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If someone could explain a few things for me, I'd really appreciate it.

In the hack I'm making, I'm putting a Pokemon Center in the starting town, so I used the Viridian City Pokemon Center map and changed it a little. I saved it but it saved into the Viridian City Folder, could someone tell me how to save it to my starter town folder?

When I set up the map connections, the areas were off, I tried the offset thing but I don't think it changed anything. I know the width of the two connecting maps are different, could that be it? Every time I walk between the two maps, the transition area switches around, any way I can fix that?

And could someone explain how the border works? I just tested my town and all around the map I made, there are what seem to be glitchy-looking panels that I'm assuming are the border, could I get rid of them?
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