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(This is my first posted fanfic, please go easy. I know I misspell words, so, bleh)

The Flash
Hot sweat ran down his face, as he turned over in his sleep. The boy was Chris Carter, a 17 year old boy in his home in of Pallet town. Its been many years sence the great Ash Ketchum left and gone, and many things have changed. He was inrolled in the local school there. Once at the age of 10 kids could leave to begin their pokemon journey, But soon after the leave from school was over, kids werent coming back, so, the Kanto Goverment worked with the local towers to have classes about pokemon to be taught in the public school. Unlike the Pokemon Academys, the public schools only had a few basic classes towards pokemon, and the rest of normal math, science, ect. The system worked well. When kids graduated or reached the age of 18, they could leave and start their own journey or go off to higher learnings. Chris was in his last year of schooling, though, he was behind on his pokemon classes. He wanted to put them all off until his last year so he could get the rest out of the way. It was working out ok, but there were alot of younger kids in his classes, because everyone else wanted to know as much as they could, as fast as they could. Thats ok though, Chris didnt have many friends though.

Chris was more of an outcast. His hair, a dark green color, which he dyed himself, and eyes a deep brown. He wasnt a gothic like some of the people, they kinda scared him. Chris was more of a punkish looking. Wearing a pair of dark green jeans. Baggy and ripped alittle at the knee, and some dark skater shoes, and normal white tshirt, he was often seen with his skateboard, as went from home to class and back again. But enough about him.

Chris rolled over in his sleep, the sweat covering his face, now on his pillow. He was dreaming again. It wasnt a plesent one. And it was the same one. Everynight Chris had a strange dream, everything was hippy like techno colored, with weird soft music playing. He walked around, wearing a strange outfit. It was a black jacket, simulal to a priests, but without the white colar, along with black slacks. The other wierd thing is, that there were 6 pokeballs floating around him, orbiting him if you would. It was always the same. Wait... He though, Whats that? As he saw a strange tall burry shape coming towards him. This was different. He could see was it was now. A spoon.....

Wait a second. A spoon? This is new... It kept coming towards him, but now it was bending, twisting around itself, then reforming. Then suddenly as it came, it was gone. But he knew where it was, because he felt a spoon in his hand. He looked down and saw, not his hand, but a differnt hand. He looked over the rest of his body. He knew this body. It was a pokemon. He couldnt remember which one. There was 3 wavy lines on his check and he left a large fat tail behind him, as well as a large mustash like thing hanging off his face. Then it hit him. He knew what the body was. It was a Kada---

(I will write more later, please do not make negitive comments here, please PM me with those.)
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