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Old December 9th, 2008 (7:53 PM).
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    Authors note:

    Yes, this is a fan fic with myself inserted and interacting with the characters. Yes, it IS Dawn. If that's a problem, please click the back button, as I do not want comments telling me that I'm wrong for writing this, ect. With that said, please tell me what to improve on! ^^ ~end note~


    The small cabin on route 219 was tucked away within the berry bushes and honey trees. Shayn sat on his bed in the medium sized room that he and his friends were staying in on their travels. The book he read was on Pokémon Breeding, specifically on the Pokémon Eevee; a unique species whose evolutionary chain branched into seven forms. He rubbed and stroked the large, brown egg in his lap that contained the small furry Pokémon soon to be born.
    He brushed his long brown hair from his eyes as he read, pushing up his glasses. He wore baggy, dark blue jeans and a gray shirt. His hair was shaggy, partially covering his face and hanging to his shoulders. As he read, transfixed on his book the door opened and in walked Dawn. She had a slender frame with long, gorgeous cerulean blue hair and sparkling eyes or the same hue - the eyes of an adventurer. The eyes of a determined young woman ready to face whatever comes her way! The coal black bodice of her attire shaped her waist well as the pink skirt fluttered off her curvy hips and rested gently on her soft, silky thighs. Her grapefruit sized breasts jittered quickly as she walked; staying out of the way as her arms jetted past her during her graceful stride over to the bed where he sat.

    "Shaaaaaaaayn," she called curiously, exaggerating his name with a child's tone of voice, cocking her head to the side as she flashed a sweet smile. He didn’t seem to notice, being absorbed in his reading. Dawn grumbled, sitting next to him.

    So I got this cool new Poketch app! It’s a mood ring thing called the Emotion App!” She said, showing him the watch like device on her wrist, the color of the screen, “This color means I’m thinking of someone special.”

    After a moment of silence she sat down next to Shayn whose nose was shoved in the Pokémon Breeder's Manual. "What are you reading?" She asked, and when he didn't reply, her smile turned into an annoyed frown, as reflected in the color of the Poketch app.

    Dawn stood up and put one hand on her hip, using the free one to pull down the manual in a quick, jerking fashion. "Did you even hear a damn word I said?" She growled impatiently as his eyes adverted to meet hers, and when they did he sensed he was, for a reason unbeknownst to him, on thin ice. He stared at her nervously, cheeks turning slightly red.

    "Huh? What?" He asked, completely oblivious. Dawn snarled and pushed the book up in his face.

    "Jerk," she mumbled.

    She turned on her heel and left the room; storming out in a flash, a trickle of bead like tears fell from her eyes as she exited. Shayn lay confused and in the dust as she slammed the cabin door and shook the entire building. With a sigh, he continued reading the passage on how to properly take care of an Eevee at first sight.

    Dawn immediately stomped to the riverside and kicked a rock into the rushing waters when a sudden voice rang out from behind her.

    "Whoa there... What's the problem?" Said Zoey, who was immediately discovered as Dawn turned around in tears and running mascara.

    "It’s... nothing, Zoey," Dawn lied, a hitch in her throat as she choked back a sob. Zoey stood up with a concerned expression.

    "That’s bull," she rolled her eyes, crossing her arms on her chest. "Tell me what's wrong, Dawn," she demanded.

    It took a moment, but finally Dawn let loose, breaking out a single sob before she quickly let it all out. "It’s just that... I can't get Shayn to notice me! I try to hint at the fact that I like him - you know, send gentle nudges and try and act cute, but he just ****ing ignores me! He doesn't even seem to realize how it hurts my feelings!" tears began to stream down Dawn's pink flushed cheeks.

    Zoey sighed; everyone saw they were basically in love but couldn’t figure out why HE was so boneheaded about it. If he didn’t do something she was going to lose interest. She put her hand on the other girls shoulder.

    Try this; be forceful. You tried hint now make it obvious!” She said, winking encouragingly.

    "How?" Dawn asked, wiping her eyes and undressing herself. She slowly sunk down into the cold river water; covering her tummy and breasts with the current. Zoey joined her; sinking down next to the younger girl and staring at the sky.

    "Hm," she thought. "Just wing it - he may be busy with his new Pokémon for now, but he needs to know that somebody loves him!" She closed her eyes and let the gentle waters lap against her plump chest. After a moment, Zoey grabbed two white clothes from behind her, next to her pile of clothing. "Here - wash off that mascara and go see what you can do!" She smiled. Dawn stared at the redhead for a moment and the smile returned to her face as well.

    "Right!" She nodded, grabbing the clothes and removing the black paint from underneath her eyes. As soon as her bath was done, she dried off, redressed, and marched back to the cabin.

    Dawn shoved open the door; hitting the protector on the wall with a loud crashing smack. Everyone in the cabin looked up; all except for Shayn, who was still masked by the Breeder's manual, sitting in the same exact spot on the bed as before. Dawn sucked on her bottom lip to repress her frustration and waltzed over; plucking the book from his hands.

    "Dawn, what the heck?" He snorted, looking up at her with a confused yet flustered face.

    "Oh, shut up," she growled fiercely and pushed him back onto the bed with all the force her little body could exert. She loomed over him; her hands on either side of his head. Oooo's and Aaaahs were heard all over the room, and the remaining guests all exited at once.

    The enraged girl scanned the room for anybody hiding out. Once seeing nobody, she looked back down at Shayn who was pressed firmly against the bed, and before he had a chance to respond or say anything for that matter, she planted a hard kiss on his thin lips. His eyes widened momentarily as an instant reaction to something new, but fluttered shut as he slowly became used to her moist mouth.

    Her warm, soft lips cascaded off of his, pressing hard but gently onto that same, parted line as her hands slid up his shoulders and to the back of his head, lifting it towards her. She deepened the kiss, eliciting moans from him each time she pulled away for only a split second; his hands wrapping around her slim body. Once her lips left his, still hungering for more, she moved her kisses below his ear and trailed them to his neck, and she marked him as her victim; sinking her teeth into his smooth, warm skin; rising goose bumps over his arms and the back of his neck from the pure sensation, yet his still did not say a word.

    Shayn gasped lightly, trying to form words as she worked on his muscular neck and feeling her smooth, bare thigh - still slightly moist from bathing - brushing up against a growing spot on his jeans. The sensation sent sparks of excitement surging through his veins as the younger girl continued to bite and suck on his neck, expanding the red mark and changing its color until it turned a deep purple; the color of unborn blood. She sat him against the wall, standing on her knees as she hungered for more; her head swirling with the new experience and the shivers running through her lower stomach; her panties growing moist with her own excitability.

    "Dawn..." he moaned almost incoherently, which seemed to excite the girl more. She smirked in the crook of his neck and lightly ran her fingers across the growing bulge; teasingly, almost feather soft, as his leg inadvertently rubbed between her creamy thighs; damp from the river water and her own juices as her wet panties slid against her skin. She kissed his lips once again, more feverishly, and let out small puffs of air; grinding her soaking crotch on his leg before maneuvering to the large lump; pressing the visible shaft between the crease in her white panties. Shayn moaned into her lustful kiss, obeying her every command.

    "Dawn I feel sort of... off," Shayn whimpered, flushed red not only from embarrassment of admitting his upcoming problem as the pressure in his crotch continued to rise, but also from the workout of the grinding. Dawn ignored his first comment and smashed her folds harder and faster into his erection; her kisses picking up the pace. "Dawn," he repeated. "I-I'm going to ***!" He panted, trying his best to warn her.

    Dawn slowed down, moving away from his lips for a second. Her eyes narrowed. "Huh?" She thought a moment; and suddenly her already pink face turned cardinal red. She stared down at Shayn; soaking in his own sweat with a big crimson hickey on the left side of his neck, a pulsating erection trying to rip its way through his jeans, and shaking hands - as well as herself; covered in both the teenager's sweat and panties soaked in her own orgasm.

    "I-I really have to go!" Dawn stammered; her voice lowering towards the end of her statement. She crawled off the bed and ran to the door as fast as her shaking legs could carry her, and soon enough she bolted down the steps and out into the woods. Shayn was still trembling as well - a million questions passed through his mind. Did Dawn really feel like that? Was she that attracted to him? He found himself enjoying the whole ordeal, and not just for the physical pleasure. There was something else there - something he had never felt before, but always wished for... Could he be in love with her? He shook off the question and stood up, slipping on his shoes and exiting the cabin to track her down, but by the time he stepped outdoors she was already long gone.

    Dawn ran into town, finally stopping and leaning on a wall in a nearby alley to shelter herself in case Shayn or Zoey came looking for her. She pressed her palm to her chest to silent her heartbeat as she caught her breath; still feeling the effects of the make out session she was just in. "Was that the right way to show him how I feel?" She wondered, feeling a little bit dirty.

    Suddenly out of nowhere her arm was grasped by a large, masculine hand. Thinking it was most likely Shayn come looking for her, she swung her hand to get away from him. She was ashamed to look at him, whether it be embarrassment or pity of herself, so she was going to pretend to be mad at him for a while. However, it wasn't her friend and love interest that had grabbed her, but instead a man in his late 40s, scanning her small and curvy body with a creepy grin; the smell on her panties was just as strong as the cigars on his breath.

    He sighed and followed the only trail into the small town close by. When he entered, he approached random townspeople and asked if they had seen Dawn come through, each of which said they have not. He slowed his stride; arms dangling at his sides. "How could I be so dumb?" He thought. "Now that I think about it, she's been dropping a lot of hints. God I'm dumb!"

    A scream exerted from an alleyway in the distance. Immediately Shayn identified the voice - it was Dawn!

    "Dawn!" Shayn called, rushing to the source of the scream. In a shadowy alleyway near the local Pokémon Center, Dawn and a shady man stood close; his large hand circling her arm tight.

    "Come on, kid," he laughed. "Just one **** - you know you want to, I can smell the sex on you," he reached down and pulled on her skirt, trying to get into her barely-dried panties. "Look at me - I just need one lay. You won’t regret it!"

    NO! GET OFF!!” Dawn screamed, pushing him away. He recoiled for a counterattack and to pin her down and have his way whether or not she wanted to when a long, black tail ending in the rough shape of a lightning bolt slammed into his chest, sending him into the side of the dumpster, and knocking him out.

    Raichu?” Dawn asked out loud as the mouse Pokémon covered in reddish brown fur gave a thumbs up, “That means…” She turned around to see Shayn standing there.

    Shayn.” She said, walking over to him.

    Are you okay?” He asked, concerned. Dawns face hardened, but before she could answer the lecherous man stood up, cursing under his breath. He regained his composure, tossing a Pokeball into the air, and in a flash of light, releasing a Sneasel; a Pokémon the same size as Raichu with a lean, black fur covered body, one long pink ear and a shirt, catlike ear of its head and sharp claws.

    Damn child! I was trying to get laid!” He snapped.

    I'm not letting you touch her with those filthy hands of yours!” Shayn shot back, holding his arm protectively in front of Dawn.

    Tch. Sneasel, use Metal Claw!” He growled, the Ice and Dark Pokémon reared on its legs, its long, sharp claws giving off a dull, metallic glow as it lunged menacingly at the two adolescents.

    Raichu, counter with Iron Tail!” Raichu raced forward, tail glowing the same color as the Sneasel's claws. Raichu cried out in a defiant battle cry to its opponent, the two attacks slamming into each other with tremendous force. The two combatants jumped back, Sneasel taking the brunt of both attacks as Raichu sloughed it off; a result of its hard training.

    Okay, finish this up with a thunderbolt!” Shayn commanded.

    Raichu flexed its small arms, yellow cheeks sparking as it prepared the powerful electric attack, tail touching the ground to ground itself from its own high voltage power. Raichu cried its name as it send the thunderbolt attack rocketing towards the still recovering Sneasel; it never had a chance. With a strobe-like flash, the attack effectively defeated the other Pokemon, leaving the middle aged man standing bewildered.

    Shayn gave him a sharp, piercing glare, “Beat it.” he said through gritted teeth. He obeyed, grabbing his Sneasel and running as fast as he could into the street and away from Shayn and Raichu. Shayn turned to Dawn, a softer expression on his face.
    Dawn, are you all right?” Shayn asked, putting his hand on her slim shoulder, which was quickly brushed off.

    Oh sure. NOW you notice me!” She snapped. Shayn looked bewildered.

    What?” He asked.

    You didn’t even care when I tried talking to you! You just ignore me and don’t care about me!” She snapped again, clenching her fists.

    ********!” Shayn snapped, grabbing her thin frame gently, pushing her against the wall, “I love you, Dawn!”

    You do?” She asked, cheeks turning crimson.

    Yes…I do…I really do...” He said.

    Dawn smirked, regaining her dominant status as she pushed him onto the wall facing the near empty street, kissing his lips sweetly and firmly, biting his neck to make a hickey matching the other one on the other side.

    I love you too.” She said.

    Later that night, everyone in the group laid on their own beds, minus Shayn and Dawn, who lay on his, arms intertwined and noses touching as they occasionally kissed.

    Bout time.” Zoey said, getting a few murmurs of agreement from the others as the couple stuck their tongues out at them. It was at that moment Shayn’s Pokémon egg glowed white shaping into a small, furry Pokémon resembling a fox; soft brown fur, long, pointed ears, a big, poofy tail and a white collar of puffy fur around its neck.

    Eevee!” Shayn said, hugging it lightly as Dawn giggled. This was what he was working towards.

    What will you name it?” Brock asked. He thought.

    How about….Hikari.” Shayn said, causing Dawn to blush; Hikari was her last name. He named his Pokémon after her. She placed the newborn Pokémon above them on the pillow and pulled him into a long, deep, loving kiss, resting her head on his chest and falling asleep.
    ~ end~
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    Whoa. DAMN. Like...whoa. Ever think of writing lemons?

    Everything was pretty spot on. Description was great. Just...whoa. I miss someone right this was like...kind of...just...damn.

    Nothing more to say.

    ≫ i will not forgive ≪
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      Dawn NO! damn I'm heart broken

      Did they have to do that.........I will find that person and make an unpleasent welcome.

      Good story by the way it was awsome.
      I will like to battle anyone but sadly my wifi is down at the moment so I'll get back to you.

      Warning I will not pay any medical bells that you recieve after are battle.

      You can come here if you want to start a new forum and gladly accepting members and staff's.

      Also learn more about pokemon glacier here.
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        Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
        Whoa. DAMN. Like...whoa. Ever think of writing lemons?

        Everything was pretty spot on. Description was great. Just...whoa. I miss someone right this was like...kind of...just...damn.

        Nothing more to say.
        Actually, I have written lemons before. Used to take requests and ideas. still kinda do. Glad oyu liked it.

        Originally Posted by Heartless33 View Post
        Dawn NO! damn I'm heart broken :(

        Did they have to do that.........I will find that person and make an unpleasent welcome.

        Good story by the way it was awsome.
        Did who have to do what? I'm kinda confused lol.
        Marina (Raikou Special) & FR/LG Blue from Pokemon claimed by ~Zero~
        Please read and rate my Fan Fictions, they rock!
        Both fics are by Me!
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