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Chapter One: The Big Day
Six oclock A.M. is too early to wake, George thought as his brother, Kylar, tried to wake him up.

George, get up! Kylar ordered.

No, Im sleepy! George whined. He kept on babbling, but before he finished, Kylar had dumped a pitcher of ice cold water on him. George jumped up, ran in the bathroom, and got ready in less than five seconds.

Come on, today is important, Kylar reminded.

That day was important. It was the day that George set out on his Pokmon journey. He had just recently turned 13 [the new age to be able to enter a Pokmon League]. His best friend, Zara, had also just turned 13, and was traveling with George. Kylar, 15, was traveling with George and Zara. His job was to look after George and Zara. Last, but...least was Janet, Zaras cousin. Janet was 13, and was starting her Hoenn Pokmon journey,too, but traveling alone. She wasnt exactly everyones favorite, as you will see.

Do we have to eat breakfast, Mom? George asked.

No, not enough time, but I made my famous cereal bars for you two. Enjoy, Their mom, Florence, said cheerfully.

Thanks, Mom, but since when do you make bars? Kylar asked.

Since today, try it.

Later, see you later, love you much, bye! George said. you...bye, Florence said, holding back tears.

George and Kylar met up with Zara at Professor Birchs lab.

Hey Z, are you excited? George asked.

Yes, I am excited, very! Are you prepared? Zara asked, struggling with her bags.

Not, really, but I bet you are, George said. Youre carrying a freakin mini mall on your back.

Need help? Kylar asked.

Yes, Zara strained. She collapsed, and Kylar grabbed her bags, with no trouble. She got up and admired his muscles.

Eww, George thought.

They were about to enter the laboratory, when the doors came flying open and smashed George in the face. He fell down, but got up quickly and played it off.

Out of the door stepped Janet. She was tall, and had long black hair.

If it isnt my favorite relative! She ran over and gave Zara a big hug.

Hey...Janet. Zara said, apathetically.

Oh, my, your little friends have grown to be handsome young men.

Janet, Im older than you, and you just saw us last week! And do not try hugging me. Kylar said.

Fine by me. She leaned in to hug George but he refused.

Well, Ill be going now. Ciao! She walked off into the horizon.

Who do we have here? Birch asked, stepping onto his porch.

Hi Professor, my name is Zara, this is my friend George and his brother Kylar, Zara held out her hand. Pleasure to meet you.

The pleasure is mine Zara. He shook her hand. Please come in.

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