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Originally Posted by Zowayix View Post
hey, didn't zel say in his old thread that he would do something about talking with prof. oak in pallet town and then being able to trade with RSE?
Correct. That idea is still on. So, once in Pallet you'll be able to trade to RSE (remember the idea wasn't to trade, that's why so later in the game)

Originally Posted by aaronburnsyou View Post
Well, I know that won't work, b/c I tried it already, but I'll figure it out, b/c like you said, other people may know this better than you.

Good luck with the 5th Beta Zel.
Well, if it wasn't a Sun Stone, it may have been a Water Stone... I know it was a Stone 'cause I have a Slowking in my party ^.^

Originally Posted by NidoodiN View Post
Some pokemon level issues I found in Shiny Gold X while you were on break:

-When you fight J&J at Silph Co., their arbok is only level 40 while the rest of their pokemon are level 52
-When you fight that Rocket who stole the machine part, his Golbat is only level 30 or something, a bit low compared to the rest of the game

I also noticed that most high level trainers seem to like using Double Team with their pokemon. Is it just a coincidence?
The levels issues, well, yes, they are problems. Though it really doesn't matter because with each release I need to edit all the trainers once again.

And Double Team is a common defensive strategy for most trainers... Mainly to annoy...

Originally Posted by Barker View Post
In most guides you pick up for Pokemon games, you get these route maps, cave maps, city maps, etc.. Would you be okay with my going though and screencapping a bunch of stuff like that for my guide.. thing?
Well, as you wish... But, try not to spoil the fun with showing the maps, or at least put the maps as an option.

Originally Posted by El_Moss View Post
Hey zel i want to play the game but i dont want to have to get a new file for the next release 3rd problem is that i dont want to miss any important scripts or really cool changes so how far can i play whilst still eluding the phantom restart (grammatical disaster lol )
The thing is that I think I'll have to repoint most maps for the next release, meaning anywhere could not be safe (and as I always say... playing an older Beta save will lead to problems, the only safe bet is to start the game from the beginning)

Anyway, now every release takes more time than before, so most likely, it'll be funnier to start the game from the beginning, but that's just my opinion...

Originally Posted by zant View Post
ps: what's the beta's lenghth
I wanna suppose in gameplay length... That depends on how fast you are... I cannot say how much time I have in my current game 'cause I need to be checking stuff a lot of time.

If it was how far the game goes, well, read the first post.

Now I need to finish the important maps of Celadon: Dept.Store, Game Corner and Gym... sigh...

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