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March 11th, 2006, 3:31 AM
Well, here I go with my first rp of the year on this site ^^ Let's hope I don't suck too bad lol!

Information before we begin...

* This is a very violent rp, in other words: Yes things will die and yes there will be blood.

The Earth has become a cold, gray, place since that day. That day when they came. I don't remember much about life before then, but then again, maybe there wasn't life. Now the sun never shines between the thick gray clouds that smother the earth. Cities that were once wonderful and great are nothing but graveyards, humans hiding deep within the ruins for protection. Mother says that once we lived on the surface in beautiful buildings of glass and steel, with blue skies and the sun shining it's warmth upon us. I don't think I can imagine such a thing.

Perhaps things would still be like it was in those days...if THEY hadn't came. They are not human, nor pokemon for that matter. In fact none of us are entirely sure what they are and where they came from. They are called Divinii, a superior race to humans. Or so I am told. With thier large bodies and colorless skin they look more like ghosts then anything alive. Very little about them looks anything like a human, but that goes without saying I suppose. They kill, and capture humans. I would honestly take death over captivity. Being a slave to one of those THINGS seems a fate worse then any death.

Pokemon, once plentiful are now few in number, like us humans. The legandary ones that the elderly speak of have long since vanished. I do not know how long until we humans vanish...



Past: (Optional)
Pokemon: ( One only please.)

** I would prefer that there are no anthros in this please ^^ thankyou.**
** Max of two characters for now**


Name: Terris
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Appearance: A tall male with a decent build. He is dark skinned with unique red hair that spikes out randomly about his face. Terris sports worn out jeans and a knitted gray sweater that hangs off of his body as well as a thick leather jacket and well traveled boots. Most of his attire is mix matched due to lack of clothing. All along his body are scars from the many battles he had survived in his young life. His eyes are white, lined with black, a defect from when he was born.
Personality: Distrusting, calculating, and often quick to anger, Terris is hardly the epidemy of the perfect human. He is very rough around the edges, and will not hesitate to kill if need be. But, he does have a soft side that rarely seeps through his dangerous front.
Past: To be reveiled later
Pokemon: War, a large black maned Arcanine with a personality to match his master's.
Weapon: He is normally carrying at least ten throwing knives as well as a large katana.

March 18th, 2006, 3:28 AM
Ok i'll join
Appearence:A tall male appears weak but has great inner strength,Brown hair with blackclothes wth fire makings on them,and a red cape( see my signature for an image)
Personality: ussually silent,only speaks when necessary or giving a command.Dark, keeps to himself prefers nights to day, a loner.He will ussually kill first and ask questions later, when he does think he thinks long and hard and ussualy comes up with the right answer but
Past: His parents were killed as a child and the only friend he had was his houndour, they went into suclusion and perfected the chaos arts.
Pokemon: A Red Houndoom the same from his child hood he has chaos power equal to his master
Weapon:He is not often caught with a weapon for he ussualy crushes his foe by his mastery of chaos sorcery but if needs be he calls upon the Twin Blades of Chaos

March 18th, 2006, 7:30 AM
This is very interesting! I do not mind joining thi sone. ^_~

This calls for a brighter character! ^^!

Name: Aila

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Appearance: Long, silky pale blonde hair tumbles neatly down to her waist, and bright magenta eyes shine in a caring and lovable way. Aila is a small-built person, but her appearance is striken as cute, and is a little shorter than the average eighteen year-old girl. Her skin is pale, but just adds to her form of delicacy.

Personality: Aila is very kind and understanding, and with that comes a layer of reasonable shyness. Aila is not the bravest of people, but when the time comes to help some one in dire need, the shy and delicate girl is ready to stand upright and protect or help where needed. She is very kind to her Pokemon, and has a plentiful supply of patience toward it.

Past: Will be mentioned later. ^^

Pokemon: Jolteon ( if you do not mind ^^ )

Weapon: A few throwing knives ( I am not trying to copy, it is just hard to imagine this character with an allmighty weapon.), and a sling shot ( there we go, lol).

Other: I hope that works! Tell me if anything needs to be changed or added. ^^

March 18th, 2006, 7:34 AM
OK I know i'm not 15 yet.... but I will be soon ^.^
so It's all up to you if you want to let me join :)
and plus i don't mind dying, and blood and stuff so yeah
Will edit/delete if need be ^.^

Name: Scar "Hammerfist" kail
Age: 16
Appearance: Scar has a slim/athletic build, the muscles on hie arms and body have good definition, but he's still slim. He wears a red muscle top, that has a fire emblem over the right breast. He also wear large black denims, they are a loose fit on him, but he knows how to wear them so they sit at peace over his hips. He has blonde hair, and some of the fringe reaches straight down over his eyes, randomly. He has one Aqua blue eye, and the other is emerald green. He has a birth scar under his right eye, it is shaped much like a crescent moon, and it curves to the shape of the under half of his eye.
Personality: Scar is not your average kid, he has problems being happy, though he doesn't get angry either. He has been alone for a long time, but before they came he was happy with the friends and the family he thinks he can remember. He feels alone, so he forces himself to be alone, and aloof.
Past: Scar can't remember much before they came, but he does remember being happy. He was called scar because of his father, and his birth mark, the scar under his eye. He gained the nickname "Hammerfist" because he could smash up most things with his fist. He lives with his grandfather. His mother and father died at the hands of them he vowed revenge one day...
Pokemon: He has a Black Charizard called Blackfire.
Weapon: He has double edged sword, that has a snake figure wrapped around it, as part of the metal, the hilt has a strange jewel plated into it.His grandfather made it for him as a birthday present for his 16th birthday.

March 18th, 2006, 7:59 AM
OOC: I always like playing the old gruff in this sort of situation, if that's not acceptable, tell me, and I'll revert to an alternate character.

Name: Robert Roze. (Corny name, sue me. :3 And I don't think there will be any problems with confusing me with hell-houndoom. ^-^)

Gender: Male

Age: 48

Appearance: He has short, stiff, and usually dirty brown hair, though there are tinges of grey clearly visible now. He has a bit of chub from age on his body, but underneath it are muscles, shaped and hardened by a long, tough life. He typically wears a large, brown trenchcoat, and a hat fomr some old style from before the invasion, with a huge, loose brim.He stands at 6'4'', not tall, but not unusually short, either.

Personality: Depressed, and harsh. He's had a hard life, and it shows. He may still have feelings, but he always hides them under hard words, and an angry demeanor.

Past: (As this is optional, it's going to be minial, as parents are bugging me to hurry up.) He was once a gym leader in his youth, Rising in power, and quite possibly destined for a spot in the elite four. He always trained himself as hard as his pokemon, and often side by side with them, learning some martial arts, as well as basics of other forms of melee combat, and some marksmanship. However, his dream would not endure. When the creatures came, he lost everything, having to flee for his life. Abandoning friends, family, followers, even all but one of his pokemon...

Pokemon: A rough metagross, more silver than the typical blue color, with golden claws and a similar crossbar on it's face.

Weapon: His hands do nicely, but he also carries something between a short staff and a javelin, with a black graphite hilt, and a white steel blade. He also isn't bad with a handgun, but it's hard to find those in this day and age. At least, He's had terrible luck finding any.

Other: Don't push him too far, he may be old, and bordering senile, but he's still more than ready to show everything he's capable of, which is still a lot, despite diminishing from his youth.

paige pelletier
March 18th, 2006, 10:38 AM
Name: Artemis La
Gender: female
Appearance: Art has long plum colored hair that goes down to her knees, she put her hair into two braids and has bangs, her hair has wine red ribbons spun into the braids. Her skin is a pale cream color that is similar to ivory, her nails and teeth are more like claws and fangs in many ways, her eyes are wine red that seem blood red when she fights. She has a nice figure even though she is kind of short for her age, she has black triangle marks under her eyes and scars on her back. She wears a black dress with flared sleeves and a slim fitting look to it, it is flared out down to her knees, her dress has some lavender accents. She wears black knee high socks and lavender colored boots with black buckles, the boots reach alittle lower than her socks. She wears a silver heart locket and hanging cresent moon earrings, she has a black ribbon that she tied around her neck, and also wears black fingerless gloves, her nails are painted lavender, and her lips are a soft wine red color.
Personality:Even though she looks young she is quite capable and is a master when it comes to fighting, her skill is great but she will often act younger than her age to make others think she is weaker then she really is. She does not speak of her past but has quite a few scars on her back and made up her last name, she will often go off on her own when she is bored.
Past: She was abandoned at a young age and lived as a thief for a few years until she met gastly. Then they both started to wander stealing supplies when they needed. She trained with a master for a while but he died and she moved on, she has been living as a drifter ever since.
Pokemon: A gastly that seems to be the only one who can control or understand Art.
Weapon: A long chain with a metal ball at the end, she also is an advanced studant of some fighting techniques.
Other:She tends to say 'La' alot for no real reason, and has been given the nickname Art. She is either an extremly complex individual or insane, she doesn't quite know herself.

March 18th, 2006, 5:35 PM
Can I join? I'm not 15 yet, but I will be in like, seven days ^^

Name: Kali

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Appearance: She has deep red, mid-back length hair and her bangs hang slightly over her emerald green eyes. She's almost never without her black headband. She wears a white, long-sleeved shirt and baggy blue pants with two chains haging down from the right side. And last, she wears her Pokemon's pokeball around her neck, although she rarely ever has it in the ball.

Personality: She's generaly calm and its easy for her to make friends, but she's quick to anger and has an extremly bad temper. If somone's in trouble, she never thinks twice before hurrying to their aid.

Pokemon: A Sneasel named Silver. Named because of several silver markings that cover her body.

Weapon: Two swords

March 18th, 2006, 7:16 PM
Ah... I write R stories for violence so I guess I could join, right?

Name: Sora
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Appearance: Consult stupid drawing attachment, except that Sora's cape covers up most of her body.
Personality: She is very hostile and gets very close to swearing in many parts. Sora steals for a living with her Umbreon, but she only lives to kill the Divinii, although she hasn't killed one yet, she believe's she will.
Past: Sora escaped from her house the day they arrived, escaping as she heard the screams of pain from her mother and father, who were begging them to spare the lives of her brother, and herself. Her parents didn't know she had escaped, and took their own lives so that she and her older brother would live. Sora doesn't know what happened to her beloved older brother, but she remembers seeing her house burnt to the ground. She then adopted an Eevee and named her Lunarene when she evolved into an Umbreon.
Pokemon: An Umbreon named Lunarene.
Weapon: Sora carries a crossbow wherever she goes, and also a long wavy sword she has named Kavena.
Other: Nothing else.

March 19th, 2006, 12:57 AM
(( Alright then ^^ I think this is plenty of people for now. You are all accepted, and I do hope that you are all capible of typing descriptive responses. ^^ Now for my intro and filling you guys in a bit ^~ BTW Shiney your char amuses me greatly.))

Can you hear me screaming?
Can you?
No...You can't.
I am too far gone.
Can you see me dying?
No...you can't.
I'm already dead.
But, Don't cry...I'll be back...
Back to protect her


The sound of heavy footfalls filled the air that had errupted into flame moments ago. A tall young man ran quickly through the ruined streets, narrowly avoiding a blast from some odd gun. He clutched a black bladed katana in his left hand, the raised design in it's hilt biting into his palm. Wild red hair fell into his eyes as he ran, the thin braid that bound the back trailing in the air behind him as he jumped a pile of debris. His breath was rough and labored from his running, lungs burning painfully against his sides. But, he ignored it. He had more important things to deal with. Several large shapes followed after the young man at a quick gait that was impressive, concidering the awkward looking things. They were nearly fifteen feet tall, large muscular legs powering them forward at a surprising speed. They were sort of like bald horses that had smushed faces, only with long tails that ended in a wicked blade and several sharp spikes down their spines. Thier skin was a thick gray shell it seemed. Atop them were mounted surprisingly human looking beings.

Human. Until you looked closer. They were a bit larger then average, and so white that they were practically transparent. Clothed in tight fitting blues and violets and armed with deadly looking weapons that could render even the strongest of creatures defensless if hit in the right place. And strangely enough, they were beautiful. No, that wasn't correct. They were beyond that. Heavenly. Godly even. The red haired human let out a grunt as he turned sharply, ducking behind a large shattered wall and continuing on in a serpintine fasion. Despite their odd size, the beasts were surprisingly agile and followed with little difficulty.

Kuso...I can't keep this up much longer... He cursed mentally. The young man had had enough and his anger had certainly reached it's breaking point.

" WAR!!" He called out loudly, his rough voice carrying. A loud roar of sorts sounded from behind as a blurr of red and black slammed into one of the odd horses. The surprised beast was knocked into a nearby building, it's rider leaping clear before it hit. The blurr of red turned out to be a large arcannine, it's wild appearance making it look ferral and untamed. Which was about right. The dog moved quickly after the young man until it was beside him. Without hesitation he leapt onto it's back and held out with his right hand to it's jet black mane.

" No more running!" The young man yelled angrily and the dog howled it's agreement. It's muscles flexed and contracted with each calculated movement and with barely any effort it leapt into the air, clawwed paws hitting the side of a building and using it as a spring board. The arcannie launched itself toward the white enemy with deadly intent, flames dancing about it's feet before they hit the ground again. War put on a burst of speed as he charged and the young man on his back readied his blade, sweat and blood rolling down his tanned skin. Lasers shot all around the duo who seemed to move as one, dodging and leaping the attacks.

The dog leapt over the first opponent purposefully and aimed instread for another that was behind. Flames exploded from it's gapping maw before it slammed down on the horse beast. The young man had loosed three or four small knives during this at the enemy they had avoided, hitting the surprised Divinii in the back, neck, and shoulder. It let out an agonising cry of pain before slumping forward on it's mount which thundered on. War clamped his large fangs on the throat of the horse creature, manuvering himself out of the range of the beast's rider. The sound of steel caught the young man's attention and he reacted quickly. He jumped from War's back and onto the struggling horse, katana meeting the blade of the white skinned man who had intended to kill his pokemon.

The two pushed against each other and locked gazes, the odd white eyes of the human meeting the bloody red of the divinii. The young man push off of the blade with his own and brought his booted foot around to deliver a kick to the startled man's face, dislodging him from the saddle and depositing him roughly on the ground. In that same instant the horse collapsed and the human leapt clear, his pokemon catching him before wheeling toward the next target. Blood stained it's thick fur and the smell of burned flesh and hair invaded the duo's senses.

The human turned to the left quickly to avoid a blast that would have taken his shoulder and threw a blade at the shooter. The white male caught it between his long fingers with a grin, earning a deadly look from the young man. He knew he was far outnumbered. He also knew that the male who had caught his knife wanted him alive. That thought caused a chill to run through his body. War unleashed another torrent of fire, one of the horse beasts rearing back and crying out in pain. The young man's katana finished the job as they rushed past. He may not have killed the rider, but at least the beast was out of the way.

" Let's get out of here War!" He yelled, and the golden eyed dog grunted in agreement. War turned sharply to the right and leapt onto a crumbling building that gave in under his weight. The arcannine only needed it for height however and launched himself and his passenger upward toward a higher building. Suddenly a blast caught the dog in mid flight, a loud yelp escaping from him. They dropped from the air and hit the ground hard. The young man rolled to his feet, eyes wide with rage as he looked at the large wound that had been inflicted on his partner.

" War!" He exclaimed, pressing a hand to his friend's muzzle. The gapping hole did not render the Arcanine dead and he struggled to his feet with a snarl. The young man turned his murderous glare upon the divinii who had dismounted and surrounded them. There were twelve of them in total, all armed to the teeth. Great.

" Surrender, Terris...Surrender now and I shall not kill you. You are far to beautiful a pet to be destroyed." Came the soft voice of a woman. His white eyes landed on her hatefully. She sat atop one of the beasts, her long radiant golden hair cascading down to her ankles in shimmering waves.

" Don't you want to be my little pet?" She asked almost warmly. He wasn't fooled by that gentle voice. It made him sick honestly.

" No, But I wouldn't mind being your end..." He spat hatefully. This earned a laugh from her.

" You are so cute when you're angry." She cooed like she were talking to a puppy. The other divinii seemed amused as well by this.

" War...run." The young man whispered, knowing that his partner would hear. The dog let out a snort of protest. " Now. Get going. Find someone to heal you. I'll catch up with you..."

The arcanine stared at his master for a long moment, knowing in the back of his mind that the young man was going to die. He did not wish for his human to die alone.

" War, this is my last request...save yourself." The red haired boy commanded. War dipped his head slightly and let out an almost inaudiable whimper before rising to his full height. The arcanine shot a wide blast of fire at the closest divinii, causing them to scatter before he charged through, dodging blasts and blades alike. Without his master he could use his full speed without worry and escape.

" Let the beast go." The woman said softly with a grin that did not reach her eyes. " Take the boy. I want him alive."

The divinii closed in on Terris, and the young man moved into action. He darted forward and ducked beneath the first blow, bringing his katana up and cleaving the divinii in half. Blood and bone filled the air followed by the painful gasp of the unfortunate man. Terris did not stop his movement and spun to block the attack of another. He slashed and ducked, moving fluidly in a deadly dance with them. To watch it was indeed a wonderous spectical, a dance that all of them seemed to know. Suddenly a shot sounded and Terris turned only to take the full impact of a blast to his chest. His eyes went wide in shock and the world seemed to stand still. He could feel his skin burning away, his blood spilling from his body that now sported a large hole near his heart. The young man was knocked from his feet and onto his back from the force of the hit, the air escaping from his lungs sharply.

" Jaelrin!! You fool!!" He heard the woman shriek. Another group of divinni were perched atop a build, one wearing all red holding the weapon that had delivered the fatal blow to Terris. He looked very similar to the blonde woman, his cold eyes glaring at the dying human.

" Tailia...Father wanted him dead...he is no pet." The male stated emotionlessly earning a deadly glare from his sister.

" His soul was MINE!" She yelled venomously.

"Come...we must return." The male commanded sharply. The other divinii mounted up again, urging their horses forward. Tailia slid from her mount and strode to where Terris lay dying, crouching next to him.

"I am sorry my sweet Terris...If you had listened then you wouldn't be this way. My beautiful pet." She murmured longingly, her clawed fingers stroking his pale cheeks gently. He meerly glared up at her, gasping for air.

" I...would rather...die." He coughed out. Tailia smiled sweetly at him.

" I know...Which is why I wanted you so. Defiant till the end." With that she rose to her feet and returned to her waiting horse. It crouched for her and she swung onto the saddle. With one last look at the red haired male she urged the beast after the others. The sounds of the battle had settled, as had the dust, leaving the young man to stare up at the darkened clouds in silence. His vision blurred and darkness rushed to take him from the pain.

" I...am not finished...I will not...rest." He gasped out as life left his eyes and they slid shut. ( He is dead no one save him or anything please)

War had slowed to an even trot, his molten blood trailing behind him. He was growing weaker by the moment and needed a place to find help as his master wished. A white hot tingling rushed through him as his master's life faded, leaving the arcanine cold and empty. He stopped his trek, turning his gaze to the now stormy sky. The dog let out a loud and sorrowful howl as the first rain drops fell. ( Yes someone save him please ^^)

March 19th, 2006, 2:48 AM
After the divinii had left an odly dressed man walked out from behind a huge tree. He walked over to the body stared at it for a few moments then picked it up and flung it over hs shoulders. "for all he's done he deserves a descent funeral." He looked towards where the divinii had rode away." Fear not you shall be avenged,"he said under his breath.Suddenly he heard a fammiliar noise, and sure enough his faithful houndoom was standing right beside him.
"Did you find him?"
"Excelent then lead the way"

They arrived to find WAR lying on the ground still alive but barely they had to do something.War was weak from battle and was barely able to move he had lost not only his stength but his will to fight.
"Hurry up we need to get you some help"
Still he lay there
What are you doing they'll come looking for you soon...YOU NEED TO GET HELP"
With those words WAR remembered his masters final commandand rose to his feet,but as soon as it rose fell again, it didn't have enough strength to make it out of here, quickly houndoom went to support him and they hurried of into the night searching for help,and avoiding the divinii.(someone stepping in to help would be appriciated)

March 19th, 2006, 2:52 AM
A tall boy stood in the centre of a field, a large black Charizard circled and commanded the air above. The boy was slim, but you could see the muscles in his arms, the definition was bold and stuck out. His blonde hair was strewn about, and his fringe reached down to his eyes. His eyes where defected, one being Aqua blue, the other being Emerald green, and a shadowed scar lay under his left eye. His name is Scar.

A strange wind swept the air around Scar, who was standing tall and proud. The land was unnatuarly quiet, he didn't like it.
"Blackfire" the young boy roared, as a Large black dragon like creture landed beside him, it's powerful wings manipulating the air below it to allow a landing.
"Blackfire did you see anything out of the ordinary?" the boy asked with sad, untainted voice. The large black Charizard nudges the boys sholder and pointed to the west with it's snout.
"In the old town? what was it?" he asked as pleasently as possible. The Charizard just shurgged it's powerful shoulders almost knocking the boy over as it pushed up with it's slim arms.
"Whoa Blackfire, ok shall we go check it out then?" he asked Blackfire nodded, turning around to allow the boy to mount him for flight.

Blackfire's large powerful wings, again manipulating the air for flight, his fluid movements carrying him and his friend through the strange death carrying wind. "Blackfire you don't think the Divinii do you?"
Again the Charizard just shrugged, but this time in a worried way as a blurr of nervousness flared across its face.

The boy scanned the desplate landscape below, something didn't seem right but nothing ever did these days. He noticed something not a long ways away from the town. "Blackfire Land" the boy commanded in a ghostly tone. Blackfire landed with a thud, near an Arcanine which was supported by a large red houndoom.The Arcainine was hurt but not just the hole in it's beautiful coat, but it gave the impression that it was cruel and cold.

Blackfire made the first move by moving closer towards the beauitiful dog pokemon supporting it with the houndoom, it was strange due to it's maine being of abnormal colour it seemed unnaturally strong with it's powerful muscles holding it in place. Behind it a storm was brewing, and it felt as though it carried death itself.
"I don't know your name, but you're are a great looking Arcanine, do you need help?" The boy asked sorrowfully...

March 19th, 2006, 2:55 AM
Sora grinned as she clutched her crossbow, her green eyes fixed upon a shimmering white object. A divinii.
"My first..." She whispered, pulling back the strong string of the crossbow with the deadly arrow infixed on it. "Death be," the girl murmured and then yelled her death cry, "BEYOND!" Sora screamed and let go of the string, sending the arrow flying in to the air. She abruptly let out a frustrated yell as the arrow landed beside the creature harmlessly. Angrily, the caped girl screeched, "Darn you, you idiot race! You belong in hell and that's where you're going, sooner or later!"
At that, Sora leaped out of sight behind a large boulder as the divinii turned around. The girl felt a desperate temptation to simply leap out and scream, stabbing that cursed divinii to death...
Lunarene approached her master, faithfully dropping a stolen bag of gold beside her master. Sora chuckled slightly, taking the heavy bag and ruffling Lanrene's fur.
"So that's where you have been all this time, Lunar. Such a good girl," she complimented, causing the Umbreon's eyes to gleam with satisfaction. "Now, Lunarene. Quiet down. Do you realize that the scum of a race is right behind this rock? Come on, show me where you sneaked in on me 'cause I don't want to stay here forever and get caught by those moving piles of excrement."
Lunarene tilted her head, a sign known to Sora as saying, "Follow me." The girl crawling silently after her friend and pokemon as the Umbreon led her down a rather small tunnel.
Sora felt concrete brush against her body as she struggled to move through the extremely cramped tunnel. "Ahh... This is a lot easier for you, Lunarene..." She muttered, trying not to reveal the fact that she was dreading every second in the tunnel. Sora's clausthrophobia was one of the few things that had endured the torture she had felt as a younger child. As the light from outside slowly faded until everything was pitch black, Sora felt more and more unnerved. "Um.. Lunarene... how long is this tunnel?" she asked, her panic showing more now.
She let out a silent sigh of relief when she saw a small light ahead. Sora moved more energetically now and quickly brushed out of that torture chamber. She staggered to her feet, wiping off the dirt from her cape and belt. She smiled at Lunarene, who was just standing in front of her. However, the Umbreon wasn't looking at her. Lunarene was gazing blankly at the puddle of blood located straight ahead.
Sora's green eyes narrowed with hate as she looked at the corpse of a tanned young man. "This is just an example of what those horrible things do, Lunarene," she murmured. She sighed painfully, pulling Kavena from its sheath and wedging the sword into the ground. With it, she made a large, crude marking in the dirt, shaping the very symbol that bore her skirt, necklace, and wristguard bore. Her death symbol.
At that, Sora turned away to her Umbreon and murmured, "Come on."
As Lunarene looked at her master with a confused glance, as if asking, "Where?" Sora lifted up her right arm and vaguely pointed to the misty plains ahead as the first drops of a drizzle darkened her cape.
Sora sheathed her sword and began walking, yet not aimlessly as her pokemon thought. The girl's long brown hair flew behind her and her damp cape got slightly heavier as the rain began wetting it a bit. The side of her cape that faced her back was strong and waterproof though. Sadly it gave her some bad itches and was heavy. However, Sora felt strange when she didn't wear her cape and had gotten way to used to it.
A red object in the distance began getting bigger, and Lunarene now knew that her master was not wandering aimlessly at all. Sora's pace quickened rapidly and within a minute she was racing towards an unmoving figure she now knew was an Arcanine. She crouched down and examined the pokemon, muttering under her breath. "Poor thing, a fire type pokemon won't be able to survive in this rain..." An idea popped up in Sora's mind rapidly. She quickly unlaced the belt that attached her cape to her body, pulling off her long cape. Sora stood up and pulled the cape over the Arcanine, hoping the cape could cover that massive body. Fortunately, it did. "Good. Now, if I can think up and idea of how to move this guy..."
For the first time, Sora noticed two other people being right next to her and the Arcanine. She leaped back quickly, flinching and pulling out her sword. "I demand your identities!" she yelled.

March 19th, 2006, 3:05 AM
"Well I dunno this guys name he just sorta showed up, but my name's Robert, now put down the blade before you hurt yourself"
"Oh and this is Houndoom"
"HOUND"shouted the the red houndoom with a serious look about it

March 19th, 2006, 3:07 AM
(Argg sorry for not posting but I'm confused, what's happening? all I knwo is that War is badly injured and Terris is dead, and that I done my intro comment intent to help War :S)

March 19th, 2006, 3:10 AM
I got confused ages ago best thing to do is improvise the storline like saynig WAR wandered of you found him and i caught up

March 19th, 2006, 3:34 AM
(Thanks Amaya ^.^)

Scar heard someone yell "I demand your Identities" he turned to see a girl coming towards the arcainine.
She wore a cape that cover most of her, and she held down an agitated demenior.
"Well I'm Scar, and my fine Charizard here is Blackfire, that's an Arcainine and I don't know about the Houndoom, whow are you?" Scar yells back, his voice full of resent. He could smell the stench of them in the air.

Blackfire, nudged the wounded Arcainine. "OK we need to get it help before that wound get's infected or bleeds to death" Scars says sadly, he disliked seeing the large red dog pokemon in pain.

Does it have an owner? if it does where is he or she? asked mentally but he knew that he didn't knwo the answer. Right now Blackfire was trying to get the Arcainine on it's paws. "Blackfire don't do that you might hurt it more. We need to get someone to come here, someone who knows about healing any ideas?" Scar asked doing his best not to show he was upset with the Arcainine's pain

March 19th, 2006, 4:44 AM
Robert walks in with a body over his shoulder"Its owner is dead killed by the divinii"
"And I for one think he needs a descent burrial so his arcanine can say goodbye."
But first lets get him healed, I think i might have a potion somwhere."
"Ah here it is"
*sprays arcanine and nothing happens*

March 19th, 2006, 6:45 AM
(( O_O;; umm....yeah. -pokes Houndoom boy with a stick- Do not think to control my characters little boy. If the person who owns said character is not here then you will just have to await their reply. War is MY character, whom at the moment would have attempted to eat you for even looking at him. I STRONGLY disapprove of god modding. Also, if you are going to rp like this: *sprays war with potion and nothing happens* Then you are on the wrong board my friend. --> ** = BAD

Now then, as for your confusion I am going to assume that the three of you and your pokemon have found War and are indeed attempting to help him. That I can accept. However, next time await my response as War before assuming things. Thankyou.))

The now delirious arcanine was wondering exactly why there were three blurr looking humans near him. He was also wondering why in the world one of them had his fallen master. A low rumbling filled his throat and he backed away from the other pokemon, his lips curling back to reveil his blood stained fangs. True he may be injured and on the verge of passing out, but he sure as hell wasn't going to let some humans and their pets touch his master. His goldenrod eyes locked on his master's lifeless body as pain lanced through him from moving away from the help of the other pokemon. That rumbling had turned into a full out snarl in an instant and he moved toward the human purposfully. Despite the fact that he was weakened, he could not allow his master to be defiled. A sharp bark escaped him in almost a command that clearly stated " Put him down or die!". War's sides heaved at he tried to suck in much needed air and the area was beginning to swim before his blurring vision. The arcanine also knew that staying here in this collection of life was a BAD idea. Especially since they were in no means safe.

When the boy had attempted to use a potion on him he sidestepped quickly and his hackles rose on end.

March 19th, 2006, 7:57 AM
"Get back from it, I thought it was strong." Scar said startled by the Arcainine's suddend burst of energy.
Blackfire moved to defend it's master, it wasn't about to let some pokemon attack him or his master.
"No Blackfire, calm down hey you, the houdoom trainer what did you do? It's looking at you" he says frightened, he didn't knwo what this pokemon could do, but if it was this powerful when it was on the virge of passing out then it could cause some serious damage when it wasn't.

"Hey erm Arcainine calm down.....please" Scar said the last word forcefully, he wasn't used to asking for things.
It was strange for him to try and negotiate with a pokemon, he dind't know if it would listen or not.
He could only hope...

March 19th, 2006, 8:54 AM
The dog glanced momentarily at the human that had addressed him and snorted softly. It was not his power that kept him this way. It was his fallen master that caused him to become energized. War wanted his partner and he wanted him NOW. These stupid creatures obviously couldn't understand that. And his short patiance was running thin. A dark snarl escaped him and he surpressed the urge to unleash a burst of flame at the one who held his master's dead body. There were very few things in the world that he cared for, and one of them was currently dead. All the great beast wanted was to protect his master's body, to keep him safe. War could not seem to believe that the man was gone. His livelong partner and friend was no longer with him and it was something that terrified him to the bone. What was he to do without the red haired man.

War ignored the odd sensation that stung his eyes, his rage and sorrow overriding the pain of his wound. Terris. Dead. No. Can't be. Not him! Please! In utter dispair he fought to remain on his feet. He needed his master. Needed the comfort that the human brought him. War was unaware of the tears that had gathered in his eyes and that were now falling freely. The arcanine's snarl slowly turned into a whine. Pleadingly his gaze flicked from each of the humans to the body of Terris.

Please...master...give him to me! He whimpered in a language that pokemon could understand.

March 19th, 2006, 9:04 AM
Blackfire flickered, he picked Scar off his back and put him on the ground, and said something only audible to his master.
"Hey you houndoom Trainer put the dead guy infront of the Arcainine please?" Scar began to plead. Twice in one day, this was no normal day.
That strange wind picked up again,
why was the weather doing that? Is something wrong with today? he thought, Blackfire snorted as if to agree. Sometimes Scar would swear that pokemon had a mental link with thir master, it frightened him to think that.

"Blackfire keep the Arcainine up, I wish I knew it's name, it annoys me to keep callign ti by it's beast name." Scar said passionately angry, it relly annoyed him to call pokemon by their best names he much rather liked names of pokemon.
Blackfire roared, which was uncommon for him, he was usually quiet, just like Scar's Grandfather.
Scars left hand grasped the hitl of his sword at the thought of his grandfather, hiding the jewel uncrusted in it's beautiful onyx hilt, it was a strange sword but you had to see it to know what Scar meant when he said the blade was beautiful.

March 19th, 2006, 9:15 AM
Those cries, the noise...

That single thought was the only thing to arouse her, to bring her back to the brinks of awakening. Upon opening pale magenta eyes, Aila shifted, wincing as her sore muscles gave a twinge in protest. How long had she been there, curled in a tight ball like a cat by a garbage can, tucked away in an out of the way alley?

Warmth...if only such a thing could be felt. Warmth had all but fled the human race since the Divinii had arrived. Hearts turned cold and uncompassionate, joyful bright eyes turning to hard dull stone. Families torn, crimson the new popular color that tainted things that were once vibrant in color. Love, tender care...could such a thing still exsist in this hard and cold world?

Yes, there is still such a thing. The divinii can squash out hopes, our dreams, our whole sake of being alive...but they can not shatter what care we have toward our loved ones...such as Pokemon, and friends.

The voices and movements seemed to grow louder, echoing as they pleased across the almost dead landscape. Willing her trembling arms to help push her up, Aila shifted into a sitting position, her silky pale blond hair coming to tumble and settle over her shoulders.

That cry...what had it been? It had been tainted with sorrow, grief...almost anger. As her senses sharpened from her 'sleeping' state, the voices became more distinguished. Her eyes began to brighten, back to their normal state. A soft sigh came from a golden and white form beside her, the Jolteon sitting upon her haunches. In her eyes echoed what was being felt...

Without spoken consent, the duo got to feet and paws, slowly walking from their darkened cover. To warm her pale clamy hands, Aila brushed the dust and rubble from her patched baggy pants and torn green sweater.

One step after another brought them a few yards from the small gathered crowd, where Aila was able to put the puzzle pieces in place. A strong trainer deprieved of life, his friend left to wallow in its state of sorrow.

Aila and Jolteon stayed a fair distance back behind Arcanine and the group, but Aila's heart went out to the Pokemon.

"Dear Arcanine...let them help you...your trainer, your friend, would not want you to let yourself wallow in spent misery, or bleed till all life has left your form." her plee was almost a whisper, but could be heard by the canine if he truly wanted to, what with his keen hearing and all.

Aila and Jolteon stood there in silence, respectfully not crowding the poor deprieved canine...

March 19th, 2006, 11:54 AM
(my appologies for earlier,i'm sorta new at this <O._.O> )
Lays WAR's fallen master on the ground
Stares at the arcanine then looks at the people gathering arround.
" I bid you all adieu" and with that he and his red houndoom walked of
"But i shall return" he whispered under his breath, as he walked of into the night

March 19th, 2006, 12:20 PM
( Meh, so'k. If you would like I can help you get used to it through PM ^^)

War glanced back at the soft voice that he had heard and could not help his tail from wagging slightly. She seemed oddly familiar, this girl. But the feeling passed quickly and he focused his attention of his master's body. Painfully the dog moved to the fallen man's side and with a gentlness that the wild beast did not look to possess, he lifted the limp body in his jaws. The beast regarded the man who was striding off silently for a moment before averting his attention to the other humans. For some reason he could not leave them here. Especially when his senses were beginning to feel traces of divinii.

He gave an insistant yip that was muffled slightly by the man in his jaws before turning and moving toward a collapsed building.

Tell your humans to come, if you wish to survive. Was the warning he gave the pokemon nearby before disappearing into the darkness of the rubble. The arcanine's steps were forced and he could feel his energy draining as he moved further into the fallen building. Finally he found what he was looking for. A wide open cavern of sorts, stained glass windows standing in cracked panes which held no veiw to the outside. This was good. The place appeared to be a church, or at least it had been anyway. It had been one of the many refuges that he and his master had stayed in. With care he stopped before a mound of blankets and gently laid the deceased man on them. With a soft whine he curled uo beside his poor human, breathing strained and labored.

March 19th, 2006, 12:29 PM
Name: Lara
Gender: female
Age: 19
Appearance: Lara is slender, has incredibly pale skin and small, brown, almond shaped eyes. Her hair is distinctly, falls to her waist and is full of ringlets, which bounce cheerfully when she walks. She wears an incredibly old pair of jeans which are so tight they're almost like a second skin. They've been torn off just above her calf. She wears a worn pair of red fabric mary-janes on her feet, and a matching red jacket with a grungy white tank top underneath. She wears small square glasses, and these, combined with her large intelligent forehead, give her a distinctly scholar-esque look.
Personality: Lara is a very laid-back girl, but she's always eager to help. If it hadn't been for THEM, Lara would probably have been studying for a degree, locked away in her room. Lara likes nothing better than a good book, but her rather haphazard lifestyle means she never can settle down for long enough to read one. She's very intelligent, but rarely shows it.
Pokemon: A beedrill called Quil. Despite his agressive appearence, Quil is docile and very meek. He is a satisfactory battler, but he prefers to avoid conflict. His attacks are mainly speed or defense-based. Lara uses Quil for all sorts of research.
Weapon: A long hardwood staff with a heavily knotted end.
Other: Lara's ambition to find out where THEY came from - and how to get rid of them. She wanders the country with Quil... searching.

March 19th, 2006, 12:37 PM
Blackfire instinctively, nudged Scars shoulder trying to calm the boy. Scar hated the Divinii, so did all the humans he knew, and the pokemon, and all with a passion, the Divinii left Scar without a family, and had begun to hunt him down, and he swaore on his fmaily's graves one day he would return the favour, he would strike down as many as the horribly pale beast as he could.
"For you Grandfather," He whispered his voice carrying the feelings of tears, but he never shed a tear were it was unnecessary, he then continued to say " Let us go Blackfire, that Arcainine will need assistance, and well it could use all the help it could get".

The Black Charizard looked down sorrowfully at his master, but also as if to say "I was just about to say that" but it didn't even if Scar could seem to understand Blackfire.
Blackfire did as normal turned to allow Scar into his back, but Scar shook his head and walked forward, Blackfire followed confused.
"Don't worry Blackfire I can walk" he said, in a rare sarcastic tone, he barely ever used that tone, because he was never usually happy, but being around his best friend cheered him up form time to time, and seeing the Arcainines loyalty to his master showed him something he never saw in pokemon before.
Their undying loyalty to their master even in death, it warmed Scar even though he should be saddened that a pokemon has lost it's master.

March 19th, 2006, 12:55 PM
Jolteon tilted her head slightly to the Arcanine, watching as the injured figure made his way to safety. Delicatley, Jolteon turned her head to gently grip an end of Alia's tattered sweater, tugging in the direction of where the canine and limp figure departed. From her mouth came a slight grunt, then a soft call to get Alia's attention.

Alia looked down, then began to walk, one graceful step after another, without questoning her Jolteon. Something felt...different, about the man who hung lifelessly from the gentle grip of Arcanine's teeth. But, what could it be?

Into the ruins of past they trekked, the remains of a once glorious church. Fragments of stained glass gave a dull glitter here and there, sparking what light they recieved. The man was gently dropped upon a mound of blankets, the injured canine curling beside his beloved friend.

As if in a trance, Alia moved closer. Could it be?


Yes, it was them. Springing to life was a memory that had never left her, that had always remained in the depths of her mind. When she was just at the young age of eleven, she had been attacked by two unmerciful divinii. All hope of life had fled her...but, shining like a bright beacon to her eyes, almost as if an angel were answering her spiritual prayers, came Terris. Even though he was now in more danger than she, Terris protected her, and slayed the two men that had been tormenting her...

Slowly Alia came closer, feeling hot tears that threatened the fall. But she would not let them...not now, not when there just might be hope...

March 19th, 2006, 1:05 PM
Scar and Blackfire arrived at the templ just after a girl, with a Jolteon, he didn't pay much attnetion to them, and he didn't enter after them, Blackfire did, but Scar squated by the front door of the Church.
The Divinii had taken another life, and tried to kill the dead guys pokemon. These creatures were truly disturbed, now more than ever Scars thirst to feel their cole pale flesh under his blade was at his greatest, but he wasn't foolish enough to go running blindly into a Battle he knew he could not win.

Blackfire meanwhile had found some rubble to stand upon and think, unlike most pokemon Blackfire thought about things into depth, unless it risked his master. He would do anythign to protect the boy from any physical pain, but the unfrotunate thing was that he couldn't stop the mentality of the Divinii getting to the boy while he was younger, but at least he saved him from a fate worse than death. No one wanted to be a slave to the Divinii.

Scar felt the surge of anger leave him, but he still dare not enter the Church, it would be wrong of him to befowl the Arcainine's last moment with it's master, dead or not. He did not even know the man, he shouldn't be here, but the Arcainine had invited them, but Scarn could not forget his manners.

March 19th, 2006, 4:01 PM
Name: Roran 'StrongHammer"
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: Stands at a decent 5'9" and weighs 153 lbs. He has stubble all around his chin, and has somewhat of an unpleaseant disposition. He wears a worn villagers outfit, normally worn by commoners, and had a battle-scarred leather belt around his waist. His hair and beard are both black, yet extremely shiny.
Personality: Roran has no feelings left is his body. After the hardships he has endured, he realized that emotions hold him back. He feels no pain, fears no enemy. The truth is, though, that his strongest emotion fuels his will to continue on.
Past: Roran lived in a small village in a large section of a mountain range known as "The Spine". He lived a normal life, and had planned to wed the Butcher's daughter, and was working as a blaksmith to support her, until the Divinii came. They took her, thrusting him underground, away from his love, Katrina. He lost his emotions, his very life. He rarely speaks, and when he does, It's never pleasant.
Pokemon: Sneasel
Weapon: Battle-Worn Hammer on belt, Katana attached to back.
Other: Has only one living relative, who disappeared during the time when they were thrust away from the world. Many men had fallen under his hammer, hence his name.
(I will probably make a Sprite of Roran soon)

March 19th, 2006, 8:32 PM
Sora blinked at her own stupidity, remaining silent and still while everyone left. "Lunarene, come. I want to meet more of these people," she motioned her palm towards the former church and bounded towards it, expecting her pokemon to follow.
When she arrived in the former church, she gazed at the body of the lifeless trainer. Sora's eyes narrowed, and she felt a feeling of extreme hate surge through her once again. It came whenever she saw the doing of the Divinii.
"Um-" she stammered, feeling her steel and hostile heart melt at the care she saw in the Arcanine for his obvious love for the master. "My name is Sora. I am sorry for the hostility a little while ago, and... I- er- I wish I could do something to help, in any way..."
Sora felt her face turn slightly red at the very thought that she was totally not showing her hostile side, the side she was meant to show everyone. She suddenly inhaled and then ran out of the church, not even bothering to call Lunarene, who followed her after a second of confusion.

OOC: I don't see where the story is going, guys. I mean, there are the bad guys and the good guys, but how can the good guys stop the bad guys and when will the whole action really start?

March 19th, 2006, 9:34 PM
War looked up silently at the girl who he had seen once before and a soft whine escaped him. He allowed her near for that reason alone. Had she been a stranger, he would had attacked. At his and his master's name the great beast whined again before laying his head on his master's now cold chest. Tears fell from his closed eyes and onto the dead man, and the dog shuddered violently. He felt so cold, so empty. All that he wanted now was for his master to open his eyes.
above the city floated a massive tower that vanished into the heavens, a tower of brilliant glowing blue. The divinii compound. The steady cadence of footstep filled the upper floor, Tailia and her older brother striding silently to a set of large doors. They swung open as the duo approached reveiling a large room, a regal looking divinii sitting behind a black desk. Books lined the walls, tapistries of reds and violets hanging from above. The silver haired man looked up from the stack of papers he was sifting through his fierce white eyes taking in the two.

" Has the human been disposed of?" He asked in his rich baritone as he smoothed his well groomed beard.

" Yes father." The younged ma;e divinii replied, Tailia's emotionless gaze moving to the floor.

" Good. My son, you are dismissed." The apparrent leader of the divinii stated. The young man bowed deeply before exiting the room. He gave his sister a dark glance on the way however. When the doors slid back into place, the older divinii rose to his feet. He was even more impressive now that he was at his full height, standing nearly seven feet, long shining hair bound neatly in a loose tie and regal navy and violet robes covering his broad shoulders and muscular frame.

" Tailia...I know you wanted to keep the boy. But, he was not a good pet...The human was a danger to you and myself in this building and you know that." The man stated. The woman nodded mutely, her fists clenched at her sides.

" We shall find you a well trained pet, one that won't slit out throats as we sleep." He murmured as he hugged his daughter to him. She said nothing for a long moment before she stepped out of the man's arms.

" I do not want a broken pet..." With that she left him.
It was amazing how interesting a stream of clear water could be. Pure, untaited, beautiful. It trickled by gentle, little eddys forming where it went around pristeene blue and red rocks that jutted just out of the surface. A gentle glow seemed to come from that stream, soothing and warm. A soft breeze played at violent red hair before a large hand raised to move it from a well tanned face. White eyes watched the water silently, and as he sat there on the bank of that stream, Terris questioned why he was here. And better yet, where was here? The soft grass that blanketed the entire area was a phenomina that he has never seen before. The sky was a gentle hue of a sun set, reds, golds, blues, and violets cascading down toward the horision where the sun remained in place. He turned his curious gaze to his own body, noting that he was wearing a clean tightfitting white muscle shirt, a pair of white hakama, and his sword was resting at his side. His chest was no longer wounded, no scars on his body at all in fact.

"Terris! What took you so long?" Came a gruff voice. Slowly the young man turned to face a man who looked about his age, his short black hair spiking out here and there around his sharp face. A wide grin split his well formed mouth at the look of baffled confusion that was now sported on Terris' face.

" J-Jake?" He asked in shock as he rose to his feet.

" In the flesh!" The man beamed.

" Wha? Huh? How? Hey, weren't you old the last time I saw you?" The red head asked in confusion. This earned a hearty laugh from the man.

" Of course! This is the bridge to heaven, so the moment you set foot here, your return to your prime, and all of your body is healed. I've been waitin for you for years runt!" The man explained. A large dragonair flew down to the man's side and let out a loud cry of glee before practically tackling Terris.

" GAH! Jet!" He yelped, before a soft laugh escaped him. " It's been a while hasn't it girl?"

" Yeah, she missed you alot. We both did." Jake beamed.

" I...I am dead." Terris murmured in more of a statement then question.

" Yes. It was a good death." Jake added. The brown eyes man cast the other a rueful glance. " Well come on Jet...the two of us have a bridge to cross."

Terris turned his startled gaze to the other as the dragon moved to her master's side.

" What do you mean the two of you?" He asked in confusion.

" You're not ready yet...There is still someone down there who needs you. Actually quite a few someones. " The dark haired male said warmly, clapping the other on the back. " I'll see you on the other side Ter!"

The dragonair let out a squeal of farewell and she and her owner moved to a welcoming wooden bridge that spanned the river before dropping off into the sky it seemed. Terris felt a cold stab of fear wash through him and he watched the duo stride across and vanish on the other side. He turned his gaze back to the stream and noticed that the clear water didn't look so clear anymore, but rather, showed his lifeless body in it's depths. With a deep sigh he stepped forward, eyes hardening before he jumped...

War's eyes went wide suddenly and he jerked his head back to look down at his master's body. It seemed to glow a silvery hue, raising slowly from the ground and floating limply in the air. The glow intensified in a bright flash and for a moment, Terris' body looked to have sprouted two angelic wings. Then War got his wish. Terris opened his eyes. The young man's gaze fell onto the young girl near him and a uncharacteristic smile graced his face.

" Hello Ai. Been a while." He murmured before touching down on solid ground and the glow faded. The wings had shattered as well, leaving behind a very alive young man. His eyes then moved to his beloved partner and his smile widened.

" War!" He beamed, the beast licking his face. War let out a bark of excitement despite his wound. Terris tore the bottom half of his shirt off and gave the dog a reproachful look.

" What did I tell you about over doing it?" The young man asked, earning a snort from the other. The arcanine watched as the other fished around for something beneath the blankets. He pulled out a small box containing needle, thread, a bottle of water, and a container holding some odd orange goop. As gently as possible, he used his shirt and water to clean the dog's wound. He then began the painstaking task of sewing the wound closed. War did not make a sound. The arcanine was far too overjoyed to care about the pain. Once the wound was stitched to his likeing, Terris rubbed a generous amount of the orange stuff over it. It smelled strongly of mint for some odd reason. With practiced ease, he pulled out a large roll of bandages from the bottom of the box, wrapping it tightly around the dog's middle and tieing it tight.

" There. Now don't go ripping your stitches out." The young man stated in his typical voice that sounded like a mixture of boredom and mild annoyance. Yet another snort sounded from the dog, which earned a grin from Terris. The shirt that the young man wore, if you could call it that, now stopped just below his ribs, a rather large circle in the center that showed his perfectly healed skin below. Great. Now he would need to find a new shirt. And this was his favorite one.

March 20th, 2006, 5:39 AM
Scar notices a glow out of the corner of his eye.
"huh wha-" he cut off when he saw the dead man's body in the air, glowing. His chest began to fall and rise, and wings seem to grow from his back.
"What is happening?" Scar mumbled quietly, but instead of staring at the young man who was now alive, he took up staring at the sky out of the door. He knew it better not to draw attention to himself.

Blackfire was staring at the man, through the bringing back to life, and the way he healed the Arcainine called War's injury. The man had Blackfire's recognition as a good trainer. Blackfire looked over at Scar who was staring to the sky and he felt the sudden rush of sadness that Scar was.

Scar was happy War had his master back, but he was sad he couldn't have the ones he loved back. But that was life for Scar.

March 20th, 2006, 6:01 AM
A warm smile graced Aila's lips, watching with amazement as Terris returned.Those wings...so Terris was an angel in more ways than one after all. Aila did not yet speak, gaze politley turned as Terris did his best to heal War. Aila's head turned, to see who else had bothered to heed the Arcanines warning.

A man and his Pokemon near the door, and also the girl who had stated herself to War, then to just run out. That was it, so far.

During this time, Jolteon had pawed silently out the door, heedful of the floating danger above, keeping herself strictly to the darkest of the shadows. Aila smiled as Jolted came back in, a dark blue T-shirt slung carefuly around her neck. She paused before approaching Terris, as if waiting for War's permission. With a careful motion, she brought her neck around to clamp her teeth on the sleeve of the shirt, and drag it off her. There she set it on Terris's feet, taking a few steps back before sitting down upon her haunches.

Aila, at last, turned her gaze to Terris. He was still there, so there was not a possibility of this not being real.

"Yes, it has been a long time. Welcome back, Terris." for some reason, she became aware of her own state. A smudge of dirt across her left cheeck, her patched baggy pants, and her tattered sweatshirt. The only thing that seemed to be fine was her long, pale blonde hair and bright magenta eyes.

Aila looked up, though it was impossible to see through the cieling. But she could imagine it, could picture what graced the clouds with its presence. The Divinii Compound...

March 20th, 2006, 8:12 AM
in a nearby forest
" well well fate is more unpredictable than we thought ey houndoom"
"heh, looks like our friend here still has some part to play, for good or for evil"

March 20th, 2006, 8:32 AM
"Quil, slow down!"
{They came this way, Lar! Or...way it that way..?}
{Okay, okay, it's this way!}

The bruised strets were now almost deserted; there was no sign of the conflict that had happened earlier. A few wild rattatas scurried from the rubbish, but apart from them the girl and her beedrill were completely alone.

They made a peculiar pair; she watched her bug-type anxiously as he darted ahead, his wings beating so fast they were a flashing blur. He was a strange looking creature, with a strangely soft face for a beedrill and warm scarlet eyes. His wings looked far too big for his body, as he rose and fell in the cold morning air.
His trainer was a slender, wiry looking girl, dressed in the standard hand-me-down clothes. She peered canxiously downt he alley, as if expecting - a divinii? She didn't know.
"Quil, what did you see again?" she asked.
{Big arcanine. RAWR. Went through...this way...} The beedrill replied in his peculiar buzzing language. The girl seemed to understand; she nodded.
The beedrill beat his wings again and zipped off, rocketing through the streets with incredible speed. The girl broke into a run, and followed.

{ooc| I'll catch up to you gys in my next post =o}

March 20th, 2006, 9:43 AM
(still in a nearby forest)
After hearing a beedrills wings, he looked around to see where it was coming from, then he spotted it, and noticed a girl running behind the beedrill, they apparently heading to where the others were.
"hehe another piece in the game"

March 20th, 2006, 3:53 PM
(( Um....they are in the center of a city....there are no forests left on earth. Also, your posts are rather...short. I'll reply in a bit kids, have to go to class)

March 21st, 2006, 6:06 AM
Sora bounded through the ruined streets, and took a sharp turn into an alley, not even wanting to know whether Lunarene was following her. She felt hot with anger at herself, feeling so sensitive and weak and... Gracious, I'm hating and laughing at myself. If I do something so weak again I'll break down! Sora thought, collapsing against the wall and clenching her teeth.
She groaned and gazed at a totally ruined truck that stood in front of her. A corpse's arm hung out, clotted and blacken blood running down against the door, which had been hit from the inside, as if the driver was struggling to get outside... Sora felt heat boil inside her blood, and stepped in front of the ruined and dented car. She then let out a long, loud, and frustrated yell, sending a wall of extreme strength in a furious kick with her right leg. The truck actually moved back a bit, giving Sora a small wave of satisfaction. But that still wasn't enough. She leaped up and landed the hardest blow she believed she had made in her life. The truck moved again, and to Sora's surprise, the side facing her lifted, and fell on its weight again. Momentum sent its shadow looming over her, getting bigger and bigger until...
Sora let out another yell, but this time in pain as she crashed on the ground with her arms getting crushed by the weight of the truck. She struggled to keep it off her body, but Sora's arms could not hold away a truck. Lunarene, who had been watching helplessly, finally tried using psychic to knock the truck off. It lifted the truck for a short while, but even Lunarene's mental strength could not move a ruined truck.
Sora clenched her teeth as the truck put its weight on her again. A sickening crack echoed through her ears as she felt one rib crack and submit to the weight, one by one...
"Lunar..." She whispered in pain, and her pokemon listened obediently. "Go get help. Somehow. I've been so stupid..."
Lunarene nodded, and ran off. When the Umbreon disappeared, Sora tried pulling herself out from under the intense weight. It was no use; the truck was so heavy it crush her torso and lower body against the floor. Her vision was growing blurry too. Sora's breath grew heavy and ragged as her stomach tried moving up and down as she inhaled and exhaled. She found that without moving her chest or stomach up or down, she couldn't breath well at all. Sora groaned and waited for help as she got closer or closer to becoming unconscious...

(OOC: Yes, I felt so ignored I just had to make a post that cries out for attention. Look, there seems to be no way that the main characters here can stop the bad characters, and also I feel that there is barely any social connection between the RPers and if the keep up at the status of being barely even friends, I might just quit and kill my character. For real. Sorry for the bluntness, but I really can get short tempered sometimes..

Oh yes, and Lunarene is headed to the former church.)

March 21st, 2006, 1:21 PM
The beedrill's buzzing became almost feverish; he had heard a crash from nearby. Something heavy. Falling.

Lara had heard it too, but only just; her senses weren't as honed as her pokemon's. She glanced up just in time, to see her beedrill zig-zagging through the air at a lightning speed. He had also been desperately frightened of being crushed by... well, anything. The sound of a truck falling, far-off as it was, sent him into a crazed frenzy.
"Quil! Stop!" she yelled, and grabbed him by his stinger as he zipped past. He writhed in her grasp, that raw beedrill agression surfacing for a split second. Then, like that, he was back to his old self. His eyes were apologetic, those swarming urges forgotton. "Which way?" she asked him, running a hand through her hair. After all, there might be something there worth investigating. Even if there wasn't, it would calm Quil down.

The beedrill set off again, hovering a few feet ahead of his trainer while she stumbled to keep up. It was hard, negotiating this half-destroyed streets.
Finally, Quil emerged on the other side of the truck. His eyes fixed on Sora, before flicking back to his trainer.
{Take a looksie, Lara.} he whispered.

The girl trotted over, catiously at first. The second her eyes fell on Sora, however, she abandonned all wariness.
"Oh God!" she whispered, and edged forward, "Are you all right? What am I saying.... Of course you're not!"

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 21st, 2006, 2:45 PM
Name: Conan
Gender: male
Appearance: one of the kids on my avitar except imagine them about 7 years of age older
Personality: timid yet has much sorrow in his life, he can be a dark person but isnt the one to talk. he has a keen eye for detail
Past: according to him he doesnt have a past, he has anmesia but gets glimpses of the past or what he really thinks is the future seeing a older side of himself.
Pokemon: mudkip
Weapon: katana
Other: skilled in martial arts

March 21st, 2006, 11:18 PM
(( Of course there is no insight as to how they are supposed to combat the Divinii and of course there is nothing connecting the characters. This is not that kind of rp. If you have read my intro properly you would see that. The way that these people are connected is that they are some of the few left on earth. There is nothing left in this world for them other then keeping each other alive. The divinii have not reveiled their purpose yet, so there is nothing to fight. Obviously this rp is not a good idea. Before it goes any further and becomes ruined I am ending it. I am sorry for the inconvieniance but, I hate to have good stories go down the drain because of lack of attention and sloppyness. ))

March 22nd, 2006, 8:17 AM
Walking through the city centre robert noticed the same girl that owned the beedrill from earlier. He went over to see what was. As he approched he saw that there was someone with her, as he got closer he realised that it was one of the people he had left Terris's body with, she looked hurt. He couldn't figure out what could have caused it but then he noticed the truck and the dents that had been left in it. After that it was obvious what had occured but he knew it wasn't is fault so why did he had to do something. This was strange for him he never wanted to help anyone before. In the end he Just desided to help and be rid of the blasted feeling.

" HEY, if you want to help her take her to the old chapel, they'll be people there who can help."

Don't ask questions "

And with that he turned arround and walked away still trying tto figure out why he helped.

" all I did was a favour,.... and favours can be repayed"he whispered when out of ear shot of the others. This was all he could think of to explain why he had helped someone. But then it accured to him he helped Terris by bringing his body out of Divinii hands.

"Whats wrong with me!" He shouted and then ran off.

March 22nd, 2006, 9:49 AM
(Hell-Houndoom, this role play is no longer going on. Please read what Kagome posted to see why. )

Posted by Kagome:

(( Of course there is no insight as to how they are supposed to combat the Divinii and of course there is nothing connecting the characters. This is not that kind of rp. If you have read my intro properly you would see that. The way that these people are connected is that they are some of the few left on earth. There is nothing left in this world for them other then keeping each other alive. The divinii have not reveiled their purpose yet, so there is nothing to fight. Obviously this rp is not a good idea. Before it goes any further and becomes ruined I am ending it. I am sorry for the inconvieniance but, I hate to have good stories go down the drain because of lack of attention and sloppyness. ))