sound.

"Calin!?" He gasped as he recognized the voice.

Turning back to Mav, he muttered, "What's Bianca doing here!? If she's not careful, she's to be attacked by all three of the professor's Pokemon at once, just like I was. Ready for some action?" Taking a deep breath, he rushed toward Bianca's voice, nimbly dodging to the side when the Piplup's trainer jumped out and tried to grab him. "Heads up!" he called as the Piplup charged toward his Treecko friend, its wings glowing with energy.

(I figured that Haunters don't really die from old age or at least live for a reeeaaallly long time since they're ghost-types, but I can change it if you want.)

December 4th, 2008, 11:11 PM
namora: You are accepted.

December 4th, 2008, 11:59 PM
When they had gotten to the guild, Maverick had just decided to follow the Pikachu who had done all the leading. He had nothing else to do. They ended up, for some reason or other, in front of Chatot. "Hey Chatot! Where's the Shinx at?" Asked the Pikachu. The Chatot turned to face the group "What- Oh, the injured Shinx!" replied the small bird "Yes Yes, Chansey took it down this hall, second door on the right, you can't miss it." Chatot said, pointing a wing down the rightmost corridor. "Wait a minute Chatot..." The Pikachu pondered, tilting his head to one side "That's...THAT'S MY ROOM!" he exclaimed at the Chatot. "Well" replied the Chatot "You were the one who found him. So it seemed only fit that we put him in your room." Maverick chuckled. Then, the Pikachu turned around and gave him a look. He started paying attention again, but he hoped something else strange would happen. "What about the clinic? Ever think about putting him there?!" "Clinic's full!" The Chatot chimed as his tail swung back and forth, much like a metronome. "But...But..." the Pikachu stammered "Arg! Never mind then. Comon guys, lets go check on that Shinx." He led the way, and Maverick immediately decided that, due to a chatterbox Swellow he met a long time ago, there would be at least some questioning. The Pikachu suddenly said, "I guess I'll just have to kick Chatot out of his room later."

“He’s awake,” Said someone. Maverick whirled around, and saw that pretty much everyone who had done the rescue had been behind him all along. “So I am,” The Shinx stated with a weak smile. With surprising speed, a Chansey (presumably the one who took the Shinx out of their hands) zipped over to the doorway, an aura of malice almost visible. “Patients need to rest,” she stated, her voice as threatening as thunder.

“It’s okay, Miss,” the Shinx interjected. “Hi there, I’m Lucius Orli. Are you the ones who rescued me?” The Cubone said, "Yah, we were... Well, it was mainly these guys. I just showed up to help carry you. How did you end up like this, anyway?" Maverick suddenly said, “I think I know; but first I have to ask a few questions.” He paused, waiting for a response. He found none, so he decided to continue. “Right then, is it true that a few pokemon in this room are not what most people would call normal? For example, I’m pretty sure that you, fine sir,” He gestured at the Raichu. “Are the only pokemon in existence here who wears sunglasses. And we’ve all probably heard tales of a wandering Shinx. Lucius, unless I’ve missed my mark, is that Shinx. And, he is probably the only person who will fully understand this phrase: 'pokemon league.'”

Gumshoe Satyr
December 5th, 2008, 7:11 AM
(Cool. Too late to help Lucius but not too late to get pulled into everything. Enter new character)

"What is that place!?" Iris wondered aloud, as she spotted a large, pink building ahead in the shape of..... well, a Wigglytuff head. "How strange!" She'd been following the scent of a Shinx for miles because she'd sensed that he was in some kind of pain or trouble, which was a kind of gift or curse-depending on her mood- that she had. Sometime ago, the feelings had completely vanished, which could only mean three things: he'd already been rescued, he was unconscious, or that.... he was dead. I do hope that Shinx is alright even if he was just another skin bag.

Truthfully, Iris was a "skin bag" herself, but before about three years ago, she'd been a Haunter, happily living in a cemetery for a good one hundred and twenty years. Now, she was a Vulpix.... and a young one at that, appearing to be about seven. If Shinx is here, maybe he has been rescued. Well, I guess I'd better check this out. Carefully. Not many Pokemon cared very much for or even feared and hated Haunters and other ghost-type Pokemon, and she figured that the same thing went for a Pokemon who used to be a Haunter. Climbing into some bushes, Iris watched the comings and goings of the Wigglytuff building. It didn't take long for her to realize that it would be near impossible for her to even get to the structure without being spotted because Pokemon were constantly entering or existing it. What kinda place is this anyway? I've never seen so much activity!

Stepping out of the bushes into the shade of a large oak tree, she waited for a Pokemon to pass by, knowing that her unusual highlights couldn't be seen there. "Hey, excuse me! Did you see a Shinx go by this way? He coulda been injured or something," she asked a nearby Squirtle, who gave her such a strange look that she feared that her cover was blown. Crud, I bet he saw the highlights! Hope he's one of the few ghost Pokemon lovers!

Shaking his head as if to clear his thoughts, the Squirtle answered, "Uh... Yeah, he was just brought in a little while ago by Volt, Jeremy and some others. He's in the guild," he pointed at the pink building. "but how did you k...." Aggrrhh.... That's where I goofed!

"I-I met them in the woods and just wanted to make sure that got here safely. Thanks for the heads-up, Squirtle. See ya!" Beating a hasty retreat, Iris gave a little sigh of relief when Squirtle seemed to accept her explanation and continued on his way. After she was a safe enough distance away, she turned around to watch the activity around the guild for a little while longer, cocking her head curiously. "A guild, huh? Interesting...."

December 5th, 2008, 1:08 PM
"Let's go see how that Shinx is doing," Volt suggested, and they all followed him into the room. But when Volt asked Chatot, a fairly important member of the Guild, where the Shinx was being kept, he suddenly exploded in surprise when he was informed the Shinx was being kept in his room.

Volkova smiled on the inside. The Guild had a very communist setup. What belonged to one, could be used by all. Communism had been the ancient ancestor of the modern Deoxy's government and economic system, and their nation was descended from that ancient system. So Volkova approved of the Guild's choice, although the way they implemented it, she was still a little uncomfortable with. It was far too unregulated, everyone did their own thing, oftentimes without informing a supervisor. It was far from the orderly, logical system with which Volkova was used to.

The voice of the Shinx interrupted her thoughts. He was telling the Chansey that it was okay for him to have visitors. Although Volkova didn't know why the Chansey cared what the patient thought so much; it was a proven fact that the person who least knew what was best for him was in fact, that person.

“Hi there, I’m Lucius Orli. Are you the ones who rescued me?”

"Yah, we were..." the Cubone answered. "Well, it was mainly these guys. I just showed up to help carry you. How did you end up like this, anyway?"

"Hi, I'm Volkova," Volkova introduced herself, then waited. The Cubone's question was somewhat hers as well, although it wasn't really more than idle curiosity. She viewed the indigenous species of this planet somewhat distantly, as though through a pane of glass at a zoo.

She looked around, and saw an Abra in the room. She didn't recall an Abra involved in the escapade, but it was possible he had arrived when she was off calling the Chansey.

Suddenly, her HUD blinked. The Abra was a Deoxys interface! Excitement roared through her, as this would have been her first encounter with another Deoxys since arriving at Earth.

But wait. The excitement drained from her body as she realized it wasn't a Deoxys after all. Just an Artificial Intelligence.

She shrugged inwardly. Well, it was better than nothing. She kept an eye on the Abra while she waited for an explanation from Lucius.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 5th, 2008, 1:29 PM
Ok,i finally decided to make another sign-up to try. >.<

(If this doesnt work,i took it from another rpg im in and added the oddity part,so i can just redo this on your sign-up if it doesnt work. Also added RP sample.)

Name: Diamond (Tells everybody his name is Scar)

Age: 11

Gender: Male

Pokemon choice: Umbreon

Oddity: Scar has the ability to sense other peoples feelings and can teleport short distances

Scar is very calm,despite his appearence. When he is around other pokemon,he tries to hold back the memories of his friends. He will ignore certain people until he figures out if they are going to be good pokemon to hang out with. When in battle,he gets furious,and sometimes loses due to his "Dont think just attack" strategy in some battles.


Scar has a large,X-shaped scar on his eye. Where most Umbreons have yellow round circles on them,he has blue spikes and diamonds. The bone-like pieces on his back,paws,and neck look like those found on a houndoom. due to this look,people assume his mother was an Umbreon and his father was a Houndoom. He has bright red eyes that cause people to get scared when they glare at him most of the time,but not all people fall for this trick in battle.

History: Scar was born in a small cave as an Eevee. when he was born,he had a slightly bluish tint to his fur coloring. His parents named him Diamond due to this. When he was older,the blue color began getting darker,and he gained some black to his fur color also. His parents were concerned,so they decided to wait until it got worse to bring him to Chansey and Blissey. When he was about 8,his parents went for a walk with him and nicknamed him Scar. On the way back to the cave,a pack of hungry,raging Arcanine killed his parents. He was then raised by a pack of houndoom,who taught him everything about survival. When he turned 9,he forgot about his parents and evolved. Due to being with a Houndoom pack so long,he looked like both an Umbreon and a Houndoom. He then turned 10,and was old enough to leave the pack.

RP sample:
(Post from "Pokemon Ranger - Havoc In The SkyWing Region"

"Well,atleast he seems nice... Riolu said. "Yes,we are rangers." Savanna said as she pulled out her styler. Riolu nodded. Savanna looked next to her as a strong gust of wind suddenly appeared out of nowhere. After the wind was gone,it revealed a Pidgeot. "Hey Zephyr." Savanna said as she took a note out of the large bird's grasp. She began to read it...

Dear Savanna,
Its me sis. How is Riolu doing? Also if you get the time to answer,me and mom wants you to send back the custard creams. Grandma moved here,to Fiore.
Love you!

After reading the message,she remembered what totodile did. Oh god... savanna thought. She wrote on the back of the paper.

Dear Crystal,
Its me Savanna. Riolu is doing fine. I have bad news about the custard creams though. One of my teammates,Cage,and his Totodile stole the custard creams and ate them. Tell grandma I said sorry.
Love ya!


Savanna stopped writing and gave the note to Zephyr. "Ok Zephyr,bring it to mom and Crystal." Savanna said,petting him. The large bird made a high-pitched screeching noise and flew off. Savanna turned back to Mit. "Anyways,yeah,we are rangers. What about you?" Savanna asked.

December 5th, 2008, 3:35 PM
COMMENT: Is it just me, or is this part of the story going all over the place, lol? I'll just jump in when I feel like it's time.

Wolf in the Rain
December 5th, 2008, 6:39 PM
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I think I'm gunna do the same thing as Eleclion till this gets sorted out.

December 6th, 2008, 11:10 AM
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December 8th, 2008, 12:04 AM
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December 8th, 2008, 5:30 AM
Black Pendulum Rayquaza: Denied for now. Your history and personality are a bit short for my tastes, not to mention I don't like being able to sense others feelings and teleport as your oddity.

Goulerbot: Think you can edit your post a bit? I realize why he may think Luc (And Jeremy) May be human, but saying that there is nobody normal in the room is going a bit overboard. I would prefer that everyone finds out over time, rather then all at once.

Eleclion: Did wolfsrain give you permission to use his character? If he didn't, you shouldn't control his actions that much.

I will also wait till New Age Retro Hippie posts before continuing. Seems several things are hanging on him right now.

December 8th, 2008, 6:25 AM
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December 8th, 2008, 8:55 PM
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December 9th, 2008, 3:15 PM
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New Age Retro Hippie
December 9th, 2008, 10:20 PM
OOC: Ayah. Performances are draining. But at least I was deemed the best~! And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… my somewhat late post.

In response to Luc’s question, a brown Pokémon with a white skull serving as a helmet appeared with the group, and answered; “Yeah, we were…” The Cubone, as Luc identified it, motioned to the others. “Well, it was mainly these guys. I just showed up to help carry you. How did you get this way anyway?”

“Hi, I’m Volkova,” a new arrival stated. It was a larger Pokémon than the rest of the group, looking intently at Luc through transparent red orbs over its eyes. It was a Flygon; Luc had met one before. What interested him was that the Flygon had a few patches of odd colouring. Perhaps that was an indicator of humanity? Volkova was waiting expectantly, ready to listen to his tale,

Before he could answer the Cubone’s question, the blue Pokémon, a Mudkip, spoke up. “I think I know; but first I have to ask a few questions.” The Mudkip paused, glancing at the others, seemingly looking for a response. Luc stayed silent, intrigued. “Right then, is it true that a few Pokémon in this room are not what most people would call normal?” Luc almost wanted to nod, but seeing that no-one else did, he just kept listening. “For example, I’m pretty sure that you, fine sir,” The Mudkip gestured at the bespectacled Raichu. “Are the only Pokémon in existence here who wears sunglasses.” Ah, so someone else had picked up on that fact. “And we’ve all probably heard tales of a wandering Shinx.” Luc saw a few nods. “Lucius, unless I’ve missed my mark, is that Shinx. And, he is probably the only person who will fully understand this phrase: ‘Pokémon league’.”

Luc broke into a grin. A surge of excitement washed through him. Automatically, he began to rattle off: “The Pokémon League, a gathering of the world’s best Pokémon Trainers and their faithful partners. A tournament of skill and strength, ultimately to determine who is the most powerful trainer and who is the most amazing Pokémon. Of course I do!” Luc started giggling, and shook his head. “If I could get up, I would hug you, dude.”

While the Mudkip was mirroring his expression, the rest of the group seemed rather confused. Luc decided to change the subject. “I’m sorry, Cubone, I’ll answer you now. I’m a minstrel, as you may have heard and I was merely looking for another settlement to stay at. Unfortunately, I got directions from a crooked Banette and I was sent through one of the Mysterious Dungeons. I’m not very strong, you see, and so I got beat up pretty bad. Thankfully, I came across this kind sir,” Luc nodded at the Pikachu, “and it seems you all helped get me here. I’m truly thankful.”

Meanwhile, a certain Pikachu had climbed downstairs to get to her room, grumbling the whole way. Perhaps it was fate that led her to overhear the Mudkip and Shinx talking about this odd “Pokémon League”…

OOC: Might as well get the star of the show in here!

December 10th, 2008, 2:42 PM
Cubone's eyes widened as he slowly realized from the Shinx's explanation of a 'pokemon leauge' that the two (or three?) pokemon before him had at one time been human, the strange lifeforms that apparently had came from another dimension. Grumpig had mentioned them to him while explaining the situation of the pokemon world that fateful day. Come to think of it, Grumpig knew quite a bit about things... he vaguely wondered why. His pondering was cut short though by a voice behind him. Quite a familiar one as well.

"What are you guys talking about?"

Yuu gulped, and spun around to see Megumi. Had she been eavesdropping?

"N-nothing..." Yuu responded to the pikachu, cutting off anyone who might have responded before him. He was a little nervous, but he quickly regained his composure "We found this guy all beat up a ways away from here, and we brought him in to help..."

She seemed to buy it. That was a relief. He remembered a conversation he had quite a while ago with Grumpig, where he asked exactly why they couldn't just go up and tell Megumi what was going on. Apparently, several pokemon had theories that if she was to discover the existence of humans, aliens, or 'awakened' pokemon like himself, It could potentially lead to even more disruptions to the fabric of reality, what with her possibly wanting to see more having the possibility of dragging more pokemon into potentially harmful situations, in the end speeding up the rate at which reality was deteriorating. He didn't want that.

"Is he gonna be ok?" She asked, seeming concerned.

"Yah... seems like it. With a little rest, he should be fine..."

The Pikachu nodded, and turned to leave. The cubone let out a relieved sigh. That had to be the longest he had ever conversed with her. However, just when he thought she was leaving...

"Thats it!" She exclaimed happily, apparently having some type of epiphany "Its so simple! I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner!"

"...Think of what?" Yuu couldn't help but inquire. Megumi spun around to face him, looking very exited. He had a bad feeling about this...

"If none of the other teams here meet my standards, I should just start my own!"

"But..." Yuu muttered "Dosn't a team require... more then one person?"

"Hmm... your right..." The pikachu said, some of her confidence gone. However, after a few moments of thinking, that smirk she had came back to her face. "Why don't you be the first member!"

"M-me!?" Yuu exclaimed at the Pikachu's idea "We just met! Why me!?"

"I havn't seen you go on any team missions since you arrived here!" She replied, still in an exited tone of voice "Besides, you pointed out the flaw in my perfect plan! You obviously have taken an intrest!"

"I was just being insightful!"

December 10th, 2008, 4:01 PM
COMMENT: Finally! Now we're going!

Wolf in the Rain
December 10th, 2008, 7:16 PM
...And, he is probably the only person who will fully understand this phrase: 'Pokemon league.'”

Volt stood there as if he was put under a some sort of trance by the Mudkip's words. <Pokemon League...Pokemon League...> The words echoed in Volt's mind over and over again. The words seemed so familiar, as if he had heard them before, but he could not remembered where from. It was like knowing the tune of a song, but not knowing the words.

He suddenly was snapped out of his trance when Megumi, the only other Pikachu in the guild, came into Volt's room. As soon as she entered, Volt's heart skipped a beat, and he felt as though he was on Cloud 9.

"What are you guys talking about?" she asked. Volt was about to answer her, but stopped himself. Last time he talked to her, he had babbled like an idiot. So this time, Volt decided just to listen. She began talking to Yuu, the Cubone, about forming a team. After Yuu had pointed out that, having only one member a team wouldn't work, she "recruited" him. By this point in the conversation, Volt gathered up enough courage to ask the other Pikachu a question.

"Mind...Um...Mind if I join too?" he nervously asked, afterwords sighing with relief, glad that he didn't screw it up too badly.

December 11th, 2008, 7:48 PM
Jeremy was nervous. They were asking questions. They had noticed his shades. Someone might uncover his... secret.

"... May I join?" Volt's question shook him into awareness. Megumi was here, and she had changed the subject. No one was staring at him anymore. Everyone was looking at her now. Jeremy mentally breathed a sigh of relief. "Better keep everyone on this topic now," he thought, and then, quickly turning to Megumi, asked, "Can I join as well?"

Gumshoe Satyr
December 11th, 2008, 10:22 PM
(OOC: Hmm... I don't my character is going to come into the guild and join the team right now because there's kind of a lot going on right now. Anyway, I kind of have my own idea on how Iris meets and joins the team as long as it's ok with Gamekrazy. Just to let everyone know, you don't really have to respond to what I'm doing right now until you're ready to move on to something else.)

Stretching and yawning, Iris stood up and wandered off into the forest. "That guild seems to be an interesting place, but I guess it's 'bout time for me to leave." Suddenly, a chill crept up her spine, and she started trembling slightly as the fur on her back stood straight up. "S-someone's in trouble. I can feel it, " she started mumbling to herself in a tone full of concern. "There's fear... a lot of fear... and pain too, but I don't think it's life-threatening. Where is it coming from?"

Iris concentrated as hard as she could, but sighed in frustration when she failed to find the source. That was the glitch in her "gift", or nuisance as she sometimes liked to call it. Although she could often sense feelings of fear, pain, and anxiety from others nearby quite clearly, she sometimes had trouble with pinpointing the direction it was coming from, especially if it was on the move like this one seemed to be.

"Wait! I've got it. It's that way!" she shouted triumphantly as she ran forward through the forest. Only a few minutes later she came upon a small Eevee, limping on one of its front legs.

"Is this the way to Guild Master Wigglytuff's guild?" Eevee asked as he spotted Iris. He cocked his head a bit in curiosity as he noticed her unusual coat.

"Uh... Whosawhata Wigglytuff's guild?" Remembering the pink building from before she pointed with her paw and added, "Oh, it's that way. What happened? Why are you going to the guild?"

The Eevee's tail and ears drooped as he answered sadly, "I was playing with my friend, a Skitty, when a bunch of Pokemon attacked her. I tried to stop them, but....." He looked down at his injured paw.

"It's ok, kid. You go to the guild and get that treated." Walking past the Eevee, she went in the direction he'd come from.

"B-but what're you going to do, Vulpix?" he inquired nervously.

"I'm going to help Skitty, of course! By the way, the name's Iris. See ya, kid, and good luck!" Using Quick Attack, she took off in a flash, heading deep into the forest.

"W-wait, Vul-, I mean, Iris!" he shouted, but she was already gone. "I don't think she can handle it all by herself.... Hope she doesn't get hurt...." With a sigh, he continued limping toward the guild.

New Age Retro Hippie
December 12th, 2008, 12:13 AM
OOC: Aha. Clever, Namora.

Just after Luc finished his explanation, a second Pikachu appeared. She, as Luc decided after hearing her voice, seemed concerned for his safety (which he was becoming a little sick of). The Cubone who had inquired about Luc’s journey answered her question. Then, with surprising randomness, she suddenly announced that she was making a rescue team, and that the Cubone was to join it.

A few of the others hesitantly put their names forward to join the female Pikachu’s team; the Pikachu with the brown stripe across his nose and the bespectacled Raichu (who, to Luc’s surprise, seemed to have a petrified arm). Luc tried to shift his position over, inwardly smiling at the yellow Pokémon’s charisma, but outwardly winced at the pain it brought on. If only he were stronger, and not so prone to getting lost…

Pokémon Rescue Teams generally had the strongest Pokémon around. This was achieved through intense training during rescue missions or explorations. These were done in Mysterious Dungeons. If anything were to toughen him up, that would be it.

“Maybe…” Luc mused aloud, “Maybe, once I’m better… I can join this guild… and your team.” He looked questionably at the female Pikachu.

December 14th, 2008, 7:14 AM
Name: Reina often called Rain by her friends
Age: 16
Species: Eevee
Gender: Female
Oddity: She can sense the flow of emotions around her, and to an extent read the minds of those close to her.
Description: Typical sprite, only she wears a snowflake charm around her neck.
Personality: Laid back, at times she often seems rather childish, though she is in fact smarer then those around her first assume, gutsy, she tends to charge in first and ask questions later, and finally she tends to suffer from a cute complex....to an extent.
Hystory: As a child Reina loved watching her parents interact with various pokemon. Her father had been a trainer in his youth, and was getting his child used to pokemon so she would become a trainer one day, and maybe susceed where he had failed. He taught her about the different types, and what beat what, ect. He even gave her a pet to play with when she was little. An Aipom named Jazz. As the girl grew into a teenager she and Jazz were really close, then one day Jazz left home and never returned. Devistated Rain swore she'd never become a pokemon trainer and never trust another pokemon again.
RP sample: "Rain! Over here, this way!" the girls team mates yelled. In her blue and green soccor uniform Rain looked quite cute she had to admit. "No!" she yelled, swirving around another player. "I can make the shot!" An older boy tried to kick the ball away from her, but Rain faked to the left and shot off to the right. Her team mates were right behind her, yelling for her to pass the ball to the girl near the goal. Rain shook her head and kept going. She was almost there just a little more. She gave the ball a hard kick, and it soared off just a foot or so off from the goal. "Rain!" her captain yelled annoyed, and the girl winced. The other team was busy celebrating over their narrow win. "Being a team player means playing as a team." Rain glanced over the stands. Her parents weren't there. "Like I care." she stalked off.

December 14th, 2008, 10:19 AM
As the conversation between the various Guild Pokemon and the Shinx continued, the Mudkip brought up the term 'Pokemon League'. Cyl watched and listened, as the same paired words came up again and again... Pokemon League... Pokemon League... She was searching her memory and stored knowledge and such for that particular term, though nothing came up. Strange, that these two Pokemon would be discussing something even the Deoxys had no knowledge of. At least, no knowledge that Cyllunia-4 had been fitted with. Her long Abra's tail twitched a few times in curiosity.

"If none of the other teams here meet my standards, I should just start my own!"

Those words shattered any thought processes Cyl had going on. She glanced at the newcomer, seeing her clearly as the female Pikachu she'd seen outside the Guild earlier. Cyl then watched as she 'recruited' the Cubone, Yuu. Then she watched with great interest as the others requested to join, one by one.
A rare thought then crossed Cyl's mind. What was she going to say? It wasn't often that the idea of speaking came to her, but in those few times that it did, she figured there was no other option. While she didn't think anyone had really noticed her in her silence, she was a Pokemon in the room with the rest of them. It would seem odd for her not to say something. As for the question of joining... She needed something more to defeat the plague of boredom and idleness.

"Join?" she said quietly; awkwardly, in that high-pitched and nearly robotic voice of hers. "Me too? Can I... join...?"

Cyl wasn't programmed for speaking, and that was rather apparent. She wasn't all that good at piecing words together, which made her sentences short and awkward. But, at least she got her meanings across well enough.

December 14th, 2008, 12:57 PM
hope this works ^^

edit: lengthened personality and history a bit. also changed the description ((the old one was for him as a meowth instead of persian ^^;; ))

Name: Giovanni, goes by Geo mostly
Age: 19
Species: Persian
Gender: Male
Oddity: He has the Dimensional Scream, enabling him to see and/or hear past encounters with an object and, on occasion, a person or a place. This hasn't worked since his mate died, however.
Description: Instead of the red ruby on his forehead, he has one with a milky gold tone. His fur also has the classic siamese markings in a slightly darker cream than the rest of his body.
Personality: Geo tends to keep to himself. Most pokemon assume he's snooty due to his usual straight face and somber silence. But, to be wholely honest, he just isn't all that great at making idle conversation with others. It takes a long time of earning his trust and friendship to see him open up and share his inner thoughts and feelings. He is an experienced fighter and is highly protective of those he cares about. Mostly this would include his very few close friends and, at one time, his mate Rene.
However, he can also be very insecure and second-guesses himself regularly. He is often spotted pacing the shore line south of Wigglytuff's Guild, alone, muttering and mumbling about something or other that he thinks went wrong with the last mission and how to prevent it for next time. Classic case of the obsessive, over-analytical leader.
History: He was born from an egg that had been abandoned at Chansey's day care, never him the chance to know his parents. Being the feisty young scratch-cat pokemon that he was, Geo had been sent to live at Wigglytuff's guild fairly early on by the patient, yet slightly frazzled, Chansey at the young age of three.
While training there for the next several years, he learned everything about mystery dungeons how the rescue and exploration teams work.
After about seven or so years after he'd been sent to train at the guild, a young female meowth named Rene happens upon the guild, looking to form a rescue team with someone.
Geo eventually manages to muster up the courage to approach her, offering to form a rescue team with her. She seems to act coy and girlish aroud him at first but ultimately aggrees, and thus, team Scratch-paw was formed.
The two graduate a year later, after Geo's eleventh hatchday, and leave to become an independent team.
Shortly thereafter, both gain the required conditions to evolve but Rene chooses to remain a meowth while Geo becomes a stately persian.

Team Scratch-paw operates without incident for another five years. ((hes 16 now, three years before the rp))
Then, on one of his usual walks with Rene, he absently touches a shiny stone he'd found on the road and is overcome by a woozy, dizzy feeling. He stumbles and collapses to the side of the path before a vision blots out his sight. He could see the pokemon that had dropped the stone his paw had brushed against moments before. Rene worries over him when he come sout of it, asking what happened. Neither one of them had ever heard of the 'Dimentional Scream' before and would thus have no idea what it was.
Rene helps Geo stand once more and inspects her mate for injuries. Not finding any, she concludes that whatever caused Geo's dizzy spell had worn off.
They learn about it later from Chatot, discovering that it was a rare ability and that in enabled one to see either past or future events associated with a trigger. What this trigger was varied, depending on the surroundings. He assured them that it was nothing to worry about and sent them on their way home.

Geo uses his new power to help with rescues for the next year and a half. But nothing could've predicted the tragedy that would befall him and Rene as they attempt their first four starred mission.
The dusknoir outlaw that they were supposed to bring down had gained the upperhand over the team, seizing Rene in a tight, crushing grip.
Geo despreately tries to free her but is easily cast aside by the powerful ghostly pokemon and is forced to watch as his parter is crushed to death.
He would've suffered the same fate if a second team hadn't come in and taken the dusknoir to justice.

Geo continues to operate as a free agent, alone. If asked, he would say, 'It's what she would've wanted.'
RP Sample: *searches for a single character example of hers* woot, found one ^^ its not pokemon related though

Snake nods to Dragon, "Dawn." he agrees, uncoiling gracefully and moving off to his room, "Night, Dragon." he cast a smile back to her before disappearing into his green room.
Once alone, Snake bee-lines to the special chest next to his nest. He coils protectivly around it, reaching for the key he'd hidden in the folds of fabric lining his nest. His tail curls around the thin piece of metal and fits it to the lock, popping the chest lid open as the lock drops to the floor.
Snake slowly reaches his tail to the small lanturn nestled in the extra blankets inside the chest, carefully lifting it out and examining it as it hangs from his tail. He flicks his tongue and blinks, igniting a flame inside the lanturn and immediatly he feels better about the trip. Kyeira had given it to him many years ago, before the gods decided to leave. It made all bathed in its light content and relaxed, erasing all worries. He only used it when he felt especially nervous, like now and once long ago when they'd first arrived.
Snake smiles, extinguishing the flame and wrapping the lanturn in a blanket and placing it beside his nest. He slithers into the folds of fabric, hiding his shimmering green scales from the world in the clautrophobic smallness of his blanket-filled basket. He quickly falls asleep.

December 15th, 2008, 2:56 PM
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Wolf in the Rain
December 15th, 2008, 4:33 PM
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December 16th, 2008, 6:55 PM
Volkova scanned the room with her HUD, only feigning interest in the Shinx's story about the Pokemon League. She recorded the conversation for future reference, just in case it was important. But she was busy having a conversation with the Deoxys back on the mothership.

*Data anomaly approaching your location at 24' Mark 86 O 48. Data anomaly parameters not previously examined.*

Acknowledged, HQ. Will keep an eye out.

It was that moment a Pikachu chose to walk into the room. "What are you guys talking about?"

While Yuu, the Cubone, was busy stammering out something mildly resembling a conversation with the Pikachu, Volkova was requesting more information on the exact nature of the data anomaly.

It was then she recognized that the odd, boistrous Pikachu was the data anomaly. She promptly cut the connection.

The Pikachu was going on about creating a new rescue team. Well, as part of her revised mission objectives, she supposed that joining it was a good way to become more familiar with the data anomaly.

"I guess I'll join too," Volkova offered.

December 18th, 2008, 6:39 PM
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December 18th, 2008, 7:03 PM
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Tip o' the day-Patience is a virtue.
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December 19th, 2008, 1:09 PM
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December 19th, 2008, 4:38 PM
Bah, sorry guys. Ive been in a bit of an RP slump lately. Havn't been able to bring myself to type out a post. With the holidays coming soon though, I should hopefully be able to make one soon. Until then...

Rii: Denied Your history was written as if she was a human, and that is not listed as your oddity (and humans are humans. they don't get extra special powers) not to mention, your history, personality and sample are too short for my tastes.

EspeonLee: Pending. People obtaining strange powers did not start until three years prior to the RP's current events, so could you specify a bit more when events in his past took place? Your history and personality are a bit lacking, so could you add to them? Your sample was a little short too, but its quality is good enough by my standards.

December 19th, 2008, 8:07 PM
EspeonLee: Pending. People obtaining strange powers did not start until three years prior to the RP's current events, so could you specify a bit more when events in his past took place? Your history and personality are a bit lacking, so could you add to them? Your sample was a little short too, but its quality is good enough by my standards.
mmk, i edited it ^^ hopefully i added enough

December 20th, 2008, 3:04 PM
Name: Slice

Age: 14

Species: Weavile

Gender: Male

Oddity: Weaker than normal Weavile, but is much faster.

Description: The gold gem on its forehead glows whenever it is in danger. Otherwise it looks like a normal Weavile

Slice is not an ordinary Weavile. Scared of battle it turns to it's speed for escaping. The other pokemon look down on him because of his weakness and cowardly acts. He spends most of his time running from area to area, not having a real home.

Slice has never made any friends. He stood out among other Weaviles as the last one anyone wanted to talk to. When people try to become friends with him, he turns the other cheek. He tries to be alone most of the time.

Slice studies the history of pokemon. As he roams from place to place he wants to learn more about where he is and the history of that place. Despite knowing so much about pokemon, he dosen't know much about himself. He gave himself the name Slice, on account of the earliest memory he had, the memory of him cutting through the trees of a forest after escaping from an icy cave.

History: Slice was born in an Icy Cave. His mother fell ill almost immediately, and he was left to fend by himself. He has met many other species of Pokemon and he has studied everything about them. When he was 10 he fell very sick. He looked around at the surroundings and realized he was back in his icy cave. He closed his eyes and told himself that it was over.The gem on his forehead was glowing brightly. Just when he thought everything was over, he heard the noise of a pokemon. An icy blue bird was soaring above him. He was amazed. He read about this pokemon, Articuno. He closed his eyes once more and when he awakened again he was no longer ill.

After his experience with Articuno, Slice tried to learn as much about him as possbile. He studied ancient artifacts, he read books, he even tried to go back to the cave and look for him again. He knew that if he was supposed to die then he would have died then and there, but Articuno knew that Slice has something to live for. Slice now knows that too.

Other: Gold gem on forehead glows when in trouble. Faster than normal Wevile, but also weaker.

RP SAMPLE:(Taken from an RP I tried to write a year ago)
Trek looked up. He had been through so much and he was finally here. The Temple of Zerk. He placed his sword back on his sheath and slowly took a step forward on the long stairway ahead. Peices of his blue hair covered his face as he inched forward towards the Temple. The cuts on his arms and legs left blood drippings behind him as he stopped before the entrance.

The noise of someone elses footsteps filled the air as he turned around quickly. Braze! Braze quickly took out his sword and took a hard lunge at Trek. Trek sidestepped and pulled out his own sword. Braze took a step back and got into a fighting stance.

"What are you doing here!" exclaimed Trek.

"This temple is not meant for the likes of you" replied Braze in a calm voice.

The metals of the two swords were worn out in the epic battle between Trek and Braze. Both men were tired when Braze made on fatal flaw. Trek swung his sword with such might that both men had dropped their swords. Trek grabbed Braze by the collar of his bloody shirt and held him up to the edge of the 300 step staircase. The eyes of the two men met one last time before the scream of Braze filled the Temple surroundings. Trek picked up his sword and continued moving on toward the Temple.

December 20th, 2008, 3:55 PM
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December 20th, 2008, 4:31 PM
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OOC: Yeah I never really got around to posting it up. Mainly because the Rp board on the forum I was at was really bad.

Gumshoe Satyr
December 20th, 2008, 6:49 PM
(OOC: Ok, how about I try to entertain you guys a bit with Iris's rescue mission until Gamekrazy is ready. I would've had it a long time ago, but my computer messed up and I lost it when I was almost through with it. :( I got really busy with Christmas and all and had a little trouble finding time to redo it. Anyway, here it is recreated.)

"How do I get myself into these messes!" Iris grumbled as she continued running through the forest. "I could've just let that kid find someone else to help him but NOOOOO....! I had to just jump in and volunteer like some freakin' hero or something. I'm no hero.... I wasn't before I changed, and I'm not now...." Back when she was a Haunter, she didn't concern herself too much with others. No other ghost Pokemon really did. She spent most of her time scaring and pulling pranks on anyone dumb enough to wander into her cemetery alone. Why did she seem to care so much for "skinbags" now? Exasperated, she sighed, unable to come up with a satisfying answer.

When she came to a small clearing, the Eevee's scent trail suddenly ended, but she picked up fresh scents from five other Pokemon. Three of the scents were very similar, so she guessed that they came from the same species. After discovering a small pool of blood, which she concluded came from Eevee's hurt leg, she knew that she must've found where the attack had taken place.

"I've got to be close to them... very close, but which way now?" Suddenly, Iris shivered as chill crept up her spine, followed by a wave of fear. "I-it's Skitty! It has to be!" The fear was strong.... but there was surprisingly no pain.... yet. Turning in a circle, she tried to figure out the direction the feelings were coming from, but it was proving difficult at best.

"Now is not the time...," she groaned, fearing that she was losing precious time. Finally, Iris felt herself drawn to something nearby, and it wasn't very far. Using Quick Attack, she dashed forward as fast as she could. The feelings grew stronger with every step, causing the hair on her back to bristle and her eyes to dilate a little. When she stuck her head out of a bush bordering a large clearing, she saw a Skitty, surrounded by three Mightyeena. A blue, blob-like Pokemon stood nearby as if it was keeping watch or something.

"We have you now," the largest Mightyena growled, taking a menacing step toward the little Skitty. He appeared to be the leader. "No one enters our territory without answering to us. That Eevee might've gotten away, but you won't!" He crouched as if to spring on Skitty while the other two Mightyena followed suit. If Iris was going to help her it had to be now because in a few moments, Skitty wasn't going to have a later. Maybe I can distract them long enough for her to get to safety... Well, here goes nothing!

"Leave her alone!" Iris shouted, taking her opponents' attention off of Skitty. Concentrating some fire in her throat, Iris leaped out of the bush and released the most concentrated Flamethrower she could manage at the Mightyena leader. Taken off guard, he seemingly could only watch as the attack came right for him, and Iris silently cheered.

"Unlikely," the Leader retorted, an arrogant smile spreading across his face. Beside him, his followers laughed. What's the joke? Am I missing something? The blue Pokemon, who Iris was starting to wonder if he was asleep or something, jumped directly in front of the Flamethower, coated in a strange, glowing substance, and Iris gasped as it hit him dead on. When the smoke cleared, Iris's jaw dropped when she realized that the blue Pokemon was unharmed, and the Flamethower was heading back at her!

"Nice try, but fire can't hurt me!" Iris stood her ground, but when the fireball hit her she gasped at the sheer power of it. Since Vulpix are immune to fire, she was protected from the heat, but her feet dragged painfully across the ground as it pushed her back. "I-it's twice as strong as I made it! I can't h-hold it!" Her feet slipped out from under her, and she slammed against a tree, stunning her. She landed on her side in some bushes, out of sight of the other Pokemon.

"You're not getting away!" the Mightyena leader growled fiercely. "Neither of you will! Good job, Wobbuffet."

"Thanks, boss," she heard another voice answer.

Isn't Wobbuffet....a...Psychic-type? Why...would he....help....dark-type...Pokemon? When her head cleared a little more, she rolled to her feet and prepared to defend herself.

December 20th, 2008, 7:14 PM
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December 23rd, 2008, 3:50 AM
Lucius broke into a grin. Automatically, he began to rattle off: “The Pokémon League, a gathering of the world’s best Pokémon Trainers and their faithful partners. A tournament of skill and strength, ultimately to determine who is the most powerful trainer and who is the most amazing Pokémon. Of course I do!” Lucius started giggling, and shook his head. “If I could get up, I would hug you, dude.”
Maverick mirrored the grin, quite surprised that his hunch had payed off.

He was just casually looking around when he saw that the Cubone was looking at him apparently in deep thought. He then listened in to most of the conversation going on, before Megumi, the other Pikachu in the guild, came in. She started rambling on about the perfect plan. Forming an exploration team didn’t exactly come out as the perfect plan to Maverick, though. When the others started deciding to join, he decided to be quite the opposite. However, afterwards, they ended up staring at him awkwardly, he just couldn’t refuse. That was a bit of a problem of his that he needed to deal with-he just couldn’t refuse anything when they started to bring down the Peer Pressure. He finally replied, “Fine, fine, I guess I’ll join, if everyone else is. Just don’t expect me to always be with you on a mission, though. I’ll probably do my own jobs from time to time.”

Hearing what sounded distinctly like a cry for help, he said, “Well, sounds like we’re needed! Let’s go!” He frowned when he realised no-one was following. When he turned around to see why, he saw Megumi, arms crossed. He still persisted. “Well, come on then! I’m not gonna be able to take this rescue myself… No way, I wouldn’t dream of it…” When he got no response, he said, “Well? Don’t tell me I have to resort to typical communism! Now let’s go!”

December 25th, 2008, 7:19 AM
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January 3rd, 2009, 1:12 PM
((My post finally arrives! Sorry for making you wait guys. Dam, its rather shorter then I expected...))

EspeonLee: Looks better, Accepted.

FalseSwipe: Pending. I don't really like your oddity. Being fast seems more like a physical trait, where Im looking at oddities as something a bit more... supernatural. And if you have any plans to use Articuno further on in the rp, can you please tell me? I don't want to disrupt any plans you may have.

Ok, after FalseSwipe, Im going to close this RP. I feel I have more then enough players as it is right now.


Yuu couldn't believe his ears. Practically everyone in the room had decided to join. They obviously didn't know Megumi very well. She was a bit... eccentric, to say the least.

"Perfect!" She exclaimed "Your all accepted! Together, well rise to be the best exploration team this world has ever seen!"

"A... are you sure its a good idea to start with so many people?" Yuu couldn't help but ask "For a starting team, this many members may be a bit hard to manage..."

"Nonsense!" She swiftly replied "Besides, all of the incompetent ones will get weeded out over time anyway, so no big deal!"

Wow... Yuu thought to himself shes rather direct...

Hearing a cry for help, Maverick started to run off ahead of the rest of the group, seemingly wanting to lead them to their first mission. Megumi simply stood in place, her arms crossed. When the Mudkip had stopped, Megumi approached him.

"Im the leader." She said very sternly, before heading down the same way Maverick had been going.

"Hey! Wait up!" Yuu called ahead, chasing after his self-appointed leader. This was going to be a long day...

Wolf in the Rain
January 3rd, 2009, 6:54 PM
Volt was abit taken aback by Megumi's bluntness at the Mudkip, but still, he couldn't help but let out a deep sigh as he stared at Megumi, and pushed the whole Pokemon League thing to the back of his mind. Suddenly, she and the group ran out of his room, leaving the Shinx behind and eager to find the source of the cry for help.

"Don't trash my room while we're gone!" Volt joked to the Shinx as he followed the others out of the room.

The group soon came upon the guild's main room, where a worried looking Eevee was yelling for help.

"What's wrong?" asked Volt

All of a sudden, Megumi stepped in front of Volt. "Hold up! That's my job!" She said, again, rather sternly. Megumi then turned to the Eevee and asked in a soft tone "What's wrong?"

(OOC: Short, i know, but I'm just glad this thread is still alive...)

January 4th, 2009, 9:29 AM
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I'm the Raichu, lol.

January 4th, 2009, 9:50 PM
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Gumshoe Satyr
January 7th, 2009, 3:43 PM
Before Iris got very far, a ball of dark energy collided into the tree behind her, followed by two more that hit the ground in a seemingly random pattern. Looks like they're trying to flush me out, and if I stand here for too long more than that's going to happen. I need a plan...

"Hey! Are you boys so scared of one little Vulpix that you're gonna hide behind that blob!? What a buncha wimps!" she yelled mockingly, jumping to the side when a Shadow Ball landed close to where she'd been standing. "Your aim's worse than a deaf Zubat's!" She could hear angry growls, so apparently he words were having some effect.

"Cool it, boys! She's just trying to get us riled up. Vulpix may be small, but they pack a punch. We have to play this smart if we don't want her to catch any of us off guard. Remember we have the advantage of being involved." She heard the leader say, and the growling ceased. That didn't work as I hoped.... or maybe it worked even better. As she cautiously peeked through a bush, she noticed that someone was noticeably missing.

"Where'd the Skitty go!?" the leader barked, looking around frantically. "She got away! How!?" A snarl entered his voice as he glared at one of his subordinates.

"I-I dunno, Boss. I thought Wobby was watchin' her," the Mightyena answered, trembling.


"Well, gee, boss. You never told me to keep an eye on her," the Wobbuffet, said, shrugging a little. "When she ran off in the direction of that guild thing, I figured that you were letting her go to spread the word of your awesome fury. I don't know how you expected me to know any better..."

Slapping his forehead with his paw, the leader sighed and turned back to his subordinate and ordered, "Take two more of our pack with you and track that Skitty down. I will not tolerate anymore failures. The rest of us will take care of the meddler." Uh oh I think he means me. Time to hightail it outta here! Although she ran away as fast as she could, it wasn't long before she heard sounds of pursuit.

Using Quick Attack, she made some distance but felt herself tiring at a much faster rate, so she deactivated it. Just when she thought that she might get away, she came to a large lake blocking her path. Panting heavily, she slowed to a stop at its bank. What was she going to do now?

January 9th, 2009, 5:10 PM
COMMENT: I've made a short url to this RP that you can use to get to this page easier now. It is:

megumiRP.tk (http://www.megumirp.tk/)

(To get a free domain like this, visit http://shrinkto.tk/.)

Well, enjoy! :d

January 10th, 2009, 5:37 PM
OK here i go and i have a question can Pokémon evolve?

Name: Takashi

Age: 14

Species: Riolu

Gender: Male

Oddity: Takashi unlike regular riolu's can use aura sphere and can tell someone's past by their aura. (if that is to crazy I'll change it)

Description: Takashi looks like a regular riolu but with a black scarf with his name written in it small in the back.

Personality: Takashi is very friendly to other people and is very caring for others. Takashi is also very bone headed when it comes to making life or death situations. He will do anything to help a friend and do what is right. He is also is very curios and likes to explore and fight and train.

History: Takashi doesn't remember much of his previous life all he can remember is walking in a cave and hearing a voice calling out to him. The next thing he remembers he woke up in a field. After that event Takashi wandered around for several days before finding a Pokémon town.

Takashi stayed in that town for several weeks training. Takashi asked around but no one knew him. Someone advised Takashi to try and join an exploration team and maybe he will find out something. Now Takashi is deciding what he should do next.

RP sample:

"Let's see what you got kid," A man said holding a poke ball.

"You're going to regret this!" The kid replied.

"Go Lucario,"

"My name is Takashi what's yours?" Takashi asked smirking.

"My name is Ronald," Ronald said.

"Go Goelm,"

"Ready Lucario?" Takashi asked Lucario smirking.


"Go Goelm hyper beam!" Ronald commanded.

"Dodge it and use metal claw!" Takashi responded.

Lucario jumped into the air dodging the hyper beam and hitting Goelm with metal claw sending Goelm flying.

"Now finish this with Aura sphere!" Takashi yelled jumping into the air

"Luuu!" Lucario yelled shooting the Aura sphere.

"Goelm use roll out!" Ronald yelled as Goelm rolled at Lucario.

Goelm collided with the aura sphere and a mini exploded engulfed Goelm.


Goelm came crashing down to the ground blowing dust into the air.

"Yeah Lucario we won!" Takashi exclaimed in joy.

"Awww man i lost," Ronald sighed.

January 10th, 2009, 7:08 PM
AuraGodLucario: DENIED

Ok, after FalseSwipe, Im going to close this RP. I feel I have more then enough players as it is right now.

And even if it was still open, your history was far too short for my tastes, and your sample quality was below my standards as well.

January 10th, 2009, 7:43 PM
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