Ruby "Pokémon Naranja" 2005 Hack of the Year

Started by Sergio-- October 31st, 2005 2:12 PM
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2005 Hack of the year

You had never felt something like this before.

Now you can get English Naranja beta 2

Maybe you remember the old version of Pokémon Orange Islands, was were being maked by Numus, Ra and me, unfortunately we decide separate our projects so the Orange Island(pkArcoiris) was divided in two hacks: PkArcoiris (Rainbow-> Numus&Ra) and my hack: Pokemon Naranja

Well the history... the same that in the anime, after the Indigo League, Oak has a mission for you:
Receive the GS-Ball from the Professora Ivy in the Orange (Naranja) Archipielago.
But when you reach those wondederful islands you will want to keep for training.
The adventure has just begin...

Why Naranja is different?

New region: The Orange Islands
Pokemon from Kanto, Jhoto and Hoenn
The five 4th generation pokemon
+ two fake preevolutions + two new Unown
History from the 2nd league episodes (OI)
Higher level and more 2vs2 battle

In the Orange Islands there are a little diference: the Pokémon from the Continent (Jhoto y Kanto) have different colours than the OI Pokémon... in the OI you can see a lot of Tropical Pokémon with extrange colours.

By example, look the bizarre Vileplume of the right, based in the anime.

Other differences include that you, the protagonist, could answer to the others NPC, writed in blue in the game.

And you will depend more of your Pokémon, so there will be adventures in which you will need your pokemon attacks. For climb rocks, freeze geysers, even discover secrets...

Basic Information
Name: Pokemon Naranja (pkOrange)
Base: Ruby_USA
Players: Boy: Ash - Girl: Misty
Language: Spanish (original) & English (translated)
Credits: The Misty overworld was drawn by Kyledove

Information links
You can see more information in the official site's section: WAH Pokémon Naranja

Of course, in the old thread of PokeCommunity you can know more things about this hack's past.

Other useful link is the wiki of Datacrystal, where you can edit and improve the information: Naranja in Datacrystal.

And finally a funny one is the Naranja YouTube Channel where are collected all videos of the hack.

The last Pokémon Naranja beta is the Beta 2 released in October 8th, the english translation came 2 weeks later with the name Pokémon Orange 2.0 .

I hope to release the Beta 3 before Christmas.

Fan bars



There are a lot of people who had helped me a lot.
-Firstly Whack a Hack for took in me, including Baro which has been my biggest master.
-Pokemaniaco aka Ricfantastic, thanks to him you can play Naranja in English.
-To the hispanic forum Studio Pokemon for being a constant gold mine of good hackers than make me feel proud.
-To PokeCommunity forums for host all languages hacks and for being a Meeting point of the PokeHacking and a resource of good friends.
-The tools creators who made our life more easy, and specially to HackMew, for spend to much time together and for make reallity mi ideas about tools.

By Serg!o


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Really good work homes.
The graphics are nice and the hacking is well done.

Sadly I can't understand the story cause I don't speak spanish! XD
So I'm having some problems in finding out what to do! XD

Good luck and keep on hacking! ;)
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Hack is cool but might be cooler with normal-colored Pokemon and without Fake and 4th genaration Pokemons.
There's also some bugs:
1. Pallet Town is called "Battle Tower"
2. Ash looks like FR/LG Character. Change his sprite into the Ash sprite (you have to make your own sprite of Ash)
3. The Picture of Pidgeot shows when I'm exiting from building.
4. There's abig building south of Tangelo. And there's a sign next to this bulding. And If you you talk to this sign You obtain the Lapras. You talk to it always as you want. And you can get unlimited quantity of Laprases! And I filled all my boxes with Laprases! How stupid! DELETE THIS SIGN!!!
5. Some texts are still in english.
Still alive, still a Pokemon fan, even though I wish I wasn't anymore...


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hee clawer why are you stealing my avater :D;)
That was completely offtopic. Take it to PM. <_<

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i suppose i translate the spanish version into english, but is not sure because it bring many errors, when i correct them i upload the whole gba file compressed to a server because many people said that have errors, but to the most people the hack run well.
By the moment you cant speak with prf.Ivy the girl of the pokecenter of valencia said that to you, but i suppose you didnt undestand it....:(
Ive made an iamge about the limits of this beta: