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Dude, the game is awesome, I just beat it twice cuz it is very cool and fun :D

1- How do you feel about the battle system?
It is very cool that you can use up to four pokemon and battle up to three enemies

2- What level are you at the end of the demo?
Eevee/Jolteon/Vaporeon/Flareon/Espeon Lvl 31
Charmeleon Lvl 29
Graveler Lvl 28
Croconaw Lvl 26

3- Which form of eevee do you use less. (besides eevee itself)
Well, I used all of them but used more Flareon, so no one :D

Waiting for the next beta man, keep up the good work!!

Suggestion: maybe at the update you could make another academy, like the one on Ventus but obviously harder, and the leader gives you a dratini, larvitar, or bagon (as there are wurmple and dustox)
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