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Probably I'll be skipping one or two posts, so sorry if I did that (unintentionally). Basically, I'd say to hold on for offering help. I have already a spriter, so I don't have problems in that area (althoug if you want to show me your work, just PM it to me) And, absolutely NO scripting help. That's the thing I most enjoy doing myself of the hack, so I want it all for me

Gosh... 16 PMs... Guess I'll read them tonight...

Quote originally posted by Shiun Enshidia:
Anyways, are you going to make anything after Mt. Silver? Or are you going to make that bit 100% like Gold?
Yes, there are a few extra areas planned after Mt.Silver, 'cause the game is pretty boring if it just ends there (besides, after Mt.Silver the rest of the legendary events will become available... Gotta catch'em all... :D)

Quote originally posted by UnitRico:
Well zel, I didn't post on the last topic of ShinyGold, but the game still is great. I only have one question, if the beta5 comes out, is it possible to patch it over the beta4 ROM without losing my current game?

~Cya, UnitRico
My reply on the FAQs

Quote originally posted by Brane:
I have a two questions.

1. Will mewtwo be added into the game after you collect all badges.
2. Will you add any extra maps if you have some leftovers?
You probably had a patching/rom problem with Kurt's event.
1. Yes, but in reality, the event (that rock that blocks your way to the Mistery Ruins) will disappear as soon as you reach Pallet... meaning... Beta6...

Quote originally posted by Necrod:
That helped, even if I'm not Rei.
I can't be believe you remembered Cal!
A question from me, how far will B5 go?
I wrote it in the Progress Report Section, check it out!

Quote originally posted by ChrisG14:
Well, I PMed dirk, and he said that you can go ahead and update the walkthrough. We'll keep trying to make it better though.
OK, then. I hope you two can work on it together then (PM me when you have changes)
I'll upload it on my first post later.

Quote originally posted by silentmagitus:
can someone tell me where to find a bagon in it also a swablu.
Nowhere yet, but if you need a spoiler...
It will be a prize at Celadon's Game Corner, for 8888 Coins...

I'm scripting all the routes at once (Routes 16,17,18), to kill three birds in one shot! (there are no extra events there, so that makes everything easier)

[EDIT]: Merging... Now I have finished the scipting of all those routes!

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