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"This happens when you put any new scripts in without using a new pionter for texts"

Fyi, I did not put any new script. All I adds was a couple of WARP. Eitherway, even I redo it again from a backup rom, the problem starts when I resize the map larger then it's original size. Which now, give you a hint that map resizing will not be 100% safe.

1. How do OPEN ALL SCRIPT from the ROM? Are you mean to say in the map itself or the whole entire rom? There's no program so far which I seen has that capability. Will you please elaborate.

2. The error which I have is coming from the Starting Introductions, and AMAP does not go that far. AMap only edit maps. How do I correct the error using AMap?

3. I've using #dynamic 0x800000 method for my scripting so FSF is quite useless for me. Even so, how do you actually calculate how much space you wanted for the new MAP?[/quote]

In the post I meant to say Advance Text sorry for the typo

Secondly when your scripting in XSE the dynamic tells it where to start the scripts offset. FSF finds an unused offset so that when you're compilling it doesn't erase or even mess up your script.

Also AMAP 1.90 & 1.91 have a map ressising error. For best results use 1.92.

IMPORTANT: when inserting a new map or any thing in AMAP, caution yourself from ussing the first offset you see.
The first sometimes leads to errors in the rom.


Notice: I do most of my scripting in pokescript, I am still familiar with using XSE, but it's just that I use more for ediiting or revising my scripts.

If you have any more questions about this error PM me.
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