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Pixel Projects --Rules:
[Trainer Card Rules|Sprite Comic Rules|Pixel Game Rules|Community Project Rules]

As you've noticed, we've merged two very inactive forums together (Sprite Comics and Trainer Cards.) So the decision was made to have a forum titled "Pixel Projects" with a fresh new purpose of enjoyment for our members.

Here, you are allowed to make threads showing off BOTH your Trainer Cards and your Sprite Comics. Also, you're even allowed to make threads based on games involving Pixel Art, such as "Pass the Sprite/Pixel", "Sprite this Pokemon!" or even "Best Trainer Card wins!". Of course these are just merely ideas, and you're welcome to use them for any games you wish to make. ;)

Furthermore, when comes a new forum...there are to be a set of rules to be followed. Don't worry, they'll be the same rules you're used to in the former TC and SC sub-forums, accompanied by a brief set of rules concerning Pixel Games.

Remember, the Pixel Art Rules and the Main PokéCommunity Rules are to be followed at all times! (Unless otherwise specified.)

Trainer Card Rules

Credit to Tendo/Kris for writing up these rules

1. Ask before using another members TCard template. They took the time to make it, you take the time to ask before using it.

2. Do not steal other members TCards, period. If you've asked permission to use one & they declined, you simply forget about it.

3. Do not take on the responsibility of making your own TCard Request thread if you don't plan on being very active in it. If you make one, try & be as active as possible.

4. When visiting a members TCard thread & you decide to comment on his/her template(s), don't just say "that's good", "I like it" or "that's bad", make a substantial post. Describe what's good about it & what's bad. If you just say "that's great" it's counted as spam.

5. If you're going to make a T-Card showcase/request thread, then please show atleast three or more examples in your first post. This is an exception if your T-Card has a more unique design to it. But otherwise your thread would most likely end up closed.

TCard Request Threads

- When making TCards in your TCard Request thread, the template you are using MUST BE YOURS. IE You shouldn't be using a template that someone else created, unless of course, you have permission.

- A request thread showing just one design that obviously took some thought and effort will be allowed to live.
Example: Cards that are nothing at all like any of the mainstream cards people are offering.

- Request threads showing lots of cards, with the same layout, just different backgrounds / color schemes, will be closed. There are way too many threads showing retools of the 6 pokemon in pin-up boxes, with badges and avatar.

Sprite Comic Rules

Credit to Tendo/Kris for writing up these rules

1. When visiting a members comic thread & you decide to comment on his/her comic(s), don't just say "that's good", "I like it" or "that's bad", make a substantial post. Describe what's good about it & what's bad. If you just say "that's great" it's counted as spam.

2. This is a must. If you borrow any sprites, you must always give the creaters credit. We do not tolerate Sprite thieves at any rate, people work hard on the sprites they make, they do not appreciate other people using their work without crediting them.

Please do not make excessive topics for your comics. In other words, don't make a thread for every comic you make. Just make one thread and show all of your comics in there.

4. No comics above a PG-15 rating may be shown here. Also, all comics above a PG rating must be labeled as such, in order to give a warning to people who might not want to see the content in such comics.

5. Joining comics is now allowed.

Pixel Game Rules

1. All games here must have relevence to any kind of pixel work, for any other games, the Funtime forum is where it's at.

2. Don't spam or go offtopic, if you've nothing better to say in your post then I'd recommend not posting at all.

3. You're welcome to make more than one game thread if you like, however, do keep yourself to a minimum of 3 threads every 10 days. We don't really want any flooding in the sub-forum.

4. If you are going to host a game thread, remember to host clear instructions on how to play the game.

5. Remember to watch your language! Censor bypassing shall result to an automatic warning. So be careful. Same counts for character bypass.

Community Project Rules

Recently, an influx of "projects" has occurred in this forum - group threads in which everyone may contribute pixel art to the overall goal or theme of the project.

1. Moderator permission is required. Please PM Amachi with your idea before creating a thread. Be sure to include a good description of the project and style guidelines, and make sure it's something interesting.

2. You must contribute to your own thread to some degree - don't just leave everyone else to do the work.

3. Maintaining a high standard of quality is a must, therefore constructive criticism should always be used.

4. Do not make a project for your own personal use - that goes against the point of the whole community thing.

5. Every contribution to a project remains the creative property of the user, not the project starter.


If there's anything you wish to enquire about concerning the new sub-forum or perhaps the rules, then please PM Amachi, the forum moderator.

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