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April 4th, 2004, 7:00 PM
This is my first fanfic! I hope you enjoy it. Constuctive critisism is welcomed, it helps me get better. I dont want any fake reviews, actully say how you think it is. Anyway, on with the fic.
The Way The Winds Blow
A trainer fic
Chapter 1
As Kamon lie awake in bed, he thought of his past five years as a trainer. He thought of the adventures, battles, and people he met along the way.
He had already completed the Hoenn and Kanto Leagues, and was now starting in Johto today. His last adventure was in Kanto, where the Elite Four Were deadly strong.

Hoenn was alot easier than Kanto, but hard nonetheless. He had returned to his home town of Pallet for two months. He still couldnt beleive how many accomplishments he had made. Kamon was a natural competitor, he always had to win. Kamon was a serious person, nothing got in the way of work. He also did'nt like to be bossed around, he was his own person. This was one reason he had stayed for such a short time in Pallet.

Kamon's mom rapped on the door.

"Kamon, get up, today is your big day!"

"Okay, Mom..."

Kamon got dressed, and looked around his room(or as his mom likes to call it, his garbage dump) for his old Pokdex. He got his favorite white and black cap, and put it over his blond hair.

He gathered up his belongings, including his six old
Pokmon, Blastoise,Swampert,Manectric,Mightyena,Fearow, and Raichu. He clipped the Pokballs to his belt, and went downstairs. He noticed his pack wasn't as heavy the last two times he left home.

"Oh Kamon, I cant believe you're leaving me again!," said his mom, slightly upset.

"Aw, come on Mom! Why do you always have to worry every time I leave?"Kamon replied. He was sick of his mom doing this every time.

Kamon's mom sighed."Well promise me you wont get hurt, and call me every week!"she said, as she kissed him goodbye, and gave him his meals.

"Fine... Bye Mom."Kamon he said, as he walked out the door.

"Bye honey! Be safe!"
Kamon had begun walking towards Route 1. He pulled out his map and decided which would be the best way to get to Johto.

Lets see... If i go to Saffron, i can get on the Magnet Train, but I dont have a ticket... I could go to Vermillion, and board the S.S Aqua, but i don't have a ticket for that either... No, no, no! Man, this is all wrong... I could surf to Tohjo Falls, but that would take way too long. Maybe Prof.Oak could give me a ticket for the S.S Aqua or Magnet Train?
Kamon turned back around to Pallet. It took him about 10 minutes to get back, as he sprinted the whole time. Kamon was an excellent runner, the year he left home he was on his elementary track team.
He dashed into the small town, ocassionally tripping on little pebbles. He then made his way into Oak's lab. The bookshelves were cluttered with reasearch books and binders. There where about five or six computers, each with a scientist researching. Oak was at a nearby desk filing papers. Kamon approched the desk. Oak looked up and smiled.

"Ahh, Kamon! So good to see you! How are your Pokdex and Squirtle doing?"

"There both doing great Professor, actually Squirtle is a Blastoise now, but that's not what I came here for. See, I came to ask you favor. Do you happen to have a S.S Aqua Ticket or Magnet Train ticket? I'm trying to get to Johto."Kamon asked.

"Well, I think so, let me look in my desk."Oak pulled out a drawer from his desk. Papers were put in very neat.Kamon watched as Oak flipped through the papers, and pulled out a blue ticket.

"Here you go Kamon, I always save two or three of these for trainers. You're lucky, this was my last S.S Aqua ticket."

"Wow, thanks Professor! See ya later!" And with that Kamon ran out the door, onward to his next journey.
Anyone liking it so far?

April 4th, 2004, 11:07 PM
Chapter 2
Kamon went down the path to Route 1 once more. He remembered walking down this this path the first time he left home. The path was very grassy; which meant wild pokemon were everywhere.The ledges were'nt very big, Kamon decided he could climb up them for a shortcut. As Kamon made his way over to the tiny ledges through the itchy grass, he remembered something.

Why the heck am I walking to Vermillon? Kamon wondered.

I have a Fearow that knows Fly, for heavens sake!

"Go, Fearow!"

Kamon had thrown the Pokball containing the elegant Bird Pokmon.

"Fearow, I want you to fly me to Vermillion City Harbor."

"Fearow!"The Pokmon replied, meaning "Sure!".

Kamon hopped on its back, and soon was soaring above the clouds.

"It's kind of chilly up here, don't you think Fearow?"Kamon said to his Pokmon.

Fearow simply nodded in response.

By the time Kamon had asked that question, Fearow was halfway through the flight. Kamon could see the big, gloomy cave of Mt.Moon. He remembered how scary it was going through there.

Kamon was now REALLY cold, his teeth were chattering wildly, he was shivering and rubbing his arms, which were covered in goosebumps.

Kamon wished he had brought a jacket.

Luckily, Fearow was a very fast flyer, they made it to Vermillion in about midday.

Fearow dived down to the harbor. Kamon got off and returned his Pokmon.

Kamon observed his surroundings. The water was sill, but an ocassional Wingull would skim the water. S.S Aqua was on the dock, a gigantic gleaming white ship. Kamon saw it had several floors, and there was a line of trainers to get in.

Kamon ran over, and just as he got in line, the sailor at the front shouted,

"S.S Aqua is about to depart! When you get up front flash your ticket!"

Kamon had to wait a couple minutes, and when he got up front he flashed his ticket. Kamon got in the ship. A sailor greeted him with a "Welcome aboard S.S Aqua! Your room number should be on your ticket."

Kamon looked at his ticket. His room number was #26.

Kamon made his way down the hall.

"Room 12...13...14..."Kamon counted as he went down the hall.

When kamon got to room 20, a trainer stopped him.

"Hey punk! Wanna battle?"

"You would'nt stand a chance!" Kamon said, as he reached for a Pokball with a smirk on his face.
I love writing!

April 5th, 2004, 6:20 PM
*claps* I love it, keep going! I like how it's coming out so far. :)