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November 20th, 2008, 9:55 AM
Okay to start this off.....

I'm not a weary religious person and I lean more towards Christianity because I was raised that way, I do not agree with everything the bible says, and it would not surprise me if there is no after life, but I want to believe in that for my own sake and piece of mind.

I'm not trying to force my believes up on other people and I don't like it when others try to force the religion upon me,,

And if there is one thing that I really hate is when people that are of a curtain religion claim that I'm going to hell because I don't want to believe in there extreme believe, *which at my opinion is ridiculous, but I realise that they look at my religion the same way*,

I don't like that, and some religions are just so arrogant that the people that believe it walk up to your face and tell you your going to hell *you can guess what religion I am referring to, I'm certainly not naming any names*"If you have had the same experience do share"

And one thing I hate is the people that walk door to door, I mean get a life people, something written on paper a 1000 years ago is not worth wasting your time.

Since I'm not that religious it annoys me to hear and see uber religious people that are against gay marriages and blame there racism on the bible and claim everything they do is for god "hello he doesn't give a **** if you are mean to people and claim it's all for him", I know plenty of gay people and they are all wonderful and kind and should be allowed to be married *that's my opinion, and I don't want anyone dissing that*, sometimes I am a shammed to be considered to be in the same religion as those ignorant persons, that stand there and talk so badly about gays, I'm more sure the people making the claims that homosexuality is a sin and gays will go to hell for being gay are more likely to go there them self for discriminating against the homosexuals, I mean what on earth have they ever done to you, there is nothing wrong with them and they are people just like you and me, it annoys me that people use the word racism over homosexuals, I mean they are the same type as us they are homosaphiens just like you and me *if the reader reading this isn't a homosaphien then pm me and I'm gonna exploit you and become famous*, they might even be caucasian or African or Asian, the same race as the person judging.

And if a book tells you to judge people by there sexuality then I say burn it.
Because I think *if there is a god* that he would not want us to judge the homosexuals he would probably be disappointed at the ones that do.

I believe that, that people should be kind to each other and no person deserves to be treated like ****, I used to think that the bible was about that, but some people are always trying to prove me wrong.

I would really like your opinion on this......

November 20th, 2008, 12:44 PM
Religion is evil in my opinion, people should not be confined in their beliefs by books and doctrine, although it is a good starting point for some people. I personally believe that faith is what is important, one's own individual faith. Religion is corruptible because it is an invention of humanity, whereas faith is something that only you yourself can define.

And within the confines of your own faith, i believe that you should not be static in that faith, but should keep it dynamic by constantly challenging it and yourself. Because without challenging your faith, it will grow stale and die.

As for my own faith, I believe in humanity, that we can over come our faults and push forward for a better tomorrow. I'm in searching for an ultimate truth in this world, almost like my god, because it could even be God, and like everyone else, I'm looking for something that I can never find or fully understand.

I went to a Catholic HS for 4 years, I have meditated in Buddhist Temples, prayed in churches, mosques, and temples, I practiced Tao for awhile, I pray at the only Shinto temple in the United States (recently I've only been there on holidays). Either way, my favorite religion is definitely Zen Buddhism, and the one that fits my own personal faith the closest would be Secular Humanism, but then again I still believe there is something out there, so I can't be crammed into that boat either.

That's me and my thoughts on faith/religion, helping Angela stir the pot...

November 20th, 2008, 12:51 PM
Yeah...this pot need not be sturred.
We all know how these threads usually end...e_e;
Let me end it quickly.