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Name: Jamal "Jumper" (see History) Robinson
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Grade: 11th
Appearance: As long as Jamal could remember he had always been a bit taller than the rest of his friends. Now at the age of sixteen, he towers over many at a staggering 6'0. The young, African American male loves his height though, as it helps him do well at his favorite sport; basketball. Because of his athletic past, Jamal is pretty muscular, even though he doesn't work out much anymore. Whenever he's hanging out in his room, whether it be with friends or alone, he throws on his blue and red basketball jersey instead of his jacket. His hair is cut in a dark caesar and is a really dark brown color, almost black. On the contrary, his eyes are a magnificent fallow. During school, Jamal wears his uniform with great disdain. He expresses his feelings toward the uniform by never tucking in his shirt and wearing a dark blue tie that he purposely keeps wrinkled.

Personality (better if read after history section): Since his popularity boost in freshman year, Jamal has always been sort of a cocky kid. He was a real lady’s man back in America and therefore confronts the opposite gender with a confidence most teenagers would envy. However, when Jamal begins to bond with someone, he loosens up and shows his other side. What is this other side, you might ask? Well for one, he chooses his words very carefully so he doesn’t do anything to damage the friendship. With his bad history in relationships, especially with his parents, Jamal treats friendship as one of the most important factors in his life. Also, when this other side is shown around a female, Jamal loses almost all of his confidence and becomes increasingly shyer. In other words, Jamal is your typical, hormone-raged teenager.

History (since it’s optional, I guess I’ll keep it short): When Jamal lived in America, he was the star of his high school basketball team, even though he was only a freshman. He even gained the nickname “Jumper” due to his ability to dunk the ball with ease. The entire school respected him and he thought absolutely nothing could go wrong. That is, until his parents told him that he was to continue his high school life at Armon Academy. Since that day Jamal has spent as little amount of time with his parents as possible and rarely calls them at school. When he moved to England, instead of taking a picture of his mother and father, he took his old jersey as a reminder of his past life. Laying low in his first year at Armon Academy, he has yet to find out if the school has a basketball team.

Other: Jamal dislikes it when people, friend or not, touch his face.

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