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Quote originally posted by Z1Dude:
do yo have any recent updates for download?'ve been playing your demo and so far so good.
There hasn't been any other releases, sorry.
Quote originally posted by xxxbyrdxxx:
*warning: nub question*

I beat misty, and now I'm kinda stuck...where is cut >.>.

also. i noticed that you can't go into the pokemart in peuter. unless i was walking into a wall that looked like a door.
That is the end of the demo, and did you use a clean rom?

Quote originally posted by X_CiEnCe:
Wow the hack looks good
but you dont use the
script of applymovement
(can you understand my?
the pikachu follow you
That won't work.
Learn how to script, and you'll see why.

Quote originally posted by Red:
Well, this is pretty interesting. I wonder if you'll finish the hack in all of our dust. What I see so far only looks okay. Well, keep trying and maybe something will come of it.
I'll try my best to finish it.