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Thanks to everyone for the nice comments (especially the ones for mapping :°D)
We discussed a lot about life-forms in maps (the starfishes). We are still indecise about them. I'll tell you our decision as soon as possible "

We have a little (big) new here: let's start talking about Gym Leaders, thanks to Kuroda-Taiki, who made the sprite.

(made by Kuroda-Taiki)
Gym leader #1 - Colette
From the gym of Glowhill city.
Etymology: From Coleoptera ([koh-lee-op-ter-uh]), the taxonomical order for beetles.
Bio: Colette is a young entomologist who loves going around to hunt bug type pokèmons. She always wears a ladybird-like mantle and a hair slide. Because of her love for bugs, her gym is open-air, located on a hill by the north-eastern part of the city.
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