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We need more pixel games. XD

So, the point of the game is simple, you edit the sprite somehow, and then pass it on to the next person, who makes another edit, and so on.

  • General Rules:
  • Follow all the forum-wide rules, and rules 2 and 5 of the pixel game rules.
  • The focus is on THE SPRITE. Not on what's around it.
  • No backgrounds. If you want to add a background, it MUST be simple, and created by you.
  • You may not simply copy/paste pre-made sprites onto the current sprite. They must be edited to some extent, or scratched.
  • Keep your edits small, please. If you want to completely edit a sprite into something else, then just make your own sprite and put it in your own showcase thread.
  • Save as PNG, preferably on a white or transparent background.
  • If your edit causes the sprite to be unable to be edited further, breaks these rules, or is irrelevant to the sprite, then your edit may be discarded.
  • Do not recolor with default MS paint colors. Actually, do not use them at all, unless it's black or white.
  • Simply recoloring is NOT allowed. If you must recolor, it should be relevant, and you should also add something else.
  • Do not undo a previous person's edit. You may modify their edit, but do not simply remove it for no good reason.
  • Do not DRAW. This is spriting, don't grab a brush or pencil tool and just draw things on.

    Other Situations:
  • The sprite may only be changed to an official, non-shiny Diamond, Pearl or Platinum sprite, and only after at least 12 edits. It may only be changed by someone who has made at least 2 prior edits during the course of this thread. If you break this rule, you will be forbidden from changing the sprite again.
  • If two people post at the same time, then a third person has two options:
    - Attempt to copy the prior two edits, and merge them into a single sprite, which you may then edit how you wish.
    - Choose whichever of the two edits you think is better, and continue from there.
  • If an edit before yours breaks a rule, you are free to skip it and use the one before that. Please be certain beforehand, however, that it does break the rules.

k, lets start off with..