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Quote originally posted by Trace:
Wow OG...
You have a forte for scripting. O_O
Looks superb & breathe taking...
Thanks. I'm glad you like it.

Quote originally posted by Crosell:
That is a nice idea Og.
I would use the black theme.
Again really nice update! ;)
Thanks. Black theme huh? I like black too~

Quote originally posted by sandslash:
not green XD? btw i hope there won't be fake pokemon
Green? I'll add in soon~

Quote originally posted by ross61:
you have blessed us with outstanding,excellent,immense, updates

Quote originally posted by Floating monkey pirate:
Well well man. I must say...You really know how to please your fans! I would go with the blue one I really like the update. Keep it up, and I really hope to see more soon :)
Lol. Thanks. Really appreciate.

Quote originally posted by .Pichu-kun:
That's so awesomely lovely! :D
I'm gonna go with blue! <D
Another blue! Yay!

Quote originally posted by Rabla:
im goin with red or blue

i like it how the legendary events are similar (or the same) to the pokemon movies

im downloadin the demo now, so ill be back with feedback soon!!
Thanks for downloading it. But the 2nd demo release soon~

Quote originally posted by prime456:
hey omegagroudon i can be a idealist / beta tester / mapper contact through my profile
Those are already filled.

Quote originally posted by Yuoaman:
(Idealist is not a word... and doesn't even make sense, wouldn't it be ideaist O_o)

And wonderful updates OG, I really like what I'm seeing.
Thanks again. Happy to hear from you.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Well guys, anymore feedback?
There's an update soon when it goes to the next page.
Leave me some comment on the Colorized Style Menu.
I need support and feedback.
Not spamming. XD
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