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Chapter Three

The small radio I obtained from the kitchen table spit static and white noise. At that moment I sensed a malevolent presence enter the room. A sickening gurgling noise drifted across my ears. Before I knew it I was surprised by an unexpected tackle to the ground by a human-like creature. I felt hot blood and a burning sensation as something sharp dug into my forearm. I cried out in both fear and pain, rolled onto my side, and knocked it into the cabinet and caused the table to slam into the wall from the exerted force. I pulled myself to my feet; heart racing in my chest.

The monster in question was my size in term of height, but looked as if it weighed twice my weight with one bulging eye swiveling in its socket, arms protruding grotesquely from its back and a large mouth stretching diagonally from the left shoulder to its right hip, teeth bared in a grotesque grin. A mix of disgust, confusion and revulsion washed over me looking at this thing, the smell coming off of it reeking like old garbage and excrements, which made me feel bile backing up in my throat.

Getting a hold of myself and realizing it could die if I don't act now, I cleared my confusion as best as I could and realized that this was a good chance to test my skills with my katana after all this time of owning one. I owned a sword or two because of my admiration of different characters form anime who wielded them, as well as showing them off at conventions. That and they just look cool. Its mouth opened up, baring its deformed teeth as I grabbed the hilt of my blade; hearing the metallic clash as I drew it from the sheath, making a quick and decisive diagonal slash, opening a deep wound across its body. It doubled back and in that momentary lull of hesitation I took the chance to finish it off, making two clean slices; one taking its head clean off and the other reducing it to two separate pieces. Its blood pooled at my feet, and my radio stopped its eternal shrieking.

I realized then and there what the note meant; the radio emitted white noise and static when “they” appeared, and I decided this could be useful in the future. I clipped it onto the right strap of my bag with the flashlight on the left. Deciding there was nothing useful and no more information here, I walked carefully down the hall, but as I walked I kicked something small. Looking down I saw it was a small plush doll. I bent over, picking it up in my hand. It was a girl that had long, dark blue hair and a white hat on her head, and a black top and pink skirt. I recognized the doll, but I thought I brought it with me. I tucked it into my bag and kept walking, making it out the door, stepping outside my home.

As soon as I did, the radio came to life in a shrill cry of white noise as I was ambushed by the same type of monster from the warehouse. I barley dodged its attack from its sickle like claws protruding from its chest. Giving an annoyed growl I swung the blade in my hand with full force, cutting it down quickly before it could attack me again.

Silence again took hold as I looked out on my yard, the fog obscuring the trees in the distance. I needed answers as to what was going on. Walking at a slow but steady pace down the fogged up road, the whole time I kept my eye open for anything, waiting to hear the radio buzz to life with interference and sent me locked in combat with one of those hellish creatures. Even after the third or fourth attack I was still terrified, but survival instinct took hold each time.

For a few minutes everything seemed normal, the trip to the top of the hill and to the twin gas stations was uneventful; as soon as the monsters or whatever the hell they were appeared they were gone. Weird.

From what I remember, there were two ways to get downtown from my residence; going down the long, semi steep hill known as Olympic Highway north that connected my neighborhoods to the rest of the town, or going past Bordeaux Elementary school, where my friend and I sometimes hung out near the swings during the summertime. From there I would have to walk a narrow, winding path that went past some non existing persons house who never seemed to be home anyways. Logic said to take the main road. Since I don't think it was possible to maneuver on the narrow trail as easily as a three lane road.

I turned right; descending the winding hill that lead to the heart of Shelton. I decided to go straight down the middle of the street, looking off to the right at the trees that grew on the steep hill next to the sidewalk. The guardrail was broken in places; and the most noticeable was a hole where a compact car had crashed through it. Parts of the road itself were badly damaged. There were several holes in the pavement, a fallen tree laying across half of the roadway. I climbed over it, getting sap and rainwater on my jeans and the arm of my sweatshirt. On the other side, the sight confounded me; half of the road was gone, the pavement scorched around a jagged hole gouging into the hillside and roadway. What could have possibly done that?

The bay was a little farther ahead as well as the lumber mill that was the lifeblood of the town for over one hundred years, but something about it seemed amiss; it seemed scorched and in very bad shape from what I could make out from the shifting fog. From what I saw, the mill was half gone, looking as to have caught on fire and burned down. Trying not to get distracted, I scanned my surroundings. Behind me, beside me, to the left and up the brush covered embankment; but saw no apparent threats.

A small strip mall, consisting of two joined shops, a off roading vehicle outlet and a pet groomers sat to the right of me along with a house that gave off the same eerie feeling as the other houses on my side of town. I was now entering downtown; a large hardware store sat at the bottom of the hill, a Kentucky Fried Chicken was built to my left along with a Pizza Hut and a Mexican Grocery store that always seemed empty to me. If I thought the atmosphere around here was menacing and ghostly, then what I was feeling the moment I started downtown was something else entirely. It was like something, like some powerful force absolutely didn't want me here. Well, too damn bad for it.

The radio went off into static suddenly as I passed the charred remains of the burned

down Bowling Alley. It was like the first monster I encountered, whom I nicknamed “Scratch”. Scratch gurgled and groaned as it got closer, charging with full speed as it grew near; knocking the two of us to the ground with a strong force. With a disgusted grunt I pushed it off of me and slamming my foot onto its head and stepping back. Its still tried to get up, slashing at my legs as it did. I took a quick step back and slammed its head and body with the pipe, which was tied to my back along with my katana.

The sound of metal hitting concrete, metal and flesh resounded off of the buildings as I continued until it stopped moving. Again, all was silent as I stepped over the monsters carcass, passing the health club next to the park. As soon as I looked in the direction of Kneeland Park I was overcome with an urge to go there, like something wanted me to go there. I crossed the street, walking through the open, rusted gate onto the wood chips of the children's toys; a big wooden structure that looked like a castle with swings, a slide and a rope to climb on. A wood separator was built in between the swings and toys, the swings area covered in pea gravel.

Off in the distance, near the large gazebo used for large gatherings, I saw a figure that looked human, most likely another monster or maybe, just maybe an actual human being. As the realization hit me, I quickly walked across the tall, knee high grasses to the Gazebo, looking for who or what it was that was staring back at me.

Hello?” I asked, hoping for a reply.

For a few minutes I heard nothing at all, but as I searched I could hear the faint sound of footsteps on pavement. That of human feet. I turned around and saw whomever it was. It was obviously a girl, who was about a foot shorter than me with long brown hair, some of it hanging over her shoulder and obscuring her gray hooded sweatshirt that hung a little bit low, covering the top of her faded blue jeans. We stared at each other for a minute, unsure of what to say.

Shane...Is that you?” She asked finally, after a seemingly eternal silence.

:Last time I checked.” I replied as she ran over and embraced me tightly, obviously happy to see another human being.

Sharon, what are you doing here?” I asked her, looking down at her as I hugged her back.

I'm.....not sure myself.” she said with a look of confusion. Part of me thought she wasn't telling me something, “What about you?” She asked.

I'm looking for Isaac,” I said I said matter of factly. Something wasn't sitting right; she wasn't acting like herself.. Usually if something is bothering her she tells me.

You should leave,” I told her. She shook her head.

I can't.” was her reply.

Why not?” I retorted.

I can't tell you.” Those words struck me like a car crash; she couldn't tell me?

Why?” I asked.

Because...just... I just can't, okay?! Leave it alone!” Sharon snapped, getting defensive. With a sigh I gave up.

I'm sorry. Listen, be careful okay? I need to check something alone.” She sighed, giving me a loose but firm hug. I hugged her back, and looked at her.

You be careful too. You have a radio, right?” I asked, “It detects those freaks somehow.” The girl reached into her pocket and harvested a small black radio similar to mine, “Okay. If you run into any problems call me on the radio, okay?”

She smiled and nodded, pulling my head down and kissing me on the cheek, ever so close to my lips for a second.

You be careful too, alright? I'll be waiting for you after I'm done, okay honey?” She said in a sweet tone.

Yeah.” I answered, “You too.”

Sharon was my second girlfriend, and even after breaking up after a year of dating we remained very close. We met at school when we ran into each other. I walked her to class to help her carry her stuff, and after that it became a habit. We became friends, and, after my first girlfriend dumped me she took me into her heart and brought me back from the edge.

We split up after hugging one last time. She headed to the apartments adjacent to the park, asking me not to follow. I, myself, headed towards the center of downtown to see if maybe it had anything to do with this at all. Hopefully I would see everyone else soon and make it out of here alive after finding Isaac alive and well.


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