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Hey dude nice demo jsut to say you can get into teh first route without any pokemon another thing i started off with cyndaquil adn when i send him out ti says "Matt sent out Bulbasaur" also in most battles the trainer sprite doesn't appear but wehn i ran into a wild caterpie it did but half way up the screen over teh caterpies name lol, btw im writing these as i find them , ok continueing. Another thing, are the pokeballs meant to be free? and i cant acces the menu, wot do you press jsut top amke sure im doin ti right lol. First gym battle wasn't hard i guess but i was left with 1hp lol, xp seems to take a while and mabey add a few trainers to the first route? Argh Vulpix level 40 wots going on!!!! wow i ran form it thats lucky.... i think ill say something nice now yea, the mapping is very good!! die meowth die... lol spearow argh level 40 nooo run again wow dnt think i should be able to run form those higher levels,wot now... Zubat? NO!!! a lvl 40 sandshrew they are out to get me, also you should get the Dynamic Footprints script to add some graphicle eyecandy on the sand n the saad in caves etc... wow teh first ever cave without zubats i think... argh less enoucnters in the cave man i barely walk 2 steps without seein a geodude or that lvl 40 sandshrew....
Yay a town, second gym i became Jesus i was walkin on water lol, stupid gym trainers do nothing nor leader oh well lets move on, wow i can walk through teh back of teh sunbeds am i annoying you yet lol, jsut tryin to help and get em all, teh wooden bit on teh beach is good, very clever i like it argh nooo i cant get back, the teleport dnt work ok ill stop here then its really good a few glitches that u can prob get rid of now thanks to me, hell thats probably all fo em, hope i helped and didn't annoy u to hell


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