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Originally Posted by interdpth View Post
I was able to make a double encounter happen.
I set a break for when the game set the encounter variable(2022B4C) 4 which is a normal battle, I then manually changed it to 1 which meant double battle. I am sstill code searching for when the game would set it to one!

And it seems very buggy
Thanks for the info. I checked it out myself, and found out why this method is so buggy. First of all, about 02022b4c, it's a Battle type flag. Some combinations crash the game immediately, but most are harmless. One in particular crashes the game, probably because it needs something else to work it it.
Bit -> what it does
0 -> double battle bit
1 -> crashes, so I dunno
2 -> normal wild battle one. seems to say not to load the randomize pokemon method, as when called combined with the next flags produces ???????s
3 -> trainer battle flag
4 -> dims the screen (prof oak battle). If no string is present to print, crashes
5 -> seen nothing special yet.
6 -> puts you to the left, and deletes your first pokemon. Meant to be used with the double battle bit, as a double battle with two different trainers. Not even developed enough to work properly.
7 -> Starts safari encounter. If you try double battle, you mess up the whole battle.
Also, there is only one thing wrong with this wild double battle code, and that is because it only generates one wild pokemon, so the game will try and fill that data with the previous pokemon it loaded. So, you allways battle two of the same pokemon, and if one faints the battle ends. But if you load a pokemon at the second wild battle slot manually, the code works great. Except for pokemon captures, as the ball seems to be encoded to only copy the data at the first enemy party slot.
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