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Quote originally posted by Innocence:
Now, I don't usually go for advance hacks,(Well actually I do, it's been a strange paradigm shift.) but this one is superb. I wish I could make tiles like that, all soft's indescribable.
Keep up the good work!

(It's been a while since I've been using my first name actively on the boards. Actually, I've never been active. But I check every day, so I must be just lazy.)
To tell you the truth, if you look in the credits, they were made by Don Patch/Alistair. Thanks a whole lot though.
Quote originally posted by >JAVS<:
It looks good, but, you need new palletes and try to change the Mini xD
That's all
They will come in the future, after all, I'm only maybe 5 maps in out of maybe my goal of 50+. (Which may not be possible)
Quote originally posted by o.necromancer.o:
This looks awesome and these maps are superb, good job.
Thanks :D
Quote originally posted by prince112:
You'll mean OW's, right?

Also, don't post full maps.

It loosens the challenge to the hack.
Well, those maps aren't really supposed to be challenging, considering that they are at the beginning of the hack. And I'm only posting one more tops. And all the rest are going to be alot more challenging then these.
Quote originally posted by THM10:
This looks like it will turn out great.
I wish you best of luck with this hack.
Thanks :D